If Arsenal bid £30mil for Suarez, then my bottom is a kipper

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Obviously I’m not allowed to use bad language but you get the message here. There is no way Wenger has made a serious offer for the buck tooth people eating machine, not a chance.

First of all he wouldn’t sign someone who is a man eating racist, not when you consider Wenger’s track record in the type of player he signs.

Secondly he wouldn’t offer anything for anyone out of his comfort zone, and although that used to be £15mil, I’m sure it’s gone up to the £22mil we allegedly bid for Higuain.

Thirdly Pedro told me it was pulled together by a Scouse journo.

Finally, if we have indeed offered £22mil to Madrid (and that’s a big if) then it could be a Red Herring to get them to stop playing silly buggers and sell us their man.

Of all the players out there available, he is the last one I would sign (Suarez), of course I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but as I said, there are plenty more out there I would have first.

I did a post on signing him from Ajax years ago, but we didn’t then and that was before his antics in England, so I can’t see it happening now.

I do have a question though, remember Benik Afobe? How has YaYa Sanogo leapfrogged him in the pecking order? Is the injury prone Frenchman better? If so why have we persisted with Benik for years and years and why is he still in the Academy. Not to mention how does it make him feel?

Regardless of all the speculation I would still secure the signing of one Marouane Fellaini, he’s still available and if we don’t watch it, Moyes will spirit him away to ManU.

I know that by reading a lot of your comments yesterday there are a number of people out there that don’t believe we’ll sign anyone of note, aside from a few second tier Frenchies, well the cynic in me agrees with that, but that’s because I am used to being let down. Year after year after year.

However, I also think Wenger and his yes men (Gazidis etc) would have been visibly shaken by the fans reaction last season.

So a big part of me cannot believe they are that out of touch to increase Wenger’s already massive contract without first signing the big players this club so desperately need to challenge next season.

They must know in the own minds that will mean just be scrapping it out for 4th place with the Spuds if we don’t.

They can’t be that stupid…   …Can they? Can they?

Maybe we’ll find out today, wouldn’t Wenger have got a shock if Liverpool had said yes? If of course we actually bid.

The Cesc returns story is still out there, it would explain why no midfield players have been signed yet and Wenger did say last season that he would return one day, maybe he had this signing in mind all along?

Thing is it’s what we would all like, though some say where would he fit in?

I say anywhere, bring it on!

Leaving you on a positive note, I think the new away kit is the best one since the invincibles, top marks to Nike for that, funny isn’t it, their last kit and they do a nice job, dipsticks. We’ve been telling them since 2004 that our colours are yellow and blue and they finally listen.

Have a great day Grovers, pre-season begins soon so something has to happen!

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  1. Paddy got up

    It could be worse imagine having Wenger as your dad..
    “Dad can we go the seaside”
    ” non it is too expensive on the petrol”
    “But Dad you can get family tickets by train that are super qualidee prices. I have been on the Internet for hours and can get a family saver ticket for £40 for 2 adults and 2 children”
    ” tell them I will offer them £25 final offer”

  2. Hitman

    Some great posts today.

    Looks like the term ‘fake bid’ has entered the lexicon thanks to over use by Grovers

    Oxford English Dictionary definition:
    Fake Bid: Noun – pretend player acquisition
    Verb – to fake bid – to create an illusion of attempting to buy a player in football transfer window whilst concealing desire to keep cash stockpile. A lie.

  3. Evan

    We buy broken potential superstars at low price in Wengers attempt to win player loyalty, better to get in their heads and brainwash them whilst they’re young

    The second they grow up and realise he’s a french dellboy they sod off at a profit

    You know dam well they celebrated this season, makes me sick

  4. Rohan

    Charles Allen
    At 3.30 by the Armoury Store tomorrow we will be revealing the away kit with a very audacious stunt. Months of planning now ready #ownit

    heh, Arsenal’s Marketing Head.

    Are we unveiling M’Vila after he finished his 14 month medical?

  5. leon

    Here the thing i see why arsenal would lie about buying top players they have done for years,madrid there has always been politics involved around that club with presidents comming and going but what i cant my head round is what would this hig agents have to gain by lieing about tranfer he has three years on his contract so he want get better contract at this stage when orther someone is lieing and i suspect this real president is up for re-election

  6. Geoff

    Simple answer to that one, Arsene Wenger, he’s responsible for everything, a controlfuckingfreak.

  7. Ja_gooner

    lol…what % of Arsenal’s profit does Wenger get….surely that information is known? ha.ha ….boy we “know” so much its unbelieveable some of us didnt tell the hero Persie that Fergie (and his great trainer) would have left him in the cold!!!

  8. Keyser

    Lol, shit, it is actually quite funny, Perez is a duplicitous plum but if there’s been fuckall contact, or he’s just saying we haven’t turned up in person with a bid, it really should start ringing in people’s heads how much bollocks is actually spread in the media.

    Actually fuck off I shouldn’t have to be typing this, wtf is wrong with people, you’ve still got people saying only a couple of million more, how many cunts are going to end up with RSI because they’ve been clicking furiously on any old Newsnow link.

  9. londongunner

    radio raheem

    wenger has confessed numerous that all the transfer business is down to him, from how much they offer to buy the player for to wages, to targets ect

  10. Paulinho

    He feeds the information through to Ivan through an earpiece.

    Seriously though, it’s pretty clear they defer to Wenger when deciding how much to bid and what they’re limits are.

    Gazidis has been trying to subtlety convey that for a while to get people to realise without actually having to spell it out.

    “what excites you doesn’t necessarily excite Arsene”.

  11. BacaryisGod

    For both the media and the fans, I think the following Donald Rumsfeld quote perfectly sums up the transfershambles every summer:

    “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”

    Unfortunately 95% of transfer news is in the last sentence.

  12. Arsenalone

    Just seen this news,wtf is oing on,I thought we had spoke to the hig ant agreed terms according to he’s dad.

    Why do us Arsenal fans have to suffer this shit………

    We will end up with NB and chamakh the mill wall of strikers we own

  13. Keyser

    “what excites you doesn’t necessarily excite Arsene”.

    It works both ways really, in terms of Wenger, Gazidis and the fans.

  14. londongunner

    we will never win another significant trophy under arsene wenger!

    we would have more chance of winning a trophy under roy hodgson and thats saying something!

  15. Radio Raheem

    Paulinho and Londongooner

    Yeah I figured Wenger has an input into what a player earns (like most managers). But when it comes to negotiating with a club for a player I doubt Wenger is the only one. I remember Wenger saying there are ’13’ other people working on our transfers the summer we signed those 4 players. It’s simply not practical that he negotiates with every club. He’d chime in now and again when requirred and may approve the wages. Otherwise, what is the point of the Harvard genuises anrd community of experts Gazidis claimed set wages at Arsenal?

    As for the quote Paulinho it is open to interpretation. It could also be taken to mean the type of player Wenger sees as exciting.

    I have cited Gazidis because you did. I don’t take him that seriously otherwise. What is more important is the actions of the people in the club than their words.

  16. BacaryisGod

    Well, the one thing we all know is that Barry would be a terrible signing. Surely we can all unite behind that? I would love to find someone on here who would want to sign him.

  17. BacaryisGod

    As for Suarez, the only saving grace about this summer is that we’re being linked with other teams’ stars and no-one is seriously being linked with ours. For the cynics out there who think we have no stars left, I would beg to differ (Santi, JW, Theo, Kozzer etc). They don’t match Cesc, RVP, Nasri and a first-year Arshavin, but they are still quality.

  18. Paulinho

    “It could also be taken to mean the type of player Wenger sees as exciting.”

    Well yeah, I thought that was pretty obvious and I’m sure Gazidis meant that as well as what excited fans/media. Probably getting rid of a little bit frustration himself as I think reeling out Arshavin excites him more than someone like Yaya Sanogo.

  19. Rohan

    highly highly doubt audacious stunt refers to a statue. hardly the adjective you’d use. it’s something (or someone 😛 ) else

  20. Radio Raheem


    What is obvious is that you are failing to understand that there is a philosophy or idea Kroenke buys into and Wenger fits in with.

    If you had any sense you wouldn’t take Gazidis that seriously. If Wenger’s actions are running counter to Kroenke’s he wouldn’t be in a job.

    Gazidis doesn’t have to feel any frustration he does a job one he gets rewarded by handsomely (when Arsenal hit certain financial targets).

  21. Samir

    Brazilian national broadcaster Agência Brasil: Man City reached an agreement with Real Madrid of €18M for Pepe.

  22. Zacharse


    Come July 11 when they leave… and no intent proving transfers are concluded…
    what does a Gooner do?
    Here are some thoughts:
    collect hundreds of Wenger & Gazidis quotes that have been proven lies or misdirecting statements. Transfers, trophies, 4th place, Fan contempt etc

    Collect the info, monetary and otherwise, relating to youth players who have not reached the first team, or even the EPL. Show the financial losses.

    Show the comparison’s between other top EPL teams who’ve sold their top players…to EPL rivals… and not replaced them

    Reiterate the findings of the exploratory AST report on the details of how AFC is run, should i say how poorly and lazily AFC is run.

    Fan attendance/Season ticket sales drop over the last __ years

    AFC is more vulnerable right now than at any time in the past 10 years in my opinion and if the fans and supporters can’t make that clear to the club we’re all in trouble, we’re gonna wind up the southern equivalent to LFC and even worse get overtaken by spuds.

    I’m prepared to hear the BS from plenty of you, but for those of you who aren’t shut-ins shouldn’t we all agree on something to be done come 7/11. A protest, a letter. As I am an owner of multiple full shares in the organization, I may be able to have some influence on being heard… doubt it though
    interested to heart some thoughts on this though, not that many of you will have much to disagree with, but sometimes its fun to enjoy the look of your own words and the sound of your own voice, isn’t it Wenger?

  23. Paulinho

    Radio – You asked who negotiates, Gazidis or Dick Law? That’s why I’m going on about Gazidis.

    I agree with the bit about Kroenke.

  24. ali

    All the hype over ” the hig ” God we’ve given him a nick name and we haven’t even put in a bid for him.

    People need to understand IG and Wenger dont give a rats ass about the fans, they’ll do it there way, with or without us.

    Are we a laughing stock yet?

  25. WengerEagle

    Have to admit a little bit of me died today reading that Perez statement. It just proves nothing has changed.

    As someone said on here earlier, the Suarez bid was just to say to everyone ‘we tried etc,etc’ as Suarez would never join us seeing as how he is desperate to lkeave England. And even If he did for 30 million? Not a fucking hope, didn’t they pay 35 million for Carroll!

    I genuinely believed things would be different this summer, am fucking enraged now. I know it’s only the 8th of July but realistically I don’t think it’ll look any different come 8th August. Wenger is slowly strangling the life out of this once great club.

    Btw nice post Geoff, really admire you and Pedro for all the time and effort you both have put into this blog to make it the success it is. Kudos my friend

  26. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Course of action is pretty simple. Kit launch tomorrow, if its kit only and some lame-ass PR bollocks, then simply don’t purchase a kit.

    In fact you should boycott all bank of arsenal merchandise.

    They refuse to spend = we all refuse to spend.

    Spread the word on twitter, Facebook etc., and then they understand, in language they care about, £££££s, how fucked off the majority of the fans are.

  27. azed

    So Wenger and Gazidiz give us the middle finger again. I bet they both visit le-grove everyday and laugh their ass off while mocking us.

  28. londongunner

    radio raheem

    you say its not practical… when has wenger ever been practical?

    the man is a control freak and on our potential marquee signings I do believe he has all the control, especially if its for a record breaking amount

  29. Keyser

    Then they don’t really defer to Wenger, they defer to Kroenke, once you’ve established what we can or can’t spend, then all that’s left is to appropriate responsibilities, if you’ve got 70 million to spend it’d be pretty pointless saying pay all of that to Higuain, and if you want to buy more than a few key players than it decreases even further.

    Gazidis and Dick Law must have their own responsibilities, I’m guessing making a transfer work, the fee and wages, even if Wenger says 26million, you can still work out how and when you’re going to pay it, or if Higuain asks for 100k a week, how much percent of that is guaranteed or in bonus form, or how much control he has over the commercial side.

    Which is why it’s amazing that people put ‘penny-pinching’ and ‘just pay the extra few million in the same sentance’.

  30. zeus

    RohanJuly 8, 2013 18:45:27
    Is that Stu I saw on here earlier?

    Wth? haha. Thats like u see someone in the street and wonder if its really them.
    Don’t be lazy, go back through the comments.

  31. Crusaderrabbit

    6th & zacharse

    You’re both absolutely spot on. Fan action is 100% required at this stage. And anyone who buys a new kit or worse still attends the launch is as much part of the problem as Wenger and the rest of those morons

  32. Keyser

    “So Wenger and Gazidiz give us the middle finger again. I bet they both visit le-grove everyday and laugh their ass off while mocking us.”

    You better hope they don’t read Le Grove’s comment section the monumental amount of shite people say about them on here.

  33. goonerboy

    The only way to support Arsenal FC and not to feel continually let down is to expect nothing from this club regarding the signing of experienced players.

    This summer is different from those in recent years. Arsenal only buy if they sell first. We don’t sell, this year so we don’t buy.

    Arsenal could have put pay to these strong rumours about Higuain weeks ago-the fact that they didn’t shows that Arsene FC is not remotely concerned with the fans or anyone connected to the club.

    The role of IG and AW is to mislead the fans into spending money and mislead the players into thinking they want to compete. They don’t.-only profit is on their agenda.

    The Board operates as a closed private club cut off from the world of football .There is no accountability to the fans or the players at all. -they have only one motive-profit and self interest.

  34. Bob N7

    Why are people blaming the club for stories that the media put out? Most decent clubs don’t discuss transfers until they are being unveiled, unless like Barca with Cesc they think that it will work in their favour.
    Blaming the club for the press is likely blaming your parents for Father Christmas not being real. Oh shit Tom, sorry to let that one slip….you were going to find out eventually..

  35. Keyser

    BobN7 – You can’t really blame them, Gazidis said we had some money and they’ve creamed their pants in anticipation, like saying you’ll keep your promise to emotionally starved orphans.

  36. Reiss

    Call it penny pinching or whatever you want to call it all I know is that our negotiation skills are appalling why do put in ridiculously low bids for players such as Cahill,Grenier because really and truthfully what is the point.

  37. zeus

    The media do make up a bunch of shit.

    Only days ago, people were bitching about not paying a few more million pounds for David Villa.

    News today that he’s going to Atletico for a paltry 4.5m puts that story firmly in the ‘bullshit’ column.

  38. Keyser

    Lol we bid 7 million rising to 10 for Cahill, Bolton say that’s an insult, they sell him for 7 million 6 months later. Yeah, ridiculously low.

    No-one had mentioned Grenier before we were linked with him, 6 million for a relatively young player approaching his final year, yeah, ridiculously low.

    19 million for Lars Bender ?

    Fucks know whether we’ve bid or not, but 25 million for Higuain ?

    Yeah, ridiculously low.

  39. Ryan

    Just shows how much bollocks the media talk 5.1 mil for David villa, bargain! If that’s even true.. Also how much you’s get caught up in it, pure crap man. Real also say Arsenal haven’t even bid for The Gonz!
    I’ve always said if it ain’t on the arsenal website it’s fraff. Summer will be the same as its always been..Dry.

  40. londongunner

    bob n7

    we are sick of having no trophies for 8 years… we are blaming the club for that.
    You seem to love/settle for mediocrity why aren’t you a spurs fan?

  41. londongunner

    keyser bob n7 and nasri’s mouth

    i can guarantee are losers in real life, who have achieved no success, hence why they accept the mediocrity and failings of arsenal

  42. WengerEagle


    Yeah but we didn’t bid 25 million for Higuain did we? We didn’t bid ANYTHING.

    You seriously can’t be defending the idiots that wouldn’t pay the combined couple of million extra it would have cost to bring Alonso and Mata to the club on Andre fucking Santos can you?

  43. dave

    Wenger likes to think he is the master of transfer poker. Well Perez, if the quotes are true, has just publicly called his bluff.

  44. zeus

    Very few phones come close to the iphone still.

    Hannibal spot on. Watching the unravelling of Mr. Graham over the course of the season by the titular character was some really good stuff.

  45. Reiss

    Come on you know if we didn’t piss about in the transfer market Alonso,Cahill and Mata could be Arsenal players right now instead we got Denilson,Diaby and Silvestre.

  46. Pistol Pete

    Wenger is not only letting the Fans down, he is letting the players down too . I know for a fact that some of the players are getting extremely frustrated with Wenger and he transfer policy. They want the ability to challenge for trophies and with the current pool of player it is not going to happen.
    Wenger is a very selfish person and hardly ever get challenged on any of his decisions. This is truly a very doctorial person at the top of our club who is making all the decisions. He know how the fans are feeling , and he knows that he must save money , NOT spend like Gazidis says. Remember Wenger get a percentage of transfers that make a profit.
    What a position to be in , get paid $137k a week and do what you want, when you want. Well Mr Wenger ,Arsenal will be a better club the day you move on. We need a collective team to move us forward , because we have been in a downward spiral for so many years now.

  47. Keyser

    Kushagra – I was skeptical over the first few episodes because Hopkins has given him a character that is almost overwhelming, then I read somewhere that people should really wait until they’d watched at least the first 4 episodes before it really gets going and it’s true, Mads Mikkelson gives him a wholly new edge while keeping the essence of him.

    Made me appreciate Casino Royale a bit more to, like Javier Bardem in Skyfall.

    What do you think of Will Graham ? I liked William Petersen and Edward Nortons versions better.

  48. salparadisenyc


    I fail to understand your incessant need to defend the indefensible.
    Forbes has Arsenal listed as the 10th richest sporting franchise, a list that incorporates all sport. Yet we fail to hold our key players, do not have a ‘franchise’ player to speak of all tying into the true sickness : Our level of play deteriorates each season with no consequence to those in charge. In fact it looks like our manager is up for an extension.

  49. zeus

    No one can prefer android. I have a few friends with the S3 and some have jelly bean while others can’t get………….unless they root the floor.

    I can’t deal with fragmentation. Apps make my experience, and developers flock to IOS because they don’t have to deal with the fragmentation.

  50. Keyser

    londongunner – Have you read Le Grove lately ? Tottenham are everything we should be, in fact Joppa could tell fill you in if you’d like.

  51. Paddy got up

    Everyone saying the same thing but no action.
    When do Arsenal fans say enough is enough.
    In Italy now they would be blockading the training ground. How about that as a suggestion for London Colney?
    Anyone up for it?
    Or any other ideas?
    Or just be quiet and put up with this shit

  52. Keyser

    WengerEagle – Mate exactly how can we quibbling over a few million if we haven’t bid anything, surely you see the catch there ?

    I’m more taking the biscuit out of people who mention ‘penny-pinching’ and ‘a few million’ in the same sentance.

    Then you get nutters going on about business sense and other bollocks.

  53. Reiss

    Again why are we pissing about with young South Americans when their work permit takes at least three years to come. Don’t get me wrong investing in young players shouldn’t stop no matter how the first team perform but by the time the South American players come back they don’t live up to expectation such as Vela,Gallindo and Wellington.

  54. Keyser

    salparadisenyc – Lol Forbes ?

    What am I defending, we’ve had 3 weeks of constant bullshit over Higuain, last week his Dad says a fees agreed, the next day he’s on his way for medical, the day after Real Madrid are digging their heels in, come Monday and Perez says we haven’t recieved a bid in person at all or something like that, but curious his wording.

    Now, so when people are saying we’re stuck over a couple of million, are you thinking that’s accurate ? Or like most sane people, wtf’s going on ?

  55. zeus

    We have to give a shit about the South Americans, because the oil barrens and the russian gangsters have ruined football.

    I predict that with the utter failure of FFP, the game’s authorities will have to adopt an American style salary cap policy to keep things in check.

  56. Gunner2301

    Geoff another great post mate, you’re on a roll, as much as I appreciate and respect Pedders it’s nice to have a change in perspective now and again.

    I’m one of the more sceptical. Ill believe the new signings when I see them.

    I think you inadvertently created a new excuse for them Geoff “We can’t bring in another midfielder as this would kill the Cesc who isn’t here yet but might be at some time in the future” 🙂


  57. Joppa Road

    You know I’ve always liked Barton and wanted him at Arsenal. Now he is doing his coaching badges. Snap him up Wenger and get him on the staff.

  58. LeMassiveCoq

    Pedro, can we let Tom do a guest post on the wonderful talent that is Jack Wilshere?


    Gonzalo last seen in a Tequila bar in Acapulco, he was so smashed on the mezcal spirit he has forgotten how to walk, so is en-route to Ashburton Grove on a pedalo

  59. WengerEagle


    Why would Real let 25 year-old Higuain leave and replace him with 32 year-old Ibrahimovic? Also Cavani has been vocal of his desire to play for Real so why wouldn’t they buy him over Ibrahimovic?

  60. Joppa Road

    OK…..I;m saying I think Barton will go on to become a leading coach/manager is five / ten years.

    I liked him as a player. A couple of years back he would of added the needed bite in our team – ffs we are bland now.

    JW-Barton-Cazorla. Liking that midfield.

    I don’t joke about Arsenal and I am always right.


  61. Rohan

    Are you still bleating about MEPPA?

    We have Jack, Carl,Aaron,Theo,Gibbs,Ox all in and around the first team. That’s more than most teams in England.

    You simply can’t please some.

  62. kwik fit

    Never fear Grovers and Grovette(vicky)Today is the ‘we have not bid for Higuain’ day
    But tomorrow will be ‘ Higuain about to sign on a 4 year contract for 25m’

    I tell you what some guy posted this earlier today and they may just be onto something 😉

  63. zeus

    Joppa RoadJuly 8, 2013 21:30:16
    Who is going to the LG meet? Was my idea by the way.


    Why meet up when you lot can bitch and moan online from the comfort of the sofa?

  64. Joppa Road


    I’m right as always. Tell me where I am wrong. You can’t.

    I know my stuff.

    Rohan – I always want more Brits. Missing out on Zaha was the real scandal – not Higuain. (who cares)

  65. WengerEagle


    Added some much needed bite? What about the fact that he’s a bang-average footballer and always has been. Ffs if it’s bite you want why not also get Shawcross in your defence and Cattermole in your midfield. Both would add ‘bite’ despite being fucking terrible footballers.

    You’ve got more free time than sense mate

  66. Reiss

    No Wenger Eagle Cavani is definitely on his way to PSG and Ibrahimovic age isn’t a problem I heard he wants to play for Carlo Ancelotti and in any case I can’t see Cavani playing together two 6ft5 players won’t work. You don’t pay big money to sit someone on the bench.

  67. Joppa Road

    I’d rather taken a chance on Barton a few years back and had him play 200+ games than Denilson for example.

    BArton is far better than average.

  68. AA23

    “I;m saying I think Barton will go on to become a leading coach/manager is five / ten years.”
    – Joppa road, 2013

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    That thick cunt SDE would be proud of that load of shit.
    Good work Joppa you mong

  69. WengerEagle


    Cavani’s not even 6 foot 1 mate! Can’t see Real wanting him to lead the line tbh, hardly set La Liga on fire when he was at Barcelona. Benzema and Cavani would be the better partnership imo

  70. WengerEagle


    Joey Barton is a painfully average footballer and an absolute scumbag. Find it astonishing you would want that parasite anywhere near our beautiful club.

  71. AA23

    Is Bjorn Bork one of the greatest tennis players ever?
    Kyoshit eato says he was do you agree?

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  72. Joppa Road

    Beautiful club? WTF? Dreamworld you live in and that’s why the current Arsenal set up can get away with championing 4th because they know the fan sentiment is strong.

    I called for losses, then progressive change – not more of the same which we now have.

    We’ll see how it pans out. On the 4th spot front I feel Wenger again has decided he can achieve that no probs and I agree with him on this. Hence no marquee signings or one at the most.

  73. Rohan

    Maybe you rate Barton as a player, hes technically decent, (but still average imo) but I really don’t understand what you see in him that makes you believe he’ll become a manager or is anything resembling a leader.

    Just because he spouts a lot of self-righteous shit on twitter and retweets Nietzsche doesn’t make him an intellectual.

  74. AA23

    Maybe Barton and Bork could manage Arsenal in 5 years?
    With you and Kyoshi fuck nut as coaches?
    Bring the good times back.

  75. WengerEagle

    ‘Beautiful club? WTF? Dreamworld you live in and that’s why the current Arsenal set up can get away with championing 4th because they know the fan sentiment is strong.’

    Arsenal F.C is a fantastic club you moron. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that. The problem is we have a fruitcake for a manager and probably the most clueless board in world football

  76. Joppa Road

    WengerEagle – you just emphasise the point I made even more.

    Unfortunately the board and manager are the make up of the club.

    Fan sentiment gets us nowhere.

    4th spot is locked – be happy.

  77. WengerEagle


    You probably think the current English National Team are world-beaters and are backing them to win next years world cup. You don’t have a clue mate. Vermaelen worse than Shawcross? Barton good enough to start for us?

    Fuck me the streets are unsafe with lunatics like you lurking about

  78. WengerEagle

    ‘WengerEagle – you just emphasise the point I made even more. Unfortunately the board and manager are the make up of the club. Fan sentiment gets us nowhere. 4th spot is locked – be happy.’

    So anyone that supports Arsenal F.C is an AKB is basically what your’e saying.

    And when have I ever said I am happy with finishing 4th?

  79. Joppa Road

    I said Barton a couple of years back and I stick by it. Would of done well. Any one can see that.

    Shawcross is a far far better defender than TV5 (out capt). Again nothing to really argue about there.

    Never rated TV5. My past comments on here for last few years will show that. Guess what? I was right (again).

  80. Joppa Road

    WengerEagle…what are you actually arguing about.

    Current Arsenal is about finishing 4th. Simple as that. That to me is far from beautiful and in short is a fkin disgrace.

    Too much sentiment on your part.

  81. WengerEagle

    ‘Shawcross is a far far better defender than TV5 (out capt). Again nothing to really argue about there.’

    That’s just your embarassingly fucked-up opinion. I could say Mario Gomez is a better striker than Robin Van Persie. Prove me wrong

  82. AA23

    It will be on tv again in 4 years you can catch it then.
    Did you know that Lee Dixon has retired?

  83. Gunner2301

    A few people have mentioned would we bid for Suarez knowing it might backfire if they accept the 30mill or whatever it is.

    If we bid knowing a club would never accept it it’s like we never bid at all, but we could say we tried but couldn’t sign anyone.

    We only have to look at recent history. Goetze we apparently bid over 30mill last season did anyone think he’d move? Maybe he was always planning to go to Bayern and maybe we knew that.

    20mill we supposedly bid for Reina according to Bob Wilson. Obviously he never came, but we also didn’t sign another keeper. We even bauked at paying an extra mill for Schwarzer. So we’re we 20mill desperate or was this just a ploy.

    Alvarez apparently we agreed and the money was not deposited. Mata we agree a fee but don’t deposit the money his buy out clause kicks in raises the price to 23 mill we don’t want to pay and try negotiate that down. Chelsea step in and pay it.

    Arsenal have a track record. Don’t be fooled by rumours and other media plants. The short of it is when it’ comes to actually paying up we are found wanting. Year after year the same old shit that they keep getting away with.

    How much benefit of the doubt can you give someone who constantly fucks you around. Would you out up with this in your own relationships? Think about it. I hope not. Yet every year they wheel out the same yarn. Prove me wrong for once Arsenal I’d love you to.


  84. Joppa Road


    Where do you think the likes of Winterburn, Bould, Dixon came from? Certainly wasn’t from the big boys of world football.

    How can you argue TV5 is a good defender? He’s awful and proven it for Arsenal; time and time again. Give me Shawcross over him at the back everyday – could he do any worse? Certainly not. Could he do a lot better? Very likely.

    Right again boys. Yawn.

  85. WengerEagle

    I obviously didn’t mean finishing 4th every year was beautiful. What I meant was
    Arsenal F.C is traditionally a beautiful club and doesn’t need scumbags like Barton tainting that. Was just a passing comment that you read into more than your school books for your GCE’s

  86. Joppa Road

    I know it’s hard to take WengerEagle but at the end of the day when all is said and done I am 100% right – that’s just the way it is.

    Arsenal are traditionally a beautiful club but that beauty is being chipped away (as it is for all the top club in the EPL) by the constant pursuit of greed above what is best for the fans.

    The fans are the lifeblood of the game.

    Long live the fans.

  87. WengerEagle

    ‘Right again boys. Yawn.’

    Has a single other person here actually backed you up? Delusional

    I’m sure you and Wenger will become the best of friends when his mental state deteriorates to a level deemed threathening to the general public and he is sectioned into your mental health facility. He won’t find it all bad. There’s internet access!

  88. Joppa Road

    OK. Everybody has had a good lesson tonight and can take great heart from my teachings. I give you permission to quote and with this comes greater understanding.

    Thanks again for the constant support – without you the fans I would struggle to keep going.

    Much Love