If Arsenal bid £30mil for Suarez, then my bottom is a kipper

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Obviously I’m not allowed to use bad language but you get the message here. There is no way Wenger has made a serious offer for the buck tooth people eating machine, not a chance.

First of all he wouldn’t sign someone who is a man eating racist, not when you consider Wenger’s track record in the type of player he signs.

Secondly he wouldn’t offer anything for anyone out of his comfort zone, and although that used to be £15mil, I’m sure it’s gone up to the £22mil we allegedly bid for Higuain.

Thirdly Pedro told me it was pulled together by a Scouse journo.

Finally, if we have indeed offered £22mil to Madrid (and that’s a big if) then it could be a Red Herring to get them to stop playing silly buggers and sell us their man.

Of all the players out there available, he is the last one I would sign (Suarez), of course I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but as I said, there are plenty more out there I would have first.

I did a post on signing him from Ajax years ago, but we didn’t then and that was before his antics in England, so I can’t see it happening now.

I do have a question though, remember Benik Afobe? How has YaYa Sanogo leapfrogged him in the pecking order? Is the injury prone Frenchman better? If so why have we persisted with Benik for years and years and why is he still in the Academy. Not to mention how does it make him feel?

Regardless of all the speculation I would still secure the signing of one Marouane Fellaini, he’s still available and if we don’t watch it, Moyes will spirit him away to ManU.

I know that by reading a lot of your comments yesterday there are a number of people out there that don’t believe we’ll sign anyone of note, aside from a few second tier Frenchies, well the cynic in me agrees with that, but that’s because I am used to being let down. Year after year after year.

However, I also think Wenger and his yes men (Gazidis etc) would have been visibly shaken by the fans reaction last season.

So a big part of me cannot believe they are that out of touch to increase Wenger’s already massive contract without first signing the big players this club so desperately need to challenge next season.

They must know in the own minds that will mean just be scrapping it out for 4th place with the Spuds if we don’t.

They can’t be that stupid…   …Can they? Can they?

Maybe we’ll find out today, wouldn’t Wenger have got a shock if Liverpool had said yes? If of course we actually bid.

The Cesc returns story is still out there, it would explain why no midfield players have been signed yet and Wenger did say last season that he would return one day, maybe he had this signing in mind all along?

Thing is it’s what we would all like, though some say where would he fit in?

I say anywhere, bring it on!

Leaving you on a positive note, I think the new away kit is the best one since the invincibles, top marks to Nike for that, funny isn’t it, their last kit and they do a nice job, dipsticks. We’ve been telling them since 2004 that our colours are yellow and blue and they finally listen.

Have a great day Grovers, pre-season begins soon so something has to happen!

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  1. Oh Theo Theo!

    And Aaron – you’ve now changed the subject totally. Do I sense denial too?

    I.e. somebody disproves your crackpot theory that nobody knows what’s going on at all, and then you just ignore that you’ve been talking shit for about 2 hours?

    That’s unhealthy.

  2. The Hig

    OTT – So you people REALLY believe that we’ve not bid for Hig? That’s what you’re saying?

    Well, have we?

  3. zeus

    I find it slightly amusing and utterly predictable that pre season will start with the squad in exactly the same place it was when the season ended.

    Okay, Higuain is a no go/dragging, is he the only one on our list of targets?

    Several holes to get filled still.

    But I’m sure Ivan, Wenger & co. pat themselves on the back for making fake bids.

  4. Oh Theo Theo!

    The Hig – course we have!

    Coz if I follow the tenuous grip on reality that passes for debate on here:-

    1. I can’t believe anything that I’ve read anywhere (unless it’s positive about Hig coming in for a medical, as evidenced by the back slapping that went on on Friday’s post!), OR
    2. Yes, I can believe multiple sources, including The Hig’s daddy that we have agreed terms, but the clubs remain apart on the final valuation.

    So yes, I believe!

  5. N5

    @Lemon 14:45, good comment mate.

    Although you and OTT are on different sides of the Emirates, remember your both gooners that want the best to happen for the club.

  6. useroz

    Geoff is likely a new signing.

    Meanwhile, Pedro has opened talks for a loan move… Barca? PSG?

    Wenger is up to no good and old tricks.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ramsey’s backpass

    Well, all things are possible 😉

    The thing is, there are some pretty well documented quotes from Higuain’s father (and agent).

    Maybe he’s been lying to the press. If that’s the case, why narrow it down to just Arsenal, and haven’t we or RM denied it? So I think we can assume he’s telling the truth

    So, we’ve been negotiating with the player, which either means we’ve done it without RM’s consent, or with it. If without, then you’d expect some shouting from RM, so it looks as though we’ve contacted RM about him.

    So I think it’s safe to say we’re definitely interested in the player and looking to sign him but I’m not sure we can say too much more than that at the moment.
    We may have made an unofficial offer, we may have made an official one, RM might be waiting till they sign Suarez (or someone else), they might want more money, they might just be playing silly buggers.

    There are too many possible options for anyone on here to come out and say anything definite about bids / whether or not we’ll sign him / and whether we’re being stupid on not giving RM more money

  8. kwik fit

    looks like we haven’t even made an offer for Higuain.
    That Duran Duran guy just tweeted;

    Sam Rhodes ‏@SamuelRhodes_ 1m
    Perez-“We don’t want Higuain to leave & besides, nobody from Arsenal has come here to present an offer for him,we haven’t received an offer”

  9. Reiss

    So Florentino Perez now saying we haven’t put a bid in for Higuain so what exactly are we doing. Talking with Higuain’s father but not putting a bid joke.

  10. Romford Pele

    Perez-“We don’t want Higuain to leave & besides, nobody from Arsenal has come here to present an offer for him,we haven’t received an offer”

    Quotes from today.

  11. nuudles

    @Lemon, ManU are not getting Lewandowski, he is 100% going to Bayern when his contract is up.

    Where your argument breaks down is you trusting us to make the required signings. We only signed Per & Arteta (& rubbish Santos & Park) of note after we got a hammering at the hands of ManU. Last season we got Poldi in early which was good, but Giroud was as a response to losing RvP and although it is early days still it is a massive reduction in goal return (even when you add Poldi & Giroud) over the first season. Santi was the only real signing we made which addressed a shortcoming, and if we are honest we were shouting out for a player (actually two) of his class when we lost Cesc & Nasri. Monreal was also a good signing but once again it should have been made much sooner, Gibbs has been incredibly fragile, and the drop from him to Santos was immense.

    You say ManU fans trust their manager to make appropriate signings, but that is easier to do when you have a good track record of historical forward looking/progressive signings. (Kagawa was added to bring something different to the team, so too RvP, when they signed Jones it was to address a future need of when Rio/Vidic can no longer cut it,etc).

    I dont think Mignolet is worth much worry, he had a decent season but he is replacing a top GK, and even if Reina stays then they cant play 2 GKs at once. Mignolet is no better than Reina, so they just kept their level the same. (that said Mignolet would have improved us)

    That said you made some great points: Chelsea & City’s aquisitions are nothing to write home about. Paulinho had some impressive games in the ConfedCup, we could have done with a box-to-box like him, but he has not played outside of Brazil and they dont always travel well, especially to the PL…

    Bottom line: we are too reactionary/not progressive/forward looking anough in our signings, we make signings out of need not so much to improve the team.

  12. N5

    Looks like I’m going to look a bit of a spud after saying Higuain will 100% not be playing in Madrid next year! Bloody RM said he is surples to requirements but seem to have had a change of heart saying he does now feature in their plans for next year!

    Is this more mind games to get us to up the price like us putting in silly bids for ugly footballing lamas? to get them to stick with what we’re offering?

  13. Johnty79

    Strootman and thiago to man utd….these are to affordable midfielders that we should have signed. Man utd will have the best central midfield pairing in the premierleague.

  14. Ramsey's backpass

    Adam lemon

    c’mon,do you know that Man.u won the league last season and lead us with i think 17 points

    And whether they buy any soul or not,they are contenders for the EPL title

    chelsea have a better team than arsenal,and they bought andre shrrule and brought back de bryne,besides they have a better coach

    Re navas,its always hard to play against him and dont judge a player by his stats,am not saying he would be great but he is a good buy and would bring another dimension to their attack.

    i agree re fernadinho but he has CL experience though

    last season there were rumours regarding Paulinho to arsenal,its not that he was an unknown.

    people who say he was only good during the confed cups are blinded by the hatred of the sc*ms down the lane and also those who dont watch any other league bar the EPL

  15. leon

    I’m very sceptical it seem like the same old thing again.according to sky sports there not going to any movement over next few days forb higs no midfielders defenders its early but it does not look good

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think RM have ever said he’s surplus to requirements have they?

    The desire for Higuain to leave the club has come from the player. He wants to leave, not the other way round

  17. salparadisenyc

    Buzzwire challenge?
    You couldn’t make this shit up.

    Higuain got one look at that, looked up from his ipad and saw Zidane punch Levy in the face “Show me the money.” Hig then realized he was in a very good place with ZZ, Carlo and Madrid. Meanwhile Wenger can’t understand why he’s been in the waiting room for two days.

  18. N5

    I can’t see Thiago going to Man U, I just don’t see Barca selling him! they would have to pay an over the odds amount for him!

  19. N5

    Possibly NM but I read a whole article that stated he wasn’t needed and that Benzima would now be their first choice, it was confirmed by the vice president over their saying he will not be in the RM squad next year, but it may have all been paper rubbish!

  20. Keyser

    Lol so have we put a bid in ? quibbling over that last few million.

    Are Perez’s quotes real ? or does he mean we didn’t deliver it in person ?

  21. Rrobbins

    Paranoia everywhere . Why is it Chelsea just negotiate and consummate and we just diddle for weeks over every damn player we chase or lose? It’s emotionally tiring. He leaves Thursday, damn they need to finalize some serious acquisitions soon. What a roller coaster.

  22. N5

    Nasri’s Mouth maybe it was the paper response to the Hig interview that sparked this comment “Higuain is absolutely wrong that the club has put him up for sale,” Perez told Punto Pelota that I got that from, I didn’t see Perez reply saying he isn’t up for sale.

  23. Reiss

    How much do we want to bet our new signings are Joel Campbell and Sanogo whilst Wenger will talk about Giroud as our number one striker. We never learn going for unrealistic targets such as Rooney/Suarez.

  24. Romford Pele

    At the end of this window, I would’ve gone from Gerrard Butler/Will Smith to Luke Chadwick :/

  25. dice

    @FootballFact101: Perez-“We don’t want Higuain to leave & besides, nobody from Arsenal has come here to present an offer for him,we haven’t received an offer”

    soooo what exactly is the story??!!!!!!!1

  26. N5

    Romford, a Gerrard Butler/Will Smith Hybrid would look bizarre so maybe a Luke Chadwick isn’t the worst deal you could have!

    Ironically I have gone the opposite way, I’ve gone from Ian Dowie to Brad Pitt, I have reverse transfer window uglyitis!

  27. Romford Pele


    It was meant to be one or the other rather than a hybrid! May I ask how you’ve gone the other way?! What formula are you using?!

  28. Aaron Lemon


    “Aaron – jeez, do you believe that crap? Are you so brainwashed that you believe that none of our rivals’ signings are any good at all?Blimey, that’s a serious break with reality that you’re having…”

    At what point did I say that? I’m sure they’ll all great. My point, as is VERY clear even to someone at your level OTT, was that we have not ‘missed out’ on signings. As I have demonstrated,

  29. Aaron Lemon

    “And Aaron – you’ve now changed the subject totally. Do I sense denial too?I.e. somebody disproves your crackpot theory that nobody knows what’s going on at all, and then you just ignore that you’ve been talking shit for about 2 hours?That’s unhealthy.”

    As I’ve alluded to previously, you are a moron. You don’t know what the club is up to, you believe only crap that the media spouts, you take it as gospel then use it against the club. That kind of makes you an farcical fan. OTT, your posts are crap, your outlook is crap, your justification for this is crap, your ability to argue a point without inexplicably veering into random territory only to then accuse the other person of that behaviour is crap…did I mention your value on this page is crap? Run along, come back when you have something DECENT to say.

    ‘We won’t sign Higuain, it’s all Wenger’s fault, our club don’t know how to sign players, everyone else is leaving us in their dust, because I know exactly what is happening at AFC bla bla bla’ seeeeeeriously just go follow another sport!!

  30. follow the money

    Yes Wenger is that stupid. Come on lads, you know quite well he’s totally capable of only focusing on our unbeaten run during the second half of the season (when we were miles out of the title race) and thinking he can get the last years squad to play like that for an entire season. And besides, Diaby’s coming back at some point. He’ll be like a new signing! No need for Higuain. We have Gervinho!

  31. Romford Pele

    Twitter really doesn’t help during transfer season – it’s a drug and nearly just as bad the real thing!

  32. Aaron Lemon


    Everyone knows about Paulinho. Everyone knows it really isn’t the end of the world that Spuds have signed him and we haven’t, same with Shurrle, that is my point. There are other amazing players out there and I trust we will sign some!

  33. N5

    RP, I bath in virgin blood whilst wearing Wengers zip jacket most nights and prey to Saint Santi of Cazorla and I have gone from being ugly, I mean really ugly, Paul Pott ugly to now being so attractive even Beckhams missus would consider taking me on!

  34. Keyser

    Aaron Lemon – A bit OTT there, you could’ve just left Perez’s comments for him to contemplate.

  35. sam

    Yes we didnt place any because we were not interested in him.
    Peres tried to use our name to sell his player and no one came in for him.
    can we just move on now? I am sure he’s happy there being benzema’s little bitch.
    what you guys doing is really embarrassing please have some dignity, especially when he will sit next to antelopi claiming he’s never interested in joining arsenal and he’s happy in madrid. all the energy you’ve wasted hero worshipping the cunt.
    we are shit and we know it but we are arsenal, arsenal, arsenal,arsenal arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Aaron Lemon

    My final point about fans bashing the club is this – I understand why you have done in the past, but this is anew window and it’s early days. If, by then end of the window, we haven’t added the quality we need to improve upon last season, then by all means slate the club as much as you like, I might even join you.

    But I am not such a prick that I need to try and discredit the club I support when it’s the 8th July and there a many things we are up against. So I would ask that if you are one of those people who needs no excuse to bash the club, please do it elsewhere. Nobody, at this moment in time, has a right to say the kind of bullshit that some of you are saying about how we are fucking up deals, unless of course you work for the club and are fully clued up. If you aren’t, then shut up until you have the evidence to back up your huffing and puffing.

  37. salparadisenyc

    “They can’t be that stupid… …Can they? Can they?”‘

    N5 send some of that virgin blood this way, i’m going very thin on top. You can keep the zipper jacket.

  38. Oh Theo Theo!

    ” So I would ask that if you are one of those people who needs no excuse to bash the club, please do it elsewhere”

    Aaron – have you been on Le Grove recently – LOL.

    You’re somewhat in a minority.

  39. nuudles

    @gunnergetyou, quite easy: if Lpool accepted our fake bid we would just try to negtiate terms with Suarez that he would never go for, lets say £5 per week, meeting the amount that a club is willing to accept for a player means you can negotiate personal terms with the player, it does not mean you get him…

  40. Dan


    Really like your informative post hit all the right notes. Not really feeling

    ‘we are shit and we know it but we are arsenal, arsenal, arsenal,arsenal arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


    and im intrigued to know who carlo antelopi is…

  41. Oh Theo Theo!

    So Aaron – Jeez. What a baby.

    You said NOBODY knew about Pjanic deal so I couldn’t possibly know anything at all.

    I did a 2 min google search and proved you wrong.

    You have massive hissy fit and call me a moron. For proving you wrong.

    Well one of us is behaving in a rational way!

  42. N5

    Sal I will my friend, but the recipe only works if you get inside Wengers zip jacket, it works even better if the zip gets stuck or you kick a water bottle in temper but I’m only thinking of you Sal, I don’t want you to end up like Big Stan.

  43. Ash79

    Pictures of Ryo in training.. all propoganda. They did this with TV5 just before RVP left. They are fuckin with us slowly over and over again.

    Ryo is our new midfielder. Wellington promoted to squad. Sanago new striker. Abou returns, new signing. Job done. Champagne corks pop at the Emirates behind closed doors.

  44. Dan


    ‘My final point about fans bashing the club is this – I understand why you have done in the past, but this is anew window and it’s early days. If, by then end of the window, we haven’t added the quality we need to improve upon last season, then by all means slate the club as much as you like, I might even join you.’

    Yes, yes and yes

  45. Geoff

    I don’t believe we’ve bid for anyone at all. We’ll get some cheap nobody from the French league and we’ll get all that ‘I believe in my players’ shit.

    He’ll sign a new contract and we’ll all be doing this with the Jan transfer window looming.

    He likes to think he’ll surprise us, but he is so, so predictable.

    He is so deluded he’ll believe we’ll all be delirious. Cunt.

  46. nuudles

    Good point OTT, who here believes 100% we will sign a proper player this summer? Probably no-one, I am sure most of us HOPE we do, but we have been told season after season that Wenger has the money at his disposal, we are yet to have seen him spend proper money (when last have we spent more than we received from selling players? we always make a profit)

  47. Aaron Lemon


    I haven’t paid any attention to Perez’s comments, why would I? Do we know if he tells the truth? No. Absolutely no point paying attention to anything in the media.

  48. nuudles

    @Geoff, good points, we might sign someone proper and then he will want all the praise, but he deserves none since it would just be to right (part of) his wrongs of how many seasons now?

  49. zeus

    Zooming out a bit, anyone else worried about the PL. When was the last time the prem got a truly top top qualidee baller?

    The corrosive effect the Syed was talking about is baring fruit. What the hell is Falcao doing in France?

    What the hell is Samuel Eto’o doing in Russia? Crazy.

    England may have to wait awahile before they are in with a shout for the CL again I feel.

  50. TitsMcgee

    “If” we aren’t in for Higuain then it’s safe to say we won’t be signing anyone of note at the striker position.

    …and if we don’t sign anyone before we go touring it’s safe to say we won’t be signing anyone for a while( if at all).

    If they were really serious about improving the squad(properly) they’d be trying their hardest to sign quality players as soon as possible.

    Since Wenger has to sign off on everyone I refuse to believe signings will take place after Friday.

  51. N5

    “What the hell is Samuel Eto’o doing in Russia? Crazy.”

    I think the reason is money talks though, isn’t he on something stupid like £365,000 a week? plus he can get yearly bonuses and they pay his £65.000 a month rent!

    That is why he is in Russia.

  52. Kushagra

    Eto’o won everything available at club level so he doesn’t give a damn about where he plays as long as the bank balance is shooting up..

  53. N5

    The only get out to that Wenger is stopping all investment to the club as others have banged on about, no investment means your pants stay firmly on!.

    I am an addict and deserve to have mine pulled down! its my fault I’m suck a mug to keep paying out, but I don’t know what I would do on a Saturday if it wasn’t for the football! what….spend time with the wife and kids! no thanks!

  54. WengersSweeties

    Do we still think Wenger will sign someone better than his boy Giroud?

    Also, think about it. Walcott wants central stiker so does Podolski…. Wenger aint signing a striker.

  55. samsenal

    Aaron Lemon is dominating his opponents today.

    For health reasons, some of you should listen to him. No point in getting ulcers over fabricated stories or the games people like Perez play.

    We might be in for Hig (i suspect we are), we might not. Perez is a pr;ck. and we should judge arsenal’s summer activities later than the 8th July.

    that seems obvious to me.

  56. Nasri's Mouth


    Might be worth following Kay Murray on twitter. Seems to give decent (sensible) info re: Higuain

  57. N5

    On who’s part Leeds? if we didn’t make an offer we can’t really mess that deal up, it was all speculation that our club hasn’t confirmed, so the shambles either relates to our papers gossip or our own gullibleness (if that’s a word).

  58. goonerbone

    AW has had his medical exam today, and his new contract can soon be finalized. Ivan has stated that “the exam showed that the man is suffering from megalomania and is so stingy he crys when he shites (we thought it was a bad case of hemorrhoids, but it wasn’t). We are delighted and will sign him up for another decade, being able to double his salary thanks to all the money he has saved us during this transfer window!”
    Fuck you, destroyers of our club. We will lose a generation of fans thanks to you, and then we can celebrate a future of contending for 8th

  59. Geoff

    Our club is so delusional that actually wrote this on their website.

    The event, which will give supporters an exclusive first glimpse of the kit that the Gunners will wear on the road, will take place on the podium area above The Armoury store from approximately 3.30pm. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

    I kid you not, they actually think that no one has seen the new kit, the fact we’ve been seeing pictures of it since March doesn’t occur to them, fucking idiots, and these are the people that run our club, fuck me!

  60. Cesc Appeal

    What you gotta ask yourself is this, we sold RVP 12 months ago…now we’re willing to spend £30 Million on a striker?

    I really, really, doubt it.

    We’d have plumped up for him in terms of wages and showed him the amount of money available for transfers the following summer, as well as Cazorla having already arrived.

    This is all horse shit. We’ve consistently sold our best talent, we sold the best striker in Europe last summer to a team that won the league thanks to him…now we’re going to spend big?

    Not a prayer.

    These commercial deals would have been a good year or more in the pipeline.

    Unless Wenger can get Higuain for under £20 Million he won’t come.

    You will NEVER see Arsene Wenger spend £20 Million or more on a single player.

    I could ring Barcelona tonight and offer £50 Million for Messi with £3.75p in my bank…because it’s meaningless, I know they won’t accept, and I have no intention of actually buying, like the sad acts that order Ferrari brochures online…that is what Arsenal are doing.

    Sad acts ordering Ferrari brochures when they shop around the Astra mark.

  61. TitsMcgee

    Part of me wants to believe that even he can see the flaws in the squad. I really don’t want to believe he really thinks that this squad can challenge for any success as is.

    He can’t hide behind the “no funds” excuse now. If he doesn’t spend this summer he must realize he will really and truly be found to be just a penny-pincher. He could have hid behind the stadium move before but not now.

    What then is his real reason for not spending?

    The board?

    Ego? a need to give us all the finger? To say he did it despite not spending a billion quid?

    Fear? Placing expectation on his shoulders rather than being patted on the back for doing “a good job” scraping 4th on the last day?

    Incompetence? He really wants to sign big players but fails to close the deal with them for one reason(cheapness) or another(didn’t sell his vision)?

    It’s one of or a combination of the above.

  62. Geoff

    Ego and the fact he gets a bonus if we make a profit, he’s nothing more than a very greedy and selfish man.

  63. gunnergetyou

    @nuudles 16:02

    Good point to be fair I wouldn’t put anything past this lot.

    I wonder how many more phantom bids we’ll have to put up with this summer.

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    Geoff: Ego and the fact he gets a bonus if we make a profit, he’s nothing more than a very greedy and selfish man.

    I thought this had been disproved?

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Someone had it right earlier, he HAS to overachieve, so he assembles the squad he does so that he gets lauded for finishing fourth as his ‘greatest achievement’…makes me sick.

    Highest paid manager in the country, sits on £100 Million transfer pot and crawls to fourth every year after the club has been ripped to shreds suffering humiliation after humiliation, each year sinking to new depth of being utterly inconsequential to European football.

    If he gets a new contract, I’ll always love AFC but for me I’ll be done, I’ll turn into a casual supporter.

    I can’t take another 4 years of this egotistical moron who holds supporters in the utmost contempt as if they should be grateful to hear his words and bask in presence.

  66. Ash79

    no manager should receive any recompense based on the club making a profit. the manager should be assessed and rewarded by success on the pitch. this is a bloody farce of biblical proportions!

    isnt this just a bung but in a legal way? how can you serve the interests of your football team and players and fans if your role is conflicted.

  67. Paddy got up


    Seen in a launderette in Homerton. The old girl behind the counter done a service wash for him.
    Signing must be imminent!!!

  68. luke

    Cesc Appeal, now we have Arshavin, denilson, squilachi, mannone, djourou, and a large portion of our reserves off the books. This is the only reason I could think that Wenger would be willing to spend more.

  69. Keyser

    Lol Cesc Appeal drink some water, surely you’re suffering from some sort of heatstroke, calm down.

  70. GUNNER786

    Update on Higuain…

    Higuain travelling from Australia to England on a raft.

    Apparently he has just left the Arabian Sea and entered the Straits of Gibraltar

  71. goonerDNA

    Nasri’s mouth, I looked at the comment section and I said some truly ridiculous stuff

    Song has proved people wrong
    Chelsea won’t sign Hazard
    Theo is suited in the middle

    2 years later I’m still making it as I go along so I’ll say it, next signing is Ginter

  72. Geoff

    Nasri, that’s his deal and that’s a fact. Luke that’s all the more reason to spend nothing and make even more.

    If he’s so sure we can compete for the title this season without spending then he should put his vast salary on it.

    Say if we don’t compete then he’ll give it to charity.

    Won’t happen though, as I said his ego now takes him to a new dimension, the longest serving in the EPL, the new Daddy.

  73. kc

    LMFAO at the people on here asking Grovers to have patience and believe in Lord Wenger. Do you know where you are, or even what year it is? The man is a known liar. Wenger Out!

  74. Cesc Appeal

    You have to wonder at the idiocy as well of telling the whole of Europe you’ve got fortunes to spend and then throwing your toys around when Madrid ask for £3 Million more than you’re offering.

    ‘£25 Million you say!!! Well we’ll go in for Suarez then, Dick, get Brendan on the phone and tell him we’ll give them £30 Million for their toothy wonder.’

    ‘But sir he’s valued at £40 Million.’

    ‘Damn it dick! Don’t argue. Arsene says we shouldn’t pay a penny over £27 576 345 for him but I’ve managed to sweet talk him…because of your insubordination, now there’s no time Dicky! Get David Villa on the phone!’

  75. ikon

    Frankly, I do not understand the fuss about us wanting to go for Suarez. Premiership proven and an amazing footballer. Other things can be sorted out.

    Higuain episode looks like Real Madrid knew that our paying capability is far higher this time around, and started fucking with us. I sincerely hope if this is the case to bid 35 million for Suarez, 25 million for Fellaini and sit tight for next season.

    We should also sign Halilovic, amazing playmaker.

    This season the manager and everyone else working on transfers need to make a statement.

  76. kwik fit

    Never fear Grovers and Grovette(vicky)

    Today is the ‘we have not bid for Higuain’ day
    But tomorrow will be ‘ Higuain about to sign on a 4 year contract for 25m’

    On a separate note have any off you seen the film ‘ tomorrow never comes’? …….Thought not , I haven’t either.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    They’d be the type who if you were stranded on a desert island would spend all day stood int he surf convinced a rescue was just over the horizon.

    ‘Look mate, we all hoped, but it’s been 8 years and you’ve been stood there. Maybe we should start cultivating other options to get off of this island?’

    ‘Wait for it.’

    ‘Nothing’s coming.’

    ‘Have faith! Wait for it…wait for it…any second now….WAIT what’s that?!!!’


    ‘Really? You say seaweed….I say Yaya Sanogo.’

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Geoff: Nasri, that’s his deal and that’s a fact.

    I posted the LeGrove post above where Pedro shows that Wenger doesn’t get a bonus based on profits.

    “Arsenal have confirmed to the AST that Arsene Wenger does not receive any bonus or financial reward linked to Arsenal’s commercial activity or profits the club makes. His contract is related to football success only. Additionally, I raised some ownership issues with Arsene last year when promoting Arsenalfanshare.com and he said that he had never bought, or taken shares offered, in Arsenal as he felt to do so would conflict with his role as manager. His case was that he might then be motivated by the share price and not the football performance. So that should clear up the debate”

  79. Ash79

    Geoff! dont criticise Arsene. Dont you know he has managed for years and ‘deserves a bit of credit’ and he has made ‘over 50,000 substitutions’ and why are we all ‘looking at him?’

  80. luke

    I hope your wrong Geoff, but history suggests otherwise unfortunately. The only thing that gives me hope is Arsene’s recent transfer record ie. Podolski (say what you will but he’s an integral part of Germany nat’l and proven goal scorer at the right age), Cazorla, Arteta, etc.

  81. Geoff

    I watched Wenger in a press conference and he said he was paid dependent of Arsenal making a profit, so I don’t care what the AST say, he said it.

  82. kwik fit

    I think the Villa transfer today at 1.5m rising to 4.5m just proves that we are all feed absolute tripe by the press and media when it come’s to transfer’s . It had been ‘common knoweledge’ that Villa was going to be sold for at least 10m .

  83. PhilF

    Didn’t we offer a paltry £6 million for Cahill a couple of years back… only to find the Chavs actually paid what he was worth… maybe he’s waiting for last minute bargains.

  84. tippitappi

    their stalling on Higuain to sign him as late as possible to distract from the fact they have NOOOO intension of signing anyone else , just the usual smoke and mirrors and another bunch of crap injury prone froggies on high wages.
    wenger,s nuts the rest are arse spineless ,,,what dose that make us constantly putting up with it

  85. Geoff

    Luke we sold Adebayor £25mil, Nasri £25mil, Cesc £35mil, Song £15mil and RVP £24mil, that makes £124mil.

    We bought Arteta £10mil, Podolski £11mil, Giroud £10mil, Chamakh zip and Cazorla £12mil that makes what? £43mil?

    So we didn’t replace the players we lost and those we bought didn’t cost anywhere near those we sold.

    The other players we bought were defenders that replaced the defenders we lost.

  86. zeus

    GeoffJuly 8, 2013 17:24:11
    I watched Wenger in a press conference and he said he was paid dependent of Arsenal making a profit, so I don’t care what the AST say, he said it.

    Always felt that was a wwrong interpretation on his comments.

    Can’t be arsed to go find that video though.

    My take was he said he got paid to do all the things he does, ie. qualify for CL, make a profit in the window, player transfers bla bla bla.

    Basically he was trying to justify his MASSIVE undeserved wages.

  87. Geoff

    Phil you are quite right, they wanted £12mil and he wanted to come, a real mate of JW, so we offered £6mil, insulting cunt.

    They ended up selling him to the Chavs the following window for £7.5mil

  88. Cesc Appeal


    It would make sense.

    No reason for hording that transfer money.

    Would explain their hostility to outsiders as well, no Red and White rep, Sir Chips to Chairman.

    Always thought something dodgy was going on.

  89. Geoff

    Zeus I hear what you say but he was talking about why he needs to show a profit at the season end and then said he got paid a percentage of those profits. Couldn’t have been clearer.

    He also said ‘judge me in May’ 3 years ago, then conveniently said nothing when he won fuck all again.

  90. salparadisenyc

    “If he’s so sure we can compete for the title this season without spending then he should put his vast salary on it.”

    Too fucking right. Come within 6 points of top place or forfeit the 6 million to future signings. As painful as it is.. certainly does not lack comedy, outdated, antiquated Arsenal FC.

  91. Geoff

    Keyser I’m questioning no one’s integrity, I saying Wenger is a lier. As for integrity I couldn’t possibly question it, he hasn’t got any.

  92. Cesc Appeal


    In fairness to him he didn’t specify which May.

    I’d give my right nut for a journo to say that, ‘which May are we talking Arsene?’

  93. luke

    Geoff, don’t think I’m defending Wenger in any way. I’m only saying that his very recent transfer history is the only (very) small source of hope I have of us signing proper players.

    You don’t think the summer clearout could signify any possibility of a change in transfer policy?

  94. Geoff

    Ha, ha Cesc it wouldn’t be hard would it! I would love a one on one with Wenger, I’d have him for arsepaper, he lies so much and forgets what he’s lied about, a mystery to me why he hasn’t been ripped before.

  95. Keyser

    You blatantly are, don’t backtrack now, short of calling Pedro an absolute cunt of the highest order, someone ordained by Wenger himself maybe, you’re definetly saying he’s a complete lying shite who needs to be spanked mercilessly.

    Have some convinction in yourself man, proud Yorkshire man that you are.

  96. Geoff

    Luke Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Gervinho and Santos are still here, he hasn’t clear much at all, Denilson and a few 18 year olds!

  97. Geoff

    Keyser I’m not from Yorkshire, I’m from the dark Continent.

    As for Pedro, he is influenced by the AST, I’m not, I believe what I hear and see myself, not what someone else other than the culprit himself says he heard.

  98. luke

    Arshavin was one of our highest paid players, Squilachi was probably earning somewhere between 40,000-60,000 a week. Denilson probably somewhere around 40,000-50,000, Djourou about the same. That is a decent amount of dead weight cut loose. Obviously there is still a long way to go!

  99. Geoff

    Luke Denilson’s contract was paid off so we don’t lose that, Djourou is only out on loan and we know for a fact we still pay most of his salary, so apart from Arshavin and Squillaci, we have saved nothing.

  100. Nasri's Mouth


    The thing is, that Le Grove article also prints the quote from Wenger that started the issue in the first place:

    ”I am on a very good contract. I am one of the few managers who makes money for my club every year. That is the most important. I tell you something, if I would not make money for the club, I would not be on a very good contract.”

    So, when you say

    “he was talking about why he needs to show a profit at the season end and then said he got paid a percentage of those profits. Couldn’t have been clearer”

    I’d say that it isn’t actually clear at all

  101. Geoff

    And your chart just shows how unbelievably overstocked with young players we were.

    He can’t have it both ways can he!

  102. Nasri's Mouth

    Geoff: Djourou is only out on loan and we know for a fact we still pay most of his salary

    Fact ? When he’s said himself that he’s taken a pay cut to play ?

  103. Keyser

    Geoff well you need to chat to Pedro, he’s feeding everyone spurious lies, I sense a rift, now if it was a raft we might have got Cesc Appeal’s island, but alas no.

    We’re waiting for the good ship lollypop Captained by Higurween with midshipman Fellaini and Birdseyenest mutant Rooney to come save us.

  104. gats

    The guy that runs the Arsenal twitter feed is a fuucking AKB i swear, also their Media watch thing they are doing on their site is a bloody joke. If anyone actually beleives we are signing anyone other than 12 year old african/french kids then your living in clod fucking cooko land.

    Im preety sure that asshole at that well know AKB siteis running the twitter and arsenal site fe

  105. luke

    Again, not defending Wenger or his ways, just saying that relative to past summers, this seems like a significant clear out. Not saying it is effective, complete, or well executed, but it has to count for something, no? Djourou’s loan has a purchase option at the end of this year so how do we know we’re paying all of his wages, or even some of them?

    I vaguely remember Wenger saying we pay some of our loanees wages, but don’t remember the specifics.

  106. Geoff

    Well Juventus, Frankfurt and Malaga all said they couldn’t afford to pay Bendtner’s salary, San Paolo said that they came to an arrangement with Arsenal over Denilsons salary and we gave Djourou a pay rise and 3 year extension the month we sent him on loan to Hannover, so why on earth would you think he took a pay cut.

    Almunia and Squillaci didn’t go anywhere because their salaries wouldn’t be paid and they were fringe players.

  107. raisonar

    If anyone at Arsenal was genuinely concerned about winning trophies, we would have signed the players we want in June only.

    But I agree with Geoff, this summer is different . This summer we are linked with players who would definitely improve us, unlike last years. But the issue I feel is we are just hitting our head in wall with this. There is no chance players like rooney/suarez/fabregas would come to arsenal and never mind arsenal paying up their market value. Sadly, I feel its just smokescreen to please poor fans.

  108. Leedsgunner

    N5 @ 1635

    Fair enough point N5 but I would still say it’s a shambolic state of affairs because our manager and our hierarchy are not actively strengthening the squad so that we can be realistic contenders again for the league title. Sure they talk a good game and the players do too, but they seem hellbent on running this club on a shoestring budget and crash and burning our club into the ground. All the while telling the world, how rich we all are. AFC is the Emperor’s football club!

    As for Arsene’s contractual incentives, I’m amazed that people like the AST have not raised the obvious. If Arsene Wenger is rewarded financially for making the club a profit on transfer fees, isn’t there an inherent conflict of interest here because Arsene is actively rewarded for weakening the club year after year? How is this not an utter betrayal of ambition?

  109. BacaryisGod

    I just noticed something about yesterday’s headline ‘Arsenal will win the league if Wenger buys, if he doesn’t, kiss goodbye to Champions League football’.

    This finally proves that Geoff is an AKB in disguise. If Arsene buys the players that Geoff wants (Higuain, Fellaini etc) and thinks that Arsenal will win the league then it means he also believes Arsene will be outmanaging Chelsea, Man U and Man City. Those three clubs have and will likely continue to outspend Arsenal which clearly means the manager will be responsible for the title and not the team’s budget.

    Geoff-I always knew you were a secret AKB!

  110. arsenal-flavour

    we have cut alot of youth from our ranks and some deadwood players… so will we replace them with top class even world class players… simple answer NO!

    sanago is the symbol of our intent… we will buy other unknown youth players… why because arsene wenger says our 1st team is good enough!

    those of you expecting 3 world class players shall be severely disappointed

  111. kwik fit

    Really looking forward to our first game on Sunday. The first game is always exciting to get a first glimpse of our new signings and see how they will improve our team for next season. Fucking Buzzing in anticipation.