If Arsenal bid £30mil for Suarez, then my bottom is a kipper

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Obviously I’m not allowed to use bad language but you get the message here. There is no way Wenger has made a serious offer for the buck tooth people eating machine, not a chance.

First of all he wouldn’t sign someone who is a man eating racist, not when you consider Wenger’s track record in the type of player he signs.

Secondly he wouldn’t offer anything for anyone out of his comfort zone, and although that used to be £15mil, I’m sure it’s gone up to the £22mil we allegedly bid for Higuain.

Thirdly Pedro told me it was pulled together by a Scouse journo.

Finally, if we have indeed offered £22mil to Madrid (and that’s a big if) then it could be a Red Herring to get them to stop playing silly buggers and sell us their man.

Of all the players out there available, he is the last one I would sign (Suarez), of course I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but as I said, there are plenty more out there I would have first.

I did a post on signing him from Ajax years ago, but we didn’t then and that was before his antics in England, so I can’t see it happening now.

I do have a question though, remember Benik Afobe? How has YaYa Sanogo leapfrogged him in the pecking order? Is the injury prone Frenchman better? If so why have we persisted with Benik for years and years and why is he still in the Academy. Not to mention how does it make him feel?

Regardless of all the speculation I would still secure the signing of one Marouane Fellaini, he’s still available and if we don’t watch it, Moyes will spirit him away to ManU.

I know that by reading a lot of your comments yesterday there are a number of people out there that don’t believe we’ll sign anyone of note, aside from a few second tier Frenchies, well the cynic in me agrees with that, but that’s because I am used to being let down. Year after year after year.

However, I also think Wenger and his yes men (Gazidis etc) would have been visibly shaken by the fans reaction last season.

So a big part of me cannot believe they are that out of touch to increase Wenger’s already massive contract without first signing the big players this club so desperately need to challenge next season.

They must know in the own minds that will mean just be scrapping it out for 4th place with the Spuds if we don’t.

They can’t be that stupid…   …Can they? Can they?

Maybe we’ll find out today, wouldn’t Wenger have got a shock if Liverpool had said yes? If of course we actually bid.

The Cesc returns story is still out there, it would explain why no midfield players have been signed yet and Wenger did say last season that he would return one day, maybe he had this signing in mind all along?

Thing is it’s what we would all like, though some say where would he fit in?

I say anywhere, bring it on!

Leaving you on a positive note, I think the new away kit is the best one since the invincibles, top marks to Nike for that, funny isn’t it, their last kit and they do a nice job, dipsticks. We’ve been telling them since 2004 that our colours are yellow and blue and they finally listen.

Have a great day Grovers, pre-season begins soon so something has to happen!

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  1. Romford Pele


    Suarez’s work rate will count for nothing if he’s missing 10+ games a season due to being a cannibal and a racist.

  2. petrovic

    im also wondering how the spuds can complete the signing of paulinho whos been playing in a big tournamant in brazil,whilst we cant complete on our alleged targets even though they are just lying on there sunbeds,perhaps we`re not trying to hard,a little bit worrying!

  3. sam

    I hope I don’t talk about Higuain again, Boring!

    what happened to wesley sneijder? thats the player that can change the team.
    just to make sure we will have a strong season you add axel witsel to the squad.
    thats mean ramsey and rosicky out, these so called squad players should sign for fulham, go scottland or small team in germany.
    we need allround performers no more complacency, we blast small teams in cup 12-0 to send a message that we are back.

  4. Romford Pele

    Pedro/Geoff – is there a problem with posting today? A few of mine haven’t come through.

  5. Gregg

    Romford – Deffo, trouble is it’s all old ground. Everyday I read Fellaini this and that and yet I’m yet to see any evidence that we have the slightest interest in him. I know he’s on many fans wishlist, mainly because of the disclosure of the buy out clause, but i’m yet to see anything remotely suggesting we are interested

  6. Romford Pele

    Sneijder has been on a downward spiral for a while. And Witsel is on outrageous wages at Zenit.

  7. Willie

    Suarez, however brilliant, is too scandalous and all bad press. I think I remember StanChart issuing a warning because he was damaging their brand. Wouldn’t want him near The Arsenal. Some scandals are “better” than others, that’s why I don’t mind Rooney. Biting and incessant diving would drive the bile in me even if it led to many goals for us. Suarez is a twunt and too old to change. Sign up Higuain or Rooney and move on to the next position.
    Still have a strong feeling Wenger will mess this Summer up, so I’m braced for disappointment just like every other summer for the last many seasons. Hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  8. Romford Pele

    Yup, this Fellaini interest seems like a lot of fabricated stuff to me. Someone started up a rumour that we activated his release clause but I don’t believe it in the slightest. Everyone knows about Fellaini, yet nobody is bidding for him – interesting stuff.

  9. GoonerDave

    Not saying I believe the speculation about Suarez, but if it is actually true, I doubt its brinksmanship – 30M is not a million miles away from his valuation. I think it would be great news to hear we actually bid 30M for a player.
    All just media speculation though really, apart from large sums of money somewhere (Spain?) being bet on it.
    I’d kind of warmed to Higuain though. Fantastic record, great mentality and better value.
    I don’t think this Summer is like the others – we have shifted deadwood ruthlessly this time. We have spaces to fill and more money to spend.
    I wish we would hurry up and sign someone though. We do seem to take a while to make our move.

  10. sam

    fuck gareth barry,
    wenger is not that stupid, silverstre transfer left him scared for life.
    if man city want to sell us a player they should give us Kompany.
    no more fucking castoffs, that include the fat scouser and ricky alvares cousin from real madrid. we don’t want rejects at our club, no more!

  11. wolski7

    they are not going to sign a player of stature for big bucks. the fans pressure has made them come out and say we compete and spend. behind the scenes Al they are doing is spreading rumours, making large bids to keep re fans happy.. but not large enough for the clubs to accept.its a game that makes it look like we tried and ensured the seadon ticket money comes flooding inbutplayers happy

  12. Romford Pele

    “I don’t think this Summer is like the others – we have shifted deadwood ruthlessly this time.”

    This is the only thing that is keeping me optimistic – there’s a lot of space in the squad to fill. I can see a few being used up by reserves though.


    Fuck i hate writing this shit over,but here goes…..
    Asswipe Wenger has given his second offer,party over people he wink wink tried.

  14. sam


    i will take sneijder and use him wisely as someone to give cazorla a day off. not play him 3 times a week
    he will still give us better performance than ramsey.

  15. Geoff

    Rumour or not, what I fail to understand is why no one wants to bid for Fellaini, he would turn our team into a title winning one.

    He is as powerful as Vieira was, and he’d get Vermaelen playing again.

    I call that anofuckingbraineryoucuntwenger or similar.



  17. Wallace

    Higuain is obviously our main target. I’d agree with those who see the Suarez bid as an attempt to shake up Madrid. And while there’s a lot of bullshit flying around, we do seem to be bidding big money for players. Not many teams will knock back a 20m+ bid for a defensive midfielder(Bender). I think we were unlucky there.

  18. Romford Pele


    The fact Inter were so willing to get rid of him should tell you a lot. He’s now playing in the Turkish league – enough said. Considering his age and the wages he’d command, you’d be better off looking elsewhere. The fact United turned their noses up at him should tell you a lot.

  19. Geoff

    As for the deadwood, he didn’t, he got shot of two people out of contract that never got a game, a bunch of 18 year old trainees, oh and Denilson who had been on loan for three years and said he would never play for us again.

    What about the real deadwood, Park, Bendtner, Gervinho and Chamakh? Not to mention Campbell, Wellington, Galindo and Ryo, none of them will ever feature.

  20. LeMassiveCoq


    “He is as powerful as Vieira was, and he’d get Vermaelen playing again.I call that anofuckingbraineryoucuntwenger or similar.”

    Amen brother, Amen.

  21. Romford Pele


    How would Fellaini get Vermaelen playing again? Because they’re the same nationality.

  22. Geoff

    Pele, because they are international team mates and Vermaelen would hate to be over shadowed and out of the Belgium side.

  23. sam


    Just a bit of fellaini risk analysis.
    you don’t elbow anyone in an arsenal shirt. if the referee misses it the bbc panel will give their verdict and call for a ban.

  24. Romford Pele

    Geoff – it’d be interesting to see. Vermaelen needs to work on winning his place back first because Kos and Mert look like they’re developing a very good rapport.

  25. LeMassiveCoq

    If Wenger doesnt sign Fellaini, he needs sacking just for that.

    Illaramendi has gone,
    Bender has gone.

    That leaves Fellaini or Capoue in my opinion. and the fluffy follicled one is my choice.

  26. Reiss

    I bet if the Higuain deal doesn’t go through we will keep Joel Campbell and maybe buy someone like Remy it would be typical Wenger written all over prioritising a cheaper option rather then spending on a genuine world class player and then telling us all that he tried.

  27. Samir

    It seems to me as though Wenger is purposely bidding low amounts or for players that he knows the teams will not sell to keep the AKB’s happy.

    Next we’ll see a 35M bid for Messi rejected.
    Then a 40M bid for Ronaldo rejected.

    Wenger will wait until the last day of the transfer window to get a good deal on some unknown players.

    ‘We tried for many players. All of the super super quality players were not available however’


    Why are people still fantasizing about top players we are not going after, we can’t even nail down the guys we’re looking at.Ive figured it out ,Asswipe isn’t going to change, it is us who think he is which is OUR problem.

  29. Wallace

    Geoff – both the German press and Leverkusen reported the Arsenal bid – 23m euros. Usually if it’s bullshit the club(s) involved will not comment.

  30. Romford Pele

    “Illaramendi has gone,
    Bender has gone.”

    Neither have gone.

    Illaramendi may well be heading to Madrid but nothing concluded yet. And we have apparently had a bid knocked back for Bender – nobody knows if that’s true or not though. Also, i’d add Gonalons to your list.


    I picture Asswipe in his ivory tower walking back and forth muttering under his breath …i have a point to make ,i have a point to make over and over till the wee hrs.

  32. sam

    am i missing somethng here?

    when bendtner and denilson claimed they will never play for us again wasn’t it some sort of violation?
    we carried on paying them

  33. Mayank

    BBC also reporting the Suarez offer. They haven’t quoted the Telegraph and are “understand” that we’ve had our bid turned down.

    As much as I don’t believe this rumour the BBC and the Telegraph wouldn’t both put out a fake story.

  34. Romford Pele

    “when bendtner and denilson claimed they will never play for us again wasn’t it some sort of violation?
    we carried on paying them”

    No we didn’t. Both were on-loan when they said that. And neither have played for the club since. Stop making up nonsense.

  35. Geoff

    We need 4 centre back, we get injuries and suspensions all the time.

    Fellaini is EPL proven, he’ll hit the ground running, Wenger is always using that as an excuse, they take time, well with Fellaini, he won’t have to.

    As for Ryo, he’s way too lightweight and no different to a million other kids we’ve had, how many have we waited on? He can join the queue.

    Aliadiere, Wrey, Boa Morte, Vela and they were the good ones.

  36. Geoff

    How can you justify loaning someone for 3 years then paying off their contract, that must have meant we gave them a 4 year contract when we knew they were going, how fucking dumb is that???

    And we’ve done that with Bendtner as well, difference is we haven’t paid him off.

  37. PhilF

    We’ll end up with the cheap option i.e. Barry and somebody nobody has ever heard of as a new striker. All this talk of Higuan, Saurez and Rooney is spin. Sorry, but I think we should prepare for (yet another) summer of disappointment.

    Does anyone think Gazidis reads this blog?

  38. The Hig

    I’m getting tired of all this rumors. Lets get Higuain and Fellani thru the door and start preparing to lift the Premiership next season.


    The minute after the transfer window shuts is when the battle in London starts….ground zero AFC.

  40. Romford Pele


    They will be cheap – but Williams is the only one I can maybe see us getting. The others won’t happen.

  41. Jim Lahey

    I’ve always been intrigued with what is envolved with transferring a player from one club to another.
    To me it seems like a simple process, but I’m sure it isn’t!
    You send an enquiry about the players availability to a club. Yes/No
    If Yes, What is the asking price? (Which the club buy I’m sure already knows).
    Can we match that? Is the player worth it? Yes/No
    If Yes. You get to speak with the player, who at this point you know if he is interested in joining you or not.
    Here is your deal, will you accept? Yes/No

    Deal done, or not.

    Now I understand there is a degree of haggling that will take place with both clubs and then player/club to ensure everyone gets the best deal they can.
    But surely this process does not take weeks? A day or two tops, just look what we did on the last day of the transfer window a few seasons ago, was it 5 in on ONE day?

    I would like it if Arsenal did all their business in the first week of the window opening, deals in and out, they tell us all everything is done for the summer.
    The fans would not be sitting around bitting their nails, and the squad would have the entire summer to work together. That would more than help us in the first few games of the summer.

    Higuain, Fellaini? Looking less and less likely each day. The pessimist in me is thinking that Arsene is delaying these deals so as to have another club come in offer more money and take the players from our grasp. So he may turn around at the next press conference and say “We tried.. but here is our new signing Gareth Barry, premiership winner with looks of experience too!” (Is that what happened the year before with Mata maybe? He waited until someone finally came in and tore him from our arms?!)

  42. Jim Lahey

    Hey Same Story, thank you fro the link, I am aware there are complexities and an enormous amount of red tape involved with the deals, I just wish they didn’t have to drag on for weeks!

  43. kwik fit

    Our board have done some low things over the years ,but to put in a fake bid for Suarez is as low as the’ve gone . I personally would love the little rat at the club .However, everyone but the Arsenal board know he’s leaving the premier league. Bunch of lying bastards…excuse the french!

  44. Geoff

    Wenger likes to keep people waiting, then whoever he signs we are grateful.

    I honestly doubt we are after no one now. He probably get’s 10% of the profit we make, so would not really have a vested interest is spending money.

    Though I am surprised the sponsors haven’t made it clear that silverware, hence players are a must. Maybe they have and he will surprise us all…

  45. TitsMcgee

    First thing that came to mind when I saw that we had an offer rejected for Suarez was:

    …..”we tried to get quality players but we failed”.

    So either it’s all just smoke and mirrors to pretend like they care about winning when they really don’t or they just suck at negotiations.

    So IF the rumors were to be believed we’ve had offers for Bender,Suarez and Higuain rejected.

    I have my doubts about Suarez’ offer but let’s just say it’s true.

    How can one club be so inept at negotiations?

    They can’t be.

    So that leads me to believe it’s all just fluff to pretend we are trying.

  46. William Mochel

    According to some sources (when I say sources, I wanna say just some interpretantions after a long talk with some AFC fans),
    Arsene really did it. Wait. I’ll explain.
    I understand that Florentino allowed us to negotiate with the player after he accepted the £22M bid, but, then, Florentino comeback and asked £30M to finish the deal. And this pissed off Arsene. Then, Arsene made the bid for Suárez. Because we’re interested in Suáres!? NO. To send a message to Florentino considering that the “eating man” is the first target transfer on this window. So, in this case, we can cause some troubles between Hig and the Madrid and force Florentino to finish the deal. Maybe I’m crazy….Maybe not…

  47. Aaron Lemon

    I want to touch on two things. Firstly, the Sanogo/Afobe point. Geoff, I agree it is madness. I think there is a large issue in our loan system, in that we force almost every youth player to got though it. That’s ridiculous.
    We play a certain way. If you look at the youth teams and reserve teams and the U20 Next Gen teams and the first teams, you will see we all play the same way. Fans have been waiting for a decent glimpse of Afobe for 2 years now. Instead he gets loaned to some gash club who play NOTHING like us! What the fuck is the point? Using the amazingly talented Wilshere’s loan spell as a yardstick for the loan system is unbelievably dim-witted. Somehow he got a lot from his, but that’s as much to do with him.

    The logic of training someone for say 5 years during their formative years to play a very specific way, only to farm them out to a shit club in a shit league with a totally different style, is arguably absent. You don’t loan the ‘next Yaya Toure’ to Crewe and expect him to come back 10x better than when he left. It’s not going to happen. But you put the next Yaya into the senior version of what he’s been doing his whole life and it might reap some incredible rewards.

    So that’s one thing. And despite his goals, and I appreciate that it’s an early shout, but Afobe looked better in 20 mins of the Emirates Cup that time, than Sanogo has in all his U20 games this month.

  48. Samir

    My hatred for Wenger increases that little bit with every day that passes.

    Ofcourse, I could love him again if he signed the right players. We’ve all been let down year after year after year after year…It’s hard not to expect the worst.

  49. Oh Theo Theo!

    Same Story – if transfers are so difficult, how have so many of our competitors managed to sort out 2 or 3 of them?

  50. kwik fit

    If these Hig/Fellani rumours turn out to be false and we are taken for the proverbial ride again then forgiveness is no more.
    I also can’t believe that Puma aren’t putting the foot down and insisting on some player investment.

  51. Aaron Lemon

    The second thing is people freaking out about a lack of signings, still.
    I just want to use the DM position as an example for my point. No, we haven’t signed a DM. Here’s a run down of who we’ve been linked with:

    McArthy (Wigan)
    Gustavo (Bayern)
    Wanyama (Celtic)
    Schneiderlin (Saints)
    Fellaini (Everton)
    Gonalons (Lyon)
    Bender (Leverkusen)
    Capoue (Toulouse)
    Kondogbia (Sevilla)

    How many of those players have been signed by someone else? 0
    Now apply that thought process to all the other positions we need e.g. striker – Higuain, Lewandowski, Suarez, Lopez…none of these has signed for another team.

    What about CBs? Rami, Williams, Papadopoules, Benatia – none of those have signed for someone else either.

    So why is everyone freaking out? Geoff I think you’ve underplayed our shifting of players by the way! Doesn’t matter ‘how’ – Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson, Mannone gone. Djourou and Coq loaned. Interest in Park, Bendtner, Chamakh and Gervinho and I doubt any of them will be with us come the new season. We’ve done very well. 6 months ago I don’t think anyone expected us to literally get rid of EVERYONE we don’t want, but it looks like it might actually happen!

  52. Jim Lahey

    I have an awful feeling that Bendtner will be sticking around for another season. The man really believes he is worth the 52k a week that Arsenal are paying him and is probably finding it hard to understand when clubs that are interested in signing him are only willing to pay him approx 20-25k a week. Which is more than he is worth!
    I think he will stay, train with the u-21 and take another 2.7m away from the club.

  53. sam

    Ryo is too lightweight for the premiership?
    lets agree that injuries slow his progress. maybe he shouldn’t be rushed ala wenger. he still under 21 and can play in the nextgen.
    a big football club like arsenal should know how to use players regardless of their size.
    good thing messi didn’t come to arsenal. he would’ve been ruined and flogged to small team for couple of quiz. such incompetence at arsenal.

  54. Ramsey's backpass

    My God,its true we are in for barry,its fooking true we are in for him.

    This is scary..

  55. Atomic

    why is it so painful to be an Arsenal fan? why are they suffering the fans this much. we woke up this morning expecting the confirmation of Higuin signing only to hear arsenal 30M bid has been rejected by Liverpool. if we have 30M for suarez, why we can’t just pay the 25M for Higuin has three years on his contract? after all we received 24M for RVP in the last year of his contract. it is depressing.

  56. ben

    Cant believe some of u guys would’nt want Suarez! Great players come with baggage(Cantona,Stoichov,Romario et all).They absorb the pressure away from teammates and deliver.

  57. kwik fit

    raphael honigstein ✔ @honigstein

    Bidding for players you don’t really want/have no chance of getting. Superb.

    Couldn’t agree more ralphy boy

  58. N5

    Hey Bermy have you noticed no one (barr this one) has replied to any of your comments! do you know why? because you are a bore that says the same thing over and over and over, either contribute to the comments mute yourself you melt!

  59. lord snotty

    WTF’s going on at this club? It’s 8th July and counting…..
    The Sp*rs have already made one marque signing and are going for a second. What exactly has Wenger been doing? What does he do to earn his wages? His job description does not include generating rumour and bullshit.
    No, nothing will change around here until the guy is removed. WENGER OUT!

  60. Evan

    Suarez is a great player, but a complete fool, he would soon be saying “I want to join Madrid”

    I personally can’t see Wenger making such a signing and I doubt Liverpool would allow him to join us.

    I’m still waiting for “Come and get me plea” by Salomon Kalou 🙁

  61. Oh Theo Theo!

    Atomic – this is symptomatic of a zero plan approach to transfers.

    Most sane clubs and managers sit down after the season, draw up a list of positions to strengthen and target players and try and execute that plan.

    They don’t land them all, but they get 70-80% if done right.

    We seem to thrash around like a blind man at a pin the tail on a donkey competition.

    Ping! – Higuain
    Ping! – Fellaini
    Ping! – Barry
    Ping! – Suarez
    Ping! – who knows who’s next!

    It’s decidedly odd the way we conduct business. Either a plan so subtle that us mere mortals can’t see the pattern, or (my money) we’re an incompetent bunch of penny-pinching imbeciles who could hit a barn door with a howitzer…

    We live in the twilight zone…

  62. Dan

    Lord snotty

    I dont think it is Wenger generating rumour and bullshit do you? This thing called the media takes care of that…have you heard of it?!

  63. Dan


    DO you really think there is no strategy to our transfer targets and summer spending?! I would of thought we would of sealed the Higs by now but it hasn’t happened but just because the signings don’t fit in our timescale it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

  64. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – the point he’s making is that the club, and Wenger contribute to the noise with comments like: we have money to spend. we could get rooney if we wanted to. wenger has the ability to spend big.

    And if wenger is bidding on Suarez to force RM’s hand then how is that that not total media manipulation???

  65. Aaron Lemon

    OTT again you have absolutely no evidence to suggest that we are direction-less when it comes to transfers like you make out! Again just unbelievable to think that Wenger and Gazidis don’t have specific targets and don’t have a budget for each of those players. Are you a fly on the wall? You know nothing about how they do things or who their targets are. I bet you knew nothing about a move for Reina until the rumours came out that Gazidis messed up the deal. That was a £20m move agreed with Liverpool about 3 or 4 years ago.

    What about Pjanic? Did you know about the deal agreed for him before he came out and told the world about it? No, because we try to do things quietly and deals fall through. I bet you didn’t know about Vermaelen either. The point being regardless of the results, we have targets, do go for them, and 9/10 we fans aren’t aware of any of it.

    It’s pretty obvious we’re in for big players this summer. But feel free obviously to take unnecessary swipes at the club at every opportunity as you clearly know better than Wenger and Gazidis what they are up to!

  66. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – if the plan was to land Higuain, why hasn’t it happened? If he was identified as the key component in a title winning squad, why hasn’t the negotiation concluded? We’re quibbling over money!!

    Let me ask you a question: if we land all major targets (say, Rooney, Fellaini & Hig + CB) for £70m, what’s the difference to the footballing side of the club for landing them for 60m or 65m??

  67. Aaron Lemon

    @Same story I’m not hearing those rumours, I’m just hearing rumours that they don’t want to let hi go until they’ve secured their striker target.

    They’ve been chasing Cavani but he’s off to PSG most probably. I think they want an extravagant signing, and need to sell one of Benz or Hig. Going down the list, there aren’t that many strikers who fit the bill of what Madrid are looking for. I think Higuain is their insurance policy until they land their forward.

  68. PhilF

    All those players we could have/nearly signed…
    Yaya Toure
    and that’s just off the top of my head…. we’d be World beaters by now if we actually signed any of them. But we end up with Park, Denilson, Bentdner, Squillachi, Santos, Gervinho etc….
    Something SERIOUSLY wrong here. At least we are clearing the deadwood, my only worry is that we going to replace it with average (i.e cheap) players that we can’t move on…. Bad, bad management…

  69. Evan

    Frankfurt Chief Heribert Bruchhagen told Die Welt: ” on on Necklace Bender

    Chances are slim that Nicklas Bendtner will be joining us.We would just able to afford a Nicklas Bendtner salary inside our wages budget. I would think it is definitely unrealistic to believe Arsenal FC could be out to heavily subsidize this deal.”

  70. Aaron Lemon

    “We’re quibbling over money!!”

    Just an assumption though. You don’t KNOW that and there’s as much to say it’s actually Madrid fucking us around than anything else. But that’s our fault? I don’t think so. If you agree a deal, and then let the club talk to your player, and they agree a deal, it’s not clever to go and up the price or then delay singing it off.

    This is all hypothetical though. It could be that all is in place and Madrid just want to sign someone else first, but because of that the media are turning into this story where one club is messing the other around. It’s just as plausible that everything has been agreed!

  71. Oh Theo Theo!

    Aaron – It’s boring your constant refusal to consider that the club seems to make life really difficult for themselves.

    And in this day and age of the internet/social media the fact we try and conduct everything “secretly” is just a nonsense. NOTHING in society these days is secret (not even govt secrets) so why/how do you think we can keep a transfer secret?

    We all know we’ve bid for Higuain. We know that we have talked to Fellaini’s agent. We know (wonder who told them???) that we bid for Suarez.

    Don’t be an apologist sheep and look at what our competition have done and what we haven’t done…

  72. Dan

    Your answering your own question. They will budget for each player and your saying it could be below £70m. Going over the budget could go above £80m. Anyway thats off point. Id love to know what goes on in your fantastical little world that has all the inside knowledge…from the newspaper!

    If you were going to buy a car and you’d agreed a price of say £5,000 you go to pay and the dealer then says you can have it for £6,000 now , what the fuck would you say? Not hand them the cash you’d tell them to bollocks

    This is just a guess as well but how do you know its not madrid cunting about moving the goalposts?

  73. Oh Theo Theo!

    Aaron – my point is that if Higuain is our key target, NOT signing him over £2-3m is TOTALLY counter productive and stupid.

    Because again, what is the opportunity cost of not signing Hig quickly? Less time with team, less impact at start of year…

    What is the opportunity cost of signing plan-B target? Having a crapper player and performing less.

    All for £3m??? Worth it? REally?

  74. TitsMcgee

    If we sign Barry in the MF with all of the money we have at our disposal and all of the other options out there then it’ll be a severe punch to the gut/slap to the face of all Arsenal fans.

    It’ll be a sure-fire sign that Wenger is just petrified of spending money and CANNOT RESIST signing bargains.

  75. Vintage Gun

    Nuudles youve made some pretty good and logical comments on here today

    @ the baying mobb at 11:10 So funny but sadly true

  76. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – not really, I am looking at the real world, the one where our signings are still in the wind and where our key competitors have already added to their squads.

    That’s the real irony. We’re dicking about over £2-3m here and there?? How does that makes us look????

  77. Angelo

    Everyone is so aggitated at the moment. I appreciate that people want things to happen quickly but quick isn’t always best in these situations.

    I understand why Arsenal fans want these deals to be resolved early but I hate when people act like they know all the facts about the intricacies of transfer negotiations.
    Fans are being pulled from side to side my the media, second-class journalists and twitter and then add it all together and think they have valuable insight.

    Arsenal are underwhelming in the transfer window, we all know that. Let’s just wait and see how things turn out and then judge our transfer policy when the squad is set-up on the 1st of September.

    Aaron has a point, people like to think they know more than they actually do.

  78. Santi Claus

    8 years of being 2.to3.players away from a title challenging side have taken their toll in frustration and the situation has not changed so far. No excuses now so AW needs to pull his finger out and pay up. Negotiation is a skill like any other but I do not believe anyone in the club processes it at all.

  79. jwl

    I don’t believe Suarez story – Wenger does not sign troublemakers, and he signs many black players, Wenger is not likely to buy notorious player with sketchy racial beliefs and impulse control issues who bites people. If Arsenal did put in bid for Suarez, I think it is negotiating ploy – Real Madrid supposedly interested in Suarez and we want one of Madrid’s strikers.

    The only reason I am not panicking yet this summer is because Arsenal have to sign players or else we don’t have enough players for 24 man squad. Arsenal have released a few players that need to be replaced or else Wenger will really have screwed the pooch next season.

    I don’t understand why it takes so long to sign players – summer of 2011 Arsenal did supermarket sweep and bought a bunch of players in 48 hrs before window closed. Transfers take ages unless they close to deadline than they only seem to take a few hours to negotiate.

  80. Santi Claus

    You bidding on a player worth 30 mill plus and you offer 20mill the club say they want 28 mill you pay it and say let’s sign now not I’ll pay 23 mill.

    Football is not a business, put someone in charge who understands this and loved the club. Long term a Higuain Felliani Bender will pay more than the 70mill plus wages back in revenue.

  81. Oh Theo Theo!

    jwl – transfers get quicker as you get closer to the window is because it’s like getting to the end of an evening in a nightclub – your taste in birds gets broader as you suddenly realise the lights come on in 10mins and you’re the only one who hasn’t pulled.

    You start off aiming for Cheryl Cole and you end up going for Cheryl Ferguson (the fat one who used to be in East Enders).

  82. Reiss

    As Kwik fit said if we sign Barry and Tottenham sign Paulinho that truly is a farce. The second we were guaranteed 4th last season we should have identified our targets and at least recruited one for pre season like Man city have done with Navas and Fernandinho.

  83. Santi Claus

    When the best players were selling for 20 30 mill we had 10 15 million now they are going for 40 50 mill we have 22 million that’s a Wind up.

  84. Vintage Gun

    @ samir 12:02

    “Realistically, I can see us ending up with:Ba/Bent
    Gareth Barry

    Nice try Buddy but if you want me dead YOUR gonna have to do it

  85. Aaron Lemon


    I just put a whole load of examples to you and you didn’t have the grace to comment on one.

    You still appear to think you know the club’s every move.

    Last summer was a summer of social media no different to this one. Yet nobody knew about the Pjanic deal. Including you. Your comment, please?

  86. Reiss

    Also like the German journalist said bidding for players which we can’t/ won’t get like Suarez and Bender is plain silly and a waste of time. Why don’t we just invest the money for Bender on Capoue it would make more sense. The way we conduct our business is always a mess.

  87. Keyser


    Last week SidLowe (twitter) said Higuain was flying over for a medical, the following day he tweeted a story from one of the Spanish daily newspapers that ‘Real were digging their heels in’.

    ..and yet people seem to have regressed into believing everything they read on the net, from every possible media outlet.

    Higuain’s at Real Madrid, yes Real fucking Madrid, his contract has 3 years left on it ?, they only have one other real striker and a young kid, Benzema and Moratta, they haven’t bought anyone else, has Ancelotti definetly taken over now ? Does he want him to stay ?

    We’d be making him our most expensive signing ever and our highest wage earner like we supposedly did with Podolski the year before, of course it isn’t going to be simple.

    If his own dad doesn’t know what’s happening, what chance do we have.

  88. Aaron Lemon

    OTT’s point:

    “Aaron – my point is that if Higuain is our key target, NOT signing him over £2-3m is TOTALLY counter productive and stupid.Because again, what is the opportunity cost of not signing Hig quickly? Less time with team, less impact at start of year…What is the opportunity cost of signing plan-B target? Having a crapper player and performing less.All for £3m??? Worth it? REally?”

    My point – You do not know that is what the situation is. I agree, haggling over £3m for someone of Hig’s quality is daft. But do I believe that is what is happening? No. Even if I did believe that, who is to say my belief is accurate?

    See, you BELIEVE things are a certain way, yet you do not KNOW for certain and you cannot PROVE it. So I am saying give your nonsense a rest until you have sufficient trustworthy evidence to back your claims up. You are going on nothing but media.

    I have put forward the suggestion that a deal is in place and all is sorted – no comment from you. It’s the only theory that hasn’t been presented in the media.

    Fact is, you see things through a filter of the club being to blame for everything and getting nothing right. That filter should not be on this summer.

  89. Dan


    The point being you didnt know about this deal until he came out and said as much this year. No one knew about this deal.

    There will be numerous people we are negotiating with just cos it doesnt make it in to the public domain doesnt mean shit isnt happening behind the scenes.

  90. Oh Theo Theo!

    Panjic was 2011 Aaron, not last year – so yes he is talking total sense!

    So you people REALLY believe that we’ve not bid for Hig? That’s what you’re saying?

  91. Keyser

    Honigstein made that comment, than tweeted John Cross’s that we’d made an enquiry not any real bid.

    Lol I swear the entire National media in this country have managed to keep it all going just based on rumours about who Arsenal were bidding for.

    Fucking hell wake-up there’s still people saying once we tie Higuain up we can get Rooney and Fellaini in to.

    Isn’t it at all odd that we’re the only ones that seem to be interested in Fellaini ?

  92. Aaron Lemon


    My Pjanic point is that you keep going on about Arsenal not knowing what they are trying to do. I have explained we are doing plenty that you and I won’t have a clue about, involving players we probably don’t know the club is even after.

    Pjanic was an example. How does that not compute? You’ve linked me an article that was released 2 summers after that deal. My point is nobody even knew we were talking to that player until that article you linked me came out, or a similar one. So my point that you and I really don’t have a clue who the club is dealing with still stands. So while you sit there and think you have a grasp on what is going on, what stages various deals are at, and how incompetent the club is, the truth is it is all speculation on your part and you don’t know a thing!

  93. Keyser

    OTT – You know when it gets foggy at night, do you run around with a bucket of water looking for a fire to put out ?

  94. Oh Theo Theo!

    So Aaron – the fact that somebody tweeted Pjanic was in fact true and indicates that twitter tipsters do get it right.

    So putting massive hole in the water for your argument that nobody knows apart from Arsene!

    Glub, Glub, Glub – the sound of your argument ship sinking in a sea of “duhhh – make a proper argument representative from the complacent crew!”

  95. Oh Theo Theo!

    Aaron – look at the links. Somebody tweeted we were in for Pjanic (true as verified by Pjanic himself)

    Somebody then linked that he had gone to Roma – also true.

    So in your world the twitter tipster guessed it right? Pure chance?

    Or, as you don’t want to admit, some people DO know what’s going on and some of what you read on twitter is based on knowledge? No?

    Come on at least admit that the cold hard facts you can go look at make your argument, moot.

  96. Leedsgunner

    So much for exercising our much hyped “financial firepower” in the marketplace — could have should have would have — summary of the past 8 years at Arsenal and our transfer policy. Firepower? Nah, maybe he meant to say flower power!

    I see that if Thiago Alacantra goes to Man United that Barca is eyeing Jackie Wilshere — awaiting the dreaded, “Wilshere is going nowhere” statement of confidence.

    What an utter shambles. Honestly, I can’t understand why they are making such a hash of it!

  97. nuudles

    @ Keyser, I do not believe for a minute we are the only ones interested in Fellaini. In the PL we are probably the team that needs a physical box-to-box the most. City have Yaya, Chelsea have Ramires, Spuds now have Paulinho, maybe ManU need one just as bad but then they play more down the wings, in which case they need a proper left back most (Evra is well past his best).

    That said, the rumours are that we have made bids for Bender, whose balance is more towards being a DM. And I agree with this: in the midfield we need a proper DM the most. Being Arsenal it would ideally be a DM who is also good on the ball/great passer. Yes Fellaini can play there but he gives away an awful number of free-kicks & accumulates a ton of cards, so his best position for us would surely be box-to-box.

  98. salparadisenyc

    Suarez now thats an odd article eh?

    If thats true I give up, no idea what the plan is but that certainly smells of tabloid journo’s creating something out of nothing. I do like idea we created the rumor to kickstart Madrid has a nice covert ring to it.

    Those away kits are top notch hopefully we see Fellaini in one soon.

    Does anyone really think were going to bring Cesc back? Can’t see him making that u-turn at this stage. We should get right into Alcantara bidding now.

  99. Nasri's Mouth

    @Oh Theo Theo

    Actually no-one really knows whether we’ve bid for Higuain, whether it’s official, (IE on company headed notepaper) or just a verbal enquiry, or whether in fact we’ve not bid for him at all.

    People are making assumptions all over the place because a) there seems to be some definite interest from Arsenal since Higuain’s own father has been quoted, but b) there has basically nothing concrete from either club concerning an actual offer.

  100. adegunner

    Suarez is the only striker i envy in premiership…sign hm up wenger…who cares if he bites gervinho`s head off……enjoy

  101. Aaron Lemon

    I wish we could do some sort of poll or filter whereby people who write ‘trust me, Higuain will NOT sign’ when there’s NO WAY they can know that, all get listed somewhere.

    Then, if proven wrong, they get shown up. I have enough to be annoyed with club about but every transfer window should be approached with renewed optimism. This summer we have a golden opportunity to improve the team with world class players at fairly decent rates and I doubt it is something we will fail to do.

    It’s early July and AFC fans are freaking out because even though not a single one of our publicised targets has gone to a different club, they feel the need to bash the club because other teams have made signings.

    Ok let’s break it down. So far Chelsea have signed one midfielder who isn’t that likely to improve them, and van Ginkel who I now nothing about. I don’t hear any arsenal fans freaking over those signings.

    Man City have signed a winger who scored 0 goals and 6 assists in 36.5 games worth of matches last season in the spanish division. Big fucking deal! Negredo? Who cares? Nobody wants Arsenal to sign him! Fernandinho? One of the most overpriced players on the planet who can’t get into the Brazil side. Excuse me while I go and burn down the Emirates.

    Man U? So far they have signed what, a random-as RB? Give a shit. Their targets are more of a worry. But where’s their move for Lewandowski hey? Are Man U fans freaking out? No! They trust their club to add good players and I trust mine.

    Who else? Spuds? WOW they’ve added Paulinho, another mid who no Arsenal fans have expressed a will to bring to the Emirates. We’re just fussing because they made a singing. Madness.

    Liverpool? As far as I am concerned Liverpool is the only club to so far have made a singing we should have gone for – Mignolet. Other than that they’ve signed a bunch of players almost totally uncontested, for peanuts.

    Who else? So right now that’s all our rivals and not one of them has made moves that should make us worry. So why don’t we all just relax, stop looking for reasons to give the club abuse, and see what happens.

  102. nuudles

    @ Leeds: JW is going nowhere. If we are brutally honest he has not reached nearly the levels he hit in the middle of his breakout season. At the end of that season his performances started to tail off due to fatigue/playing injured/whatever. He was then out for a whole season only coming back into the fold a little bit into last season. He had one or two decent games where he showed the zip he displayed against Barca at home & when he was at his peak, but in my opinion he did not have consistent form where it should be.

    No way will we sell him unless it is for crazy money, and no way will Barca offer us crazy money for a player who last had good form 18 months ago…

    Dont get me wrong, I think Jack will still be a great player for us, but he is nowhere near where he can be yet.

  103. Ramsey's backpass

    that option B) really sounds like arsenal.playing games when our actual transfer target is rickie lambert and gareth f**king Barry.

  104. Aaron Lemon

    @NM well put.

    I tend to trust ESPN, and watching their interviews they seem to believe strongly that we had agreed a fee and agreed terms with the player, but suddenly Madrid aren’t happy. I do not trust them 100% but watching the interviews makes me gain some belief in what they say. How anybody can be angry with Arsenal over that is beyond. It’s like getting cross with your child because someone bullied him!

  105. Oh Theo Theo!

    Keyser – he did, so maybe we’ve been canny in working on The Hig’s dad this time, just not had a word with the player!

  106. Aaron Lemon

    I can’t see us bringing Cesc back. He signed a huge contract with us only to leave 3 years early. He knew he’d have to wait for Xavi or Iniesta’s time to come before he really found happiness there, and now Thiago wants out for some reason.

    If Cesc left Barca for us now, I don’t think he’d ever be welcome back in his home city.

  107. Oh Theo Theo!

    Aaron – jeez, do you believe that crap? Are you so brainwashed that you believe that none of our rivals’ signings are any good at all?

    Blimey, that’s a serious break with reality that you’re having…

  108. Keyser


    The Bosnia and Herzegovina international was close to joining Arsene Wenger’s side from Lyon for £9.5m (€11m), on the same day that the likes of Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker signed for the Gunners.

    ‘I had a number of offers at the time and I was set to join Arsenal,’ the 23-year-old told Avaz Sport.

    ‘I had agreed all of the conditions that had been put into place.

    ‘However, my father had given his word to Roma and therefore I opted to sign for the Giallorossi instead.’

  109. N5

    @Lemon, the home fans boo him currently anyway, not all, just the hardcore mongs! he said he doesn’t mind it as its what its like over there, if you play badly you get told!