If Arsenal bid £30mil for Suarez, then my bottom is a kipper

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Obviously I’m not allowed to use bad language but you get the message here. There is no way Wenger has made a serious offer for the buck tooth people eating machine, not a chance.

First of all he wouldn’t sign someone who is a man eating racist, not when you consider Wenger’s track record in the type of player he signs.

Secondly he wouldn’t offer anything for anyone out of his comfort zone, and although that used to be £15mil, I’m sure it’s gone up to the £22mil we allegedly bid for Higuain.

Thirdly Pedro told me it was pulled together by a Scouse journo.

Finally, if we have indeed offered £22mil to Madrid (and that’s a big if) then it could be a Red Herring to get them to stop playing silly buggers and sell us their man.

Of all the players out there available, he is the last one I would sign (Suarez), of course I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but as I said, there are plenty more out there I would have first.

I did a post on signing him from Ajax years ago, but we didn’t then and that was before his antics in England, so I can’t see it happening now.

I do have a question though, remember Benik Afobe? How has YaYa Sanogo leapfrogged him in the pecking order? Is the injury prone Frenchman better? If so why have we persisted with Benik for years and years and why is he still in the Academy. Not to mention how does it make him feel?

Regardless of all the speculation I would still secure the signing of one Marouane Fellaini, he’s still available and if we don’t watch it, Moyes will spirit him away to ManU.

I know that by reading a lot of your comments yesterday there are a number of people out there that don’t believe we’ll sign anyone of note, aside from a few second tier Frenchies, well the cynic in me agrees with that, but that’s because I am used to being let down. Year after year after year.

However, I also think Wenger and his yes men (Gazidis etc) would have been visibly shaken by the fans reaction last season.

So a big part of me cannot believe they are that out of touch to increase Wenger’s already massive contract without first signing the big players this club so desperately need to challenge next season.

They must know in the own minds that will mean just be scrapping it out for 4th place with the Spuds if we don’t.

They can’t be that stupid…   …Can they? Can they?

Maybe we’ll find out today, wouldn’t Wenger have got a shock if Liverpool had said yes? If of course we actually bid.

The Cesc returns story is still out there, it would explain why no midfield players have been signed yet and Wenger did say last season that he would return one day, maybe he had this signing in mind all along?

Thing is it’s what we would all like, though some say where would he fit in?

I say anywhere, bring it on!

Leaving you on a positive note, I think the new away kit is the best one since the invincibles, top marks to Nike for that, funny isn’t it, their last kit and they do a nice job, dipsticks. We’ve been telling them since 2004 that our colours are yellow and blue and they finally listen.

Have a great day Grovers, pre-season begins soon so something has to happen!

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  1. Relieable sauce

    Lets hope he’ not spudbound.

    Dortmund & Athletico were sniffing around as well i think.

    He’s a gooner but does Wenger rate him to the tune of 20m+ ?

  2. rewenger

    No way we can let the spuds have him. We are in position to outbid them if we want. Its about time we show them who are the largest team in North London!

  3. rewenger

    Well Chelski and Mancite are clubs that may strongarm us but not the tiny spuds.
    (Have you seen the crappy new shirts with that awful HP logo..)

  4. Relieable sauce


    If Wenger wants him i think he would refuse to talk to them but wenger may not be interested.
    Someone must be though for him to request a move.

  5. ughelligooner

    I think the AKBs are more realistic than the AWHs -(somebody should pls paste this first in tomorros post). Reasons -the AKBs dont believe the rumours from the media, so therefore they are not carried away. -the AKBs never creamed themselves over what gazidis said, but rather went about buying their season tickets cos they know better. – the AKBs dont believe in big name signings, so therefore they dont moan when it doesnt happen which is always so. -the AKBs believe in the long term future of the club and are never shaken by the present. -the AKBs believe the board and wenger are in this together hence the term club policy b/w employee and employer, rather than only wenger the dictator. – the AKBs believe decisions taken by the club are genuine and for the good of the club (they treat the club like family) rather than fight against it. -the AKBs are always happy, never abusive, never rude, never comparing, never wish any bad for the club they love and always trying to be optimistic and present their argument in a best polite and decent manner just like the club. Big ups to the AKBs. Theres is no need to think its an insult been called an AKB for me it means positivity towards club policy, just that the AWH are always looking for a scape goat for venting their frustration.

  6. Rohan

    Why would you want Baines when we have Monreal and Gibbs.

    I like Baines but his qualities are amplified by Everton ho actually build their team around him and give him a lot of freedom.
    Still yet to prove it on the biggest stage.

    I like Monreal. Spanish int’l and better defensively than Alba. Lots of people in Spain want him to get more game time. Gibbs has definitely shown he has the potential to become a top top player for us and England.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see him fight off Monreal’s challenge this season as long as he keeps fit.

  7. Rohan

    I’d like to see Benteke stay at Villa for one more season. Have a suspicion he might fail to live up to the standards he set in his first season.

  8. Crono

    Imagine if Cesc, Higuain and Fellaini walked out sporting the new kit at the unveiling tomorrow. That would send a message.

    Btw, Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever.

  9. Reiss

    Higuain is a much better option then Benteke he scores goals for fun with Benteke premier league defences might figure him out I don’t know.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Benteke to Spurs…I guarantee it

    After Levy made some noises last week about it he hands in a transfer request

  11. Rohan

    Still doubt that’s it for the audacious stunt. Hardly took “months of planning” If that were it, they’d probably have covered it as well.

    Reckon there’s something else in addition. Maybe the Bergkamp statue.

  12. Reiss

    If I was Benteke I would stay put it is World cup year and its not like Aston Villa got relegated,them agents got to his head.

  13. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Reiss, he get more money, better players around him, defences concentrating on bale? Could be a monster year for him…

    We should hijack it, he’d work for us, Santi could make his man a star…

  14. simon mcmahon

    now apparently vermalen is fucked with a broken bone in his back so im guessing that’s at least three ,to six months out ,, honestly so now we have two centre backs in bfg and kozzer, well if wenger doesn’t go and get a centre back in this window now he is finished ..
    Fucking cant wait for tomorrows new away kit launch , im guessing the surprise in store is that Ivan will be burning twenty’s sticking two fingers up to the fans shouting loads of money!!!!!!!

    fucking lying jokers all of them Ivan, law and his American freeloading cronies, , disgusting liars all of them , talking big talk year after year spinning bullshit to the fans at ast meetings , saying we will be competing in the transfer market for quality , oh that’s right we have signed an injury proned lique 2 striker , that’s a real statement of intent …

    fucking liars get out of our club……….

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Bale and Benteke up top? That would be a forward line to be feared.

    Do you deal with the pace, power and magic of Bale, or the strength, power and goal threat of Benteke. A lot of defences will be totally unable to do both.

  16. Reiss

    I am not sure about Benteke he is a great talent but a little limited and I think Higuain is the all round better player. I agree though Benteke would well at a team like Tottenham but as I said before Benteke should have waited another year and then moved.

  17. simon mcmahon

    its easy people fuck them in their wallets don’t buy any merchandising , tell them to stick there new away kit …
    if you need a new shirt go online to toffs get a retro shirt , the more of them around the ground the better and tell them to stick the emirates cup as well,-don’t give them your cash that’s the only way to change things…

  18. Cesc Appeal

    I really hope it’s a disappointing turn out tomorrow and they sell way, way below what they thought

  19. Relieable sauce


    It really wouldn’t surprise me if they have rentacrowd booked up for it, new labour done it & wenger & co are of the same mold.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    The effort they’ve gone to for this kit reveal…but fuck transfers, a 20 year old crock will do

  21. Jamal

    We cant allow Benteke to go to Spurs… Its 5th for us if we do coz the Higuain and Suarez links are just bullshit at the moment

  22. Sensible old man

    We can’t sign benteke as it’d kill sanogo, can’t sign hig as it’d kill giroud, can’t sign a keeper as it’d kill chesney, as for anyone else – there is no one else in world football than are better than the players in my best ever squad.
    Judge me In may

  23. Jamal

    We cant get Klopp because it’ll kill Wenger
    We cant get Dein because it’ll kill Gazidis
    We cant get Usmanov because it’ll kill Kroenke’s wig.

  24. londongunner


    you are a pathetic deluded moron and a complete looser

    akb’s should be known as WBS wenger blow-job servants!
    you are literally wengers bitch! fact is we were a great club before wenger and we will be a great club again onces his gone!

    also the fact you say akb’s dont need big name signings! shows that you settle for mediocrity… I suggest to you go support spurs or everton!

  25. Relieable sauce

    “Cum guzzling gimp” is the best AKB insult i’ve read on LG.

    Can’t remember who the poster was but top job sir.

  26. sam

    Yes we do need big signings,
    after getting rid of the deadwood the squad is left with 60% kids
    we need 4 big signings, whoever said we don’t need big signing needs his head examined.

  27. Sensible old man

    We’re not gonna make 4 big signings, only 7 weeks of the window left – which would be fine for most clubs but this is arsenal were talkin about. I could really see us just signing shitty sanogo n grenier n that’s it.

    Or, we’ll sign one big name such as higuain – to shut everyone up, and then some unknown crap.
    -then one of three options -(1) Higuain will start off on fire, banging in goals but will burn out by November and become mediocre and fade away once he settles into the arsenal culture and he realises there’s no ambition to win. (2) he has a good season scoring goals, then goes to our parent clubs city or utd for 25 mil. (3) he completely flops

  28. Sensible old man

    Fuckin hell you can fully predict the season ahead for us if you have been watching the last 7 years.

    We won’t win anything regardless of any signings we make due to the ‘4th place trophy’ culture of the club. We’ll still lose to the big teams when it matters, and also drop points at the small teams when it matters. We’ll collapse under pressure and scrap for fourth.

  29. sam

    Sensible old man,

    all the deadwood are gone. I don’t expect us to be shit like last season.
    the only thing needed here is to get back to the top like we use to be and 4 signings are needed for that.
    At the moment our last season bench is all wiped out, meaning our subs now are all kids. I am not sure wenger will want to gamble again. we will sign players and I hope they are big players not average.
    we are one nil down with 30 minutes left, I don’t think its wise to count on chamberlain and gnabry to come in and spark a comeback. if you know what I mean.

  30. sam

    Ok i see it this way

    we got rid of manone, djourou, squillaci, coquelin,arshavin,possibly chamakh and gervinho. this is exactly our sub bench last season.

    now someone like mourinho will ask suga daddy money to buy 7 new players so he can deliver silverware including champions league. thats at least 200000 millions.
    this theory is impossible as wenger wouldn’t wanna spend even half of this amount and has no desire to win anything.
    Higuain and fellaini alone wouldn’t achieve anything. you have to add like subotic, axel witsel, begovic, capoue/bender and maybe ben arfa/ di maria.
    when was the last time we collected 9 points from our first 3 games?

  31. pistolpete

    Destroying, more like killed it. But don’t worry, we will buy some wonder kid that never makes it. Tosser wenger! When is theclub going grow a pair and infom us of some actual news. Hate wenger right now.

  32. El Tel


    Parents these days are shite. Letting their children stay up all night trolling Arsenals best blog site Le Grove.

    What a load of spineless whingers. They go on here talking like they know every fucking thing the Club Wenger and the players are doing and thinking yet there is nothing coming from the Club.

    Unless you are all Nostrafucking damus just shit the fuck up.

  33. El Tel


    Agree Wenger is really annoying. Not supporting Him but nobody is really going for it in the transfer market at the moment.

    If Paulinhio is a big signing then the Spuds are in front.

    I have a feeling we will surprise people as Usmanovs last comments were suggesting so. Remember last season when He and that traitor cunt slagged the Club off.

    I am reading in between the lines but Usmanov was a lot happier the other week. Maybe He knows what is in store. Maybe He himself is going to fund a Rooney or Higuain or even both.

    By the way it is Gareth Barry being linked now.

    It makes sense if Vermaelen is injured as Barry was a CB before I think.

    Not everyones cup of tea but a decent squad player maybe. Better tahn theat pile of shit we signed from the Mancscum a couple of years back and another English player to gee up the youngsters.

    The advert and pics of the players training seemed very biased towards the Brit players.

    It could be Wengers way forward.

    Rooney next?

  34. Geoff

    El Tel you sound just like so many others that said the same thing last season, the season before and the season before that.

    You always think he’ll do the right thing but he never does.

    Gareth Barry would be like signing Silvestre and Sukar. Too little too late.

  35. rewenger

    Remember when Øsil just ran away from Barry with the ball, almost the lenght of the field? He just gave up. My mum could run past Barry!

  36. Jeff


    You’re absolutely right of course. The “right thing” as you say is first and foremost to get back to actually “wanting” to compete with the other big clubs. We don’t “want” to do that. If we did, of course we would go out and buy what is needed now. Our challenge is always for fourth place and we know we can do it with the players we have albeit with struggle and without conviction.

    The club controllers and most fans are used to fourth so much now that they think it’s our divine right and no one other than Wenger can manage it. The question they have to ask themselves is this: what happens if Wenger has no desire to do any more than a top four finish? Do we still support him or do we ask for more? That is the question that divides people who still have faith in Wenger from those who’ve lost all hope in him.

  37. Geoff

    Jeff what this board are doing is killing our next generation support, the kids will support a team that wins stuff, not us.

    So you won’t see the affect for years, long after they have gone.

    As Wenger and Gazidis aren’t supporters they can’t see this, they just look at the bottom line.

    They are in effect the architects of Arsenals future downfall.

  38. Jeff

    Absolutely agree Geoff. The Wenger legacy will be bitter sweet but the sweet will have been forgotten as the years of failure pile up. I firmly believe he cannot change his ways even if he had all the money in the world.

  39. rewenger

    Jeff and Geoff, you are both correct, but I do belive they have to understand that the fans are very unhappy. Unhappy fans use less money. Bad vibes argument the club will make few new fans, and as we maybe are discovering now, it will make signings harder to do. No players want to join a club as depressing as ours at the moment.

    Something has to happen, we should make some BIG signings. In fact it makes both sporting and financial sense.

  40. TheBayingMob

    ughelligooner July 8, 2013 23:01:29

    “the AKBs are always happy, never abusive, never rude, never comparing, never wish any bad for the club they love and always trying to be optimistic and present their argument in a best polite and decent manner just like the club”

    Lord have mercy, you really are full up and fat on the PR spin from the club aren’t you!? “Decent manner just like the club”, decent like only just getting away from having their collar felt for tapping up Jenkinson from Charlton? You don’t know the half of it you fucking twat. Tell me, do you also like knitting, drinking real ale, playing croquet and, really, you have actually been a deeply repressed h0m.0.s.3.x.ual all your life?

  41. Geoff

    The thing is chaps, we’ll see the drop in support after they have gone, then the smug bastard will say when he was there things were fine, so it’s because he left we went downhill.

    Things need to change now, Football clubs are like Golf clubs, they are there for the people, not to make losses, but certainly not to make bundles.

    I am a shareholder and have never received a dividend, the only people that make money out of Arsenal are the management and the players. That’s why they all love him.

  42. Ash79

    El Tel, that’s the issue though isn’t it? ‘nothing from the club’

    I don’t want spurs to get benteke but I’d rather have higuain over him. Unless arsene buys both but then where will he fit Suarez Rooney higuain benteke Fellaini Cesc bender Barry….?

    Someone order little dick law a new PIN for the corporate card.

  43. paul mc daid

    Geoff,sad thing about these players making money out of the club is that the vast majority of them are not fit to wear the jersey,its criminal the wages we pay dross yet refuse to pay the rate for world class players,maybe thats why we have no world class players anymore.

  44. sam

    Paul Mc daid,

    I said it yesterday i got laughed at,
    wenger’s also destroying arsenal tradition.
    some here will prefer a foreign plaver over Jack Wilshere.
    Sanogo over Afobe, twat!

  45. Oh Theo Theo!

    Although, looks like my england mate, Gareth is joining. Be fun to run laps round him like I do in england training – he makes me look like the road runner! Meep Meep!

  46. The Hig

    According to Perez apparently Arsenal haven’t made a bid for me, they don’t think i’m worth 25m pounds, but they did bid 30m for a cannibalistic racist. Makes me wonder…

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    this smug bastard (wenger) is at it again. He will buy some cheap sub 6 mill 18 year-old at the end of the window.

    Usmanov, come and rescue us!

  48. Dale de Ruig

    Hardly any young kids supporting Arsenal in South Africa. When I was younger, you couldn’t find a Chelsea or City fan anywhere. I even know of two youngsters who stopped supporting Arsenal because they were getting too much abuse ( 10 and 11 year olds ).

    Benteke won’t work unless we don’t sign Hig. Rooney or cesc behind him would do though.

  49. mystic

    There are plenty of Arsenal fans up here in Peterborough (you can’t go to the shops without seeing Arsenal shirts or jackets) – more than a few of them are disgruntled though.

    My old Director (spuds fan) even complained because one part of his department had 7 people in it, of which were 3 Arsenal fans, one of whom left the department only to be replaced by another Arsenal fan!