Arsenal will win the league if Wenger buys, if he doesn’t, kiss goodbye to Champions League football.

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I know Wenger said he would buy early this summer and although he hasn’t bought yet (Sanogo aside) it is still only July the 7th.

I personally think he will still buy big and these are the players I hope he buys.

Higuain is the striker I want, not Jovetic who frankly does nothing for me, I also think he is one of those that no one had heard of until the papers linked us with him and his goalscoring record isn’t as good as Giroud’s.

Fellaini is the player I want most, he is the only one we could buy out of a contract (set fee) and is EPL proven, so by buying him we won’t have to go through waiting a season or two for him to prove himself like we do with most of Wenger’s signings.

I’m not sure who we should bring in at the back but we sure do need someone, Williams at 28 may be a little too old, I still like Mamadou Sakho or Matt Hummels.

I think that if Sagna is going to play like he did last year then we should let Jenkinson have a go, with Bellerin as his back up.

We really need a top keeper, like Pedro I would go for Begovic, I would also have Cesar. Chezzer I like and have no doubt he will be a top, top keeper, but like most young players, he isn’t ready yet.

I know I am suggesting Jenkinson with a kid as back up, but I like the speed we have at the back for going forward (and getting back to defend) on our quick counter attacks.

Add the above to our already good team and we become challengers, leave things as they are and we’ll be scrapping with Tottenham and Liverpool for 4th place.

As I have said on numerous occasions the fans deserve a title challenging team, they pay more than Chelsea, ManU and City fans, we make more money as a club and the financial shackles are finally off.

And never forget when Wenger was sucking in the credit for our move in the first place, he said it was needed in order to compete with the Mancs. Okay so lets now compete.

Last year we helped them win the league, let’s take it back off them this year.

I think we should make a bid for Cesc or Alcantara, both would make us the real deal and Barca can’t afford to keep the two of them, in my opinion of course.

If he chooses not to then the board shouldn’t offer him another contract, they have a duty to the fan base first and the number one target for any manager is either survival or silverware.

We don’t need to worry about surviving, we do however need to start filling up our trophy cabinet, that should be the number one priority, we have won nothing for 9 seasons now and that is no longer acceptable.

Mediocrity seems to be the norm for rewarding players at Arsenal, time to stop that with the management. £7.5mil a year is an awful lot of money.

Time to bring in the players that will see us compete again Arsene, this really is the last chance Corral, start negotiating, or get someone on it that can.

Have a great day Grovers, it has to be soon.

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  1. vicky


    If my memory serves me well,I have never heard of it.

    Also If my memory serves me well, I remember 20 year old Djoko who was talented but never had enough physical strength and stamina to last 4-5 gruesome sets against Rafa and Roger.

    Then a sort of miracle happens. The same Djoko who used to break down gets a new lease of life and becomes the fittest player on the circuit. He becomes unbreakable. Starts winning matches against the Swiss maestro even after going two sets down. Why ?? Because Roger loses his strength a bit there after but Djoko does not.

    Who could possibly be on dope ??

  2. Kiyoshi Ito


    Quite a few of them…

    It’s rife in elite sports..It’s rife in tennis…!!

    But as a an avid sportsman..You can spot the signs..

  3. nigel tufnel

    truth is- we desperately need Higuain to fill the role, he is precisely the right target at the right time, and willing to join us for a fair wage, and wants the challenge to be THE MAN here….
    —— we also need to show the world that we are serious players again. then other top players will consider us. it is a great statement if we do it ! .. OR it will be an embarrassing admission that we are no more special than spuds or Newcastle if we don’t.. — no other available strikers in his class or price range.
    up the bid . pay the asking price.. he is actually worth it.

  4. Kiyoshi Ito


    I can you tell you maybe with a 90% degree of certainty,that Federer is Au Naturel!!

    You can tell…

  5. Kiyoshi Ito

    nigel tufnelJuly 7, 2013 21:10:52

    Where is Higuain?

    Has the plane left the tarmac yet?

    Or did he take a detour to the states& got lost in the Bermuda Triangle?

    Tomorrow,tomorrow,tomorrow…Next week,next week…!!

    Yawn,yawn,yawn…Arsenal are a joke!!

  6. vicky


    Have you heard of Djoko’s cabin in which he rests and meditates ??

    According to him,that cabin is the sole reason for his enhanced level of fitness.

    It sounds very scanduolous.

  7. vicky


    Federer would be the last person on earth to be on dope or something.

    I have my own share of doubt about Djoko.

    Can not say anything for the rest of them.

  8. Same Story

    “Then a sort of miracle happens. The same Djoko who used to break down gets a new lease of life and becomes the fittest player on the circuit. He becomes unbreakable. Starts winning matches against the Swiss maestro even after going two sets down. Why ?? Because Roger loses his strength a bit there after but Djoko does not.”

    I’ve been thinking the EXACT same thing mate.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed, keep refreshing every 30 mins or so and think ‘Oh for fuck sake they’re still banging on about tennis.’

  10. vicky

    dialsquare July 7, 2013 21:31:20

    Think about it, Federer has been in all these Semi-Finals and never been injured, smells fishy to me

    Even Messi has not been injured for years until the CL semifinal.

    Some people are blessed with these things.

    Sachin Tendulkar has been playing cricket for 23 years.

  11. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc Appeal

    I get your point..But don’t you get tired talking about AFC & Mr Wenger everyday..

    With no movement,or action happening..

    With the same cycle of events,happening year,after year,after year!!

    It’s refreshing to talk about Tennis…Less energy expended,bashing Mr Wenger & Co!!

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I know, but i keep trying in the ridiculous hope that someone will have a link to something genuine and exciting.

    I cannot believe how quiet it is at the club…ridiculous.

    Really starting to worry now, can see Higuain going totally Mata up

  13. Moanalisa

    For me, pete sampras has to be the best ever.

    Even if back then, I was on agassi’s team, but pete sampras was just a master.

    Simply because of the quality of opponents he had to get through-

    Andre agassi
    John mcenroe
    Micheal chang
    Goran ivanesivec
    Greg rusedski
    Lleton hewitt
    Boris becker
    Tommy hass
    Carlos moya
    Pat rafter

    Many many more top class players, he had to play against.

    Whereas, now we just have few guys beating up everybody else.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah…as i say just stupid hope something will actually happen.

    What’s the betting, Sanogo, Ginter and then Silvestre-esque buy.

    Can you imagine if we miss out on Hig and Spurs got him??

    Haha, I’d go fucking mad! Especially as he’s exactly what they need now. 20+ goals a season striker

  15. vicky

    Cesc Appeal

    Mate Higuain will come to Arsenal. I have nothing to prove this but I feel it is just a matter of time.

    Meanwhile Negredo is close to signing for Citeh.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Got no faith in anything to do with Arsenal.

    It’s taking so long, if all they are working on is him, we haven’t got much chance of a Fellaini or Rooney type buy as well have we?

    Transfer negotiations like a Theo Walcott cross, spend ages waiting for a pearler most of the time they’re hideous

  17. Joppa Road

    I am amazed that Geoff and Pedro speak so highly of Higuain. He really isn’t all that in my opinion. Going on like he is some kind of saviour. Why?

    If he was that good would Real be selling? Me thinks not.

    Same old boring Arsenal.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    They are making a biblical saga over £23 Million Higuain who is desperate to come to us.

    What do you think they’d do if they had to sign someone like Reus for £35 Million? Or Lewandowski where other big clubs are in for him? Or Cavani?

    Our board and Wenger would take a week to order a Chinese from Holloway Road! They’d be busy comparing prices from other local shops, as well as portion size, cost of delivery, any deals on…

  19. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealJuly 7, 2013 21:47:52
    What’s the betting, Sanogo, Ginter and then Silvestre-esque buy.

    High probability,in my books..

    Gazidis & Co are pricks..Spend the summer talking about “escalation in financial power”..

    Take about 5 weeks to wrap up what should be a relatively simple deal..

    Higuain wants out,Real Madrid,are prepared to sell..So what’s the hold up?

    But Wenger spends 3 years,tracking an injury prone Ligue 2 player & wraps the deal up literally within a week of the season ending..

    The club is a joke…An utter joke…I’ve lost all respect for the club,to be honest..

    The RVP deal to ManUtd,was the final nail in the coffin..

    I hold them in the same vein of contempt,that they shower on the fans..

    IG,Mr Wenger,SS& Chip-Chops can all take a long deep swim in shark infested waters..

  20. dialsquare

    Federer only beat Connors 31 Semi-Final appearances record because for 5 years during his peak he didn’t play in the French Open and he only played twice in the Australian Open.

  21. Cesc Appeal



    They only have contempt for the fans though because a great number still let them.

    Nothing anyone can do when there’s still so many AKB’s and those who instantly buy what the club spins

  22. Joppa Road

    Who was the only one calling for losses as to bring about change last season? I think it was me and the way things are shaping up again already I think I may have been right.

    Another battle for 4th coming on under the same old regime.

    I mean ffs and 8-2 and then selling RVP to Man U and nothing changes. Just foff with all this ‘Arsenal will buy big this summer’ bollocks because that’s exactly what it is, complete bollocks.

  23. sam


    Don’t worry about Higuain, he’s just 2013 arsenal boogieman.
    someone to distract us but we’ve never really interested in.
    just like m’vila and sahin last year, samba and Ricky alvares the year before, Joe cole, lorik cana, nzogbia.
    my God, wenger might be a shit manager but we would have been even more shittier if he listens to grovers moaning and their boring fantasies. we would have been relegated by now.
    so don’t worry about higuain, we are not signing him.

  24. sam

    I remember lorik kana!
    and the crazy brazilian that got kicked out of italy and the brazilian national team.

  25. sam

    felipe melo!!!

    yes that crazy melo

    I had to google galatasaray to find his name.
    he makes fruitpong looks like a nun, the turks love him (bless them)
    and yes we were once linked with him, juventus gazumped us by paying 22 millions( bless them) and we play safe by giving song the role.

  26. Josip Skoblar

    Reliable sauce
    Gosh! I hadn’t seen that one. Very spectacular. The bloke could have been seriously hurt.

  27. Samir


    The Telegraph with MEGA news: Arsenal have had a formal bid of around £30 million for Liverpool striker Luis Suárez rejected.

  28. Moanalisa

    Vicky only tommy hass and greg rusedski are not grand slam winner in that list.

    And there are still many more I haven’t mentioned who were all grand slam winners, who played during that era.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Nice post Geoff . A glint of optimisim in it,,

    My love for my beloved is lost while arsenic holds the reins so infill he goes I could not care less what happens there,

  30. Cesc Appeal


    We’ll have a £30 Million bid for Ronaldo rejected next and say ‘oh damn it! Well we tried.’

  31. Samir

    I’d rather spend 45M buying Rooney and Higuain than 30M on Suarez.

    Still, don’t believe that we have bid for Suarez at all…Let alone Higuain.

  32. AA23

    Kyoshi Ito
    “Bjorn Bork”
    Not once but twice
    Read it again
    “Bjorn BORK”
    You should change your name to that SDE
    You absolute fucking mong.

  33. Samir

    Arsenal ‘we tries’ FC

    Joke of a club at the moment…After all that IG talk I thought this Summer was going to be different.

  34. Kempster

    Got to be a tactic to give Madrid a nudge.

    Although it does kind of advertise that we’d pay 30 big ones, which I’d an unusual strategy.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Imagine if you’re Higuain sat there, being held up because of £2 Million yet you read Arsenal have offered another £8 Million for a different striker.

  36. leon

    It seems to real madrid are just flexing there muscles dont think there is any truth in the romours at all if there were sky sports news.

  37. sam

    because we always offer way less than the asking price, we think other clubs are stupid.
    plus we get angry and walk away feeling insulted.
    If wenger wasn’t so childish and held his nerves we could have had 4 good defenders by now, i am talking about cahill., wenger is such a drama queen, bolton upset him n he called everything off, just hold your fucking nerves and grab the player.
    imagine we had verm, mert, kos and cahill.

  38. sam

    again we could have sat down and borrow them few players to help them battle relegation

    wenger is such a girl

  39. Paddy got up


    It’s getting close boys. He was spotted tonight coming out of Nandos in Bethnal Green!!

  40. leon

    Sam in my opion cahill is not that good in fact i dont there is such as a world cb in prem the prem is most watched becsuse its very exciting but italian legue defensively are the best but can be boring at times

  41. WengerEagle

    Borrusia Dortmund and Jurgen Klopp are everything Arsenal and Wenger should be. I have nothing but absoloute admiration for the way Dortmund conduct their transfer business. No pussyfooting around the price or haggling. That’s the way it should be done.

    How did Dortmund react to losing the champions league final and arguably their best player to their rivals? They went out early and brought in Sokratis at CB and Aubameyang up front whilst agreeing a deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan. They also announced they have 50 million euros to spend.

    If you think that’s impressive it gets better my friends; They are refusing to sell Lewandowski to Bayern or anyone else this summer with the massive risk that he will walk for free next summer. Instead they are investing heavily in the squad to try and mount a serious challenge on all trophy fronts and show Lewandowski that Dortmund is the place to be. That’s courageous and I tip my hat to them.

    We were in an identical predicament last summer with Van Persie and what did we do? Purchase his less-than adequate replacements in Podolski and Giroud without even trying to convince him of our ambition. He left and the rest is history. Absolutely spineless from Wenger and the board.

    I am still convinced that If we used Dortmunds approach and refused all offers for Van Persie and actually made an attempt to sign world-class players to improve the team and have us challenging for trophies, he would have signed a contract extension.

    But then again what the fuck do I know? I haven’t ever made 50,000 subsitutions or bought ‘super super quality’ players

  42. arsenal-flavour

    wenger eagle

    i tip my hat to you good sir! what a brilliant comment you made! it is completely correct what you said about the RVP situation, any fool who tries to make excuses for selling your captain to your rival and in so handing them the title is well a fool…

    we should have been ruthless with that situation… we should of told rvp your staying with us next season and if you want to comment about the clubs ambition or sulk you can rot on the benches, instead we went oh what about the monies??? 24 mill please! it was a disaster.. it made us look like a joke, ambition-less club and sumed up how we are nowhere near equals anymore with the manks

    fact is if we forced rvp to stay he would of ended up playing well for us, he wouldn’t want to dissaper from the football world especially after such a good season, if we had kept rvp and then bought 3 world class players we could of challenged last season…

    worst case scenario if we had off kept rvp would be that he asks to leave and leaves on a free…. at least our reputation and standing in the football world would be somewhat intact, instead we our laughed at by football fans to pundits to footballers alike! GREAT ONE WENGER!! REAL GOOOD JOB!!

  43. sam


    I said it already, wenger is a drama queen
    Van persie was going to be sold whether he liked it or not.
    remember that famous substitution against the manc when robin shouted at him
    that was the end, even better the bod pocketed 24 millions
    wenger wants to be the only queen of the house and no one dares to challenge his decisions.

  44. zeus

    “worst case scenario if we had off kept rvp would be that he asks to leave and leaves on a free…. at least our reputation and standing in the football world would be somewhat intact, instead we our laughed at by football fans to pundits to footballers alike! GREAT ONE WENGER!! REAL GOOOD JOB!!”

    True words. Just look at the Lewandowski situation. Just bite the bullet sometimes. But thats what you get with accountants running the show. Not a single football man in the decision making.

  45. kc

    So we bid 30 million on a a striker everyone knows wants out of England. This is not a good sign. Now Wenger can say he tried to sign Suarez when we fail to sign anyone. This shit is so tired. It really looks like the big summer talk was nothing more than lies to facilitate ST sales. Can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s still disappointing.

  46. Gregg

    Higuain day 57 !

    Dealing with Madrid is nigh on impossible. It’s easy to slag us off foe dilly-dallying but we cannot do anything before they say so & they are and always have been cunts. They have lost out on all their replacement targets and clearly they will not go into the season with just Benzema and Ronaldo. Lewandowski is only interested in Munich so for them it only leaves Suarez. We either pull out or accept the fact that this will run on for some considerable time. They hold all the cards here and there is little we can do about it, aside from walking away.

  47. S Asoa

    Way things are run to your Q ” where the f–k is Higuain” you will see him elsewhere after Wonkie finishes f–g himself and the Club

  48. Gregg

    Also if there was a bid for Suarez then it was designed to get Madrid to get their own offer in, a game of cat & mouse if you like. The thing here though is Suarez is banned for first two months of the season so Madrid could quite happily take this to the 31st August.

  49. Jeff

    To be absolutely pedantic about it, Gazidis’ statement in June didn’t imply we would go out and buy expensive world class players. Any word or phrase that intimates “spending” is music to the fans ears and we didn’t really want to hear what he actually said – and he of course knows this. Here are some excerpts and you will see what I mean.
    “Arsene is not scared to spend money but he has to believe they are top-class players who will add to the squad,” Wittingly or unwittingly he calls Wenger an absolute imbecile here because nearly all the players he’s recently bought have been disappointing flops. Did he really believe that Gervinho, Santos and Chamakh were top-class players?
    “Can I guarantee he will spend all of the money available to him? That depends on the talent.” This is a meaningless statement since we all know talent exists. What he’s really saying is that it depends on Wenger, not on talent.
    “We have been consistent, in that we haven’t slid backwards or gone forwards. Now we need to go forwards.” We’ve done well but we need to do better. Another worthless sentence because he’s telling us the bleeding obvious.
    “It is not enough to watch a video of a last-minute scramble to get over the line and into fourth place.” We’ve done well but we need to do better – no kidding!
    “Arsene has done an outstanding job to make sure Arsenal stay in the mix with the top teams – not where we want to be, but in the mix – on a relatively limited budget.” Don’t blame Wenger because he was on a relatively limited budget implying that was in the past and now we’re ready for something big.
    It’s all spin and spit. What people forgot was that Wenger is a strange animal. He won’t change because the fans demand it – he won’t change for anything or anyone. As long as at least one person remains that wants him to stay and carry on doing what he does best (i.e. tread water for as long as possible) he will continue.

  50. Jeff

    Another thing about trying to buy high profile players from big clubs is that they don’t really want to be seen to sell to “lesser” clubs. If they do, what does that say about them? So the first consideration isn’t money or the player’s desire to move but the club itself. They ask: how does it reflect on us if we sell one of our prized possessions to a nothing club? Anything we’re likely to get off them will be flops and cast offs that they no longer want or need.

    We are not big players any more. It’s just delusions of grandeur and we’ve become like this over the years because we’ve chosen to go down the route of compromising quality on the pitch over financial considerations.

    The owner is happy because he couldn’t give a toss about “our standing”. The board are happy because they just want to retain the status quo. The manager is on cloud nine because he’s got his AKB minions worshipping him and he gets to earn £130k per week to come fourth and look really good. All the other managers praise him because they like nothing better than to keep a failing manager in charge of a rival club. It’s all win, win for everybody except AFC and the fans.

    It’s a horrible, horrible situation and I abhor every single aspect of it – can’t wait to see the back of this dreadful regime.

  51. pistolpete

    What the hell is going on here. About to go on tour and no big names. 30 mill for suarez, are you having a laugh. Everyone but wenger knows that liverpool would not sell himfor that, what are the idiots doing at arsenal. Really this has become a absolute joke. Who in the club has the balls to say enough is enough!!!!!! But instead they want to give wenger a new contract, please help us someone. When will it all end.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    What is becoming a key issue for me is not just the lack of transfer progress, which has in my view not been helped by the public rhetoric of how much money we have to spend.

    It is the abject management skills at the club. We have a CEO and manager who are in my view well short of what is at moment required to change the club into a trophy winning team.

    The idea that we spend more time negotiating a new contract with Wenger than prioritising buying players in this transfer window is laughable. Frankly we should leave renewal of Wenger’s contract until
    next summer.

    Let us see how he performs next season. A manager who is amongst the best paid in business, but has won nothing in 8 years should not
    be our priority!

  53. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘If he chooses not to then the board shouldn’t offer him another contract, they have a duty to the fan base first and the number one target for any manager is either survival or silverware.’

    Now, unfortunately, that is where you are wrong. I wish you were right and morally, ethically and in a world where the legal vehicle for a football club were correct, you would be also.

    However, Arsenal Holdings plc is precisely that, a Public Limited Company.

    As a result of that, the Officers of the Board’s primary fiduciary duty is to shareholders.

    Now, without fans buying tickets, merchandise etc etc, shareholder’s interests would be somewhat blemished. Major sponsors probably won’t be too keen to see their investments providing an unsatisfactory return of scraping ECL football, being banished to the Europa League etc etc. But they are customers or partners, not shareholders.

    A properly constituted football club would, in my opinion, have a primary aim rather different to maximising returns to shareholders. It would, within the limits of financial self-sufficiency, seek to win as many trophies as possible; to generate, develop and sustain a community of fans feeling welcome, engaged and integrated into the Club; and to promote human and societal values through the game of football and any other activities which the Club may wish to engage in.

    That is a debate which won’t happen at Arsenal FC as it is owned by a majority shareholder whose aim is to create a global franchise in a cartel-like structure, playing in whatever competitions maximise returns to the owner. He wants, in my opinion, to wipe out lower level football in its entirety or at the very least turn such clubs into the equivalent of minimum wage workforces aligned to the aims of his football club. He’s not alone in this aim, since it is a pointless aim without a critical mass of other owners who think likewise. Valuing youth training at £3000 a year, irrespective of quality, is part of that cartel structure.

    The implications of that are that the only fans who are worthwhile are those with a lot of money to spend. Ticket prices should be as high as the market can bear, football tourism is a very good thing and age group competitions within the cartel franchises is the route to wiping out smaller clubs.

    In a cartel, you share out the cycle of winning. It’s the way to keep each group of fans motivated. In a cartel, you ensure that every cartel member makes money. In a cartel, you wipe out competition and then call the shots on everything. Everything.

    You dream on if you wish.

    Create your master race cartel if you wish.

    But don’t ever say that it’s ‘classy’.

    It’s fascism through football.

    And by the way, if Arsenal FC’s junior coaching were so fantastic, why have all the young players been created anywhere but Arsenal when it comes to enduring, lasting quality????

    Wouldn’t you agree that Arsenal FC’s junior coaching paths are clearly mediocre and therefore, far from saying that Arsenal FC juniors need to be ‘protected’ from ‘shit clubs’, perhaps they should be exposed to the higher coaching standards at places which actually do regularly create players of the right calibre, eh???? Even if they are outside the Champions League or the EPL, eh??

    I’m sure all the ‘classy’ fans agree that electronic hacking of people’s PC’s is criminal behaviour and therefore, if Arsenal FC is so ‘classy’, that anyone within that club carrying it out, commissioning it, regularly receiving benefits from it, will be exposed, humiliated, sacked, punished and made an international pariah.

    After all, that’s the sort of behaviour of the Chavs, and every Arsenal fan knows how they are regarded in the world, don’t they????

    And pigs might fly…………

  54. MadeToLoveMagic

    Good Positive post.. Surely though it should be The Two amigos and a waffle?. Maybe not.

    Anyway, Is it just me or is Geoff seeming a bit tooooo chilled about this whole transfer thing??

    What happened to you man, where is the vim and vigour, the unrelenting pessimism??

    , when Geoff did his first post this week I thought it was just pedro getting a little fed up. Hahahha , I like the new Geoff though, his posts are funny:)

    But the main thing is, why the chilledness?.

    I think it’s because he knows something maybe we don’t. Either that or he is getting a blow job each morning from Andy murrays mum.