Arsenal’s wage policy is screwing us, why? Well because we pay too much not too little!

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Take a look at and scroll across to Teams, then go down to First Team, then Squad.

Under Strikers on the right hand side you’ll see Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Campbell and Gervinho, go down a bit further and you’ll see Djourou, Santos and Coquelin.

Why on earth are they there? Bendtner said 3 years ago he would never play for us again, Chamakh went on loan to West Ham and got 3 games and Park was written off as a tax loss.

Djourou spent last year out on loan and Santos clearly will never play for us again.

Campbell is like Wellington, Sunni and Vela, he’ll be on our books until his massive contract runs out then he’ll disappear into the sunset.

That leaves Gervinho who can’t hit a Cow’s ringpiece with a Banjo and Coquelin, who may get a chance next season.

So maybe one player will stay out of all that lot.

We have all those players in the squad that will never move on because they get paid way too much by the club that doesn’t want them.

That isn’t financial prudence, that’s financial stupidity.

Also it clearly shows that we aren’t bad payers, because no one else in Europe can match their wages.

Is anyone brought to book though? No is the answer, certain people at Arsenal want the credit but are never prepared to take the responsibility for terrible decisions. Djourou even got a new 5 year deal a week before he went out on loan to Hannover, no wonder so many players think Wenger is like a father to them. He’s more like Santa Claus.

It has also emerged that Frankfurt are saying that the money we pay Bendtner is way more than they could pay him, so as I have said on many occasions, we pay players that aren’t good enough to make our first team so much more than they are ever worth, that’s why we can never get rid of them and we loan them out.

Add Squillaci and Almunia to that list as players not prepared to leave until their contracts ran out.

Yet we won’t pay great players what we should to get them, something is very wrong there don’t you think?

We penny pinch on people like Fellaini, but pay a shed load of average players way more than they are worth, then we blame our rigid pay structure.

If a team want £25 million for a player, that’s what they want, not £22 million, perhaps if we paid it we might get the player, a bit like when Man City wanted Ade, we said £25 million and that was what, 2009? And they paid it.

Are we saying that Higuain isn’t worth what Ade was? Hopefully that deal will be done today, what’s the point in a pre-season tour without the team that’s going to play next season?

Same with Fellaini, didn’t we lose out on Mata doing the same thing?

That isn’t being canny, that’s being stupid.

Still no news either on Bender, Cesar, Williams or anyone other than Sanogo, so I’m not holding my breath, what a shame after all that from Gazidis. (around season ticket renewal time of course)

Rooney is now not for sale, shame perhaps that’s what we should have said about RVP, Cesc and Nasri.

Or perhaps we should now refuse to deal with Madrid, Barca and ManU again given that we sell our best players to them but they won’t sell us Jack shite, or would that be too obvious?

Still it’s not to late yet, so we have to believe…  …Fellaini and Higuain today anyone!

Have a hopeful day Grovers, at least we can watch the Lions!




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  1. TitsMcgee

    Wenger is in self preservation mode right now.

    Who will really be shocked if Sanogo is the extent of our summer signings this year?

    That “improved” offer has got to be a fabrication. Has got to be. Now way in hell they offered 100k extra as their new offer. No way. NO EFFING WAY.Not even Wenger could be that incompetent/arrogant.

    If there is any truth to that then they really have NO INTENTION of signing Higuain at all and know that the “improved” offer will do nothing but take the piss out of Madrid.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs going in for Benteke.

    We’re in MASSIVE trouble if they get him.

    Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Assou
    Paulinho, Sandro, Dembele
    Holtby/Lennon, Benteke, Bale

    That’s a great starting eleven, the power up top with Bale and Benteke as well is incredible.

    I think Levy and AVB can sense the dithering from Arsenal, they must know something we don’t about our plans not to buy.

    No way would Levy put Spurs at risk by forking out £40 Million worth of transfers if he wasn’t confident Arsenal were still going to be catchable next year.

    Of course they always know they can sell Bale for £60 Million but I don’t know…have a bad feeling here.

    That starting eleven would be infinitely better than ours, you can add about 20 goals to their total last season and a good few points to boot.

    Jesus what I wouldn’t give for Gazidis, Kroenke and Wenger to be out of the club.

    Who wouldn’t take Levy and AVB instead of Gazidis and Wenger…honestly?

    And THAT is the greatest pointer to how awful their reign is. Aside from slagging them off we never use to talk about Spurs this much.

    Sad state of affairs. We need Usmanov, a new manager and a new CEO.

  3. Gilo

    We need a new owner a new chairman a new manager and 10 new first team players.

    Fair play to spurs they are ambitious have a dynamic young manager play great football, have a chairmen who gets it and a desire to improve and really establish themselves.

    I cant wait until they finish above us it will be the least they deserve. I hate feeling like that but that is what Wenger and gazidis have done to me.

    Meanwhile we have just appointed a

  4. Gilo

    73 year old as chairman and are about to offer a new contact to a serial galilee and the man who has destroyed our club

  5. gnarleygeorge9


    Lions turned it on, too good from all accounts. My hurt was the Tigers, we got a flogging from the Roos 🙁

    I’m looking forward to the new PL season & AW pulling his finger out & buying some quality players.

  6. goonerboy

    Paying young developing players more than they are worth is an attempt to prevent another Flamini situation-that in a way is understandable.
    Clearly Wenger rated the likes of Bendtner and Djourou as having the potential to develop.
    When they were 18 or 19 they did look to have real potential.
    When Wenger brought Chamakh on a free-who thought he was going to be a complete dud? No one.

    They didn’t develop their potential not because they were crap(Bendtner looks far from crap playing for Denmark), but because Wenger sold our key players and they were not ready as replacements.

    What lies at the heart of our decline is the refusal of the club and Wenger especially to spend the money necessary to buy top quality players when the team he was developing did not have enough to win critical games. Our best players became disillusioned and left to play for clubs who do.

    Wenger sold our best players at market price but won’t pay market price for anyone-and that has not changed.

  7. Moray

    Nice to see you back, Geoff. The site is better for you and Pedders both posting, and I think he was running out of speed a bit during the long, slow summer…

    Couple of thoughts from me:

    1) It looks like they want to push through a new contract for Wenger. In my estimation, they will need to make 2 world class signings before they dare push this through.

    2) I worry about Utd signing Thiago. From what I’ve seen of him, the guy is top class. It also makes it much more unlikely Cesc will be leaving Barca at any point soon…

    3) Loving the fact the dross are going eventually, but it just highlights what a terrible policy Wenger has been executing these last ten years or so. Simply inexcusable. Hard to believe they will offer this guy an extension as, left alone, who is to say he will not simply resort to type and start stocking up on overpaid kids again who will never make it?