Why do our signings always become sagas? First I heard of Bergkamp joining was at a press conference

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It never used to be like that, 12 years ago around this time we were unveiling a proper superstar, Sol Campbell.

What was so amazing about that was he was the Spuds captain, the best player they had and we signed him, unbelievable! I only knew we’d signed him because he was unveiled at another press conference, those were the days before Wenger liked to keep us waiting, he does that so we are grateful, by the time they finally arrive we are so happy we’d welcome anyone, remember Santos?

Back to Campbell, it was the semi final of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Glen Hoddle wasn’t sure if he was going to play him against us, when he trotted out for the warm up the entire Spud end erupted, that’s how good he was, he was a game changer and he was just a centre back.

Shortly into the game Ray Parlour did a job on him and he went off, we won that game and the rest is history.

Sol said we were a formidable side and joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.

We won the double that year, that was what happened in those days, we bought world class players and won loads of trophies.

Here’s the interesting thing, we did that with players like Bergkamp, Seaman, Adams, Pires, Henry and Vieira, we did that with just one academy player, Ashley Cole, and funny enough he wasn’t recruited by Wenger, he was from another era. And if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a player without a passport, Cole would have been sold to Palace.

So the myth about our manager being a great discoverer of young talent gets a battering there doesn’t it? Especially as we exchanged him for a sulky French twat and a Spirograph and young Ashley went on to become the best left back in the world. Probably still is.

Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.

Before you say Anelka, Fabregas or Gibbs, please don’t, they were all bought and none of them came through the Academy.

Point is that great players are attracted by other great players, Campbell didn’t come because he heard Wenger gave kids a chance, he came to play with world class players and win trophies under a manager considered to be the best.

When Wenger was winning all that silverware, he spent proper money, the recruiting youth policy hasn’t worked boss, so please revert to what you were doing before, you were good at that.

So making your first acquisition a French kid with a history of injuries, isn’t quite what we all had in mind.

Now I’m not saying he won’t be the next Henry, but I think we are all a little fed up with waiting, they rarely make it.

Theo has only last season looked the player we spent large on, and he’s now our longest serving player, so how many years did we have to wait? He’s not a young player anymore boss, yet he’s been in our team for 7 years. And only now has he come good.

Don’t even mention we could have bought Gareth Bale at the same time…

In an ideal world, we should go out and sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic and Williams.

Now as we speak I understand Higuain is undergoing a medical and will soon be an Arsenal player, if that’s true, I am delighted, he was my number one target up front and is just what we need to win games, a true Fox in the box.

Once we have him, the rest would come, the bonus ball for me would be Rooney or Lewandowski.

And guess what, £70 odd million would cover it, as for the wages being part of that figure, they are but only the first year, I would say we have enough money coming back from players that have left to more than cover that.

Wenger screwing about looking for a pat on the back for saving money is a gamble that will backfire, a gamble that will spell another year where we don’t challenge.

Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach, if we go another season without seriously threatening, we will lose all our best players and a lot of our fans.

I wrote a post years ago about the Emperor having no clothes, after the Wigan game and booingebouegate.

I still think he has no clothes but most of the board think he has, this really is a perfect opportunity to make us great again, blow it on kids and Wenger will lose his legacy, buy from the above list and he will go down as our greatest ever manager, the ball is in the Emperors court.

A big well done to Pedro writing all those posts on his own, although I haven’t been around I have been reading, hopefully I can occasionally offer an opinion that is from the dark side, so enjoy!

Finally as for signing Suarez, that rumour is as daft as us signing Barry, he wants to leave because of the press, so what London has no press? Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!


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  1. goonerDNA

    “My personal favourite Arsenal number is 52, because he took the piss out of the twat that paid him that much, and because the manager couldn’t see past his own massive ego, he’s still on our books getting paid his shirt number.”


    Missed you Geoff

  2. KJafc

    Sky News Exclusive:
    “Wayne Rooney has been spotted in North London this morning wearing a heavy disguise. Sources claim that Rooneys agent telephoned Arsene Wenger to delay their planned meeting, so he could do charity in the local Drayton Park Retirement home. Widowed Charity Smith, 82 said: “He is a really gentle young man and he didn’t seem at all worried that I didn’t have my teeth in. He reminds me of one of those cute cabbage patch dolls my great grandchildren used to own”.

    On Rooneys arrival at the emirates stadium, the game was finally up when he was seen waving his finger and yelling abuse at the shocked Right Reverend Michael Dean. Later, Rooney apologised profusely and admitted “I must have been confused because he was dressed in black.”
    Arsenal refused to comment.

  3. KJafc

    Great point. I said that a while back, you used to know where you were with the numbers matching the positions. I used to wear number 8 as an inside forward, When I played at the Orient I was number 7, right wing.

    I cannot get my head around number 52, that seems like American Football to me.

    Great to get that back, one of the biggest wishes

  4. Leedsgunner


    Chamakh out as well hopefully. I don’t know if this is true but theabove article says he’s on £93 000 a week?!? (although it probably is more around the 60k So when Chamakh is gone– there should be no problems in being able to afford Fellani’s wages.

    I have to give credit where credit is due — at last it seems we are getting rid of the deadwood at the club. Although I found it sad that Johan Djourou is out on loan again — really no one is stupid enough to take him off our hands permanently are they?

  5. kc

    It’s a true pleasure having you back Geoff. It was your posts that got me hooked on LG years ago. Your passion and knowledge of this club is second to none in the blogging world. Really hope your back to stay.

  6. HerveDeNerve

    July 5, 2013 16:18:59

    “When I played at the Orient”

    Pahahaha! Comedy Gold! Just love Le Grove!

  7. N5

    Yeah Herve he must be lying because he’s on the internet, how about this one, I played in the same team as Gareth Barry as kids, we both played for Hollington School in Hastings! But as I’m on the Grove it must be a lie.

  8. Dannyboy

    This summer is turning into a pisstake Football Manager transfer window…

    All these worldy players being linked with us, like Higuain,Rooney,Fellaini, Cesc etc.

    And all the shit fucks like Denilson,Squillaci,Chamakh,Gervinho and Bendtner looking like they are heading for the exit door!

    Are we finally heading towards having a squad of lower quantity, but much much higher quality??? I hope so.

  9. Dannyboy

    Herve why would he lie about playing for Orient? Fucking hell man not every professional footballer has to be a worldwide celebrity mate,

  10. KJafc

    It was 1979 mate but at least you got to see that in colour – unlike the last time Spurs won a the league title. 53 years and counting.

  11. N5

    “It was 1979 mate but at least you got to see that in colour – unlike the last time Spurs won a the league title. 53 years and counting.”

    Ha ha, f-ing owned Herve!

  12. Dannyboy

    Would you recognise Kerrea Gilbert if you saw him walking past you???

    I fucking wouldn’t and I thought he was the next Lauren 5 years ago!

  13. goonerjay

    Do you think Wenger has changed Diaby’s squad number for better effect when he tells us he’s a new signing?

  14. Dannyboy

    I am hugely surprised at Wenger changing Diaby’s number to be honest…

    Think he has been no. 2 for at least 5 years so for him to strip him of it for a much lower down squad number, looks like an indication the bell has finally chimed in Wengers cuckoo clock!

    KJ, the more proper football people we have on here the better in my opinion mate!

  15. goonerjay

    Fox Sport Argentina producer @Askomartin tweeted an hour ago

    Gonzalo Higuain esta pasando los tests medicos en Arsenal

    Gonzalo Higuain is happening in Arsenal medical tests

  16. KJafc

    Mate, I wouldn’t recognise a pair of tits belonging to a Brazilian bird these days, I have to check my credit cards just to remember my name. Its an age thing.

    A couple of days ago my wife was talking about Viagara and I thought she said Vieira. I started off on one, along the lines of big, strong and really hard and going up and down for the full 90 minutes. Suddenly her eyes lit up and now I have this mega pack of 50 to fight my way through.

  17. Bade

    With Murray playing later on, this is going towards 1k+ comments ….

    I’m out to hit the roads, keep it lovely

    And that was pure class from Geoff, re the shirts numbers.

    Massive 😆

  18. Dannyboy

    brilliant KJ! haha!

    Felt so so sorry for Del Potro then for a second. can’t understand how that’s not a replayed point when he clearly hit the return in…

    Then it cut to his family and I saw his bird, who is a flawless 10/10, and he will be annihilating her in probably less than an hour.

    Suddenly I found his anguish rather amusing!

  19. HerveDeNerve

    July 5, 2013 16:36:00

    Thats good to hear then, he must be knackered after that 24 hour flight from Madrid.

  20. Dannyboy

    Bade, we’re smashing 1k comments tonight easily mate, when you factor in Geoff’s re-emergence, plus you’ve got to include Kwikky boy’s 100+ youtube video comments and it’s only just gone 5pm in the UK. I look forward to waking up tomorrow to hopefully see alot of laughs in Andy Murray’s direction, and maybe a cheeky c+p of Higuain doing a big grin in his nice Arsenal kit on .com!

  21. eboue

    i dont know why people are not asking for jenkinson to leave the club or possibly a loan move he just does not have it to be a key player for this club, anyone who things different take your arsenal tinted glasses off and accept he will never be the player you all are hoping him to be, just because he is an arsenal fan should not influence you one bit.

  22. KJafc

    Enjoy the game. I am off for a while, got to take our cat to the vet and it doesn’t look good. We called her Willow, after Bob Wilson’s charity and the ironic thing is, she has cancer.

  23. Mayank

    “A couple of days ago my wife was talking about Viagara and I thought she said Vieira. I started off on one, along the lines of big, strong and really hard and going up and down for the full 90 minutes. Suddenly her eyes lit up and now I have this mega pack of 50 to fight my way through.”

    Hahaha! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

  24. Dannyboy

    What a rally that was!!! Doesn’t matter which Andy Murray shows up on Sunday, it’ll be a walk in the park for either of these two playing like this!

  25. Dannyboy

    KJ, sorry to hear mate, awful having to say goodbye to a pet. We had our cat 14 years and had to leave him behind when we emigrated! Not afraid to admit I shed a tear or two when I was carrying him downstairs to hand him over to his new owners!

    My Cavalier died a few years ago from brain cancer aswell, really is an evil spectre.

  26. Dannyboy

    Mayank, I made a tidy sum on Murray the other day so my distaste for him has lessened slightly. Stuck £20 on him to beat Arteta when he was 2-0 sets down.

    Still hope the England hating cunt gets his arse handed to him on Sunday and he breaks down in tears again! 😀

  27. eboue

    if arsenal are loaning out coquelin then i dont understand why they are not loaning out jenkinson i believe coquelin has way more talent than jenkinson does.

  28. arsenal tom

    eboue he was never in the championship mate.

    He’s a decent back up.

    Danny… they are magical places mate, you go in for what feels like 20 mins purchase a few beverages of your choice and come out hours later feeling a thousand times better. They truly magnificent creations.

  29. eboue

    just a little video for all the jenkinson fanboys until he is sold to a league 1 team and is then forgotten that he ever existed.

  30. Dannyboy

    vicky, if it wasn’t Murray in the other semi then so would I…

    But the thought of Murray winning Wimbledon against the 8th seed, then people proclaiming him as some sort of God of Britain makes me feel sick.

    They actually call him ‘Scotsman Andy Murray’ over here in Oz, like everyone used to in England 5 years ago when he was that cocky little cunt who talked the talk, but never really did anything in the slams… Then people realised he’s Britains only shot of winning Wiimbledon in the next 50 years and suddenly everyone loves him!

    I ain’t having it fellas!

  31. eboue

    arsenal tom thats right he never was in the championship, he was never good enough to be there and still is not good enough. a decent backup?? god no wonder we dont win trophies anymore.

  32. Crono

    Extremely slow day at work and enter Le-grove and 600 unread comments. Should keep me busy for a few hours.

  33. arsenal tom

    eboue… We don’t win trophies because you think our second choice RB isn’t good enough? despite the fact its pretty widely viewed he did a decent job when he came in?!

    We have far more important issues to sort (CF -hig, DM, GK 4th CB) before we start looking at replacing our back up players

  34. leon

    I realy take romours with a huge pinch of salt and romours claiming no agreementbhas been reached well would’nt real madrid have made statement denying such agreement

  35. vicky


    I am on your side mate.

    For me.it has always been “big 3”– Rafa,Federer and Djoko.

    Big 4 is just a media creation.

    I also dislike Murray…………an average player who acts as a prima donna.

    But I know If Del Potro wins today,he will win the trophy.

    So that is not a worry.

  36. Dannyboy

    I’ll take your word on it Vicky, the thought of Murray winning it pretty much by default (he would never beat a higher seeded player in a slam) would make me vomit.

  37. eboue

    eboue… We don’t win trophies because you think our second choice RB isn’t good enough? despite the fact its pretty widely viewed he did a decent job when he came in?!

    We have far more important issues to sort (CF -hig, DM, GK 4th CB) before we start looking at replacing our back up players

    well when we have fans like you arsenal tom that think a player of jenkinsons quality is worthy of being in our squad then yes i worry a lot sometimes, a good job? are you sure about that in my opinion i would rather have justin hoyte playing there, i hope we sign a new rb to give solid competition to sagna the same we gibbs has competition with monreal it would make me feel very comfortable with out defense knowing we have at least 2 quality players for each defensive positon of course we need to sign new attacking players thats pretty obvious but dont think for a minute rb is not a issue for us because it is.

  38. arsenal tom

    justin hoyte? come on now mate.

    i agree 100% about 2 players for each place. the gibbs monreal situation is perfect. but we have more pressing matters, i wouldn’t be happy with jenks as no.1 but as back up i am… each to their own i guess!

    anyway that magical place is calling me again.


  39. Ash79

    2013 and yet trains are delayed with no information and still no fuckin air conditioning on board. What the fuck arewe paying for? Sardine tin cunts!!

  40. Dannyboy

    ha Vicky she’s former world no. 1 I’ll have you know! 😉

    Still is for me…

    Well that marathon match is over, no time to watch the Scot get beat!

    g’night boys and girls!

  41. vicky


    You are right but Rafa is winning nothing except French Open.

    Federer is almost finished. So Djoko has a good shot at other three slams.

  42. Pabs

    first day of the season i want to see arsenal line up like this:

    Sagna Koz Mertesacker Gibbs

    Fellaini Arteta

    Walcott Cazorla Jovetic


    It would mean spending £25m each on three players though…

  43. Mayank

    Now that you point it out it actually looks plausible.

    Between Sampras and Federer we’ve had two back to back long reigns. Looks like the next few years will have a good few players getting a slam to their name.

  44. Sam

    Best I stay quiet till the last minute, of course I would love it if higuain signs for arsenal, it’s wenger that I don’t trust.
    Is he really parting with this money? Is he stalling Madrid while checking cheaper options?

  45. leon

    Vicky the problem with nadal is the way he plays and the phsical efforts thats he puts into every point he is going pickup more injuries i saw play snd he wa clearly injuredbproblem with his knee

  46. BobbyDigital

    Hig was the easily the best option for us on top–knowing we weren’t ever going to pay for Cavani. I hope that we get Fellaini, Illaramendi, or Kondogbia to complement this signing–though I believe the center-half will be our last signing due to the amount of haggling we will invariably do. (I read some recent Luis Gustavo shit and am hoping it’s just that…why would we go after an undersized, average DM that has lost his first-team position at both Bayern and in the Brazilian Nat’l team?) I’m pretty sure Cesar will be our next signing, and a good one he’ll be too. Pedro hit it on the head regarding Wenger’s legacy: he can either become the manager with a statute outside of the Emirates–with a few quality signings this summer; or he can become a manager with a plaque on a wall leading into a pisser…. Higs is a good start, but we all know that more work needs to be done, especially with the new holes in our side from “departures” .

  47. leon

    Its very interesting to see the various romours and how you must take these romours with a huge pinch of salt at least they have off loaded some of the dead wood i highly suspect that ssntos chamakh and bretna will go out on loan sgain because of their high wages but i wouldn’t consider coquilin has dead wood

  48. BobbyDigital

    I’m pretty sure Jovetic’s price is going to come down, especially if Chelski gets Cavani and City get Negredo. Fiorentina won’t want to lose him for nothing next year. The same basically goes for Grenier and Rooney–though I still don’t see us going for Ronny now that we have Higs. But, wtf do I know, you know? Ha.

    I’d cream the jeans if that were our starting 11 next season.

  49. SpanishDave

    All transfers have been slow since DD left, Wenger does not know how to close a deal ,thats why there is a long list of nearly players that he failed to secure.

  50. Mayank


    Henry signed with us in August under David Dein’s supervision. It seems longer now a days because of constant coverage on the internet.

  51. Rohan

    What I’m really happy about is that with Coquelin going on loan, we are almost definitely looking to buy a DM. That’s great news.

    Would love Bender but might need some convincing. Having a great season for us would give him the exposure to make the final push to become Germany’s first choice in DM. He’s still on the fringes.

  52. zeus


    “Any club that wants to count on Higuaín’s services is going to have to dig deep. The Madrid club has decided to take a hard line, and insists that to date nobody has presented them with a formal written offer in order to spark off any negotiations for the Argentine forward.

    Every day more news appears that assures that Higuaín is leaving Real Madrid. The last one was yesterday (Thursday). The Latin American news channel ‘Fox Sport’ announced an imminent agreement, for €27 million, between Real and Arsenal, for the signing of ‘Pipita’.

    This supposed agreement was denied yesterday by Higuaín’s representatives, and also by Real. ‘The White House’ is firm in its decision to keep the player unless an important offer comes in. The forward still has three whole seasons left to play out on his contract, so the club is in no hurry.

    ‘Los Blancos’ are waiting for a suitor for the Argentine who can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. The €27 million mentioned in yesterday’s news does not impress, although Real has as yet not come out with any figure to give other clubs an idea of what would.”

  53. dave

    Who do you believe…. i read this yesterday

    “Marca have an interesting, if very small, article this evening which says that a deal to take Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain to Arsenal is almost done. It’s probably no coincidence that Isco was officially unveiled today as a Real Madrid player and has being doing rounds of interviews, he’s the main story for the football club right now so as they rejoice in a new exciting signing, they can sell Higuain without there being too much fuss.

    The Marca headline is ‘Madrid and Arsenal close to reaching an agreement for Higuaín’ and they say that the information has come from the player’s father who has been very involved in the transfer negotiations. Agents had been going between the two clubs trying to find a solution on price with Arsenal wanting to get him as cheap as possible and Real Madrid not wanting to lose any face over the deal. They were initially very angry when Higuain publicly declared he was leaving and have been insisting on a high fee since.

    His dad has previously said that the Spanish club should be flexible on the fee they’d accept for his son because of the good service he’s given over the years to Real Madrid.

    Marca quote Jorge Higuain tonight as saying “…we have permission to negotiate and hope that soon I can resolve my child’s move to the Premier League.”

  54. Rohan

    Marca is just posturing. They’re Madrid’s mouthpiece.
    They want to make it sound like they didn’t give Higuain easily and wrung Arsenal dry.

    Wouldn’t make too much of it. confident the deal is done. Might be waiting to unveil him with the new kit.

  55. Rohan

    Murray’s class, but he’s only any good as entertainment when he’s the underdog against someone who’s more dynamic. Always feel he plays a bit within himself when he’s the overwhelming favorite. It’s almost always enough, but like today, he could make it a lot easier for himself.

  56. Crusaderrabbit

    Close to 700 comments and no signing – un-be-lievable!!!!

    Only AFC can string a 22m signing out to the point where it now becomes totally underwhelming even if it does happen. What a bunch of useless..

  57. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I can’t see wenger spending £70 million this summer, he will not risk his reputation as a frugal-meister and post a loss, he prides himself on delivering a profit every year so to break that and post a probable yearly loss will be a step too far for him.

    It doesn’t matter how much is in reserve he will look at the yearly books, the money recouped from selling the deadwood will just about cover Higuain’s transfer and that will be yer lot.

  58. Crusaderrabbit

    Totally agree. Still don’t think it’s as much if a cert as people think but if Higuain does sign then that’ll be it. He’ll be able to say he spent a record amount but still balanced the books – Higuain will get us 4th but that’s it, they’ll be no one else worth much coming in.

  59. northern gooner

    Evening 1886

    Not watching at moment. Getting the baby to bed so hoping to catch 2nd half.

  60. Cowleygooner

    Do you lot honestly think we will sign any ready made world class players??

    Fucking hell I’ve been a Gooner since 1985 and although Wenger used to be a very good manager he’s now a complete cunt who’s so wrapped up in his own little world he doesn’t give a fuck about us or what we want.

    Be prepared to be shit on from a very great height people!

    Enjoy your weekend coz its all downhill from here!!

  61. Ja_gooner

    Wenger cant coach or manage or win us another trophy
    Wengers youth project failed-
    Wengers doesnt buy stars
    Wenger sells Arsenals best players
    Players regress under Wenger
    Yet every year the top teams want Wenger players….how does that work?

  62. Ash79

    Camera at Wimbledon keeps cutting to James fuckin cunt corden punching the air with “come on!!!” Everytime Andy Murray gets a point. So fuckin annoying.

  63. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Cavani going to PSG, chavs needing a striker….I have a really bad feeling about this. Think they’re going to mata us again…

    Impressive lack of ability to identify and sign targets! Impressive lack of skill in signing players as ever.

    Very impressive passivity from Wenger. Truly lost it in the transfer market.

  64. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Great to see Geoff back by the way!

    How shite are we at transfers though. Lol! Absolute gash.

    Higuain = can’t get it done
    Rooney = not for sale
    Fellaini = won’t pay (maddest one ever!)
    Bender = not for 19m
    Ceasar = haven’t bothered yet!
    Williams = won’t pay!

    Great work with a week before the Asian tour. And what must the dressing room think right now!! Really pathetic, wenger’s turned us into a joke club.


    The only action AFC will see this year is the deadwood going……….
    AFC…..We listened to the fans and rid ourselves of useless players.
    Fans…….OK, now start buying players.
    AFC….Hold on now,save something for next season, one thing at a time please.

  66. Evan

    Ive just got back from Eygpt 7 day holiday, wireless at hotel was crap couldnt get Internet, I was hoping to come back with hig and Felliani in the bag and yet im still reading the same crap NEARLY
    Higs father says blah blah.

    Only good thing im reading is deadwood departures

  67. Bob N7

    The moaners on here are un fuc*ing believable. Be a moaning git when the transfer window is closed- before then people are showing a bitterness which probably reflects a deficiency elsewhere in there lives. Cut out the transference and be patient with the transfers (see what I did there?). Good things are about to happen- I believe.

  68. gunnergetyou

    If we meet Fellaini’s buyout clause then there is absolutely no reason to do a swap deal with Ramsey. Everton wouldnt be able to block the move, all we have to do is agree terms with the player.

  69. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Bob N7July 5, 2013 20:59:24
    The moaners on here are un fuc*ing believable. Be a moaning git when the transfer window is closed- before then people are showing a bitterness which probably reflects a deficiency elsewhere in there lives. Cut out the transference and be patient with the transfers (see what I did there?). Good things are about to happen- I believe.


    Thats the definiton of blind faith.

  70. dave


    I know what you’re saying but we’ve all been here before. It’s not just this transfer window is it.

    It’s always, don’t moan because the window hasn’t even opened yet, then it’s we’re only a few days in, then it’s we haven’t gone on tour yet, then the season hasn’t started yet, then the window hasn’t shut yet, then wait until January.

    It’s more frustration than moaning. I hope you’re are right. I do think that things are different this year with a lot of positive noises but I also think people have right to voice their frustration and concerns.

  71. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Bob N7 – nope, my bitterness is born of 8 years disappointment, selling every good player, buying dross. Or did you wake from a coma and miss the last 8 years?!

    Seriously, mate – what is there to be happy about right now? What have you heard that’s different from the lack of action we are seeing??

  72. Bob N7

    No it’s 40 years of following Arsenal and being happily in a relationship- perspective and contentedness allows for a degree of positivity and not needing to get my angst out on something I have no control over. For every negative comment I’m sure it would be dead easy to trump you with something positive. You lump your negativity onto Wenger and lose the bigger picture- we’re a massive club, with fantastic support(around the globe as well as in England), a squad which is maybe 5/6 top players from being at the very top of football, respected for our way of playing and doing business, income streams that are a wet dream to all but 3/4 clubs in the world and we’re in London. You, however, just choose to f***ing moan about Wenger- what a f***ing yawn.
    Life is sweeter than you’re making it WPB.
    Come on you Reds!


    All of you keep the faith hopefools better not go postal when the transfer clock runs out and we field last years team.
    I better invest in some teflon.

  74. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Bob – linking supporting arsenal to your relationship is a whole lot creepy an worrying.

    And as for the rest, again 8 years without a trophy. Sold every world class player we’ve ever had.

    16 points to make up for next year. Your complacency is truly horrifying. You are part of the mediocrity my friend. Bet you’re dull and you spend a lot of time in a shed!

  75. dave


    I’m trying not to be negative but

    We’re not a massive club
    We don’t have fantastic support ( I’m a ST holder before you go off on one a go to every home game)
    We play pretty turgid football at the moment
    It’s no good having income streams if you don’t use them

    But we are in London

  76. Bob N7

    8 years frustration- get some perspective. How old are you anyway? Spoilt on Wenger’s ‘glory years’ and now into trophy-less cold turkey? We were pony for much of the 70s and 80s. Look at Spurs- league in 1955.
    Sure it’s annoying not to win anything, but this is at a time when Chelsea(£800 million spent by Abramovich) Man U( Globally massive) and now City( spunking oil money) have been our adversaries. I feel we’ve under invested the last 2/3 years but there’s been a strategy, we’ve got a new stadium and we’re still in the mix(CL qualification anyway). We’re now going to get an additional 70-80 mill a year guaranteed for at least the next 5 years to properly compete.
    Bring it on. (Personally, I’d be delighted if this is Wenger’s last season but that’s another matter).

  77. Bob N7

    Dave- we are a massive club pretty much any way you want to look at it:
    trophies over history( admittedly national than international)
    global support( admittedly on the premier league coat tails)
    local support (selling out a 60,000 seater stadium)
    Why the negativity?

  78. Bob N7

    6th is a new trophy- what sort of tag is that anyway?
    Just saying that I’m not frustrated in my personal life which means I can take a degree of disappointment without getting overly pissed off when it comes to Arsenal. My passion for Arsenal like you, I’m sure is major but come on, you can’t defend your position- things are not that bad. Just say we do sign three top players who fit in really well, I can see us challenging all the way- can’t you?

  79. dave


    I like to call it realistic. Listen, I’m not all negative and like I said before I do feel that things are different this year. I do, however, understand and share the frustration. I would disagree about being massive. I don’t know about the global support so I might be wrong there but you know we very rarely sell out at home unless its a top match( please don’t count tickets sold because you can see the empty seats as well as I can).

    Man Utd, Barca, Real Madrid are massive to me. Just my opinion.

  80. Goner Joe

    Are recent transfer history we’ve bought 4 internationals and I believe we will spend big this transfer window and will have the ability to do the same in coming seasons.


    Why the negativity

  82. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Bob, yes I can see it. Problem is can i see Wenger spending on 3 big players? Nope. He’s living in a parallel universe unfortunately.

    6th is a trophy is a moniker that recognises how little ambition our manager now has.

    Look at Maureen at the chavs – publicly says “I want to win the prem”. Wenger says “getting 4th is like a trophy, I am proud”.

    Who is most ambitious, do you think?

  83. Bob N7

    6th- is 4th acceptable? It is what it is- not challenging but not embarrassing. Sure we need to compete properly, financially and then on the pitch but it’s not a terrible starting point. Just for a moment consider Liverpool, a global club- 5 European cups- look at their position- would you swap with them?
    To answer your question…I accept 4th but I want first and I’m hoping the club show that ambition this year because I’ve been hacked off going to the games for a lot of last season but we are where we are and it’s realistic to believe we’ll properly start competing again.