Why do our signings always become sagas? First I heard of Bergkamp joining was at a press conference

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It never used to be like that, 12 years ago around this time we were unveiling a proper superstar, Sol Campbell.

What was so amazing about that was he was the Spuds captain, the best player they had and we signed him, unbelievable! I only knew we’d signed him because he was unveiled at another press conference, those were the days before Wenger liked to keep us waiting, he does that so we are grateful, by the time they finally arrive we are so happy we’d welcome anyone, remember Santos?

Back to Campbell, it was the semi final of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Glen Hoddle wasn’t sure if he was going to play him against us, when he trotted out for the warm up the entire Spud end erupted, that’s how good he was, he was a game changer and he was just a centre back.

Shortly into the game Ray Parlour did a job on him and he went off, we won that game and the rest is history.

Sol said we were a formidable side and joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.

We won the double that year, that was what happened in those days, we bought world class players and won loads of trophies.

Here’s the interesting thing, we did that with players like Bergkamp, Seaman, Adams, Pires, Henry and Vieira, we did that with just one academy player, Ashley Cole, and funny enough he wasn’t recruited by Wenger, he was from another era. And if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a player without a passport, Cole would have been sold to Palace.

So the myth about our manager being a great discoverer of young talent gets a battering there doesn’t it? Especially as we exchanged him for a sulky French twat and a Spirograph and young Ashley went on to become the best left back in the world. Probably still is.

Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.

Before you say Anelka, Fabregas or Gibbs, please don’t, they were all bought and none of them came through the Academy.

Point is that great players are attracted by other great players, Campbell didn’t come because he heard Wenger gave kids a chance, he came to play with world class players and win trophies under a manager considered to be the best.

When Wenger was winning all that silverware, he spent proper money, the recruiting youth policy hasn’t worked boss, so please revert to what you were doing before, you were good at that.

So making your first acquisition a French kid with a history of injuries, isn’t quite what we all had in mind.

Now I’m not saying he won’t be the next Henry, but I think we are all a little fed up with waiting, they rarely make it.

Theo has only last season looked the player we spent large on, and he’s now our longest serving player, so how many years did we have to wait? He’s not a young player anymore boss, yet he’s been in our team for 7 years. And only now has he come good.

Don’t even mention we could have bought Gareth Bale at the same time…

In an ideal world, we should go out and sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic and Williams.

Now as we speak I understand Higuain is undergoing a medical and will soon be an Arsenal player, if that’s true, I am delighted, he was my number one target up front and is just what we need to win games, a true Fox in the box.

Once we have him, the rest would come, the bonus ball for me would be Rooney or Lewandowski.

And guess what, £70 odd million would cover it, as for the wages being part of that figure, they are but only the first year, I would say we have enough money coming back from players that have left to more than cover that.

Wenger screwing about looking for a pat on the back for saving money is a gamble that will backfire, a gamble that will spell another year where we don’t challenge.

Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach, if we go another season without seriously threatening, we will lose all our best players and a lot of our fans.

I wrote a post years ago about the Emperor having no clothes, after the Wigan game and booingebouegate.

I still think he has no clothes but most of the board think he has, this really is a perfect opportunity to make us great again, blow it on kids and Wenger will lose his legacy, buy from the above list and he will go down as our greatest ever manager, the ball is in the Emperors court.

A big well done to Pedro writing all those posts on his own, although I haven’t been around I have been reading, hopefully I can occasionally offer an opinion that is from the dark side, so enjoy!

Finally as for signing Suarez, that rumour is as daft as us signing Barry, he wants to leave because of the press, so what London has no press? Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!


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  1. Mayank


    Ah, good to see. Still Grenier looks odds on to stay. Hope we’re in for another player. No one signs players without the press knowing about the interest first.


    I know you love Jovetic and claim he can play anywhere, but is he really a proper AM or is he a SS who like to be on the ball a lot? I’d be happy if we signed him but the deal seems dead in the water. I have no idea who though.

  2. Al

    From what i have seen @Geoffarsenal has said we are looking for an attacking player/winger and he is reliable with his information

    Also @timpayton and @darrenarsenal1 have said they heard we are getting 3 big name signings.

    Assuming that Hig is the 1st of the 2, i think one of the 2 big names will be an attacking player/winger

  3. N5

    Your right there dial, he made one mistake so he was awful, I agree with you 100% dial on Hig and now Sol, if a player makes even one mistake he is shit.

    It was like when we were linked with Messi, I was like Messi, he is well shit, I saw a ball hit him on the leg and go out of play, no way to I want him, send me Carlton Cole.

  4. Goner Joe

    Arsenal have bigger budget to spend on players than the sugar daddy clubs your not living in the real world we may make more money than them. Here’s the the big point they spend money that some else has made out side of football =oil

  5. Moanalisa

    Oxlade chamberlain could make a step up this season.

    It may be too harsh to say this is a defining season for him, since he’s just a kid, but the boy has the ability to do great things.

    I’d like to see him play more, and more centrally this season.

    He could be the answer to carzola we are looking for.

    Wenger needs to start trusting the ox, especially in this world cup season.

  6. Mayank

    Good post Nuudles. I think you’re right about the options available for Cazorla’s position. Between Jack, Rosicky and Ox I think we’re okay for that. My problem is who partners him either on the wing or playing centrally and pushing Cazolra out wide.

    Rosicky? Not dependable. Jack? We were poor when they played together. Ox? Best bet but a bit of a gamble.

  7. nuudles

    Did Roma not say everyone is for sale? How about a bid for De Rossi? I am pretty sure most attacking players fear playing against him, he would be a fantastic addition and what he lacks in attacking ability compared to the likes of Fellaini, Bender & Capoue he surely makes up more than enough for in defensive efficiency. It is also not as if he is a one-trick pony, he is not bad at all on the ball.

  8. Zoran

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Okay with Schurlle, you got me. But what about van Ginkel, Hazard, Mata, Demba Ba, Luiz….. and all the recent signings from them. Maximum 1 week negotiating and they land their player.

  9. Bade


    We have no midfield

    Bringing in another AM is pointless if we have no proper CM to provide balls & options

    It isn’t solely down to Santi being brilliant. We have Jack, OX & Rosicky to play there. In the CM/DM roles, we have only Arteta, Ramsey & Jack.

    How on earth do you think a position where we have 1 WC player & another 3 who can fill in is more important than 2 positions where we only have 3 players, one is blatantly suspect to injury & 2 who are good, but not WC

    It’s not overlooking the AM position as much as setting our priorities right

    Without AM but with CM & DM we may win EPL or CL, while with AM but without CM we won’t win EPL or CL. Sorry, but Ramsey isn’t going to cut it next season

    Also mind you we had Diaby & Song, who were supposedly our DM & CM. But isn’t with us & we didn’t replace them.

  10. nuudles

    Al, I think the 3 “big” names will be Higuain, gk (Cesar is a pretty big name, although I would prefer Begovic or Adler) & a DM/box-tobox (the ones we were linked to are pretty big: Fellaini, Bender & Illarramendi with Capoue a bit less “big”)

    We might still go for an AM, but I think it will be more in the Grenier/similar class (i.e. promising but not really a big name if we are honest).

  11. The Hig

    Zoran, cos they offer sill money. Imagine this, you a 20 year old kid earning 30000 Euros a week in France and Chelsea offer you 180000 Pounds.

  12. Oh Theo Theo!

    Al – how can we still be looking for players???

    We’re 8months and 5 days into the transfer window and we can’t FIND players?

    Then we’re more incompetent at transfers than first suspected…

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    Lol, Hazard didn’t take a week to sign with Chelsea. The speculation went on for ages. It was so dull.

    and Luiz took over a month, Chelsea initially bid for him in december and only signed him on 31st jan.

    Check your facts

  14. Zoran

    @Goner Joe
    Look on the pound notes, it is not standing where from it comes from. Oil, as you say or elsewhere. Alishers money is also doubtfull, and for Kroenke’s I cannot put my hand into fire neither.
    The point is, when you are powerfull financially with £70 odd millions as that cunt of Gazidis is saying, then you should not look into £1 or £2 m more.
    That says a lot about a club, imo.

  15. Gregg

    Not sure we ever wanted Demba Ba mate. Mata I’ll give you but Hazard was out of our price range. If we could have persuaded Lille to sell the year previously we may have got him but if the club doesn’t want to sell then there’s nothing you can do about it, unless offer a overly inflated price, which Chelsea did. we couldn’t match that one mate

  16. salparadisenyc

    Rocking post Geoff, the dark side gives le grove the balance it needs just as Fellaini would our midfield. If only AW saw it the way ole Sol did,
    “joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.”
    Rumors spreading like wildfire that Madrid want more money in terms of fee, is this is where city punch in with large offer while Wenger hides in the corner fearing making the wrong decision while the deal slips away?
    I hope not, apparently talent attracts talent.

  17. Zoran

    The Hig

    Are you saying that we are not able to offer the same amount of money as Chelsea?
    Look at the Forbes list of richest clubs worldwide, and you will see that we are above them. They have Abramovich, and we have an American cunt.
    That’s the only difference.

  18. Bade

    Before people prioritising AM over either CM or DM, just think of this:

    As it stands, If Santi is injured we can play Rosicky, Jack or OX. Even if another one of those are injured, we can play the other two or revert back to Arteta, who played there for years for Everton, as 5th option

    At the DM/CM, we only have 3 players. One injury will leave us without any cover whatsoever. Even Le Coq won’t be available.

    We’re so thin in the CM/DM position that those are more important than any other position we need to recruit.

    If we go for the 2 players for each position rule, we simply have no 4 players in those position even now.

  19. Ryan

    Inter your gran.

    Got this image in my head of him banging in goals with his collars turned up! Heahhh… Cool as fuck the Fonz/Gonz!

  20. nuudles

    Mayank, I think Arsene will persist with Poldi on the left wing. Some of his crosses/assists were sublime. Yes he is not nearly as creative as previous players in his position (Pires obviously being a prime example), but he has more to his game than one thinks (one does not simply get 100 caps for Germany without being a proper player), he has an absolute rocket of a left foot and remember he only has one season in the PL under his belt (Pires also started very slowly, once again they are quite different players, point is just dont judge too quickly).

  21. sylvain

    “Marca: Real Madrid are not willing to sell Arsenal target Gonzalo Higuain for €27million (£23.2m) and will only let him leave for a mega offer.”

    “This is the end, my friend, the end”… (rip Jim Morisson)

  22. Guns of hackney

    No cunt mentioned higain before we were linked…for us, it was benzema or no one, so stop flapping about this guy. Whom by the way, has yet to sign. And if any of you think that signing some cunt from ligue 2 with two broken legs to his name at age 21 and the third choice Real Madrid forward is going to win us anything…you’re as deluded as that prick that normally writes the posts.

    Wenger will still be in charge and therein lies the problem. Fourth or fifth again.

  23. Dan


    You talk some right bollocks trying to get a rise you little troll.
    Big sol was in the top 5 defenders in the world 2000-2005 and a key component in the double season, the cup wins and the invincibles.
    There is no disputing that. At all

  24. Inter YourGran

    Marca are quite clearly having a meltdown of sorts, like we all are, over this saga.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors until an official mouthpiece from ourselves or Madrid make a statement now.

  25. nuudles

    Bade, good points. CM/DM is priority after Higuain.

    If we lose too many CMs to injury we could always do what many on here have said and play TV5 as DM. Yes he will not be the best DM in the world but he should be decent cover behind Jack, Arteta, Ramsey & whoever we sign there (Fellaini/Capoue/etc). Also Oxo has played there before for us and for England, not saying he should start there but it is an option. Still agree 100% that a DM/box-tobox bruiser is next on the list after CF.

  26. Zoran


    Demba Ba was on our radar before Giroud, as per the media.
    Hazard was himself saying what an honour it would be playing for Arsenal that time. Ok, he might be gready, he was saying it also for Mancs and Chelsea later, but our scouts where first to follow the lad.

    We where following him, swooping for weeks, another club comes and in few days pick him.
    To you, I have to say also, we are the 4th richest club worldwide, and you are saying he is not in our price range.
    Gazidis told recently any player we can buy and pay him any wages.

  27. Kushagra

    Poldi is pretty limited but efficient player will always have great stats but that’s about it his overall contribution is a tad below par.. Also doubt he will get his position back in national squad, he is essentially a 2nd tier international.

  28. Al

    Oh Theo Theo,

    I think they mean looking as in they know the position they want to buy in and are looking to strike deals with those identified players in those said position.

  29. The Hig

    Zoran, Theres no way Wenger will offer someone from the French ligue over 200 000 pounds if he earns far less than that.

  30. Gregg

    Madrid are probably miffed at missing out on Cavani & Falcao, so until they line up a replacement, probably Suarez, then Higuain won’t be going anywhere soon.

  31. Gooner S

    The shotgun approach to blogging; some comments hit the target and are fair enough others are wide of the mark.

    Bergkamp joined a long time ago….in communication terms an enternity. Thats why things were more of a surprise then. How many blogs existed then? It was all fanzines.

    Convienient of you to exclude players that did come through the academy but were “bought”. But that’s all splitting hairs. The recruiting policy has been what t has been for the past few seasons for a reason. You’re either going to agree with that or not. You clearly don’t. There’s been some successes with that policy and some not so successful. The earliest of that policy recently success went to Man Utd …remember him? We also bought Cazorlola.


  32. Bade


    I think you’re fast to judge him when he had no proper CF to convert chances

    If we wrap Santi with the right holding midfield pair & proper CF, he will easily double his tally with us

    Santi is the only WC player in our squad. He’s just surrounded with average/good players

  33. vicky

    We need a quality DM.

    Arteta Ramsey pair is not going to cut it next season.

    Arteta is getting older. Ramsey is not that good.

    DO not over hype what he did last season.

    Agree with some of the posters above……….Cazorla,Rosicky,OX and Jack can more than fulfill what we need. More over there are not many quality AMs out there in the market,

    A skillful and creative winger like Nani,Ben Arfa can make the job easier for Cazorla/Rosicky.

    The job for Cazorla gets tougher because both Podolski and Walcott can not break defenses with their skills. Get someone like Ben Arfa or Nani for the job and it becomes easier for everyone.

  34. Sam

    Wilshere is shit?
    I will take it as a wind up

    Or maybe higuain Is also shit
    Madrid wouldn’t get rid of a player unless they are sure he’s shit so we are signing someone who’s officially shit as far as real Madrid are concerned

  35. Al


    Why feed into the troll, for some weird reason it gets him off. When you see his name pop up dont bother to read his comment and just read the next comment

  36. Kushagra

    CAM & DM are equally necessary failing to get either we are fighting for 4th especially if we get Higuain, who needs a proper CAM to make an impact..

  37. Mayank


    That’s why I said a DM is an equal priority to an AM. For the DM/CM position we have 3 players and need to add one to get 4 players for 2 positions. At AM/LM we have 3 players and need to add one more. The CM position is okay as long as we add a DM.

  38. Bade


    I hope TV is staying with us

    I have a feeling if we’re bringing a normal CB (Not young or edging his career end one) that signals his departure …..

  39. Inter YourGran

    Leverkusen won’t sell Bender following the already 2 high profile and expensive exits from the club.

    Fellaini would be ideal but de rossi, capoue, strootman, gustavo all good alternatives. Wanyama’s too green for me.

  40. Bade


    Who are the three you’re counting on

    Please don’t count Jack in there. Just don’t……

    PEOPLE OF LE GROVE, if you consider yourself someone who cares for Jack, stop counting him for those 2 positions needed. He should be the 3rd player, not 2nd

  41. Inter YourGran

    Bade – I think it’s better we keep vermaelen and add Ginter or zouma then selling him and adding Williams etc.

    Depends on Thomas to be fair though. Captaincy strip and fall from grace might cause wrong reaction in the camp, but i’ll have faith in a gunner and say he’s more likely to knuckle down and step it up a gear to exude the best from koss and bfg.

  42. nuudles

    Kush, that is just plainly not true. There are very few CAMs in the world better than Santi. Behind a proper striker and with a solid defence behind him (our defence is already quite solid, just add a DM/box-to-box) he can surely help us win the league. The best other CAMs in the PL are:
    – Rooney (probably a hair better than Santi, but that is only if you can keep him motivated),
    – Silva (on par with Santi),
    – Mata (also on par, maybe a little bit more pace but Santi is much less one-footed)

    Everyone else who finished below us last season do not have a CAM who can be mentioned in the same breath as Santi. Oscar and Kagawa are decent but are yet to be nearly as effective as Santi. So bottom line: if City could win the league with Silva and ManU with a not-that-motivated Rooney then Santi is easily good enough to not be the reason why we do not win the league.

  43. Zoran

    The Hig

    I think you are not right mate, Wenger is not negociating the price. He is just saying to the board (Gazidis) he wants that particular player, and the Chief negociator ( Law) is negotiating the price.
    It has been so since David Deins times.

  44. Dan


    do you know something we dont?

    How the fuck do you know that negotiations took 1 week maximum?

    Keep guessing mate but dont pass it off as fact cos you sound ridiculous

  45. Bade


    When you’re rivalling Iniesta & Silva & Cesc, it’s hard to get in. He can deliver all the same though

    If we get Fellaini & The Hig, expect Santi to blast out ….

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    Kushagra: Agree Santi is WC but you’ll rarely see him play in the big matches for Spain do you ? We need someone of that bracket..

    ahh, you mean one of the top 2 players in that position in the world then?

  47. Inter YourGran

    I still think cazorla is better at flitting in from the left hand side and getting on the ball rather than starting as a player in the hole.

    His passing range and through balls from deeper aren’t as good as his link play and running off the ball ability.

  48. Sam

    We let our shit players leave on the cheap now Madrid wouldn’t sell their shit player for less than 23 millions, what a fucking liberty?

    Am I bothered?

  49. Afc53

    Can’t wait for higuain same excitement as when bergkamp came.

    Would love to see the following

    Walcott Fellaini JW10 Cazorla

    Higuain Podolski/giroud

  50. Bade


    Spot on

    I think people quickly waved Vermaelen. He had a shocking season & the one before wasn’t amazing as well, but he’s still a proper CB in my book

    He needs good coaching on the way he attacks the ball, which seems hasty often & reeks of “I don’t trust my team mates to do the job”

    With the right midfield in front of him & the captaincy burden off, I think many will realise how quick they were to condemn Tommy.

  51. Bade

    Inter YourGranJuly 5, 2013 13:02:21
    Hmm… my name would be so more relevant if we signed rooney.


    Classic !!!!! 😆

  52. Mayank


    Of course I’m counting on Jack. He’s better than Cleverly, is Utd counting on him? He’s more suited to the PL physically and tactically than Oscar, is Chelsea counting on him?

    I know you want to keep Jack in cotton wool for this season for obvious reasons. Thing is though 21/22 has become the most important age for young MF players. If he’s third choice during this part of his career it will set him back a few years at best or prevent him from reaching his potential at worst.

    21/22 is when Iniesta, Cesc, Silva, Mata, Goetze(19) and many more from the current generation had their break out season.

  53. nuudles

    Kush, only Xavi & Iniesta play regularly for Spain in the big matches in the CM/AM positions… Not even Cesc (who would walk into ANY other national team) gets much Spain playing time in their big matches (unless it is as false 9, but we are tlaking about CAM). The following is the top 10 international teams as currently ranked by FIFA:
    Spain, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Brazil & Belgium. Apart from Netherlands where Sneijder will edge it and maybe Brazil (because Oscar is more of a Brazilian style CAM ala Kaka) and Germany (Ozil is class, and they have Reus & Gotze waiting in the wings) Santi will walk into the rest (Spain apart).

    So that is 6-8 of the top 10 countries in the world were he would be a starter. If that is not good enough for your starting CAM to be good enough then I dont know.

    If you were saying he needs a creative player on one of the wings to share the creative burden then I would agree, but there are very few CAMs who will improve us.

  54. Bade

    Just imagine this side Grovers

    1st XI


    2nd XI

    Jenko-Tommy- new 4thCB-Gibbo

    It would be nicer if we got another AM/Winger of course, so Jack can be totally rested this coming season, but it’s quite exciting anyway

  55. nuudles

    Man, we really should have gotten Reus back when we were interested in him (Munchengladbach’s manager and Wenger are freinds, they spoke and he begged Wenger to let Reus have another season, if only Wenger did not sit on his hands). He would be the perfect left winger for us, creative, fast, fighter, good finisher, young & eager.

  56. TitsMcgee

    Santi often gets the nod over Mata in the Spain setup.

    I am glad we are cleaning out the dead fish off our decks. One could only hope we get rid of Chamakh, Santos and Gervinho as well but I may be too ambitious.

    Their days are certainly numbered though.

    Jovetic + Gonalons in addition to Higuain and I might be a happy camper.

    Unfortunately I just don’t see Wenger outlaying oodles of cash this summer.

    It’s probably burning him up to spend close to 25m on Higuain as it is.

  57. Dan


    I know but i love big solomon!


    There are plenty of AM/SS out there. Any forward/creative player in the world worth their salt would say their favored position would be in the no10 position. It just finding the one that would suit us. We need a Rooney, we need a cesc and if the other two are pie in the sky then get us a Jovetic. Thats just to name 3

    Santi plays the roaming wide playmaker very well and I think that where Weng prefers to play him.

  58. Zoran


    Maybe the negotiations didn’t took 1 week maximum, you are right.
    But the result is that they have their player in one week.

  59. Romford Pele

    Bade, that first 11 will struggle to create chances. Wenger has said it numerous times before when we play with two wide forwards.

    Sorry, I was out for lunch. Basically Jovetic is a no.10 who can play all across the forward line. He is by no means a greedy player. The great thing about him is that he’s adaptable. I believe with him, we’ll line up something like this:

    Sagna Per Kos Gibbs/Monreal
    DM (Bender, Gonalons, Capoue) Arteta, Jack
    Walcott Jovetic Cazorla

    Great team IMO.

  60. Mayank

    “Just imagine this side Grovers

    1st XI


    Capoue, Fellaini, Poldi, Theo and Higuain in the same team would be incredibly uncreative.

  61. Inter YourGran

    Let’s switch to the captaincy issue quickly…

    It’s been thus far overlooked a great deal in my opinion, but will need addressing before the season starts in an official capacity.

    Vermaelen, if he stays is currently not a guaranteed starter with the form of koscielny and merteskaer. From a squad perspective it’s better he stays but either way I think he struggled with the burden a little and would probably flourish without it.

    Arteta has done a very commendable job and is a top pro, but if we’re looking to kick on win surely he’s more of an experienced squad option than a guaranteed starter. A tad brutal perhaps, but… We’ll, suck it up.

    Then who? Mertesaker has had a few mentions but i’m not convinced, there’s probably a smattering of jack wilshere enthusiasts but again, not convinced.

    Then who?

    A new signing very rarely takes an armband at a big club, so for me wenger may see Arteta as a defiant starter.


    Come back Cesc 😉

  62. Bade


    I agree with you in general in the age notion, albeit it’s all theoretical for Jack’s situation

    We have a player who literally carried our side by his own when he was 19 which resulted a fierce stress fracture, because at that age your body is still building up

    He was 17 months out injured. Then he came back, then again our lack of CM/DM options forced us to overuse him & the result was again a damaging injury with a lengthy sideline phase.

    In the last 3 seasons, Jack missed almost 2 full season due to overplaying him

    We can’t risk him by any means, if we don’t want to lose him

    Honestly, jack is 21 this season & amid next season will turn 22. He was ahead of anyone else at his age, but his progress was halted by the injuries we caused him

    I’d much rather to lose him for season or two so we can have him as “new signing” who will give us 8-10 years of top WC football, than rushing him back again & making him the more frustrating Diaby-case

    I think many Gooners underestimate how crucial Jack’s situation now …. Just write him off for a season or two, to gain him back for 10 magical years. Long term planning that is

  63. Romford Pele

    “Capoue, Fellaini, Poldi, Theo and Higuain in the same team would be incredibly uncreative.”


    It’s vital to always have at least two creative players in the side otherwise your play becomes way too predictable. Think back as recent as 2010 when we had this:


    Apart from Walcott, all could create. Obviously we had problems defensively as the balance wasn’t right. But put a DM in there and you’re looking at league winners.

  64. Romford Pele

    Why write Jack off Bade? You don’t know how he’s going to handle next season. What’s to say he won’t play the whole of next season? I think a good pre-season like he had in 2010/11 will do him the world of good. Nobody is saying we should rely on him,that’s why you have options. But someone with his talent has to play for the first team, preferably in the pivot.

  65. Romford Pele


    There were rumours Mertesacker may take the armband for next season. Vermaelen in theory looked like he’d be a great captain – just hasn’t worked out that way unfortunately.

  66. Bade

    This side isn’t creative enough? Hmmm

    I totally don’t agree. Maybe I’d love a winger who’s more creative than Poldy, yes. But I think many of you underestimate the creativity of Fellaini & Capoue

    Both are known for their defensive attributes but they can give us the X factor as well. They will do much better defense than Ramsey & Arteta surely, but they will be even more instrumental going forward

    I also tend to accept that the 2nd quite half season from Poldy was mainly due to injury, but agree that him & Theo are a touch too direct flank options

  67. Ash79

    I did wonder where Guns of Hackney had been.

    I saw post saying that Real wont sell him for 23.5m. So what is really going on?

    anyone here with a genuine inside track? doubt it.

  68. Romford Pele

    “They will do much better defense than Ramsey & Arteta surely, but they will be even more instrumental going forward”

    Definitely not. While they may not be bad passer,s neither are adept at quick one-two touch football and playing in between the lines.

    There needs to be a balance. You only need one of them, next to someone like Jack Wilshere.

  69. gambon

    I agree with mayank that Jack needs to play.

    However do Arsenal need Jack to play?

    Honestly not sure where he fits in. We looked so much better with Ramsey & Arteta, even though Rasmey isnt too great.

    I would buy a physically dominant CM, and let them fight it out.

  70. gats

    @Nudles nice one fella. Thinking cazorla is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world ahaha. You joker havnt laughed so hard ever.

  71. Bade


    I don’t say don’t play him, but he shouldn’t play more than 15 games or so. I think I explained it quite well before.

    I love Jack & think when he’s fit & in form he can easily become one of the best CMs out there, but he should be handled in differently of what he was handled by us in the last 3 seasons

    Say what you want people, but you can’t explain the fact of more than 20 months out in the last 3 seasons, other than badly managed fitness wise

    He won’t be missing the train even if we played him for several games, or as a sub mostly. His progress means nothing for now, if we fuck up his fitness again

  72. Dan


    fair point but we aint in these negotiations so would never know. There could be months of negotiations but fair enough the time between the press getting hold of it and actually announcing it is normally turned round quicker than this.

    Transfer sagas. Its not the first and it wont be the last. This one will have a happy ending for us for a change.


    ‘Capoue, Fellaini, Poldi, Theo and Higuain in the same team would be incredibly uncreative.’

    I hope you’re joking!

    Arteta will be captain. Merts vice.
    Contrary to belief Arteta had a great season. A proper DM will liberate him a bit more and give him chance to be rotated a bit more.
    Think this season will see the rise of the Verminator flourishing without the burden of the captaincy

  73. Romford Pele

    “Jovetic is close to joining Juventus.”

    No he isn’t. Juve are broke, hence why they had to pull out of the Higuain deal due to us offering more. And you need to factor in that Viola and the Old Lady are arch rivals. Fiorentina do not want to sell to them.

  74. Ash79

    Interyourgran – i mentioned the captaincy issue last week. Didnt get a response but it needs addressing. No way can Vermaelen be captain. It cant happen, not THIS season. We need to be making statements this season.

    Get Cesc back and make him captain.

  75. Geoff

    Ha, ha it’s nice to see that 99% of you still know your football, however there are a couple of people out there that really don’t understand what I mean by players coming through the academy.

    Let me explain. This is for you two.

    Wenger claims we scour the globe looking for young talent, some like Jack join our academy age 9, some like Ashley a little later.

    Either way they joined as kids and were played in all the teams right up to the reserves.

    Being the man of the tournament in the under 17 world cup, being too young to sign as a pro for Barcelona and us stealing him for £500k and more or less fast tracking him straight into our squad doesn’t count as a product of our Academy. Also he wasn’t discovered, the footballing world knew of him.

    Buying Keiran Gibbs from Wimbledon for £1million doesn’t either.

    We bought Nasri for £11mil and he was nicknamed in France ‘little Zidane’ hardly a discovery.

    We bought Walcott for £8mil although initially it was £12mil and paid a similar amount for Oxo, so again, hardly unearthed gems found by Wenger.

    So setting aside those few, try talking about the others, that were products of our academy, Bendtner, Muamba, JET, Lupoli, Freeman, Sidwell, Bartley, Larsson, Mendes, Randall, Simpson, Hoyte 1 and 2 and I could go on for another 20 minutes. All were the next big thing and not one of them made it.

    The Mancs on the other hand won the league with theirs, Beckham, Butt, Scholes, Giggs the Neville brothers. Difference was Fergie added a few world class players to that mix, unlike Wenger of course as he knows best.

    I hope that explains what I mean, if it doesn’t then you are quite right, Arsene Wenger really does know how to spot talent at a young age.

    Happy now?

  76. mahessar

    I think the discussion on CAM signings should stop, Fabregas deal is done. He will be an Arsenal player this summer, I am more worried about missing out on Higuain now with Madrid not being able to find any strikers at all.

  77. gambon

    Agree with Romford.

    I actually really like the system we were playing at the end of the season.

    A deep lying passer (Arteta) alongside a box to box high presser (Ramsey).

    IMO we need a better version of Ramsey (Ramsey stays as a squad player) and we need to start a 12 month search for a Ramsey replacement, but I dont think we should tamper with the system we were playing at the end of the season.

    We just need better players than any of our GKs, Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky & Giroud to really challenge.

  78. N5

    @gats your the joker mate saying the same shit on here every day. Nuudles has a right to that opinion and doesn’t need you calling him out on it if you’ve got nothing to add in counter to it.

  79. Romford Pele

    “I don’t say don’t play him, but he shouldn’t play more than 15 games or so. I think I explained it quite well before.”

    Well providing he stays fit, I will wager that he plays a lot more than that. At the end of the day, players, especially young ones like JW and Ramse,y will only get better if they get ample playing time – something I believe Wenger will give both of them next season. I believe both of them and Arteta will fight it out to start next to a DM – the remaining two will then play in the next team.

    I can’t deny that he’s been mismanaged fitness wise, but baring in mind we’re entering a WC year, everyone and their dog will be banking on JW to lead Arsenal and England to glory. He will play 30 games minimum.

  80. Inter YourGran

    Dan _ yes Arteta had a great season, but great in terms of what? The passing stats and completion numbers again.

    He did a job fair play, but if we want to get back to summit he’s a squad player. If you think he’s a 30 game pl starter then when we battle it out for fourth again do not complain.

  81. mahessar


    But what is true as well is that Jovetic is not interested at all in a move to Arsenal or even the Premier League, we were close to agreeing things with Fiorentina in May but that deal didn’t go through becuase Jovetic didn’t show interest. He’s interested in a move to Juventus or Madrid.

  82. Romford Pele

    I love Cesc but he’s definitely not captain material.

    ‘Capoue, Fellaini, Poldi, Theo and Higuain in the same team would be incredibly uncreative.’I hope you’re joking!

    Nothing wrong with this statement – there is absolutely no creativity there. We’ll be experiencing so many 0-0s if we were to go out like that.

  83. Inter YourGran

    Gambon your sabbatical has clouded your judgement. And for you to say you liked the system we played down the back end, hanging on for dear life to leads against dogshit.

    Who’s this imposter? 😆

  84. gambon

    “He did a job fair play, but if we want to get back to summit he’s a squad player.”

    Yeah, in an ideal world players like Szczesny, Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Podolski, Giroud etc would give us a very strong backup plan.

    Lets put it this way,…..Bayern, Madrid & UTD arent looking at these guys and wondering how on earth they can get them into their teams, but they would all take them as squaddies.

  85. mahessar


    Are you serious? Arteta is what kept us ticking last season, he was massive for us, even if we sign Fellaini/Bender, Arteta won’t be replaced from the starting Xi and whoever comes in will start WITH Arteta.

  86. Romford Pele

    “But what is true as well is that Jovetic is not interested at all in a move to Arsenal or even the Premier League, we were close to agreeing things with Fiorentina in May but that deal didn’t go through becuase Jovetic didn’t show interest. He’s interested in a move to Juventus or Madrid.”

    Where’s your proof? Sounds like fabricated stuff to me. Jovetic has stated numerous times that he thinks Arsenal are a great club and would be interested in joining. I can back that up with links. We can double his wages, he’d be moving to a bigger club and would be a key performer. The only realistic challengers would be Juve, but as I stated earlier, Viola don’t want to sell there; it’s like Spurs selling to Arsenal.

  87. Romford Pele

    “And for you to say you liked the system we played down the back end”

    Nothing wrong with the system – 4-2-3-1 is a great formation. The only downside is that there weren’t great personnel to make the formation as good as it can be.

  88. gambon

    “And for you to say you liked the system we played down the back end, hanging on for dear life to leads against dogshit.”

    Add Rooney, Fellaini & Higuain and we would be “hanging on” to 3 goal leads.

    Add a top keeper and we wouldnt be shitting ourselves every time the opposition cross the halfway line.

    The system wasnt the problem, the calibre of the players has been for years (Apart from the spinkling of class like Cesc, RVP, Nasri that always got us into he top 4).

  89. Dan


    Got a funny feeling bout Rodney think there will be developments but finances and chelseas interest will dictate.

    Dont discount Cesc that one could go down to the last day of the window if they get back what they paid, you would thiunk they would seriously consider it.

    Juve are skint. Jovetic is more than viable


    Jack needs to fight it out for a starting place shouldnt be an automatic starter.
    There should be serious competition all over the park. No easy rides. Players should be looking over their shoulders shitting themselves if they have a shit game.


    You cant have JW not playing for a season just so he might be ok for the next 10 years! He could break his leg in training. You need him managed properly without the burden of carrying the team.

  90. Gooby


    so you have to play at all levels?

    maybe from your perspective but officially for competition registrations, the rules are different.
    it’s not about wenger spotting talents.

  91. Bade


    “While they may not be bad passer,s neither are adept at quick one-two touch football and playing in between the lines.There needs to be a balance. You only need one of them, next to someone like Jack Wilshere.”

    Couldn’t disagree more

    Firstly, when you look at the supposed pair, you should compare them to Arteta & Ramsey. How many one-two or in-between plays we saw from our current pair?

    As for the need of one of them playing next to a Jack-a-like, then Fellaini is the Jack-alike I don’t believe people making Fellaini as if he’s a limited DM. He’s a beast B2B who can dribble, pass & shoot, & he can play as traditional DM as well.

    Plus judging by our last season’s display (though this isn’t my dream aspirations to be honest) we played much more balanced without Jack than with him

  92. Romford Pele


    Broke was an exaggeration, but they definitely don’t have the money we have. We can outbid them on nearly any player we want.

  93. Mayank


    Whether Arsenal needs him to play or not depends on his position and his progression. Is he going to be a CAM long term? Then Id like to see some evidence of him doing well there.

    However I think Wenger is playing him at AM to make him a better player at CM. Honestly I’ve seen enough great performances from him in the middle of the field to have him as our main CM. Wenger likes to play players out of position for a season to give them a crash course in the areas of their game that need development. Look at Ramsey playing on the wing and at CAM. His ability to run past players and operate under pressure in tight spaces improved greatly.

  94. mahessar


    Arsene met Cesc in Brazil during the Cofed, what I was told is that even the Rooney deal was started by Rooney himself, he approached us after Fergie announced his retirement, he does actually want to come to us over Chelsea despite them offering higher wages, which was a bit surprising as well because I always thought he looked down upon us.

    Cesc was in London yesterday and travelled to Ibiza later in the evening, Arsenal were supposed to announce one signing today but I am not sure whats holding them back, maybe Madrid are back tracking now or Arsenal want to announce maybe 2 on Tuesday.

  95. Nasri's Mouth


    We can certainly outbid them if we wanted to, they’re trying to save money to develop around the stadium.

    And with Llorente and Tevez signed for them they’re hardly short of players up front. The Jovetic to Juve talk has gone very quiet, so maybe maybe…

  96. Romford Pele

    “Couldn’t disagree moreFirstly, when you look at the supposed pair, you should compare them to Arteta & Ramsey. How many one-two or in-between plays we saw from our current pair?

    As for the need of one of them playing next to a Jack-a-like, then Fellaini is the Jack-alike I don’t believe people making Fellaini as if he’s a limited DM. He’s a beast B2B who can dribble, pass & shoot, & he can play as traditional DM as well.

    Plus judging by our last season’s display (though this isn’t my dream aspirations to be honest) we played much more balanced without Jack than with him”

    To be fair, they only had 10 games to play and we pretty much won them all. You need time to build up understanding, part of the reason I still have big faith in Ramsey.

    I actually agree, I think Fellaini is more B2B than a DM, but if I had the option of him and JW, I’d choose the latter everytime, just personal opinion. Fellaini has aerial and physical advantage but he isn’t as skillful as JW. But saying that, I think both could play together. At Bayern Schweinsteiger and Martinez both attack and defend. Nothing wrong with having two DMs as long as you hold the position when the other goes forward.

    Yes, we did play better without Jack but that’s because JW played most of his games next to Arteta. They don’t compliment each other well at all. If you played him next to a beasty DM/CM, you’d see him come to fruition again.

  97. The Hig

    Zoran, u really think with Wenger having a Masters in Economics he doesn’t have a say in the price? I doubt it.

  98. Romford Pele


    Yep. And in addition to those two, they have Quaglierra, Matri, Vucinic and Giovinco. They won’t be able to buy without selling first.

  99. gambon


    You dont tell the world that Jack can play Bergkamps role, then give him the No.10 shirt, then shift Cazorla wide, if you want Jack to be a CM.

    He sees Jack as an central AM.

    I think thats the position he can go furthest in, but whether he will or not we’ll have to wait and see.

    As a youth he certainly had great vision, and was a regular scorer, but he needs to do that at a senior level.

    He is so shot shy its unreal. 12 shots in the PL all of last season……there were some games where Cazorla had 8 in a single game.

  100. mahessar

    But do not shoot the messenger with what I said in the last post

    I am on just good terms with someone who has been historically very reliable with their information.

  101. Paddy got up

    Just got in and had a quick look at Le Grove. Was expecting a big picture of The Hig with his Arsenal shirt held up in front of his beeming smile..
    When I went to bed last night according to loads of you he was on a plane, having a medical, opening up an online account at the Armoury and more. Yet hours later he hasn’t signed!!
    Only thing I can think of is that he’s got lost. I have visions of him walking round the West End with his guidebook, and his I love London tee shirt, while taking snaps of Tower Bridge.

    Anyway if you see The Hig please return him to Arsenal FC immediately!

  102. Bade

    I really don’t agree with most of you on the Jack front

    I might be a paranoid, but last summer I screamed for midfielders & many didn’t agree as well & the result wasn’t that good with Jack’s fitness

    I’d play Jack but again not more than needed to keep him in touch with the game. He shouldn’t be pivotal to us because his dominance will result in us overplaying him again

    If we had 4 other options for the CM/DM positions, then he’d be the 5th option. The same, if we had 2 options for the AM, then he’d be my 3rd.

    Let’s hope though, if he’s played a key role he will be managed better than we did, fitness wise. I only exclude him because I look 10 years ahead, not only 1 year ….

  103. Inter YourGran

    Yeah I have you both right in regards to the defensive shape and that with a higher calibre of personal the formation can be better implemented.

    What it did show is that minus cazorla we don’t have any players with great awareness and technical ability to play in the spaces and create chances for themselves if need be. This issue will need to be addressed by bringing in an an option like cesc and shifting cazorla to the left or bringing in a wide left option like reus and sticking with santi in the pivot of a 3 man midfield.

    At the moment, if we add pace upfront and not much else we’ll be a better counter attacking side playing a 4-4-2 than our current 4-3-3 hybrid. Food for thought in the close season either way 🙂

  104. The Hig

    Fellaini would be a better DM than any other position, simply cos of his physical presence and he covers ground quick

  105. Nasri's Mouth


    Indeed, the offer to RM of their cast offs for Higuain was hilarious whether true or not.

  106. mahessar


    What you say on Jack is pretty worrying becuase lets face it he isn’t the answer to our CAM role this season or else we wouldn’t have been looking to sign someone else for that position and if we do make another signing, with Cazorla second choice, Ox 3rd you wonder if Jack will ever get to play CAM for us.

  107. gambon

    The Hig

    Na, for me Fellaini is a proper box to box player a la Vieira.

    He is a monster tackler, covers a lot of ground, great presence in both boxes.

    Deffo wouldnt want him as a DM, he causes havoc at the other end of the pitch.

    Just a much much better Diaby for me.

  108. Inter YourGran

    Twitter is actually alright if you don’t follow anyone or anything related to transfers and football during the summer.

    The sun in England turns people into right mongs put in front of a computer with wifi.

  109. Paddy got up

    Hurry up Tom you mug. You got a little time to post a couple more of your Jack Wilshere posts before CBBC starts!!!

  110. The Hig

    Understood Gambs, he could go forward at times to wreak havoc. But Arsenal don’t play the kind of football where u need a physical presence in the front all the time. Correct me if i’m wrong?

  111. Dan


    ‘Capoue, Fellaini, Poldi, Theo and Higuain in the same team would be incredibly uncreative.’I hope you’re joking!

    ‘Nothing wrong with this statement – there is absolutely no creativity there. We’ll be experiencing so many 0-0s if we were to go out like that.’

    Got to disagree with that mate. That line up would be ideal at Old Trafford, Etihad, Stamford Bridge etc and tough away games Europe. They would be solid, hard to break down, have pace, a sprinkling of creativity and goals.
    Thats why we have a squad. Bring on JW 68th minute adding a bit more creativity or throw on another forward, altering the balance in any given situation but it gives us options.

    I agree you wouldnt play that side at home against Hull, Crystal Pal etc