Why do our signings always become sagas? First I heard of Bergkamp joining was at a press conference

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It never used to be like that, 12 years ago around this time we were unveiling a proper superstar, Sol Campbell.

What was so amazing about that was he was the Spuds captain, the best player they had and we signed him, unbelievable! I only knew we’d signed him because he was unveiled at another press conference, those were the days before Wenger liked to keep us waiting, he does that so we are grateful, by the time they finally arrive we are so happy we’d welcome anyone, remember Santos?

Back to Campbell, it was the semi final of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Glen Hoddle wasn’t sure if he was going to play him against us, when he trotted out for the warm up the entire Spud end erupted, that’s how good he was, he was a game changer and he was just a centre back.

Shortly into the game Ray Parlour did a job on him and he went off, we won that game and the rest is history.

Sol said we were a formidable side and joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.

We won the double that year, that was what happened in those days, we bought world class players and won loads of trophies.

Here’s the interesting thing, we did that with players like Bergkamp, Seaman, Adams, Pires, Henry and Vieira, we did that with just one academy player, Ashley Cole, and funny enough he wasn’t recruited by Wenger, he was from another era. And if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a player without a passport, Cole would have been sold to Palace.

So the myth about our manager being a great discoverer of young talent gets a battering there doesn’t it? Especially as we exchanged him for a sulky French twat and a Spirograph and young Ashley went on to become the best left back in the world. Probably still is.

Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.

Before you say Anelka, Fabregas or Gibbs, please don’t, they were all bought and none of them came through the Academy.

Point is that great players are attracted by other great players, Campbell didn’t come because he heard Wenger gave kids a chance, he came to play with world class players and win trophies under a manager considered to be the best.

When Wenger was winning all that silverware, he spent proper money, the recruiting youth policy hasn’t worked boss, so please revert to what you were doing before, you were good at that.

So making your first acquisition a French kid with a history of injuries, isn’t quite what we all had in mind.

Now I’m not saying he won’t be the next Henry, but I think we are all a little fed up with waiting, they rarely make it.

Theo has only last season looked the player we spent large on, and he’s now our longest serving player, so how many years did we have to wait? He’s not a young player anymore boss, yet he’s been in our team for 7 years. And only now has he come good.

Don’t even mention we could have bought Gareth Bale at the same time…

In an ideal world, we should go out and sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic and Williams.

Now as we speak I understand Higuain is undergoing a medical and will soon be an Arsenal player, if that’s true, I am delighted, he was my number one target up front and is just what we need to win games, a true Fox in the box.

Once we have him, the rest would come, the bonus ball for me would be Rooney or Lewandowski.

And guess what, £70 odd million would cover it, as for the wages being part of that figure, they are but only the first year, I would say we have enough money coming back from players that have left to more than cover that.

Wenger screwing about looking for a pat on the back for saving money is a gamble that will backfire, a gamble that will spell another year where we don’t challenge.

Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach, if we go another season without seriously threatening, we will lose all our best players and a lot of our fans.

I wrote a post years ago about the Emperor having no clothes, after the Wigan game and booingebouegate.

I still think he has no clothes but most of the board think he has, this really is a perfect opportunity to make us great again, blow it on kids and Wenger will lose his legacy, buy from the above list and he will go down as our greatest ever manager, the ball is in the Emperors court.

A big well done to Pedro writing all those posts on his own, although I haven’t been around I have been reading, hopefully I can occasionally offer an opinion that is from the dark side, so enjoy!

Finally as for signing Suarez, that rumour is as daft as us signing Barry, he wants to leave because of the press, so what London has no press? Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!


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  1. Induct

    Have never commented on dis sites bf but av always enjoyed d arguments,critiscm and d posts. U guys are just too much. Geoff and Pedro including all Grover

  2. Dan


    Nasri was and is a player. Doesnt have the freedom he had or the confidence shown in him as he did at arsenal but still a player.

    He played out wide mostly but Weng was grooming him for the central role to take over from Cesc knowing he was Barca bound.

    He would be one of the top AMs in the prem if he would of stayed and shone at AFC. Stick him in our line up for the last 3 years and tell me he wouldnt of been outstanding.

    Man city fucked him up. Na$ri got everything he deserved chasing the petro dollars

  3. KJafc

    I get you are on a wind up mate, you reeled a couple in though. Carlton Cole, I would rather have Cheryl Cole!

  4. jules

    Enough of these ramblings, time for some work, golf, beer, steak and red wine.

    Hig, Fellaini/ Bender. Cesar, Williams and a winger to replace the head and we challenge.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the weather chaps.

  5. N5

    @Dan I agree Citeh haven’t got anywhere near the best out of Na$ri but I couldn’t hate the guy more if I tried, I see his gloating hamster face on the title winning day in my nightmares!

  6. Brum Gooner

    The transfer window, social media and the development of Sky sports of the last ten years have been a game changer. I remember looking on Teletext every morning gasping my breath, I think Arsenal were 301…anyway that wasn’t long ago because i remember waking up seeing we signed Eduado on it.

    Onto the point of transfer policy, the strategy to buy youth and sell them on for profit has worked. Over the past eight years I think Arsene has juggled the playing staff remarkably well, on the budget he has had. We have had a few horror stories like squillacci but I wouldn’t say Chamakh was the biggest flop as everyone makes out, yeah he could of been better but he was only ever backup to RvP anyway, in his first 3/4 months started better than Giroud. When RvP was back the rest was history.

    For all “Average players” we seem to have accumulated we have still remained in the top 4, for the first 6 of those years we defiantly competed, since we sold Cesc we haven’t competed but that’s got to do more with the introduction of City.

    My point is Arsene works with the budget he is given, we bought World class players when we could afford them, when we couldn’t, we didn’t. Now we can we will once again. 4th largest budget, 4 th place. We have stagnated a bit because to break into the elite is the hardest to do in football…..just ask, Liverpool and Spurs.

    No club with a smaller budget has EVER finished above us, but Arsene still unachieves? Certainly not! He could of done better, no doubt. I suspect No other top managers have had a sell before you can buy policy and remain competetative at a top club when competing against the richest and most powerful clubs in the world. Arsene has!

    I think Wenger has done a sterling job, have I thought we should sack Wenger?….yes! In times of “crisis” (Bradford) For the first time last year but let’s just give him a chance because now we have some money, the “maybe” players are flying out the door…no coincidence!

    Wenger is the longest serving manager in the world, knows more than any of us, 99.9% of teams would snap him up tomorrow…..now he has the tools to compete, we can judge him now against City, Utd and Chlesea because as I Remember before he was pretty good at it.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    Like you I think Diaby has no future with us, but Bender isn’t his replacement. I’d like us to sign someone to replace him, but I suspect with Wilshere and Ramsey in the squad it’s unlikely this summer. If we add Grenier, then we’ve got a lot of midfielders until Rosicky + Arteta retire.

  8. N5

    “I would rather have Cheryl Cole!”

    God me too, I’d love to see her in a pair of shorts! even the long socks and shin pads would look good, although I’m starting to sound like Ray-Ray from Scary Movie now, take it Brendan take it Brendan…….Brenda!!

  9. andy1886

    Can anyone justify having Diaby in the 25 man squad? Out until 2014 and generally poor in most of the games he has played why would we waste a place on him? It would be like playing with a 24 man squad while everyone else has 25. (yes I know we also have home growns and young players as well, but even so.)

  10. N5

    Brum Gooner, I forgot about the teletext updates, god it was painful seeing a headline, typing in the number and waiting for it to select that page number to take you to the news! god they were frustrating times.

  11. Bade

    Fellaini & Bender

    That would be some serious serious business

    Cesar (Though he’s not my first pick), Williams & Higuain & we’re winning the league next season

  12. Rocka

    Welcome back Geoff, stellar post. While it might be a little dark it also articulates what many of us feel.

    I like this line: “Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach…”.

    This is what I want from the manager of Arsenal, 100% focus on winning football matches.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    I think this season is pretty important for Nasri. He showed his talent with us, but not for long enough and he seriously under-performed under Mancini, though part of the blame could well lie with the manager.

    Transfermarkt says his contract runs out in 2015, so ManC need to decide what to do with him this summer really

  14. N5

    “Higuain, staying at madrid, NEXT….”

    Not a chance in the world, they don’t want him, he doesn’t want to stay. He will not be in Madrid next year.

  15. Doublegooner

    Welcome back fellow ‘ Dark sider’.

    Hope all’s well & you’ve been chilling out in Espana.

    Wenger had Dein. Dein was Wenger’s string puller. The man who pushed him to sign Sol when Wenger worried how much it would cost.

  16. Romford Pele

    To be fair, I think Pellegrini’s style of football will suit Nasri a lot more. But I agree with NM, his career is in real danger of slipping into decay if he doesn’t perform this season.

  17. Savage

    NM, the interesting that about that Graham Hunter bite is that he says Hig is a battler. If so, that would be well received in the Prem.

  18. Phallusaurus

    Is there no one at the medical centre or wherever that has sighted the Higster yet, if not why the fuck not?

  19. Romford Pele

    That’s not until 2014/15 N5. This kit is for this season only. A goodbye from Nike as you like.

  20. N5

    Cheers RP, I really like that kit, I haven’t purchased a shirt for about 3 years but I think I’ll get that one.

  21. Zoran

    Why do our signings always become sagas?

    Because our executives from the Board are bigger yids than the ones from Shite Fart Lane.
    This was not the case when David Dein was in charge. AW just told him he needs that player, and he got him. Money was not in question, though we had also the future stadion to finance.
    Nowaday Gazidis is saying that we have such a huge financial power that we can buy any player in the world, and pay him the appropriate wages, and when it comes to contract conclusion he starts bargaining for 1 -2m.
    That’s why we will still remain small club in this matter when we have to negociate the contract of a player. Bigger clubs (but with smaller bugget) are doing it other way. They pay whatever the selling club demands, as they focus on the value of a player as player, not on the value in financial terms.
    Those clubs are Chelsea, Man City, PSG or even better Bayern. They have a CEO in Hoeness who is saying recently, that 1-2 m is playing a role in negociations when they buy a player just for couple of minutes, they take that amount from the Match day, and they land the desired player, and what for players( Neuer, Martinez, Goetze, soon Lewandovski)
    That as…. of Gazidis is playing with our nervs for allmost a month with Higuain Saga, instead of going to Madrid, put the 25m on the table and take El Pipita, as he is worth every penny of that amount


  22. The Hig

    Thanks Gents. Really hope we can reveal The Hig on Monday. That would be the best news since…….well since Sol signed…lol

  23. Brum Gooner

    Nasris mouth

    Good shout with the link, Graham Hunter makes some interesting points about Higuain and Arsenal

    Th Higuain deal has been pretty much done for weeks, he is a Gooner!

    …..onto Rooney please!

  24. Pascal Cygan

    N5, it’s a rehash of the Fox report but Marca confirms a fee is agreed for 23m. I presume being a Madrid mouthpiece they will not report that if not true.

  25. Dan

    As much as diaby has the potential, the quality and the power to be a key player for us you can’t justify keeping him in the squad on the money he is on.

    As much as you don’t want to discard a player who has had the worst injuries the olive branch scenario would be offer him reduced terms on a pay as you play deal, otherwise, see you later. He owes us some loyalty for us standing by him.

    I like him but the fear is he’ll never be the player he could of been thanks to that mackem twat who broke his leg in two.
    Was at the game they and the tackle was a disgrace. They were already relegated, well beaten in the game and the cunt that was brought on wanted to make a name for himself by nailing one of ours. It could of been anyone. The only justice is that arsehole Dan Smith is now working in a call centre

  26. The Hig

    N5, I am, but Wenger is still on Holiday soooooooo u guys have to wait another week before I sign, I came down to look at real estate.

  27. mystic

    @ Brum Gooner
    ‘I think Wenger has done a sterling job, …………………….but let’s just give him a chance because now we have some money……………….
    So you don’t think he is weak because he was complicit in the lies? Or in fact has the board been telling the truth and the money has always been there – on that basis, footballing wise, he is incompetent.

    Complicit and weak or incompetent, your choice.

    @ ANB
    Only people who have suggested Higuain is staying are Marca, suspect Real are simply playing games. Higuain has made it clear he wants out and unless they do what Arsenal didn’t do with RvP, hold him to his contract, I can’t see him at the start of next season still as a Real player.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Loads of transfers take a long time. Part of the issue that with so much traffic on the internet every single minutiae is examined. And I’d guess that Arsenal’s following on the net is pretty damn huge too. Everyone desperate for info, updates etc.etc.

    oh and Dein made his fair share of fuck ups.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    @The Hig

    Only Gervinho possibly. Depends how you class him, he’s dropped down the pecking order

  30. gary

    Dont know if you know but Wenger has not had the money to spend, in fact DDein said the board has direc ted him to have net spend of zero.. now he has money lets see what he does with it .. Who have Manure brought through youngster wise in the last 10 years

  31. Brum Gooner


    You talk about smaller budgets but then talk about Chelsea, Bayern, PSG etc. Bare in mind the latter two teams are the biggest in their league commercially and fan base. I.e the ManUtd of their leagues. Bayern turned over 50m more than us last year. It’s understandable they can have the pick of talent in their league like PSG, Celtic, Porto, Barca etc all do the same.

    What team with smaller budgets have done it better than Arsenal? ……NONE

  32. The Hig

    Well Pele I hope so. The past few years haven’t been kind in that respect. But the bunch we have now all seem committed to the cause.

  33. Dano

    Gazidis is not an idiot. No club exec worth his salt is gonna tell the fans we have so much money there is no room left down the back of the sofa, then go and buy cheap dross. We arsenal fans especially, are a tetchy bunch to put it mildly.
    Wenger is not an idiot. He will not allow our squad numbers to become so depleted with our recent departures and not replenish. What ever you think of them, they have left vacant squad places behind that need to be filled!

    These two facts together only means one result to me. Significant signings starting with, The Hig.
    I for one am a relaxed gooner and I think new faces will be going to Asia next week.

    Reach out and touch faith, you’re your own personal jesus.

  34. Dan


    Haha class! Dennis does look a deadringer for Beavis!!

    Thank fuck he didnt play like him

  35. Oh Theo Theo!

    Diaby debate is simple – get rid, he’s never going to play 40+ games a season. There should be no conversation about this, Wenger should have got rid 2 years ago when it became apparent he’s never going to make it as a full-time starter.

    Couldn’t see any other manager holding onto a crock for soooo long.

  36. nuudles

    Potential first teamers who could go:
    – Gerv: not really starting material at the moment, but he is on the bench when he does not start.
    – Sagna: we might yet let him play out his contract if he does not extend, but we might want to sell him if we find adequate replacement (Micah maybe?) seeing as he only has a year left
    – TV5: also recently more of a bench player recently but if he finds form he will strongly contest for a starting spot, dont think he will go unless a decent sized club offers him a starting spot and the money is right for us, that or if we go out and sign Sakho/Papadopoulos/similar which is likely to make life even more difficult for TV

  37. Jamal

    Welcome back Geoff !!

    Paulinho having a medical at Spurs as we speak but no news on Higuain, a player we’ve been chasing for over a month :@

  38. The Hig

    OTT….Did u forget VP? He was a crock for 76 or so years and all of a sudden plays 1,5 seasons WITHOUT a serious injury and was immense for us. Maybe thats why Wenger is holding on to Diaby.

  39. goonerjay

    Delaney apparently said on Talksport this morning that Cesc is coming home.

    I really can’t see it happening this summer but if it did… I may just piss myself in excitement. Best attacking mid in the world for me

  40. nuudles

    @ OTT: SAF kept Fletcher around, he is tied with Diaby: both played only 20 games over the last 2 seasons. Also Owen Hargreaves played in a total of 5 games for ManU in his last 3 full seasons with them before they released him on a free.

  41. Gregg

    Gervhinos days are deffinately numbered. No more evidence needed than the fact he wasn’t trusted to play any part in our final few games last year, despite suspensions and fatigue.

  42. N5

    goonerjay, there was an interview with Cesc and he said anyone who say’s he is coming home haven’t spoke to him or don’t know anything about his situation as he is staying to fight for his place, he went on and on about how he keeps his cards close to his chest and doesn’t even speak to family members about his plans, so unless it comes directly from him or the club to take it as false.

    I wish it was true, sadly it isn’t.

  43. Danny

    Welcome back Geoff. A bit like Henry’s goal against Leeds last year!
    Now if we could only be like the Manchester clubs and get a new manager then we could get things sorted.

  44. Oh Theo Theo!

    The Hig – but at least RvP put in runs of games and scored when he was in the team – Diaby is unavailable sooooo very much, and specialises in own goals.

    Double standards, but this is what AW gets 7.5m a year for – making tough choices.

    As you could argue that if we had a quality, fit MF available to cover our starters then JW gets injured less and everybody else is that little bit less knackered mid season. Just a thought.

  45. The Hig

    We need to understand, Managers form relationships with players. If Wenger has a good heart it must be difficult for him to let players go who he knows are brilliant but are unlucky to be fragile. Besides, Diaby wasn’t always a crock.

  46. The Hig

    OTT, in that case…Wenger should have bought a MF player to cover for Diaby, instead he wants to promote the Coq and Pingpong.

  47. N5

    I have to see OTT right with this comment, Diaby not being available puts pressure on the rest of the midfield, Wenger is paid enough and clever enough to understand that Diaby is a crock and this isn’t going to change. My only concern is why has he kept hold of him so long, he is not known for shying away from tough decisions.

    Has Diaby got something on him, is he his boyfriend? Love child (odd one), best friend? what on earth stops Wonga getting rid. Or is it as simple as what Nasri’s Mouth said yesterday, selling Diaby on would have to be when he is fit to play football and as he currently isn’t then no one is going ot buy him?

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    By the way, for those that are frustrated by how long the Higuain deal is taking, (not me), then get the headache pills ready for Cesc / Rooney, because if we are actually trying to sign one or both of those two, they’ll really take some time

  49. nuudles

    The Hig, well said. We all know Wenger has a soft spot for Diaby, he basically said so last year when he said something along the lines of how unlucky Diaby is, how hard he works, how disciplined his lifestyle is & how talented he is (I think that was the interview where he said Diaby pretty much gets picked first for France whenever he is fit). If Diaby is indeed as hard working & disciplined as Wenger stated then I understand that it must be very difficult for him to sell Diaby,

    BUT he must realise what is in the club’s best interest and that is not spending whatever Diaby is on per week (I dont know but probably at least £60k) for 10 games a season (of which half are probably used to get up to speed/match fitness).

  50. Paulinho

    I think it’s pretty obvious what the real situation is – what Marca have reported.

    All the papers yesterday just assumed we had agreed a deal with Madrid because of what Higuain’s father said the night before.

  51. Oh Theo Theo!

    Nuudles – yep, so we need to make a decision on Diaby soon then? Another season of crockedness doesn’t help us or him really.

  52. Mayank

    Real interested In Illarramendi. Shame, he’s a great player, can control the MF like few others. In the order I rate them Bender>Illarramendi>Fellaini.

    If Higuain is sealed a DM and AM are now equal priority. A GK, 4th CB and another CM are on a lower priority.

  53. nuudles

    I agree, there is probably no one out there who would want Diaby because of his injury record. Maybe we should try to move him to a pay-per-play deal which automatically turns into a pay-per-week deal when he plays a minimum amount of games (or at least is fit enough to play a minimum amount of games) per season.

  54. mystic

    Wouldn’t worry about Marca, they are just playing games on behalf or Real – the question that does need to be sorted is to which club Higuain is really going to move to.

    His father said about him playing in the PL next season, unless I missed something I don’t think he specifically mentioned Arsenal.

  55. Gooby

    what’s the age limit for being considered an “academy player”

    isn’t the rule 3 years between 15 and 21

    i am quite sure fabregas and gibbs count as arsenal trainees, no?

  56. Oh Theo Theo!

    NM – why doesn’t wonga pick up the phone and get the deal done like Fergie did to him last year to get RvP?

    It’s interesting that all our big players leave quickly for big money and we take a fucking age to get players in for big money.

    i.e. we like money coming in, we don’t like it going out!

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    Diaby signed a contract at the beginning of 2010. Looking at the stats he managed 60 starts and 16 sub appearances in the previous season and that season, so some kind of extension would have made sense. Since then though it’s just been downhill. I’d guess that the ACL injury isn’t connected to his previous issues and is just really bad luck.

  58. N5

    @mystic, I don’t recall seeing any other Prem club linked with him though, I may have missed it and obviously someone could be doing a sly one, but I would be very suprised now if we missed out on him.

  59. The Hig

    Diaby seems to have a great attitude. and a good presence in the dressing room. I personally wouldn’t sell a player who was destined for greatness and got injured like he did until I have rehabilitated him. Maybe Wenger feels guilty cos he sees the guy working hard and never complaining. The Liverpool game is enuf to show the guy is a great player.

  60. Gregg

    No one would want Diaby ? teams would snap him up immediately. Consider how many clubs Keiron Dyer has had and you’ll realise why they’d take a punt on Diaby.

    The thing with Diaby, in his defence is that when fit he gets up to speed quickly and makes a difference. What he cannot do is play regularly. If we get players in then there would be no demand for him to play and could get the required rest. As good an impact sub as you’d ever get in that position.

  61. Moanalisa

    Welcome back Geoff, and stick around this time, don’t go G-OFF.

    I like this cavani to psg rumor, I hope it goes through.

    I recon we’ll sign a keeper, and fabianski would be shown the way out.

  62. Oh Theo Theo!

    nuudles – some of this lack of decisive action from wonga is symptomatic of the lack of pressure he’s under to succeed.

    If the board had set expectations as “no new contract unless you win the league or come second” and “failure NOT an option” – then he would feel the pressure to be more aggressive and decisive.

    We seem to going to reward him with a new contract regardless of what happens next year – so why would be motivated to turn over every stone in a quest for success. He’s being told, again and again that 4th is OK.

  63. Aaron Lemon

    I think there has become a blurring between what the project youth was meant to be about and what it became. Youth projects aren’t just about finding kids and grooming them into something special. It’s about finding the BEST kids out there and grooming them into something special far earlier on, so that the team wins more and for longer. There’s a developmental phase but the rewards should be team spirit and unity like no other, as a foundation for success. But the best kids cost as much as the best adults these days and it’s Chelsea and City’s money that has changed that.

    Now players like Tom Ince cost £8m and it’s no surprise project youth, the proper version, was never pulled off. Top kids used to be affordable, now they cost a fortune. I am sure Wenger’s plan would have been about buying players like Mata, Hazard, El Sharaawy, etc and building a world class team like that. We spent nearly 30m on Theo and The Ox. This level of spending needed to continue but due to the rising cost of young talent, we were priced out of it anyway! Such a shame,

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    @Oh Theo Theo

    All our players don’t leave quickly though.

    As for AW picking up the phone and speaking to RM, maybe he already has, maybe RM are just taking their time. Remember, RvP didn’t sign for ManU till the middle of August

  65. Sir henry Norris

    Hig July 5, 2013 11:11:55

    Anyone think we’ll lose a first teamer this window?

    Yes >>> Vermaelen

  66. N5

    Cheers NM.

    I do feel for Diaby, not in a financial way obviously, but when you are a footballer you want to play football (unless you are squid) and it must kill him having to sit on the sidelines every week knowing that no one has any faith in you what so ever. Still the money would help make it feel better. So fuck him 😀

  67. Mayank


    So many people right now are completely overlooking the AM position because of how good Cazorla is and the fact that everyone reckons JW is going to play AM.

    For me Jack isn’t an AM and Cazorla had way too much to do last season.

    The DM position although a very important one, isn’t as hard to fill as the AM position. The fact that we aren’t even linked to one is worrying.

  68. Oh Theo Theo!

    Gregg – I’d be happier with Diaby in somebody else’s wage bill earning £65K p/w for his 15 games per season.

    Game for game, he may be the highest paid player on the planet!

  69. Usedbutickets

    Wise words Geoff, even if we do get the players in, and as importantly shift out the duffers, we still have the AW problem…. Sooner he is gone the quicker we can move on again as a club really competing for honours, not fourth places!!

  70. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. I think that Higuain will eventually leave Real. But I hope that no other PL club will come and sign him under our nose…

  71. Romford Pele

    Lol Bade, you know we never agree. The fact of the matter is – Wenger has invested time and money in JW and Ramsey. Both will play a significant amount of games next season. When you factor in that a DM is coming and then there’s Arteta, along with Rosicky and Ox who can play there, I guarantee you we won’t be buying a CM.

    And for me and many others, an AM is a huge priority. When we only have one proper creative outlet, we’ll struggle. Wide forwards like Poldi and Theo will always lose the ball. Adding an extra playmaker actually helps the defence because you’re more secure in possession. Wenger found a winning formula with Kos-Mert at the back, now he needs to find it up top to convert all those 0-0 draws we had at the Emirates last season.

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, that’s kinda my feeling too. I have sympathy for him not being able to play. Anyone at the top level of any sport has to be pretty driven to complete and not to be able to must hurt, but as you say he’s been well rewarded for it.

    Shame we couldn’t have made his last deal performance related 😉

  73. The Hig

    I agree with Gregg, Diaby would be a better impact sub in that position than Ramsey. If he comes on at 75 min and plays like he did against Pool, that would be great for us.

  74. Romford Pele

    “So many people right now are completely overlooking the AM position because of how good Cazorla is and the fact that everyone reckons JW is going to play AM.For me Jack isn’t an AM and Cazorla had way too much to do last season.The DM position although a very important one, isn’t as hard to fill as the AM position. The fact that we aren’t even linked to one is worrying.”

    Amen, though i do feel Jovetic is on the radar. Anyway, whop truly knows who we are after. The Poldi signing came out of the blue last season. Hopefully we see a few more of those than this drawn out Higuain saga.

  75. Oh Theo Theo!

    Gooby – I really think that Fellaini should be a real focus signing. Witness what he did to Utd at the start of the season, they just couldn’t handle him….

    He could do that for us, just imagine.

  76. The Hig

    I think Hig knows that at Arsenal he will get what he so badly craves…his name to be first on the team sheet. and that is why he will sign for us other than City/Chelsea/United. He doesn’t seem like a greedy ou.

  77. Gooby

    we will sign Grenier at some point.

    Lyon chairman said he received €7m offer couple of weeks back judging it “disrespectful”

    If Grenier wants to come he will eventually, still has a year left, Lyon need the money.

  78. mystic

    I hope we don’t miss out on Higuain, but teams such s Citeh and Chelski could very easily gazump miserly Arsenal.

    To be honest if Higuain hasn’t signed by the time that teams such as Utd (part of a back off Ronaldo deal) / spuds (part of a Bale deal) get rebuffals regarding their targets it wouldn’t surprise me if they became competitors for his signature as well.

    Players are either being snapped up by our competitors, or they have reputations for spending so it is very unlikely they have finished their business – what do Arsenal have to show so far, Sanogo who might turn out to be a player one day, but unlikely to be next season.

  79. The Hig

    Looking at it, we do need a proper AM. Jack’s a box to box MF. Rosicky should be 3rd choice, although I do like him. When will we see Eisfeld properly. Looked really good in the one game I saw.

  80. Mayank

    “we’ve bid for Grenier.”

    I doubt it. Wenger said that Grenier’s a player he’s followed and the press ran with it.

    I’d be okay with Grenier joining us but I was hoping for a Higuain calibre CAM.

  81. Romford Pele


    Not sure about him. Gnabry and Akpom are more impressive from the current reserve crop.

  82. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there needs to be a careful analysis of our squad requirements for next season and more importantly where they come from.

    1. We finished last season with 24 squad players including Diaby who is unlikely to be fit much before the second half of this season assuming that he can string a few games together.

    2. We have offloaded already Mannone, Squillac,Arshavini and Coquelin. This brings the squad down to 20 players.

    3. There is a possibility that Sagna [if he does not sign new contract] and Gervinho could be offloaded, which brings the squad down to 18.

    4. I cannot see any players loaned out last season who are still on books being
    added to squad i.e. Santos,Frimpong,Miyaichi,Bendtner,Chamakh and Campbell.

    5. It is conceivable that a couple of U21 players might be added to squad e.g.
    Bellerin and Gnabry. I would add Sanogo to the group. None of these players
    will be used outside cup games.

    6. Assuming that happens we are still probably 4 experienced players short
    for next season. Apart from Higuain we need a third goalkeeper,fourth centre
    back and a defensive/box to box midfielder.

  83. Romford Pele

    “I was hoping for a Higuain calibre CAM.”

    For sure. But who are we talking here? Jovetic is the one who only really fits the bill. Eriksen maybe but the Eredvisie is weak? All the best ones aren’t available. And Schalke have said they won’t entertain offers for Draxler.

  84. Romford Pele

    “Wilshere will play in an more advanced role, it is written in the stars”

    He may well do, but he’s a lot better coming from deep. He still hasn’t really mastered how to play between the lines yet.

  85. Mayank


    As much as I like Poldi, not seeing a playmaker out left for the first time since I’ve been following Arsenal is weird. Either Wenger’s gambling on Jack or he’ll buy a playmaking left-winger.

  86. Zoran

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Loads of transfers take a long time. Correct, but partly.

    Chelsea Brought Van Ginkel few days after they showed interest in the player, same as with Schurlle. In the past the same thing. We are swooping for Mata one month, they come and snap him in two days. Hazard the same thing. Demba Ba… how many more shall I list? Always the same thing. 1£-2m negotiating for 3 weeks for that amount. And we are speaking about the 4th 5th richeast club worldwide, the club that can, theoretically come, write a check, and take the desired player. In 5 minutes. like others big clubs, and not to negotiate 1 month.

  87. dialsquare

    I’ve always felt the lumbering no positional awareness Sol Campbell was a novelty signing and made by Wenger only because he came on a free.
    Arsenal winning the Double in 2002 had nothing to do with Campbell it was more down to the quality players in the side.

  88. Zoran

    @Brum Gooner
    Chelsea, PSG, you gave the answear to which club with smaller bugget is doing better. Monaco??Look what they bought, and look at us.
    I can add you Man City, Fernandihno and Navas already landed, and they might snap us Hig as Cavani is going to PSG. and we will be on Sanogo. Very big deal.
    Now, you might say, well they have healthy owners, but I am saying about the bugget of a club like Arsenal. 4th in the world.
    And by the way, that American cunt is also not less healthy, maybe there somewhere with Abramovich and Rybovlew from Monaco.
    And we have a real fan in Alisher, also as owner, unfortunately only with 30% in stakes, and that guy can buy all of them together.

  89. N5

    dial you may be right on his return to the club but his first stint was amazing, he was a real powerhouse and a great defender, we’ve had a few which may have blurred your opinion, like Adams, Kolo etc, but Sol was a very good defender, there is no argument there.

  90. The Hig

    All those players are greedy thats why they sign for Chelsea. Hazard said he’ll sign for the Champions League winner. Either he’s greedy or he never watched how Chelsea won the CL.

  91. nuudles

    Mayank: unless we get Rooney or Cesc we will have:
    – Santi as our starting AM (i.e. in the hole)
    – Rosicky is very able backup despite his age (he is still quicker than most, is a class player)
    – Jack played a lot of attacking MF (admittedly on the wing) at youth stages, he scored tons back then, I think in the short term he will be more of a box-to-box until he grows into the AM role (much like Cesc did for us)
    – Oxo is also a player who I think can be a fantastic AM, but that is in the longer run (his link up play with Rooney for England in the few games they played together was very promising).

    With Santi playing in every league game last season I do not think we need to go out and buy another player for in the hole unless it is in the Cesc/Rooney class. I agree with you that we need a DM more than we need an AM, and I would add that we need a DM more than a CM.

    First priority: CF
    Second priority: DM/physical (VERY) box-to-box
    Third: GK
    Fourth: AM/wing (especially if Gerv goes)

    That is unless Sagna is off in which case replacing him is second priority (or even tied first).

  92. The Hig

    What about Nani at LW? I’m sure Wenger can get his best outa him. Plus signing a United player and him becoming pivotal for us would be great.

  93. leon

    This have got get out of this save a buck mentality so far they have not been willing to go that extra mile to sign the top players so far its only been talk as far as hugain player have geen linked with until its confirmed on sky sports i wont believe it