Why do our signings always become sagas? First I heard of Bergkamp joining was at a press conference

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It never used to be like that, 12 years ago around this time we were unveiling a proper superstar, Sol Campbell.

What was so amazing about that was he was the Spuds captain, the best player they had and we signed him, unbelievable! I only knew we’d signed him because he was unveiled at another press conference, those were the days before Wenger liked to keep us waiting, he does that so we are grateful, by the time they finally arrive we are so happy we’d welcome anyone, remember Santos?

Back to Campbell, it was the semi final of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Glen Hoddle wasn’t sure if he was going to play him against us, when he trotted out for the warm up the entire Spud end erupted, that’s how good he was, he was a game changer and he was just a centre back.

Shortly into the game Ray Parlour did a job on him and he went off, we won that game and the rest is history.

Sol said we were a formidable side and joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.

We won the double that year, that was what happened in those days, we bought world class players and won loads of trophies.

Here’s the interesting thing, we did that with players like Bergkamp, Seaman, Adams, Pires, Henry and Vieira, we did that with just one academy player, Ashley Cole, and funny enough he wasn’t recruited by Wenger, he was from another era. And if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a player without a passport, Cole would have been sold to Palace.

So the myth about our manager being a great discoverer of young talent gets a battering there doesn’t it? Especially as we exchanged him for a sulky French twat and a Spirograph and young Ashley went on to become the best left back in the world. Probably still is.

Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.

Before you say Anelka, Fabregas or Gibbs, please don’t, they were all bought and none of them came through the Academy.

Point is that great players are attracted by other great players, Campbell didn’t come because he heard Wenger gave kids a chance, he came to play with world class players and win trophies under a manager considered to be the best.

When Wenger was winning all that silverware, he spent proper money, the recruiting youth policy hasn’t worked boss, so please revert to what you were doing before, you were good at that.

So making your first acquisition a French kid with a history of injuries, isn’t quite what we all had in mind.

Now I’m not saying he won’t be the next Henry, but I think we are all a little fed up with waiting, they rarely make it.

Theo has only last season looked the player we spent large on, and he’s now our longest serving player, so how many years did we have to wait? He’s not a young player anymore boss, yet he’s been in our team for 7 years. And only now has he come good.

Don’t even mention we could have bought Gareth Bale at the same time…

In an ideal world, we should go out and sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic and Williams.

Now as we speak I understand Higuain is undergoing a medical and will soon be an Arsenal player, if that’s true, I am delighted, he was my number one target up front and is just what we need to win games, a true Fox in the box.

Once we have him, the rest would come, the bonus ball for me would be Rooney or Lewandowski.

And guess what, £70 odd million would cover it, as for the wages being part of that figure, they are but only the first year, I would say we have enough money coming back from players that have left to more than cover that.

Wenger screwing about looking for a pat on the back for saving money is a gamble that will backfire, a gamble that will spell another year where we don’t challenge.

Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach, if we go another season without seriously threatening, we will lose all our best players and a lot of our fans.

I wrote a post years ago about the Emperor having no clothes, after the Wigan game and booingebouegate.

I still think he has no clothes but most of the board think he has, this really is a perfect opportunity to make us great again, blow it on kids and Wenger will lose his legacy, buy from the above list and he will go down as our greatest ever manager, the ball is in the Emperors court.

A big well done to Pedro writing all those posts on his own, although I haven’t been around I have been reading, hopefully I can occasionally offer an opinion that is from the dark side, so enjoy!

Finally as for signing Suarez, that rumour is as daft as us signing Barry, he wants to leave because of the press, so what London has no press? Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!


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  1. bnsb

    Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

    I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

    tsk… tsk…

  2. Oh Theo Theo!

    Geoff – finally a voice of sanity. You are right in what you say – we need 4 players to challenge. Sign them up and quickly and we are back in the game.

    Fuck about and we’re still not going to content this year. Simple as.

  3. Geoff

    Morning people thanks!

    I think we have always been 3 or 4 players away from domination, I just hope the mad one has finally realised that!

  4. canonier

    TBH Geoff I’d lost my enthusiasm for all things Arsenal these last few years but if the bear has reappeared then maybe there’s a glimmer of light on the football horizon…come on Wenger set things straight!!

  5. gats

    Welcome back Geoff. Now onto more seriuos matters.

    Fuck Wenger,Fuck Gazidas, Fuck Sir Chips and Fuck Hnerys statue. Also I have been accused of not abusing Kroenke, so Fuck Kroenke as well.

  6. Mark

    Word is in Spain the Hig is in Madrid – no improved offer made and he may be tempted to stay there. AW pussyfooting aroung again to save pennies. Getting sick of this. AW piss on the pot or get off! I hope I’m wrong and we have a new star but my guts are telling me otherwise.

  7. Savage

    Back in 2002 there was nothing like the social media and “reseller” webspace that we have now – signings took a long time but we were not aware of it until the announcement.

    I do remember the Campbell saga dragging on for a while, with Barcelona making a 200k per week salary offer before he chose us.

    All the big clubs have long running transfers. Man Utd and Carrick, Chelsea and Essien/Drogba, City and Cavani, City and RVP, Spurs and Moutinho, Arsenal and everyone.

  8. Savage

    In the last two decades, the biggest transfer failing would still have to go to Man Utd after they missed out on Ronaldinho. That was a big story at the time.

  9. pinkz

    NB is not silly and wont take a pay cut on his wages – we wouldnt, so why would he? need to lower the fee near enough giving him away for someone to take his wages.

  10. Obsessed with 3

    It’s imperative that we show intent to be attractive to further talent/big names in all transfer windows. Hopefully Higuain will break the ice. If Higuain is signing, we should have kept Sonogo’s quiet and announced him as the first of the summer.

  11. gambon

    “In the last two decades, the biggest transfer failing would still have to go to Man Utd after they missed out on Ronaldinho. That was a big story at the time.”

    Erm….us missing out on Ronaldo cos we were trying to be cheap?

  12. gats

    Mate you are confusing long running transfers for worldclass players for shite players. We have had close to 8 fucking years of long drawn out sagas for shite players. The other teams might have long sagas but for actual top quality players.

  13. Gregg

    4 players from competing i’d agree with, certainly need more than that to dominate. But get the four this year, have your spine/base in place and then add one or two top class players the year after and so on. It’s too much to expect three steps forward in one transfer window, it will take next season to bed, maybe win a cup and then we could be ready to really challenge for the big pots the year after.

  14. gambon

    \Obsessed with 3

    Lets face it, with the amount of time its taken to secure Higuain, the fact is we probably wont sign another top player, we wont have time.

    I wouldnt look too far beyond Higuain & Cesar.

    We will certainly sign a CB and DM cos weve let Squillaci, Djourou, Denilson, Coquelin go…..but I wouldnt expect more Higuain level £20m players.

  15. Romford Pele

    Good post Geoff, nice to see you back.

    Only qualms I have with the post are that Henry, Pires and Vieria weren’t WC when we signed them.

  16. Romford Pele

    “Back in 2002 there was nothing like the social media and “reseller” webspace that we have now – signings took a long time but we were not aware of it until the announcement.”

    Too true.

  17. jules

    Does anyone think Vermalen would be worth a go as a defensive midfielder if we don’t sign anyone for that position??

  18. Savage

    @gambon, Missing out on Ronaldo wasn’t high profile at the time. Man Utd had a strategic partnership with Sporting Lisbon, which facilitated the transfer. Ronaldinho was a big story, with Barcelona saying Man Utd didn’t know how to negotiate.

    @gats, we’re talking about high profile players here of course. We’re on the same page.

  19. shad

    And yep, this is just like the past transfer windows. Other clubs making moves while AW is busy jerking off to a poster of Diaby. I’m sick and tired of this bollocks. Not holding my breath for any mercurial signing.

    Wenger Out!

  20. Romford Pele

    “Does anyone think Vermalen would be worth a go as a defensive midfielder if we don’t sign anyone for that position??”

    This gets banded about and is hugely anoying. Just because he’s tenacious and can tackle does not mean he’ll make a good DM.

  21. ughelligooner

    Geof you really hate arsene wenger.. No wonder all the N.A.K.Bs are calling for you to come back and spur them on the hate mission when Pedro regressed on the hate a bit and was giving us hope.

  22. andy1886

    Great to see you back Geoff.

    I like your list, assuming that Hig is in the bag then Fellaini should be next, no stupid quibbling over a few quid! For me anything else would be a bonus. No more young Frech players though – I saw someone bigging up Grenier the other day and his stats are worse than Gervinho’s were in the same league. Non, Non, Non Msr Wenger!!!!!

  23. Geoff

    Well Henry went to Juve from Monaco for £11mil, Madrid were trying to land Pires and Vieira was playing for Inter but you could see where he was going, especially after his debut against Wednesday.

    And none of them were cheap.

    My point was when Campbell joined, they were all world class.

    Also there may not have been social media back in the day, but there wasn’t a transfer window either…

  24. Mayank

    Great to see Geoff back, hopefully coupled with Higuain signing today we can get a new entry in the hopelessly outdated ‘Most Popular Posts’

  25. gambon

    And Savage

    I remember Wenger saying after we signed Nasri that transfers are just much much harder these days, due to players being holding more power than before, image rights etc.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Good article.

    Wenger’s initial success occurred when we had a stable defence. None were
    brought in by him and of course the sublime Bergkamp.

    We recruited also some very good players during the formative years, but I agree our youth policy has not actually been that productive. Apart from Cole
    and Wilshire we have not actually produced that many good players from scratch.

    Many players such as Fabregas came from other football academies.

    The sad fact is that for all Arsenal’s parsimony and caution we have not been
    particularly successful in recruiting world class players in recent years. Fabregas and Van Persie are the last 2 on our books.

    The Higuain story appears to roll on. Marca have done a Uturn today suggesting that he may stay at Real Madrid. The story is becoming boring and it is
    also a reflection on our management that we are appear so often indecisive in
    our dealings particularly when compared to many other clubs.

  27. Leedsgunner

    “Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.”

    First things first, welcome back Geoff — it’s great to have you back where you belong. This of course is not to take away anything away from Pedro, he has done a sterling job in pontificating all things Arsenal – especially there was so little to write about.

    Second, I remember reading a quote a while back from Wenger (stated in 1997) that his intention was to build a team from our youth academy. As you rightly say Geoff, that project has miserably failed. In fact, we would have done better to strike up a partnership with notable youth programmes like that in Crewe Alexandra and had better results for the all the resources we’ve thrown at it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not not criticising Liam Brady, he did the best he could but he was continually undermined by Wenger with his transfer policy. I mean what is the point of having a youth academy if you were going to pinch prospects from clubs like Barcelona anyway? Talk about a confused policy?!

    Yes, yes, yes, it’s true that this policy “discovered” Cesc for us but ultimately it was a failure because he didn’t want to stay with us. In fact, Wenger’s insistence in looking to the future at the expense of ignoring the present has cost this club trophies. Want proof? Have a think about the first team players who left us say in the past three seasons — they won things… in fact I’m sure we could put together a ex-Arsenal side from 2010 onwards who have pushed on and won whilst our club have stood still.

  28. Romford Pele

    That’s fair Geoff, can’t argue with that for sure. We’ll see what happens in the rest of this window. There’s been a lot of outgoings, so unless Wenger is planning to promote loads from the reserves (which is highly unlikely), I’d say there are still a few (3) to come in. Naturally i’m not holding my breath, but the signs are positive for a change. If i’m wrong, I’ll duly hold my hands up.

  29. Dan


    What exactly are you sick and tired of? Are you living in a hole?

    Transfer record about to be broken.
    Other targets identified in key areas that we need.
    Top quality being the focus.
    Shifting out the shite.

    None of this promoting from within and scraping by with massive holes in the squad and 1st team as we have ionthe past. It finally looks like its been addressed

  30. mystic

    @ Mark
    Wouldn’t worry too much about the Higuain staying rumours – he is the one who has made it clear he wants out – though to Arsenal is another matter altogether.

    Geoff you are right that Wenger’s ability to pluck the unknown is overrated, but many players have insisted that he prolonged their careers, so we need to give him credit where it is due.

    However, the reality now is that the old duffer has no idea of how to move on and the club are pathetic in the way they allow him to dictate. Mind you as I have always maintained, Kroenke is his boss and would not have got involved unless he wanted to somehow screw Arsenal and had the right subservient people in place to help him do so.

    3rd / 4th place is all these fucking twats are interested in and as long as Wenger serves up their limited ambition (which he is quite capable of doing) he will remain their hero.

    Under the current regime Arsenal will not progress forward, merely tread water. IF Huguain does sign, expect to see the vultures circle and an existing player (Cazorla / Wilshire / Podolski?) sold to balance the books – the team will remain static and the squad as weak as it already is.

  31. Savage

    Geoff, I think we’re not far away from your wishes – that would be interesting. Usually the LG crowd are asking for way more than we will ever sign (the total overhaul), but the noises are pretty clear that we’ve been active on four positions (ignoring Sanogo, which was just opportunistic).

    I’m also intrigued at how much quieter the complaints about our defence are now. It seems that most people are retaining our current back four in their dream teams.

  32. Vintage Gun

    Geoffs our new attacker. I got the scoop last night. Higuain and Rooney were just smokescreens…

    BTW Geoff how on earth did you pass your medical?

  33. ughelligooner

    Or should i say A.W.Hs (Arsene Wenger Haters) since you Geof is the Chief of them all on this blog. Well you have choosen. Arsenal fc fans are now categorised into A.W.H and A.K.B. Nuetrals are not allowed.

  34. N5

    “Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.”

    Gold, great to see you back Geoff we’ve missed your humerous anger. Great post and as you said props to Pedders for being able to find stuff to write about every day.

    Now the duo is back together (ying-yang) the Grove feels complete again.

  35. andy1886

    Ugh, I suspect Geoff like a lot of us hates what AW and his motley crew have done to Arsenal over the past few years. AFC existed and won trophies before Wenger and will do again, most likely once he packs his bags.

  36. gambon


    “I saw someone bigging up Grenier the other day and his stats are worse than Gervinho’s were in the same league. Non, Non, Non Msr Wenger!!!!!”

    Not really accurate.

    At the same age Gervinho played 33 games, with 7 goals and 1 assist

    Grenier this season 28 games, with 7 goals and 6 assists

    Grenier looks to have more talent that Gervinho, who, lets face it….struggles to kick a ball properly.

    Its literally like watching someone who has never played the game sometimes.

    I dont want Grenier, but your comparison was poor.

  37. Obsessed with 3

    @ Gambon

    You’re may be right, but I have a feeling (could be the sunshine messing with my head) that we may sign someone else in the same price range, albeit not necessarily as talented as Higuain. You can’t argue with the fact that we’re a more attractive club if we are actually signing talented players as opposed to selling ’em.
    Key phrase “IF we are actually signing TALENTED players”.

  38. gambon

    ” Usually the LG crowd are asking for way more than we will ever sign (the total overhaul”

    We have so far released 20 players, as well as sold Mannone, and almost Bendtner, and loaned Coquelin & Djourou.

    We are looking to get rid of Santos and Park.

    If you dont think we are going through an overhaul (24 players gone) then you arent looking hard enough.

  39. KJafc

    “I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…” 🙂

    “Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!”

    Great end to your post Geoff.

    I have been saying for a while that 2013/14 could be where the big change takes place. I have genuinely believed that. But of course it is all dependent on the quality of the signings we make, we know where our problems are. Higuain is a fantastic start, a much needed ‘experienced’ finisher and I believe others will follow. And we have not had to wave goodbye to our best players for a change!

    There can be no more excuses, so lets look forward not back and enjoy what I believe is the return of this great football club, Gooners.

  40. Romford Pele

    “I dont want Grenier, but your comparison was poor.”

    Yep, that’s someone blatantly going on stats there. Hard to judge Grenier as this was his first real breakthrough season, but he’s a million times more talented than Gervinho. He’s kind of a mix of Pires and Nasri and is also a dead-ball specialist. I can see why we’re going for him as he only has a year left on his contract, however, i’m still harbouring hope that we’ll bring in Jovetic, especially as Draxler isn’t on the market.

  41. DUIFG

    Maicon is available, would be a vast improvement on Sagna. Push jenks into first team with Macon as back up.

  42. Romford Pele

    Jules, definitely not mate. You’d have to train him up in that position which will take long enough. better off just buying a specialist

  43. Savage

    @gambon, agreed, but what seems different is that the LG lot usually ask for WAY more than we’re likely to get, but I’m hearing that we’re not as far away this time. Admittedly most here would like 3 big spend signings and I only think we’ll get 2 (the DM being the other).

  44. Romford Pele

    DUIFG, you’ve not watched Maicon in a while. he’s so washed up it’s unreal. He gets left for dead on a consistent basis nowadays. And besides, he’s the wrong side of 30 – definitely can’t defend like Sagna either.

  45. Romford Pele

    Great minds NM 😉


    I think we may also go big on another playmaker – maybe that’s just false hope on my part though!

  46. Savage

    Bundesliga better than Ligue 1 for Coquelin – a good move for him. But the fact that he hasn’t made it by this stage means he’ll never be more than a squad player for us.

  47. Bade

    I can’t see Arsene NOT signing at least one top midfielder

    With Le Coq heading towards exit, we have only Arteta, Ramsey & Jack to play in the middle of the park in the holding role.

    Now I know we can use Rosicky or OX there as well, but honestly, they’re better be playing the N.10 position that one of the 2 holding roles. And both are far far from being a starting position material

    Jack is great but he’s so crocked we simply can’t consider him more than a fringe squad player. If we build on him for next season that would be one big fat recklessness. We can’t keeping risking him. The next injury might be a career ending one for him I fear.

    As for Arteta, well, I like him a lot but he’s not getting any younger, he’s done a fabulous job for 2 seasons but I can’t see him playing a starting role next season & honestly, if we’re after assembling a winning side, Arteta mustn’t be a starter but the cover option. The noise around making Per the next captain, by overlooking Arteta who’s currently the vice captain, indicates he’s not going to play a major part next season, so that means new 1st choice signing is on the cards.

    As for Ramsey, he’s still miles away from being adequate to start for a championship winning side. I like him & last season’s performance earned a place in the squad for me, but not more. Arteta is much better than him at the moment, so if he’s a 2nd fiddle, then Ramsey should be as well.

    So I’m totally certain at least one midfielder is coming on. As for the 2nd, Arsene might be pondering the chance of sharing the DM role between Ramsey & Arteta alternately but again, this would be piny pinching strategy. We need 4 holding midfielders bar Jack. We currently have only two & one new comer will make it three, which is still very insufficient if we’re looking at a 60 games long season in a high pace & intensity …..

  48. Sleek

    Geoff is back and so is the moaning!

    Geoff, Dicky Law does the negotiations and not Wenger! Guess it’s hard to like someone once you dislike them eh?

  49. N5

    I’m glad they’ve loaned Coquelin and not sold him, I think he has so much more potential than we are currently seeing, it would be a shame to see him gone for good.

  50. gambon

    Grenier reminds me of Juninho Pernambucano.

    Good player, good prospect and great at set pieces, but probably never gonna be a world class player cos his all round attacking play doesnt look amazing.

  51. Romford Pele


    I agree on the Bundesliga front RE Coquelin. I do think he’s a big talent though, it’s just that he doesn’t offer any different to the current crop of midfielders we have. Unless he wants to carve out a position at RB, it’ll be hard for him to break through here. We’ll have no problems selling him but I wouldn’t mind including a buyback clause.

  52. Dan

    Grenier would be a good squad player and an upgrade on Gerv. There would be no pressure on him and could be eased in gradually.

    Maicon would be a bad a move. As good as he was something isnt right if he cant get a game at city. I know Zabaleta had a great season but Maicon was one of the best wing backs/full back in the world 3-4 years ago.
    His legs are gone, the prem is too quick for him and as good he was going forward he cant defend for shit.

  53. jules


    Of course I would much buy a finished article of a player but knowing how this club works and all that! I think he could do a job there if more disciplined not to get drawn out of position. I only suggest it has if he is staying won’t be first or second choice CB and has a few of the Qualiideess to play in that role and I like his attitude when he does play .At least he has aggression, a shot , a pass and a tackle. An improvement on dopey bollox Song!

  54. gambon

    Coquelin has no future at Arsenal, this loan isnt about development, its about putting him in the shop window.

    A good season and we can sell for £6m, currently we would get £2m.

  55. andy1886

    Gambon/Romford, fair enough, I was going on a comparison of Gerv’s last season in France with Grenier this year, but it’s true stats are only one measure. I still would prefer we sign the finished article, players tend to regress under AW and let’s be honest Nasri wasn’t all that really, half a good season and that was it. Why waste our budget when we should be paying the extra 2 or 4 million for Fellaini or Bender.

  56. Savage

    If Coq was that good, Wenger would have played him – he’s young and French. I also like him, but Wenger sees them in training every day.

    To be fair, I think DM is a position you need stability and there was never a reason to drop Arteta. Coq has always been a touch wild. Like Frimpong.

    If we get a top DM, Arteta could push forward – I’d like to see him taking more shots.

  57. gambon

    Nasri was & is a top player. No doubt.

    Exactly what we could do with now to balance out Walcott & Podolski.

  58. Romford Pele

    Jules, Vermaelen can’t even master his own position so let’s not talk about DM. You also need to be a great passer, something I think he lacks severely. Every game i’m at, he tries this long diagonal to Theo and it never comes off – so infuriating. His brain isn’t quick enough to play in midfield.

  59. Romford Pele


    As I said, it’s hard to judge on Grenier, this has been his breakthrough season at Lille. I’d need to see him more often to make a fair assumption, but with regards to a number 10, we can do much better than him right now.

  60. mystic

    I see people using the fact that so many have left the club as proof that others will come in and that a change is in place. How many of the outgoings will actually be missed as first teamers?

    Umpteen who have already left / are leaving were out on loan. Quite a few were simply in the youth teams. At the moment from what I can tell only 3rd place goalkeeper Mannone was actually part of the active squad (he can easily be replaced with Martinez).

    Assume that Fabianski and Gervinho go, that hardly leaves a gaping hole – though probably increases the likelihood of another keeper – Schwartzer would suit Wenger as he is available on a free and wouldn’t stunt Chesneys’s (can never spell his name) growth.

    I so hope I am wrong about not buying players such as Higuain…. but to do so would indicate a sign of intent and that is not something I have seen any evidence of.

  61. Romford Pele

    We’re definitely in the market for a DM – the fact we bid £19m for Lars Bender tells you so. I’d love him, he’s a beast. But with Leverkeusen already losing two top players this summer, I’d doubt they’d want to lose their best player before the season starts, especially with them in CL this year.

  62. andy1886

    Re the youth Geoff, that’s one of the consequences of a pretty average first team. If you already have a strong side it’s not so difficult to blood one or two youth players and give them a few games. Because the first XI has been so weak over the past 6-8 years we haven’t had that luxury. I can think of a number of youth players that looked pretty average first showing, but we were able to give them a few games and they adapted. A certain Mr R Parlour springs to mind (gave away a pen against Pool in his first game I recall).

  63. Leedsgunner

    We have squad players at the club already. What we need to buy are world class starters. It might be a hard truth to swallow but apart from Cazorla — all our starting 11 would be squad players are other clubs. that’s why for my money I wouldn’t have gone for Sanogo and wouldn’t recommend Grenier — they are squad players. We need to invest our resources an acquiring world class tallent not padding out our books against especially when we’ve just let 24 players leave the club!

  64. Romford Pele

    To be honest, I see no problem signing youth, as long as it doesn’t directly impact on your first team proceedings.

  65. Romford Pele

    Arsenal love annoucning news on a Friday. They’ve confirmed Djourou has gone now too. Hopefully Higuain IN

  66. Jidster Talabi

    Great to have a post from the bear again. We must really have a lot of people sworn to silence concerning Arsenal’s moves in this transfer window. The apparent level of inactivity is frightening. We need to have the full squad ready before the UCL qualification games.

  67. jules


    Apparently we bid for Capoue in Jan. He is highly rated but confess I have not actually seen enough of him. Not Ramsey who people started to rave about as had some ok games. Gives the ball away to cheaply in dangerous positions . Not the answer at all! Hopefully if the Bender bid is true, it shows we are serious about that position!

  68. DUIFG

    Romford dan ye I am dubious over Maicon in the sense he was 3 rd choice last yr. we need a new rb though as Sagna is totally cooked. As things stand there is not going to be money in the pot for an rb, we will have to go free transfer route. Maybe prompting bellerin and sacking off Sagna entirely is the safest option.

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    I agree with Gambon, Coquelin has gone. He’ll only be with us next year if he breaks something serious or is a major flop

  70. Dublin Gunner!!!

    Its a pitty our club dont follow le groves mould and change it up a bit when the going gets tough!! Welcome back Big Geoff!! But my hats off to pedro, every day wit out fair le grove is there for us!! I love u le grove, ur the best!!!:-)

  71. nuudles

    I agree, I also think we are looking for a bit of physical presence in the midfield, hence the Bender bid, the strong Fellaini interest and the rumblings about Capoue. The first two are more “proven” but I would be happy with any one of the above, probably in order of preference: Fellaini, Bender, Capoue.

    Then we no longer need to rely on the always injured Diaby to have someone who can provide a bit of power in the midfield. Not that Diaby has tons of power, but the way he moves about in midfield when he is on the ball is what we need.

  72. Romford Pele


    Can’t say I agree RE Sagna. Granted he wasn’t the best last year, but that could be expected after suffering two broken legs in one season the year before. I, however, believe that last season shouldn’t undo the 3/4 good years he’s had at the club. His experience is vital and he’s still a very good defender. We’ve often bemoaned the lack of experience at times so I don’t advocate getting rid of Sagna just left. Best case scenario is that he stays this season and leaves on a free next year. Hopefully by then Jenks will be ready to be first choice. And with Bellerin just signing a new contract, you’d expect him to feature in the 2014/15 season.

  73. Biggles

    Left field idea of the day – sign Carlton Cole.

    Ignoring last season where he was mostly a sub, he scores about as frequently as Giroud or Podolski. Except for the fact that they were playing for Arsenal, who are the better team with the most possession in the majority of matches they play, as opposed to playing for West Ham, who generally are the underdogs.

    Better team might mean more goals.

    Just a thought.

  74. Romford Pele


    I really like Capoue, and yes it’s true that we had a bid rejected for him in January. What’s interesting is that the French journos don’t seem to rate him that highly – they all think Gonalons is better. I’d take him too though.

    Ramsey has been good since the turn of the year, but he’s a box-to-box midfielder rather than a DM so his presence shouldn’t stop us from signing a new DM.

  75. Josip Skoblar

    Sir Alex more famously missed out on ZZ when he left Bordeaux… He was already a great prospect then and was playing for France.

  76. N5

    That Bender one as good as it would be seems like a 100% no go, they said they don’t need the money and wouldn’t sell him for any price, if that is true then Dick Law would have to be superman to negotiate from that basis, maybe offer them Gerviho, Chamakh and Diaby! 😀

  77. Romford Pele

    “Left field idea of the day – sign Carlton Cole.”

    I’ll have some of what you’re smoking please. Looooooooool

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the Capoue / Fellaini / Bender links are more of an addition rather than a replacement to Diaby, (not that I think Diaby has a future with us). Diaby isn’t really a DM, more box to box. I know Fellaini plays more of an AM role at Everton, but his preferred position is further back.

  79. Josip Skoblar

    Grenier reminds me of Juninho Pernambucano.
    Good player, good prospect and great at set pieces, but probably never gonna be a world class player cos his all round attacking play doesnt look amazing.]

    Good and fair assessment. (I don’t want Grenier either) That said, Juninho in his pomp was a better player. He had more attacking flair and scored more goals than Grenier.

  80. Dan


    Just because there isnt things reported in the media it doesnt mean we are inactive. The club knows time is of the essence and due to the level of outgoings there is a certainty that we will be strengthening but not necessarily in this first two weeks, even tho that would be more preferable.
    3 worldies – Hig, Fellani/Bender/Capoue, Rooney/Cesc/Jovetic
    3 squadies – Sanogo, Grenier, Williams

  81. andy1886

    Gambon, I think we’re going to have to disagree over Nasri. Inconsistent and lazy IMO. Has talent, so far has generally not lived up to it.

  82. Nasri's Mouth


    It wouldn’t surprise me if we go back in for Bender. Might depend on whether the player himself has sat up and thought about his future and the potential of a few more k in his back pocket every week. If the player starts making noises behind the scenes at his club, an improved offer might do the job.

  83. Savage

    Cole was a flavour of the month player, another bullet dodged. Can you believe that we were talking about Diame as a must-sign-or-else option not so long ago? Imagine trying to get rid of him?

  84. Romford Pele

    I’m still laughing lol. So Carlton Cole who was deemed surplus to requirements at West Ham is good enough for Arsenal?! Certainly joke of the day!

  85. DUIFG

    If we are going for a lump I heard zigic was available from bham! We were in for him a couple of years ago, scary.

  86. jules

    Lets not even count Diaby! Two good games in as many years etc etc. Was at the game v Everton at the Emirates when Fellaini played in front of the back four as a DM and was awesome. Yes please.

  87. Romford Pele

    RSPC – Don’t know about a DM in today, but I would expect one to be brought in before the window closes. The sooner the better obviously.

  88. nuudles


    I agree the interest is probably meant in addition and not in place of Diaby. My point was that Diaby is effectively not an Arsenal player, and therefore we need someone who can actually do what Diaby’s actual role in the team is. If Diaby was always fit and could always operate at the level of the start of last season Liverpool game then the need for a physical presence in the midfield would be less (it would still have been awesome in that make-pretend land if we could get one of Bender/Fellaini/Capoue AND have a fully fit Diaby).

    But as we all know too well: Diaby is virtually always out and for the 2-5 games a season he is fit he needs at least a couple of games to get up to speed. He is useless to us unless we can get 20+ games a season out of him, and if past is any indication of the future: thats NOT going to happen.