Why do our signings always become sagas? First I heard of Bergkamp joining was at a press conference

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It never used to be like that, 12 years ago around this time we were unveiling a proper superstar, Sol Campbell.

What was so amazing about that was he was the Spuds captain, the best player they had and we signed him, unbelievable! I only knew we’d signed him because he was unveiled at another press conference, those were the days before Wenger liked to keep us waiting, he does that so we are grateful, by the time they finally arrive we are so happy we’d welcome anyone, remember Santos?

Back to Campbell, it was the semi final of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Glen Hoddle wasn’t sure if he was going to play him against us, when he trotted out for the warm up the entire Spud end erupted, that’s how good he was, he was a game changer and he was just a centre back.

Shortly into the game Ray Parlour did a job on him and he went off, we won that game and the rest is history.

Sol said we were a formidable side and joining us was special, for the first time he was surrounded by truly great players.

We won the double that year, that was what happened in those days, we bought world class players and won loads of trophies.

Here’s the interesting thing, we did that with players like Bergkamp, Seaman, Adams, Pires, Henry and Vieira, we did that with just one academy player, Ashley Cole, and funny enough he wasn’t recruited by Wenger, he was from another era. And if it wasn’t for the fact that we had a player without a passport, Cole would have been sold to Palace.

So the myth about our manager being a great discoverer of young talent gets a battering there doesn’t it? Especially as we exchanged him for a sulky French twat and a Spirograph and young Ashley went on to become the best left back in the world. Probably still is.

Since then, and that makes 12 years, how many players have we had that came through from our academy? One, Jack Wilshere, not a great record is it? 17 years and one product from our world famous academy.

Before you say Anelka, Fabregas or Gibbs, please don’t, they were all bought and none of them came through the Academy.

Point is that great players are attracted by other great players, Campbell didn’t come because he heard Wenger gave kids a chance, he came to play with world class players and win trophies under a manager considered to be the best.

When Wenger was winning all that silverware, he spent proper money, the recruiting youth policy hasn’t worked boss, so please revert to what you were doing before, you were good at that.

So making your first acquisition a French kid with a history of injuries, isn’t quite what we all had in mind.

Now I’m not saying he won’t be the next Henry, but I think we are all a little fed up with waiting, they rarely make it.

Theo has only last season looked the player we spent large on, and he’s now our longest serving player, so how many years did we have to wait? He’s not a young player anymore boss, yet he’s been in our team for 7 years. And only now has he come good.

Don’t even mention we could have bought Gareth Bale at the same time…

In an ideal world, we should go out and sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic and Williams.

Now as we speak I understand Higuain is undergoing a medical and will soon be an Arsenal player, if that’s true, I am delighted, he was my number one target up front and is just what we need to win games, a true Fox in the box.

Once we have him, the rest would come, the bonus ball for me would be Rooney or Lewandowski.

And guess what, £70 odd million would cover it, as for the wages being part of that figure, they are but only the first year, I would say we have enough money coming back from players that have left to more than cover that.

Wenger screwing about looking for a pat on the back for saving money is a gamble that will backfire, a gamble that will spell another year where we don’t challenge.

Someone needs to take away negotiations from him and tell him to coach, if we go another season without seriously threatening, we will lose all our best players and a lot of our fans.

I wrote a post years ago about the Emperor having no clothes, after the Wigan game and booingebouegate.

I still think he has no clothes but most of the board think he has, this really is a perfect opportunity to make us great again, blow it on kids and Wenger will lose his legacy, buy from the above list and he will go down as our greatest ever manager, the ball is in the Emperors court.

A big well done to Pedro writing all those posts on his own, although I haven’t been around I have been reading, hopefully I can occasionally offer an opinion that is from the dark side, so enjoy!

Finally as for signing Suarez, that rumour is as daft as us signing Barry, he wants to leave because of the press, so what London has no press? Anyway, he looks like a Llama. An ugly one.

I think the confusion came when someone said if Higuain offered to join us they would bite his arm off, then the Suarez story started…

Have a great day Grovers, this could be our season!


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  1. Goner Joe

    I am happy to be where I am rather then to be in that horrible place you are bitter,bitter,bitter because therese some date on a calendar since Arsenal has won a prize.
    In the real world people look at the reasons for this awful injustice.

  2. Bob N7

    Bermy Boy is it just Arsenal or is your whole life bitter? I hope for your sake that this is your way of getting bile out of your system otherwise, f**k me, your life must ache. You’re sucked into journalistic laziness ( 8 years without a trophy blah, blah). It was never like this but then people’s expectations have got unrealistic. That’s how as a society we ‘allow’ our government to borrow £10 billion a month so we can live above our means. Everybody expects far too much- flat screen TV., cable blah’ blah, blah( sorry ranting). Then when your football team only finishes 3/4th you throw your rattle out of the pram……it comes across as pretty spoilt.

  3. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    More poor arsenic Wenger management has come back to haunt him…52 ink not happy with starting salary so he remains on our bench for the fulham gsme

  4. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Goner Joe, huhhh?

    Nope, you dick, nobody looks at the history books and goes – well Wolverhampton wanderers did really well for finishing 5th in 1933 coz their centre foward was injured for 6 months..


  5. Rocky87

    So the latest is that our bid for Hig has not been accepted.

    The Arsenal transfer comedy show continues!

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Bob agree,,
    However it’s standards set each year and the club fail to reach them, fourth is good if only a few years earlier you were a mid table team, however a few years ago we had doubles and world beaters.
    All down to arsenic and his shocking management

  7. pistolpete

    What do you expect when your dealing with arsehole wenger. To bloody tight, the penny pinching old fool. Pay the fee or piss off and buy someone else. This man makes me mad.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Oh desire me,,
    Tonight I’m baby sitting with the people who adore arsenic an his poison management.


    Wow Bob.Can i call you Bob?That was a mouthful ,do you feel better now.
    You do understand ,this site runs off of OPINION ,we all have one.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    Nick b

    Team home 1 st game

  11. Bob N7

    Dial square- you’re right about Chelsea. It is possible for a billionaire to buy success. We haven’t gone down that road. Is that what you want..Usmanov to come in, money no object? Could be fun I agree but holding them up as an example…not sure…

  12. Goner Joe

    Nice to see your up to your normal standard if you can’t win a debate you resort to insults and rubbish who gives a fuck about any other team were talking Arsenal.

  13. Bob N7

    Sorry Bermy if I went off on one, it’s just that sometimes I can’t help but react to a perceived negativity which winds me up. I honestly feel we’re not far away and we should keep the faith( not with Wenger particularly) but where we are as club. Maybe I am overly optimistic but as I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s my right!
    Peace and love!

  14. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Goner Joe – look at the tables for the last 50 years and tell me;-

    1. The teams that won the title and cups.
    2. The teams that worked within their means, worked hard, we’re unlucky and didnt win anything,.

    Go on.


    I too have gone bi polar, and sometimes still do when i get the wind up my ass.
    It’s all good…..no harm no foul.

  16. Goner Joe

    I am not happy with 4th but I am willing to try to understand the reasons why we are finishing in 3rd-4th and it’s not because Wenger is a bad manager.

  17. GoonerDave

    These reports of Higuain at airports/being pencilled in for medicals etc. are getting ridiculous.
    We do drag these deals out but if we could make a signing or two before the tour, all will be forgiven!
    I’d like us to have a proper start at the season this time out – be nice to have the players we want settled in well for it. Otherwise, we will be playing catch up again.

  18. dialsquare

    When the Higuain deal collapses, Wenger will come out and say: “It was all speculation from the media we never made any contacts with Higuain.”

  19. Samir

    Arsenal are a fucking joke.

    Where are the players we dearly need?

    Pull your finger out Wenger, cunt.



  21. Goldinho

    Just come home , been on the bugle all day and even had half a bumble getting stick of my pals about what cheap cunts we are , and guess what , we are the cheapest cunts in the game

  22. leon

    I feel that arsensl cannot let this saga drag on they still need to get cb,keeper,dm, and a play msker in addition to another striker.at leadt wenger has off loaded dj park if the can off load bretna chamakh santos and gilvenho

  23. Relieable sauce

    Top post Geoff & welcome back.

    Campbells desire for success drove his brave move across North London. True winner & completely vindicated in his decision.
    Very similar to the RVP saga.

  24. Toli83

    Reliable sauce.

    Too true and a great point. Yesteryear players left us and went no where. These days they go and do better.

    Sol in the current age would leave us to UTD or Chelsea,
    Sad but true.

  25. Relieable sauce


    Illamarendi, Alacantara & Xisco are the next gen Alonso, Xavi & iniesta according to some bbc report. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
    Cesc is & will remain the wasted utility man i guess???
    He is undervalued & underused by Spain & Barca.
    Arsene sold him short as well.

  26. Santos

    800 comments on Le Grove? Good times are back.

    Where are the fcking signings? Rooney called off? Can’t we just move to our other targets?


    it’s asswipe at the helm

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Do we think No.2 being vacated means an incoming defender?

    Not much point in taking the No.2 shirt away from Diaby otherwise…unless he believes it’s unlucky or something, in which case little late to come to that conclusion with only one muscle in his entire body yet to let him down.

  29. Relieable sauce


    Choosing us over Mu still makes me smile & feel smug. The best English defender & the best in the league at that time wasn’t he?

    Wenger recognised what we needed back then & when out & got it, proven WC player for the position in need of most attention. We only needed one back then though (Wenger does deserve credit for those years) but now we need 3/4 CF, AM, CB, GK/CB.

  30. TitsMcgee

    Sid Lowe says Madrid are playing hard ball that’s why no official yet.

    Paul Mariner says it best though.

    We aren’t in it for any other top strikers pay Madrid what they want and get the deal done. Don’t lose a player you want over a couple million.

    DOESN’T mean go pay 40 million for him but don’t penny pinch either.

    GOd help Wenger and us if we lose out on Higuain at the last second.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    His penny pinching on deals like Higuain/Mata really annoy me.

    We offer £23 Million, Madrid want £25 Million we refuse to budge.

    Yet Wenger has no problem spunking around £500 000 a week up the wall in wages for utter dross…that’s basically Higuain’s fee we’ve wasted in wages this year.

    Totally hypocritical for him to then bang on about financial prudence. If owned a company that was WASTING £24 Million a year I’d be furious, and someone’s head would be for the chop.

    All the papers saying this flop, and that flop, and this failure of a player to be cleared out as if it’s THEIR fault…what do all these flops have in common? They all play for, and were bought in by Arsene Wenger.

  32. TitsMcgee


    I agree totally.

    At the end of the day Higuain would make back the 2-3 million extra if he helps us get one game further in the FA Cup for example.

    HELL kit sales alone probably.

    Hopefully we get it done soon but I won’t be shocked if he pulls out.

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Confirmed sighting of the House Bear on le Grove 🙂 but how many Lions have ever frequented the Dales, Highlands,Bogs, or Valleys of England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland ? None!!!! thats how many. They should be called the British Squirrels 🙂

    Anyway, Geoff you are a sight for sore eyes, more please!


  34. Relieable sauce


    Its been reported in “Nepalise lawn bowls” magazine that Jonjo Shelveys hairdressers aunts medium, was reliably informed by the spirit of Whitney Houston, that her crack dealer has an unnamed source that said Arsenal would most likely smash their long standing transfer record in 2013…IF…there was super qualadee for the right price.

  35. Bob Kane

    Let say if we failed to qualify to the Champions League group stage next month, will then Wenger come out and spend silly money on mediocre players like Santos or Chamakh again? No one another panic buys especially, in August. The club have plenty of time from May to get their players but seems like to drag the deal forever and ever till Chelsea and Man join the bidding. Wenger, if you’re so indecisive on buying world class players and making Arsenal great again, PLEASE LEAVE AND GO MANAGE PSG OR MONACO. We’re tired on having conned with empty promise every single season.

  36. Relieable sauce

    I’ve produced more super qualidee home grown than AFC in the last 17 years & i’ve been using a wardrobe : /


  37. Geoff

    Ha, ha Gnarley, I think it stems from when we owned the world! A bit like the good old days when Arsenal did, remember that, I think I do!

  38. sam

    You people are dreaming

    rich football club owners wouldn’t put up with a penny pincher like arsene wenger.
    spending is their hobbie and arsene wenger will annoy them wih his haggling.
    Psg or monaco wouldn’t give him a job, even usmanov will show him the door and he knows it.
    i think he will just retire when he leaves arsenal

  39. sam

    Usmanov was already bragging about wayne rooney he went and bought Sanogo.
    do you see them getting along? nope
    Uzzy will fire his lame a$$, he’s embarrassing

  40. Geoff

    I believe Wenger pulls all the strings at Arsenal, he’ll go when he feels like going, he has total control over everyone. The Board like the players are bought and paid for.

    Arsene Wenger has one last chance to save his legacy, if he doesn’t buy what we need this team will break up next summer and it will be too late.

    I’m sure even he can see that, if he can’t he is more unintelligent that I already think he is.

  41. Evan

    I like chase and status but why oh why must I see the ad every refresh.

    Welcome back Geoff, I think Ivan and Stan dont really care he brings them money, I doubt they even understand football or hold any type of sporting passion

  42. Geoff

    Gnarley let’s see if you say that after the Lions game!

    Evan too true, as long as Wenger makes them enough to keep their snouts in the trough they don’t care, none of them were ever Arsenal fans were they?

  43. Evan

    Yep exactly, Arsenal is just a toy a rich man.

    Whenever Stan is mentioned In the media they always write about a successful man who creates “sporting franchises” business man first, second, third oh and dont forget FOURTH