Deal making at full pace, patience | Park deal canceled | The Hig’s dad confirms… again

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It’s all go, go, go at Highbury House today. The big clear out is well under way. Arsenal have called in a Canadian tree surgeon from one of those crazy Discovery channel programmes and he’s tearing the dead wood out of the club with such brutality, tears are being shed.

Dick Law Visual Metaphor

No sooner had Denilson been given his paid up marching orders… it looks like Park Chu Whythehelldidwesignyoun-ng could be facing the same undignified exit. I like the idea of paying up their contracts, or at least part of them, something I’ve pushed the case over the last few seasons. Finally, the club heeding the world class contract advice I’m able to provide. If ever there was a transfer of suspicious nature, it was this one… well, bar the Bischoff one. Park Chu Young, dog average playing for a bankrupt Monaco, signed up, virtually never used, then deemed so bad Arsenal sought a tax break on his signature… then shunted out the door. Not to mention we signed him despite knowing he has to serve time in the army.

Dodgy from start to finish… a bit like Bebe to United. At least it’s nearly over now.

Anyway, another player leaving the club could be Coquelin. The defensive minded midfielder / right back, is attracting Frieberg and could leave on loan. Another young player full of promise but lacked the edge to take his chance when offered it. I quite liked him, but once you complain to Arsene about playing time, you’re generally shown the exit door.

No one puts Arsene in the corner…

… bar Denilson. Who has a bit of a weird hold over the manager. Must have been that endearing little dance he’d do when he scored or landed an enhanced contract.

On the transfer front, The Hig’s dad has come out and spoken to the press again…

‘I apologise to the fans for my sons performance, we are positive the spirit will be right next game’

Yes, Johann Djourrou is his father.

Just light hearted jokes people.

His dad really said…

“…we have permission to negotiate and hope that soon I can resolve my child’s move to the Premier League.”

Incredible! But I thought terms were already agreed with Arsenal and Juve? Oh wait… you can’t agree terms until the club give you permission? Ahhh, I see…

So this deal seems like it’s nearly there.

I’ve tapped my Arsenal contact for the first time in a while, you know, to subside the panic that we’ve given up on the summer. Apparently Dick Law is working really hard to bring in the right kind of players… we’ve just got to sit tight. That’s from my number one place, if they’re saying that, I believe. So don’t get your caterpillar coat zip in a twist.

Also, Luis Suarez to Arsenal… for £25m. Come on… I mean, I love him as a player, but for that price? Could anyone see Arsenal signing a racist out of control biter on a substantial ban? I couldn’t. I’d love him at the club, he’s an immense talent (if not a bit crazy and dangerous)… but come on, all this because a bookie closed bets on him joining Arsenal? ‘Bookies rarely get it wrong’… yes they do, if I had a pound for every time bookies closed up on events that don’t happen I’d be a rich man.

We were batting the idea of an Le Grove beer meet over the next few weeks. Late July perhaps, let me know what you think, we could go for Sunday the 14th July and catch one of the Indonesian games if anywhere is showing it. Or we could go for the August 10th Man City friendly? I’ve bad quite a lot of interest from people who’ve been on the site for years… everyone is normal, so don’t worry, it’s not like a World of Warcraft gathering… and obviously Mila and Megan will turn up, I just hope they don’t fight again.

Right, me done… over to Geoff tomorrow.

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    yu could afford to play a heavy attackin team with gilberto because you knew he would stick to his job and not get sucked up the pitch. he would stick to his job properly. his passing was shit but he had the knack of breakin up the play and not getting booked. makelele was no more than a water carrier as well, he could barely pass the ball.

  2. wenker-wanger

    ian 2.5 million, the best deal for arsenal. So good that giroud gervinho not fit to clean his boots.

  3. sam


    we are only talking about arsenal shit squad
    please leave out veron, torres, carroll etc….

  4. WengerEagle

    Would rate Gilberto behind Flamini, Petit and Paddy V(Obviously), and on par with Edu but he did a decent job of protecting the back 4 for us. Very harsh even talking about him in the same breath as shit like almunia/squillaci/chamakh/santos etc

  5. mahessar

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 29m
    Don’t be disappointed today. Things take time.

    Good night all, god bless.

    He’s pretty reliable usually so I think it shouldn’t be surprising if Higuain isn’t announced today.

  6. RockyPires

    I have being hearing Vermaleen to Barca as an Eric Abidal replacement . They need LB/CB cover. Perhaps Verm will be used as part of the Cesc deal.
    Barca get Song ‘ s deal cleared plus Vermie = Cesc, simple equation or transfer rumours gone mad I dont know .

  7. wenker-wanger

    dialsquare either a wind-up merchant or just fcking stupid…..ian wright…2nd only to the great tierry henry as the record arsenal goalscorer….scored fantastic goals, from tap-ins to 35yard chips. A real hungry striker that would push his grandmother to the floor to get room for a shot on goal…(surreal image there). At 2.5 million he was a snip and helped us win trophies in the 90s. Passionate, determined and 100% bulldog british……makes me sick to think of wengers continued penchant for french or french league or french-speaking lightweight gutless wankers that he has tried out and failed with over the years.
    An earlier commenter stated that things werent so good in the 70s….he has a point, but we did challenge for cups , winning a geat fa cup final against manure in 79.
    Remember wengers won fck all for 8 seasons….the sooner he goes the sooner i get the champagne out….. i dont care who replaces him….as long as they have a passion for winning a trophy.

  8. wenker-wanger

    get suarez rooney and any other bad-boys in….get some fight back in the team.
    then get us used to playing with 9 or 10 men!haha

  9. Rhys Jaggar

    Suarez to Arsenal is the test of whether Higuain wants to sign or not. Sometimes you say ‘suck my dick right now or I”ll find another woman who will!’

  10. Susie E. Kent

    Now on long term loan at Spanish La Liga side Celta Vigo, Park has been written off financially by Arsenal. The accounts include an “impairment fee” which means that they are writing off the value of a player. Denilson and Bendtner are also on loan but the impending end of their contracts point at Park being the player.