Deal making at full pace, patience | Park deal canceled | The Hig’s dad confirms… again

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It’s all go, go, go at Highbury House today. The big clear out is well under way. Arsenal have called in a Canadian tree surgeon from one of those crazy Discovery channel programmes and he’s tearing the dead wood out of the club with such brutality, tears are being shed.

Dick Law Visual Metaphor

No sooner had Denilson been given his paid up marching orders… it looks like Park Chu Whythehelldidwesignyoun-ng could be facing the same undignified exit. I like the idea of paying up their contracts, or at least part of them, something I’ve pushed the case over the last few seasons. Finally, the club heeding the world class contract advice I’m able to provide. If ever there was a transfer of suspicious nature, it was this one… well, bar the Bischoff one. Park Chu Young, dog average playing for a bankrupt Monaco, signed up, virtually never used, then deemed so bad Arsenal sought a tax break on his signature… then shunted out the door. Not to mention we signed him despite knowing he has to serve time in the army.

Dodgy from start to finish… a bit like Bebe to United. At least it’s nearly over now.

Anyway, another player leaving the club could be Coquelin. The defensive minded midfielder / right back, is attracting Frieberg and could leave on loan. Another young player full of promise but lacked the edge to take his chance when offered it. I quite liked him, but once you complain to Arsene about playing time, you’re generally shown the exit door.

No one puts Arsene in the corner…

… bar Denilson. Who has a bit of a weird hold over the manager. Must have been that endearing little dance he’d do when he scored or landed an enhanced contract.

On the transfer front, The Hig’s dad has come out and spoken to the press again…

‘I apologise to the fans for my sons performance, we are positive the spirit will be right next game’

Yes, Johann Djourrou is his father.

Just light hearted jokes people.

His dad really said…

“…we have permission to negotiate and hope that soon I can resolve my child’s move to the Premier League.”

Incredible! But I thought terms were already agreed with Arsenal and Juve? Oh wait… you can’t agree terms until the club give you permission? Ahhh, I see…

So this deal seems like it’s nearly there.

I’ve tapped my Arsenal contact for the first time in a while, you know, to subside the panic that we’ve given up on the summer. Apparently Dick Law is working really hard to bring in the right kind of players… we’ve just got to sit tight. That’s from my number one place, if they’re saying that, I believe. So don’t get your caterpillar coat zip in a twist.

Also, Luis Suarez to Arsenal… for £25m. Come on… I mean, I love him as a player, but for that price? Could anyone see Arsenal signing a racist out of control biter on a substantial ban? I couldn’t. I’d love him at the club, he’s an immense talent (if not a bit crazy and dangerous)… but come on, all this because a bookie closed bets on him joining Arsenal? ‘Bookies rarely get it wrong’… yes they do, if I had a pound for every time bookies closed up on events that don’t happen I’d be a rich man.

We were batting the idea of an Le Grove beer meet over the next few weeks. Late July perhaps, let me know what you think, we could go for Sunday the 14th July and catch one of the Indonesian games if anywhere is showing it. Or we could go for the August 10th Man City friendly? I’ve bad quite a lot of interest from people who’ve been on the site for years… everyone is normal, so don’t worry, it’s not like a World of Warcraft gathering… and obviously Mila and Megan will turn up, I just hope they don’t fight again.

Right, me done… over to Geoff tomorrow.

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  1. Kjafc

    My favourite subject is journalists. Complete egotistical idiots most of them, when they are not lying or trying to stitch someone up, they are talking rubbish. Just desperate for a headline mate.

  2. Kjafc

    Nasri’s Mouth
    My wife once said it isn’t about the size, it’s the quality that counts. In fact, I may have just got that the wrong way around.

    Yes, seriously you don’t get many 5 year deals, the players want the comfort of a five year contract for the obvious reasons.

    I would expect this to be announced over the weekend, fingers crossed.

  3. TitsMcgee

    Headline of Bleacher report: Would Higuain be an improvement on Giroud?Some great journalism right there.

    Anyone, you or I can write a “article” on Bleacher Report.

    You can sign up and write one.

    Bleacher Report are just fans writing articles.

  4. Rohan

    Sid Lowe saying that the 3 years refers to the length of time over which we’ll pay the transfer fee, NOT the length of Goonzalo’s contract as was earlier reported.

    Seems a lot more reasonable

  5. TitsMcgee

    Off topic.

    Anyone here ever been to South Africa or Australia?

    If so how did you like it?

    Have vacation coming up and was thinking about either Sydney(or Perth) or Cape Town.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  6. mahessar

    Sid Lowe is reporting that 3 years is the time Arsenal will pay the sum of the contract and its not the length of the contract Higuain is signing with Arsenal. Well, that’s reassuring to be honest.

  7. TitsMcgee

    “Sid Lowe ‏@sidlowe 18m
    Put it this way, I just spoke to someone (not original source, other person) who effectively said: “no, you bellend, payment, not contract”.

  8. TitsMcgee

    Sid Lowe ‏@sidlowe 16m
    Apologies. At least the fundamentals remain the same: Higuaín move to Arsenal finally very close.

  9. Kjafc

    Dial is just trolling, deliberately posting rubbish to get a reaction.

    I agree regarding Gervinho, he reminds me of a supermarket trolley, all over the place. He may bamboozle defenders but he bamboozles himself. As for that miss against Bradford.

    The Ox has huge potential, still very young but could become a massive player for us.

  10. TitsMcgee

    “Go to New Zealand. Stunning natural beauty”

    Thanks Rohan yes it’s really a very pretty country but I’ve been there twice. Just never to OZ or SA.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Hahaha, would Higuain be an improvement on Giroud?

    If a fan let their dog foul on the pitch it would be an improvement on Giroud!

  12. zeus

    dialsquareJuly 4, 2013 18:02:31
    No never rated Shevchenko his best days were with Dynamo Kiev.


    Never rated Schev. hahahaha. I suppose getting European player of the year with Milan is a small feat.

  13. Dale de Ruig

    @ TitsMcgee.

    I can set up a South African trip for you if you are keen. I am a Game Ranger and run a travel company dealing with African Holidays. get my email off there and I would be happy to give you some advice.

  14. zeus

    Okay. I’ll hold my hands up. I was wrong earlier. More than daylight between Benzema and Higuain.

    According to wikipedia…….


  15. Kjafc

    How do we know you aren’t another one of the Spuds on here? The tour couldmean us sharing a tent with a razorback injected with a triple does of Viagara? Just asking.

  16. zeus

    Okay. I’ll hold my hands up. I was wrong earlier. More than daylight between Benzema and Higuain.

    According to wikipedia…….


    2010-11 Apps (48) – Goals (26) – Assists (9)
    2011-12 52 – 32 – 15
    2012-12 50 – 21 – 18

    2010-11 25 – 13 – 6
    2011-12 54 – 26 – 10
    2012-13 44 – 19 – 9

    I still have high hopes for him though. Very high hopes.

    And pet peeves alert, can we not find a better name than ‘The Hig’? Sounds stupid.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    When using stats like that you need to be a little careful with sub appearances and when players are subbed off

    Better to look at goals / assists per minute

  18. tom

    how does a crap like Gervinho get more goals and goal assiast then a world class player like jack wilshere? and Gervinho has played alot less games the super jack wilshere?

  19. unhappy gunner

    You’re back. My day wouldn’t be complete without your comment about how shit JW is.:)
    @Dial square
    I’ll take that wager about ox mate. And if your wrong you have to have a tattoo of ox close to your heart with the words true love underneath.

  20. Phallusaurus

    So no sightings of the Higster at a London airport yet then. How’s he getting here by balloon or is Bergkamp’s brother giving him a lift?

    Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, Arsenal do like a Friday afternoon announcement after all.

  21. NoMoreCesc


    The Daily Maul has received a recording of the conversation between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger last August which preceded the transfer of RVP. Here is the transcript of key parts of the conversation:

    SAF: Arsene, why won’t you let the boy go? He’s wants to leave and has already humiliated you and the club by going public with his opinions.

    AW: But Sir Alex, he is qualidee and will win you ze title. I prefer he moves to Juve.

    SAF: Alright, I can see that you drive a hard bargain. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m going to retire after this season and want to go out on a high. Your contract expires after next season and you probably want to go off to PSG or wherever on a high as well. You help me this season and I’ll help you next season.

    AW: I do not see how you can help me if you have retired, but I am listening.

    SAF: I’ll give you the boy Rooney next year. He’ll cost you money, and I know how much you hate that, but he’ll move a lot of shirts Arsene and win you the title. The press will fawn all over Arsenal with Rooney in the squad, so you’ll be going out in a blaze of glory.

    AW: Interesting idea but why would he leave ManU?

    SAF: Well the boy humiliated me with his transfer request last year and by the time I’m finished with him there won’t be a supporter who will want him around. And wait til you see who I’ve picked to replace me. Trust me, the boy will be running out of Manchester faster than than Usain Bolt. What do you say?

    AW: This is indeed a great idea. But why will you do this for me after all these years of rivalry and pizza throwing?

    SAF: Arsene, we are the only two managers left from the glory days before the noisy neighbours moved into Manchester and London; we have to look after each other.

    AW: I am touched. Alright, you have a deal.

  22. Kempster

    Tits (fuck you, San Diego)

    I would opt for SA. Beautiful place, Cape Town stunning but loads more, food and drink fantastic, great value for money. Oz is great but hellishly pricey right now.

    I’m already saving for Lions 2021, it’s on the bucket list.

  23. Jay

    Cavani to PSG
    Suarez to Chelsea
    Both can happen soon… it seems.
    Could of course be more media bollocks… but seem very likely

  24. sam

    I think wenger is clearing the table first, we will see new signings soon.
    we will hear about gervinho soon, and santos

    and chamakh

  25. sam


    my favourites should be overmars and wiltord

    they both won us the tittle against the manc cunts


  26. Jay

    IF Rooney wants a move and asks for it, Arsenal is becoming a likelier destination with those 2 deals going through 🙂
    Well, so an optimist can hope!!!

  27. Trickeygooner

    Brady was an amazing footballer. Truly stunning. Spuds had Hoddle at the same time and I always used to think that Brady was better. Anyone know why he was called Chippy?

  28. Kushagra

    Benz was the president’s signing so Maureen always preferred Higuain at the start of his tenure to suit his anti-establishment agenda . Only after a series of underwhelming performances by Hig , Benz got on the scene.

  29. Trickeygooner

    Well done Bob. He liked chips. Show me an Irish person that doesn’t. !!! It has potato in it.

  30. WengerEagle

    Don’t get the Suarez/Higuain arguments/comparisons. There’s literally as much chance of seeing CR7 in an Arsenal jersey next season as there is of Suarez. Pointless argument

  31. Bob N7

    One of my oldest mates, Liverpool supporter, reckons he’ll stop supporting Liverpool if Suarez signs for us. Think he’s safe to support Liverpool for a while yet….

  32. Bob N7

    Will never forget Willie Young trying to pass back to our goalie(Rimmer I think) and hitting the corner flag. He did foul Geddis in the FA cup final(or was it Allen?) though so may be he contributed something.

  33. WengerEagle

    Have to admit I’m impressed by all the deadwood we’re shifting. By no means are we finished however. If we managed to get rid of Chamakh, Park, Diaby, Santos, Gervinho, Bendtner and Frimpong this summer that would be fantastic

  34. sam

    My God! you could build a whole squad with shit players wenger bought in his time at arsenal.
    a shit squad that is

  35. dave


    Lol, it was great. We all stood there amazed and then got bricked and bottled from the welsh mob on the way home on the football special. Great days out

  36. Bob N7

    Made him cry…you got it Trickeygooner. Jimmy Hill championed the ‘straight red card’ right after that memorable(clearly not for me) foul!

  37. Trickeygooner

    Ha ha ha, this started really well, all thinking of great Arsenal legends. But in our true pessimistic style we start remembering all the shit ones that have played for us !!
    Vivas was just a cunt. And he had the 7 shirt. Sam you got a book with you on all our shit players, coz your pulling them out if the bag. ?

  38. WengerEagle

    Along with trimming the fat off our squad we need to sign:

    Gk- Any of Begovic, Cesar, Adler, Patricio

    Cb cover- Williams




    And we definitely should pick up Honda on a free and imo activate Carlos Vela’s buy-back clause in his contract

  39. Bob N7

    I have to say all you younger Gooners don’t really appreciate how shit Arsenal were in the mid to late 70s. I think that if you’re of a certain age you’re more likely to be a bit more philosophical about the present Arsenal squad/history. That doesn’t make us automatically AKBs but we’ve got a lot more to be positive about than negative if you take a step back..

  40. sam

    This summer alone if you include the youth players we got rid of almost 20 players.
    This is a serious case of mismanagement and a sackable offence.
    Because the club lost money by keeping all these deadwoods we didn’t need

  41. Marko

    Overmars and honourable mention to
    Anders Limpar. Oh and Bobby Pires was a legend

  42. Trickeygooner

    So right. We were proper pony for years. West Ham are still the last Div 2 team to win the cup. Trevor sodding Brooking. Fuck we were rubbish. Not ever even close to winning the league.

  43. WengerEagle

    Haha Wenger dross XI:

    Gk-The Waiter

    Rb: Djourou Cb: Squillaci/Silvestre Cb: Cygan Lb: Traore/Santos

    Rm: Bendtner( position Wenger played him in lol) Cm: Denilson Cm: Diaby Lm: Gervinho

    St: Chamakh St: Jeffers/Aliadiere/Diawara

  44. Trickeygooner

    I remember Vivas coming on for Winterburn away at Leeds after Nigel cut his head. We lost 1-0 after Vivas lost his marker and we lost the title by 1 point to Utd. But I’m not bitter.

  45. Marko

    Now that Higuain is gonna be announced as an Arsenal player any second now it’ll be interesting to see who our next target will be. Will we follow up our interest in Bender or Grenier? Or perhaps make a concrete offer for Rooney? Or an approach for the man the myth the legend of Cesc Fabregas? All this and more to come from the soap opera that is Arsenal FC.

  46. Harry Redknapp

    wright ,bergkamp,limpar, gosh wat a tough thing, could easily add rocastle cesc vieira ,adams campbell,pires,merson,seaman to this list

  47. kwik fit

    Things must be really tight down at the Emirates. Arsene Wenger selling his coq………Are things really that bad.
    In addition,If he really wanted Bender he would of kept coq

  48. sam

    This means we needs at least 5 new players before the start of the season.
    we build a solid team from start to mai, no more fucking excuse about tiredness and injuries.
    we lose a player through injury we use him as excuse when we get beaten.

    Thats really pathetic for a big club like arsenal

  49. Johnty79

    Poldolski higuain Walcott
    Arteta wilshere cazorla
    Gibbs mert koz Sagna

    Fab, giroud, ox, verm, Ramsay, jenks, Montreal


  50. Inter YourGran

    Wengers worst

    GK wright, shabaan

    LB traore, santos

    CB stepanovs, squillaci
    CB silvestre, tavilaridis

    Rb luzhny, svard

    CM bischoff, denilson
    CM inamoto, canovile

    Rm wreh, pennant
    Lm mendez, malz

    CF jeffers, park
    CF chamackh, diawara

  51. WengerEagle

    Senderos/Squillaci/Silvestre/Chamakh/Park/Jeffers/Stepanovs/Almunia/Mannone/Fabianski/Cygan/Denilson/Diaby/Santos/Traore/Bendtner/Merida/Bischoff/Poom/Baptista/Djourou/Eboue(debatable)/Gervinho/ Aliadiere/Diawara/Wright/Cabellero/Vivas/Inamoto/Wreh/Luzhny/Boa morte/Mendez/Malz…

    Am I missing anyone?!

  52. sam


    Chris wreh was our super sub he scored some important goals for us
    you cannot have him in the shit squad

  53. Harry Redknapp

    and you cant have luzny in the shit squad either especially at rightback when he was a left back. the horse done a good job.

  54. Trickeygooner

    Funny. We all have our fave good ones and our fave shit ones.
    Still I think Ian Wright and Gus Caeser for me.

  55. dialsquare

    Wenger Worst Elevan1. Mannone2. Senderos
    3. Stepanovs
    4. Djourou
    5. Traore
    6. Gilberto Silva
    7. Garde
    8. Ramsey
    9. Caballero
    11. Jeffers

    Subs: Taylor, Squillaci, Silvestre, Cygan, Bischoff, Boe Morte, Pennant

  56. Inter YourGran

    GK – Cesar*,Szczesny, Martinez

    LB – Gibbs, Monreal
    RB – Sanga, Jenkinson, Bellerin
    CB – Mertesaker, Ginter*
    CB – Koscielny, Vermaelen, Miquel

    DM – Fellaini*, Arteta, Yennaris
    CM – Wilshere, Ramsey, (Diaby)
    AM – Fabregas*, Rosicky, Eisfeld

    LWF – Cazorla, Podolski, Gnabry
    RWF – Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain
    CF – Higuain*, Giroud, Sanogo

  57. Trickeygooner

    Caballero. I’d forgotten him. He was crap. Gilberto, nice one Dial. Your dropping that line in again. !

  58. LeMassiveCoq

    Best 3 players (ever)


    Worst 3


    By the way: Higuain is on his way to London to sign. Unfortunately he’s riding on an Alpaca (wearing a big sombrero and smoking a cigar)…

    So he may be a while, says his dads brothers auntie.

  59. wenker-wanger

    wankger has bought some of the worst players ever to play in the prem. Squid, stephanovs.chamakh,silvestre amd so on…..that fact alone puts wankger in a shit class of his own. No manager worth his salt would have bought so many shit players. Dont believe the bullshit sbout spending 70 million……wankger doesnt like spending and always makes a profit on players in/out each season.
    GERVINHO : the epitome of wankgers purchases : french-league lightweight and fking useless

  60. dialsquare

    Gilberto Silva trapped it further than he passed it, hot potato springs to mind, he had an unerring ability to lose possession and win a foul at the same time.

  61. Marko

    Gilberto Silva in your worst 11? Shows you’re an idiotic troll for sure. Absolute shit stirring dumbass Spud muppet

  62. WengerEagle

    What about worst transfer deals in history? Torres to Chavski for 50million or Eto’o+40 million for Ibrahimovic get my vote! Kaka for 55million to Real Madrid an honourable mention

  63. Trickeygooner

    No wait, Dial has a point. Gilbert’s had no passing range and would always take one to many touches and fuck up. Makele he wasn’t. But he did do his job and did manage to break up a lot of what was being thrown at him. Worst 11? No where near. But also no where near best 11 either.

  64. sam


    Taylor was not wenger’s buy
    he was here before wenger


    maybe I still remember chris wreh’s backflips. he was not that much but he did his job well as a super sub.
    would you swap him with chamakh?

  65. WengerEagle

    Barcelona have to be the biggest muppets when it comes to transfers in recent history however.
    Ibrahimovic for 40million+Eto’o
    Chygrynskiy for 25 million
    Hleb for 15 million
    Song for 15 million
    Villa for 30 million

  66. Same Story

    On those deals they could recover large parts of the fee from shirt sales.

    Berbatov to Manure for £30m after winning the League and Cl double, and they had Tevez.