Deal making at full pace, patience | Park deal canceled | The Hig’s dad confirms… again

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It’s all go, go, go at Highbury House today. The big clear out is well under way. Arsenal have called in a Canadian tree surgeon from one of those crazy Discovery channel programmes and he’s tearing the dead wood out of the club with such brutality, tears are being shed.

Dick Law Visual Metaphor

No sooner had Denilson been given his paid up marching orders… it looks like Park Chu Whythehelldidwesignyoun-ng could be facing the same undignified exit. I like the idea of paying up their contracts, or at least part of them, something I’ve pushed the case over the last few seasons. Finally, the club heeding the world class contract advice I’m able to provide. If ever there was a transfer of suspicious nature, it was this one… well, bar the Bischoff one. Park Chu Young, dog average playing for a bankrupt Monaco, signed up, virtually never used, then deemed so bad Arsenal sought a tax break on his signature… then shunted out the door. Not to mention we signed him despite knowing he has to serve time in the army.

Dodgy from start to finish… a bit like Bebe to United. At least it’s nearly over now.

Anyway, another player leaving the club could be Coquelin. The defensive minded midfielder / right back, is attracting Frieberg and could leave on loan. Another young player full of promise but lacked the edge to take his chance when offered it. I quite liked him, but once you complain to Arsene about playing time, you’re generally shown the exit door.

No one puts Arsene in the corner…

… bar Denilson. Who has a bit of a weird hold over the manager. Must have been that endearing little dance he’d do when he scored or landed an enhanced contract.

On the transfer front, The Hig’s dad has come out and spoken to the press again…

‘I apologise to the fans for my sons performance, we are positive the spirit will be right next game’

Yes, Johann Djourrou is his father.

Just light hearted jokes people.

His dad really said…

“…we have permission to negotiate and hope that soon I can resolve my child’s move to the Premier League.”

Incredible! But I thought terms were already agreed with Arsenal and Juve? Oh wait… you can’t agree terms until the club give you permission? Ahhh, I see…

So this deal seems like it’s nearly there.

I’ve tapped my Arsenal contact for the first time in a while, you know, to subside the panic that we’ve given up on the summer. Apparently Dick Law is working really hard to bring in the right kind of players… we’ve just got to sit tight. That’s from my number one place, if they’re saying that, I believe. So don’t get your caterpillar coat zip in a twist.

Also, Luis Suarez to Arsenal… for £25m. Come on… I mean, I love him as a player, but for that price? Could anyone see Arsenal signing a racist out of control biter on a substantial ban? I couldn’t. I’d love him at the club, he’s an immense talent (if not a bit crazy and dangerous)… but come on, all this because a bookie closed bets on him joining Arsenal? ‘Bookies rarely get it wrong’… yes they do, if I had a pound for every time bookies closed up on events that don’t happen I’d be a rich man.

We were batting the idea of an Le Grove beer meet over the next few weeks. Late July perhaps, let me know what you think, we could go for Sunday the 14th July and catch one of the Indonesian games if anywhere is showing it. Or we could go for the August 10th Man City friendly? I’ve bad quite a lot of interest from people who’ve been on the site for years… everyone is normal, so don’t worry, it’s not like a World of Warcraft gathering… and obviously Mila and Megan will turn up, I just hope they don’t fight again.

Right, me done… over to Geoff tomorrow.

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  1. gazzap

    I see Chamakh is still in the training pictures. Jeez, there is always one!!
    Miyaichi is there too. both of these need a loan, but for different reasons!!
    Park was a better player than Chamakh but didn’t see as many chances. smaller players tend to get fewer opportunities up front under wenger. he shouldn’t buy them.

  2. goonerjay

    GoonerDNA – Djourou is on another year loan with option to buy! Although apparently Hamburg have agreed to pay his wages and even paid a loan fee… so better than a kick in the bollocks

  3. N5

    @NM, you seem very relaxed on it all, some of the nasty stuff that comes out of his mouth directed at you is terrible, sometimes I’ve seen you not replying to him which seems to then make him post another 3 or 4 insulting comments about you.

    He kept saying he was done, so I just wondered if he really was or if Pedders just got tired of it like he did GoH.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    If pictures emerge later on of Higuain arriving in London, I’ll be ecstatic…we need one to push the coins over the edge and start things rolling.

    Trying to approach Fellaini/Rooney/Bender etc having already landed a guy of Higuain’s calibre makes it an easier sell

  5. goonerjay

    N5 – Generally mate, Sky Sports won’t comment on a transfer unless they are pretty sure there’s fire behind the smoke. All good signs mate

  6. KJafc

    Going to be an interesting one for sure.

    I have to be honest, I would walk to Barcelona and carry Cesc on my back, if it meant him joining us.

    Certainly though, with Cesar, Higuain and Fellaini/BeBnedar on board, we are going to have a very strong team and squad.

  7. samsenal

    N5, no skysports is not reliable.

    NM and N5, Kiyoshi is still around. he will be reading this right now. He is waiting for Keyser to come on…

  8. Oh Theo Theo!

    Excellent – looking at the posts on here, have I missed the official announcement on The Hig then?

    Fantastic news, what did we pay for him?

  9. Aaron Lemon

    Sky Sports tend to get way ahead of themselves as do BBC Sport but what they tend not to do is report a story that has no legs. So it’s a good starting point. If Sky Sports are reporting there is interest in someone then that’s a good indicator that it’s true, but where they’ve disappointed me in recent past is that they say we agree deals for players when we haven’t. According to Sky Sports, Cahill deal was done, Mata deal was done, I am sure they reported Samba as done as well. That’s just one thing they don’t ever know as nobody does for certain with us.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Skysports are reliable, but if you read it, they’re reliably reporting what was reported elsewhere, which may be unreliable.

    It’s like me saying “there are reports from David Icke that the Royal Family are in fact giant purple lizards”

    I’m reliable and reporting correctly, but Icke may be telling us porkies…

    As for Vix,Kyo I’m old enough not to be personally bothered by a few insults, he’s the one getting all worked up about it, not me, though I do wish Pedro would clamp down on some of it.

  11. N5

    “Suarez was only Footballer of the Season while Higuain was flavour of the Month.”

    Yes yes thats so true Dial, now please move on to the next comment, everything you’ve said about Higuain is true, he’s only scored non-sitter goals which ironically makes him useless, he is worse than Suarez, Tevez or even Perry Groves. He is an absolute pile of shit that somehow got in Madrid side and scored more consistantly for them and Argentina than almost anyone could. And yet he is absolute dog box.

    Please move on as this record is getting as tired as the Jack W is crap one and the fuck Henrys statue.

  12. Oh Theo Theo!

    KJafc – did I also miss the announcements on Cesar, Fellaini and Bender?

    How much did we pay for all of them? We’ve spent the £70m then?

    Brilliant, brilliant news.

  13. Oh Theo Theo!

    And for those debating the pointlessly futilely moronic Hig vs Suarez.

    One of them is wanted by Madrid. One is available for transfer by Madrid.


  14. N5

    Fair enough Sam, I just wondered if he had been banned because of the comments or if like he kept saying he’d had enough and quit, I’m just nosey. Lots of posters seem to have moved on (mainly) the one’s of note are Gambon and Lurch LeRouge, I very rarely see their posts anymore.

  15. Crono

    Can someone enlighten me about Bender since I don’t get around to watch Bundesliga that much. What type of mold is he? Fellaini? Yaya? Busquets?

  16. TitsMcgee

    Gunnervision ‏@Gunner_vision 2m
    Higuain has been spotted and photographed at the airport. Surely a matter of when, rather than if, he’ll sign.

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    @Oh Theo Theo

    Higuain is leaving Madrid because he wants to go though. We don’t know if they’d want to sell him if he hadn’t come out and said he’s had enough.

  18. Ash79

    So after waiting around 8 years for a season ticket, my number finally came up last season. I asked for it to be deferred as my wife and I had a young baby and I could not commit the time (or expense). This year however I have taken up the offer and add to that managed to secure an extra season ticket (as I had another position on the waiting list which had not yet materialised but they brought it forward). A lot has happened to the club over the past 8 years, from when I paid the £15 to join the list to where the club is today. We have gone from becoming a club competing for honours season in and season out (all honours at that) and playing free attacking style football to a club which no longer competes, or chooses not to compete at the benefit of bolstering the balance sheet. Our manager hasn’t progressed either; transfer practices locked in a time-warp. A man who’s once innovative scientific methods have since been adopted, improved upon and used against his own teams over the years. The fan base has gone from a happy bunch with high expectations to a fragmented mess of people drawing up battle lines against each other; you’re either an AKB or a ‘fantasist’ if you think Arsenal can compete. The club have tried to engage far more with the fans over the period yet ironically the club has become less trusted and shrouds itself in secrecy, propaganda and politics. I had every reason to ditch the offer completely this season but chose to buy the ticket. Why? Cos I love the Arsenal. My life would be a lot emptier without it. I like every gooner have a slither of hope that things will change at the club. You can deny it all you want but deep down you know things MAY just be changing The second season ticket will be taken up by my father. A real good chance for me and him to bond as in recent years we’ve drifted a little apart. Hopefully something good – if not the football will come from this exercise.

  19. Oh Theo Theo!

    N5 – you find that people change their screen names quite regularly. I’d imagine people have work accounts, home accounts and mobile accounts as well.

    I’ve regularly suspected the likes of Keyser literally arguing with himself and gambon telling himself how right he is, but hey-ho

  20. Moray

    Interesting that the Jovetic transfer to Juve seems to have gone cold, or at least cooled. Seems like a typical Wenger pinch, that one. When we’ve forgotten about it, he snaps him up. The jungle drums seem to indicate we are looking at bolstering our front line with two top players, one clinical finisher (Higuan) and one creative type (Suarez, Rooney, Jovetic). Perhaps Higuan AND Jovetic is back on the table? With Giroud warming the bench and admiring himself in the mirror?

    If Wenger is off in Africa giving a coaching course, this is good news. I think. His job should be to name the players he wants and at most set the perameters and let the expensive commercial team go balls deep into the negotiations.

  21. mahessar

    I am positive we will sign someone to play behind Higuain

    Probably one of Jovetic/Rooney/Fabregas. If we can get any one of those 3, we can play Santi as LW.

    Bender is what we need as a DM

  22. TitsMcgee

    Samuel ‏@samuelj29060 14m
    Genuine photos: Higuain leaving Madrid airport today en route to London via @FansGHiguain – &
    Retweeted by Gunnervision

    Make of that what you will

  23. N5

    OTT its not happened yet mate, Sky were reporting he’s on his way to London, but like NM said, it was reporting what someone else was reporting. It’s looking very good though.

    Also good point about Suarez and Higz but I think that is more to do with Madrid wanting Benzima to play in the Higs position and to have Suarez up front, Like Henry, Bergkamp. I just don’t think Higz is as suitable a player for them in that respect, however I want nothing to do with the who is better argument because its pointless.

  24. goonerDNA

    I used to think Torres was the best striker in the world when everything went thru him at Liverpool.

    RVP is better than Suarez……He carried Arsenal when our assist king was Song and scored 30 goals in a season.

  25. N5

    Honestly Dial I would like them both, I would pick Huguain over him only because of his attitude, however is his attitude was different Suarez because he’s already Premiership qualideeeee.

  26. KJafc

    You are obsessed, you mention my name in virtually every post you make. Send me your address and you can have a signed picture to hang on your bedroom wall.

    You never let me down with your negativity on all things Arsenal. I predicted what you would say about Higuain, I know your type. Your daily mantra “We wont sign anyone”, “Wenger wont spend the money”, looks like leaving you with Spurs sized egg on your face. You are not big enough to admit you were wrong, so you have to slag off Higuain.

    I am not sure what kind of a fan you are?

    And now you believe the stories about Suarez, to go alongside your rant yesterday about Barry. Priceless.

  27. N5

    How is DNA saying RVP is better than Suarez AKB like? The clue is in the name Arsene Knows Best, if anything he would be a RVPIBTS which is RVP is better than Suarez.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I just think the Hig will be raring to go, he’ll want to shove one in the face of Madrid…out and out goal scorer and that’s exactly what we need.

    Just with that alone last season we’d have finished closer to 3rd spot if not 3rd itself.

    Think of all the sitters Giroud missed, or how many chances he needed to put one away and ask will Higuain do the same thing?…doubt it, different animals.

  29. KJafc

    “……however I want nothing to do with the who is better argument because its pointless”.


    Unfortunately, the press play some people like a Spaniard plays a classical guitar.

  30. goonerDNA

    dialsquare, I don’t play these stupid camp games my opinion is one of my own not some regurgitated view from some fucked up fundamentalist who can’t admit they wrong.

  31. Jamal

    I dont think Higuain will have any problems settling into the prem.. If Giroud can score 17 goals in his debut season then Higuain should easily get 20-25 goals.

  32. KJafc

    I hope tomorrows Sun doesn’t claim that Arsenal are planning to sign Cheryl Cole. I suspect a few PC’s and ipads would end up looking like a plasterers radio.

  33. mahessar

    Credit where its due
    It will be tremendous bit of business getting rid of all the deadwood on books

    Mannone, Denilson, Bendtner, Squillacci, Arshavin, Djourou and probably Park as well now, that’s a lot of money saved.

    Could fund wages of three first team players with that.

  34. eboue

    cant understand why some people are against the potential signing of suarez we need more crazy cun*s like his in the team also he and van persie are the leagues 2 best strikers also weakens liverpool whats not too like?

  35. Moray

    @Jamal, only issue will be how he fares after xmas in his first year. I don’t think his ability will be found lacking. Also as an Argie, he will no doubt be able to look after himself. What Arsenal strikers always get is service. If Giroud wasn’t such a carthorse, he would have doubled that tally. What Higuain could do is scary. Just hope we’re not pissing around too much and lose him.

  36. N5

    Mine does anyway KJafc, however I am a dogger and I watch the football whilst engaging in said entertainment.

    That above is not true I just thought I best say that….I’m a virgin.

  37. N5

    Where is all this Suarez stuff coming from, I just can’t believe for a minute he would be wanting to come to us, not when Madrid have been sniffing around him.

  38. mahessar

    The commercial team have delivered, the team behind getting the deadwood off have delivered, with Higuain and two more world class signings I think the transfers team would deliver too.

    Lets see if Arsene delivers on pitch now.

  39. Jamal

    Argentinians have a good track record in the prem aswell, the likes of Aguero, Tevez, Mascherano and even Coloccini done well/ are doing well for their respective clubs.
    However if you look at the Russians track record,

    Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko, Pogrebnyak and Zhirkov.

    All massive flops..

  40. KJafc

    Go away troll.

    Not sure why you abused me, I assume you and OTT are either one and the same or boyfriends using one hand to type.

    Takes a big man to abuse me and GunnerDNA from behind a PC. Fancy a meet up, send yoru details to Pedro, he has my email address.

  41. N5

    Arsenal and Manchester City could compete to sign forward Stevan Jovetic after Fiorentina hinted they were open to selling the 23-year-old for the right price. ” – Daily Star

    Glad to see this old story doing the rounds again.

  42. goonerDNA

    Kjafc, its not abuse its friendly banter

    DS is a different animal he’s dreaming about me in my underwear again while touching his oversized clit

  43. Jamal


    “Just hope we’re not pissing around too much and lose him.”

    Yep, if the rumours are to be believed then he should be in the bag but we could easily fuck it up like Mata

  44. mahessar

    Borussia Dortmund ‏@BVB 3m
    Borussia Dortmund have signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (24) from AS St Etienne with immediate effect until 30 June 2018.

    Gevinho’s entourage have told Marseille he wants to join them, this could well be the best summer at Arsenal without even including the arrivals.

  45. Oh Theo Theo!

    KJ – you’re a bit of a preachy prick tbh.

    You slagged off everyone who disagrees. Check my posts, I’ve never slagged off the Hig – he’ll be a great signing when/if it happens.

    The point I keep making (and you are missing) is that YOU kept slagging me and others off for getting excited about idle press speculation linking us to players. And suggested that we should ignore the press. Fair enough.

    But then today, when an UBSUBSTANTIATED press report comes out saying we’ve signed the Hig you stark spunking yourself into a frenzy about how great he’ll be and how we’re going to sign 3 others.

    I am merely pointing out that you are using double standards when it suits you. And therefore are a moronic mong.

    And you had the gall to call me r*cist yesterday when you are casting homophobic slurs about me and the lovely dialsquare.

    And calling out people to fight is a dangerous passtime my friend.

  46. N5

    “I’m not abusing you, i’m rebuking you for your impertinence”

    See Dial its comments like this that make you an enigma to me, you are obviously intellegent (unless you copied and pasted this from someone else) and yet you have fun trolling. Give it up mate as you would have some great things to talk about if you were being serious.

  47. mahessar


    I wouldn’t call Arshavin a flop, he was mismanaged, he did considerably well for his first two years, got us the CL single handedly after we signed him in January, played up top on his own and helped us scrap through when we didn’t have any striker,

    But yes, I do agree with your point on Russians not doing well, also look at Argentinian strikers records for their clubs, Tevez, Aguero, Milito all won the league with their clubs, good omen.

  48. N5

    Mahessar I was saying that a few days ago about Arshavin, he was mismanaged, I know someone brought up how lazy he was, but why wasn’t this addressed, if a player is lazy you coach that laziness out of them, like you would an underperformer in your work place. Arshavin had so much potential, See Liverpool 0 Arshavin 4 what a player, he is the greatest player that never was.

  49. KJafc

    Afternoon Mahessar,
    Remember, we will also have the reported sponsorship windfall, which is the equillavent of around £1.2 million per week in ‘additional’ revenue.

    So if you take out the wages on the deadwood we have just ejected and add the increased sponsorship money that will kick in, we have substantial money to spend. This is why we are in a different place now and have reason to be cheerful.

  50. Aaron Lemon

    “One is wanted by RM, one is being sold by RM’ – that logic will get you nowhere in life.

    By the same token, Ibra wasn’t good enough for Barca, Henry and Cole and Anelka and Nasri and RVP and Vieira weren’t good enough for us any more? Bollocks. Players move on, Higuain’s been at Madrid for years, seen and done it all and wants a change. Your logic doesn’t even apply to Liverpool and Suarez and you’ve used their player to try and apply this logic with!

    Just unbelievable how many trolls there are in football forums.

    ‘If Madrid want to sell its because he’s not good enough’
    ‘Why does Wenger take of a forward and bring on a defensive player with 5 mins to go’

    Honestly, what is wrong with some people?!

    FYI the £23m was banter.

  51. Dan


    Dont be back tracking with all your negativity! Hig aint going to happen, we’ll never sign anyone, its going to be like the last 8years all that bollocks.

    You do seem to get overly worked up about stories in the press and a normal emotionally balanced person can usually, via their bullshit filter, gauge when certain stories carry a bit of weight. You can take certain stories with a pinch of salt until they gather some momentum instead of a kneejerk reaction to the ones with no substance that are blatantly a load of shite.

    I wouldn’t call it double standards I’d call it being realistic

  52. Oh Theo Theo!

    AL – Huhh? How is £23 banter?? You actually mean, made-up-shit. As in “I made up this £23m deal for a laugh!”.

    Interesting sense of humour. Dude, the facts are that if the Hig was a a world beater RM wouldn’t be selling. You can spin all your blah, blah, blah pseudo logic as much as you like, but that is a fact.

    He’s a good player and will improve our forward line, so tick if he signs. And yes, he may step up from being a good player to being great with us. You never know.

    If RM thought Hig was better than biter boy then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. He’d be staying.

    Provide me one fact that backs up any of the turgid shite that spews from your mouth…

  53. mahessar


    The sponsorship money and also the money coming in from higher TV revenues next season onwards, our deal with Puma, our deal with a telco partner in Nigeria, tapping up the South East Asian market, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia are huge opportunities for business, tremendous growth expected there in next 5 years or so in terms of merchandise sales and commercial partners and I think that’s what Ivan and co have realised as well, if you can get 20% of the market share of football merchandise industry in Asia, you are making shit loads of money

    That is single handedly the reason why Asia is a better market to tour in Summer than America, the market in America is small, the competition is very tough and it’s a saturated playing field there.

    Asia and Africa are the right places to invest in and IG, Stan Co. are doing well in that regard, our incomes are going to increase exponentially during the next 5 years which means we can safely invest in the squad and are now able to pay higher wages, dont really think football is the only reason behind getting big names all of a sudden, it’s got a lot to do with the commercial side of Arsenal as well, that’s why we are after Rooney and Fabregas the most, two players who will be huge in terms of their commercial stature in Europe and around the world. Add a few trophies to that and we will back in top 5 football clubs around the world. Amen.

  54. Jamal


    Dont get me wrong, Arshavin had some magical moments ( 4 at Anfield and the Barca goal) but i called him a flop because he just got fat and lazy, Wenger should get some of the blame for being so lenient but if Arshavin wanted to be a top player he should have looked after himself and cut down on the big macs.

    A wasted talent really.

  55. zeus

    Jose Angel Sanchez has revealed the forward will likely move on before next season, with two strikers to be signed to complement Karim Benzema.

    Gonzalo Higuain is set to depart Real Madrid this summer, according to the club’s general manager Jose Angel Sanchez.

    The Argentine striker was coy to reporters when asked about his future at the club early last month, amid suggestions that president Florentino Perez is unconvinced by his form this season. Sanchez has now indicated the 25-year-old will be sold to allow room for two more forwards to join Karim Benzema at Santiago Bernabeu.

    Higuain has scored 15 goals in 38 appearances in all competitions for Los Blancos this season.

    “In a big club like Real Madrid, it is assumed there is space for two or three high-level No.9s. It was Benzema and Higuain. Higuain will go, Benzema will stay, and two others will arrive,” Sanchez told Le 10 Sport.

  56. zeus

    Le-grove………….always eating comments.

    Marca now reporting Arsenal and AReal Madrid agree deal. Quoting foxsports latin america.

    Arsenal and Real Madrid have reached an agreement for Higuaín, according to Fox Sports Latinoamérica. The Argentine striker could travel to London tomorrow in order to sign a three-year deal with ‘The Gunners’, but he is still waiting for the deal to be sealed before heading to the English capital from Madrid – after flying to Spain from Miami.

    “We obtained permission from Real Madrid to begin negotiation meetings with Arsenal and with a bit of luck I’ll be able to watch my son in the Premier League”, said Jorge Higuaín – the player’s father and agent. The fee agreed by both clubs is for £23 million (around €27 million).

    According to Fox Sports, Higuaín will earn a millionaire salary of £100,000 (€117,000) a week, making him one of the highest-paid players at Arsenal – along with Theo Walcott and Thomas Vermaelen.

  57. KJafc

    “…..And you had the gall to call me r*cist yesterday”

    What? I have no idea what you look like. You are an idiot mate, you skip over what you read and make a wild assumption. And please, stop calling people pr++cks from behind you computer. It’s not clever.

    If you recall, you got angry because of the Gareth Barry link, which you believed. I picked you up on it and you called me an AKB. I then said that calling someone an AKB is like someone using the race card – in other words a tactic to discredit any further opinion that does not match your own. It is.

    No Higuain has not signed yet you are quiet correct to point that out. But as a named source ‘his father’ has made a statement suggesting it is close, I pay notice.

  58. Dan


    arshavin lost his hunger and I dont think you can blame that on the manager. Im sure there are contributing factors towards that but he had a successful 2.5 years. I do think he should of been played off the front man though to get the best out of him in the long term, played as a wide man expected to track back didnt really suit his game. He was a confidence player and once that was shot to shit, it was a long way back for him especially when the crowd were so vocally against him.

    It was Liverpool 4 arshavin 4 by the way

  59. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – again; facts please. Show me where I get worked up about press reports about players??

    What I keep banging on about is just that – facts. Please show me one FACT that currently shows this year is different.

    I can backtrack as much as I like – it’s called having a brain.

    What you muppets don’t get is that I have engaged my spin filter. Until the club makes the signings we need: 1 striker, 1 or 2 midfielders, 1 GK, 1 CB to compete then I reserve my right as a lifelong fan to hold the club to account.

    IF Wenger decides to change his usual approach and actually sign decent players then I will do what I have done for 40 years – support the club without fear and favour.

    Until then I maintain my right to be “Disgruntled of Highbury”.

    So in short – fuck off you preachy, moronic shit-eating twat-faced cunt.

  60. N5

    OTT as Nasri’s Mouth said though, we don’t really know what happened at Madrid, it may have been Hig that said he wants first team every week and RM said no due to Benzima so it may have been a mutual choice to part company.

    I still think its so Suarez and Benzima can play that Henry and Bergkamp style of attack and Hig wouldn’t have been right for that style of play, but that is purely speculation.

  61. KJafc

    “Al, Provide me one fact that backs up any of the turgid shite that spews from your mouth…”

    Oh the irony…..!!

  62. zeus


    No need to explain or apologize. AA23 was a flop in every sense of the word.

    Talk about misuse position-wise is so idiotic and futile you want to smash your own face.

  63. KJafc

    “And yes, he (Higuain) may step up from being a good player to being great with us. You never know.”

    More Higuain negativity, you sure you a re a Gooner mate. You don’t have much fun in your life.

    The last 5 years stats do not suggest he is a good player, they suggest he is a great player. Scroll up the page and you will see he averages a goal every one and a half games, not just in la Liga but in International football too.

    2008–09 season Goals 22 in 34 Av: 1 goal every 1.5 games
    2009–10 season Goals 27 in 32 Av: 1 goal every 1.1 game
    2010–11 season Goals 10 in 17 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games
    2011–12 season Goals 22 in 35 Av: 1 goal every 1.6 games
    2012–13 season Goals 16 in 28 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games

    2009-2013 (Argentina) Goals 20 in 32 Av: 1 goal in 1.6 game

    By the way, you have been owned today mate.

  64. ikon

    Although Higuain is undoubtedly one of the biggest statement that the club has made, he needs to be a lot lot fitter to be extraordinary in epl.

    Cant we just bid 30 million and get Suarez as well? Proven premier talent, Gervinho could give back the club around 10 million, and probably a player like Halilovic or Hamsik could set us on our way to a good start next season.

  65. Aaron Lemon


    You sound like a fucking moron. I’ve read your comments for weeks and you sound like you own this page and you think you can throw your weight around, piss all over people’s posts whilst adding fuck off value in your own posts.

    You cry over spilt milk when it comes to the club and you still have that brainless ‘nothing’s going to change, give me FACTS’ teenage kid vibe in your arguments when it’s actually meaningless.

    How’s about engaging that spin filter of yours and realising that this summer we are in for big players regardless of who you or I think we know about. You can put money on Wenger going for players who probably aren’t being mentioned and you can guarantee a lot of things will no doubt fall through before we land players.

    Last summer we signed Podolski and stuck him 100kpw. What makes you think we can’t sign a £100kpw player this summer? I don’t think Pod is worth that, but my point is you say you want FACTS to see we’re going in a new direction and my point is we can afford the likes of Podolski 100kpw a year ago and we’ve just double our commercial revs.

    We’ve also freed up £13m in wages with a lot more to follow and the club has made no noises whatsoever about attempting to reduce the wage bill. What my deductive skills tell me is that means it is unlikely those wages will remain unspent. Which means in other words we’re making signings this summer and it’s likely they’ll be big.

    So why don’t you stfu with your faux-wisdom about how you know better than fucking EVERYONE on this page on EVERY topic but you’re NEVER rude and ONLY deal in FACTS when you’re full of SHIT!!! Simple as that! You sound like prick, argue like a prick, back yourself into a corner like a prick and contradict yourself like a prick. That’s my opinion and I know it’s shared by others. Idgaf about them though. I’ve been here for 5 minutes and you and acoupe of other trolls are already making these comments sections seem like a total joke for people who want to discuss football in a level headed way.

    You can dialsquare can go prance off into cyber sunset, take your bullshit with you.

  66. KJafc

    To Dan
    “….so in short – fuck off you preachy, moronic shit-eating twat-faced cunt.”

    Ha ha, you have just lost every argument you have ever had by losing your temper and being so abusive. I can no longer take you serious in debate. You are a wind up merchant that cannot handle proper debate without resorting to abuse.

    Totally owned.

  67. Oh Theo Theo!

    KJ – LOLOLOLOL!! How have I been “owned” ?? You’re very funny!

    So KJ can you break down how many of those goals were scored against top opposition, i.e. top 4 clubs in Spain? And how many were scored against mid table and bottom of the table clubs? SO tell me about the quality of the goals he scored?

    If Higuain was WC we wouldn’t be the only team bidding for him would we? Juve decided £10m Tevez was a better bet. So he’s not in Falcao, Cavani, Rooney, Messi, Ibra, Aguero bracket is he?

    I’m not being negative – just realistic. We’ve broken our transfer record for a good quality striker. Whopee Do.

    That’s not all we need. We need Faillaini + GK + CB at least to start recovering the 16 points we need to win the PL.

    This year is the best time ever, with all the rest of the top-4 with new management teams, who will take time to bed in.

    So what I wanted, (still want) is the naked hunger from the management team to attack this year as the best opp to win the PL we’ve had.

  68. KJafc

    Mate, I think the Suarez story was a press lie or possibly leaked by his agent to start a bidding war maybe. In any case, the bloke has claimed in the past that he hates the way he is treated by the English press and that’s why he wants to leave. Well if he thinks its bad while playing for Liverpool, if he joins us it will be twice as bad.

  69. KJafc

    I am not going to debate with you any more, I have lost all respect for you as a person and you do not deserve my time.

    For the record, abusive cowards like you that hide behind their pc’s are the bain of blogs. You lose an argument and then start calling people disgusting names with that toilet mouth of yours and then expect them to engage you as if nothing happened. You do that to my face and you would be eating soup through a straw.

    Debating and disagreeing is one thing but abusing fellow Gooners with that kind of language is bang out of order.

  70. Oh Theo Theo!

    Spurs fan Aaron Lemon – whaa whaa whaaa! Jeez, what a baby.

    Again – you’re making shit up to suit your point of view! Read your own post:-

    “We’ve also freed up £13m in wages with a lot more to follow and the club has made no noises whatsoever about attempting to reduce the wage bill. What my deductive skills tell me is that means it is unlikely those wages will remain unspent. Which means in other words we’re making signings this summer and it’s likely they’ll be big.”

    Seriously in that badly written diatribe – point to a single, actual fact. And for you, mr hard of thinking:-

    1. something that actually exists; reality; truth: Your fears have no basis in fact.
    2. something known to exist or to have happened: Space travel is now a fact.
    3. a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: Scientists gather facts about plant growth.
    4. something said to be true or supposed to have happened: The facts given by the witness are highly questionable.
    5. Law. . Often, facts. an actual or alleged event or circumstance, as distinguished from its legal effect or consequence. Compare question of fact, question of law.

    NOT – shit I make up to sound clever.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    @oh Theo Theo

    Juventus decided Tevez was the better bet ?

    Or they couldn’t afford Higuain,

    Or he’d rather play for us than them

    Or he didn’t want to live in Italy

    You’re changing something that is simply a possibility into a fact to suit your argument.

  72. KJafc

    Thanks for the link, that is just what we needed.

    I guess this could all be done and dusted over the Weekend.

  73. dialsquare

    How can anyone expect Gervinho to perform when he’s surrounded by dross, get the quality players in and you’ll see a marked improvement in performances by Gervinho.

  74. KJafc

    I never really got Benzema to be honest. I suppose it comes down to individual preference, all Managers and fans have their favourites.

    With new managers, there are going to be lots of top players changing clubs, I feel confident that Higuain will be just the start.

    I read somewhere that some clubs will wait until august because they don’t want to play a payers wages for July. I personally would be happier to get them in early for the pre-season games.

  75. KJafc

    Nasri’s Mouth
    I understand that the problem Juve had is that they have financial problems to do with the redevelopment of the club. They apparently did not want to pay up front, they wanted the option to pay on installments. Although this is common, clubs like Barca and RM do this all the time, it put Arsenal into prime position. as we were prepared to pay up front.

    Sometimes we fans forget that this is real money. Most clubs in Europe are technically insolvent but get helped out in one way or another. That is why Arsenal are in a very strong position now and for the future too.

  76. zeus


    Its less down to ‘manager’s favorites’ and more down to President’s favourites.

    Simply put, Higuain was bought by Ramon Calderon. Benzema was bought by Florentino Perez, a man who has spent 100m in his 10 years in charge, and only won 10 trophies.

    Of course he’s not gonna get rid of Benzema whom he paid 36m for, because no one in world football bar the psycho oil kings would pay more than 25m or so for him.

    That and inexplicably Benzema is considered a galactico (maybe due to his price tag) while Higuain is more of a Raul type.

    Definitely a bad comparison considering Raul is a legend but F it,I can’t be bothered to name someone else. Maybe horse face Ruud.

  77. salparadisenyc

    Headed for what could be pretty pivotal – monumental summer.
    The list of dross were rid of is inspiring to say the least hopefully Chamakh and Gervinho are added to it. Park Chu Young is a mixed one for me as he never was really given a peak in, do remember him coming on in the 88th minute and seem to have good movement? Maybe that was a dream but what an odd time for Mr PCY.

    Higuain looking all the more likely with links various others whom would surely start.

    I’d be quite pleased with the Hig, AM, DM, 4th choice CB and a keeper. Heard Jovetic could be back on, playing in the hole behind Higuain; in a “Rooney type Role”.

    For better or worse all signs point firmly at pleasing AW and extending his vastly expensive contract. If we sign whom are linked with their will be no excuse to not bring home silverware.

  78. zeus

    dialsquareJuly 4, 2013 17:21:39
    How can anyone expect Gervinho to perform when he’s surrounded by dross, get the quality players in and you’ll see a marked improvement in performances by Gervinho.

    Now I’ve seen some straws clutched in my time but this takes the cake.

    Hang your head in shame,.

  79. Same Story

    Who said OX was world class?

    And Ox is an up and coming player, while Gervinho is in his peak years.

    Seeing Gervinho in the team just depresses me.

  80. zeus


    Far more talented in what regard? For sure he has a better skill set when compared to Gonzalo, but in terms of sheer goalscoring and assists, I’m not sure there is anything but daylight between the 2.

  81. KJafc

    Yes, great point the Spanish situation is always more complicated with the presidential situation. However, managers play who they want and Maureen-o made some controversial decisions.

    Raul was one of those truly gifted finishers, pure class and as you quite rightly say a legend fro RM.

    I honestly think Higuain is top, top drawer and could become the same. When you consider his consistency over the last five years, especially where he has at times been a bit part player, it is amazing. To repeat that for his Country just proves it. One season he averaged a goal a game in la Liga.

  82. rollen

    Young Rvp Valencia
    Thiago kagawa carrick

    Evra vidic Ferdinand Raphael
    De gea

    RVP + maby kagawa and Alcantara rest is crap old and rednoseless

  83. KJafc

    What a great post mate. Congratulations on your ST and hope you get the second for your father.

    I don’t think you could have timed that any better. You have got in when the club starts its journey from a big club to a mega club.

    I used to go to Highbury in the seventies with my grandad and dad. I now get to go with my wife. My two sons go when they can but work restricts those options.

    I agree 100%, I love arsenal it is virtually the biggest thing in my life apart from my family. I detest my club being slagged off, as I said a couple of days ago, it last someone having a pop at the Mrs.

    I understand some of the negativity, it has been an awful period but the Emirates is something to be proud of. I just wish we Gooners could build more togetherness and that siege mentality you really need to protect the club. The constant bashing is unnecessary but lets hope the Higuain signing is just the start. then peoples opinions may change.

    Good luck though and congratulations.

  84. KJafc

    Same Story
    I agree. Moyes errs on the cautious side, not like rednose.

    Be interesting if they get a run of bad results, what with rednose hanging around in the background. Could get messy.

  85. KJafc

    Interesting about Messi. How many did Ronaldo bag in the PL?

    I love Messi to bits, does he have the ability to oyutscore RVP – hell yes. On that basis, I believe Messi could score 30 plus. No way would he bag 40-50, I think that is asking too much of the little genius. Mind you, be great seeing Shawcross and co shown up for the donkeys they really are!

  86. salparadisenyc

    Agreed I never rated Sheva either yet he’s the # 3 all time goal scorer in Europe with 59 out of 116 appearances.
    Van Persie I do rate highly and he’s scored 23 out of 70. Far from groundbreaking.

  87. Ramsey's backpass

    Higuain is a fanstastic striker,a signing of intent but pls dont tell me he is a great striker because of his conversion rate.

    Walcott also has a good conversion rate than bale but does that make him bettter than Bale?no

    while am happy,i mean extreamly happy we are getting higuain,ls dont tell me he is great.

    Higuan can’t create something out of nothing,is he better than suarez?nope but i prefer him to suarez.

    And i watch almost all madrid’s match,he miss some damn clear cut chances and that always annoys my madrid friends.

  88. Kjafc

    Ramseys backpass
    This season in 19 starts he bagged 16 goals , not bad at all. His average over the last 5 years is a goal in less than 2 games and that is without always starting, rotating with Benzema. In fact his first entire season as first choice left him with just shy of a goal a game, something like 28 in 32 or something obscene. That is great by any standards. His International record is likewise, a goal in less than 2 games. Incredible averages and it proves he scores goal. At last somebody who can finish on the end of teh chances we always create.

  89. Kempster

    Headline of Bleacher report: Would Higuain be an improvement on Giroud?

    Some great journalism right there.

  90. unhappy gunner

    @Dials square, though I agree with some of your posts if you honestly believe gervinho’s any good then I honestly pity you. I would rather have a turd on the pitch as opposed to gervinho. I would bet you a million that a quadriplegic would perform better in any position over gervinho.

  91. Nasri's Mouth

    Sid Lowe now reporting that he may have got the length of contract wrong.

    Which is reassuring, 3 years seemed too short