Deal making at full pace, patience | Park deal canceled | The Hig’s dad confirms… again

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It’s all go, go, go at Highbury House today. The big clear out is well under way. Arsenal have called in a Canadian tree surgeon from one of those crazy Discovery channel programmes and he’s tearing the dead wood out of the club with such brutality, tears are being shed.

Dick Law Visual Metaphor

No sooner had Denilson been given his paid up marching orders… it looks like Park Chu Whythehelldidwesignyoun-ng could be facing the same undignified exit. I like the idea of paying up their contracts, or at least part of them, something I’ve pushed the case over the last few seasons. Finally, the club heeding the world class contract advice I’m able to provide. If ever there was a transfer of suspicious nature, it was this one… well, bar the Bischoff one. Park Chu Young, dog average playing for a bankrupt Monaco, signed up, virtually never used, then deemed so bad Arsenal sought a tax break on his signature… then shunted out the door. Not to mention we signed him despite knowing he has to serve time in the army.

Dodgy from start to finish… a bit like Bebe to United. At least it’s nearly over now.

Anyway, another player leaving the club could be Coquelin. The defensive minded midfielder / right back, is attracting Frieberg and could leave on loan. Another young player full of promise but lacked the edge to take his chance when offered it. I quite liked him, but once you complain to Arsene about playing time, you’re generally shown the exit door.

No one puts Arsene in the corner…

… bar Denilson. Who has a bit of a weird hold over the manager. Must have been that endearing little dance he’d do when he scored or landed an enhanced contract.

On the transfer front, The Hig’s dad has come out and spoken to the press again…

‘I apologise to the fans for my sons performance, we are positive the spirit will be right next game’

Yes, Johann Djourrou is his father.

Just light hearted jokes people.

His dad really said…

“…we have permission to negotiate and hope that soon I can resolve my child’s move to the Premier League.”

Incredible! But I thought terms were already agreed with Arsenal and Juve? Oh wait… you can’t agree terms until the club give you permission? Ahhh, I see…

So this deal seems like it’s nearly there.

I’ve tapped my Arsenal contact for the first time in a while, you know, to subside the panic that we’ve given up on the summer. Apparently Dick Law is working really hard to bring in the right kind of players… we’ve just got to sit tight. That’s from my number one place, if they’re saying that, I believe. So don’t get your caterpillar coat zip in a twist.

Also, Luis Suarez to Arsenal… for £25m. Come on… I mean, I love him as a player, but for that price? Could anyone see Arsenal signing a racist out of control biter on a substantial ban? I couldn’t. I’d love him at the club, he’s an immense talent (if not a bit crazy and dangerous)… but come on, all this because a bookie closed bets on him joining Arsenal? ‘Bookies rarely get it wrong’… yes they do, if I had a pound for every time bookies closed up on events that don’t happen I’d be a rich man.

We were batting the idea of an Le Grove beer meet over the next few weeks. Late July perhaps, let me know what you think, we could go for Sunday the 14th July and catch one of the Indonesian games if anywhere is showing it. Or we could go for the August 10th Man City friendly? I’ve bad quite a lot of interest from people who’ve been on the site for years… everyone is normal, so don’t worry, it’s not like a World of Warcraft gathering… and obviously Mila and Megan will turn up, I just hope they don’t fight again.

Right, me done… over to Geoff tomorrow.

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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    hmmm. funny post.

    So again for the 1000th time Hig’s dad says he is closing on to move to Emirates. How much time does it take to sign the bloody dotted line. Theo took six months. Hig has already done 2.

    Suarez to Arsenal. I might not want him. He is a great talent but hard to control. Kind of a psyco who bites people when frustrated. And he also is a proven diver. Arsene might not buy some one who lacks integrity. Let see.

    Having said that, I do want Rooney to Arsenal 🙂

  2. Bade

    Good riddance

    Park was one of the most weird signings of all time. Honestly. It wasn’t only about the fact that we signed him albeit knowing he’s going to serve a 2 years army time & that we never used him bar 8 minutes in EPL, it’s also about the way we did it.

    Gazumping him amid a Lyon medical is nothing short of a Huge favour for the French club. Maybe Arsene did it just to make them feel consciously bad so they hand us Gonalons the year after in a cut price? I don’t know. What is certain is, we can rightly ask Lyon to pay us for that act. We did them a huge gesture ….

  3. pinkz

    vill agame at home, wud be a great meet – usually in the Tollington or 12 pins…………..even the god forsaken tbirds!!!! (dont ask)

  4. Ash

    I should take offence at the World of Warcraft meet comment, alternatively go top the beer meet and drag your normal rating down. Sabotage.

  5. TripleXthree

    We’ve been waiting a month, don’t think a week or two would change much… But once the trees are cut wenger must graft new ones in their place

  6. nepGunner

    Good to have Geoff back for some “on your face stuffs”…

    BTW, Don Vito has left the house for Sunderland

    All the best Vito…I hope you do well. Which leaves us with yet another must have signing in the form of a GK. Well lets do the math – Confed Cup is over, QPR wants to offload him (probably on a cheap deal to lighten their wage bill), we HAVE the money and now we NEED a GK since there are only two first team (?) goalies…Oh wait, today is July 4th – the American Independence Day holiday…So no deals today.

  7. GhGooner

    everybody deserves a “second chance” in life including Suarez.if it happened it’d be amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!
    I’m Ghanaian(remember WC 2010 quarters?) but i’ Gladly welcome Suarez to the Emirates with open arms,plus I believe if there’s one man in football to transform Suarez,its definitely Le Prof!

  8. ste

    Bendtner upto his usual tricks:

    (skysports) Eintracht Frankfurt have played down their chances of signing Nicklas Bendtner, due to his wage demands. Bendtner is locked in talks with a host of clubs, as he is set to leave Arsenal this summer.

    i thought us buying Park would have been as part exchange on a lyon player later in the season. oh well!!!!

  9. jlp

    Congrats Geoff on your soon to be…ALI like return to the ring and well fucking done Pedro for toting the load during the bears absence.

  10. Jake

    A bit unrelated but a while ago an Arsenal blog posted a link to a site with all of our transfer rumours from this year no matter what paper or how weak the link. Wondering if it was this one and if anyone can remember it?

  11. Jidster Talabi

    Great post. Love that the club is getting rid of all the deadwood. I always knew we would have to be paint, so I AM BEING VERY PATIENT. If nothing happens within the next 3 weeks though…hmmm.

    Excited to have Geoff posting tomorrow. A new perspective is always needed. No offence Pedro. You do an amazing job.

  12. Ali

    Ashwin, cant see Arsenal signing Rooney ever. Theres no way Wenger would spend that much money on two world class strikers.

  13. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    stringJuly 3, 2013 20:44:38
    is that matthew syed the ex england table tennis player if so he hes still a cunt as hes always been he kept me out the school table tennis team when I was 10 not that im bitter

    Post of the day yesterday.

  14. Brum Gooner

    The Higuain deal has been pretty much concluded for 2 weeks, we have been waiting on Madrid to sort themselves out.

  15. samflu

    I think I’m going to start a betting website called “Which Player Will Be Linked To Arsenal Tomorrow?” You win the most if you get the actual player right. You can also win by getting the team right from which the player linked is from, the league, the nationality and/or the position.

    Seriously, every day it’s a new fucking player. Yesterday GARETH BARRY and today Suarez. Tomorrow? Any takers?

  16. Damilarey

    Good move about Park case.
    Hig’s Dad is confusing us or can I say all is the fabricated stories of the media, but most importantly, the deal should be completed ASAP.

    Suabite should never ever wear Arsenal shirt. I hate his personality on the pitch.

  17. Dan


    that wasn’t arteta yesterday?? I thought it was part of his preseason training, a knock about at wimbledon, bit of road running and off to asia…bosh ready for the season

  18. N5

    Great post Pedro, really comical.

    Looking forward to Geoff’s post tomorrow, I wonder if he’s still got the same funny vitriol he used to have or if the break has mellowed him.

  19. Ashwin Gunner


    I know it is a long shot. given the history of transfer dealings in the past couple of years, it is impossible. Why no dream. That’s what we as Arsenal fans have been doing in all the transfer window.

    On the other hand, there is a lot of pressure on Wenger mate. Its a do or die season for him. He anyways has a job offer from PSG in case he leaves next season, but he will try to bow out with dignity. This is the most defining season of his career at Arsenal. I have this feeling that he may walk an extra mile and get another world class striker. #hope.

  20. nuudles

    Dont know how much cudos the club deserves for undoing the mistakes of the past or for finally doing what must have been done long ago? Yes it is good that we are finally getting rid of the squad players draining the club without a hope of ever being real features/stars, but this should have happened long ago.

    Agree on Suarez, he is immensely talented, dont know whether it would feel right supporting him but his ability is truly world class. Arguably on par with RvP (and with age & more pace & less fragility on his side), so pretty much the best CF in the league (or tied). That said I can see us trying to get him with the argument “he is a loose cannon so give him to us for a cut price”.

    Daydreaming, but a summer of Higuan AND Suarez in, Fellaini/Bender/Capoue in, Cesar in (jury is still out, would much prefer Adler/Begovic), resigning Sagna & selling/buying out the permanent bench warmers/loaners (Bendtner, Park, all those who have already gone) would be phenomenal. Make it happen! (not going to happen, if we are lucky we will get Higuain and 2/3 relatively unknown players).

  21. @cynorix

    Why are we waiting for the Hig deal to be done. Why not finalise the purchase of other players like a GK (cesar), DM (felliani or capoue), an AM (grenier or …….), and a DF (williams or ……..); before concluding the Hig deal cos its taking a lot of time

  22. Admir

    Every time I read “Higuain’s father”, I imagine that guy from “American Pie” – Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy) giving a statement regarding transfer of his son.

    Anyway, I want this saga with Higuain to end soon so our pre-season can start properly. Last season Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla had just that one game against Koeln together due to break given after EURO 2012. In a lot of occasions they looked like they are not aware of each other’s presence on the pitch.

  23. Gregg

    I would guess that Madrid have now given permission for us to negotiate with the player because as we know, we can only do this when the selling club agree. There is no way we would contravene the laws and tap up a player beforehand, that’s just bad form.

  24. DanielSlug

    Two criterias for the Le-grove beer meet up. 1. They’re showing the Arsenal. 2. They’re selling Peroni on tap.
    Nothing else will surfice.

  25. Pok Nik

    To be fair , Park wasn’t that bad. If he was given same number of games as Chamakh, I personally think he can contribute more than Chamakh!

  26. Pok Nik

    To be fair , Park wasn’t that bad. If he was given same number of games as Chamakh, I personally think he can contribute more than Chamakh!

  27. Hitchy

    Good post, the dead-wood dick law analogy tickled me a great deal.

    Nice to hear your confident in your contact on the inside. Fingers crossed they are getting a strong side together BEFORE we go out to Asia for pre-season

  28. samsenal

    Rooney and Suarez aren’t coming whether we sign Hig or not; their clubs will demand a fee we wouldn’t be prepared to pay (Suarez) or we won’t be prepared to meet the player’s wage demands (Rooney). Either way, LFC and MUFC will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the players don’t move to a Premiership club.

    It is not going to happen. We should stop discussing it here; the Advertisting-revenue-hungry websites are manipulating us.

  29. HerveDeNerve

    Nice post Pedro…..Sounds like Dick Law is the sort of guy who has a wallet which says “Bad Motherfucker” on it!

  30. N5

    I agree nuudles, no one deserves praise for clearing up mistakes they have made at the club, especially when we could all see it coming, but I must pat Wenger on the back for doing it as it must be so hard for a dictator like him to admit he was wrong, both Project youth, his contract negotiations (see NB and JD) and his choice of players have all, now openly, been proved incorrect choices made.

  31. N5

    “Every time I read “Higuain’s father”, I imagine that guy from “American Pie” – Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy) giving a statement regarding transfer of his son.”

    Oh no, I’m going to read all his comments in Eugene’s voice now! 😀

  32. N5

    “You also failed to mention that Vito Mannona has joined Sunderland, leaving the door open for a new GK.”

    Is that sold or loan?

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    @ashwin gooner

    I read something about Chamakh being left out of pre-season tours to find him a club. Possibly Galatassary, but others interested, (allegedly)

  34. MadeToLoveMagic

    I feel sorry for park, talented player but like most parks, there was far too many dogs inside.

    Wish i could put my Coq out on loan, it’s a bit bored and could do with a new challenge. It does have the potential to be world class though so im told, by my gran.

    Omg , A legrove meet? Ok what about a kick about, followed by arsenal and beer?. I have to warn, I am a demon with alcohol, when I start, it is usually only a doctor with restraints who can stop me. I’ve beaten up grannies, tramps, eaten cats, all sorts just to get a sip of someone’s left over dregs.

    So kick about , beer about , Arsenal about, chicken cottage about.

    Who knows ,maybe gambon and keyser will come together in lonely unemployed fat man love and have a baby called Greggs.

  35. N5

    @NM I expect he left it in Flappy’s bed, thanks for letting me know.

    I hope your comment about Chamakh is right also, god that would be great, there would only be a few more deadwood players to get rid of.

  36. N5

    “Who knows ,maybe gambon and keyser will come together in lonely unemployed fat man love and have a baby called Greggs.”

    I shouldn’t laugh as they are both seem nice guys but that really tickled me!

  37. Vish

    No way will Liverpool sell to a rival. Only we’re greedy enough to do that. But if he did come then that would be making a statement.Not spending over £16mill and buying a striker nobody else wants. Buying Higuin is not making a statement. We should have been buying players in the price bracket at least a couple of seasons ago, rather then letting funds build up to £70mill and trying to spend it one go.

  38. Arsene nose best

    If law is so bad at his job, why has he not been sacked yet? Wait, this is arsenal we are talking about, a manager that has won nothing for 8-9 years is still in the job f.f.s

  39. N5

    @sylvain it seems we will be linked with every attacker until we sign one, my opinion is that the Hig is the only legitimate one, I think Rooney and his cost was just an example by IG of our spending power and then Usminov (spelling) chimed in giving the papers something to latch on too.

    The problem for me is the club says nothing ever, I hate twitchy Arry! but I admired the way he would say who his targets were, how the club were going about getting them and if they failed why! Wenger and Co just don’t say anything, ever, other than the usual rubbish! “we will only purchase players that will strengthen the team with super qwaladeeee” “we are looking at players” “we are in the market for new signings” etc. So it’s then left up to the papers to make up complete rubbish such as Suarez.

  40. Dan

    Are you you Jim or Howard?

    Suarez won’t happen. He’ll leave england for definite.

    This is the summer of change they are getting ruthless shedding the shite knowing we need an upgrade of quality throughout the squad and 1st team.

    I firmly believe there are more deals in the pipeline than just the Hig deal (which is surley a done deal) and add the following:
    GK – definite now Don Mannone has gone
    DF – squad player addition
    MF – top quality 1st team additon (fellani, bender, gungodan)
    AM/CF – top quality 1st team addition (rooney, cesc, jovetic)

    These additions would send a message intent to Europe not just the Prem that we are contenders again

  41. oohtobe

    Does anyone know if Dick Law actually exists. Its difficult to find pictures of him and he does sound like he’s from a 70’s cop show.

    If we signed Suarez (yeah right) do you think Santos would get nervous as he would look like a tasty snack to the uruguayan.

  42. Nasri's Mouth


    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Chamakh still here next season. There has to be some effort from the player when it comes to sorting out a move and I wonder whether Chamakh just likes his current lifestyle too much.

    For me, what’s important is that the club are trying hard to move on significant numbers of players, with all options considered. Contracts cancelled, loans, transfers, all are being used. Very positive. Should have been done last summer of course, but…

  43. mach iii

    A meet up? The bit of information there is about the readers are the moaning, groaning, grunting, tooth gnashing. Will be Pedro + a full zombie horde. Shoot between the eyes!

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    I doubt there’s any truth in the Suarez rumour.

    More likely it’s just people playing with the betting market. If he leaves, he’ll go overseas.

    I still don’t believe we’ll sign Rooney. I suspect his ‘team’ will use us (and others) as a way of getting the best deal out of Utd.

  45. Moray

    Has anyone worked out what we’re currently saving off the wage bill every week?

    Maybe Wenger has such a stiffie at the money saving he can’t bring himself to sign anyone?

    Drinks sounds like a good idea. I would fly over from Asia myself if I though Jaguar would turn up. Some good old school craziness.

    Great to see the Bear back, particularly as it will give Pedro a well-deserved breather. I hope they can both moderate the comments too. Mix it up a bit.

  46. Moray

    Rooney and Suarez are well out of our range, whatever the tea lady says. Whether we COULD afford them is unimportant, as we WOULD NOT pay what would be needed. Not unless Usmanov took over.

  47. Dan


    No offence but there’s nothing to admire about that twitchy cunt redknapp especially the way he conducted himself in the transfer window.
    Letting the world and their dog know who your after isnt clever, he has no class. You notice how many time he comes out and says we wanted x, y and z but could couldnt afford the fee or wages and he’s seen as an upfront wheeler dealer. Wenger comes out and says as much about missed targets we’re considered tight and unambitious.
    Wenger keeps his dialogue ambiguous to avoid paying over the odds. Unlike redkjnapp who’d rather send you into administration giving out shitty soundbites cos he ‘likes’ peter crouch, david bentley or some other joker who’s price is over inflated and not very good

  48. samsenal

    William Hill and the internet Sports “News” websites all benefit from these “Suspended betting” stories: The Websites get to publish a story which gets clicks to their site and the Betting Agency get free advertising as a result; this is all about making money off of idiots like us.

    I wonder how big this spike in betting on Suarez to Arsenal actually was and whether a similar sized spike in another sport would have resulted in a betting suspension. I Wouldn’t be surprised if William Hill use relatively insignificant spikes in football transfer betting to kick-start the bullsh;t chain that results in people rush onto Le Grove to speculate.

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d estimate that Arshavin, Bendtner, Djourou, Squillaci, Denilson, Mannone, Coquelin probably save us somewhere close to £300k/wk if you add in the kids too.

    Of course Bendtner hasn’t left yet, but something will happen with him.

  50. nuudles

    Dan, I am not Jim or Howard.

    I also think Suarez will leave the league. Last time he bit someone he left the league (Ajax)…

    I am not convinced we need a DF unless Sagna is off (in which case we MUST get a proper replacement). If Sagna stays we have Kozzer, BFG, TV5, Sagna & Miquel as our DF options. Kozzer & Per formed a formidable partnership towards the end of the season, TV5 hit a bit of a bad patch but he is a very good & experienced backup. Sagna had a couple of awesome games at CB, he can surely play there if we have both Per & Kozzer out. I also think Miquel will be very good for us in the future, he is very much like a left-footed Mertesacker (smaller but a touch faster): he reads the game very well, is assured on the ball and looks very level-headed.

    GK I agree, Begovic or Adler please, but I think we will replace Mannone with more of a squad player since he was a squad player, i.e. Cesar (still not convinced about him, he had a very solid Confed Cup though). In addition I think if we sign Cesar or better (Begovic/Adler), then Fabianski will also be off… I can see this as an area where Wenger will apply his “logic” of “not wanting to hurt someone’s development” because good things have been said of the u/21 gk and Chezzer is still young & Fabianski also still relatively young for a keeper.

  51. Ben

    Cutting the deadwood..when will the curse of Diaby be finally lifted?
    We should do a Le grove piss up for every new club transfer record this summer.
    Or an epic shot for every million we spend blow out extravaganza!
    Knowing Arsene we could end up owing the bar shots

  52. arsenal tom

    moray… gotta be looking at £250-300k ish a week so far with Djourou, Denilson, Squillachi, Mannone, Arshavin all gone.

    we got 800,000 for JD’s loan and Bendy will be another 50k off the list plus allot of reserves and kids went to.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    Agree about Redknapp. His transfer dealings have fucked up various clubs, (let’s face it, WTF was Samba all about??), just a shame for us that Levy was strong enough to control him.

    Would much prefer to have a manager who keeps quiet and doesn’t bankrupt my club than have some ITK in control spouting off through his car window .

  54. the mighty karim

    Gonna watch Sanogo tonight, hope he can score a brace Vs the mighty UZBEKISTAN …

    As for the Hig, looks a certainty now

    Rejoyce, fellow goons !

  55. Gregg

    Redknapp is a cunt; make no mistake he was the orchestrator which led to the fuck up that left odemwinge hung out to dry. The player was silly but harry clearly gave the indication to him to pitch up that day.

  56. MadeToLoveMagic

    Isn’t it wierd how Rooney isn’t really being linked with anyone seRiously other than us? Yes other teams have been mentioned but always us. Plus he tweeted jack. Wilshere saying looking forward to teaming up with him. H then deleted it straight away. Wilshere was injured at the time of the England friendlys so what was that tweet about Wayne???

    He has denied saying he wants to leave, who you gonna believe , him or fergie. Fergie all day. He clearly disliked Wayne by the end.

    Arsenal would benefit hugely from having Wayne but so would England. He needs to recapture his magic and I think every park and his dog can see that arsenal is the perFect fit.

    Only a matter of time and rooney is ours I thiNk.

  57. KJafc

    “I think I’m going to start a betting website called “Which Player Will Be Linked To Arsenal Tomorrow?”

    Great idea. You couldn’t get it any more wrong then the media.

    I read an interesting article by an agent about how they ‘use’ the media to generate interest for their players. Pretty cynical stuff.

    It works like this. Gareth Barry is looking for a move, knows full well he isn’t going to be playing much for the Arabs. He and his agent are pally with Shaun Custis, at the Sun and feed him a make believe story that Arsenal are interested. Shaun gets a nice ‘exclusive’ and Gareth Barry advertises his availability to the world.

    Other websites pick this up and spread the story, Blog writers do likewise and then the fans that believe everything that appears in the press start commenting or ranting, as if it is fact. It is massive free marketing for Barry and a headline for the fantasy writers in the press, like Custis.

    On Suarez. great player but a horrible git. He has made his dislike of the treatment he receives in England pretty clear, so that’s another made up story.

  58. nuudles

    I am not sold on Grenier, who would want to go near him if he is labelled as the “new Nasri”? Nasri had a decent spell for about 4 months if we are honest, and that is it. He aways acted as if he deserves special treatment… He cannot play CM as he too selfish/not good enough on the ball, and he is also not really a winger as he is too slow/not tricky enough. Decently talented and that goal against Fulham was special, but thats about it. I would rank selling him for the £24m odd we got for him up there with Adebayor’s sale in terms of good-business for us in the long run.

  59. N5

    @Dan, no offense taken mate, and I think the word respect was maybe a bit much, but I would like maybe a middle ground between Wenger and Arry. I understand Wengers reasons for not saying anything to a point, it would just be nice to know some things, I’m not even sure what I would like him to be telling us so I suppose this comment is irrelevant, but every year I fork out hundreds of pounds on a season ticket and I feel some level of communication would be nice.

  60. Moray

    300k per week just on saved salary…shame it took them 2-3 seasons to realise itthat is 2 world class players without even breaking bread. And none of those leaving even really played in the first team! nuts!

  61. nuudles

    @ MadeToLoveMagic: I dont buy it, Rooney pulled the same stunts last time his contract negotiations were happening, only the supposed suitors were ManCity, he probably learned that the lashback from the ManU fans is not worth repeating so he picked another “suitor” to be linked with this time, one that will not cause as much abuse from the fans when he eventually extends his contract with ManU…

    Either that or the media saying 1 + 1 = 3…

    On the other hand there are stories that he never said he wants to go/he asked ManU to apologise for indicating Rooney wanted out. But harly anyone is interested in those stories as they are not nearly as juicy as him wanting to leave. Its all just one big soap opera, how many times has he had “final talks with the manager over his future”?

  62. sam


    Wenger is blind to call grenier the new nasri.

    Try new pires

    or new Juninho
    as if nasri is some kind of legend

  63. Nasri's Mouth


    The problem with keeping the fans in touch with our contract negotiations is that it also tells all the other clubs what we’re up to, allowing them to jump in if they fancy it.

    Often the selling club doesn’t want it publicised that their star player is about to be sold, upsetting them when it comes to negotiating a price, or for future purchases.

    When it comes down to it, we’re unhappy more because of the lack of players signed, not so much how little Wenger says. If we’d signed Higuain, Fellaini and Cesar by now, we wouldn’t be worrying too much about a silent manager

  64. arsenal tom

    How can Rooney get a better deal at United??

    He’s on roughly £250k a week there and isn’t their man man anymore. If this is all a ploy from him and his agent to get more cash again he’s had a shocker.

  65. nuudles

    I hate the media, all of them are equally appaling. Simply chasing clicks and making up rubbish/rehashing old stories. It is a sickness: mediasite A says “Arsenal interested in X”, mediasite B realises, oh wait, A will draw our clicks so we must also publish something along those lines, hence “Arsenal in talks with X”, mediasite C sees this and thinks “two sites, this must be true, we cant lose our readers to them”, so they post “Arsenal reportedly agreed fee for X” and rehashed some old comments X said 3 years ago when the question was framed in such a way that X had to say he admires Arsenal. Hardly any of them have solid sources/know anything about proper journalism.

    That is why Pedro’s “insider info” comments are worth a lot more to me than wading through the media rubbish to find out what is actually going on.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    @arsenal tom

    Rooney has 2 years left on his contract. He’s unlikely to get £250k/wk after that, so I think this ‘interest’ in Arsenal, PSG, Chelsea is designed to increase the length of his contract at the best deal possible

  67. nuudles

    @arsenal tom, it might not be about a better financial deal, but it might be about a better playing deal, i.e. more starts/starts in his preferred position.

    Either way I am not buying it, he might have wanted out but he did it in such a way so that his options are left open. He might have tested the water at other clubs (possibly including us) and now realised he wants to stay. We will see what happens. I would still love to have him at Arsenal, he is a phenomenally gifted player & has much to prove.

  68. N5

    Very true NM and considering the comments made it more likely where my problem lies. I wouldn’t have an issue at all if the players were bought. But so many times we have these meetings with IG and he states our intent and as nothing then comes of it, albeit the last one wasn’t that long ago, you get this feeling of Deja Vu to the season before.

    This season I’m very happy about so far with the shifting of the deadwood, I would love to see Diaby go the most out of what’s left. I’m convinced we will buy good this season though and I think things are going to change. And maybe a silent manager is the best thing for a club. I am suprised I’m the only one that would like a little more communication from the club though I thought others felt like that, but some great points lads.

  69. Dan

    I agree some middle ground would be nice maybe not from wenger but the club, I still prefer to keep him and his poker face as hard to read and predict as ever.

    I wouldnt mind it if official sources close to the club leaked certain details of potential targets to give us an inkling of who we’re after and unsettle the targets at the same time. It would be refreshing rather than the fabricated sources close to the club guessing our targets as unrealistic as some of them may be just to fill column inches.

    On the other hand we are the arsenal, we go about our business in a certain way and with class. But you do feel a bit of gamesmanship in the transfer market wouldn’t go astray as we’ve been on the recieving end enough times

  70. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Diaby’s time has gone. I thought that last summer too. But it’ll be effectively impossible to shift him till he’s fit though and showing some signs of being able to play. Can’t see us shifting him to January at the earliest

  71. MadeToLoveMagic

    Muddles, he asked for an apology because united or fergie weren’t within their rights to say anything. He verbally said he wanted to leave , fergie called him on it, and he is just trying to save face.nhe didn’t ever officially ask to leave.

    I think that rooney knows and everyone knows he needs something new to get back to his best. He has kind of broken his united mystique. Most fans would like to see him go now I think. Remains to be seen if they sell him to a rival or not.

    If they decide not to sell to a rival then arsenal would be perfect :))

  72. Emiratesstroller

    If ever there is a lesson that Wenger’s transfer and wage policies were
    appalling it is being displayed for all to see in this transfer window.

    So far we have offloaded 20 players who cost probably over £25 Million
    excluding wages. Assuming that we had to pay out Denilson’s contract
    as well you can add this to bill.

    I think that it is also likely that we will not make any money out of
    disposals of Bendtner,Chamakh and Park and could land up making
    a settlement here as well.

    If we are lucky we may make some money from sale of Coquelin as
    well as Mannone who has gone to Sunderland.

    However, the lesson is clear for all to see. You pay transfer fees for players of proven class such as Higuain and if you want to acquire
    squad fillers such as Sanogo you take them on Bosmans or Loan as
    most sensible clubs are now doing.

    When it comes to wages the club needs to pay going rate for top quality players, but far less than we have done in past for the likes of Bendtner, Djourou and Denilson. The lesson to be learned is that Arsenal
    should not be paying more than the likes of Everton or Fulham might
    do. If you pay too much and they are flops we are saddled with a huge
    bill and unsaleable/transferable players.

  73. KJafc

    You don’t know they are dross until they prove it on the pitch. The problem is you cant just get shot of players.

    These players have it every which way. Most are greedy parasites who know they hold all the cards. You negotiate a 5 year deal at £50,000 a week and that’s it, £2.6 million guaranteed income every year for 5 years, thats £13 million quid. Lovely.

    When their form drops or they start missing sitters, you cant just get rid unless they want to leave. And they wont leave if the best offer is just £30,000 per week.

    However, if they over perform, they soon coming knocking for a rise or suddenly other suiters come calling, normally speaking Russian, Arabic or Scottish. The fans scream, ‘pay him what he wants’ and it goes mad. The players contracts are a massive problem

    If they stop performing on the pitch, we should be able to cut their wages or terminate their employment. If you fail to perform at work, a couple of warnings and you are out.

    You can’t beat the club up other than question why they signed them in the first place. Its a bit of a lottery withe the players acting as banker.

  74. arsenal tom

    Nuudels… i think we’ll find out pretty soon how the ‘talks’ with Moyes went. it’ll be leaked one way or another.

    If we’re going for him then for me its to play behind the striker with Santi going wide left and Theo staying right. assuming Hig comes in thats a very serious front 4. Coming to us would definitely be a step down in terms of trophy chances but if he’s looking for a new challenge as people keep saying then its exactly that… a challenge

  75. KJafc

    Nasri’s Mouth
    “The problem with keeping the fans in touch with our contract negotiations is that it also tells all the other clubs what we’re up to, allowing them to jump in if they fancy it…”

    Totally agree.

  76. arsenal tom

    Nasri… agree it could be that he’s already thinking about his next deal but surely the best way to do that is to prove yourself invaluable to man utd next season.

    Footballs a pretty close group so if the interest from us is real then its because someone (his agent probably) has encouraged it. Again that could be just to force united’s hand with a new deal as next year it’ll only one year left but who knows.

    Signing him would be a massive statement.

  77. Dannyboy

    Disappointed to see Fanny Coq getting loaned out again… I don’t see him making it with us, but I see him as a solid player we could have easily got 5 million for. (Scousers got 6 mill for Shelvey who aside from being English, is complete shite)

    Instead he will get loaned out, probably injured and then run down his contract and go for free.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Kjafc: These players have it every which way. Most are greedy parasites who know they hold all the cards.

    Not so sure about greedy parasites. If you’d agreed to a contract with your employer, would you cancel that contract just because a percentage of your customers think you’re not very good?

  79. Moray

    KJafc, the reason we can’t get shot of players is we pay them too much too early, or renew them too early. Wellbeck is not on a par with Ramsay, salary-wise, for instance. And why Djourou had his “optional” contract improvement after a string of a few games performing well, God only knows. I think it is all linked to the contractual agreement with the sponsors to plough a certain amount of funds back into the team. Either way, it’s not helped us shift them of course.

    It’s fair enough, we can’t offer success or even really much in the way of experience from which to learn (until recently), but we do offer playing time, great facilities, and a rub down from the manager after the game.

  80. MadeToLoveMagic

    I honestly don’t believe Rooney is after more money at united, What does he want 300 a week?? No chance. They will not do it. When fergie gave him the pay rise last time he was invaluable to united. Now with rvp I don’t think he is. He hasn’t got the power to demand more money. He knows it would make him look like a dick.

    I truly believe than Rodney’s time at united is over , and all the silence over it confirms my suspicions more.

    He obviously has to deny he asked to leave just incase he does stay. But honestly why would fergie lie.? It makes no sense

  81. Nasri's Mouth

    @arsenal tom

    Rooney has 2 years left. ManU need to either sell him or re-sign him this summer, or they’ll have the dreaded situation of him going into his final year.

    There’ll be a lot of discussions happening behind the scenes with ManU and Rooney

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Moray: Wellbeck is not on a par with Ramsay, salary-wise, for instance.

    Wellbeck might not be the best example, he’s very probably on more than Ramsey

  83. MadeToLoveMagic

    Nasri’s Mouth
    “The problem with keeping the fans in touch with our contract negotiations is that it also tells all the other clubs what we’re up to, allowing them to jump in if they fancy it…”Totally agree.

    I personally believe that all clubs and agents by the laws of the game have to disclose any contact tthat they have with either a club or an agent of a player of another club into the public domain.

    This way we will know that anything that’s hasn’t been said by a club isn’t true. Therefore ending this media lie fest once and for all. Just my opinion, but I can’t see any negatives about that idea.

    Problem is , that the clubs need the media bulshit as much as the media do. It keeps the brands alive, it pushes the value of players up to.

    Full transparency is the only way to end this daily bulshit. Or a back page black out, but that is hard, because we are rumour junkies.

    We are like women who cry over another failed relationship in their lives, They need the drama as much as they complain about it.

  84. Arsene's Nurse

    mach iii July 4, 2013 10:52:35

    The Walking Grove… HAHAHA!
    aaaaargh, uuuurgh, uuuunhh, Pero-ughhh-ni, mlaaaaaar, grhhhhhh, I want to drink your Peroni!

  85. Nasri's Mouth


    One issue you’d have is this.

    A small club scouts an emerging huge talent from a smaller club, (think 17yr old Rooney).

    They approach the club, sort out a deal, just the paperwork to sign, but then have to publicly announce it as per your proposal.

    Hearing about it, ArabOil Utd click onto Utube and realise that this player is very good and jump in and sign the player after offering him and his agent another few million in signing on fees.

    Is that fair ? I suppose you could argue that the player is happy, he’s playing for a bigger club, but it would reinforce the existing status quo where money is king, and make it even harder for the smaller clubs to have a chance.

  86. N5

    @Dan, great comment mate, and I think in my long winded way, this was what I was trying to say “On the other hand we are the arsenal, we go about our business in a certain way and with class. But you do feel a bit of gamesmanship in the transfer market wouldn’t go astray as we’ve been on the recieving end enough times”

    I have to take back the comment about hatred for Arry but respect his business, because I must admit I forgot all those car window/sky sports comments, I was thinking more about interviews he had after certain failings. To be honest my middle ground I think would be Klopp, his honest seems refreshing. I might be talking complete bollocks though.

  87. Pawel

    Tancredi Palmeri (CNN) reporting on twitter that Higuain is an AFC player in next 48hrs, €27-30 mil fee, €6m yearly wages

  88. KJafc

    You can blame the club/manager some of the time but not all.

    I don’t blame anyone for misjudging a player, we have all done it and it is more than just ability. It comes down to confidence, being able to settle, attitude etc. However, my big gripe is the socialist wage policy, that is a massive mistake and has to end.

    Nasri’s mouth
    You are right, it is not the players fault – however I believe the way some of them act justifies my allegation that they (some) are greedy parasites.

    Bosman handed the players all the power. They know damn well that should they fail to perform they can sit around doing nothing with a guarantee that the million pound salary will remain unchanged. Sorry, we agreed £100,00 per week because we were buying a 25 goal a season player, you scored one last season – Pull your socks up or you are out. Oops, can’t do that unless you want to pay up his contract. Try selling him, his value is bugger all, nobody will meet his wage demands so he sits at home drawing his £5.2 million a year salary – and there is nothing you can do about it. That is wrong.

  89. Emiratesstroller

    It is absolutely crystal clear that Arsenal’s wage policies are completely out of
    synch with those offered elsewhere excluding the likes of Chelsea and Man

    You do not need to pay £50,000 pw +for the likes of Bendtner,Chamakh,Park,
    Denilson and Djourou.

    There should be a salary scale based on ‘transfer worth’ and ‘performance’.
    What is clear to me is that a player like Bendtner is worth about £3-4 Million
    in market, but only at wages of between £20-30,000pw. Once you go over that
    level his resale value goes down to zero and even then he is difficult to offload
    because his wages are likely to destabilise other players at a club.

    Whilst Djourou and Denilson have probably accepted that point of view and wanted to move on to pursue their careers it is clear that Bendtner still has an
    inflated view of his worth. Frankly we are going to make a significant loss to
    offload this player.

  90. Bacaryisgod

    Can’t we just enjoy the fact that the media are portraying us as the predators this summer and not the prey? Certainly makes a nice change. It does feel a little like an alternate universe when we’re seen as the most likely club for Rooney, Suarez and Fellaini to join…

  91. samflu

    Higuain would bring us to the next level. Suarez would win us the league. It’s never going to happen, but what a player he is. With such talent there has to be some madness

  92. Ali

    @ Ashwin : Fingers crossed mate !

    On a lighter not, are all Liverpool fans deluded? Im having a debate in the office with a LFC fan and fuck me these fuckers are deluded.

  93. MadeToLoveMagic

    Nasri , you are right, BUT I think that happens anyway. You just can’t scout players now without other teams gettin on it too. 10 years ago you could. I don’t think it would make a huge difference nowadays. Chavs still got mata and hazard, without doubt because we scouted them first.

    I think that because clubs would be on equal footing it would be even fairer than it is now. and also deal hijackers would just be highlighted, as well as the players who choose money over team that has had genuine interest in them for some time.

    Hijacks happen, with or without disclosure. Maybe they will increase, but because everything would be so in the open, morals would play more of a part.

    Imagine if it came out that Rodney’s agent had spoken with city back in 2010, I wonder if the united fans would have accepted him back so readily?

    If everything was in the open, I believe it would give the smaller clubs more power in a way, maybe I’m wrong though, but all I know is that this constant media lie fest does nothing but drive the values of players up, and just
    Iines the pockets of them and agents alike.

  94. Johnty79

    When park was signed…I knew gurentee d flop. I think I even said that on here….Pedro, Geoff can you bring up historical posts from the day we signed park as you can then tell the grovers who really know about football.

  95. Johnty79

    Unsubstantiated rumour that santos is actually on 80k aweek and not the 66k believed. Santos must have te greatest agent in the world if true..

    We won’t be paying him off… Maybe we should try him as a left winger in a free.

  96. Nasri's Mouth


    The other issue is that there is probably an awful lot of ‘chat’ behind the scenes. Agents constantly talking to other clubs to get their client a better deal at their existing club, or to get them a move. Now, if you print all those stories, how are you going to know whether the player is actually after a move, or simply trying to improve his existing terms? How would you sort the wheat from the chaff?

    It wouldn’t be much different from today

  97. N5

    “Suarez would win us the league.”

    I’m not sure this is true, if you remember we had RVP last season and didn’t win it, but unless you mean if we got him + others?

  98. N5

    “On a lighter not, are all Liverpool fans deluded? Im having a debate in the office with a LFC fan and fuck me these fuckers are deluded.”

    Never a truer word said, you know with the dross they’ve bought they consider themselves top 3 at the moment! idiots. The only fans more deluded are the spuds.