Nik Bendtner has left the building… and Jack is gossiping

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Just a quick post from me this morning as I’m flying back.

Things are really starting to kick off. We officially landed Sanogo… yep, the summer of intent has kicked off with the free transfer of a kid who is injury prone. Very exciting.

Things get better though. Germany are reporting that Arsenal have had a £23m bid for Lars Bender rejected. The defensive midfielder from Levurkusen probably won’t be joining us… his side have sold to Chelsea and Madrid this summer, so I’m guessing the thought of getting rid of their whole team isn’t an appealing one… still, nice to know we had a go. There’s still Capoue and Fellaini floating about… both whom I’d prefer. Especially the folically gifted Belgian.

On the exit roster, we finally said goodbye to Nik B. The man famed for his big time ego and pretty boots finally left to go to Frankfurt. Not quite Barcelona, but I’m sure his bloated sense of self work will craft something fantastical to make it feel mega. He’s taken a lot of criticism online which I think is a little unfair. There was talent somewhere… he just didn’t really know how to harness it. If you don’t have pace and you blow chances, it’s difficult to make it amongst the elite. Being played on the wing probably didn’t help. I’m sure he’ll do well in Germany though…

Jack Wilshere has been exciting himself about all the gossip going around about big name players. He thinks Rooney will give is the ‘fear factor’ and he is quite excited about depth. That’s the thing with big signings… you’re not just facilitating the fans… you’re giving the whole club a buzz. Big players want to play with big names. Simple as that. If we make a statement this month, expect there to be immediate ramifications. Working for an ambitious organisation is what it’s all about.

On that note, I’m off, have a good one!

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  1. rollen

    stop slagging players like Ramsey Podolski or OG, next season we got 4 competition to take part in lots of games for 23+ players

  2. dialsquare

    Wenger is starting to rid the Club of it’s fringe players, now he must start culling the first Team from it’s dross starting with Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Sagna, Rosicky and the Ox.

  3. Kjafc

    Usmanov has conned many Arsenal fans with his clever PR. Those little sound bytes to play to the those desperate for his dodgy money. Fans have been so gullible they even turned a blind eye to his constant complaints about shareholders not receiving dividends. Proof positive he sees us as another profit making enterprise. He doesnt love Arsenal, he is a Russian for heavens sake. Russia was run by the Mafia and those that made their money during that period were up to their necks in dodgy dealings., serious stuff not the sort of fiddles ‘arry gets up to with his dog, this is major league.

    I have been saying for a long term that this man is dangerous and has no place at a great club like ours. He would corrupt it in one foul sweep. He has conned the fans who still believe he is some Arsenal loving white night riding to our rescue. Do me a favour. That’s what money does, it buys people and corrupts.

  4. Goner Joe

    Sam you really are a tit Ramsey is a good player all players miss chances. Runs around like a headless chicken do actully watch Arsenal play.

  5. Samir

    Ramsey will be brilliant in time.

    Atleast Ramsey plays his heart out every game. He always gives his all.

    Top player and only getting better. I’d like to see you go through what he has and do as well as he’s doing.

  6. sam

    well you didn’t follow our games last season I guess
    you should look at podolski’s face everytime ramsey and his ivorian sister fuck up with the ball.
    just removing these 2 alone from the first team will make us stronger, unfortunately wenger will keep them

  7. Kjafc

    I agree, Sanogo is a real prospect and worth a gamble on a free. As you say, he wasn’t bought to go straight into the first team. I personally think he has a lot of quality. I too don’t get fans slagging off the players but being a fan nowadays is not what it was years ago.

  8. rollen


    Best way would be 51% rule like in Germany forced by FA/GOV but not sure its possible…

    lol dialsquare no off m8 but u r prime example of blog dross :]

  9. arsenal-flavour


    He doesnt love Arsenal, he is a Russian for heavens sake.

    you rascist or something, are all Russians evil?

    usmanov is the richest man in britain his a billionaire, i doubt he cares about the paltry sum a football club could offer him, he wants the club to win trophies because he wants arsenal to be his rich mans plaything just like abramovich there not in it for the money but because there highly competitive people with enormous egos

    by the way im not a usamanov fan im just correcting you on some of the crap your saying

  10. arsenal-flavour


    seaman was well shit right? yeah he couldn’t pull of spectacular saves or save important penalties, he couldn’t command his box and order his defenders around like a general…. yeah he was so shite

  11. Dan Ahern

    Oh please. This is what driver me crazy about Ramsey. I like him. I think he gives his all. I think he’s improving. I understand what he’s been through.

    But I can detach sentimentality and freely say other players are better.

    Meanwhile, many of you Ramsey fans get sanctimonious any time somebody questions his abilities. He’s the player version of Wenger. You can’t be critical without a faction of fans jumping down your throat.

  12. zeus

    avouring Gilberto Silva over Edu and Seaman over Manninger.
    arsenal-flavourJuly 2, 2013 21:03:39
    KjafcHe doesnt love Arsenal, he is a Russian for heavens rascist or something, are all Russians evil?usmanov is the richest man in britain his a billionaire, i doubt he cares about the paltry sum a football club could offer him, he wants the club to win trophies because he wants arsenal to be his rich mans plaything just like abramovich there not in it for the money but because there highly competitive people with enormous egosby the way im not a usamanov fan im just correcting you on some of the crap your saying


  13. dialsquare

    Seaman was an excellent Keeper like letting in goals directly from corner kicks on more than one occasion or allowing an Hamann daisy cutter through his hands in the last game at the old Wembley or being beaten by a dinky over the wall free kick by Koeman and what about the Ronaldinho Free kick at the World Cup and lets not forget the Lineker shot that squirmed through his fingers that cost us the Double in 91 and last but not least the mother of all cock ups against Nayim in the 1995 Cup Winners Cup Final.

  14. Rohan

    Next season’s a big one for Ramsey. If he can continue on his upward rise, he just might be able to be our internal replacement for Arteta I feel.

    The goals will come, I feel. Cesc was the same. Suddenly started scoring consistently in 07/08. He still has a lot to learn, but I think he can hold his own against most of the names people bring up.

    I personally think Arsene has managed him fantastically well. Improving all the time.

  15. Kjafc

    Can’t knock Ramseys effort and you have to respect the lad, he had his leg smashed by that thug Shawcross, while wearing our shirt.

    I personally think he is a great squad player but not convinced he is a starter for our midfield. There again, look at Cleverley at Man Utd and I think Ramsey is better.

  16. kwik fit

    azed, I look high and low and sometime’s I stumble upon a gem like that one. Fuck we need something to carry us through this interlull.

  17. Al


    Been saying the same about Ramsey. He gets slated for not being good enough but is miles better then cleverly and he starts for united and England.

    He is one of the players I am really excited about. He has a fantastic attitude and fighting spirit which you need in the middle of the park.

  18. kwik fit


    The reason why he joined spuds;

    Paulinho: “I’ve had enough of the sun here in brazil, so I wanted to go to a place more cooler so I joined the team in arsenal’s shadow”.

  19. Kjafc

    Very good.
    Remember, however bad it seems just imagine what it must be like to support those losers. All they have to look forward to are pre-season gloats and realms of fantasy before it all explodes in their faces. And Thursday night football of course.

  20. dave

    Ramsey slows any counter attack down, can’t pick a pass and gives the ball away. ( Usually when he trying a stupid flick on) He may come good but at the moment is only a squad player not a starter. Might benefit from a loan out. Thats not slating a player,its just my opinion

  21. Kjafc

    To be honest I don’t get Cleverly or that other bloke who plays up top, Wellbeck. If these boys are England players, the rest of the World must be doubled up in hysterical laughter.

    And Glenn Johnson makes Andre Santos look a decent defender 🙂

  22. AA23

    Quality post about Seaman
    He was shit
    And the rest of you why the dialsquare hate?
    He’s the best poster on Le Grove by a mile

  23. Kjafc

    As I said, he is a very good squad player. I agree regarding his passing, he tends to hold on to the ball and plays sideways and he dies lack that decisive pass. But he will work hard closing players down and winning the ball back, which you need, has a great engine.

    It is a squad game now and you really do need quality on the bench too. Shame Rosicky isn’t 22, now he is class.

  24. Marko

    Agree that Ramsey isn’t quite a starter for me but don’t agree that he’s shite. A tidy player at the moment and will only get better but agree shouldn’t be a starter week in week out. He does have the potential to score regularly though.

    Also Kwik you’re by far the best poster on here keep up the good work.

  25. Kjafc

    Shame LeGrove isn’t exclusive to Arsenal fans. Not quite sure why anyone would join a rivals blog and pretend to be a fan, just to wind up opposing fans. I guess it depends if you have a life and if you envy your rivals. I accidentally went on a spuds blog once, it was like a world of fantasy. Their wasn’t a single person on their that was alive the last time they won the title and didn’t have a colostomy bag fitted.

  26. Dan Ahern

    Kjafc — I take the same view. He’s worked hard and is a serviceable sub, or a tactical play when you want to press hard.

    However, he’s still caught standing on the ball too much. He gets dispossessed and slows down play.

    He’s been used as a sort of offensive utility man, though more recently AW finally gave up playing him on the wing and at AM, which were always disasters. He’s a CM and needs to keep developing there to become more effective.

    I’m not worried about goals. He doesn’t need to be a goalscorer. He needs to harry opponents, provide support, win balls back, and supply our creators. When he first joined I loved him for his passing. He needs to rediscover his good distribution.

    He’s not the guy you want to get the ball to. He’s the guy that gets the ball to the guy you want to get the ball to.

  27. Kjafc

    Ramsey gets unfair stick from some fans. Those of us who see the live games can see the effort he puts in for the team, great attitude. Sometimes you can make up for lack of quality with extra effort and he does. He wouldn’t be my first choice but definitely valuable for the squad. I will always have a fondness for him after the crap he went through thanks to Shawcross and the disgusting media excuses for the Stoke thug.

  28. MadeToLoveMagic

    Ramsey is young , a national captain and has everything he needs to be the best. Agree he has looked shite a lot but if you can’t see that he has quality you are blind to what makes a good player IMO. Go back and watch the last fe games of last season, Ramsey was class class class. Great passing great touch, awareness , aggression. The season really stopped at the wrong time for him, right time for everyone else though!

    God I’m bored of the transfer shit this summer, I think we have all reached our melting point. Even the truth is a lie where the media are concerned, and with transfer rumours they just fabricate them mercilessly.

    Still think we are properly on the case of Rooney though. Mthisnhiguain thing could nE a cover, or we get both. One thing is FACT, we will see a 25 mil plus player at the emirates next season. If not there will be tyranny.

    Gazidis has put big pressure on wenger now. This summer we will see the real arsene wenger, the end to all th akb doomed dabates. He has the money, we need the players, thee are no more excuses.

    I think wilsheres comments about Rooney mean something big is going down, I hope

  29. dave


    I’m a ST holder and therefore watch Ramsey live. I don’t think the stick he gets is completely unfair, although I agree he is an adequate water carrier.

  30. Kjafc

    I wish some fans would lay off the players. It doesn’t make them play any better, it makes them frightened.

    To win anything nowadays you need a quality squad and players you can rely on to step in when needed. Ramsey is one of those. Sometimes he has been asked to do jobs for teh team, that aren’t natural for him. You need those players.

    I am excited about this season, I suspect some decent payers are headed our way. We aren’t as far away as some would ave us believe.

  31. Dannyboy

    any Aussie based gooners on here know anything about setting up a decent internet/foxtel bundle? it’s killing me not having skysports news to get my daily arsenal fix!

  32. dave


    Just so we’re clear. I don’t believe it caning players for the sake of it but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t criticise or have an opinion.

  33. Sam

    Mental strength ,

    Wellington is coming for pre-season training. He already qualified for Spanish passport as Spain reduced eligibility For brazilians To only 2 years. I hope we keep him with the under 21 at least and use him in cup games.

  34. Marko

    Dave I understand the stick he got last season and a bit at the start of this season but for most of this season he’s improved big time. He finished much more composed on the ball and full of fight and confidence.

  35. Kjafc

    Isn’t Wellington on loan to a second division Spanish club? He was lauded as a wonder kid a while back, seen anything of him?

  36. Kjafc

    I think it is a trait of the young modern fan to be abusive. You get it on the blogs too, respect is on the decline.

    Mind you, these guys are pulling in millions in wages each year, so the least a fan can expect is a decent shift. I can accept lack of quality or form, to a point but I struggle with lack of effort and that is something to cannot level at young Ramsey or any of the current lot to be honest.

    Of all the players that have left us and still playing top level, I would have Cesc back in a heartbeat. Even over RVP.

  37. dave


    When he first came I thought he would be the next Bryan Robson. B2B, great engine and would score goals. Maybe it was that injury, maybe confidence, maybe it’s just that some players don’t progress much beyond their early promise. Certainly Wenger fucked him up putting him on the wing and then persisting with that. He needs a loan out in my opinion, out of the spotlight and pressure, gain confidence and see where we go from there. Yes he’s improved, but if you really want to challenge for silverware I think you need better players. The trouble is Wenger let’s these players learn their trade under extreme and intense spotlight. Some make it and shine, ala Cesc some don’t.

  38. Sam


    Are you scared wenger will present Wellington as new signing?
    Well if he becomes eligible to play I don’t think it’s a good idea to send him back to Spain

  39. Kjafc

    I think the Arsenal squad would be weaker without Ramsey in it. The boy has taken his chance and proved that he will happily play out of position to help the team. I am not one for playing people out of position but nevertheless sometimes that needs to happen. It would be an naught to put him out on loan and that would never happen. As I said, you need a squad and I think he is a valuable member.

    With him and Vermaelen on the bench, Giroud, Pod etc, that is decent strength in depth and means you don’t have to have some young lad making up the numbers.

  40. Sam

    Ramsey is rubbish, wenger insists on him because he’s a loser n only wants 4th place. There are better players than him in the reserves I can name one: Thomas eisfeld

  41. dave


    Ok, I see what you say and this is my last thought on this matter. But, the bench should be made up of either game changers, a chicarito if you like who can score a goal, an inspired creative player or some one who can shore up a side to close a game out. Ramsey doesn’t do any of these. Maybe it’s me but water carriers are 2 a penny.

  42. Kjafc

    I dislike cowards who hide behind pc’s, trolls, abusive bloggers, Wayne Rooney, Joey Barton, Adrian Durham, Stewart Robson , cheats like Gareth Bale and Russian Oligarchs like RA and the Uzi.

  43. dialsquare

    Wenger’s a bottler he never gives youth a chance he could have given Eisfeld a run out in the League for his development but he choked on the idea.

  44. Marko

    Fair enough Dave but as a squad player he’s decent and certainly an improvement on Denilson and Diaby and by loaning him out you’re then thinking of bringing in someone as a squad player which is what Ramsey should be.

  45. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    dialsquareJuly 2, 2013 23:15:00
    Wenger’s a bottler he never gives youth a chance he could have given Eisfeld a run out in the League for his development but he choked on the idea


  46. jeff


    if you know footballers…. then explain why sir alex and wenger both wanted ramsey? ramsey turned united down to join us, it wasn’t the other way around.

    before he was injured, he was playing better than Wilshire at times. so don’t slag the guy for not being a footballer, he clearly is.

    having said that, neither Wilshire or ramsey have proven themselves to be world class and that’s what we need at arsenal. I love them both, I think they will come good and maybe this will be their year. but they certainly aren’t up there amongst the leagues best yet. its not an insult to speak the truth, it is what it it

  47. GoonerDave

    Ramsey could easily become a much better player.
    He has a great attitude, desire and fight. Agree with the poster who says he gets caught on the ball too often. But he is at great age to improve and wants it enough.
    If he can improve the speed and range of his passing, and build his confidence, he could dramatically improve and we would have a great player on our hands.

    p.s. I’m not as regular a commenter here as most of you, but that Dialsquare bloke – you have to admire his dedication. Fair enough hes a troll but that’s some serious effort!

  48. sam


    the players we are hoping will improve shouldn’t be in the starting line-up when we badly need 3 points.

  49. Bade

    Word has his the streets that the mighty Geoff will be indulging us again with some brilliant posts on here!

    So exciting!!

    But we also love you & appreciate your enormous efforts Pedro

    Pedro the lad!!!!!!

  50. goonerboy

    Kjafc-I wonder who yo really are- you write bollocks- utter bollocks.
    Kroenke has already made it clear that if the club makes a profit he will pay shareholders dividends.
    Thats how business works- thats why they invest.
    The difference is Kroenke invests nothing in new players and rarely watches the team publicly and Usmanov owns 2 boxes, watches the team, and proposes investing millions in new players- then paying shareholders. Yet you prefer Kroenke.