Fluff ‘n’ stuff: The wonderful world of Arsenal transfer gossip

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Morning people. Today, I’ll be handing over posting duties to James of Armchair Gooner. Before though, just a bit of amusing gloating at Spain. Didn’t they look awful last night? Half a yard off the pass, their passing was poor and they took a spanking from a hardly stellar Brazil side. Throws next years World Cup open eh?

Guest Post…

Fluff ‘n’ stuff: The wonderful world of Arsenal transfer gossip

Hello everyone. We may not yet be fully aquatinted, so allow me to introduce myself; I’m James ‘Raul’ Stokes, and I have a little blog called The Armchair Gooner that isn’t as big as this one. Taking that into account, you might be wondering how this guest post came about. Well, allow me to address your pondering with a short exert from the conversation between Pedro and I that resulted in this:

– “James, I need a guest post. My Peroni habit has finally gotten the better of me, and I’m currently singing show tunes in a dumpster, wearing only a garish pair of underpants and a policeman’s helmet”

– “Don’t you worry Pedro. Get yourself home, have a bath and denounce your sins. I’ll take care of this”

Obviously that’s completely fabricated. For all intents and purposes it could be true, as I’m not that au fait with Pedro’s after-dark shenanigans, but it is not. It’s simply mendacious nonsense that I created purely because I thought it was funny, and that leads me nicely toward what I wish to discuss with you today, folks; Arsenal transfer gossip.

Out there in the vast, sprawling Goonersphere there is little in the way of news, and plenty in the way of speculation. With a season of bumbling, occasional sparks and substantial exclamations of the phrase, “spend some f***ing money” now fully behind us, focus has directed itself towards what Arsene Wenger and the inimitable Dick Law might do in the transfer window.

Reports have surfaced regarding ‘war chests’, Ivan Gazidis has announced we’ve plenty of cash to splurge, and that our once parsimonious policies toward recruitment will be a thing of the past. Things, for us Gooners, are looking up.

And then comes all the speculation.

Without wishing to name any of the sites in question (Think; whilst at Arsenal, Emmanuel Adebayor was constantly C***t O*****e) there are certain people out there only too happy to indulge their penchant for making things up to draw you in to their feculent creations. With actual fact very much at a premium, the average Arsenal fan hunting for a little hope has to navigate a minefield of hogwash. Even the bigger tabloid news outlets have cottoned on to the fact that shit attracts hits, and most of the stories they publish can be found wanting anything remotely resembling evidence.

You might say it all goes hand-in-hand with the time of year, that it’s to be expected. I’d be telling fibs to you all if I stated that I don’t enjoy the odd bout of gossip every now and then. My problem is the extent to which it has gone. There are many smaller bloggers and sites out there working hard to provide you with entertaining and pertinent stories that get little coverage because they are eclipsed by those who know how to draw people in. I often know full well i could treble my daily views just by changing the title of my posts to something like, “Arsenal bid £45m for this incredible talent”. I prefer not to do that because it’s dishonest.

Call me an idealist, but I prefer to fail on my terms than succeed on somebody else’s. Site’s like Le Grove manage to bridge the gap between popularity and truth, and those are the ones I aspire to be like (he said being nauseatingly maudlin). And with that, I put out a call to all you wonderful creatures to take just a day away from hunting for transfer gossip, and point your traffic towards the many sites out there that work hard to give you information that has backing, opinion that has merit and stories that come from the thing that matters most – the fans.

Those sites are out there in abundance. They are relatively simple to find. Go find them, and remember the mantra I’ve chosen to adopt on mine whenever the dubious monster of transfer gossip rears its grotesque head; “It’s not confirmed until it’s on Arsenal.com”.

Happy hunting, boys and girls. I’ll sign off with a thank you to Pedro for publishing this, and the thought of awkwardly embracing each one of you that’s taken the time to read it. I hope to speak to you all again soon.

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  1. Jay20h

    All my Chelsea/Spurs supporting mates were impressed that we were signing Higuain..

    I have told them nothing to worry about as it will collapse at some stage over a pathetic amount of money or something so easily avoidable.

  2. pistolpete

    It’s all setup for Klopp next year. I am sick of Wenger. To much power for one man.8 years of nothing and he is not even worried about losing he job, pathetic board. Bring in Klopp next year please, wenger will never win anything with any club again if he carries on with his stupid ways.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    We sign a crocked 20 year old on a free from Ligue 2.

    Tottenham having seriously less cash than us sign Paulinho for £17 Million on the same day.

    Our summer better get seriously better.

    Next up for them is Villa and I think they’ll keep Bale for another season as well.

    What is Wenger doing???

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    jd 20 goes out on loan again….. shocking there should be a law against to many times a player can leave a club on loan without his contract being terminated.

  5. N5

    If you can’t shift JD then the next best thing is to loan him, at least the club he is loaned to will pay a percentage of his wage.

    Wenger has done a terrible bit of business with JD but loaning him out early for the season is probably now the best he can do with him so at least (at the very least) he has done that.

    Also fuck Tottenham and the one player they have so far purchased (if he comes) there is still ages left in the transfer window and yeah it would be nice to secure players before our tours start.

    But we will buy players, that is going to 100% happen, I’m just not convinced its going to be Fellani, Bender, Rooney.

    Lastly why are people getting pissed of with Sanogo purchase, we all knew ages ago that bit of business was done, so the day his contract is signed and he is registered suddenly pisses you all off? have a word.

  6. gambon

    Well said salparadisenyc

    Fellaini is a top top player.

    Vieira wasnt really a top athlete. He was big and strong and had a touch of class.

    People try to make out he was Cruyff and Makalele rolled into one, he wasnt.

    Fellaini would have a huge impact on our MF.

  7. Gregg

    Never had an issue with Djourou at all, the guy wants to play football and the fact that he’s happy to be loaned out to different clubs rather than running down his contract proves that. Hope he gets an opportunity to settle somewhere.

    Interesting to see bender deal, whether we accept them saying he’s not for sale and whether we have a plan B option.

  8. Oh Theo Theo!

    All those questioning Fellaini – wtf?? Did you not watch him clatter around the prem last year? Scoring important goals (single handedly beating Man U) and generally putting himself about?

    This is what our teams have lacked since Paddy left – a physical specimen who can get amoung the other team, who really dislike playing against him. If Wenger doesn’t put Fellaini top of list at any price then he really should be sacked.

  9. MarsBar

    Keyser just doesn’t like agreeing with anyone’s opinions.

    On this sanogo fella, fuck it when I’ve watched him play x amount of times then ill judge him. Until now leave it be. I int seen him play so who knows how he will cope.

  10. MarsBar


    Mate exactly. We get linked however truthful or not to these proven premiership players and yet some people are still not happy. Everyone thinks there in some championship manager game and suddenly the best flavour of that month should be coming Arsenal.

  11. N5

    OTT I 100% agree mate, Fellani is what we’ve been missing. 6th-place-is-a-trophy hit the nail on the head when he said Keyser has a knack of starting an argument in an empty room.

    It makes me laugh, last year everyone’s like, we should buy Fellani, we get linked with him and these very same people change to he’s not good enough, there are much better choices!

    I’m forever hitting my head with amazement.

  12. Oh Theo Theo!

    N5 – well looking back at the posts Keysers only been an Arsenal supporter since the 90s – so he only knows the wenger years.

    So he’s bound to be currupted by the french one’s madness. I’ve been supporting the team since the late 70s (makes me a certain age!) and I have been through happy times and bad times – but this current time is the worst I can actually remember.

    At least in the 70s and 80s the club tried to compete, sign good player and have a go at it. Now we just don’t seem to care. The club has become a bona fide business first, sports club second. It will kill the club long term as nobody supports a business do they? All the kids in my son’s class are City, Utd and Chelsea fans, with a smattering of Liverpool. My little lad is the only one with Arsenal gear.

    You ask them why and they call Arsenal losers and chokers – this from 6 year olds. It’s bloody depressing mate.

  13. Gregg

    Fellaini would improve the side no question. His international teammate is a better all round player and would be a revelation in the premiership, unfortunately he is out of our price range.

  14. Oh Theo Theo!

    And anyone see this from the Jack ESPN interview: “Just to see his name on the team sheet brings fear to the opposition. We could do with a little more of that.”

    Seems to suggest that Jack doesn’t think our squad is all that….

  15. N5

    OTT, I’ve been going since 83 to Highbury and I must admit the 18 year trophy drought was pretty bad a time and I’ve seen worse players but as a whole I think you are right, we have no idea which is the strangest thing I’ve seen at Arsenal, we’ve always been respected for how professional an outfit we are, but everyone knows we are now just a cash cow that has no regard for its supporters and no desire for silverware! So I do like you think this is the worst set up we’ve had.

  16. RockyPires


    Could this team work?
    I think so, I know Ramsey played really well in CM alongside Arteta but Fellani should cover that role. Add in Ramsey fro tough away games . Jack on the right would work for me , give him chance to cut inside and also give Theo a free role to run flanks and play off Golazo .

    Skillwise and pace wise thats as good as anything in EPL but with added power of Fellani we could control games and not get bullied .

  17. Gregg

    @N5 & OTT

    Interesting point for me was even in those dark days of the 80’s, we were still able to attract players that Utd & Liverpool wanted. Charlie Nicholas a case in point. Add the likes of Mariner & Woodcock. We were prepared to for these types of players, Kenny Sansom.

  18. Moray

    @Gregg, N5 & OTT

    Overpaying medocrity and then losing our better players over a few grand because the manager doesn’t want them earning more than him. This is new to Arsenal since I’ve been supporting them.

    But then again the First Division was a different animal then. I think supporters of every team have a right to feel short-changed by the Premiership to a certain degree.

  19. N5

    I think your right Moray, with the added insult that we pay more than any other supporter to watch our club, that change seems shorter by the day. Someone asked the other day if any other team had a manager that was paid more than their top earner! shocking really.

    Gregg, good point mate, I still think we are an attraction, not like we once was but I still think we are to a lot of players, however its getting worrying that I’ve read 2 or 3 reports of players choosing to remain at clubs like Lyon rather than come to us! Albeit that could just be paper rubbish to upset the Arsenal faithful.

  20. Moray

    N5, I can believe Arsenal is not the big draw we think we are any more, after our years of failure. However, we have a big stadium, a great support, Champions League (particular draw in a WC year) and we are London based (attractive especially to foreign players). Our manager, alas, is no longer a selling point.

    What really impairs our ability to sign top players is this constant under-offering and haggling we do. We offer like we are the most attractive team out there, when in reality we are of middling attraction.

  21. Moray

    Sylvain, laugh at that comment and cry at the fact they don’t want to sell to us, despite taking our best player from us last season.

  22. sylvain

    Moray: I do not agree with you.

    They did not take our player, it was RVP the cunt who wanted to go with them.
    BIG difference!!

  23. WengersSweeties

    Slyvain. RVP isnt a cunt. He is ambitious. Utd have shown more ambition that what we have in almost 10 years.

    I dont blame RVP at all. He wants success as a professional. He knew Wengers ambition is profit over success. So he left.

  24. Moray

    sylvain, the point remains, they took our player (who wanted to leave) and won;t sell us their player (who wants to leave). The irony is glaring!

  25. Johnty79

    Chris samba leaving for Russia nnnnnnooooooooo!

    Considering you all think his shit funny how a club who can afford any centre half in the world are willing to pay him100k aweek for the second time….. If wenger had of signed him in 2009 when he was offered for 9m I gurentee we would have one at least 1 trophy in the last four years…surely no won can disagree with this?

  26. bnsb

    The kind of head lines that would make you skip a heart beat;

    Bender deal off
    New contract for Arsenal winger

  27. michael

    Just suffer in silence boys

    Man u , chelsea n city are ambitious even rogers at liverpool is ambitious- dont think hes doin much good but hes ambitious

    Rvp, th14, cesc even song left because welk win nothing under wenger hes happy to play the poor mouth

    No one says he has to waste money but to agree a fee with fellaini n offer less money hes a fkn dumb bstard

  28. gilo

    so spurs sign Paulinho and soon Villa whilst we count our pennies. don’t know whether to laugh or cry – something is deeply deeply wrong with our club but no-one seems to be able to do anything about it

  29. Johnty79

    Spurs team next year….

    Bale villa. Lennon
    Sandro holtby paulinho
    Rose. Caulker Dawson walker

    By by forth place wenger you prick!

  30. sylvain

    @WengerSweeties: can’t believe you don’t blame RVP!!

    I understand is desire to quit, but NOT for another PL club, and especially NOT for those cunts!!