Making the atmosphere work

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Hey everyone. Beer in Croatian is ‘Pevo’. Wine is ‘vino’. Hello is ‘bok’.

Are you feeling learned up to the max? Good. Let’s settle into day 2 of content that doesn’t revolve around Arsenal and their inaction in the transfer market.

Today, I’m mostly considering the match day atmosphere at Arsenal and what can be done to combat the decline. Now, I don’t like to pick on the home fans. I am one. I know the sacrifices you make financially and with your time… and occasionally your toes. But, it’s hard to ignore the truth about the atmosphere… it’s pretty bland. It’s also hard to put your finger on exactly why.

I actually don’t feel I have the guts to get up and sing on my own. I sometimes feel a bit silly when I start joining in with a small group of people. You feel like the guy at a festival who busts out a guitar and starts covering Christian hymns. I know everyone who doesn’t have a season ticket claims they’d be the one man singing army… but look… most of the away fans are in the stadium and they’re not helping the cause either.

So what are the solutions?

Singing sections would be great. Either side of the away fans. Maybe one in the corner where Redaction hang out. Trouble is, those areas take a while to work out. People don’t want to sacrifice where they are even if it is for the greater good… a bit like the bedroom tax eh?

How could we implement it fairly? Maybe we could hold a club referendum. All season ticket holders vote on the move? The club have a new super, super quality digital CRM section going live, so it’s possible. Though, very disruptive. You know what though. Maybe it’s something to think about. A shake up at the club. It’s not like football is a democracy, we’re already hostage to season ticket prices… why not be hostage to policies that make for a better experience?

A more powerful fan committee at Arsenal could be interesting. Or bolder moves by the club to make the experience better… you know, away from an aesthetics perspective. I refer back to working with the Saracens CEO… who is a Gooner. The focus there is making the club the best match day experience in the land. The question isn’t how can we drive more revenue from fans… it’s how can we ensure we always sell out because of the value we offer. Do Arsenal focus on value? No. Which contributes to the feeling that you’re being tucked up. Which I personally think contributes to a negative atmosphere. People blame Le Grove for propagating a negative atmosphere, like people in the ground are brainless. There’s a deeper underlying issue… and i think value is at the heart of it.

What do the club offer fans pre game to get us into the ground? What is the point in a half time big screen round up you can’t hear it? What is the point in 2 million LED TVs that have no sound? Could Arsenal do something with the vast plots of land around the ground? Could they do anything digitally to improve experience? Could they do anything with drinks prices after the game if we’re celebrating?

It’d reduce queues at the station, drive more revenue to Delaware and it’d promote more community.

The other issue as I see it seems to be the average age of the fans. 43 is where it sits… staggering stat. Now, is this because most people in their early twenties are unemployed? Is it because the club failed to encourage kids into the football addiction funnel at an early age? Something is wrong because the funnel has dried up. There will come a point where we don’t have the next generation coming through. I know Arsenal have made cheap seats available to teens… but could they go further? Sadly, it’s a cost thing. Arsenal, being a long term club must see the benefit of a short term loss for a long term gain…

Could Arsenal maybe benefit from a bit of psychology with sound? There’s a Tedtalk about green energy. This team sent out letters to houses stating their energy consumption was costing them more than their neighbours. Why? Well, no one really cares about energy. It’s a boring topic. They do care about money. The outcome was that these houses reduced their consumption because their pockets were a touch point. Could Arsenal take this premise with sound. If you knew your block was the quietest, would that embarrass you into singing? It would me. If you knew your block was the noisiest… would that encourage you to maintain that status? It would me. It wouldn’t be hard to measure it either. It could be quite fun as well. Embarrassing fans into contributing verbally. You could create some pretty amazing content off the back of that as well… real infographics that plotted quadrant noise against in game incidences.

I think overall we’d love safe standing… People on their feet sing. There’s something more tribal about being on your feet. It’s like going to war… which is what football is… however you want to gloss it up. It’s a shame there’s no politician brave enough to make a decision based on science. They all worry they’ll be the person tarred with the brush of shame should something go wrong. That’s the UK for you today.

Those are my thoughts ok noise… what are you thinking?

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  1. Paddy got up

    Mark Lawrenson is the biggest cunt on TV
    All year he has been taking the piss out of Luiz, now tonight because he’s playing we’ll he’s up his arse!
    2-0 as I post… Spain tippy tappy bollocks

  2. Nabby

    If the Spanish players are knackered then why doesn’t the coach pick some of the talent on the bench instead? He’s just running them into the ground after a long, tiring match against Italy.

    And how is Arbeloa anywhere near the national team? He’s so poor a defender.

  3. zeus

    Radio RaheemJune 30, 2013 23:41:02
    Vialli schooling these ‘pundits’ how to analyse a game.More Vialli please


    What is Vialli saying?

  4. Marko

    Haven’t been this impressed by Brazil in years. Even Luiz is having a blinder. I really think when Spain start with Torres these days they might as well be starting with 10 men cause he’s dog shite offers nothing except complaining

  5. Radio Raheem


    Don’t be a thicko all your life. It’s the Confed cup, Spain lost to the USA the last time and still went on to win the next WC. Grow up!

  6. Nabby

    Mark “Genius” Lawrenson telling the viewers that Spain have to score the next goal.

    With such vast intellect he’s surely wasted on his six figure BBC contract.

    And as I type Brazil get a third…more dodgy defending and keeping.

  7. Nabby

    Apologies for shit iPad typing above.

    Apologies for shit Marcelo defending too!

    Apologies for shit Ramos penalty!!

  8. Radio Raheem

    Spain also got crushed by Argentina and Portugal in frendlies both 4-1, what’s your point.

    That is the question you should be asking yourself before making daft comments

  9. salparadisenyc

    Spain are taking the piss.
    Mojito nights in Brasilia, fucking usa beat them in the last confed cup.

  10. Marko

    Spain will still be favourites next summer with Germany it’s nice seeing them not be all powerful though. Good seeing that Brazil passion that’s been lacking for a few years

  11. Radio Raheem


    No. The point is this match has little or no relevance on how both teams will perform next WC. For Spain and the other non-South American teams in the competition the most important thing was to sample the climate, the general atmosphere in Brazil so they can be better prepared next year.

    The Confed cup is like how the Australian Open in tennis was 30 or 40 years ago. Maybe in 20 years Confed Cup will be what you’re trying to make it.

  12. Nabby

    Why do players think they can convince a ref to change his mind over a red card? I really wish refs would grow a pair and book players who run up to them in the aftermath, wagging fingers and shouting.

  13. Zeus

    I now have a reason to watch barca. They’ve been boring me the last couple seasons. Neymar might change the playing pattern a bit.

    Calling it now, the South Americans to dominate in 2014.

  14. Doo Woop

    yeah, confed cup is unimportant

    spain brought only yougsters and they dont care at all, they are used to win tha trophy all the time

    brazil also no big deal, if it was volleyball Im sure people would be juch more thrilled

    its less than a friendly, inded

  15. Marko

    I’m not sure how prestigious the Confed Cup is what with Tahiti being in it and all but to be fair the big teams have taken it seriously with their strong squads and performances. Still isn’t a prelude to next summer still be one of Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil or Holland to win it.

  16. Marko

    On Spain the false 9 doesn’t work. Torres and Villa doesn’t work anymore they’re on the down slope Soldado has to be the guy going forward. And the quicker they incorporate Javi Martinez, Fabregas and Mata (know he was poor tonight) into their starting 11 the better they’ll be for it.

  17. Radio Raheem

    Nah the Confed cup is the most prestigious competition. Win this and you are the best ever. It is every player’s dream to win the Confed cup. FIFA did not create the competition as a precursor to the WC allowing the host country’s organisers prepare for the main thing but to supersede the WC. It’s all about the Confed Cup.


  18. dialsquare

    Confed Cup is rubbish, i don’t read anything in tonight’s game, i said Brazil will win their home World Cup as soon as it was announced they were staging it.

  19. Doo Woop

    of course, like I said, confed cup is the most important competition, followed closely behind by the world cup

    We wish one day to get 5 confed cups (we need 2 more), to even with the number of world cup trophies here

  20. Wengerites be damned !

    Confederation Cup or not, Spain was taking this tournament very seriously. They were frustrated last time because they wanted to play the final against Brazil but USA prevented that. They made a party after they qualified against Italy. Iniesta said it would be a great honour to defeat Brazil at their home.
    Spain wanted to win and against Brazil. Had Uruguay made it to the final instead, Spanish players wouldn’t be so excited.
    I think Germany are favourites to win the World Cup in my country, but Spain have great players and they have a good chance.
    Argentina ??? In Brazilian backyard??? No, no and no! Anyone but those stinky Argies.

  21. arsenal-flavour

    all you spain cock suckers get Spanish cock out of your mouth for a second!

    you say this match didnt matter when of course it did! yes its the confederation cup which has actually been brilliant this year, but the fact is spain lost and not only by 1 goal but by 3 and it could have been far more, this shakes up the world cup next year a big deal, it shows that Europeans can’t cope with the heat and humidity and the general conditions in south america!

    as for tika taka you spainish chorizo sucking bellends its well and truly dead, teams know how to kill it now! firstt barcelona now spain guys its over!

    i hate spain (the football team) so im loving this!

  22. arsenal-flavour

    look at the Spaniards faces, look at how they were sitting on the floor like depressed plums! this meant a whole lot for them, because they not only love to win but expect to win!

  23. Doo Woop

    I thought this match mattered, but then I learned from Raheem that it doesnt

    now its clear, you can see that spain are overjoyed in there

  24. Doo Woop

    I think next confed cup they will just run throught the pitches, having fun with each other. Maybe some balloons

    its a big party, not even a friendly

  25. Wengerites be damned !

    Argies are taking the piss out of Spain in their forums. They love to provoke the Spaniards.

  26. arsenal-flavour

    i kind of get the confed hating but

    did you see the last world cup!!that was most boringgg tiring pathetic defensive based affair nearly every game was tedious beyond belief.. this tournament was free flowing goals and alot more aggression! i think you guys underate how good this tournament has been! or would you rather watch england draw 1-1 with montenegro?

  27. reality check

    Mental Strength
    July 1, 2013 00:54:10

    Neymar,Fred and Hulk

    Ronaldo,Ronaldinho and Rivaldo
    Are you for real??

  28. Wengerites be damned !

    ‘There would be chaos is Brazil next year if the Argies were to win it there.’

    Chaos already happened here with all those demonstrators in the streets. But if the Argies win the tournament here it will offer more fuel to those protesting.
    Anyway, many groups are stating they will intensify the protests in 2014 during the WC.
    Do you know the spending here has already cost more than the last three World Cups added together ?
    Everything paid by the people.
    All this overbilling is for the politicians to make money for the next general election in 2014. Finally people are waking up.

  29. Wengerites be damned !

    Many people here don’t want Brazil to win the WC because they know the Bank Robber (our president) will use this to her advantage.

    Bank Robber: During dictatorship Dilma Rousseff organised bank robberies. Not in the name of democracy as she loves to spout about but to implement a communist regime similar to Cuba. Thank Lord they failed.

  30. sam

    The spanish lost tonight we are now hearing all lame excuses
    If the conf cup is not important then del bosque should smile.
    The germans humiliated them in the champions league and I hope english teams do the same next season.
    I wanna see fellaini in arsenal shirt kicking the shIt out of the senoritas. no need to dive coz the belgian monster will kick them for real.

  31. Jeff

    Maybe he Spanish reign is coming to an end. Their collection of outstanding players all coming to fruition at the same time has given them so much glory but football is an unfaithful mistress; once it gets bored with you, it moves on.

  32. Goonerbone

    The bank robbery you are talking about is nothing compared to how the people on the top have robbed and maltreated the masses for decades in your country. I am a right wing liberal, but in the case of Brazil it has to be said that the state/military capitalism has gotten the country into such a mess, with eg the highest GIT rating in the world, that special measures have to be taken. And that you dont want to win the WC because DR might take advantage of it (which head of state doesnt?) just shows how fucked up you are…

  33. Jeff


    The way it works is like this. We make an offer, it gets rejected, we get offended and walk away.

  34. Mayank

    I wonder if the Spain apologists would be down-playing the cup if Spain won. Would they fuck. We’d be reading pages worth of prose illustrating how Spain are the best team of our generation and how privileged we are to see Spain play keep ball for 90 minutes to win by one goal or on penalties…

    Hopefully Neymar will spice things up at Barca and Messi will let him have some of the goals. My dream is Neymar matches Messi’s goal return and Messi throws a hissy fit and tries to get him thrown out.

  35. N5

    @Mayank I agree with this comment mate, I have no real interest in the Confederations cup, but like you said if Spain had won it, it would be a different story. No team wants to lose a final you could see that in their faces. The Confederation cup is a woman that rejected Spain so now it’s ugly and Spain just felt sorry for it anyway!

  36. Paddy got up

    Can we start a campaign for Spain to sack Del Bosque on the basis of them losing one game( a friendly)
    And hiring the best manager ever Sir Arsene of Wonga Wenger!!!