Lewandowski? | transfer window opening soon, how hard has Ivan worked?

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Internet be working my friends, but what does it matter? There’s very little going in. Higauin’s 6 year old sister is keeping tight lipped about her older brothers next move. There was a story in The Times yesterday about Perez of Madrid using the Argentine as a make weight for Bale. For me, that doesn’t really work… being a make weight only works if the make weight wants to go to the said club… sadly, Spurs aren’t a big club, nor do they boast a top 4 trophy.

… as much as we hate Top 4 mediocrity, it sure as hell beats SpursDay night football with the riff raff of Europe.

Nik B is off to Frankfirt to resurrect his career. As much as he’s derided by many for being an arrogant dreamer… at least he cared about playing for Arsenal. I know last season he was really hacked off that he was pretty much the second best striker at Arsenal and he was shipped out. It all went down the pan for him when he threw a hissy fit after being bombed out of the Carling Cup final squad. I think he’s very capable. He’s skilled on the ball for a big man and he possesses all the physical assets needed to conquer the game as a plan B striker. Give me a player who complains about not getting game time over Denilson or JD all day long…

Andrey also left for Zenit. A player who gets it in the neck for laziness… yet he was the only player to turn up to every training session last season. Under used… which in part was down to him… but I still find it staggering Arsene would persist with Song and Denilson despite being flawed as players but had no time for Andrey.

There’s an odd piece on the The Sports Direct news channel about Arsenal moving for Lewandowski. We all know his main preference is Bayern this summer and he’s been told he can’t go there. I’m not sure Arsenal would cut it. The whole story appears to be made up. Brands moving into the news space isn’t my cup of tea. I’m guessing they have a news site to support their search results for retail… and I’m also guessing Mike Ashley isn’t overly fussed about stories that reflect badly on the reputation of his shop… so keep an eye out for anything that looks dodgy from there… they’re in it for money, not love.

It’s not long until the transfer window opens… then we’ll find out how busy Ivan and co have been.

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  1. Kjafc

    ‘I personaly doubt we are after any striker this summer.’

    Absolutely your right to have an opinion but based on what? Not quite sure why some of you come on here and say the exact same, miserable, defeatist thing every day? I hope you have the balls to come on here and admit you are wrong when the Higuain deal is announced. However, I suspect that you will come on here and find fault with Higuain as many others who slag off Arsenal and the Manager do.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    This season will be a record low for afc live games on sky….
    Media are bored with afc assassins

  3. Gunner2301


    Wenger to PSG would be nice, but instead the criminals will slip a new contract under the smoke screen for him. Nothing’s happening because Wenger is too busy sorting out his own new improved contract.

    Anyone feeling sorry for Diaby I’d be laughing in your face right now if i was him for earning 2.5 mill a year for doing nothing. No wonder Djourou doesn’t want to leave despite his national coach advising him he should. When’s his testimonial tickets go on sale anyone know?

  4. sam

    Higuain is a great player but I will agree with wenger if he refuses to fork out 22 millions for someone who hardly plays first team.
    Just like sahin last season, madrid is trying to rob us.
    Tevez a player with Epl experience just went for 10 millions.
    Grovers please relax! Its only Higuain, not maradona.

  5. Goner Joe

    You do talk some rubbish 1st we are no better than a championship side then it’s A Wenger is rubbish manager. So I am wondering how do we keep finishing where we finish year after year magic maybe .

  6. Marc

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalJune 28, 2013 20:38:37

    We have a championship squad? That must make Wenger a fucking genius, to manage such a bunch of poor players to 4th with the 2nd best defence and 3rd highest scorers in the PL.

  7. Kjafc

    Northern Gooner
    Why can you not accept the path the club chose and the reasons why that affected us so. Agree or otherwise it happened. We left Highbury, bought some land, built a huge stadium and redeveloped Highbury and had to pay for it. No grants or handouts and no rich sugar daddy. Then there was the arrival of the Russian and the Arab and the tapping up of our best players.

    Why did we move? Simple maths mate, the more you earn the more you can spend. You can’t compete when you are in a 40,000 seater.

    It matters not one jot whether any of us agree with the path the club took, it happened. But we will all start benefitting now. Jesus, the new sponsorships alone are around £1.2 million per week extra, how many players wages does that pay? Why can you not understand this, why the denial? Honestly, I really don’t get the ignorance. Just wait and see what happens and save your hate and moaning until then. It gets boring reading the same rubbish every day, if I want Arsenal hatred and slagging, I will go to a Spurs or Chelsea blog.

    If Arsenal do not spend any of the money we now have and have for the future I will join you and the other miserable sods moaning about the club. However, I will wait until the season starts to pass my judgement as we are only in June.

  8. zeus

    The comments would be so boring (to a skull F ing level I would guess) if Pedro allowed video embedding.

    How many times, how many posters have to call for it to get taken seriously. I don’t care if refreshing becomes a problem or the website slows.

    What would I be in a rush to read? This twat arguing with that twat, pretending to have a “debate.”

    That twat reminiscing about the days when all posters were cordial and full of incite, harking back to a time that NEVER existed.

    Another twat regurgitating the same argument over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and overand over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…………………

    I’m surprised posters haven’t started to self harm just to relieve the boredom.

  9. Gunner2301

    Regardless of who they buy how are they going to solve the lack of atmosphere at the Emirates? They won’t allow standing or lower prices so a lot of fans can’t afford to
    go anymore. Every year the ASTs ideas get batted down by Ivan. They don’t want to listen they just want your money and to thank us for our interest in their affairs. Where do you as a fan go from there?

  10. sam


    I am not defeatist, just being real.
    first, Giroud and Podolski are not going leave.
    Higuain will be perfect addition but I don’t see wenger paying what madrid are asking.

  11. Kjafc

    Right on cue and as I predicted, you admit you don’t think Higuain is very good.

    Priceless. LG must be the most infiltrated fan blog on the planet. Dial Square and Johnty79 have been exposed, how many of you are there?

    What are Adrian Durham and Stewart Robson calling themselves on here?

  12. Marc


    I can’t believe people are writing off the 2013 – 2014 season before the transfer window has even opened. Chelsea have signed 1 player, Man City 2, ManU some kid who was on loan / trial last season and the Spud’s are being linked to a highly rated player (which happens every transfer window but hardly ever happens).

  13. Goner Joe

    Well said or written but this site has a lot of people posting with such one sided views it hurts them even to consider Arsenal football club did the right thing in building the stadium.

  14. salparadisenyc


    Go out and get drunk, report back monday morning with tales of excess and fantasies fulfilled.
    Higuian is probably getting his gear polished at this moment by ungodly hotness.
    Rooney’s poppin ecstasty and eyeing the sexiest 22 yr old glastonbury has to offer, her Arsenal kit with no denim cutoffs feels like Kate Moss in her prime. Deal done, realtor texted.

    Fellaini is face down in a Belge pup after kicking the shit of Gareth Bale and his girlfriend. We may not be able to sign as jail time looks highly probable. True fucking gunner either way.

  15. Gunner2301


    It’s all relative. If they had the best 22 players on the planet you’re telling me you wouldn’t take their bench players? Higuain is better than what we have and the majority of their players are valued higher than ours it’s a fact. We sold Song for 15 Ade for 20 odd Kolo on his way out for 18 Nasri for 22? Bought Chamberlain for 12.

    If we don’t start paying market value we remain buying in the French bargain basement and that hasn’t got us anywhere apart from a trailer load of dead wood on high wages who know they got the Golden ticket from Wonka Wenger.

  16. sam


    Players leaving man city to join new clubs will always take paycut
    and Tevez is not different.
    Juve are certainly not paying him 200k a week.

  17. northern gooner


    Chelsea man u and city are already well ahead of us so they dont need to make 3 or 4 signings.
    We do just to try and catch up

  18. Dan Ahern

    Goner Joe — Because bargain basement almost always takes years to develop. We’re all tired of waiting.

  19. Gunner2301

    Goner Joe

    I think there’s wider scope for talent in the footballing world than just France. For a time it was the place to be but Wenger is just showing that he’s unable to adapt to changing times by still haunting the empty aisles. How much talent have we missed out on due to narrow-mindedness?

  20. Rohan

    Yeah, zeus, don’t know how many times people have to say it. I don’t know anyone who’s opposed to it.

    LG is not even like the old days anymore where we an average day would have 1400 comments. I would’ve thought the point of the pagination would be to accomodate videos while not sacrificing loading times.

    It’s bullshit though. The old LG wasn’t even that slow on mobile, and it had everything on a single page and had around 200 of Kwik’s videos.

  21. Jeff

    Arshavin has been speaking out after his departure:

    “I don’t regret anything, but I had to leave.

    “It was a punishment sat on the bench. To train even though you know you won’t play – it is psychologically difficult.

    “I nearly suffered depression, but I didn’t because I’m mentally strong. The monotony of life there was crushing me.”


  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When the window has three hours to go , even sky won’t be at the colony as every one knows arsenal are a good club in north London who don’t buy me boy.

  23. Rohan

    It would provide a nice break from monotony on here. Every fucking day it’s the same arguments by the same people making the same rebuttals.

    I remember the good old days when there was far more banter and conversation used to veer off occasionally.

  24. Rohan

    “Rumours now that MUFC are signing Strootman with Thiago renewing his contract at Barça”


  25. Gunner2301

    Thing is Gooner Joe as much as you might like the way Wenger does business there is a hell of a lot of wastage conveniently hidden away. Whilst as a Club we preach financial prudence we are throwing money away on a massive scale. To think because we have a transfer surplus that makes us financially prudent is naive at best . Wengers response to that is “if we can do it why not” when questioned about the high wages the dross were on.

  26. Marc

    northern goonerJune 28, 2013 21:26:09

    Chelsea finished 2 points above us. ManU 16, a big gap but how many points was Fergie worth a season 8 – 10? If he wasn’t worth that he wasn’t the manager every claims he was. With the right buys this summer we can be right back in the melting pot.

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look Wenger and his cronies at the manor born have had plenty of chance to sign good young players but he refuses to go the extra half million… he has a history of bodging up transfers.
    Man he needs to leave.

    Man is a poor modern manager .

  28. Marc

    Gunner2301June 28, 2013 21:39:36

    Even the club have admitted that the wage policy needed changing. What have we knocked off the wage bill the last couple weeks £200k?

  29. Goner Joe

    Just a point the French bargain basement has produced two players in the second best defense in the PL last season. It’s also produced a forward who scored 17 goals in his first season and provides a very good point for our attack. Also around the first team has we have 3 Spanish players 2 Germans 6 British most of them internationals.

  30. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lol Lord Wenger an his Eton chums need more of your money buy in to the club and its false fake front.

  31. northern gooner


    We have been waiting for the right buys for the 8 seasons. All the while selling on our right boughts.
    I would like nothing more than be in the melting pot.
    Coming a close 2nd or a good cup run would be a fantastic achievement.
    However the rothmans year book doesnt have an asterisk at the side of all the league and cup winners saying arsenal bought a new stadium and wouldnt spend money.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    A club I once loved Know despise… all old school ties an jobs for the boys… u can have the

  33. Goner Joe

    Gunner 2301
    Your right we have bought or produced some young players that haven’t worked out we have bought or produced a lot of young players that have. But that’s football it happens to all football clubs it’s not just the preserve of Arsenal and it’s manager.

  34. Goner Joe

    RSPC the class warrior.
    it’s a football club FFS it’s not a social experiment by the way do you want a working class hero like Joey Barton any where near our club.

  35. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Goner Joe.
    ‘it’s a football club FFS it’s not a social experiment’

    Arsene Wenger, “”We don’t have a big gap ­between what our players earn at Arsenal,” he told reporters. “We are more a socialist model and vulnerable because of that.”

  36. Gunner2301


    It’s not about moving the dross of the wage bill. The majority who have gone so far were youth players . We overpay average players and I’m talking first team or those in the 22 man squad. Those who are out on loan will carry on doing that because they are paid too well to leave and nobody else will pay what they are getting paid by us.

    Almunia a prime example and said himself the money was too good he was happy to sit out his contract. Djourou is another who recently renewed his contract till 2015 to milk the cow even further even though he can’t get a game. Denilson was another there are many examples. Chamakh will run down his 75k contract before moving on. Fabianski is another too well paid to move on.

    Not playing players, or sending them out on loan until their contract runs down naturally isn’t a radical change in policy it’s the opposite, the do nothing option.

    I look at it this way did we have to pay Ramsey or Chamberlain or Wilshire for that matter the money they are on? Bar Jack I don’t think they would be getting paid more elsewhere so why do it?

    For me to see a change in policy I would have liked to see the younger ones being paid in accordance with their peers or based on achievement which at this moment in time is zero. Remember Welbeck was only on 25k and after his big debut had to fight for 40k.

    We should have taken the opportunity to get Rosicky off the wage bill rather than give him a new contract only to disappear shortly after. We could get someone equally as effective for half the wages. That’s how we should be thinking and that would signal a change. We should get rid of Diaby once and for all and forget about him being the next Viera.

    Why do we have a wage bill that is close to Uniteds and Rooney is on 200k + Ferdinand has been on over 100k for about 10 years probably 150 now. We have no superstars our bench is a joke but our wage bills so high and you don’t think there’s massive waste and financial mismanagement going on?

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    No I want it to be a football club first. Not a money making share dividend for already wealthy non interested in football club people.
    Sitting in a non paid for seat.

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Goner jo…
    It’s not a football club it’s a burden s unless… then a some might say a Saturday afternoon gentleman’s gathering for a kick around….

  39. Gunner2301


    He forgot to mention that Shangrila was his idea and despite being an economist only a fool would aspire to such a scheme. Who did he think he was? The reverend Jim Jones? After a bit of cult worship? No wonder this is such a tragedy excuse the pun 🙂

  40. Marc

    Gunner2301June 28, 2013 22:14:35

    Arshavin & Squillaci weren’t youth players. Bendtner’s on his way as is Djourou & Denilson. Fabianski’s contact only has a year left and he has been looking to leave for a while, as his contract runs down he will be more open to lower offers. Chamakh, I believe only has a year to run. It can’t be done over night but mistakes will always be made,recognising you’ve made a mistake and then looking to remedy it is what counts.

  41. Goner Joe

    Arsenal don’t pay dividends so what’s your point and it is a football club in my opinion and a lot other fans Arsenal is a very fine football club.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Old boys club feeding each other’s pockets…just look at last week’s boardroom news that broke.

  43. Gunner2301

    Northern Gooner

    I just want the best for our Club. I’m sure the majority do but some have been dumbed down by propaganda, constant manipulation and false hope. I’m not saying we won’t buy top players but the water has already been soured in my view and it won’t taste the same while the vipers are still running our club.

  44. Keyser

    “Remember Welbeck was only on 25k and after his big debut had to fight for 40k.”

    As proven time and again, this is complete and utter bullshit.

    There’s no fucking perspective at all, our wagebills close to United’s, so what ? Lol it was 30 million less 2-3 years ago and the cost amount of assembling the entire squad was far less on top of that.

    The reason it’s even come close after almost a decade is because we couldn’t keep hold of players and had to change policy like you’re saying, we were forced into a market that overpays and over-rates players.

    …and we’re still not close to what teams have spent, just people keep repeating bollocks like the Wellbeck shite above.

  45. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Still makes me laugh when I hear fans say he has achieved miracles on a shoestring, a £150 million shoestring with which he has achieved a par position in the league and delivered no success for 8 years, meanwhile suffering some humiliating defeats along the way.

    Also a question for Pedro. Pedro have you heard anything about a boardroom dispute between Gazidis and Wenger early this week or late last week, something along the lines of Wenger pulling the plug on Rooney and Fellaini deals that Gazidis was chasing?

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Remember the board lock down to preserve their assets and stop that nasty runs s ian man becoming involved in boardroom meetings…
    Tells more answers than questions

  47. sam

    so we are getting rid of our bad players and replacing them with cast offs
    what a way to rebuild a club?

    rooney, higuain and nani
    hey lets have sahin as well, he’s fit now
    if we really have money then we should buy best players from other clubs not their benchwarmers.
    I was really impressed with cavani the other day. for a moment I thought he was a defender, he tracks back and perform clean tackles.
    I wish us to sign best players from benchwarmers.

  48. goonerboy

    I am looking for the grounds for genuine optimism. Everyone wants to think good things about the club they support-but in recent years gooners have watched top players leave, a few good ones join-and in the words of the club’s spin master in chief-the team’s progress stagnate.

    So far in this transfer Window has been open one month, when it comes to Arsenal FC not a lot has happened. Players who Arsene Wenger didn’t trust whose contracts expired left. One player has had his contract cancelled at his request. Two other players who don’t play who are on loan may leave and oh yes a stack of young reserves have left. Big deal.

    Arsenal FC is a spin machine–it does state every year it has money to spend on transfers. to encourage season ticket renewals. Ivan Gazidis also says Arsene will determine what players the club wants and what their value is-as he has for the last13 years or more.

    How does Arsene determine the value of a player? Is there any science involved?Arsene Wenger is a law unto himself with no accountability. None of that is different this year. When it comes to the purchase of players Arsenal is Arsene FC.
    The only players Arsene Wenger has previously paid market value for are kids and obscure French unknowns. The only really solid rumour so far involves Sanogo-an obscure French unknown.

    I am sure that Wenger would like to buy Higuain and Rooney-but what makes anybody think that he is prepared to pay market cost? He never has to date. We are talking market rates for fees and salary. Why does any player want to move to a club that offers less than the rest?

    Every year Arsene makes a profit on player trading-why do we expect that to change?
    Every year a top player is sold-and our reasons for optimism that they won’t be this year are?
    Arsene FC have more money to spend this year than last-but then so does everyone else-and they have a history of spending it-Arsene FC do not. Following the sales of RVP and Song last year-Arsene had money to spend but did not spend it.

    I hope Arsenal do make big signings but until they make even one, for me there are no grounds for optimism about the signing of players of the class of Higuain and Rooney.

  49. Gunner2301


    LMFAO Didn’t I say players were loaned or run down their contracts? Arshavin and Squillaci a case in point. All those you mentioned will leave when their contracts are up and not before.

    You call those mistakes? How can they be mistakes if that is exactly what the socialist model perpetuates and the Club know it but do nothing to change it? Kinda feels like they don’t really give a shit as long as the money Kees rolling in to finance the incompetency.

    Your statement “mistakes will always be made” sounds like Arsenes “if we can do it why not?” Why not indeed because the fans allow it.

    I do get your point Marc but the Club are acting like they are the model of financial prudence when they clearly are not when you scratch the surface. Slightly hypocritical don’t you think? They’d do better to keep their mouth shut rather than holding themselves up as a beacon, they have no shame.

  50. sam

    I meant not benchwarmer.

    because they will need wenger to lift their morale and wenger is not longer that sort of person. he will make it worse for them.

  51. sam


    we are not selling anyone this summer because we have no one to sell.
    our captain was shit, our best player cazorla just arrived and he’s not throwing any tantrum to give them excuse to sell him.
    the best bet was diaby and he let wenger down again, he didn’t stay on his feet. so there is no one to sell for profit this summer.

  52. MarsBar

    Many a good points.

    People need to realise that just having an opinion on The Arsenal never changing their ways isn’t admitting defeat or wanting the worst for the club. It’s anger and pissed off attitude of history always repeating itself. We all love the club want the best but know it isn’t going to happen.

    Half you that always stick up for Wenger your like blokes who go back to your ex girlfriends continuously after they’ve cheated on you time and time again with lies…. Bet you all full for it time and time again.

    It is bullshit how the club is run, people need to take off their red tinted specs now and then and actually think about it, not what you read and not what want to read.

    Ok first off, yeah we done well towards the end of the season and perhaps a team that we had under another manager might not of got us there. But then again that is the team that Wenger bought and put together! He made it weaker by selling all our stars. He gets off the fact he doubles someone’s worth he loves it. Buy lesbian face sell him for double, song double, van Persie double. He isn’t ruthless anymore for a top flight manager he doesn’t care about the things that matter he should if anything be up top making tea not even talking deals or money with the club.

    A club that can go from getting to a champions league final and not progressing from there tells you you need to know.

    I’m not being negative I’m being realistic. I’d fucking love things to change but history is a pattern and nothing has changed slightly in the last few years and it won’t.

    But I will wait. We’re see by the time pre season kicks off in two weeks what the deal is……

  53. northern gooner

    7 years ago we were competing.
    5 years ago 2 good players needed.
    3 years ago 3 good players needed
    1 year ago 4 good players needed.

    Do all you deluded arsene lovers see the pattern. Its not getting any better and you cant keep blaming it on moving to a new stadium.

  54. Keyser

    Marsbar –

    “A club that can go from getting to a champions league final and not progressing from there tells you you need to know. ”

    This sums up your post, like the Wellbeck one from Gunner2301.

    It’s the first and only Champions League final in our entire history, so in 60 years of the European Cup, 20 odd of the Champions League, it’s the only final we’ve made.

    How does that sum anything up ? I mean actually think about it.

  55. Keyser

    “7 years ago we were competing.”

    Lol we were using biological warfare back then though, there was an amnesty introduced in 2007.

  56. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Have to be honest, haven’t looked at the table, did they lose today ? Was watching Huddersfield destroy Catalans earlier though.

  57. Gunner2301


    You been drinking?

    “The reason it’s even come close after almost a decade is because we couldn’t keep hold of players and had to change policy like you’re saying, we were forced into a market that overpays and over-rates players.”

    I keep forgetting your chief AKB on here.

    We couldn’t keep hold of players? Why? Go back to each and every statement for every top player that left. Arsenal have no ambition. Do you really expect a top international to go along with Arsenes delusion 4th is a trophy and other such bullshit?

    The truth is the only players Wenger could recruit into such a delusion are the ones that thought all their Christmas’ had come at once.

    We changed policy? Really? When? What is the policy seeing as you know so much.

    Then your pearler of an excuse we were forced into a market that overpays and overrates players. You mean the same market we helped to inflate by selling our best players into it at inflated prices?

    Arsenal have been one of the chief beneficiaries of the inflated market with our transfer surplus. Why are we paying 10mill for Ligue 1 players that no-one else was in for why did we even buy Park Chu Young? A gift to Monaco

    What your saying doesnt stack up Keyser.

  58. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Lost to Castleford at home 4-18, didn’t see the game it wasn’t online.
    Saw the Giants win, Catalan were very poor and disorganised.

    Trying to cheer myself up with a session of Hancock’s Half Hour, the Brummie boy was hilarious back in the days.

  59. Gunner2301

    Northern Gooner

    Arsenes not done too bad considering his hands were tied LMAO! He’s achieved CL 17 years in a row. What an achievement. I’m so
    Glad Maureen’s back I can see the voyeurs ring piece twitching like Redknapp already 🙂

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We won’t win another trophy with this fraud in control of the club….piers Morgan’s is right bout him

  61. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – That’s what you’ve come up with ? We’ve been over this before. Like the Wellbeck bit where you said they’d never pay him what he wanted because Ferguson doesn’t give in.

    2 years ago, we had Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie on a wagebill of 124 million, was that in line with what we should have paying ?

    That team was young, with bags of potential, and cost a fraction of what other teams have spent.

    So who have we bought since ?

  62. Keyser

    “Glad Maureen’s back I can see the voyeurs ring piece twitching like Redknapp already”

    Smells like you’re a bit of a Voyeur yourself there.

  63. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Dave’s got series 3 of ‘The Thick of it’ on, heard about how good it was, but never got round to watching it, absolutely love it.

  64. Gunner2301


    I fail to see how a non tactical manager can win anything in this day and age. Even the young ones are out smarting him. Football has moved on he hasn’t he needs to step aside for someone who is capable of doing the job.

    He’d have to have the Barca team and even then I don’t think he’d understand the system Pep set up. You see how much Fabregas struggled with it. Arsenal need a ambitious manager who can go toe to toe tactically with the best managers out there and that’s not Arsene.

  65. northern gooner

    Lol @ twitching like redknapp

    it will be tight. But cant see us doing a leeds if we do get top 8.
    My poor old man went tonight so I blame him.

  66. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I don’t have sky just use online streams for the footy and other sports, don’t even own a tele.
    I use a vpn when I want to watch Brit tv and watch stuff on iplayer.

    I will look up that one though, I loved Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister and House of cards trilogy was legendary.

  67. Gunner2301


    Since then we’ve bought average at best nobody currently in the first team should be in the first team. They should be squad players until we change that makeup we will always be making do I.e 4th place trophy cup run group stages fill the coffers and that’s it. The club is set up to make and hoard money not to win things that would require ambition and we don’t have any.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Agreed he has had plenty of oppertuintes to bring in an astute young assist t o take over the reins…. ego won’t allow him tho….
    No one there can do anything without his say so…sho c king .

  69. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Leeds always seem to pull it off when the pressure is greatest, sort of Manu of RL.
    Who knows though, it is still a long way off and injuries could occur to some of the favourites before then.

  70. Keyser

    House of cards ?

    It’s like Yes Minister, but with torrents of expletives, so you might want to keep the sound down a bit.

    I think you can get most channels online now, ‘tvcatchup’ carries Dave.

  71. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – See, and that’s why you have no perspective.

    “Since then we’ve bought average at best nobody currently in the first team should be in the first team.”

    If someone like Cazorla doesn’t make it, what are you exactly expecting from the club, considering he cost about 16 million.

  72. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Right that’s me done.

    Keyser check out house of cards trilogy, the original version with Ian Richardson.

    Northern, best of luck to Saints this season, would like to see them challenging again.

    Night all.

  73. Gunner2301


    First of all you don’t know how much he cost it wasn’t published.

    Cazorla is a typical dumbing down kind of signing. Yes he’s good not as good as Fabregas so not
    Good enough and we rate him so highly because we’re starved of quality. I’ve heard people on here saying Djourou wasn’t that bad LMAO. Another dumbing down issue.

  74. Keyser

    See, still no perspective.

    You’re not making much sense, of course he wasn’t going to replace Fabregas like that no-one was, we bought him for 2 million, spent 7 years building him up into what he was.

    Lol and you were expecting what ? What change of policy ?

  75. goonerboy

    RSPC-Denilson. Santos doesn’t want to come back either. Neither will exactly constitute a loss.
    Sam-Who have we got who Wenger could sell off to raise money-we could get 20m or over for Koscielny, Wilshire, Cazorla. Walcott might fetch 15-16.

    Doesn’t seem likely? Not as unlikely as Arsenal buying 3 players for 20+ million when they have never brought a single one.

  76. El Tel

    Fuck Me.

    I got home from work early and dropped in to Le Grove.

    What a load of whinging fuckers on tonight.

    We have had it tough for a long time yet still in a good position in the League.

    We have no players worthy of the first team.

    Fuck In Hell. You Sir must. Be a Demon on your FM game.

    As for RSPCA. Please go to your own teams web site and upset them a little.

    I bet most of the whingers never attend live matches and some maybe never have.

    Not all Arsenal fans think we are in a bad way and Arsenal fans never want us to lose.

    Wenger is a dick I agree,He is off on a Jolly up earnign more money from the Arabs instead of Masterminding the most important season of his career.

    It couls be that He has decided to go to Paris after next season therefore buying top players weakening his chances with Paris.

    Gazidis should just buy Rooney,Higuain, Fellaini and Williams and tell Him to get on with it.

    At least this would stop the in house fighting and give us some hope.

    I know this is a whinge too but I am still very positive to be honest and so should you doomers be until at least the season starts when your own personal favourites are at other Clubs.

    How can anyone think Podolski is a reserve player or Cazorla come to think of it. Arteta was statistically the best in his position last year yet some think he is a sub player.

    Walcott has improved his consistency and on his day he is unplayable. Giroud had a very good first season no matter what some are trying to tell us.

    The defence looked far better last season than it has for many years and with a great Keeper will be even better.

    I am optimistic and hope Arsenal sign the three WC players needed to move us into a challenging position.

    Higuain will be good Rooney and Higuain would be unbelievable. I still believe it will happen.

    Up the Arse.

  77. goonerboy

    I have been informed from an accountant who deals directly with the club that to date, Arsenal have never paid more than 13m in a straight transfer fee. This is an extraordinary low figure in top level modern football even for a club which has built a new stadium in order to rake in more than twice the annual income it previously generated.

    All of the more expensive players Arsenal sign involve complex transactions and add on conditions, and complex salary arrangements. This is certainly consistent with the protracted length of time it seems to take them to sign anyone.
    Protracted that is compared to our competitors.

    Arsenal will sell players by instalments but don’t like to buy by instalments-especially since the Emirates has been built.

    Is this because Arsenal don’t have the money or can’t spend it?

    Much more likely is that the club has a much more cautious approach to financial risk management than any of our rivals. It is the reason why the ultra tightwad manager Wenger who never values any experienced player as high as rival clubs is seen as being perfect in the Board’s eyes.

    Spending 20m in one hit is out of character for a selling Board like Arsenal’s- spending 45m+ in one transfer window is fairyland.

    This seems to me to be the most likely reason for the length of time it is taking to sign Higuain and the reason why the signing of any other player for 20m + is very unlikely this year if we sign Higuain.

    The consequences for this caution are obvious enough.
    If Fellaini and Baines are signed by either of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea-forget competing for the EPL-with or without Higuain. However, such concerns have never bothered the club in the past-hence the sale of RVP to United when Wenger believed that would be enough to make them title winners.

  78. Aaron Lemon

    Pedro, nice choices.

    What’s your take on us 1) baulking at the Williams fee? 2) Not using Mannone in a deal for Mignolet? 3) Offering less for Cesar than we just agreed for Mannone? 4) ‘Scouting Cesar at the confeds’ ?