Lewandowski? | transfer window opening soon, how hard has Ivan worked?

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Internet be working my friends, but what does it matter? There’s very little going in. Higauin’s 6 year old sister is keeping tight lipped about her older brothers next move. There was a story in The Times yesterday about Perez of Madrid using the Argentine as a make weight for Bale. For me, that doesn’t really work… being a make weight only works if the make weight wants to go to the said club… sadly, Spurs aren’t a big club, nor do they boast a top 4 trophy.

… as much as we hate Top 4 mediocrity, it sure as hell beats SpursDay night football with the riff raff of Europe.

Nik B is off to Frankfirt to resurrect his career. As much as he’s derided by many for being an arrogant dreamer… at least he cared about playing for Arsenal. I know last season he was really hacked off that he was pretty much the second best striker at Arsenal and he was shipped out. It all went down the pan for him when he threw a hissy fit after being bombed out of the Carling Cup final squad. I think he’s very capable. He’s skilled on the ball for a big man and he possesses all the physical assets needed to conquer the game as a plan B striker. Give me a player who complains about not getting game time over Denilson or JD all day long…

Andrey also left for Zenit. A player who gets it in the neck for laziness… yet he was the only player to turn up to every training session last season. Under used… which in part was down to him… but I still find it staggering Arsene would persist with Song and Denilson despite being flawed as players but had no time for Andrey.

There’s an odd piece on the The Sports Direct news channel about Arsenal moving for Lewandowski. We all know his main preference is Bayern this summer and he’s been told he can’t go there. I’m not sure Arsenal would cut it. The whole story appears to be made up. Brands moving into the news space isn’t my cup of tea. I’m guessing they have a news site to support their search results for retail… and I’m also guessing Mike Ashley isn’t overly fussed about stories that reflect badly on the reputation of his shop… so keep an eye out for anything that looks dodgy from there… they’re in it for money, not love.

It’s not long until the transfer window opens… then we’ll find out how busy Ivan and co have been.

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  1. Keyser

    I wonder if at some point we’ll have a David Attenboroughesque documentary on the lifecycles within a footballing blog, during mating season, could we call this mating season ?

    “The grimly labelled doomer vociferously ferrets around clawing and scratching as he panics and frets looking for a mate, his little sodden testicles full of his seed.”

  2. andy1886

    Keyser, the 8-2 happened because we failed to strengthen a pretty average team in the 2 months available prior to the game. Look at the squad for that match:

    13 Szczesny
    06 Koscielny
    20 Djourou Booked
    25 Jenkinson Dismissed after an earlier booking
    30 Traore
    07 Rosicky
    14 Walcott (Lansbury – 83′ )
    16 Ramsey
    23 Arshavin Booked
    39 Coquelin (Oxlade-Chamberlain – 62′ )
    10 Van Persie (Chamakh – 83′ )
    21 Fabianski
    49 Miquel
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    46 Lansbury
    53 Ozyakup
    29 Chamakh
    54 Sunu

    That is a pretty terrible team by any standard but for Arsenal that was a disgrace. Remember that players like Ramsey and Walcott were younger and less effective than they are now.

    Are we in a similar position? No, they starting XI is stronger but failing to strengthen further would be a repeat of the mistake we made back then proving that AW has learnt nothing. Let’s hope that is rectified by the time pre-season starts.

  3. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – really not worth debating with you tbh.

    The past 8 years clearly passed you by…. Coz it’s all different now, right? Coz Wenger’s a new man, right?

  4. nepGunner


    If you don’t know, don’t try to get involved unnecessarily.

    And yes, we’re still in the same condition. We still finished 4th if you forgot.

  5. Dan


    That summer time was spent unrealistically and trying miserably to keep Cesc and Na$ri. It wasnt good management and we got everything we deserved. Going in to that match you felt the worst was coming but never imagined the humiliation of conceding 8. Taking Coquolin off was suicide.

    Lessons were learnt from that. That was us rock bottom.

  6. Keyser

    Get involved ? mate it’s a public blog.

    “And yes, we’re still in the same condition. We still finished 4th if you forgot.”

    Are we ?

  7. salparadisenyc

    Its toxic on here.

    Nobody knows whats happening, radio silence everywhere.
    Le Grove is a shadow of itself with nothing to report. Even Marca has zero on Higuain except same story thats been on repeat for past two weeks. Updated with minimal detail and conjecture.

    We’ve never rid ourselves of so much dross, most signs are positive. Who have we missed out on that was targeted?

  8. andy1886

    Dan, you’re right there.

    Poor management by all concerned, blinkered and short sighted. On the plus side I can’t see us spending as much effort trying to keep Gervinho this summer to the exclusion of the real business of the day.

  9. goonerjay

    OTT – Still pushing that same tired logic I see? despite the fact that this summer looks far different to the 8 just gone… you just keep beating that drum that nothings changed and insulting anyone that dares to be remotely positive about the summer AHEAD.
    Just a quick question – if by the end of the summer, we still have all of our 1st team players from last season, as well as a couple of 20m+ players and some other quality squad additions, will you be man enough to apologise to the likes of Dan for being so fucking insulting when you were wrong? No… thought not.

    Thing is mate… you keep jumping down peoples throats who make any assumption as to how this summer could play out by keep forcing your OPINION on everyone else as if fact… it’s not fact Theo, it’s your opinion, it’s boring, doesn’t add to debate and you keep repeating yourself.
    I hate what the club has done the past 8 years, I spent most of the season calling for Wengers head and refused to go to another home game after the embarrassing display against Schalke… but even I can see that things are moving in a different direction this summer, there are rumours floating around about Arsenal that give cause for excitement for the first time in fuck knows how long and we’ve all got to put up with your depressing shit… give it up or go support another fucking team mate, clearly Arsenal isn’t for you.

  10. S Asoa

    I suppose that most people writing in the Grove are adults. Moot question is whether they are mature as well. For 8 years Wonkie and his den mates have been selling high hopes beyond the realm of possible and every year the outcome was that Arsenal started as a progressively inferior team . So it is painfull to see so many articles in realms of delusion and some AKB excrements as well.
    So grow up and wish Wenger OUT for a fresh beginning and dignity

  11. zeus

    Just look at Real Madrid showing off their new signing Isco, “The poor man’s Goetze” according to a mug author from goal.com some months ago.

  12. goonerjay

    Salparadisenyc – we haven’t missed out on anybody mate… every player we are being linked with is still available. Not sure if the suicidal bunch on here are kids or just lack intelligence. I think we would all prefer Arsenal to make signings early but fuck me, the overreaction from some of these clowns is ridiculous.

    Oh no… we haven’t signed anyone by June 28th… only 2 months of the transfer window to go… that’s it Arsenal are all cunts, we aint gonna sign anybody but a Mongolian rat hunter and will drift into mid table obscurity next season.

    Fucking pathetic

  13. Keyser

    “That is a pretty terrible team by any standard but for Arsenal that was a disgrace.”

    Stop with this disgrace stuff, we had injuries, suspensions, young players, and having lost two of our best players we didn’t bother with damage limitation and still tried to get something out of the game.

    We sell no-one this year we’ll be in a better position.

    I can understand 8 years of frustration somehow building up, it doesn’t mean people aren’t talking absolute bollocks now, Higuain if we sign him will be our most expensive signing ever, people are not only sure this will happen,but also don’t think it’s happening quick enough for us to sign Rooney and Fellaini.

    fucking hell wake up people.

  14. Stan Donkey

    a little bit less suicidal on twitter…
    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 21 Jun
    Right. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    I asked if Higuain is done as reported by Sky.
    I was told. “It’s close”. “Rooney next”.


  15. Keyser

    nepGunner – Why are you being rude ? It was a fair question and you didn’t bother answering it properly.

  16. Dan


    Dont need massives changes just a shift in certain things…smash our tranfer record investing in established stars and paying them the going rate would be a start…which looks to be happening.

    Who and when is the question.

    I do think there is a clearer strategy this year. Deadwood out sharpish, supposed big deals on the horizon for proven quality, open to offers for fringe/underperforming players. Makes a change instead of hanging on to them til contracts end with blind loyalty regardless of ability.


    Again. What’s your fucking point?

  17. azed

    JW team is rubbish because he put swcheni(sp) who according to you had a poor season. Well in your team, Cesc had a poor season so also did De Rossi.

    PS: Any team that doesn’t have Iniesta is rubbish.

  18. Kiyoshi Ito

    Oh Geez,still debating the transfers in,are we..?

    Playing fantasy football…??!!


    Hey,given it’s Friday 28th June 2013& we are still debating the Higuain Deal..

    Next week,next week,next week,I tell you..
    I said next week..zzzzzzz

    Well, how about F**k Alligator Gazidas,F**k Silent Stan & F**k Mr Wenger & Mr Chips,who rode in, on a cheap wild horse from Mongolia,with the plastic sheriffs badge…

    Ooohhhh Mr Chips,you octogenarian f**ker,who’s riding who??!!

    & let’s get some DAFT PUNK IN..

    Awesome Album…I recommend it peeps..

    It’s a life changer& cheap..Awesome..

    Good stress reliever for you sad MF’s out there..& you know who you are…

    Ahemmm…NM& Heil Keyser!!

    Get some funk into your lives…!!

  19. salparadisenyc

    “we aint gonna sign anybody but a Mongolian rat hunter and will drift into mid table obscurity next season.”


    Exactly we’ve missed nobody.
    Would I of loved Isco
    We were never in for him and never would of gotten him unless we doubled up with Cazorla when Malaga were truly wounded. If it wasn’t Madrid it was City with Pellegrini this summer.

    I said yesterday that Higuain feels a lot like Mata at this point, its does but the fact is he’s not gone anywhere else.
    Juventas out.
    Either were using him as backup if a Rooney bid fails or perhaps a Lewandowski bid.
    Seems like a risky strategy but how much better is this than talking about Olivier fucking Giroud and how he cannot be RVP’s replacement. Christ there HAS too be a replacement!!

  20. Dan

    People that speak rationally with a dose of reality and perspective really is something to behold, The more the merrier. Knee jerk reactions to non existent news or unsubstantiated rumours really doesnt make sense

  21. Kiyoshi Ito

    Can’t believe MF’s spend all day,all night trying to 2nd guess Mr Wenger…

    Or trying to influence his mindset..

    Absolute madness!!


  22. vicky


    Stop with this disgrace stuff, we had injuries, suspensions, young players, and having lost two of our best players we didn’t bother with damage limitation and still tried to get something out of the game.


    The question is why did Wenger not bring reinforcements much before the match against United . Surely Wenger did not expect to win against the best team in the league with that bunch or did he ?? If I remember correctly the match was on 28 august. And If not for that disgraceful loss,we would not make the signings that we made on the last day. Thanks Man U for that.

  23. mystic

    goonerjay June 28, 2013 14:36:01
    ‘……still pushing that same tired logic I see? despite the fact that this summer looks far different to the 8 just gone…’
    At the moment it doesn’t look any different – what makes you say that it is? Because we have been told there is money available? That mantra has been repeated every summer, lets hope:
    a) It is true & Wenger spends
    b) Arsenal get rid of all the dross – if need be taking a one off hit to do so.

    To those who bemoan the fact that the transfer window isn’t even open yet, why is it that Real have announced the signing of Isco, yet Arsenal appear to still be floundering over the purchase of Higuain? (is he holding out for a proper deal – if so then nothing has changed this summer).

  24. Kiyoshi Ito


    Step outside of your 19th Century Time Machine..

    This is 2013…!!

    Get on the motherboard…!!

  25. nuudles

    azed, my point was it looks as if he selected teams based past seasons form. De Rossi has looked quite good in the Confed Cup. By whose account did Cesc have a poor season? Cesc had 11 goals and 11 assists in 30 starts + 2 on-subs in La Liga, hardly poor. People also seem to think that he doesnt start many games. 30 La Liga starts and 6 CL starts seem to argue with that (that only 1 less than Iniesta at 24 LaLiga & 9 CL and 3 less than Xavi at 24 La Liga and 11 CL, hardly as if he is not getting a look in).

    Also I did list Iniesta as one of my subs, I would swap him for Bale if I wanted a slightly less direct approach, but if Bale can keep up the form he enjoyed of late you would be mad not to pick him.

  26. Keyser

    Vicky – Shit happens, how the hell do you question everything ? 8 years of frsutration is justified, picking out speciic shite is bollocks.

    We lost 6-1 against United forgotten which season exactly think it was 99′, a few years later we didn’t lose away for two consecutive years.

  27. Keyser

    “Kiyoshi arrives with a bang……..as always !!!”

    I’d be careful, it’s usually the sound of his head hitting your door, before he rings your bell.

  28. mystic

    Keyser June 28, 2013 15:13:20
    ‘We lost 6-1 against United forgotten which season exactly think it was 99′, a few years later we didn’t lose away for two consecutive years.’
    Do you not think having to go back to 1999 is a tad too far to try and prove a point?

  29. vicky


    Of course,shit happens.

    I pointed out because you were trying to put a positive spin on it…….we fought,did not give up and all that.

    No worries.

  30. nepGunner


    You will only know it on the last day of the coming season. By when you’ll again debate the transfer window doesn’t start until July 1st and this year it will different again.

  31. andy1886

    Sorry Keyser, it’s called planning, we didn’t do it well enough. Considering the supposed quality of those concerned with that failing it was a disgrace. In any other business if you paid top dollar for the best employees you expect, if not demand, results. AW and IG didn’t justify their salaries that summer and the resulting performance on August 28th in many other forms of business would’ve been justifcation for at least one sacking if not two. Unless your business aims are money in the bank regardless of results.

  32. nepGunner


    Rude? Are you trying to crack a joke?

    I don’t know why you are trying to make it sound that complex. Just check our league positions for that season and this – if you find any different, do let me know.

  33. Keyser

    mystic – No, it’s the last big loss away to United.

    Vicky – Positive spin ? No mate, I remember talking to a United supporting mate before the game, I knew if we lost it’d be big, because we rarely just give in, we got annihalted, other times we’ll come back, that year we lost 8-2, we lost at Blackburn 4-3, won 5-3 at Chelsea, and came back from 2 goals down to win 5-2 against Tottenham. In the end we finished 3rd.

  34. Dan


    Do one you fucking boron.

    You’ll look like the cunt when we do sign the players we need….inside that summer transfer window that officially opens on July 1st.

  35. Keyser

    dialsquare – I remember the Henry goal, was thinking we could still win, 99′, early 2000 maybe I haven’t checked, I think it was that season because I knew I’d get the biscuit taken once I went back to school.

  36. Samir masri

    Huguain will most definitely sign for Napoli. I can’t imagine him being here next season. And we haven’t made a formal bid for him? He ain’t coming here.

  37. Keyser

    nepGunner – Complex, mate in the year we lost 8-2 to United we actually improved a place in the league and finished 3rd. How are you going to make sense of that then ?

    andy1886 – Planning ? Is that really how it works ? One transfer window, one 8-2 loss ? We’ve spent 125 years as a football club, in the last 6 we’ve moved stadium after almost a century at the old one, yeah it’s disappointing we didn’t get players, but not everything works out how you want it to.

    This year we buy Higahween, He’ll be the most expensive signing in our history, and people have not just decided that’s a done deal, but are dreaming of Rooney and Fellaini aswell, now considering the last 8 years, hell the last 20, no make that 125, how realistic do you think it’ll be that that happens ?!

  38. goonerjay

    Mystic – we’ve released 18 players and this afternoon has come to light that Djourou, Mannone, Gerv and Bendtner will all be leaving this summer. So you think we’re going to offload 22 players and not bring anyone in? For the last couple of silly seasons we’ve had to contend with losing our best players every year too… that’s not happening this year. Also just look at the calibre of player we’re being linked with this year… Higuain looks a dead cert, Fellaini rumours are pretty strong and coming from some fairly reliable people, including EFC ITK’s and apparently Arsenal have held the 3rd and final round of discussions with Shreks reps this afternoon.
    I can understand you guys wanting to keep expectations low so you don’t end up disappointed, but don’t be ignorant. or if you are, keep your ignorance to yourself… cos guys like OTT constantly babbling on about how we’re not going to sign anybody as if fact when it’s clearly not just depresses the rest of us.

  39. Dan Ahern

    At this point I’m basically praying Zidane likes Benzema so much he convinces Ancelotti to just dump Higuain already.

  40. nepGunner


    Be prepared do do two! And I’ll give you until the Jan ’14 transfer window.

    I pity your upbringing for leaving you with only the swearing and cursing. Wish you peace.

  41. andy1886

    Keyser, anyone could see that we failed badly that window – I think you’ll find that IG admitted as much later. Not everything works out, true, but isn’t it funny how after two months of doing nothing we managed mass signings in the three days following? Bad luck is one thing, bad judgement is something else entirely. As for the 125 years etc that had nothing to do with it.

  42. nepGunner


    Oh blimey, you caught me there mate! We finished third then and we improved on it last season by winning the 4th place trophy. Now that’s real progress. I’m so relieved. Why should we worry, we’ll improve it next year by running away with the 5th place trophy.

  43. Dan Ahern

    Sal — Hahah. ZZ is still class in his charity games. I could see him putting in a solid 10 minutes every match!

  44. mystic

    The point of those 22 players is that:
    a) Some were at the club and in the squad by hardly ever played, so replacements aren’t likely to be a must in Wenger’s eyes;
    b) Some were on loan, so replacements aren’t likely to be a must in Wenger’s eyes;
    c) Many were youth players and therefore all it probably means is youth out / youth in.

    For Arsenal to progress we need genuine quality, with some of the existing players bulking up the squad,

  45. Keyser

    andy1886 – It’s one window, do you not see the point, we spent 7 years getting Fabregas to that point, and people genuinely thought we were going to find a direct replacement ? The mass signings ? I think it’s sad, and kind of validates my point, we made hasty signings that might have kept us in the top 4 but will likely never be enough for us to win titles.

    Seriously look at Higaurwean, he scored 16 goals in 28 appearances last year, yet people are using some vague conversion ratio to justify him becoming our most expensive signing ever. That’s the position we’re in.

  46. Dan Ahern

    I know we were never in for him, but I’m still sore about Isco. AW, he would be an instant starter! He played with Santi already! He’s would’ve been immense! Dammit!

  47. Dan

    FYI I was brought up as a feral child cared for by wolves on a staple diet of glue. As hard as it is for you to understand your arguments are poor and with no substance. Waffle waffle waffle waffle.

    Peace and love

    But you’re still dick

  48. Oh Theo Theo!

    goonerjay – don’t really have time for your frothing.

    I hope I am wrong. Really do. Really, really do.

    I hope that the penny has finally dropped with Wenger & co. Really do.

    It’s just the last 8 years have been, frankly, embarrassing the way we’ve done our transfer business and embarrassing that our record signing is £15m in this day and age.

    I so want to be wrong. But there is an expression that always comes to mind “Those that ignore history are bound to repeat it…”

    So, I don’t think it’s “dooming”, or “depressing” to ignore the witless, mindless puppy like enthusiasm that you AKBs have every fucking year.

    Last year we were moments from signing Hazzard, Goetze and other “big names” and we didn’t. We got Giroud, Cazorla and Podolski – good but no replacement for RvP.

    So, if it’s alright with you, appointed controller of what I can fucking do and say – I will remain sceptical until this bunch of idiots in charge of the club prove me wrong with 4 strong players we need to compete.

    OK with you fuckstick?

  49. nepGunner


    Your arguments are so much enlightening on the other hand that you’ll be a sought after research subject of delusion and denial – thanks mostly to the glue and partly to the wolves.

  50. Marko

    Benat’s a Bilbao boy so he was always going there. I must confess I hate everytime someone else buys a player someone has to say we could of got him. It’ll happen with Belhanda you’ll see

  51. Dan


    Delusion and denial of what exactly?

    You’re very good throwing words around but there’s nothing behind them. You dont even make sense. Maybe you should try glue or something a bit stronger…you’d probably make more sense.

  52. nepGunner


    Make sense of what? That Wenger can buy 5 players even when the window is about to shut if we get spanked 8-2 by those mugs! Let’s hope we get spanked 10-0 this year so he buys 10 players on deadline day? No mate, can’t make out anything out of that episode besides “mismanagement” and “salvation”.

    If you’re hinting that even after we got thrashed so bad we still managed 3rd, so its ok, sorry we’re never gonna agree. I mean how come its OK to be thrashed 8-2 at this level? If Wenger & Ivan had any shame, they wud have resigned unconditionally.

    On the other hand, If Wenger could sign 5 players on the deadline, what was he doing waiting until so late? Had we initiated the same process earlier, I bet we would have got better players than Park and Santos.

  53. Marko

    Apparently the Schalke president or whatever has said he wouldn’t stand in Draxler’s way if a big club made an offer for him. Now there’s how you forget about Isco you sign Draxler. He’s an outstanding prospect a super player

  54. nepGunner


    I’m so proud of you. You managed one comment without swearing…Awww my lil Danny has grown so much in a matter of few comments. Told you, we are here to help you. But you’ve got learn the basics first before tackling more complex issues.

    First up – we can sign players if we want to right now. We don’t hv to wait for july 1st to pop up.

    Denial & Delusion are a tad complex for your brain’s current capability.

  55. Keyser

    nepGunner – Make sense of whatever you’ve been going on about, the 8-2 was soo bad that people should’ve resigned unconditionally, yet we actually improved a place on the year before.

    Why did the 8-2 happen ? Because we sold 2 of our best players, we had suspensions and injuries, and rather than go through damage limitation we actually tried to get something out of the game.

    How is that similar to this year ? We don’t look like selling anyone, we’ve already bedded in 3-4 new players, and we should add to the squad.

  56. Dan

    No one is saying you cant sign players now you fucking idiot. The point is the player is not officially registered with his new club until the 1st July ie THE TRANSFER WINDOW OPENING. Where have you been all day? You not seen the posts?!
    More than likely licking windows. Clueless keyboard fan

  57. Dan


    No one is saying you cant sign players now you fucking idiot. The point is the player is not officially registered with his new club until the 1st July ie THE TRANSFER WINDOW OPENING. Where have you been all day? You not seen the posts?!
    More than likely licking windows. Clueless keyboard fan

  58. Marko

    Draxler who plays in a different position to Wilshere and Ramsey would kill them. Also when people say we won’t sign certain players cause it’ll kill other players it’s stupid. If that’s the case we’d never sign anyone. With Gervinho possibly going someone will come in who plays on the left. Draxler plays there

  59. Keyser

    Toli83 – We need an athlete for midfield, then another creative ball player, that’s about it, the rest still leaves us unbalanced, Arteta was the weakpoint, if he had the energy of Coquelin and the pace, maybe a bit more agression he’d be a decent player for us.

    That’s by far our weakest point. We add Higuain, we still neglect that, we were either rampant last year where e’d score 3-4 goals in quick succession, we we edged out tecthy 1 goal affairs by remaining disciplined in defence.

  60. Dan Ahern

    Marko — Sorry, just my opinions. I think you’ll find I’m not in the camp that complains every time a player signs with another team though.

  61. TOLI83


    Agreed, although and out and out goal scorer is needed.

    Fellaini isn’t going to run around charging people down, someone like Capoue would do and would make a bigger difference for example.

  62. nepGunner


    “yet we actually improved a place on the year before.” Really?

    And after two years of relatively “stable” period at the club after that great 3rd place achievement, we do one better by finishing 4th. Oh wait, you’ve got an excuse for that too…

  63. ughelligooner

    Come to think of it no deals has been annouced by arsenal as done, even from the clubs we but these players from; sonogo, dan crowley, and the 2 or 3 youths we bought.. This look fishy. Any ideas why? Somebody should please their sources or those ITK on twitter why they have not been announced either by us or their clubs. Or is that difficult

  64. Pedro

    Guys, i come in here everyday and it the same people sniping and bitching.

    Stop behaving like girls or I’ll start banning people. It’s so boring to read…

  65. Keyser

    nepGunner – An excuse for what ? We didn’t lose 8-2 we sold Song and Van Persie who’d just scored 37 goals in that season, bought Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud and finished 4th despite getting 3 more points and having a goal difference that was +10 better.

    So if we sell no-one and add to this team we shouldn’t really have such a poor start again.

    Though in fairness I’d still have the team from a couple of years ago, better continuity and probably a high threshold for potential.

  66. Keyser

    Toli83 – I think if we sort out the midfield we’ll have finally have the balance from a couple of years ago, a solid midfield and Wilshere/ Cazorla/ Rosicky don’t have to work soo hard tracking back, likewise Podolski/Theo can get forward to support Giroud a lot more.

    Then you can think of other things, like Mertesackers lack of pace, or an out and out goalscorer, not sure we really need that if we get a versatile all rounder who can score, then he should be able to feed Podolski and Theo in anyway.

  67. KJafc

    Goonerjay 14:36
    What a fine impassioned speech mate and I concur 100%.

    However, as I have said on many occasions, not everyone on here is what they claim to be.

  68. KJafc

    Higuain is the goalscorer we need and he will prove an outstanding signing.

    Fellaini appears close to Arteta and there are various rumours around, however the media cannot be trusted. Deals are kept confidential, you can’t to let your rivals know of your intent or what you are offering.

    We do not do deals via the media and never have. So called wage offers and transfer fees are wild speculation unless you are stupid enough to believe the media get invited to the negotiations! The media are the biggest liars on the planet.

    We need to sit tight and wait for the announcements. From 1st July things will start changing. I expect to see Higuain and Sanogo announced, plus hopefully Fellaini and keeper. That will do nicely. With only the deadwood leaving, we will have a much improved team and finally strength in depth.

  69. Rohan

    Strange these El Sharaawy rumours. It’s popped up every now and then over the past couple years. Arsene must see something in him.

    Absolutely shocking hair though.

  70. nepGunner

    @Bad Danny

    Now now Dannyboy, u were doing so well just one post ago. If u misbehave, Papa has no choice but to punish you using the tried and tested
    spanking method.

    So what’s your issue anyway? I was saying the same thing all day long. What does it matter when we register the player? We can still buy / sign them players ONLY pending the formal registration like so many other clubs are doing it right now left right and center – like signing and announcing the deals they have completed and leaving it to experts like you to go to the PL office from jul 1st until Aug 31st to oversee the vital process of those contracts being signed to simply formalize a deal done months ago. Who cares?

    What’s the big fuss about being so adamant to prolong the closure of a signing which is required anyway, will have to happen anyway and can be funded easily with current transfer budget? Must be some out of the world strategy!

  71. dialsquare

    If Wenger is such a Master Coach why can’t he find suitors for his rejects and why are they rejects in the first place. Wenger is a pale imitation of a pale imitation.

  72. nepGunner


    “We didn’t lose 8-2” Phew! What an achievement! On the other hand, had we been spanked 8-2, Wenger wud have bought two more players than the 3 you mention and we wud have finished 3rd – an improvement on the previous season, right?

  73. Keyser

    nepGunner – Woah now we’re getting somewhere.

    So we sell no-one this year, and hopefully add to the team, we should kick on a bit ?

  74. GUNNER786

    The fraudsters at Arsenal Banking Corporation are signing no-one.

    I wish Spurs had qualified for the Champions League instead of Arsenal Banking Corporation.

    I’m done with them.

    Higuain?..Rooney ?..are being linked to waste time.

  75. GUNNER786

    The fraudsters at Arsenal Banking Corporation are signing no-one.

    I wish Spurs haf qualified for the champions league instead of ABC.

    Higuain and Rooney are being linked to waste time.

  76. unhappy gunner

    Doesn’t matter if we buy ronaldo messi and cavani, wenger will put messi in goal with the other 2 as centre halves. Wenger is tactically inferior to even the worst manager in EPL. As for rooney, higuain etc why the fuck would they want to come and play for a man who’s ambition is 4th place? Name me any other so called ‘world class’ manager who would come out withva comment like that? Or a comment about pre planning his substitutions from the thursday?

  77. unhappy gunner

    @Gunner 786,
    Know how you feel mate. I’ve been saying same for last 5 years. Unfortunately our love affair with AFC is to strong and we will always have them in our hearts and wankerwenger and the board know this. We are fucked till wenger and the akb’s fuck off

  78. Toli83


    We have lacked that balance for a while. Song never really consistently done anything an Arteta is absolutely not that man for tht role.

    Money would be well spent on someone like De Rossi for example. A class act who sits deep and lets Pirlo play the beautiful game.

    In regards to Giroud I feel that he needs someone up top close to him. Talented player but we aren’t playing to his strengths where he is very much used a 4-4-2 played around him.

    I’d like to see someone of his level or better brought in and create competition for places. Higuain would be nice, Benteke would be good as well.

  79. sam

    I am not against higuain coming to our club, I just didn’t believe the story.
    If its true that madrid really want 22 millions please consider that deal dead.
    wenger wouldn’t pay that kind of money for just one player, especially one who’s not even first team starter

  80. Rohan

    Nothing would please more if Real Madrid use the Higuain money from us to buy Bale.
    El Confidencial seems like an odd name for a paper ha 🙂

  81. sam

    Spain reduced eligibility for south american to just 2 years.
    wellington silva already gave a clue on his twitter, galindo’s loan club in bolivia claimed he’s no longer there as his parent club called him for summer training.
    obviously these already applied for spanish passport, or they are applying

    is this good news?
    would wenger count them as new signings?

  82. WengerEagle

    ‘Speaking of which even van Pussy is 30 now’.

    Grow up for fuck sake. He left us only after questioning(and rightly so) the ambition of the board and the manager. He was 29 without a single BPL trophy and he didn’t want to retire a loser. So what.

    He realised Wenger and the moneyboys were only interested in turning a profit every year and the coveted Fouth place trophy. He was the only player in our ranks who had the balls to publicy call them out on their ineptitude in how to run a football club.

    Fact remains he left, won the BPL in his first year with the Mancs and was ultimately proved right in his decision. I don’t understand all the Van Persie hate on here as he only made a decision everyone on this website would have made at the age of 29 in what is a relatively short career, especially for strikers.

    I harbour no ill-will against Van Persie, only the board and Wenger for letting this car crash happen.
    Rant over

  83. unhappy gunner

    It is a stupid statement Goner Joe but its a form of therapy for me. I hate the fucked up egotistical, paranoid arrogant inferior cunt that is wenger and pray for the day the cheese eating surrender monkey is driven out of the emirates at the point of a bayonet. He is a fraud. As dial square said he is the ‘gus ceasar’ of managers.

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Lord above even southampton and Cardiff are more active than us,in the market.
    Wenger don’t have a transfer window he has a peep hole window.

  85. Marc

    To the guys who are slagging off the club, Wenger and pretty much anything else they can think of what would be an acceptable summer transfer window?

  86. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not one world class player at a team supposedly in the world top ten of clubs….

    Could not make it up could you….

  87. northern gooner

    One were we spend our millions on proven players instead of pissing it up the wall on shite or leaving it in the bank.
    Or even announcing we are knocking 30% off ticket prices so we can pay the rate for an average team.

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Northern your wrong….

    We are not average we are less than average with a championship squad

  89. Johnty79

    Don’t worry lads were really gonner sign great players soon…..not! U fools ave been conned again..

    Afc to sign no one of note why do you fool for it every year. Spurs getting paulinho…..this is the team that deserve our support…at least they try to improve andp don’t con their fans.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger has single handily dismantled our fine club. Below average players, above average wages to an over priced audenice. Bob voyage monsiur

  91. sam


    grovers have this fantasy that giroud and podolski will be benched next season for Higuain.

    I personaly doubt we are after any striker this summer.

  92. Kjafc

    Bloody hell there a some idiots on here today spewing their hatred.

    As for the statement that ‘higuan isn’t going to sign’, what kind of talk is that from an Arsenal fan. Some people here must live in a cave if they can’t see why this season is different to the last 8. Some of you guys don’t know what you are talking about, especially nepgunner. Mate, coming on here every day moaning and slagging off the club may make you feel good but it is pointless and a waste of oxygen.

    I bet spurs fans are more optimistic and happy then some of the fellow Gooners on here. Jesus, get over it and stop calling people who don’t agree with you AKB’s it is childish and not true.