Lewandowski? | transfer window opening soon, how hard has Ivan worked?

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Internet be working my friends, but what does it matter? There’s very little going in. Higauin’s 6 year old sister is keeping tight lipped about her older brothers next move. There was a story in The Times yesterday about Perez of Madrid using the Argentine as a make weight for Bale. For me, that doesn’t really work… being a make weight only works if the make weight wants to go to the said club… sadly, Spurs aren’t a big club, nor do they boast a top 4 trophy.

… as much as we hate Top 4 mediocrity, it sure as hell beats SpursDay night football with the riff raff of Europe.

Nik B is off to Frankfirt to resurrect his career. As much as he’s derided by many for being an arrogant dreamer… at least he cared about playing for Arsenal. I know last season he was really hacked off that he was pretty much the second best striker at Arsenal and he was shipped out. It all went down the pan for him when he threw a hissy fit after being bombed out of the Carling Cup final squad. I think he’s very capable. He’s skilled on the ball for a big man and he possesses all the physical assets needed to conquer the game as a plan B striker. Give me a player who complains about not getting game time over Denilson or JD all day long…

Andrey also left for Zenit. A player who gets it in the neck for laziness… yet he was the only player to turn up to every training session last season. Under used… which in part was down to him… but I still find it staggering Arsene would persist with Song and Denilson despite being flawed as players but had no time for Andrey.

There’s an odd piece on the The Sports Direct news channel about Arsenal moving for Lewandowski. We all know his main preference is Bayern this summer and he’s been told he can’t go there. I’m not sure Arsenal would cut it. The whole story appears to be made up. Brands moving into the news space isn’t my cup of tea. I’m guessing they have a news site to support their search results for retail… and I’m also guessing Mike Ashley isn’t overly fussed about stories that reflect badly on the reputation of his shop… so keep an eye out for anything that looks dodgy from there… they’re in it for money, not love.

It’s not long until the transfer window opens… then we’ll find out how busy Ivan and co have been.

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  1. TH

    Well Lewandowski is going to Bayern next summer. Has told much bigger clubs than us to not bother, really is the most pointless of speculation that one.

  2. official Buchorossi

    Am always patient. One thing am sure is that we would always sign players. From a better league or mediocre players? That one is left for wenger and co to answer. But am hoping for the best anyway. Gooners for life. Forever n always.

  3. Hitchy

    And the transfer drag continues….. not envious of you having to trawl around for something to write each day!

    Fingers crossed Ivan & co have been VERY busy, and we can have a transfer a day announced from the 1st of July.

    Starting with the Hig, and working backwards through the team, to a friday announcement of a new keeper. Well, a man can dream….

    Tour de France starts soon… guess that’ll have to keep me entertained for a month!

  4. Jimbo

    I’ve heard we’re buying Messi, bale, Ronaldo, Rooney, and Fellaini.

    Only joking, were buying someone from ligue 2

  5. Disco Stu

    With nothin to write about you should have a bash at spending Wenger’s reported £70m… A post about who you would buy with the funds available that would be likely to agree to the move. Everyone comes on hear to read your interesting and funny opinions on all things arsenal, no point in just being a news site especially if there isn’t any…

  6. TT

    very little news . Arsene is doing what he only knows that is looking in 3rd grade French league. No excuses this time please!!!!

  7. Matt

    Do we have a different transfer window to everyone else then? Why have other clubs signed players already?

  8. the mighty karim

    i read on kicknews that France Football reckons Higuain will sign by Monday but couldn’t check it on their website as my connection is a bit Croatian this morning.

    Can anyone go check ?

  9. gats

    Does nobody understand? FFS we ARE NOT SIGNING ANY ready made worldclass players. FFS how many times do I have to say this. THERE IS NO HIGUAIN, FELLANI, ROONEY coming in. We are getting sonogo bongo, and some more fucking koreans and thats about it.

  10. GoonerDave

    Difficult to comprehend for you I know, but no matter how many times you “say” anything, people are actually going to have their own opinions.
    Even more difficult to comprehend for you – typing in caps doesn’t make you right, despite what they taught you in troll college.

  11. TT

    for the first time in many years Arsenal fans are optimistic about some great signings but looks like Arsene has totally lost it and even if he wants to he can bring some french league2 teenagers

  12. Judith Le'Strange

    Looking at all the players we are being linked with and nothing actually going forward I don’t think Ivan has been terribly busy. I can see us losing all the players we have been linked with and ending up with nobody of note who could actually come in and change the team and the way they play, so I foresee another trophiless season ahead

  13. Dan

    Go fuck yourself gats. You’re boring.

    Higuain is in the bag. Others to follow…the window opens on Monday FFS…for TWO MONTHS!

  14. Bennydevito

    Troll college! Lol!

    I don’t understand why we are the only club that has to wait until July 1st to tie up transfers when others have already done so? And let’s not forget we announced Podolski before last season had finished so let’s cut out this “the transfer window hasn’t opened yet” bollocks…..

    Morning Grovers!

    Pedro, any updates on the proposed July LG piss up?? I need to book my public transport early from Bristol to get an affordable price….

  15. Stan Donkey

    When does the transfer window open and close?

    There are two transfer windows in each Barclays Premier League season.

    The first commences at midnight on the last day of the season and ends on 31 August if a working day – or, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.

    The second transfer window commences at midnight on the 31 December and ends on the 31 January if a working day, and again, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.


  16. carlos

    Your spot on gats. Wenger and ivan have mugged us off again. He knows that if he spends the money hes under pressure to deliver. We will win nothing again under this mob. Its the same story every year. Why dont you do one wenger and disappear off to psg. Please!!!!!

  17. Guns of the brixton

    Manchester news:
    ”man u striker wayne rooney is still poised to leave the club despite peace talks, Arsenal are hes likely destination and are set to bid 1st for the striker”
    summarised article off the paper i read

  18. nepGunner

    For the umpteenth time, the transfer window commences on the last day of the season

    “There are two transfer windows in each Barclays Premier League season.

    The first commences at midnight on the last day of the season and ends on 31 August if a working day – or, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.

    The second transfer window commences at midnight on the 31 December and ends on the 31 January if a working day, and again, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.

    Temporary transfers can be made permanent outside of the transfer windows. For further information please see the rules in the Premier League Handbook.”


    Jesus Christ!!!

  19. Pascal Cygan

    Exactly. Transfer window is already open. If we have not done business, it’s because we are haggling for 1m here and there

  20. scott

    Djourou going on a season loan again. Why give him a huge pay rise and new contract then koan him out for 2 seasons. Wenger is a clown !

  21. Le groveler

    AW & IG have a different transfer window. For creative accounting purposes we (Arsenal) always try and bring in players after 1st July as outgoing players are often paid up to 30th June. So balances the books and also means you don’t pay a £150,00 a week new boy £600,000 for sunning himself in playgrounds of the rich and famous on his summer holidays.

    Mad as it seems signing four quality players a month after the window opens can save the club several millions which is quite sound business as long as you don’t loose out on a target in the month waiting for 1st July to come

  22. Le groveler

    AW & IG have a different transfer window. For creative accounting purposes we (Arsenal) always try and bring in players after 1st July as outgoing players are often paid up to 30th June. So balances the books and also means you don’t pay a £150,00 a week new boy £600,000 for sunning himself in playgrounds of the rich and famous on his summer holidays.

    Mad as it seems signing four quality players a month after the window opens can save the club several millions which is quite sound business as long as you don’t loose out on a target in the month waiting for 1st July to come

  23. DUIFG

    The only thing giving me confidence that things will kick off in July is that last yr was a turning point at the emirates. For the first time in 8 yrs you could feel that the acceptance of mediocrity from the crowd had passed. If Ivan and co turn up empty handed come 31 Aug there really should be hell to pay, full scale organised operation from the fans in the ground to remove the whole top tier at the club.
    Attitudes have shiftd to the point this is now a realistic possibility, wenger might be arrogant enough to think he can weather it, ivan im not so sure, think if weng does not pull the trigger on spending Ivan will step in 11th hour to make sure we are not put into that position as fans.

  24. nepGunner

    @Stan Donkey

    But which one would you consider / believe in?

    The official PL site or the click hungry media mongrels?

    To make it easy, do you recall when did we sign Poldi last year?

    Good research BTW.

  25. Gregg

    Registration is from July 1st, actual purchases can be done at anytime, regardless of windows, as demonstrated by Munich announcing Goetze deal way before the end of May. Jan 1st – 31st and 1stJuly – 31st August are purely for registration and when contractual ownerships kick in.

  26. Wilko

    Just to inform, the transfer window does officially open on the 1st. Clubs can (and have) announce signings if they want to before that, but it is not official in the eyes of any governing bodies.
    I know Podolski was ‘done’ and announced early but we have a habit of doing most things by the book.

    Would be alarmed if nothing happens next week regarding the Higgy

  27. Dan


    You’re very wrong there my friend. Officially the summer transfer window opens on July 1st. Fact.

    You can conduct business, arrange and announce transfers at any point in the year but the new signing can’t officially join up or play for his new team until the window is open again.

    Higuain could of been announced last week, today, tomorrow but obviously something is not agreed or we are waiting to announce on a certain day for whatever reason.

  28. Stan Donkey

    The transfer window is the period during the year in which a football club can transfer players from other countries into their playing staff. Such a transfer is completed by registering the player into the new club through FIFA. “Transfer window” is the unofficial term commonly used by the media for the concept of “registration period” as described in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Player.[1] According to the rules, each national football association decides on the time (such as the dates) of the ‘window’ but it may not exceed 12 weeks. The second registration period occurs during the season and may not exceed four weeks.

    Although, in England, the transfer window formally opens on 1 July, transfers between clubs in the same association can take place as soon as the last competitive fixtures for the season have been played. However, many transfers will not be completed until 1 July because many players’ contracts expire on 30 June. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_window)



    The summer transfer window is open for business on 11 June for Barclays Premier League clubs, and you can keep up to date with all the latest activity with our transfer page ahead of the 2013/14 season.

  29. Radio Raheem

    You can conduct business, arrange and announce transfers at any point in the year but the new signing can’t officially join up or play for his new team until the window is open again.

    Has Neymar officially joined barca? Or were those ‘official’ pics and all the ceremonial kick-ups a rehearsal for the main thing on the 1st of July?

    Fernandinho not officially signed to City? Navas?

    I take it Mignolet is still a Sunderland player.

    I think these players are owned by their new clubs but cannot partake in any official competitions until official registrations on the 1st of July.

  30. nepGunner

    So basically, for a simple joe like me:

    1. The PL put the rules wrongly in their official website!


    2. We can still conduct business whenever we can, pending official registration (from July 1st to Aug 31st). In other words, the window is OPEN for business as we speak and if we wish to, we can go ahead and buy players, like the OTHER clubs who have been announcing their deals for the last one and half months!

    And yet, the window only opens in July 1st!

    Who cares when we register them or unveil them amongst some media frenzy to give Ivan another go at the PR spin? The fact is, if we wanted (with the money we have) we could have easily sealed one of Hig or Fellaini deals by now. But we haven’t; the reasons for which can be discussed at length until the fat lady sings, pukes and lands flat on her belly succumbing to her own high pitched nonsense!

    Amazing insights you lot have in here ffs!

  31. Gregg

    If they were called registration windows rather than Transfer windows then it’s clearer for all to get it.

    Radio; The players you mention cannot represent their new club until the registration window kicks in on 1st July.

  32. Radio Raheem

    Basically, people should stop bringing up all this 1st of July thing. It’s a nonsense because it doesn’t prevent clubs OFFICIALLY signing players. In fact, it hasn’t stopped us in the past.

    Next topic?

  33. andy1886

    Yeah we can buy whoever we like but they cannot be registered to actually play until the official window opening date. So there is no problem with buying the Hig or Fellaini and calling them an Arsenal player, they just couldn’t actual take part in an official competition until they are registered. They can train, take part in marketing, whatever. So, as usual, we have been slackers. Or IG and AW like to play silly buggers and delay an announcement because it suits them and sod the fans.

  34. nuudles

    There is next to nothing goign on, so how rubbish is JW’s “dream team” selection?

    His European team:

    Varana just have done enough to be on the bench in mine, but Pique is a rubbish defender. What has Hazard done? I would pick Santi over Hazard hands down and Santi wont even get on my bench…

    Lahm and Neuer are decent picks, Schweinsteiger had a poor season by his standards and Jack probably only picked him because he plays for Bayern and they won the treble. His “rest of the world” picks also border on laughable as it has 7 Brazil players (before Confed they werent even in top 20 in the world…)

    ________Pirlo_De Rossi___________

    Bench: Casillas, Ramos, Cole, Iniesta, Yaya, Ribery & Balotelli

    As much as I hate Bale and despise the traitor they have to be in there. Cole might start ahead of Coentrao but I feel Coentrao is better going forward. Pirlo & De Rossi form a formidable deep lyin duo, if you need a combative box to box then Yaya might start ahead of Pirlo. Balotelli is a loose cannon but there are few European players as dangerous as him and actually not that many true world class strikers in Europe (most are south American).

  35. andy1886

    Of course Ivan has been busy.

    You can guarantee that 5 minutes after announcing the Hig (or similar) Ivan will present his top signing of the summer, Mr A Wenger on a new four year contract….

  36. RayGooner

    The best thing, so far, this transfer window, is that at least we’re getting rid of the dross…..

    Squillaci, Denìlson, Arshavin, Henderson, Eastmond, Meade, Watt, Ebecilio, Monteiro, Angha & Wynter are all gone!

    Bendtner, Santos, Chamakh & Mannone will also leave, i’m sure of it.

    Then we have Fabianski, who will also leave if we buy a Pepe Reina or a Júlio César, or someone like them.

    And then we have Djourou (who looks like he might only go out on loan), hopefully he’ll be sold….

    And finally we have the little Korean guy, Park, who if i remember correct, is due to go back to South Korea for his “military services”. He signed a 2½ year contract at the beggining of the 2011/2012 season, which leaves him with 6 months to go…(No other club will buy him for sure, but maybe he’ll be loaned out again for 6 months).

    I Actually think (except for Djourou & Park) that we actually will manage to get rid of all the dross this summer, and that’s a great step forward as i see it…

    It frees up huge wages and of course we don’t have to see these players in an Arsenal shirt ever again, so that’s good!

    Now it’s only the “small part” of getting in some top class players, and some good squad players and we’re there, where we want to be, fighting for some trophies again!

    I have a great feeling about this summer, i only hope Mr. Wenger & Mr. Gazidis does to….

    2 World Class players: Higuaín & Fellaini.
    2 good players with Premier League experience: Williams & Reina.
    2 young prospects: Sanogo & Kacaniklic.

    That should do it for me!

    And for those who doesn’t know who Kacaniklic is, he’s a left winger/attacker from Sweden (the new Freddie Ljungberg) who currently plays for Fulham. He is skillful with good pace, can go past players and has some very good crossings, he is a regular in the Swedish National Team and links up very good with Zlatan Ibrahimovic there. I honestly feel he is the new upcoming star of Swedish football, and better we snap him up now cause’ the price-tag will rise quickly….
    He’s also a very nice lad off the pitch!

  37. Radio Raheem


    From what I have seen in the Italia media I think some of that Italy squad would prefer to be on hols than kicking a ball in what is an elevated friendly tournament.

    However, there is a big rivalry between Italy and Spain, a growing one, that dwarfs any reticence the Azzuris might have felt before that match. It’s not surprising that that was their best performance in the competition.

  38. Zoran

    Top News in todays newspapers:
    RVP cheered on Tottenham.

    When will those newspapers bring some new stories: we all know that all the assholes are cheering on Tottenham.

  39. Dan

    Radio Raheem

    See @gregg 11.39 & 12.10


    A reason why the Hig hasnt been announced yet ever thought ALL the details of a multi million pound deal may not of been agreed. Arsenal will announce when it suits them not us. What difference does it make if its announced now or next week? As long as the signing is made.

  40. lamia

    It must be really difficult for Pedro having to produce a post with NOTHING happening. Perhaps he should miss a couple of days. We seem to be fixated with the protracted Higuain saga, ignoring the fact that we need major signings throughout the team if we can even begin to make a realistic title challenge.

    All this speculation about Lewandowski, Rooney, Fellaini, is complete rubbish and we know it. We were promised major signings but I can see another abysmal transfer window where we are left bemused and frustrated. For the deluded on here expecting major signings I will wait until the transfer window closes and I will take no pleasure in saying that “I told you so”.

  41. dialsquare

    I don’t care what players are linked, associated and signed by Arsenal they’re all toxic in my eyes because of Wenger. We could sign the Harlem Globetrotters of football and it still would be bittersweet. The man is a pest and hindrance, Wenger is the Gus Caesar of football Managers…

  42. Marko

    In a way you can negotiate with a club and player all year round it just won’t become official till jan 1st or July 1st which is officially when windows open. You can sign pre-contract and contract agreements but again it won’t come into effect till those date. Hence Isco signing for Madrid next week and whatnot. Neymar’s deal probably had a date on it

  43. Northern Gooner

    We have bid £30m for the next best player in the Ivory Coast Mayb Topfor on the recomendation of the best player in the Ivory Coast Gervininoooooo also lookin at hi cousin Notaf Ukin Chance !!

  44. wenker-wanger

    just heard wenger has done a deal (but wont confirm untill july 1st), for senegalise french-speaking ligue 1 tall midfielder wilson bolongo-mabougou. He’s 19, played for the national u-18 and u-21 teams. Hes described as the next patrick vieira, is 1.99m tall and wears an AKB t-shirt. Reports vary on the price which is around the 3million mark.
    Will this destroy abou diaby when he returns to match fitness?

  45. wenker-wanger

    “wenger is the gus caesar of football managers”…..funniest line ive read for years! …haha brilliant!….

  46. RayGooner

    The thing with “Quality signings” is that it’s not only that you get new great players, it’s also that the players you already have will play better as well….

    Looking at, for example, Sagna & Vermaelen, they played crappy for the most part of last season, but they didn’t seem to have that drive in them, maybe they were just seeing the reality of it all, that this team can’t win anything as it stands….
    If a couple of quality players were brought in i’m sure they would both be miles better than last season. They’re both still very good footballers!

  47. Marko

    Every time someone makes a comment about us signing a young unknown player of french or african descent with a funny name I laugh. No seriously EVERYTIME. Which is about a 100 times a day. Seriously some smart funny guys on here

  48. Zoran

    You are right: JW’s “dream team” selection is really rubbish.
    But yours is as well:
    any “dream team” selection is rubbish if it doesn’t include the world best Player.

  49. Marko

    Gotta sort out that comment going into moderation crap Pedro I just lost a comment with no dirty words just sarcasm in it. What I can’t be sarcastic now? Well that’s just great

  50. nuudles

    Zoran, they are just trying to generate clicks. RvP (as much as I despise the traitor) said that he supported Spuds in their game against City as they knew that if the Spuds win then ManU are basically guaranteed of the trophy. He even said he knew it is wrong to admit to supporting them for even one game as an ex-Arsenal player.

    Much-ado about nothing in my book. They are just posting misleading headlines to generate clicks…

  51. nuudles

    Zoran, and the worlds best player would be? Messi? He is not European… It was about selecting the best European team vs the best “Rest of world team”. Obviously if it was just about selecting the best 11 then Messi would walk (or is it tax dodge) his way in…

  52. nuudles

    goonerDNA, as CAM yes, Iniesta is quite brilliant but he is more of a winger (modern tiki-taka winger, not traditional direct pacey winger) who also drifts into the midfield than he is a chief creator of goals.

  53. mahessar

    Jack’s team is pretty shit isn’t it, here’s my take on the European team


    Lahm – Sergio Ramos – Chiellini – Alba

    Javi Martinez – Pirlo

    Ronaldo – Fabregas – Bale

    Van Persie

    Subs: Casillas, Ceontrao, Vidic, Ozil, Iniesta, Balotelli

  54. Oh Theo Theo!

    Mahessar – do you even watch football?

    Fabregas over Xavi or Iniesta? Errm – how, he can’t keep them out of the Barca team…

  55. nuudles

    Good one, not that different from mine.

    He also picked a “Rest of the world” XI, which consisted of 7 Brazilians and 2 Argentinians (he picked Mascherano as DM, Mascherano would probably not even feature in my “top 50 non European players” list…), but to be fair to him the pickings are fairly slim outside of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

  56. mahessar

    Theo Theo

    I have Pirlo in my team over Xavi but yes I’ve Fabregas over Iniesta in my team. He’s a lot more effective in CAM role than Iniesta and it’s not Cesc’s fault he can’t get into the Barcelona team, it’s Barca’s managements fault.

  57. dennisdamenace

    DanJune 28, 2013 11:12:21
    Go fuck yourself gats. You’re boring.

    Higuain is in the bag. Others to follow…the window opens on Monday FFS…for TWO MONTHS!


    Actually the window is already open, hence the purchases by the Chavs, Pool and Citeh. The only thing that can’t be done until July 1st is registering the player(s) with the FA.

  58. vicky

    Iniesta is the 2nd best player in the world behind Messi.

    So any European team which does not have Iniesta in it is a joke.

    Cesc was a great Arsenal player but how many non Arsenal fans would put Cesc in the world eleven ???

    He would not make in to any world 11…….not even the European 11.

    He is finding it hard to make it in to the Spanish eleven ffs.

  59. Oh Theo Theo!

    Mahessar – again, you clearly don’t watch or understand football.

    Cesc is not as good as Xavi or Iniesta – or they would play him.

    Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

  60. nuudles

    @Oh Theo Theo: They play in different positions, but the problem in Barca is Messi drops deep so him and Cesc would be occupying the same role for the majority of the match.

    Iniesta is probably a bit better in his position than Cesc is in his at the moment, but Iniesta is a tiki-taka winger, and I would set my team up to play a bit more like Bayern/Dortmund than like Barca, so I would then want fast & in your face wingers, hence Bale & CR get the nod in my team over Iniesta. Iniesta is way better than Bale at what he does, but it would not suit the way I would let my team play, hence Bale over Iniesta.

    I would basically set my team up around Cesc, look at his stats, he is an absolute assist monster, there is no player in the world I would rather have threading passes for CR, RvP & Bale than him.

  61. nepGunner


    “A reason why the Hig hasnt been announced yet ever thought ALL the details of a multi million pound deal may not of been agreed.”

    Does that even mean anything at all?

    “What difference does it make if its announced now or next week? As long as the signing is made.”

    Have you ever planned for anything in life? It DOES matter.

    1. Because the bold proclamations from the club CEO was this season its different, we have the money to buy who the manager wants. If all and sundry are linking us with the Hig and the deal is protracted for so long, what does this tells you? Use your imagination. Not the manager less club BS. If the player doesn’t want to come here, then have you heard of plan B?

    2. It tells us that this year we mean business and we are actually wheeling and dealing to improve the current team, which at least I think needs improvements to get us back to challenging for top honors (if you are happy with 4th place, no need to read further).

    3. The sooner we sign our transfer targets instead of protracting them (probably by haggling for pennies), the lesser chance of oil/gas/sand fueled clubs usurping us at the last minute by bidding £1 more than us.

    4. Signing players in time will give the new team ample time to gel during the pre-season (which is due in 2 or 3 weeks).

    5. And, did you forget what happened two season ago? The wholesale spree on the deadline day after the 8-2 humbling at Manure? I guess you were happy with that, weren’t you?

    But I guess, you are a genius with Nostradamus’ vision hence you are cool with it. Good for you.

  62. mahessar


    But they aren’t right? Cesc has been playing as false 9 and doing rather well, Spain won the Euro 2012 with him playing that role, testimoney to what Cesc can do when he’s on the pitch.

  63. mahessar

    The front 3 are supposed to be direct. Bale, Ronaldo and Van Persie would create chaos in the attacking 3rd for the opposition, trickery, pace and all 3 world class at burying chances.

  64. nuudles

    @ Oh Theo Theo: can you read? I am saying Iniesta is better in his position than Cesc is in his but for a direct approach I would choose Bale over Iniesta on the wing. Cesc is a much better CAM than Iniesta. Depending on the opposition I might pick Iniesta over Bale on the wing, but not likely if Bale keeps up his form of late.

  65. Dan


    See previous posts: the window is in fact still closed until monday.

    players can be signed but the player isnt official until the 1st July and should be called the registration window.

  66. sam

    Fuck fabregas,
    he couldn’t even make the spanish bench last night
    bring pirlo on a year contract to mentor wilshere , ramsey and co
    de rossi is too roman to leave rome, unless you want spend most of your time nursing his homesickness

  67. vicky

    There are a few players who are beyond the constraints of formation and style.

    Whether you play Bayern way,Barca way or Milan way


    4-4-2, 3-5-2,4-3-3, 4-6-0.

    Iniesta is one of those rare players.

  68. Ash79

    Right some more shite from a friend of a friend of works for one of those football player 3rd party management firms….Cr7 to united within a week and Rooney and nani to Monaco.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, just livening up gloomy Friday afternoon..

  69. Oh Theo Theo!

    Nuudles – listen to yourself?? Slowly. You’re. Not. Managing. Anything.

    Apart from dribbling down your front, clearly.

    This is your ill informed opinion is all.

    & Mahessar – did you watch the Euros?? Cesc was mostly a sub. Still is – all management prefer Xavi & Iniesta. But what do they know compared to you, right?

  70. Dan Ahern

    Bendtner… ugh.
    To be fair to him, it’s gotta be really hard for him to dissociate himself from his own perceptions and return to reality. His entire adult life he’s played for a Champions League side and a national team. Even this recent loan was to the champions of Italy. If that was your track record, would you think Eintracht Frankfurt was a club befitting of you?

  71. nuudles

    “Oh Theo Theo!June 28, 2013 13:10:11
    Mahessar – again, you clearly don’t watch or understand football.Cesc is not as good as Xavi or Iniesta – or they would play him.”

    La Liga Starts per season:
    Cesc 2012/13: 30
    Iniesta 2012/13: 24
    Cesc 2011/12: 23
    Iniesta 2011/12: 21

    Again: Iniesta is a fantastic player but Cesc is the better CAM.

  72. mahessar

    Djorou is having a medical today or tomorrow before his one year loan move to Hamburg according to Bild

    And Mannone looks to be off on a permanent move to Sunderland to replace Mignolet.

  73. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – Fuck off. If they wanted to sign somebody they could. Every other team has/is.

    Stop being pedantic in your attempt to slap the AKB paint over what is turning into a QUIET window.

    What is clearly happening is that we are in for these big players, but they are not buying what Wenger’s selling. He’s no longer the draw he once was, and neither are we.

    The choice is simple for players – go to Arse, compete for the 4th trophy every season.

    Go to Chavs, Mancs x2 and CHelski and compete for the title…

    Tough choice hey?

  74. nuudles

    @ Oh Theo Theo: do you need to break other people down to feel better about yourself?

    Why yes it is my opinion, have you read Le-grove’s motto? And the whole point was to say “who would YOU pick as YOUR European Dream Team?”

  75. peanuts&monkeys

    There are managers who make wrong choices or mistakes while buying players or selling players. And, then there are managers who do not buy at all. Wenger being of the second type, no amount of fans’ speculation make any sense. Its just wishful fantasy.

    If there is no ambition in the club, what can we do? For Arsenal fans like me, who have no connection with North London, or even England, falling for Arsenal now seems to be such an unfortunate incident. Especially, to suffer for 8 years of dismal mediocrity and lack of ambition, lack of challenge.

    Its so sad and unfortunate to be backing a club which do not care for fans’ sentiments.

  76. mahessar


    Quite agree with you, I hate how we haven’t brought in anyone yet but we really are getting rid of the dross, Gervinho, Santos and Bendtner next please.

  77. Dan


    Nice essay.

    But do us a favour and wind your neck in.

    The point being you dont know what is happening behind the scenes. You dont know what has to be agreed or if it is completed or not.

    What do you struggle to understand about that?

    The club has its own time scale but do you think we will be privvy to that? Highly doubtful.

    You’re 2nd and 3rd guessing things.

    Ideally the players we want would be in place by the time the 1st July comes but it doesnt always work like that if. Things aren’t as straightforward as you’d like to make out. As I said wait until the last week of the window then start crying about lack of players.

    What has the 8-2 deadline day got to do with anything? The circumstances of that summer were unprecedented and wont be happening again.

    Would signing Hig today or next friday matter in the grand schem of things? Would it bollocks.

    You sound a right cunt. We have 2 months before deadline so unless you’re ITK fuck off preaching to me.

  78. andy1886

    It’s kinda telling that despite all the players leaving we have generated more or less zero funds. Who signed all this dross I wonder?

    Still sell Gervinho (please) and we can still end the window at a profit.

    Whopee bloody do.

  79. Radio Raheem


    What I like about this Spain side is that they quietly ease in and ease out players without a fuss. A great player like Puyol seamlessly replaced by Ramos. Alba improves them at LB. Villa is the one they have struggled to replace.


    Get rid of those two and it’ll be an excellent clear out. I’m ok with Gervinho as a squad player.

  80. Dan

    Oh Theo

    When does using common sense and being realistic constitue being an AKB?

    In your pea brained deluded little world thats where.

    We’ll sign Hig but you’ll still whine. It wasnt done quick enough, he’s not expensive enough, we’re not paying him enough. Why havent we signed 34 players in 2 days? why wont arsenal buy every player we are ever linked with?


  81. andy1886

    Dan you are a right cock, no mistake.

    Last week of the window? What time do the newbies have to gel then? None whatsoever. We could be 12 points adrift by the end of September and end of another ‘challenge’. Yes it does matter you arse licking moron, Clearly Citeh, United and Chelski are being total dicks by spending so early. What a twat.

  82. vicky

    Dross who are still at the club :

    Manonne : Off to Sunderland it seems.

    Gervinho : Off to Merseille ??

    Djohorou : loaned again.

    Santos : no takers i guess.

    Park : only 6 months left in the contract………off in December.

    Bendtner : Hopefully he will leave in a week time.

    Chamakh : Bordeaux have been silent over his transfer.

  83. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dan – nope, but if we want to compete this year we need all the signings done in the next 2 weeks before the team heads out to asia for preseason tour.

    So, if we dick about and wait we won’t and then we’ll have a slow start to the season… and then chalk up 9th season without trophy.

    And don’t forget that signing Hig (if we get it done) gets us back to the start of season before last (i.e. where we had a good goal scorer in the team and before we sold him to Utd).

    So yes, if he’s the only signing I will bitch and I will whine – because we need Hig, Fellaini + Def + GK to think about competing next season.

    Everybody can see that. So you think we will sign the 4 players we need in the next two weeks??

  84. nuudles

    Oh Theo Theo, do you mean the Player Stats part? It shows Iniesta had a lowly 1 more start and scored some 7 goals less than Cesc. It also shows Cesc appearing in 2 more games than Iniesta in the two biggest competitions: CL & La Liga.

    The same wiki for 2012-13 shows Cesc started 2 more matches than Iniesta, this time appearing in 2 less CL but in 3 more La Liga matches.

    My whole point was that your statement of “Cesc is not as good as Xavi or Iniesta – or they would play him.” is flawed. And for the last time: I agree Iniesta is better in his position than Cesc is in his, but I was arguing as a CAM I would choose Cesc.

  85. nepGunner


    And you know all what’s happening behind the scene right? Why didn’t you tell me earlier that? Did you AKB sentiment got hurt? Poor chap, don’t feel down – uncle wenger will soon help your cause by signing Sonogo’s twin.

    That 8-2 humbling has nothing to do with the last minute spending spree? Do you even know why we got thrashed like that in the first place? There you go. If you know that, that deadline day spree will make much better sense, doesn’t it? Now, do we want to take that late to assess our squad’s strength again? Dan, the ans is NO.

    Get off your toys for a while and think abt this. If we take so long to complete one deal (and this is not the first time), then how long will it take to tie up the so many other loose ends of the current team?

    If you still didn’t get it, don’t worry. We are all here to help you.

  86. Dan


    What are you on about you dick?

    Can you read?

    Do you understand the context?

    Ideally business would be done early EVERY summer. This year hopefully th players will be in before we go to asia. Thats quite fucking obvious. I dont know the time frame the signings will be in place and you dont but it wont be the last week as in 2010.

    Make no mistake people, along with myself, will start getting very uncomfortable and angry and rightly so if we have no signings by the last week.

    My point is why get so fucking irate about signing noboby when its not even July yet. Do you really honesly think nothing is happening behind the scenes? Seriously?

    Have a word

  87. Dan

    Theo agreed they need to be in by time we go to asia.

    Do I think we’ll get 4 in by then? No.

    Do I think we’ll get Hig by then? Yes.

    Ideally get as many in before then as possible but i dont think it would be a major drama if newbies signed and joined up during or after the tour.

    And for the record I’ll bitch and whine if Hig is the only signing but confident he wont be