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Someone dared complain about the content on the site yesterday. After banning him, I gave this comment some consideration and accepted that I am merely reporting on zero news everyday. So today, I’ll run through how I’m spending the £100m we have to burn.

Asmir Begovic

Look Arsene, too much fannying around here. Cesar is too small and he’s poor at distribution. I’m going to go out and land the Stoke keeper. You should have snapped him up when he was at Pompey. He’s 26 years old, he’s learned his trade playing with brutalists who love a high ball into the box. Frame wise he’s perfect for the league and I can land him for £12m.

Fee: £12m
Wages: £60,000

Ashley Williams:

Ok, ok, I know you think he’s good enough at £8m, but not good enough at £10m. Well, I’ll take a punt here and make it happen. Why? Because giving Vermaelen a second chance because it’s the cheaper option is dim. You can’t keep an excaptain at the club (even though I think this situation is sad because I like him), it’s degrading and unfair. Let’s bring in Willams, he’s mature, a leader and an organiser. Also, he’s in his prime. We need 3 solid centre backs. He can be that third.

Fee: £10m
Wages: £60k


I’ve seen the pictures Arsene… yeah, I know Diaby is working hard on the gym, but this is getting too predictable. He can’t be your new signing 4 seasons running. No, I’ll get you someone who can really get our midfield ticking with power and a bit of nastiness. He’s 6ft massive, he’s been described by Fergie as a one man team and he’s everything your midfield has been screaming out for. Let’s get him in. He’s low risk because he’s Premiership experienced and he’ll have resale value.

Wages: £100k

Cesc Fabregas

Look Arsene, it’s your birthday soon and I know that no one sees you as more of a father figure than Cesc. I’ll hear no more. I’ve offered Barca the full £30m for him and his wages are easy to deal with. We’ll be landing the best youngish creative midfielder in the world if we pull this off. What with United missing out on Alcantara… we can’t afford to miss out on Cesc to them. How you make the midfield work is down to you… what I’m giving you here is options. World class options.

Fee: £30m
Wages: £100k


Final piece in the jigsaw is your man we’ve been chasing all summer. We’ll land him when his great uncle Barry gets back from holiday. We’ll have your fox in the box that can convert all the chances Cesc is going to lay on for him. How does that sound Arsene?

Fee: £22m
Wages: £130k

Total Fee: £98m
Total Wages: £450k

Wages recouped: £13.6m
Wages added: £23.6m
Net spend: £10m

How’s that looking then?

‘Oh it’s not as simple as that’

Why not? In my world it is. Also, none of the… ‘This isn’t Championship Manager’… it really does make you sound joyless and dull. Would you say that in the pub if a mate wanted to talk transfers? Like it or not, people love transfers. Part of the fun of summer is the back pages… looking for any tasty snippets. It’s part of football culture.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my new look side. I think moves like that would genuinely move us into the ‘Championship contenders’ area. We have the money. Do the club have the persuasion skills? Can they make a summer like the above happen? July 1st is nearly here… so we’ll find out. Something is brewing because of the deathly silence. Well, I hope it is… because if I find out Ivan and Dick Law are ripping it up in Magaluf before sorting out transfers, I’ll be furious.

Let me know how you’re spending the cash below… go on, don’t be afraid, you know it makes sense people.

Real stories…

Arsenal are seriously considering snapping up Cesar from QPR for £1.5m after the Confederations Cup. I’m not overly keen. Reports back from QPR fans haven’t been positive. All we can hope is that his form was poor because he was at a rubbish club. The Telegraph report we’re also looking at Begovic and Reina.

Andrey Arshavin has been moaning about his almost depressed state at Arsenal. Please… As sad as it is to be overlooked, there are bigger, more important things to worry about.

That’s me done, have a good one!

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  1. crusaderrabbit

    6th-is-a-new-trophy June 29, 2013 13:32:35

    I hate saying this as I come across as an ITK, but someone I know who works for the club. Not particularly high up and have got stuff wrong before, but when it comes to club politics they seem to have a good handle on it. Was also at a big Gooner wedding last weekend and three other people said the same thing (not that that makes it true).

    The impression I got was that it was not a case of someone trying to manipulate the fans but instead of trying to force Wenger to buy these kind of players instead of the usual bargain basement/non-premiership players. From what I hear Wenger only really rates Higuain but again is not happy about paying that kind of transfer fee/wages which is why the deal is going cold from both sides.

    Not so much to do with transfers but at this same wedding I was talking to a guest who’s father is really in bad health. He had been planning this year to give up his season ticket, partly because he was sick of the club and it’s attitude, partly so he could spend more of his time with family/friends rather than watching Gervinho fall over, and partly because he wants to keep as much money back to pass on to his kids. However, as quite a high-level supporter and hearing that we were in for big things this season and would be signing some big players worth what he was paying every game, he decided to renew thinking it might well be the last year he could watch his team be great again. His son was telling me that while he lives in hope for his Dad, everyday nothing happens he becomes more and more despondent at the thought he’s been lied to by the club and he’s wasted his cash which could have been passed on – how sickening is that. Not the most cheery story I know, but it puts the cynicism and the attitude of the club (and particularity the manager) in some kind of perspective.

  2. Nemesis.

    Here goes

    kp-julio cesar 2m 70k
    cb-dragovic 4m(4th choice) 30k
    dm-schneiderlin 8m 40k
    cm-felaini 22m 100k
    am-arda turan 17m 80k
    ss-jovetic 25m 120k
    cf-higuain 22m 150k.

  3. Marc

    Personally I think Gazidis has played a bit of politics. He’s let it be explicitly known that we have real money available (not the if Wenger wanted a £30 million player we’d support him we’ve heard in the past), mentioning players by name who while we not be in for those as actual targets, it shows a transfer fee and wage level we would go for. If Wenger does not spend this summer and utilize the funds available to him and we end up out of the title race by November Gazidis has covered his own arse if the club decide a change in manager is necessary. The so called AKB’s can’t complain, if Wenger does spend and add the likes of Higuain and Fellani plus a few others and we are competing then offering Wenger a new contract will not be seen as a problem by the majority of fans.

  4. Marko

    Here’s the thing I doubt it though but if Wenger is refusing players then he should be sacked. But again I highly doubt that why would somebody refuse players who’ll make his job a lot easier. I’d say it’s just fear mongering from an anti-Wengerite.

  5. Relieable sauce


    LOL 🙂

    It was after the 8-2 hammering when i thought the majority would want him to gracefully resign but it was when he sold RVP to MU & stayed in his job that i really questioned my sanity….& i think I am ok : /

  6. Alex James

    After 30 June, Wenger is firmly on notice. The window will be open, and we don ‘t expect to see any more Gervinhos. The main intellectual problem I have is how come the board are talking about his contract renewal, whilst at the same time trying to encourage him to buy big! Something doesn’t add up but of course we are in Arsenal fantasy land. I just want rid of him and his mad ideas. Over the last few years, his massive salary has resulted in the biggest humiliations in the club’s history.The OT hammering should rank with the surrender at Singapore.

  7. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon Grovers, tis a glorious day in London town so allow the bitching today 😆

    Like the spend pedders but not so sure we need to do that much in all honesty and just bring in more class with a couple of younger players to supplement the amount of u21/youth departures.

    Don’t think we need a prime goalkeeper to be honest. Cesar brings experience and a winners mentality to an improving Szczesny. Fabianski has a big decision to make as.Martinez needs a loan and I can’t see him being 3rd choice at this stage of his career. Illev is still too raw and shea and reece-cook are expected to also depart so the GK issue is very delicately poised. Begovic’s purchase upsets both current keepers and it’s a situation we can avoid.

    I think if vermaelen stays then we’d be better off brining in a current top u21 international prospect like zouma as opposed to williams. If vermalen leaves then we’ll need better then williams as a 3rd choice to rotate in my opinion hence why the massive doubts over the move.

    Same with Sagna in the case of a potential exit. We have jenkinson and Bellerin coming through so if Sagna stays then we go for a prospect like aurier or a player like Richards from city if Sagna goes.

    Then we need big quality up front and presence in the middle of the park.

    Higuain and Fellaini are what most accept as expected moves and in my opinion the right ones on so many levels. Higuain brings pedigree and class in the box, Fellaini brings the presence and prem experience in a vital roll.

    I would take rooney instead of higuain but there is also a feeling we could/should bring in a player in the hole. For me this would need us to sell gervinho, bendtner and chamackh with cazorla moving out to the left. I think most would love cesc back, he’s arsenal not barca. Some will never forgive certain aspects of his departure 1st time round but he was only 24 and it was home to him at the time. Outside Cesc, we could still move in for rooney for the role. Drexler would be an expensive risk in comparison to the two aforementioned players, but outside that it’s slim pickings.


    Cesar 2m 70k
    Zouma 4m 25k / papadopolus 10m 60k
    Aurier 3m 25k / Richards 8m 70k

    Fellaini 23m 100k

    Cesc 30m 150k / Draxler 22m 80k

    Higuain 23m 135k / Rooney 30m 200k


    85m / 95m

  8. Alex James

    All I know is that any young Arsenal fan will have to live for the next, say, 60 years with Mancs supporters mentioning 8-2, no matter what we win. I challenge anyone to go to Milan if AC or Inter lost by that score to Juventus, and say it were not the manager’s fault. Wenger should have resigned the same day.

  9. Johnty79

    Nani benteke Walcott
    Felaini cazorla thiago

    Gibbs mert koz Sagna

    This team would win the premierleague end of. All these players r available…football is so easy.

  10. Doublegooner

    If believed. Failed bid of approx £6m for Grenier.

    Is he the real target & not Fellaini ?

    If he is then once again points to untried low cost signings.

    If he is, then the club don’t even appear to rate him over £7m.

    Based on the past. I don’t believe Higuain or Fellaini, let alone Ronney will be coming.

    Still, there’s always Diaby…Yawn.

    Now I know why I still haven’t renewed my season tickets yet.

  11. Relieable sauce

    Are the kind of players who want CL football the expensive ones?

    ..oh deary me, another Wenger concept that doesn’t quite work.

    18 years of being able to attract super qualidee yet we have no WC players???

  12. bayo

    The reason why we have not signed any player is because wenger is still haggling over the transfer fee…..We wont sign fellaini because Wenger has a problem with spending money. Am sure Arsenal will be offering just 17 million max for Higuain

  13. telarse

    Relieable sauceJune 29, 2013 14:21:02
    “…AKB’s will argue using these same old excuses til the cows come home, you could call them mass debaters : /…”

    As you are pretty good at winding up the AKBs are you a master bater?

    No offence Dale!

  14. MadeToLoveMagic

    Ooh a game!,

    Well here’s my Chopin Liszt

    Reina, back up keeper in the best team in the world. Lots of premier league champions league experience. Will make the chesney the hawk shit himself and work hard for his place. Quality keeper and needs a new challenge. Wil be more expensive than ceasar though.

    7mil. Cost. 80 k per week wages

    I think for the first time in a while we have a good back four with good back up.
    Vermaelen is better than Williams and we have Miguel coming through as forth choice cb, which is about right. We have Sagna jenks, Gibbs and natcho. Also veermalen can play left and koscielny can play right in dire times. Don’t forget Sagna can also play centre half!!! Coq can play right back too.

    XABI ALONSO 12 mil cost . 100 k a week wages.

    There are rumours that Madrid were looking to part exchange him. I’m sure he will be more surplus now Jose has gone. Why not a cheeky bid. Hed be perfect in terms of what we need and would not harm the development of others like coq because he’d be a stop gap buy. But a great one. He’d be cheap I think

    Wayne Rooney. 25 mil cost, 150 k a week plus signing on fee and bonuses.

    For 25 mil he would be an absolute steal. He needs a new a new challenge and he is perfect in a false nine role behind the striker. We need to be doing everything we can to get him. He would give us massive world wide pulling power.

    Gonzalo hig. 25 mil. 120 a week

    In front of Rooney would be a beast. Rooney Wilshere cazorla hiquain in the same team would kill it.

    That’s roughly 70 mil spent and I think we could win the league with that team.

  15. Goner Joe

    I know someone at the club who tells me that the medical staff will have to deal with 4 world class players on Monday . That last sentence was made up and that’s never happened on this today or any time in the past.

  16. Ramsey's backpass

    Schnerderlin to arsenal?maybe.

    Grenier to arsenal?very possible

    arsene just loves the cheap french ones

  17. Nemesis.

    Most important thing we should do next season is a change in style. May be a more counter attacking style like dortmund or bayern would do.

    Opinions ?

  18. Jeff

    In one of Wenger’s more honest admissions (I think it was last year), he told us the following:

    “I guess you can say we have a socialist model and maybe this makes us more vulnerable to losing players or failing to sign new ones,”

    “As long as the economical balance within a club is respected and you pay the people with the resources that make economical sense, then it is fine. We cannot compete with Chelsea or Man City, but we do what we can do.”

    In the first quote he is stating the problem and in the second, a solution of sorts. What it really means is that if he firmly believes we cannot compete with Chelsea or Man City, we are not going to even try. But is that really true? In our current financial disposition, can we really not afford several £25m game changers and a couple of viable backups and perhaps “God forbid” even a goal keeper who can actually keep goal?

    It very much looks to me like perhaps say 3 or 4 years ago we really couldn’t compete with the aforementioned teams and coupled with the fact that we managed a top four finish given the resources we have, Wenger has decided he’s not going to risk high premiums on players who may prove to be flops. This I think is the root of the problem for him.

    To some it might seem prudent and good that we don’t risk any more than we have to in order to achieve a CL place but how on earth are we therefore ever going to escape from this vicious circle which to me is a resounding failure year after year? Does anyone really believe that the utopia we are promised in two years time isn’t really just a bit of spin to keep people’s hope up?

    I would argue that finishing fourth year after year and being happy about it implies we do not expect nor will we make any realistic attempt at going for any sort of glory which the last time I checked was the whole point of football and tournaments. So there you have your answer. If you expect this summer to be any different from those gone by as far as new acquisitions are concerned I’m afraid you’re going to be in for yet another disappointment.

  19. peanuts&monkeys

    The post is stinking of false hype. I understand LG has to have eye-balls on their pages. But, its so brazenly hyper to inject some new life into the fans’ expectations.

    Its so disconnected from facts and truth about Arsenal and Wenger. Guys, Wenger is not buying anyone above 15 Mill. Make no mistake, this owner is a businessman with his eyes set only on money, and not any glory.

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    If i can gather strength of will, this year i will either quit smoking or quit craving about Arsenal.

    Which one is more difficult to kick?

  21. MadeToLoveMagic

    Jeff you are right. Three or four years ago was different story, but now we can compete. What ever anyone’s view in wengers vision for arsenal no denying can Be made of the fact that th culture ha become one of losing and good players leaving. Even if wenger manages us the same for the next ten years in a frugal way it doesn’t matter, it’s what he does NOW that’s important. The club needs big names right now,the fans as well as the team, just to show we can. Investment now and we never have to go m itch th cash again as we could start to win again and change the culture we have. I still believe wenge is the man for the job, but if he can’t see th benefits of signing the best on and off the fields then he needs to step away from the vehicle.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Arshavin and his depression — yep, sitting on a bench earning £90 000 a week to do sweet fa must have been REALLY depressing — I mean HOW DID HE COPE? What a pathetic loser — what was he looking for? A shoulder to cry on? If he saw that he wasn’t getting a game he should have manned up and trained his heart out and taken his chances when given and made himself undroppable or asked for a transfer discreetly. Waste of talent if there ever was one. Although Wenger must share some of the blame for continually playing him out of his position… a pathetic situation all around.

  23. the mighty karim

    and now the club is responsible for an old man’s agony…

    Say you hate the board and staff but don’t use crap excuses,

  24. unhappy gunner

    @Paddy, does that mean highbury house is majority AKB’s? Only asking as arseblog is. Arseblog is 80 % AKB’s hence reason I prefer LG as most fans on this site know what they’re talking about.

  25. kwik fit

    Come’s and goes now dave 🙂

    Wenger really is a prize tool. I fear that the momentum and buzz we had from finishing about the spuds again is being diluted in a sea of indecision and penny pinching.

  26. dave


    I’m with you on that one. I really thought that we would see a change this year. I might be wrong but it’s starting to pan out like every other year. Maybe it’s even worse this year as Ivan etc really ramped up expectations. What I do think, however, is that if we don’t buy this year the atmosphere at the Em is going to get really ugly really quickly

  27. Dan Ahern

    If you get Cesc you need a diehard DM protecting him. I rate Fellaini extremely highly but wouldn’t count him as such.

    Anyway this problem is solved by us having about zero chance of getting Cesc. Fellaini in!

  28. kwik fit

    They are baulking at paying anything over the 15m barrier. Years over penny pinching has meant that there is a mental block when it come’s to spending real money. Dithering and Dathering will mean we miss out on the big targets. However one big signing (hig) could start the ball rolling for further big one’s. Get the first done and they might just start to enjoy it.

  29. Doublegooner

    If the club fail to sign at least one major top class player all hell will let loose when we see another season like last.

    Before any AKB says ‘and what was wrong with how we ended up ?’ nonsense.

    I’ll state now, the spuds will 100% overtake us.

    Wengers life will be hell. Gazidas will probably still beg him to sign another contract no matter.

  30. dave

    Reminds me if the last days of GG. He thought that he could wheel and deal in the transfer market at the end. Buying shite like Chris Kywonga, jimmy carter, john jensen and perry groves. Then he got sacked and boom in came Dennis and the rest is history

  31. Bade

    All this “Spuds will overtake us” is a total nonsense & deviation of the true story

    The story is that years before now no one would have even thought about the Spuds being some kind of a challenge to us. They were around 10th place while we collected trophies every now & then. Each club was in another sphere & the question whether Arsenal or Spuds the better side wasn’t even raised

    In the last few seasons, Arsenal so rapidly declined, that we fell into the Spuds sphere. This is the true sad story, albeit we’re still toppling Spuds each season, we forgot that actually we declined so badly & that “St Tottingham Day” won’t mask that demise for me

  32. Relieable sauce

    Hey lay off Perry, he’s a grover.


    I expect things to get ugly at LG if the spuds announce the paulinho deal next wed as expected & we haven’t signed anyone of note.
    Its very quiet at arsenal.com on the transfer front, no talk of working hard to sign players, nothing. Just Asia & how good we finished last season???
    I get the feeling there could be rumblings at bod level & something very significant might be on the cards.

  33. kwik fit

    I would absolutely love it if we came in and stole Paulinho from under the noses of spuds. We’re currently 50/1 to sign the guy and from what I’ve seen of him he looks the type of player we could do with.

  34. Relieable sauce


    That would be great, he has looked pretty good at the CC & well suited to the prem. Reports saying he will sign mid week for 18m ish.

    Talksports man in spain was vague but said Higuain to AFC was possible, Ancellotti to decide.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    He should have been sacked for buying holder an digit Johansson he made diaby look an ever present

  36. Sam

    Kwick fit,

    Paulinho is average, I am not sure he will hold that DM position in brazil team for too long. Lets spuds have him maybe we will take sandro from them

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I want to be positive regarding Wenger an the hidden cash starring a full class less cast……..



    No sorry I can’t

  38. Relieable sauce


    Paulinho is a b2b midfielder from what i’ve seen. Intelligent, composed, physical & technically good, could probably play in any position on the field.

  39. Cesc Appeal


    If we sale to do big business this summer Spurs will overtake us.

    They’re going to keep Bale…I have a feeling.

    They’ve got Paulinho and expect a big singing up front for them, I think either Benteke/Villa.

    So they’ll line up.

    Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Assou
    Paulinho, Sandro, Dembele
    Holtby/Lennon, Benteke/Villa, Bale

    Better than us as it stands.

    BECAUSE, they have a young progressive manager who understands the modern game.

    Bale teamed with an out and out goal scorer will see them rocket up the table. Can add a serious amount of points to their total, considering we finished 1 point above them…tells you everything.

  40. northern gooner

    Is tonight turning into a spuds love in.
    If so im going to go on tombola instead and waste some money.

  41. sam


    That spurs line up will never be better than us ,
    they will play better than us of course because we have a shit manager
    just a correct selection with the team we have we will outplay them

  42. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Sam – it’s not about us outplaying spuds. Last year they bought late in the transfer window and it took first 4 games ( they only took 3 point from them) for their team to gel.

    Imagine if levy ad done the deal 3 weeks earlier; if they’d have won one more game, that’s them in 4th place trophy.

    That’s the reality, and if we stand still personnel wise an they strengthen early, well doesn’t take a genius to see that we’re in the shit.

  43. Bade


    I hear you mate

    It almost doesn’t matter for me to be honest, who the Spuds bring in, albeit I do agree they’ll likely keep Bale for one more season. I feel he had the same silent agreement as Henry & Cesc got with us a season before they left.

    If we don’t assemble a championship winning side I couldn’t arse myself to the “Who’s better game”

    It’s a silly way to deviate from the main issue, which is our inability to assemble a top side to win trophies

  44. sam

    This time last year, Sahin, m’villa and samba were all world class.
    I said it, I will pick Pierre Aubameyang over Higuain anyday.
    because we need more confident players, we filled the squad with timid players see how they all turn out.
    arshavin, chamakh, djourou, coquelin, diaby, arteta,giroud, ramsey, wenger sure knows how to pick

    fuck all transfer talk, buy aubameyang, leroy fer and team them up with fruitpong there you have a rap band.
    sometimes persitence and stubborness is good for the morale.
    so for me, i will pick the showman aubameyang over higuain, I am not interested in the world class hype.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    As we stand right now….
    Spurs have a better manager than us right now. History in five years will show us we were strong t o hold on to senile fella.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Was looking forward to seeing the stones…not so sir now that I read they are negoating with t he bbc. As to how much they will pay them for showing a gig they have been paid for and repeat fees…. a bit greedy to me ….. no ?

    It will raise their profile doing it for lords sake

  47. Dan Ahern

    “Rohan June 29, 2013 19:43:56
    Spurs are finished. Last season was their last chance.”

    Absolutely untrue.
    They were basically level pegging with us last season. If they keep hold of Bale there’s no reason they can’t overtake us (with our current setup).

  48. sam


    are you working for gazidis propaganda team?

    we are not going to sign Higuain and you know it.
    you don’t like my post because I am not being fooled and I want gooners to open their eyes.
    they should come up with their proper transfer targets than fooling people around with crap stories. arsenal team of negotiators travelled to spain last week. are they walking? is taking them 2 weeks to arrive in madrid.

  49. sam

    Even Juve came to manchester and grab tevez in just one day.

    arsenal team of negotiators with Dave are still trying to find their way to madrid.
    someone please give them a map

  50. Bade


    Not literally

    But he comes from the same downward spiral & he can be great asset for us, even if he doesn’t reach those two levels

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Is there anything Arsenal ARE good at??

    Playing staff….can’t win anything!

    Manager…Utterly useless.

    Negotiators….take a month to seal what the world knows is a done deal.

    CEO…might be able to get all the commercials, but had no control over the club or an egotistcial manager who is out of control.

    Basically, the manager has to go. Wenger has run his course, if he stays we are doomed.

    All he targets his 4th, when you target 4th eventually you will fail and sink to Europa depths.

    Spurs will surpass us, they have a better manager and more ambition.

    £100 pound in two seasons Spurs will have taken our place and we’ll be just like Liverpool, claiming this season will be ours.

  52. sam

    I started doubting when Jorge Higuain denied that salary was already agreed.

    You have to detect the story is false, someone is putting a bogus story out there to fool the fans.
    No one will reject new signing but it has to be true siging. not false propaganda.

  53. Gee

    great shout pedro.

    those signings are not our of our reach should the clubs want to sell. this is our problem we don’t push hard enough for quality players.

    The summer will end with Gremier, Sanogo and AN other we don’t know much about

    IG should not be awarding any new contract based on that

  54. reality check

    Good post pedro.

    I thought wenger already met with The Higs pops? The dad said moving to arsenal is the important move didn’t he? Don’t know what “important” means but hey, wenger is trying at least.

    Still want him out though. Ha!

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree cesc

    The Eton board have given our Napoleon to much of a governing body he run everything from kit medications to a 13 year old signing, it’s no wonder we are doomed.
    He has cooked me Wenger won’t step in that ground again till he has gone

    You know what I don’t care to even watch them on the box again…. while he is there.

    His big signing will be yaya not the yaya he should have done years ago…birth a t would have stopped denilison progress

  56. GoonerDave

    I would prefer to have our targets secured nice and early too, but isn’t it a bit early to be this angry regarding transfers?
    We have shipped a lot of deadwood and that’s certainly a step in the right direction. Patience is wearing thin I know, but if we actually have money to spend then we must get the right players and wait an extra week or two if necessary.
    In saying that, I will be very angry too if we don’t at least have a real go in the transfer market. The three clubs above us have new managers and we must surely try to take advantage.

  57. Relieable sauce


    We wont compete with RM, city & the chavs for Cavani & MU won’t sell Rooney to a league rival, they just won’t do it.

    I read somewhere Hig & Cesar will sign next week, Fellaini & Williams look doubtful due to wages & fee respectively.

  58. BIG AL

    Evening chaps and chappettes not been on for a while. Personally I think The Arsenal are being very clever. With some European teams there are some sort of extra Tax penalty they would have to pay so therefore it is easier to wait until the summer transfer window is officially opened. Also with the new away shirt coming out soon what a better way to announce new players in a new kit. This equates to the fans getting themselves into a frenzy then the excitement which means more shirt sales. I also think that Wenger wants to make a double Argie signing with Gervino going maybe Di Maria or Ricky Alvaez replacing him and joining The Hig at the Emirates.

  59. sam

    Sorry Dave,

    Thats your opinion so please lets move on
    Glad to hear Cavani is being mentioned, if its true then I assume we will wait till august 10 for his 54 millions buyout to expire.
    I read somewhere lazio president saying that Edson is a nice boy I am sure he’s not going to make us look stupid.

  60. Marko

    First things first to the guy who said most on Le-Grove know what they’re talking about that couldn’t be further from the truth. Oh and this whole Higuain 3rd choice stuff is debatable since it seems he’s been the first one this summer we’ve negotiated with. Nothing mentioned of Jovetic cept rumours and it is possible that we are interested in Rooney but there’s nothing to suggest that we’ve been in contact with him BEFORE Higuain. Again my guess on transfers is there’s a lot of comings and goings that are being negotiated and these things take time. Oh and Dick Law is useless at his job

  61. Jeff

    I had to burst out in loud laughter at seeing this.


    Apparently we’re in for Torres to partner Higuain whom also we haven’t got.

    In other news, we’ve bid £20m for Rooney but are in a bidding war with Mourinho who is going to improve on our bid but Man U insist Rooney is not for sale; nearly had me in tears with laughter.

    These press people really are scoundrels of the highest degree. The lack of action and deep speculation in the Arsenal camp means it’s a field day for the press. Just write anything you like regardless of how big a lie it is.

  62. Kempster

    To be fair, I like the fact that since Ivan’s little PR stuff, the club have said precisely zero. All the rest is just press guff and speculation. This at least gives me some hope that cards are being played very close to the chest – no-one actually knows if the Hig deal is nearly actually possibly nearly there, or if Fellaini is a tad expensive, it’s just press fantasy, with zero quotes, zero facts. The club has said nowt,, and for me that’s better than the odd “we’re working very hard” quote that we’ve had in the past.

    Now, this positive outlook is twinned with a hope that July 1st brings exciting news. After that it’ll be gloom & doom time for sure.

  63. Relieable sauce

    The Stones have played 4 songs already & i haven’t seen one tit flash.
    They ain’t what they used to be.

  64. sam


    players do get injured its arsenal injury management thats rubbish.
    Just check players that left us for other clubs, they managed to stay fit for longtime.
    Yes I would like us to sign Sandro but……. we will make him worse unfortunately

  65. Goonerboy

    When it comes to transfers in what we are really looking at is a decade of broken promises.
    The Arsenal system which leaves Wenger to value every player and determine the wage structure quite simply does not work.
    Transfers need to be taken out of the hands of the manager and the club need to appoint a director of football.

  66. tigerz

    I think the home grown quota is also a stumbling block in signing more players.
    After losing Denilson, Arshavin, Squid (only recently), there are now 16 non home grown players over 21.
    17 is the max limit (8 out of 25 must be home grown)
    Higuain will be added soon.
    But they need to transfer out or loan out more players to have more wriggle room.

    non home grown players over 21:

  67. Cheney10

    I have read a lot of the comments on here and there seems to be a lot of faith, in fact it is more hope…. that the 1st of July 2013 is going to be remember like Golgotha or is going to be like Christmas Day!! In honesty, I too hope because this summer is already becoming painful… All promises and no release….

    I just want to see that yellow bar at the bottom of the screen to read: Sky sources can confirm that Arsenal have made an amazing swoop for three world class players…. The Hig, The Fro and the second coming of heyzous Fab4…………..

  68. Bruce Wayne

    GK – Adler – 5M Fee 80k Wages
    CB – Howedes – 12M fee ? Wages
    CDM – Gonalons – 12M fee 60k Wages
    ST – Lewandowski – 18M fee 100k Wages

    i think they’re better options

  69. Guilherme

    I would sign Higuaín, Fellaini, Grenier, Williams and Júlio César. I think Cesc Fabregas wouldn’t like to leave Barcelona now.

    Greetings from Brazil.