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I’m in a place called Hvar. Something really bad happened. Like, harrowing. The Internet died. The whole island, cut off. No. Digital. Access. Well, unless I paid £8 per MB. Messed up eh? What’s the deal with The Hig? How is Ancelotti feeling about keeping him? Have we signed anymore kids? How is Ivan doing, I haven’t Facebooked him in 2 days. What’s going on in world news? Is Chambo in the Showbiz section of the Daily Mail again?

I had no idea.

I’m penning this yesterday. What is interesting in Croatia (Split) is the passion for Hajduk Split. Graffiti of the club badge is everywhere (in Split). It’s on buildings, on car park floors, on people’s windows… it’s like a communist state of football. One ruling team and everyone accepts that. Football seems to be a huge passion here, it’s far more visible than it is in London. Is that because the only alternative sport is female body building? Who knows. All I’m saying is female body building is boring.

… they play basketball as well. Pour me a second cup of ‘bore me later’…

So outside football what could we talk about?


Oh, £2 a beer here.

Internet is back.

How about this for a story that I was told a few weeks ago… Arsenal have been pushing a big Spanish club that they might already be talking to about an upset world class centre back. I won’t name names, but we were prepared to go very big for this guy. Chances of it materialising are slim to none now Mourinho has gone, but interesting all the same.

Kieran Gibbs is upset he was overlooked for England. I don’t blame him, he’s been solid this season. He’s still a bit dim positionally, but he’s improved hugely considering where he was at the start of last season. It’s a good thing he was over looked for England. If there’s a weakness in his game, it’s his fitness. He needs to be able to handle 40 games a season. At the moment, that never seems to happen which is why his understudy is a top Spanish international… not a youth team player.

The Hig’s brother has come out and stated his sibling is too expensive for Juventus… and that if Tevez has gone to City, he’s likely to move to Arsenal. Hooray.

Final piece today is about Wayne Rooney… the Star have a baseless article about Arsenal continuing to look at him… Ok, we know there’s interest, but that story hasn’t really shifted. The new season starts soon… I’m concerned we’ve not made moves in other areas. We need to start bolstering. Keeper, centre back and a box to box midfielder. Where are they? There’s not only one player on the planet….

P.S heard the rumour flying around about Theo head butting Aaron Lennon in Las Vegas? Hilarious if true…

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  1. Gunner2301


    3 trophies with City as opposed to 1 with Valencia how do you see that as a wrong move? I think he’s an excellent player and would suit us more than them but we aren’t winning anything.

  2. Gunner2301


    Would take him in a heartbeat but i think he’ll retire at Roma he’s playing for his home club and after so long cant see him moving. Think he had some family shit a few years ago when he looked like he might have moved that would have been our best opportunity. That being said weren’t paying enough to attract someone of his calibre. I’d take Chiellini too but it would be a similar situation. Italians don’t seem to want to come to England maybe it’s the food 🙂

  3. Gunner2301


    He’s had injuries when he had a good run he was excellent. City struggled to adjust without him that’s how important he was for them. I think I’d take him over Cazorla if I’m honest. I prefer his style of play and vision.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Agree Lewandowski would fit in with current setup even better.
    However Higuain is precisely what we need. Either would be a massive leap forward for us.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Rohan/Kush — I too love how tactical Italy is. It’s really cool to see how they approach each match, and how differently they adapt to opponents. Not many teams are like that.

  6. northern gooner

    We might as well talk about ronaldo, messi and suarez. We have chance of signing them as we have lewandowski and higuain

  7. Rohan

    That’s the most pointless statement ever. If you put Silva in central midfield in the double pivot alongside Arteta, we’d have been relegated.

  8. arsenal-flavour


    Rohan,I will pick wilshere over Cesc
    I will pick afobe over sanogo
    Local boys will stay loyal to the club,
    local boys play with heart, blood and sweats unlike the little mercenaries wenger bribed to join arsenal.
    you think djourou and all give a fuck about arsenal?
    Don’t be too sure about akpom, in 2 years time wenger will bring another french boy to take his place. will groom him for the french national team.
    Hmmmmmm, where is diaby?

    LOOOOOOOOOL two words Ashley cole local was he loyal??? was he fuck

    was thierry
    pires loyal! you betcha!!!!

    i for one would hate us to be an all england local squad because english players are shite…. spain germans south americans hell most of europe over english players

  9. Dan Ahern

    Silva and Cazorla in the same team would be stunning.
    Obviously neither would be a holding mid.

    De Rossi is a fantastic player. It’s becoming a tradition where Rohan goes “We should be in for de Rossi!” and I go “Yeah!” (both knowing full well we’ll never consider him, haha).

  10. Marko

    Lewandowski is similar to Giroud? This from the guy who supports (yeah right) a team in the 9th best league in europe. You actually haven’t a clue dialsquare. On anything I mean your opinions are flawed to say the least. Idiotic to be blunt.

  11. arsenal-flavour

    watching the football tonight the one thing that dawns on me is that brazil have fitter birds! they all seem to have massive tits yet are very skinny and athletic looking its a great look!

  12. kwik fit

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 2m
    Various fans so impatient on transfers. Multi million pound deals with image rights, clauses, success dependent financial benefits take time

    Strange that, cos I alway’s thought that it took time to tie up these deals .

  13. Radio Raheem

    Something not right about pacy wingers…their pace can be a burden to them and their team mates. A burden to them when it affords them too much thinking time, their teammates b’cos they are never quite sure what the winger will do next. Very few wingers have that mastery of pace, technique, good decision making and perfect symmetry with their teammates.

  14. Rohan

    jeez, that’s 3 penalty shootouts they’ve gone through now.

    Euro 08 against italy, ’12 against portugal, and now this . what a joke.

  15. Al

    Great Signing for Swansea of they get Bony.

    And my God….Pirlo Penalty….Man is just pure class and the arrogance he has when hitting the ball is just a pleasure to watch

  16. mahessar

    If we spent our 70m on Iniesta, you’d rest assured he would end our trophy drought in a season, what a class player, miss the times when we used to have such world class players at Arsenal, so tired of watching dross week in week out.

  17. AA23

    You are an illiterate cunt aren’t you?
    You can’t spell, you have no grasp of written English, capital E on “England”, capital W on “Wilshere”…
    “His” not “hes”…
    “Will” not “wel”…
    And your mother eats shit on film!
    You might as well kill yourself you useless cunt.
    I’m only joking
    You are my favourite poster, keep up the good work you mental bastard.

  18. Jeff

    If the AFC machine raised the less cynical and unsuspecting fans’ hopes for 3 weeks with Higuain, how long can they do it with Lewandowski? It is a cruel game they play.

    If you just apply a very simple rule to every high profile link that is out there it is easy to see how futile and fake the whole thing really is. What is that rule? If the player is anything over £15m or the player demands a wage of over 100k you can safely ignore any rumour and avoid the anxiety altogether. This is how Wenger and his cohorts operate. It’s not just the manager. I think they all work in complete agreement and unison to bring this dire situation about. I do not trust a single figure at AFC and believe not one word anyone says.

    The whole thing is bona fide, high-grade, 24 karat BS.

  19. TOLI83

    RohanJune 27, 2013 22:32:52
    De Rossi, I want your babies


    Get in the queue mate!

  20. wenker-wanger

    some interesting recent events…Wenger take note: the italian defense is a marvel when functiuoning as a determined unit as was seen yesterday against the most potent attacking force in the world. Reminded me of the famous adams and co. back four. It wont happen with Wenger but at least he should look at the quality ingredients for proper defenders.(compare with mertesacker)
    The transfer window for arsenal fans represents a repeated period of high expectations and mediocre materialisations. No-one knows the reason for these continued breakdowns in deals….many speculate on wage-structure, price or wengers ineptitude and haggling. It seems to be a fact that we struggle to buy top quality players, so we should expect to be challenging for that 4th spot next season. Same old , same old…..