The Hig to City? | Chambo papped… it begins | Yellow kit returns to the fold

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Well, well, Tevez finally gets to end his Man City nightmare by agreeing to move to Juve for £9m rising to £12m if he fancies playing. A great deal for Juve if you forget the gargantuan sum of money attached to tying him to a long term deal. What I can say for a fact is that Higauin to Juve is now a no go… he’ll probably end up at City!

I wish that was ‘just jokes’… but it’s probably not. I have no basis to suspect they’ll be in for him other than… ‘It’s just our luck!’… if City had any damn ambition they’d be fighting United for Cavani. Not poncing around in the gutter for Madrid cast offs like Arsenal.

Leave The Hig be Pelligrini… leave him be.

Nothing really moved on the Arsenal front bar the Daily Mail Showbiz section picking on another Arsenal player. This time highlighting Chambo’s tremendous chest. This is the worry with the Brit pack… young, attractive and paparazzi honey. It’s started… if they live up to their on pitch potential, expect a Golden Generation slab of attention to make you want to vomit. Hopefully our boys are grounded enough to resist the temptation to make hay off the back of it.

I know if I was 19 with a profile like Chambo, I’d be hunting down anyone from The Saturday’s who wasn’t pregnant… and I’d be making a beeline for Posh & Becks celeb status. Then I’d go all Wayne Bridge… ‘Screw football, I don’t like the shouting’… then I’d end up getting locked in a hotel room like Adriano, you know, to control my diet, before failing a medical with Internacional (that happened).

Yeah, me and being a footballer is a sad, romantic, tragic story… but you know what? I ate well and i had an affair with Mila Kunis, sorry Frankie.

Some exciting news for the traditionalists who want to move back to Highbury and install Tony Adams as CEO (jokes)… as revealed by me last month, our traditional yellow kit has been reinstated. This is the picture doing the rounds. I haven’t seen the kit, I was just told by Pam it was a really slick version of a classic. It’s not going to deviate too far from this and the general consensus is one of approval.

Yellow is bold on the pitch and certainly preferably to the bland blue we go for… I just wish someone would build us a kit that was creative, original and appealing to the masses… not going to happen though, is it? A horse by committee is a camel right?


Say I’m right!


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Much love, Pedro & Davor


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  1. Kjafc

    Are you and Johnty79 the same? Only reason I ask, is that you both post similar nonsense and are just trying to wind people up. You have nothing valid worth saying, it is just pure troll behaviour.

  2. northern gooner

    How u doing today.
    We still talking about world class players or has the subject changed to your team spurs ?

  3. Kjafc

    ‘Higuain is playing for one of the best Teams in the world, he’s going to have a good shots to goal ratio.”

    Utter rubbish. Even by your standards. So if you play in a god team when you shoot you hit the target? You know nothing about football and are just trying to be provocative, you really cannot mean the crap you post.

  4. Kjafc

    I don’t understand why fans of other clubs join Le Grove and pretend they are Gooners. Can only be due to the fact that they are ashamed of the club they actually support. In the case of Spurs, that is quite understandable 53 years is a long time for a title and they must hate living in our shadow.

  5. westsussex gooner

    Eveni chaps seems higs move getting closer anyone seen us being linked with kurt zouma only 18 a beast allready

  6. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Radio RaheemJune 26, 2013 20:38:46
    Is the guy in the Southern Comfort ad Gene Hackman?


  7. Kjafc

    Higuain appears to be a done deal which is fantastic news. I hope Fellaini is next because those two additions would really make me very happy. By the way, respect for that lad Sanogo, a few people have had a pop on here but he looks a player. I wouldn’t let his age count against him, look at what Anelka did, an unknown youngster who destroyed the opposition. You need to be able to vary and change things. With Giroud, Podolski, Higuain and Sanogo we have a nice mix of styles. Going to have a few options up top and a decent bench (at last) and that is very important.

    Can’t wait.

  8. StateSide

    The Hig(uain) to Arsenal was, ostensibly, done a week ago. Not sure why you’re determined to add further pessimism to a Gooner culture of transfer disappointment. The question now is whether Fellaini will join or not. My money is on ‘no’. He wants upwards of £100K a week and I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily worth that. His feet aren’t quick enough to play the point of the midfield triangle (Cazorla, Wilshere spot) which is where he found much of his success at Everton. Logic dictates that he would play the Arteta role in the midfield, although he’d be playing less like deep passer and more like midfield enforcer. If I had my pick, I would take Ilkay Gundogan and Lars Bender over the Belgian. Both are more “Arsenal” type players than Fellaini.

  9. Radio Raheem


    I knew that I was just messing. Imagine Gene Hackman retires from acting only to make a comeback in a Southern Comfort ad wearing nothing but his draws lol.

  10. Rohan

    Does anyone on here who’s watched Cavani actually think he’ll live up to the hype?

    Genuine question, I don’t know much about him.

  11. Kjafc

    I agree mate. Fans cannot be so ignorant as to think we are the only ones that knows what we need. Now the money is there, we will get what we need.

    I don’t think we are far short and I expect us to challenge next season on several fronts. Forget the Carling Cup, I mean proper trophies.

  12. sam

    Tevez for £10 millions quid why did we miss out on that one?
    The independent just said Higuain will sign for arsenal in 8days,


  13. Wengerites be damned !

    The commentator here in Brazil said Tottenham was close in on Bernard.
    A pity if it’s true, Wenger doesn’t have good eyes to spot talent in South America (nowadays, not even in his own country to be honest).

  14. Dannyboy

    Mark Lawrenson really is an utter cunt of a commentator. Never heard anyone so dull on the mic. Boring bastard sounds like he’s getting his bollocks waxed rather than getting paid alot of money to watch a cracking football game!

  15. Ash79

    Dannyboy, I always hated itv football coverage due to commercial breaks and poor quality commentary etc but in recent years hacked off with BBC. Get rid of lawro, Gary and Hansen..boring cunts. Hate em.

  16. Rohan

    They should follow the example of cricket and get football people of different nationalities to comment in English. Would be more interesting and insightful.

    If they can be pundits/analysts they can commentate as well from time to time.

    Lawrenson is an ignorant cliched mug. Him, Shearer and Hansen are incredibly dour.

  17. Ash79

    P.s I thought that when Jonathan Pearce signed up to BBC he would liven Jt up but clearly he’s had to tone it down. Man was class on capital gold 1548

  18. Radio Raheem


    You are right on both counts. Lawrenson a cunt and Cavani tailor made for playing a villain. Cavani’s face reminds me of Saw or the Mask just that he needn’t wear a mask. He’s got very striking facial features.

  19. Dannyboy

    RR the only slightly strange comparison I could muster is that he looks like a human version of Scar on Lion King… He has a disproportionately long face!

    I can’t watch MOTD anymore because it’s simply depressing. I can’t understand how people who know nothing about football get paid to offer their ‘expert opinions’

    At least the lads on Soccer Saturday are entertaining. Shearer and co. on MOTD are horrible. That Irish bloke that does MOTD2 is funny though. Best moment ever still stands from when Ljungberg swore on live TV, and then just didn’t give a fuck!

    ‘I think the substitutions from Scolari have been… good haven’t they?’ – more wonderful observation from Lawro.

  20. Rohan

    The only anchor I don’t mind is Jeff Stelling. Soccer saturday is decent at times. Atleast they’re enthusiastic.

    Cunts like Lawrenson don’t bother doing any research on the teams. It’s telling when most football fans know more about the games they’re watching than him. Hardly ever any insight.

  21. Dannyboy

    Rohan, very good point. I like what Sky do with the CL games when they get Seedorf and Gullit and people like that.

    Unlike ITV who have Keane, Southgate and Adrian Chiles…

  22. Rohan

    Also think refereeing standards will improve if foreign refs are brought into the premier league.

    The job of a referee is the only job in England I can think of where you pretty much have to be English. I think referees are too pally with the English players, and reckon some players/teams might be at a disadvantage. More European refs can only be good for the game in England imo.

  23. Dannyboy

    Agree with both points there Rohan.

    They could do what they do in the cricket and have interchanging ‘color commentators’ throughout the game, and still have your Martin Tyler/Alan Parry sort of guy who knows his shit providing you the important info.

    On foreign refs, it’s very strange that they haven’t gone down that route already to be honest. It would solve all problems in regards to referee conspiracies if the ref who got the Arsenal v United game was from Malaga and not Greater Manchester…

  24. Radio Raheem

    I won’t put money on Brazil next WC. I think they’ve peaked too early. I’d rank the favourites for the WC as follows,


  25. Rohan

    From everyone’s favorite ITK opiniondan

    Rooney medical, Stretford met with Arsenal, clubs agree fee, thought to be 12.5m as Utd owe 12.5m in RVP. It’s on

    ok. confirmation that: Rooney flew back from hold for Medical. Clubs agreed fee and Stretford met to discuss personal terms….cont

  26. Rohan

    They haven’t peaked at all. They’ll get done by any proper team who can control midfield and possession against them.

    Front 3 are very lazy. They have as much chance as England of winning the WC. Ok, I jest.

  27. Keyser

    Has SDE posted recently ? think he’s trying to get his post ratio down to the one a week he was lying about.

  28. Rohan

    lol best attack in the world? Neymar, Fred and Hulk ? bahaahahahahah.

    There’ll be 10 teams in the world cup with better frontlines than that.

  29. Keyser

    During the last Brazil game, unless I misheard, they kept mentioning Neymar’s weight at 8 stone 6lbs, that’s about the weight of one of my legs, that dude on channel4 carried testicles between his legs that weighed more than Neymar.

    No wonder he falls over, Neymar, not the fantestical frank.

  30. Radio Raheem

    Argentina can’t defend but more importantly they can’t deal with the high expectation. For their clubs they’re are great but bunch them together and put a blue and white kit on them and watch them shrivel, especially in big tournies.

    I like how folks on here disagree with me but as sure as day I am always proved right.

  31. Radio Raheem


    Don’t be stupid it’s the Confed Cup half that Italy side don’t give a toss about it. Actually, you disagreeing can only be a good thing.

  32. Wengerites be damned !

    ‘Omg they’re celebrating like they won the World Cup.’

    This reminded me of Arsenal celebrating their 4th place trophy.

    Spain will probably win this waste of money tournament and I hope the demonstrators flood Brazilian streets in protest and the WC be the final nail in the coffin for the corrupt beats holding the power in Brazil. And FIFA mafia go to hell.

    People always say the team that wins Confederations Cup won’t win the World Cup. It’s like a curse, they say.
    Actually, in 2009, many Argies rooted for Brazil in that Confederation. Cup.

  33. dialsquare

    I’ve never rated Pirlo, he only stands out now because in the last ten years the quality of players has dropped even further than what it was 30 or 40 years ago.

  34. Kjafc

    Fair question. As I have not been taken in by the total one sided negativity some people are paralysed with, I am able to be subjective. I understood what the club set out to achieve and how they planned it. Doesn’t mean I agree with it all but I have been saying for a couple of years, we would end up in a fantastic position probably 2013/14. The delays with what happened to Granada, the Property crash and the arrival of the Russian, all made huge unpredictable hiccups and we have had our hands tied. At the same time, the Russian came to town, closely followed by the Arab, tempting our best players. however, with the injection of cash amounting to around £1.2 million per week through the renewed sponsorships, the increased revenues and the removal of high wage earning players, we can now be competitive and the beast can now be unleashed.

    I am happy to put my neck on the line and say that before the season starts we will have at least two top quality signings. I genuinely believe the future starts now and we will start competing for all the big prizes. Unfortunately much misinformation from the media and also the club has left fans confused and not understanding what has actually been achieved, albeit at the expense of competiveness. Make no mistakes, Arsenal are now in a very strong position.

    I predict that Arsenal will soon become the dominant force in English football. It will have been achieved without some dodgy oligarch dragging football through the sewers or without saddling the club with debt. We are now up there with Barca, Real, Bayern and the Megabrand.

    The future is red with white sleeves. Arsenal are back.

  35. Samir


    @DeadlineDayLive: Real Madrid have offered Gonzalo Higuaín, Fábio Coentrão and a large cash sum for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale. (Source: Times)

  36. Mental Strength

    Have you watched Argentina recently?

    Their defence has been pretty solid as of recent, the new manager has them playing as an organised unit.

    And they have Messi, the best player on the planet.

    Would be pretty daft to write them off…

  37. Kjafc

    Spain will out pass Brazil in the midfield area. )I can’t see this Italian side holding them). I am predicting Spain will win by at least a couple of goals. Could end up a bit of a diving competition though, wouldn’t be surprised to see Bale turn up in his speedos. They need to bring in retrospect action, it is getting worse.

  38. dialsquare

    Arsenal need to spend at least £120m to even come close to competing again and an extra £40m on top of the £120m if the current Manager is still in charge.

  39. Kjafc

    Stop it. Higuain will not be going to Spurs, these hacks just make things up as they go along. Why would a world class player join a club that has only qualified for the Champions League once? And I can’t see Spurs selling Bale, without him they are mid table at best, very average.

  40. Radio Raheem

    Argentina usually play well in the qualifiers nothing new there. All it does is ramp up expectations. There is no need to be daft about this just wait until next year. Hopefully we’ll all still be here.

  41. Radio Raheem

    Mental Strength

    Obviously my list of favourites is dependent on them getting there. If both those teams don’t make it then I’ll revise my list. If Argentina had a fit younger and on-form Milito, the striker, I’d have given them more of a chance.
    From a tactical perspective, I feel they need more physically imposing players to balance out the small nimble players they have. They have too much these smallish players. For them it’s plan A or plan A. That’s hard when you don’t have Iniesta and Xavi in your side.

  42. Kjafc

    I live in Essex. A Spurs shop opened a couple of years ago but guess what? A closing down sale at the end of the season and now it has gone. That is what a tiny little club it really is, despite the fans trying to make us believe otherwise by visiting our blogs and forums.

  43. Kjafc

    Good point. It is strange how Messi has not really performed at the level he does with Barca for Argentina. They need to find a style of play that gets the best use from him. Just look at the players they have available and compare that to England. Plenty of talent in attacking positions. Perhaps they have too many individual type players but Potentially they could be the real deal.

  44. N1Goon

    Spanish journalist @Kike_Marin_ says Arsenal are “waiting” before finalizing the Higuain deal as “there is another option” for Arsenal.

  45. Kjafc

    Out of the woodwork, you have admitted you are an imposter. Get off the Gooner site mate and get back to the Spurs blog, if anyone can be bothered to run one. And as for desperate for success, I make it 53 years matey.

  46. Dan Ahern

    Remember when Kaka was the best player in the world under…. ANCELOTTI?


  47. AA23

    Guys I’ve just seen this on twitter and I think its true

    “32943 Michu instead of Giroud will be good Michu alongside Giroud wont be the best thing for Arsenal”

    Genuinely excited now

  48. AA23

    Also Theo nutted Aaron Lennon in Vegas
    If its true then Theo has gone right up in my opinion
    If he slaps Bale next time he sees him then he’s an Arsenal legend.

  49. Dan Ahern

    Supposedly Isco’s about to be bought for €27m.

    Really wish we were in for him. He’s another Mata/Hazard type: young, bags of talent, but a few mil more than AW is willing to spend.

  50. mahessar

    Rumor has it El Sharaawy is an Arsenal target, Arsene had a bid denied for him by Milan and has put in another one.

    Gervinho, Chamakh, Fellini, El Sharaawy now if only we signed Djibril Cisse our wig sales would outnumber our shirt sales. Exciting times ahead.

  51. mahessar


    I don’t think Isco interests Arsene, I don’t understand why though but he doesn’t, Arsene had a chance to sign him last summer with Cazorla, had a chance to sign him in the January window as well but didn’t bid for him so I don’t see how Arsene is missing on him due to a few pounds.

  52. arsenal-flavour

    spending 70 mill on a few players is like putting a band aid on a gun shot wound might stop a bit of blood but your still going to bleed out…

    we ideally need a gk cb dm winger striker…. wayyyy wayyyy more than 70 mill unless your going for shitty bargain basement players….

    we all know it chelsea man city have far better squads not even going to mention bayern barca real… to be the top we need a good 5 top top top quality additions

  53. arsenal-flavour


    its not funny anymore if it ever was… your probably a pre pubescent spurs fan, trying to get rise by slating jack wilshere… tbh i think jack is overrated but stop harping on about him its boring at least come up with something fresh if your going to troll!

  54. Paddy got up

    One thing I can confirm is that Wenger has just got another days wages for fuck all from us. And has greatly topped it off by commentating on the Brazil game.
    Tomorrow he will be doing exactly the same thing whilst people on here actually speculate thinking he gives a fuck about the club.

  55. mahessar


    I agree with you, it will take two very good summers for us to become competitive again
    We need at least 4 first team players and 3 very good squad players if we are going to challenge for trophies.

    Higuain, Fellaini, Bender(to replace Arteta next season), Fabregas, Papadupolous, Shaqiri, Adler/GK

    These 7 additions to what we have at Arsenal currently minus all the dross on the books and we would compete for trophies, but these signings as you said will cost close to 100m mark and we can’t spend that in one window. Two summers of the board and manager giving a fuck about Arsenal and actually trying to improve us would be a dream come true.

  56. Dannyboy

    Paddy, after the discussion earlier about how much of an utter bell end Mark Lawrenson is as a commentator, I didn’t think anyone else could come close in terms of overall commentative bellendry… then you mentioned Earnest Wenger! 🙂

  57. Rohan

    Arsene wasn’t commentating on the Brazil game. Stop making shit up.

    Arsene cancelled both his engagements with France earlier this month as well.

  58. Marko

    Higuain to Spurs? Now I’ve heard it all. When are people gonna realise he’s not talking Spurs or City, he WAS talking to Juve and he IS talking to us and that’s it.

  59. El Tel

    My predicted Arsenal side for next season

    Rooney/Sanogo/Oxlaid Chamberlain

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Real Madrid are clearly playing ‘mind games’ with Arsenal. It is clear that they are stalling with the sale to us of Higuain.

    Whilst the story in Times may be claptrap I thought sometime ago that RM
    might use Higuain as a filler in the acquisition of either Bale or Cavani. I am
    not sure that they have sufficient liquidity to buy either player outright and put money on the table.

    In the past RM could rely on Government or Banks in Spain to bail them out
    whenever they wanted to make major signings. That seems less likely now.

    The problem for Arsenal is that if Real Madrid are desperate to sign Bale we
    may discover that we are kept waiting until August 31 to sign Higuain.

    Arsenal need now to force this issue or find an option.

  61. TheBayingMob

    Dannyboy June 26, 2013 21:29:02
    “Mark Lawrenson really is an utter cunt of a commentator. Never heard anyone so dull on the mic. Boring bastard”

    Fucking amen to that. I FUCKING HATE Lawrenson, as a pundit, as an effiminate cock swallower, and lastly as a commentator. He is fucking dreadful, all those shitty jokes he comes up with as well. What an old out of touch shirtlifter. Cunt. He sould be coined to death with old 50pence peices … alternatively I’d love to smash a hot steam iron into his face … and he’s ex-scouse as well … cunt …

  62. TheBayingMob

    Ash79 June 26, 2013 21:33:35

    “I thought that when Jonathan Pearce signed up to BBC he would liven Jt up but clearly he’s had to tone it down. Man was class on capital gold 1548”

    Pearce is immensely annoying. I think on MotD the BBC pillow bitters commentate on the highlights, i.e. they’re not commentating on the match live it’s over dubbed after. It makes Pearce’s faux exctiment more fake than a whores orgasm …