Fellaini salary demands are a disgraceful surprise | Sanogo banging them in | Err, The Hig close?

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The deal is nearing completion. What? No I didn’t say that yesterday. Oh, I did. And the day before? Oh right. I did.

Well today, things are different because Jeremy Wilson is saying it and he’s added a few interesting reasons as to why. The deal Madrid have struck for Isco means they won’t bid for Bale… Which means they’ll want to recoup some cash and sell us The Hig. It also throws out the interesting prospect of Ozil being surplus to requirements. A player I like a lot…

Anyway, stories about both Juve and Arsenal agreeing terms with The Hig went around the web yesterday. I can’t understand how you can agree to join both teams? Surely you have a preference and you push for whatever that is? Surely his agents haven’t got him the same deal with both clubs? Just another bluster comment I feel…

On the kids front, Sanogo fired in a penalty against the US to take his tournament tally in the U20s to two. Mega eh? He’s playing in the same side as Paul Pogba, which really was surprising. If he were English we’d have him in our first team. Back to Sanogo, he looks like Adebayor and plays in a similar way. He’s a bit clumsy on the ball, powerful, fast and a hard worker. He has the raw ingredients there to be a nuisance. But please… don’t hail him yet. Plenty of Arsenal fans made that mistake after a preseason goal from Gervinho. This guy is a kid… He comes with a reputation largely inflated by people who pretend they watched him multiple times when he was playing his handful of games for Auxerre.

Please… no one watches Ligue Two football. They don’t even have TV cameras.

Think Wellington, Sunu, Barazite and Miyachi… that’s right, let the excitement deflate. Give him a chance. Let time take its course and keep them crossed he makes something of himself.

The Mail are saying Arsenal are scared of Fellaini’s wage demands. He wants £100k a week. Would that come as a surprise? Would you have to ask his agents what he wanted? I could have told Dick Law that. So again, it feels like a story made for clicks. The same paper 3 days ago reported we were happy to pay Wayne Rooney £225k a week… and that we wanted to sign Lars Bender, Gundogan and The Hig. Now they’re saying we’re scared of a £100k a week salary?

Do me a god damn favour will you? Yah, literally. I’m serious.

I can’t find much else on the web to talk about. I’m in Croatia this week on an invite from Davor Suker… I’ll let you know what he wants. Until tomorrow!

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  1. dialsquare


    No that’s your argument, i was merely pointing out that Man Utd get favourable refereeing decisions, like failing to send Ferdinand off for a professional foul on Ljungberg and awarding a penalty when Rooney fell over Sol Campbell’s foot.

  2. Dannyboy

    definitely agree r.e. Belgium…

    Can easily see them into the semi’s if they avoid Spain and Brazil.

  3. dialsquare

    Stan the Donkey

    That goes without saying Wilshere would command a higher transfer fee than Cazorla as would Downing, Carroll and Henderson.
    You really are living up to your name.

  4. Mayank

    Belgium won’t get too far. When was the last time there was a dark horse that succeeded, was everyone’s favourite dark horse? Kind of defeats the point of a dark horse.

    I reckon that if there will be an unexpected semifinalist it’ll be a south american team. Uruguay or Chile. USA might even have a chance.

  5. Bade

    I guess Argentina & Germany will get to the finals of the WC 2014, unless they clash between them before

    I can’t see any African side doing magic there. Brazil, Spain will also be powers in this tournament. But it’s Messi’s one to lose

    Win it & it’s legitimate to claim he’s the biggest footballer ever. Lose it & he’s just a talented footballer with loser mentality

  6. Mayank

    lol Dannyboy even Chile went far. Came close to defeating Spain in the best match of the tournie. I didn’t say I was adventurous with my choices.

    Belgium are an above average side with the burden of being the nations golden generation and everyone’s favourite outside bet. The pressure might be too much.

  7. Keyser

    Salparadisenyc – Bayern were ridiculously loaded anyway, they didn’t just win their league, they absolutely crushed it, their problem was the depth with which they could rely on to carry them through the Champions League aswell.

    I really don’t think Fellaini is as good as Martinez in the defensive position, he offers more if you play him further forward though, and even then you’d have Schweinsteiger, Muller, and others before him.

    I think even if we did buy Fellaini we’d have the same problems anyway, the mobility and pace we lack playing Arteta, Mertesacker, and co alongisde technical midgets who aren’t physical enough to compensate.

  8. Mayank


    I’m not writing them off. Just saying that the weight of expectations might crush them. Also, I don’t expect they’ll be seeded highly so a bad group might kill whatever chances they have early.

  9. Bade

    Last time Belgium did some noise in the WC, was in the 1986, when they lost to Argentina in the Semi’s thanks to two wonderful goals by the best footballer ever, for now, Diego Armando Maradona. That 2nd goal against them was one of the best ever & one of my absolute favourites ….

  10. Dan Ahern

    Mayank — Chile and Uruguay have some incredible players but they are too weak defensively. I could maybe see Uruguay in the semis but it’d be tough. USA does not have nearly enough talent to be a semifinalist.

    So far only Bade has gone with the historical pick. Remember it’s in South America!

  11. Keyser

    Mayank – Bayern aren’t exactly a good example, they’ve cornered their entire market, they were able to buy in someone who they though would be key for them for 40m Euro’s.

    We’ve got some very good all-round players, Koscielny has the potential to be exceptional in defence and he compensates well for Mertesackers lack of pace, and vice versa in terms of experience and so on, but then in midfield we’ve got all these players who could fit with the right players but no-one who really holds his own ? Cazorla for me is awesome, so he could be one.

    Take say Rosicky or Fabregas from 08 and they’d probably be able to fit into any side, than Hleb, Flamini not as much, but their output far exceeded anything we thought possible.

    Can you see us piecing together such an efficient unit from what we have ?

  12. Bade


    I guess most of the Grovers on here weren’t even in progress back in 86′

    I was 11 & already a football freak. I even remember the 1982 WC, which was even more sensational. I remember crying my eyes out when Maradona got that red card after an unintentional foul on Oscar against Brazil in the QF (Or was it last 16?)…

    Oh, the memories

  13. Mayank


    Look at USA’s group, they’re comfortably above Costa Rica and Mexico. Both better teams than any in Belgium’s group apart from Croatia who’ve been a shambles.

    Most of USA is south American’s who’ve been trained in much better environments than anywhere in SA.

    I think(hope) this is a world cup that will be open and be won by attacking play rather than defensive performance. I stick by my choices.

  14. Bade

    There’s a hidden (Or not so hidden) contest between the two continents for the WC trophies. South America & Europe

    If I remember correctly the winners were as followed:

    30′ Uruguay
    34′ Italy
    38′ Italy
    50 Uruguay
    54′ West Germany
    58′ Brazil
    62′ Brazil
    66′ England
    70′ Brazil
    74′ West Germany
    78′ Argentina
    82′ Italy
    86′ Argentina
    90′ Germany
    94′ Brazil
    98′ France
    02′ Brazil
    06′ Italy
    10′ Spain

    Out of 19 tournaments, 9 won by South America & 10 by Europe

    Throughout the history of the WC, there never was a series of 3 wins ot national teams from the same continent. The most was 2 consecutive wins from the same continent in a row

    So this should be a South American winner. I’d go for Argentina because it’s the last chance where Messi can claim the win for himself. Can’t see him being that dominant when he’s 30′ + it’s the same age Maradona won his WC

  15. Mayank


    I agree with you about Bayern conquering the market. That’s why I always disagree with people comparing their wage bill to ours. Even Utd have a lower wagebill due to their historic clout.

    My point is Robben and Ribery aren’t exactly efficient players, however they’re the best players they have talentwise. Their next best player is a box to box player with immense experience. After that there’s Lahm who plays in the least important positions on the pitch and was their highest assist provider in the CL.

    I haven’t included Martinez because he was only added this year. And I don’t expect Arsenal to reach the level Bayern were this year by the end of next season.

    Look at our team, we have the two players you mentioned, Cazorla and Kos, who could go on to be the best players in their position next year in the PL. After that you have one of the most efficient wide striker in Walcott. Add Higuain and we have the most efficient forward two in the PL. Between Jack, Ramsey and Ox I fully expect one player to make the jump up to the next level.

    We still have gaping holes in MF and attack tactically but with the right buys we can make a team that would then only be a few players away from Bayern’s level this season.

  16. Bade

    Argentina has the most amazing attack

    They have a solid defence, but they struggle with midfield

    If they could duplicate Mascherano, then they might be in a better position. Banega can be very important for them

  17. Bade


    The WC was played differently then. Two group stages, when after the 2nd group stage you go straight to the Semi finals …. & it wasn’t intentional!!!!

  18. Keyser

    Mayank – I think you underestimate how good they were without Martinez, Gustavo, Schweinsteiger, Muller, is a balanced triumvirate, and they were efficient, they simply replaced Gustavo with someone more talented and added a fair amount of depth.

    Like us taking Flamini out and replacing him with Essien, or having Ribery as a sub for Hleb/Rosicky.

    Right now we don’t have the efficiency the template, we either buy players with specific skillsets that compensate for others or the harder option in buying players who are talented enough to hold their own regardless.

    Fellaini for me doesn’t really occupy either option.

  19. Kushagra

    WC 2014
    1. Spain
    2. Germany
    3. Argentina
    Dark horse: Belgium, Hollandr
    Spain & Germany at a different level to rest . France are shit..
    Spain just step up whenever they are threatened . They are now playing with much more freedom. Phenomenal Iniesta is key..

  20. WengerEagle

    Agree Bade, the attacking talent at Argentina’s disposal is frightening:

    Their midfield isn’t great but Macherano, Banega, Montillo, Biglia, Gago isn’t a bad CM to choose from.

    With Di Maria, Lamela, Salvio and Gaitan to choose from they have a very good selection of wingers as well.

    Campagnaro, Rojo, Collocini, Fernandez and Garay are good options at CB.

    Zabaleta aside though, fullbacks and gks are their major weaknesses.

    Still expect to see them in the final however

  21. Bade

    Yes, indeed it was the best Brazilian side of all times. Maybe only 2nd of the 70′ amazing side they had. Ridiculously sensational side that was. You should watch their games then. Absolutely brilliant magical stuff. I did & enjoyed every bit of it

  22. Bade


    Add Pastore to the mix as well. Their GK isn’t great but he’s good enough. Also the FB positions are well occupied. They defend well, and with the amazing attacking side, they don’t really have to do too much attacking missions. Leave that to Messi & friends.

    For me they’re favourites. Messia will be sensational then. Our Higs & Aguero will be dancing out there as well. It’s Argentina all the way. 3rd trophy & they can claim it for good if so. Only Brazil did that before.

  23. Mayank


    I might be underestimating them but the fact is we won’t be too far behind where they are if we do well in this window. Only problem is Chelsea and City have far higher potential if they get things right.

    Like I said, Walcott and Higuain are two of the most efficient strikers available right now. Cazorla and Kos should be able to provide more consistent performance next year. Mert might not be perfect but Dante isn’t all that he’s made out to be either. The difference between the two sides is that they have arguably the best midfield two(at least the most efficient) and their depth.

    Quality depth is not something a side like us can have, unless we start winning regularly, so that’s out.

    As for the CM pairing, I don’t rate Fellaini as high as some on here do but I do think he’ll give us a new dimension. Illaramendi or Gonalons might be a better fit but buying too many first team players from outside England might be a risk.

    I have a feeling that if we don’t capitalise this year we’ll be left way behind.

  24. Marko

    Sixxx Spurs can’t take their place absolutely no chance of that happening they’ll open one more spot from the qualifying rounds.

  25. WengerEagle


    That was 9 years ago you idiot and Ronaldo was denied a blatant penalty in that match so the decision evened itself out. Plus what does one game 9 years ago have to do with your view that Man United were favoured by referees in the 2011/12 season?

  26. Mayank

    “Lahm least important position ??”

    I don’t think the right back position is one that effects a teams position too much positively. A bad RB can hurt your chances but a great RB won’t lift the team’s standard as much as any of the forward or central players. Cafu might be an exception.

  27. Kushagra

    Jon C
    @Arselona Seen several tweets, even got a text saying it was all agreed but AW said no to the deal (wages)

    I hope it’s just scaremongering

  28. dialsquare


    That’s just an one example out of a hundred games i could give.
    The fact remains Ferdinand should have walked and Rooney should have been booked for diving.

  29. WengerEagle

    Forgot about Pastore, thought he looked fantastic against Barca in the champions league, a real talent.

    And Argentina were managed by Maradona in 2010 need I say more! If you actually bothered to watch them in the current qualifying campaign you could see they are a force to be reckoned with and are finally playing as a real team. Add in to the equation Higuain and Messi have been in sensational form for Argentina in the last 2 years and Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Lavezzi will all be at their peak age-speaking next summer

  30. Toli83

    Tevez to city looks done.

    With Juve out the picture I wonder if we can still fuck the Higuain deal up, Wenger must be plotting to screw this up one way or another.

  31. Dan Ahern

    Bade — Haha, I could scarcely walk in 1986. My earliest major WC memory was ’94. I was a big Italy fan then and was gutted when they lost to Brazil. Baggio, whhhhyyyyy??

    Mayank — USA does not possess the needed quality. Believe me, I wish they did. But it’s not gonna happen. And I don’t think they’ll get very far without a favourable group.

  32. salparadisenyc

    Plenty of time to fuck the Hig deal, means city are now ‘ officially ‘ in the market for a new #9?
    Pellegrini going back to the Madrid well and puttin a Mata over on us with Higuain?
    Quite possible unless wed up the ante with them, lets hope AW IG learned a lesson from that one.

  33. dialsquare


    You are stupid if you think Man Utd don’t get the rub of the green and all the 50/50 decisions.
    You must really live in an Eagle’s nest.

  34. Rohan

    France are always dangerous when no one expects it. Best team in 2006 world cup.
    If they can get it together , god knows they have the talent.

    If we can get 3 top class players, (like Roo, Hig,Fellaini and maybe a backup young defender and possibly a keeper), I definitely think we’re well in with a chance for the title.

    Definitely think Moyes will struggle with United next year. They’ll take a year or two to get back to

    Honestly, think we can challenge City, Pellegrini will need time to adapt to the league. And with improvements, I think we can more than take them on. Chelsea are worrying to an extent. Think Hazard will have a big season and Mourinho will shore up their defence. If they can get a top striker, they’ll be the ones to beat imo. The balls in Arsene’s court. If he does his business, we’ll have the best chance to challenge in years.

    We’ll have a proper squad, a good core of experienced players as well as young players.
    We got 73 points last season. With a better start which I’m sure we’ll have, we’ll get 80 points or so theoretically without any significant additions. That puts us bang in title challenging territory. If we can get a squad who does not have an inferiority complex against the big teams which people like Fellaini, and Higuain hopefully will give us, we have as good a shot as anyone.

  35. Brum Gooner

    Juventus have had a bid for Tevez Accepted that can only mean one thing……..HIGUIAN is a Gooooner!!!

  36. Gregg

    Hmm Higuain had a fantastic season for Madrid during Pellegrini’s season in charge. Don’t be surprised…………

  37. dialsquare

    Don’t let the 73pts throw you, in our last ten games we were playing Teams facing relegation and Teams with nothing to play for.
    Remember we only beat one Team in the top 6 all season and that was against a ten man Tottenham.

  38. Kushagra

    I believe we overachieved last season due to a pretty favourable run-in playing teams who had nothing to play for. Mostly played deep,got dominated in MF, scored flukey goals, . Our top six are pretty average except Caz who also isn’t a world beater . Need clever reinforcements .

  39. Rohan

    Don’t let the 73pts throw you, in our last ten games we were playing Teams facing relegation and Teams with nothing to play for.


    Yeah, my bad you’re right. We’re not going to face teams facing relegation next season.

  40. Keyser

    Mayank – In terms of Cazorla and Koscielny I mean’t players who’d fit in almost any team and are talented enough to get the best out of others.

    We don’t need a new dimension, that’s what Bayern added in Martinez, we don’t really have one to add to, we play a rigid pretty conservative defensive style or rely on a free for all. we sort out our midfield, with a relatively settled defence and then you can add attacking pieces.

    Robben and Ribery already offer more than someone like Walcott, and last year you finally saw Robben offer more in terms of his defensive side aswell, they aren’t as scattergun as you’d think.

    Higuain’s efficieny ? It doesn’t really mean much, it’s not like we’re looking for missing pieces to complete something we’re trying to find ways to get the pieces to fit together, we don’t sort that we will be left behind.

    It’s kind of what I mean’t about focal points, Fabregas isn’t a one man team, but we’d put enough players around him to get the best out of his style, or we’d elevate others to improve to that standard leaving enough of a base for it not to be completey disjointed if one element left.

  41. Mayank

    Us getting 85 points will be a 12 point jump and the 3rd highest in PL history for a top 6 side. That is the extent of my expectations. My hope is the other sides can’t get to that total.

  42. Brum Gooner

    Dial square

    Having Cazorla as our best player last season was not necessarily a bad thing, the season before you may say David silva was the outstanding player for city. Are there individual stats much different? doubt it. The difference is we won nothing and they won the title.

    I’ll ask you this, if Cazorla was at city this season, would he been their best player?

  43. Kushagra

    For eg Swansea pre COC & post COC were contrastingly different . Chavs & Spuds had a much tougher run in, Chelsea’s was horrendous in fact which Rafa handled pretty well .

    We struggled against a Manure side on a bender FFS…

  44. Keyser

    Heh, I kind of remember betting an elder cousin 50p against Dennmark winning the Euro’s, but USA94′ was the first real tournament I paid attention to, the classic interview ‘Soccer, is that the one you play with stick’s forever etched into my memory.

  45. Kushagra

    Three times, Arsenal have been good over the opening two-thirds of the campaign, then collapsed in the final three months. Another three times, it’s been the opposite. Why can’t Arsenal put together a good start and a good finish?

    On a similar note, it’s worth considering the apparently long-standing problems against other big sides. This season, Arsenal’s record against the sides battling for the top four places (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton) has been disastrous — seven points from 10 matches. The only victory was achieved at home to a Spurs side forced to play for 73 minutes following the dismissal of Emmanuel Adebayor.
    Next year if we again lack balance, we may score & concede the most still finishing near about 75 points..

  46. mahessar


    I think Arsene is building that way, I can see him going for a winger and Fabregas next summer with a CB.

    Striker, DM, 4th choice CB and probably goalie this summer.

  47. Kushagra

    “Sunday’s draw against Manchester United was another example of Arsenal fixing one thing, then suffered when it came to their previous strong suit. All season they had started poorly at home, with various senior players attempting to find an explanation. Thomas Vermaelen said they tried to assess the opposition’s strategy before the starting to play their own game, while Mikel Arteta believed they gave the opposition too much respect.

    However, Arsenal dominated second halves — they’d played brilliantly after the break at the Emirates against Newcastle, Liverpool and West Ham in particular.

    And then, when they finally started well, against Manchester United — going ahead after two minutes and dominating the first 15 with intense pressure all over the pitch, they ended up tamely fading from the game, and were slightly fortunate not to lose.

    Identifying Arsenal’s specific problem is a frustrating experience — they solve one issue, then simultaneously create another. It’s easy to paint Arsenal’s problems as being consistent over a number of seasons, but that’s not necessarily a fair reflection of their Emirates era.

    Some suggest Wenger has underachieved in not winning the title for nine reasons, others marvel at his record of qualifying for the Champions League every season throughout that period. Realistically, the two views are both entirely reasonable — Arsenal should have won the league at least once in the three seasons they put up a serious challenge, and they’ve done well to finish in the top four on another three occasions.

    In terms of their performance over the course of the season, and their performance against big sides compared to smaller sides, Arsenal’s problem is that they don’t have a consistent problem. It’s easier to make steps to fix a long-standing issue than it is to predict what their weakness will be in 2013-14.”

  48. mahessar

    I am starting to get genuinely worried about Higuain deal now. City have offloaded two strikers without a replacement, they can just go to Madrid, offer them 30m, offer Higauin 170K and get the deal done in an hour.

  49. sam

    Glad to see Higuain hypes dying down,
    Higuain and Rooney should stay away from our club
    to compete with man u and real you have to buy the best not their fucking cast-offs.
    some people are so desperate for so called big name they really believe Higuain is worth 22 millions. ha ha try 10 millions, I know even juve won’t pay that, the french fox definately not. maybe anzi makalakala or one of them russian club will throw bags of rubbles at the madrid mob.

  50. Keyser

    That’s almost it, we started off well because we’d had our gameplan set, we were simply letting players adjust to it, it faded as we got injuries and because of a lack of depth.

    We’re doing the opposite now trying to find a gameplan to suit the players we have, we struggle to begin with, hoping for the players to settle, when they don’t we revert to a more pragmatic approach almost out of neccessity.

  51. LeMassiveCoq

    @Marko 20.03

    “Sky reporting Juve agree fee for Tevez. Higuain is ours it seems”


    or Pellegrini will decide he wants Higuain to replace him seeing as Falcao has gone to Monaco and it seems Cavani is on his way to the chavs…..

    please no.

  52. sam


    30 millions for a benchwarmer?
    anyway, this is all false rumours. I don’t think wenger is really looking for a striker.
    just media and grovers running with the story.
    maybe Jorge Higuain is talking to russian team that can offer them outrageous amount of rubbles.
    30 millions we will bid for someone who at least played for fucking football last season not a fucking cast-off.

  53. sam

    Higuain sounds like sahin, cousin of ricardo alvarez, nephew of sebastian veron
    friend of Julio battista.

    flop flop flop flop flop flop!!!!!

  54. Mayank

    sam, have you made a script/program to type out the same 3 opinions in different wordings everyday? Or do you actually take the time out to write them out each time. Impressed if it’s the former, concerned if it’s the latter.

  55. Cowleygooner

    Can someone explain how every other team seems to be signing players except us. Tevez to Juve surely means we get Higuain??

    Rumours are Fellaini deal was done but Wanker baulked at wage demand.
    Don’t mind getting 140K a week for himself though for doing fuck all.

    Im starting to get a bit pissed off at how tedious this is all getting. wtf is going on???

  56. kwik fit

    The Fellani wage’s demands is bullshit IMO. If were prepared to give him 80k pweek for four years and pay a fee of 22m , then wtf would we not pay an extra 20k per week. 100k per week plus fee is approx 43m (50m euro), while 80k per week plus signing on is 39m (44meuro). Difference is only 4m million over 4 years or 7.5 % . Bullshit journalism.

  57. Maciek

    Tevez to Juve means that Higuain is going to City. You can bet everything on it.

    Every team seams to wrap up their deals quickly and we are just plain useless. Since Dein departure we can’t sign quality players. We are a joke.

    We have wasted precious time and now City will punish us.

    Rest assure that tomorrow you will read about City outbidding us and come Friday they will probably seal the deal.

    I hate the way we are doing our transfer negotiations. We are a joke.

    Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic, Hummels?

    LOL. Theyt are too good to play for this joke of a Club.

    A joke, even Spurs can get quality player in Paulinhio. A joke!

  58. kwik fit

    Dick ‘bad boy’ Law can actually speak Spanish and Portuguese apparently. Unfortunately he’s not that good at negotiating it seems. Come on Dicky drive those deals through FFS!

  59. LeMassiveCoq

    I predict…

    Cavani to Chavs
    Tevez to Juve
    Higuain to city (bet Aguero is a big factor in this)
    Suarez to RM
    Rooney to Barca

    Demba Ba (gulp)

    unless Jovetic goes to city (rumoured)…then we might get the Hig..

  60. salparadisenyc

    While we can still dream.. GET IT DONE>

    This side competes, balanced and built around a young Cesc in Alcantara, we made inquires last summer lets pull a fast one on United. Plus Barca have outstanding balance for Cesc and Song.


    Sagna___ Mert__Kozzer___Monreal


    ______ Alcantara_______

    ____ Walcott___ Higuain__

    Subs: Arteta, Podolski, Giroud, Ox, Verm, Rosiky, Sczez, Gibbs, Jenks depending on fitness of others.

    Sell: Gervinho, Ramsay, Djourou, Bendy, Chamakh , Mannone and release About D..

    Buy 4th choice CB

  61. BillikenGooner

    Do we have another, “I couldn’t find value for price in this inflated market.” explanation coming again?

  62. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Fuck our negotiation team is completely incompetent. If I was this bad at my job I would have been sacked by now…

    We penny-pinch, we umm, we ahhh, we wait and we routinely get butt fucked by the rest of the prem.


  63. Marko

    So it’s reported that we were the favourites to sign him and Juve were interested in him too and his father said we both had offers in. And now Juve are signing Tevez and out the blue cause some people are just negative thicks constantly we’re not gonna get Higuain but City will. Eventhough there’s nothing to suggest they’re even interested. Ok

  64. Kempster

    Why beat the club up over Mingolet. Seriously? If he’s gone to Liverpool it means we weren’t in for him, not that we’ve missed out/been trumped. And while he seems decent-ish, he doesn’t seem like the second coming of Buffon or anything. He’s certainly got used to picking the ball out of his net over the last couple of years

  65. Brum Gooner

    The major problem last season was in waiting for teams to make a impact, assess it and try and play to win. A lot of that comes with a confidence to dominate games from the start. Since losing Cesc we have been unable to hold the ball and move it with fluidity and conviction on a regular basis, that’s why a lot of our games in previous years were completely different, we expressed our quality dominating 60- 70% possession. We didn’t lack quality we lacked depth in our squad so when we missed two or three we lacked belief to see things through

    It was obvious to see more obvious last year because when we beat up we gave them a hiding, ( like 2005) ! Purely confidence based play. Towards the end of the season the players gained belief and allowed the quality to come through. What we lack now is enough belief to dominate big games when we have something to for.

    Top, Top Quality needed

    I agree with Wenger that the overall squad mentality is better than I’ve seen it since 2006. What we need is Top quality to re-enforce the belief when it matter WE Believe not hope. That’s why signing proven talent is the Key to add to the belief to the players we’re serious title contenders. Players will be buzzing if they see Hig, Felliani , Williams at training and so will the fans.

    Emirates will be buzzing!

    With proven talent coming in, a good start will put us right in the mix for silverware. The free flowing confident football may yet once return.

    I love Arsenal FC, and so do most people on here so lets just try and stop bitching like chavs and enjoy we the fact are are about to announce our biggest signing since 2001 and most important since 1995.

  66. Rohan

    Cesc just started scoring goals suddenly in 07/08. Before that, that was his main weakness. (Scored 3,4,5 goals before that). In 07, he was 20 or so, the same age as Jack when his goal scoring game exploded.

    I fancy the same thing to happen with Aaron and Jack in the next couple years. or so Probably not to the same extent of course, but the goals will come I’m sure.

  67. sam

    Dudes I am not against Higuain coming to arsenal, I just feel we are being mugged by madrid.
    I don’t believe he’s worth 22 millions thats all.

  68. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Brum Gooner – cesc started his ‘magic’ and we’ve won nothing since. So it’s hardly like we dominated prem with him in team.

    Watch reruns of the old arsenal, we didn’t “hold the ball”, we broke with devastating pace and power, and skill.

    Tippi tappi shite killed his club.

  69. Ramsey's backpass


    is mignolet better than szczesny? Answer is yesssssssss

    Lloris that went to the spuds,is he better than szczesny? Yesssssss,he is better

    am believing you said the same thing when vertoghen join the spuds?

    Just because they did not join us makes them an average player

  70. Johnty79

    Rumours r higuains dad is talking to city. How funny it is you all look like a complete buch of twatts now. Where your higuain gone you idiots……benteke anyone I suggested he was the better option.

  71. sam

    more doubts when you think of it
    why did we let van persie go for the same amount?
    It looks really daft to me

  72. sam


    If wenger calls benteke he will pack his bags without asking permission from his dad.
    he’s not world class but we can make him one.

    benteke+ fellaini + a good winger we will have strong team

  73. Campbell

    Dick Laws negotiation skills are painfully bad. The mans almost got free reign to “go and f*cking bring him back” with American Express black card and he’s still struggling. Incompetent Toby!

  74. dialsquare

    Henry was never World Class he was a very good player but never World Class.
    A World Class player would have buried those chances presented to Henry in the 2006 Champions League Final.

  75. kwik fit

    Hig guin in, Hig guin out…. in, out …..shake it all about , you do the hokey pokey and you turn around and that’s what its all about!!!.
    Ohhhhh Hokey Pokey…

  76. Toli83

    I’d imagine Dick Law is checked into a nice little villa somewhere and has a guided tour of Madrid booked in the morning, followed by a dip in the pool then a nice massage followed by spot of clothes shopping in town .

    All this while Higuain is agreeing a deal with cities representative less than a mile away..

    We really are ran by a bunch of fucking morons.

    Don’t worry though we’ve landed someone who nearly quit football to be a postman last year – nice one.