Fellaini salary demands are a disgraceful surprise | Sanogo banging them in | Err, The Hig close?

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The deal is nearing completion. What? No I didn’t say that yesterday. Oh, I did. And the day before? Oh right. I did.

Well today, things are different because Jeremy Wilson is saying it and he’s added a few interesting reasons as to why. The deal Madrid have struck for Isco means they won’t bid for Bale… Which means they’ll want to recoup some cash and sell us The Hig. It also throws out the interesting prospect of Ozil being surplus to requirements. A player I like a lot…

Anyway, stories about both Juve and Arsenal agreeing terms with The Hig went around the web yesterday. I can’t understand how you can agree to join both teams? Surely you have a preference and you push for whatever that is? Surely his agents haven’t got him the same deal with both clubs? Just another bluster comment I feel…

On the kids front, Sanogo fired in a penalty against the US to take his tournament tally in the U20s to two. Mega eh? He’s playing in the same side as Paul Pogba, which really was surprising. If he were English we’d have him in our first team. Back to Sanogo, he looks like Adebayor and plays in a similar way. He’s a bit clumsy on the ball, powerful, fast and a hard worker. He has the raw ingredients there to be a nuisance. But please… don’t hail him yet. Plenty of Arsenal fans made that mistake after a preseason goal from Gervinho. This guy is a kid… He comes with a reputation largely inflated by people who pretend they watched him multiple times when he was playing his handful of games for Auxerre.

Please… no one watches Ligue Two football. They don’t even have TV cameras.

Think Wellington, Sunu, Barazite and Miyachi… that’s right, let the excitement deflate. Give him a chance. Let time take its course and keep them crossed he makes something of himself.

The Mail are saying Arsenal are scared of Fellaini’s wage demands. He wants £100k a week. Would that come as a surprise? Would you have to ask his agents what he wanted? I could have told Dick Law that. So again, it feels like a story made for clicks. The same paper 3 days ago reported we were happy to pay Wayne Rooney £225k a week… and that we wanted to sign Lars Bender, Gundogan and The Hig. Now they’re saying we’re scared of a £100k a week salary?

Do me a god damn favour will you? Yah, literally. I’m serious.

I can’t find much else on the web to talk about. I’m in Croatia this week on an invite from Davor Suker… I’ll let you know what he wants. Until tomorrow!

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    You all have not caught on yet,AW is sticking with Giroud and Sanogo will be the plan B ,also with Diaby coming back Fellaini is highly doubtful at 100k.

    Why read when you can drive a bulldozer between the lines.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    Wenger actually likes his wide midfielders to come inside so the fullbacks can overlap. We could play Rooney behind Higuain, Cazorla wide, with Wilshere and Fellaini (or alternative DM) sitting behind Rooney.

    Rooney not joining isn’t about him not wanting to change formation, it’ll be about money and concerns over his personality, fitness and future ability.

  3. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    He cant change to 4-4-2, we have no Wingers.

    Hes not gonna sign 2 Wingers, in addition to Rooney, Higuain, Fellaini, CB etc.

  4. Ash79

    Nasri we have no proper wingers, no way can he change formation. It’s just anotherreason why the Rooney stuff is just cack..

  5. tom

    i can bet anyone £1000 that jack wilshere wont score 10 goals next season?£500 he wont get 10 goal assiast? £400 he wont get 10 shots on target? so who wants to bet me?

  6. Ash79

    How much say does Carlo actually have? Could have been blag to buy time and invite more suitors. We know in La liga that the top two transfer dealings are dealt at a level higher than the manager. If Real wana sell Hig, fuck all Carlo can do…plus did Carlo say he wants to sign Isco?

  7. WengerEagle


    I actually agree. Wilshere needs to massively improve his shooting/passing in the final third of the pitch to be an influential player for us next season

  8. tom

    i think when fit rosicky is a much better player then wilshere and hes 10 years older. watch the team play when rosicky plays and see how they play when wilshere is on? we need a younger rosicky in the team.

  9. tom

    by the way im not jokeing i wel bet anyone £1000 that jack wilshere wont score 10goals next season? someone with jack skills it should be easy to score 10 with chance that arsenal make

  10. WengerEagle

    Leedsgunner June 25, 2013 12:34:00

    We were promised an exciting summer by Gazidas… well? If he has a lady man do I feel sorry for her! He must disappoint time after time.

    lmao I’m sure he still convinces her to renew her wedding vows/season ticket

  11. dialsquare

    What jokers believe that signing Higuain and Fellaini will improve Arsenal sufficiently to finish above the perennial battle for 4th place.
    Higuain isn’t as technical and skillful as Bergkamp and he hasn’t the pace of an Henry.
    Unless Arsenal sign 4 top quality players the Trophy drought will continue.

  12. TitsMcgee

    Yea if you think Walcott is better than Bale it says one of two things about you:

    a) Your opinion on anything football related is questionable


    b) You are incapable of separating yourself from your emotions.

    I DO THINK we are in it for Higuain but I WILL NOT be surprised at all if it gets scuppered and we’re left signing Loic Remy.

    If we miss out again on a player we wanted then mercy mercy me.

  13. Nemesis.


    a goalscorer
    a midfield hatchetman

    will improve us .

    With the loss of fergie united will suffer.

    But we need more.

  14. stevek1886

    Ljungberg and Pires weren’t exactly what you’d call conventional wingers and they did alright playing wide in a 4-4-2!

    As for Jacks goals tally, it took Cesc a while to develop that part of his game and he wasn’t held back with injury the same way Jack has!

  15. Nemesis.

    We sign higuain,felaini and its not enough(any player better than what we have will improve us.)


  16. TOLI83

    As I said yesterday, backed up by Pedro today… How has he got away with agreeing terms with two clubs? Says yes to us and then to Juve as well.

    When I get married I wont be accepting my other half been engaged to me and to someone else as well then judging who is better.

    Jumped up little twat. He’s got off on the wrong foot with me.

  17. Tigerz67

    Re Higuain, wishy washy Real are starting to wonder if they are losing a real gem to Arsenal or Juve. Hence they want to talk it over with Carlo.

  18. vicky

    I have said it earlier and will repeat :

    AW is not the kind of man who will spend 120m in one window and get 5-6 top players that we need to close the gap between us and other top teams.

    The best we can hope for is two back to back great transfer windows.

    Say Higuain,Fellaini and an AM this season for an outlay of 60-62m.

    And a top class CB,a top GK, a RB and a Winger for another 60m next season.

    This is the most likely way of strengthening IF and a big IF AW is really serious about again start competing.

  19. Kwik fit

    Quote of the week;

    Tony Pulis “I’ve got nothing against foreign managers, they are very nice people. Apart from Arsene Wenger”

  20. bt_gooner

    Y’all are mental saying we have no wingers. Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlin, Miyachi, Arshavin, and as of late Podolski and Carzorla have been playing out wide.

    We need a proven forward, another defender, and another holding midfielder. Fellani is not the answer though. He is terrible with the ball and gives it away too easy. He is aggressive which we need but he cannot control his attitude and that costs him a lot of suspensions which is the last thing we need, another player missing a match.

  21. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I think the Higuain agreeing terms with clubs means he has seen both packages on offer and would be willing to accept either of them, not that he has agreed to sign for both. Real will sell him to the highest bidder.

  22. gats

    Wengers a cunt, he wont be signing anyone of note trust me. This shit happens every summer, and what he ends up doping is signing a fuckload of shite youngsters and thens ends up loaning them out for 10 years. I hate wenger.

  23. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    We have no-one that can play wide in a 4-4-2 then.

    Cazorla & Ox, fair enough.

    However Ox isnt first team material yet, and we would need 4 wide AMs.

    Also we would have Giroud, Rooney, Podolski, Gervinho, Higuain, Chamakh, Walcott playing for 4 positions, so we would need to sell 3.

    Changing to 4-4-2 just isnt gonna happen that quickly, it would take a few seasons.

  24. lord snotty

    £100,000 per week is not excessive wages for a player of Fellaini’s quality. Considering that we have been paying £60 or £70 k for absolute dross. SIGN HIM WENGER, WTF are you waiting for?

  25. AC Gooner


    Gervinho and Chamakh maybe off this summer

    if we get Hig and Rooney (you had him in there), then we can ditch Giroud too.

    Thats space for some nifty wingers who can actually cross the ball and defend a bit.

  26. Evan

    Higuain, Benteke, Felliani, Arfa and some GK, that would be a good summer. I have serious doubts in Arsene and the board though, I would gladly accept a face palm if they grow a pair of bollox and make it happen

  27. vicky

    This team could have played in a 4-4-2 formation.





  28. mahessar

    Don’t people know managers have nothing to say when it comes to transfers at Madrid?

    Khedira was the only Jose buy, rest were all Perez buys.

  29. mahessar

    I think we would continue with 4-2-3-1 this season as well, changing to maybe 4-1-3-2 when we are trailing, we don’t have the players for 4-4-2
    I don’t think even Higuain and Giroud can play up on top, Theo isn’t for that. Cazorla and Arteta are our only two players who will be able to play in a 4-4-2



    Sagna – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Monreal

    Fellaini – Arteta

    Theo – Cazorla – LW




    Carl Jenkinson – Vermalaen – CB – Gibbs

    Ramsey/Coquelin – Wilshere


    OX – Giroud – Podolski

    Ship off Gervinho, Santos, Djorou, Diaby, Frimpong and sign two squad players to replace them.

  30. sam

    vicky you are living in dreamland

    try higuain on the bench and Giroud starting it will make more sense
    everything gone quiet I doubt we are still talking to him.
    Wenger is happy with his strikers thats the truth, maybe thats why he doesn’t wanna pay big money for higuain.
    maybe he’s just considering him as a squad player more like arshavin replacement.

  31. Vish

    There’s a lot of talk about this £70million kitty, but as far as I’m concerned it could be £170 mill and it makes no difference what so ever-we’re not going to spend it! We’ve been in a position to invest and really push for the last couple of seasons and I don’t see how all of a sudden going to change. Didn’t Glazidias just say a few months ago that we’re looking at two more years before things really change. The only people that will continue to fruit the rewards are the ones who own (Kroenke) and control the club (Glazidias, wenger et al). It is no coincidence that we’ve ended up with an owner who cares nothing for the game, a manager who conducts his own self review and gets judged on year end profits and a CEO who gets remuneration increases for delivering operating losses. Pathetic!

    How any organization that relies so heavily upon membership can operate with such little accountability is beyond belief. It’s been doing this for years now, and if this isn’t proof that the fans are regarded as secondary stakeholders then I don’t know what is. Listen, nothing’s going to change. We’ll be told that there was a shortage of great players around and how brilliant the existing squad is, in which time Glazadias, Wenger and Kroenke will derive further increases to their wealth.

  32. N5

    sam stop talking such shit, you have no idea what Wengers preference is or what he is wanting to spend or who’s doing what in Madrid.

    You make all your comments like they are fact but they are absolute nonsense, just wait and see what happens at Madrid.

  33. Johnty79

    I put it to all those on hear who follow wenger blindly…if we fail to sign higuain and Felaini will you all still follow wenger blindly. I think dejavu with these signings. We won’t sign them. Your blind faith has even wore down the once frequent Gambon who’s post are becoming more infrequent. Another disappointment next season.

  34. AndAPrayer

    I’m a bit confused that the same people in the comments who claim we never buy anyone of note complain bitterly when we sell all our players of note – surely you can’t have it both ways or are you accepting that project youth is working and the issue has been they haven’t all come to the fore at the same time?

  35. salparadisenyc

    Poker time here at the Arsenal, lets see if Wenger and Gazidas have the sand to up the ante when the time comes with Juve and Higuain. One would think we’ve more in the tank than the Agnelli’s.
    Think the idea that Ozil is surplus to requirements is wide of the mark, can’t see him not in Madrid’s starting XI, standout performer last season. If they bring Cavani in with Isco that could be a very dangerous proposition.

    The Fellaini rumor feels cheap enough to be about right!

  36. arsenal tom

    Wenger doesn’t want to spend big on Higuain?

    But in the same paragraph you then say he see’s him as a Arshavin replacement (which is too ridiculous to address) so he does want him?

    your a maniac mate

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    @Guns of Brixton

    If the quotes are true, (and it’s not just to save face) it’s Higuian’s choice to leave this summer, not the clubs, so we probably couldn’t have got him last summer

  38. TitsMcgee

    Higuain has a say in where he goes too doesn’t he?

    They can’t sell him to Juve if he doesn’t want to go there.

    Not saying he doesn’t but it’s all up to Madrid. He has a say too.

    That’s where the “agreed terms” thing comes into play.

    If Juve and us offer same wages it then comes down to the transfer fee and who is willing to pay the most.

    That makes me nervous.

  39. mahessar

    Arsenal Tom

    I am not the biggest Arsene fan but you can’t deny Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and now hopefully Higuain have signed because of Arsene.

  40. salparadisenyc

    arsenal tom

    Wenger may be an absolute cunt for us the supporters, but I do think many, many players have big respect for him. Especially of Higuain’s and Benteke’s age bracket. Wenger was in his pomp of total football with Bergkamp and Henry when these guys were 12-15, that does not get forgotten.

  41. jani


    Exactly, it always amazes me that people talk about selling players to the higest bidder etc etc as though the player has no say. They technically cannot force him to Juventus if he doesn’t want to go, of course they can use leverage like say he will rot in the reserves (in a world cup year) if he doesn’t go to Juventus (assuming for arguments sake they are the highest bidder). However, if the numbers are close (which I suspect they are) and assuming that Madrid have made up their mind that they want rid of him, then it really comes down to where Higuain want to play more than any other factor.

  42. Dan Ahern

    arsenal tom — I bet AW would do a great job with Higuaín. I hope it’ll encourage Giroud to step his game up as well.

  43. Radio Raheem

    Surely dislodging Giroud is ‘8X’ easier than Llorente. Yeah Higuain will choose Arsenal. I just hope this delay will not be used as excuse for not making the 2 other signings.

  44. Keyser

    “I just hope this delay will not be used as excuse for not making the 2 other signings.”

    RR – The two midfielders we actually need, surely you don’t mean Rooney and Fellaini ?

  45. Radio Raheem


    Lol. I’m not a fan of Felaini’s as you know. I think Ornstein mentioned a creative mid and a defensive one. I like Rooney but signing Higuain blows that out of water.

    I’m bored of it all to be honest. What is less boring is how creative Le Grove posters are. They can say the same things in different ways keeping the same topic/debates going ad infinitum. Don’t worry I’m just as guilty.

  46. N5

    I’m bored of it all to be honest. What is less boring is how creative Le Grove posters are. They can say the same things in different ways keeping the same topic/debates going ad infinitum. Don’t worry I’m just as guilty.

    Never a truer word said!

  47. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – That’s all I wanted really, a more mobile midfield or a properly defined one and we can have some consistentcy in midfield and more freedom for Cazorla, Podolski, Theo, Ox whoever to express themselves.

    I really worry for people who not only think we’ve tied up a record breaking deal for Higuain, but are somehow confident of us signing Rooney/ Fellaini/ both.

    We’re usually quiet when it comes to signing deals, but there’s always been a sly comment, mention of the player somewhere ? Or maybe I’m remembering wrong ?

    I’m not really confident at all, maybe just not wanting to be dissapointed.

  48. Charles

    Fellaini really isn’t a DMF … for Everton he usually plays the position that Cazorla played at the start of the season.

    Also Wenger isn’t going to change, Gibbs, Mert, Kos, Sagna, Arteta or Ramsey after 4 goals conceded in 10 games.

    most likely is we sign Fellaini, Higuain and cesar.

    That would make a first team of:

    Bench from: oxo,wilshere,scsz, giroud,pod,verm, jenks, monreal, rosicky, gervinho

    With Wenger at the helm it won’t get any better than that for next season.

  49. Josip Skoblar

    Monaco, the new PSG or the… old Porto. So far they have signed:
    – James Rodriguez
    – Joao Moutinho
    – Radamel Falcao
    – Ricardo Carvalho
    They are now closing on Fredy Guarin (Inter Milan) and also Capoue, although it’s not a done deal yet. What a team!

  50. Radio Raheem


    In the current market we can actually get the player you described for less than the sacred £15m.

    I blame Ivan ‘…escalation of firepower’ Gazidis for raising people’s hopes knowing we’d only be breaking our record spend only once this window.

  51. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – I dunno, I’m repeating myself now, we’ve got no real focal point, no-one to build the team around, and I wouldn’t build it around any of the 3 mentioned either, unless we find someone with a very specific skillset, I’m struggling to see how it’ll all come together next year.

  52. leon

    You chelsea have already bought two top class players same city what is wenger and the board doing flapping there gums.if you are serious as you claim to be put down the money buy the top players.sorry i just think they are talking far to much and need to start buying

  53. paul mc daid

    Missing Dein when it comes to pulling the trigger,used to be so exciting when we signed players,nowadays we have to have the patience of Joeb.

  54. LeMassiveCoq

    IG – “Arsene, Ancelloti has been installed as the manager of Real Madrid from today, shall we go ahead and finalize the offer for Gonzalo Higuain?”

    AW- “What is ze current uufer from Juve Ivan?”

    IG – “As far as we understand it is for 25 million Euros and wages of £150,000 per week”

    AW – “OK, offer them Chamaqk and 15million Euros with a starting wage of £130,000 per week.”

    IG – “Sorry to inform you Arsene, he’s just been sold to Man City who have offered 28 million and 170,000 per week”

    AW – “Good, good, now we can press ahead with the signing of Mashabooka Moomahatmahoohoo from Burkina Fasso”

    IG- “……”

  55. Keyser

    I don’t mind soo much about the title, the odds are stacked heavily against us, just a free flowing team like from a couple of years ago, where you can see some sort of offensive gameplan.

  56. salparadisenyc

    RR and Keyser

    I think Fellaini could do the job for us, if we use him in the way Bayern have Javi Martinez, the single best signing of last summer IMO. A player without weakness, made Bayern more balanced and better from the back; the cog Bayern lacked in their spine the previous season, was instrumental against Barca.
    Fellaini can close the space between attack and defense giving us that balance we lack.
    Agreed we have a gap on the attack that needs to be addressed, we need a conductor to complete the midfield Gotze will be huge for them.

  57. Mayank

    Out of curiosity, which player was Bayern built around?

    I don’t think building teams around players is the only way to win. Sure Real and Barca are built around single players but there have been CL champions who have had a great team working in unison rather than one player that sticks out.

    I’d say fergie has made 3 PL winning sides and 1 CL winning side that was full of great players and not centred around one world class player.

    Even out 07/08 side that came so close has quality across the field. Fabregas on that season was really not much better than Cazorla this year. Though he had much more potential.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    £100 000 a week for Fellaini is fair.

    He’s already on £70 000 a week at Everton.

    So do you offer, £80 000 or £90 000 if you think £100 000 is excessive….what’s the difference really?

    You paid Arshavin £90 000 all last season to sit on his arse, Chamakh £75 000, Djourou £55 000, Diaby £60 000 so on and so on

    This will confirm what a lot of people think that Arsenal are all talk again…if you were serious about competing, having upwards of £100 Million to spend then £100 000 wouldn’t be worth considering.

    Again it’s Wenger wanting a player, but deciding he’s worth £15 Million and £60 000 a week.

    Funny how his radar is off with paying top talent what they are owed AND with paying dross what they should get.

    Fellaini right now is on the same money as Gervinho.

    For a club obsessed with value for money we ain’t half hypocritical

  59. Mayank

    I can’t believe people are still arguing about what we should pay Fellaini.

    Firstly, who the fuck even knows if were in for him let alone the story that we’re stalling on wages. Secondly, negotiations are about just that negotiation. You say that Fellaini at 100k over five years represents value. How do you decide that. If he’s a flop he’ll be as hard to get rid of as Arsh or Chamakh if he’s a hit he’ll ask for more.

    If we pay him ~70K plus performance/appearance bonuses it’s good for both parties. If he becomes a regular fixture, he earn a decen amount which he’ll be in a strong position to negotiate in two years if he doesn’t we don’t have a player on our books who’s unsellable because of his wages.

  60. Dan Ahern

    “salparadisenyc June 25, 2013 17:12:47
    RR and Keyser I think Fellaini could do the job for us, if we use him in the way Bayern have Javi Martinez, the single best signing of last summer IMO.”

    Yes, totally agree with this. He is a great presence to anchor midfield.
    £100,000k pw for Fellaini isn’t excessive. We’re talking about a player who will start every match so long as he’s fit. He’s like Diaby: first name on the team sheet. 😉
    Negotiate, sure. But if he’s the player you want, be ready and willing to go up to 100.

  61. Nasri's Mouth


    I think you can build a team around a player if

    a) that player is exceptional
    b) he’s a creative player
    c) the team isn’t full of players of a similar level

  62. WengerEagle

    Seeing as how it’s International week with the Confederations Cup in full swing, what are peoples predictions for next summers World Cup? 5 Most likely winners and 5 dark horses

    Mine in order of likelihood would be-

    1) Germany
    2) Argentina
    3) Spain
    4) Brazil
    5) Netherlands

    Dark Horses:
    1) Belgium
    2) Japan
    3) Columbia
    4) Croatia
    5) Bosnia

    Also top scorer of the tournament, player of the tournament, young player of the tournament and surprise player of the tournament

  63. Radio Raheem

    I agree with the notion that you needn’t build a team around a particular player. But I think NM has got it spot on with his implied proviso i.e. most of the team are of good quality if not exceptional. Where most of the squad are OK to average then you might require 2 or 3 exceptional players to compensate.

  64. mahessar

    World Cup Winners:


    Dark Horses


    Player of tournament – Probably from the Spanish NT
    Young player – Gotze

  65. Radio Raheem


    Maybe I haven’t watched Fellaini enough. And I hope you guys are right if we do eventually sign him. But from what I have seen of him I cannot envisage him having the sort of influence Martinez has had for Bayern. I think Diame and Sissoko possess more subtelty, mobility and explosiveness in their play than Fellaini. Whether they are overall better players is another question. Left to me I’ll pick those two first.

  66. dialsquare


    Man Utd v Fulham at Old Trafford 2011-12
    Fulham were denied by a referee a last minute stonewall penalty which would have salvaged a draw.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Who can predict the soon to come diaby quote that he is rarin to start his season , all the injuries are behind him, he feels stronger than ever?

    I say november

  68. Dannyboy

    RR, players like Martinez and someone like Busquets for example are quite unique in the game, as they don’t particularly possess any stand out abilities, i.e they aren’t big/strong/pacey.
    But they are both marvellous at reading the game. Can Fellaini play that sort of role? I’m skeptical but I’m not going to say that he can’t. I’d be delighted if we sign him!
    Certainly more so than I would be than if we signed Mo Diame!

  69. Dannyboy

    Also, you can currently get a massive 28/1 on Paulinho to go to Madrid… Spurs the 1/14 massive favourites but which of the two could you realistically see a player of that quality signing for?…

  70. dialsquare

    People are missing the point with Gervinho his unpredictable dribbling skills would be a useful tool in creating confusion in and around the opposition penalty area.

  71. Stan Donkey

    It really does amaze / sadden me when people present line ups that exclude Jack Wilshere! The kid is far and away the best player at the club.

    Yes, I know he has a lot of developing to do regarding his play making / goal scoring contribution to the team, but it took Cesc a few years to reach the level he is at now. I have no doubt Wenger will continue to build his team around Jack, which is probably why we won’t see a 442 any time soon.

    When Jovetic was being linked, I was hoping we might also sign two box to box midfielders to play alongside Jack, to provide the pace and physicality that is perhaps missing from his game.

    I was thinking a 4321 with the following MF:
    Schneiderlin – JW – Strootman
    Jovetic – Cazorla

    I picked Schneiderlin & Strootman for budgetary purposes, but would happily swap one for Fellaini!!

    The full-backs will continue to provide the width, with a solid midfield covering their forward forays.

    Even if AW sticks with 4231, I’d still like a new attacking MF, otherwise our best 3 are Ox, Jack & Santi. But that would require greater consistency from the Ox.

  72. Dan Ahern

    Improbably, Spain looks better than a year ago. I think they are best when they let Fabregas be free in midfield, and of course avoid Torres at all costs by having Soldado play the 9.

    Argentina and Holland don’t defend well enough to hold them off. Germany can come close to them, so maybe. Italy might give them some trouble with physical, disciplined tactics. But I think where they may be let down is up front, as Spain are better than ever playing out of the back. The best chance is to break on them after set pieces when Pique and Ramos are in the box (and Pique loves staying forward), and Alba and Arbeloa are covering the back.

  73. Dannyboy

    haha Marko, Brazil, widely considered the greatest footballing country in history, in their home world cup, and you have them as dark horses?

    Who’s your dark horse pick for the SPL next season pal, reckon Celtic have a decent chance? 😉

  74. Dan Ahern

    Stan — The trouble with Wilshere is he’s nearing perma-crock status. We have to be really careful not to ruin him. It’d be such a shame.
    Also he needs some more development time. As of now, he should split time with Ramsey at CM.

  75. Rohan

    Spain have had to go through penalty shootouts in both their Euro triumphs let’s not forget.

    Somehow I don’t think Germany will beat them. I fancy France surprising everyone.

  76. WengerEagle


    That’s one decision in a season. What about when Man City beat Tottenham 3-2 that season with Balotelli scoring the winner after stamping on Scott Parker? Or this season the penalty we won at a critical point in the season in the 86th minute at Home when we were losing 0-1 to Norwich and seriously struggling?

  77. salparadisenyc

    RohanJune 25, 2013 18:12:12
    Where is Thiago Alcantara going to play for Utd. Alongside Carrick?

    For me that’s an odd one, Alcantara seems a much better fit of us, i’d be surprised if we were not looking at him.

  78. WengerEagle

    It really does amaze / sadden me when people present line ups that exclude Jack Wilshere! The kid is far and away the best player at the club.

    eh have you not heard of Santi Cazorla?

  79. Goner Joe

    CA if your going to have a go at Wenger at least base it on facts and not some made up story about Fellaini. But in reality you’ll use any rubbish to put your anti Wenger point of view across which is totally out step with must Arsenal fans but your not on your own on this site.

  80. Stan Donkey


    Agreed, that’s why i want two next to him doing the running! He could rotate that role with the Ox.

    With some quality additions, the existing players will start to play better. Ramsey looked a player alongside Cesc & Nasri. Hell, we may even make Theo look good!!

  81. LeMassiveCoq


    Dark Horses: Belgium, USA

    Top Player: Neymar
    Young Player: Isco

  82. WengerEagle


    Of course every season United will get favourable decisions. But so do we, Man City, Chelsea,etc. We all will also get decisions against us on occasion over the course of a season. Your argument that only United get preferential treatment from Refs is bollocks

  83. Dan Ahern

    I feel like France are more past prestige than actual talent at this point. You always think of them as a big team but they’ve fallen off a bit. I dunno, just a feeling.

  84. WengerEagle

    Stan Donkey

    Don’t get me wrong I love Wilshere and think he has the potential to be a very good player someday, but to say he’s better than Cazorla is ridiculous. Santi is absolutely miles ahead in terms of efficiency/productivity and technical ability. Jack has a lot to learn and improve upon before he can be compared to Cazorla. That’s not to say he can’t do it