Fellaini salary demands are a disgraceful surprise | Sanogo banging them in | Err, The Hig close?

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The deal is nearing completion. What? No I didn’t say that yesterday. Oh, I did. And the day before? Oh right. I did.

Well today, things are different because Jeremy Wilson is saying it and he’s added a few interesting reasons as to why. The deal Madrid have struck for Isco means they won’t bid for Bale… Which means they’ll want to recoup some cash and sell us The Hig. It also throws out the interesting prospect of Ozil being surplus to requirements. A player I like a lot…

Anyway, stories about both Juve and Arsenal agreeing terms with The Hig went around the web yesterday. I can’t understand how you can agree to join both teams? Surely you have a preference and you push for whatever that is? Surely his agents haven’t got him the same deal with both clubs? Just another bluster comment I feel…

On the kids front, Sanogo fired in a penalty against the US to take his tournament tally in the U20s to two. Mega eh? He’s playing in the same side as Paul Pogba, which really was surprising. If he were English we’d have him in our first team. Back to Sanogo, he looks like Adebayor and plays in a similar way. He’s a bit clumsy on the ball, powerful, fast and a hard worker. He has the raw ingredients there to be a nuisance. But please… don’t hail him yet. Plenty of Arsenal fans made that mistake after a preseason goal from Gervinho. This guy is a kid… He comes with a reputation largely inflated by people who pretend they watched him multiple times when he was playing his handful of games for Auxerre.

Please… no one watches Ligue Two football. They don’t even have TV cameras.

Think Wellington, Sunu, Barazite and Miyachi… that’s right, let the excitement deflate. Give him a chance. Let time take its course and keep them crossed he makes something of himself.

The Mail are saying Arsenal are scared of Fellaini’s wage demands. He wants £100k a week. Would that come as a surprise? Would you have to ask his agents what he wanted? I could have told Dick Law that. So again, it feels like a story made for clicks. The same paper 3 days ago reported we were happy to pay Wayne Rooney £225k a week… and that we wanted to sign Lars Bender, Gundogan and The Hig. Now they’re saying we’re scared of a £100k a week salary?

Do me a god damn favour will you? Yah, literally. I’m serious.

I can’t find much else on the web to talk about. I’m in Croatia this week on an invite from Davor Suker… I’ll let you know what he wants. Until tomorrow!

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Mornin’ UK.

    You can agree personal terms with multiple teams; it doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to go to both. Madrid still own his contract after all, so they factor in where they will sell him. It’s good to agree terms ahead of time so whenever the club gives you the word, you’re good to go.

  2. Rohan

    I don’t usually like making comparisons with players, but Yaya Sanogo really is a young Adebayor.

    Adebayor really could’ve become an absolutely fearsome striker, better than Drogba even if he wasn’t a nutter and had an ego the size of Togo.

  3. peanuts&monkeys

    Neymar’s quality is scaring. When Messi finds back his form, Barca will be unplayable. This dude is good with a dead ball too. Man, how will you stop him?

    Seeing Neymar’s quality, Perez would be desperate for getting Bale. Only Bale + CR can help them stand up to Barca.

  4. EAMS

    £100K is reasonable. Very reasonable.

    And it doesn’t matter that Juve are back in for Higuain. If we have to we can pay a larger proportion of cash up front than the Italians. They don’t have anything near the liquidity that we have. That’s our advantage. (All things being equal.)

  5. Rohan

    jeez, calm down. He was anonymous throughout the games apart from popping up with the goals. Good goals I’ll admit . Not a fan of his allround play. His movement and passing can be better as well. That’ll improve at Barca I guess. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, but apart from someone who can do a couple tricks I honestly don’t see someone with the footballing intelligence required at the highest level. He’s 21 as well, not really young anymore, for a wide forward player anyway. He’ll have to start delivering straight away. Massive pressure on him.

    I think he’s definitely talented, but don’t think he is all that, pretty lazy as well. There’s a good chance he’ll end up as the next Robinho. Still a long way to go before he can influence games and threaten defenses consistently at the highest level.

    As for Bale , he is miles miles miles miles ahead of Neymar. As much as I hate to say it, he’s in the top 5 players in europe right now. Scary given how young he is. If I were him, I’d try and stay in the Premier League though.

  6. Ashwin Gunner

    Not getting too excited about Sanago. He can become a Henry or Bendtner. And of late Wenger’s choice of eyeing talented kids are not that great.

    I dont think Wenger is even interested in Fellani. Otherwise he would have made a bid for him right?? That’s what Ivan told us. We are only having problems with clubs who do not have managers. Apparently. Everton do have one now…

  7. El Tel

    Bale!! You compare Bale to Neymar,Messi and Ronaldo. On what basis?

    FFS Theo had equal stats to Monkey Boy last season, just because he is pleasing on the eye makes him better does it?

    Wow how some people jump on the love bandwagon for a player who is very good but far from great.

    I would like Ozil too Pedders. It ain’t happening though Mate. He will go to the Chavs probably.

    Pedro, I know you have compared Sanogo to those youngsters who failed bit he could also become another Anelka or dare I say it a Cesc. He is a typical Wenger unknown quantity.

    This Fellaini story is hanging around just like the Looney story. The thing is there is not many other teams connected to either except for us.

    I still think we could end up with Hig, Looney and Fellaini.

    We urgently need a top drawer keeper for next season too and a few squad players to replace those we have finally dumped.

    I fancy Pepe Reina coming if Pool have signed Mignolet or Valdes if Barca sign Reina. Both have a lot of experience which will help Chesser long term.

  8. El Tel


    I agree regarding Neymar but not about Bale.

    That is a massive statement saying he is top 5 in the World. Wow, how easy it is to say something like this.

    There are probably 20 players I would have before Bale, And NO, it is not because he is a Spud.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    The self-belief in the existing Arsenal squad has to be lifted. Apart from top-signings, the only other way is to change the manager. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen ever

  10. peanuts&monkeys

    If all that 70 Mill in bank is to be believed. Or, even if t was a half-truth (35 million), spending on Hig + Fellaini + a right back + GK can go miles to get fans backing the team. Currently, half of Arsenal fans don’t believe in the team at all…that collective backing of the team is critical. The mood in Emirates’ stands has started showing this.

  11. El Tel

    Better than Bale.

    The Traitor

  12. Rohan

    Bale would’ve scored 40+ goals if he were at Arsenal last year. He single-handedly dragged a team with major under-performing cogs. Top 5 might be a push, but I think you could make a very good argument. Definitely top 10.

    Bale scored 31 goals, Theo scored 20 also. I like Theo, but Bale is different class. Of course, you have to take into account that Spurs are built around him, but some of the goals he scored last season were absolutely ridiculous. Scored many an important goal. Big game player as well.

    Imagine Bale on our left side, wish we’d gotten Marko Reus instead of Podolski however more expensive it would’ve been. I’m sure we could’ve convinced him.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    sanogo is basically irrelevant at the moment. He’s not going to be playing in the first team to any significant degree next season, he’s just another of all those other youth players who might make it in a season or 3. let’s hope he does

  14. Rohan

    I think you could make a case for Bale being as good if not better for all those players you’ve listed bar Messi,Ronaldo,Iniesta, Schweinsteiger and for sentiment’s sake Cesc. Traitor maybe as well.

    Xavi’s a maybe. Legs have gone imo.

  15. Rohan

    Reckon we might have a tasty Carling Cup team next season. Always good nights they used to be. Enjoyed seeing that team with Jack, Aaron,Gibbs and Vela breaking through

  16. El Tel


    I think we have a decent team which is growing into a more resilient and hopefully more consistent side.

    We have some fantastic up and coming talent in the side Willshere,Walcott,Gibbs, The Ox, Jenks,along with some very good international players like Arteta,Cazorla,Podolski,Rosicky,BFG,Kosser,Sagna,Monreal,Vermaelen.

    Giroud did well for his first season and looked like a player the team missed when he was suspended. Our midfield did well with the Spaniards being over played due to injuries.

    If we can sort out the inconsistent players like Chesser, Vermaelen,Walcott and get rid of Diaby,Gervinhio and the other deadwood then we look like we are improving.

    In my opinion we are desperate for a good Keeper another striker (Higuain) and maybe two great midfielders plus a few back up players then we

  17. Rohan

    Don’t know what people want from Theo. He is good value for 20 goals and 15 odd assists. That’s the lower end of the going rate for someone that can do that.

    Better stats than Freddie Ljungberg let’s not forget
    He isn’t perfect, but he’s more than good enough to be part of a title-winning team imo.

  18. Rohan

    If Rooney shows up at the Arsenal, I’d be tempted to take a punt on England reaching the final of the world cup.

    That’s 4 of our players (Jack, Theo,Ox and Roo) who will be in England’s frontline after a whole season playing together and developing an understanding

  19. El Tel


    He wouldn’t have scored 40 goals for us last season. He might have got the same as he did for Spuds.

    Nobody has scored 40 goals in the Prem for a long time if at all.

    Sorry Mate but he is a good player but not that good. Where are you counting his 30 + goals from because I read somewhere that he got 1 more than Theo with less assists.

    As for those wonder goals he scored. Cazorla had a few of them too. He is a very good player who could possibly be a great. He had a fantastic season there is no doubting this but they didn’t get 4th no matter how much he did for them unlike the year before when greedy bollocks actually did get us to fourth place.

    I would call Bale a great if Spuds win something because of him or if he went to Madrid or any better Club and proved himself.

    We shall see.

  20. Ashwin Gunner

    Rooney to Arsenal would be a very good addition. We will have a core of english players who represent the country. We would have Rooney, Theo, Jack, gibbs, Jenks, We can the Barca of England.

  21. El Tel


    England have a shit defence Mate.no matter how good the forwards or midfield are the defence are totally crap.

    Johnson is a joke. Cahill so over rated.

    Jagielka not international class.

    Cuntly on his last legs and Hart is average at best.

    Rio is finished too.

    Maybe Walker of Spuds, Richards, the Manc twats and the Everton full back can improve going forwards but I have doubts.

    Spain, Italy,Germany,Argentina, Brazil and Holland will all be better than us.

  22. Rohan

    Not saying in the Prem. All competitions I meant.

    Bale had 21 goals and 19 assists in the premiership, whereas Theo had 14 goals and 12 assists. Not really comparable.

    Bale probably scored 4 goals which would’ve been our goal of the season honestly.

  23. Rohan

    Of course El Tel, I’m as big an England basher as anyone. But England’ve always look disjointed in attack for a while now. The familiarity that could be brewed can only be helpful. Wouldn’t be favorites against about 10 teams in my books. But you never know.

    If England are to win something, I’d love it to happen with Arsenal at the core of it. We’d be media darlings for the next 20 years and Arsene would be knighted.

  24. El Tel

    Who would like to see Micah Richards come in?

    He can play RB and CH.

    I believe he is a Gooner too. I reckon this is a goer if Arsenal went in for him.

  25. Arsenalone

    The Barca of England

    England make the World Cup final

    Ashwin you in the same cafe as rohan

    Calm down boys,we ain’t signed Hig yet and the Rooney story is just a story.

    We ain’t signed fellaini yet

    But we have signed a French African 2nd division player.

    Remember all the other players we thought we had in the bag.

    Mata ?,Hazard ?

  26. Rohan

    Micah hasn’t played consistent first team football for a few years now. I’d be tempted to think that the ship has sailed.

    He’d give Jenkinson good competition and they can compete over replacing Sagna and provide cover for CB.
    I’d like someone with those credentials, but I’m not sure if Micah is that man at this point in time.

  27. incincible gunner

    i think there is one player who is similar to bale in our team and his name is ‘ox’.he can develop as a player similar to bale in few years time

  28. Santos

    Early post. If we are willing to pay 235k worth of wages for Rooney then the wage haggling on Fellaini is arrant nonsense

  29. El Tel

    Agree with your last post re England Rohan.

    Are your stats regarding Bale correct?

    In all competitions I believe Theo was closer to him than you say. Bales assists seem very high from your stats. He is a greedy bastard and I thought his assist were low for a player of his ability.

    He sure did get some screamers last year but we got better team. Goals. Podolskis volley took some beating in the CL.

    Cazorla had a couple of scorchers too.

  30. El Tel

    Behave Arsenalone.

    You know this season is going to be different.

    We closed the gap on the Manc cunts performance wise at the seasons end as it was the early and mid season which fucked us up.

    This site has some miserable fuckers on it at times and some anti Arsenal people too.

    I know you pay to go to games and I agree we have been below par for a long time.

    I think we do have a chance on Rooney and Fellaini plus Higuain will sign at the months end when the window actually opens.

    Richards has been poor in recent seasons but he is still young and very powerful.

    I would have him in our squad if I had a chance. He is one of us too.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    oh, and Bale had 9 assists, not 19.

    1 per 324 minutes of play, as opposed to Theo who got an assist every 190 minutes

  32. Willie

    Bale is definitely in the top ten. If he improves in the next one season he’ll be in the top five. He seems to have a higher talent ceiling (think where the classy goals came from), and that’s what makes comparisons with Theo stink. Theo is decent and can be used better, but will never make the top twenty top players.

  33. Ashwin Gunner


    No Mate. all i said that Arsenal can do what Barca has done for Spain. With or without Rooney. After a long time we are having a core group of young English Internationals in our team.

  34. pistolpete

    That why we will be fighting for forth place again. Ivan says we have money and when push comes to shove, we moan about paying top dollar for a very good player. Wenger will be looking for all the bargains and say we have injured players coming back like new sigings. Can’t wait until wenger leaves. Rememer 8 years 7.5 million a year in wages, for no return. Any self respecting person would have quit,. Then again if your bosses are scared of you, it’s understandable. Please prove me wrong and spend the money you are stealing from the fans.

  35. Ashwin Gunner

    Hypothetically speaking.

    Just imagine if we go for Fellani and Rooney. We can go back to 4 – 4 – 2 combination. or 4 – 1 – 3 – 1 – 1 with Rooney playing behind the striker and Fellani as a DMF. This will be a world class team. and can give any team a run for their money.

  36. vicky

    Strange things are happening nowadays.

    A mega early post.

    A mega early departure for Rafa………..Wimbledon over for me this year.

    And according to ESPN Cavani has agreed to a deal with Chelsea.

  37. Willie

    El Tel sounds like a fake Tom’s account, but more reasonable and rationale. Don’t get your hopes high buddy, it’s still Wenger and Kroenke in charge. They’d need more than an EMBARRASSING 8-2 thrashing to change.

  38. Ashwin Gunner


    I personally believe Wenger did an incredible job. Yes. we have not won anything for the past 8 years. but with the amount of money he has had and the squad which he is having for the past couple of years no manager could have even achieved Europa league. If not of Wenger we would have become a mid table team long ago. Just like Liverpool. or even worse.

    Yes he did make mistakes. I am not saying he is perfect. but he has done what only a few people could have. So atleast respect him for that. If we would have sacked Wenger 3 years ago. who ever replaces him would still have only 20m at his disposal to improve the squad.

    Problem is not with Wenger but with the amount of money he had to spend, or to retain talent for that matter.

  39. El Tel

    There was so many doomers talking shit about the Arsenal last year.

    Talk of mid table and some even predicting relegation.

    Maybe that is why the players celebrated getting a top four place.

    Maybe they do read the blogs.

    I heard some prick on talkshite calling one of our early season games a six pointer for relegation last year. If only I had recored the twat or remembered who it was.

    They need sacking for this. Not because of what they said but because they know fuck all about anything.

    How can anyone really think we would end up in relegation trouble. I mean it has only been 80 odd years since we dropped down a division.

    It is bad enough having Manc loving pricks coming on here bad mouthing the Club.

    I didnt even read anything on this site for months and wanted to wait till the season ended as I was getting caught up in the negative misery that some posters were writing.

    Some of them have been shut right up and others have toned down the moaning a little.

    I was fed up of reading the same old bollocks about our finances and the Manager being a cunt. I actually agree with those feelings but was getting down reading them. Many fans must have felt the same too.

    I kept away from Le Grove not because I wanted too but because I had to. I even linked our poor form with my contributing to the negativity.

    Of course this was nothing to do with Pedders or Le Grove but I just needed a break.

    I think we will sign a few players this summer. When Usmanov goes soft on the Club and Gazidis, Wenger the players themselves and everyone else is talking about us improving then I am going to believe them for a change.

    If by chance we do get fucked over again by the end of the transfer window then I will be angry and miserable just like the past few seasons but I will still stick by the Club and the Players.

    At least cheer up until the second week in July when the window is well and truly open.

    I mean why pay the wages for incoming players whole they are on their holidays.

    It makes sense not to doesn’t it? Well?

    By the way if the Chavs do sign Higuain then we should take Torres from them.

    Higuain will want first team football so we are favourites as he would know he is better than Giroud.

    Didn’t Juve sign Llorente? Haven’t they already got a decent striker? Why go there to possibly be benched again?

    The Chavs have Demba Ba ( many on here like him) and Torres plus Lukuaku ready to return.

    It wouldn’t make sense for Rooney or Higuain to sign for them if they want game time.

    Not saying they wouldn’t but we would make more sense.

  40. Jay2oh

    If we can land Higuain and a centre midfielder with power/Pace (Fellaini would be unreal!) we will be in a good place.
    Keeper And centre back of decent level and we might, just might compete!!

  41. bolong bamba

    Arsenal can per 100. A week this prices is good fellaini I think he accept this prices mbey is good businesses for two team.

  42. El Tel


    I am one of the old timers on this site. Like Geoff I took a breather. Many others went to other sites where Arsenal is important to them.


    You are wrong, you know me personally and therefore would know that I have been going to the Arsenal since 1969/70 season.

    I have never said we would win the League. My hatred of the Mancs is because they and their fans actually do say this. I expect us to challenge every year but to win these cups NO.

    I am a realist who has dreams not a FM player who thinks he has all the answers and thinks we must win them.

    I think we are already on track to challenge next year.

    Do you still think we will be sixth or seventh?

  43. sam

    Maybe Davor suker wants to advice you about flops from real madrid.
    buy them and you will get your fingers burned

  44. Zoran


    What do you think what is more realistic:

    1. England making the final at World Cup
    2. Rooney to Arsenal
    3. Me and Kelly Brooke turning a porn video

    I am opting for the Option Nr.: 3

  45. El Tel


    Cavani will end up at Citeh or the Chavs.

    Who else could afford him.

    This would mean either Torres or Dzecko would be leaving. They would be a good fall back for us if Higuain doesn’t happen.

    It could even mean Rooney will come to us if he leaves them as Chavski would be harder for him to get game time.

    Yes I hope the Chavs do get Cavani. Would Torres go to Real? Wasn’t he an Athletico legend not so long ago?

    Citeh will also be in for a striker but Rooney wouldn’t dare go there. Would He?

    There will be lots of big signings this summer as there was more money poured into the game by BT.

  46. sam

    bigging up sanogo is pointless
    no one actually noticed that afobe is better, but the french postman will at least a place on the bench while homegrowns get sent to scrap it in bottom division till the break their legs and waste a whole season again.

    Arsenal is a french fart

    i mean farce

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    @El Tel

    Quite probably, I just don’t think it’s been agreed.

    After all why do Napoli need to let him go for less than his release clause yet, if they’ve got more than 1 team after him?

  48. El Tel


    Kelly Brook is mine Mate. She has the best tits ever. My sort of Woman.

    Man will land on Mars, No Saturn before England win the WC.

    Rooney, well watch this space.

  49. El Tel


    Who else can afford Him?

    Some Russian nobodies
    Some Chinese Nobodies.
    Someone willing to swap who has a player willing to go to Napoli.

    I think you can bank on the Chavs getting him.

  50. Zoran

    El Tel

    Look, Mate, I have no objection if we share kelly, but it is still more realistic than England winning the World Cup, and after we all renew our seasons tickets at Emirates, Rooney will be History.

  51. El Tel

    He scored a great lob volley in one game. I was steward on the clock end, behind the goal where the ball hit the net.

    The same place where TH14 turned and volleyed v the Mancscum.

  52. vicky

    El Tel

    You want Chelsea to sign up Cavani so that Torres could be free ??


    Torres is finished as a footballer. Simple as that.

    And with Cavani,Chelsea would become even more strong.

    I would rather Cavani went to Real.

    We need to sign our targets and pray that Citeh and Chavs do not get big fishes like Cavani,Isco etc.

  53. sam

    Cavani’s 54 millions buy out will expire in 10 august so no club will bid for him before that date.
    maybe we should keep a cheeky 20 millions and place a bid on 11 august.
    it will be stupid to pay that money with only 5 weeks left

  54. Arsenalone

    EL TEL

    I know your passion,your pride,your believes.i did not say you said we would win the league.just some guys on legrove this morning getting a little bit carried away.

    And I believe ATM (we ain’t signed no one yet).

    We will be challenging for 4th place.

    It’s a big year for AW and I believe he knows it.a chance to turn our fortunes around he’s last chance.!

    EL TEL
    I handed my season ticket in after 6 years,the day he said we won’t sell Cesc and nasri,and we can not be considered a big club if we sell them.

    I’d love to get back over there every sat and wed.but I need quality.the arsenal need quality.

    You are aware of the shit players the manager has sanctioned and then give the cunts new contracts.when every body could see they were not Arsenal players

    He’s on he’s last chance for me

  55. El Tel


    I work nights and will be off to sleep very soon.

    Kelly will be in my dream.

    I will have her today Mate.

    Your turn will have to wait.

    Sorry Pal.

    In my opinion Looney will either stay at the Mancs or come to join the new England revolution.

    Jack,The Ox, Jenks and Gibbsy should be tapping him up, Theo could be the stumbling block here. They should be holding an XXL Arsenal shirt in front of him at the next Engerland get together.

    I don’t particularly like the fat pikey but what a statement it would be if we were to sign him up.

  56. sam

    Lazio president needs to calm down, neymar was 40 something and ended up going for 23 millions. Cavani for 20 millions sounds fair.

  57. Jeff

    I think Wenger is doing his best to scupper the Higuain move as per usual. He is simply going through the motions and making people think we are close when all the time all he wants to do is be seen to be “trying” to sign top players so he can tell us later when he emerges from the dust how hard he tried and couldn’t get them.

    I despair at those who haven’t learnt this trick by now and harbour illegitimate and unrealistic hope of us signing anyone over £15m. It simply cannot happen whilst Wenger is in charge – it simply cannot and will not because it is against everything he stands for and believes in. Forget therefore Fellaini and Rooney as well. It is so obvious it’s mad.

  58. Kempster

    Can’t believe the comments re Bale. If he didn’t play for Spurs then they might be more balanced – understandable, since they are a bunch of shitbags.

    But the comparisons to Theo, or Poldolski, are way off. Take a look at his top 10 goals from last season. They are all belters So many of these were late on, when his side needed someone to step up and save the day. Quality – come on Real Madrid, get him out of there.

  59. El Tel


    Couldnt give a toss about the Chavs. I would rather they sign Cavani than Rooney and thats why I said it.


    I have wanted Wenger out since 2008/09 season. Ask Kenny about our row. He wanted to do me for saying such a thing.

    Nothing much has changed regarding Wenger for me either. The thing is Mate I love Arsenal through thick or thin.

  60. pistolpete

    Ashwin Gunner

    Totally disagree. Wenger has had plenty of money, he has simply chosen not to spend it wisely. I understand that we all make mistakes and he has made to many. We have let go so many great player and what was the common reason, no ambition. We pay good wages to average player, again wenger decides who gets paid what. The squid 60k, bentner 55k come on. wenger has to much control and has wasted our money. He must take responsibility for his failures and leave arsenal. I wonder what the total amount he has spent in the last eight years.,

  61. El Tel


    In all my years watching football a goal is a goal.

    Belters are nice on the eye but I still celebrate a goal the same way no matter how they are scored.

    The only goal I went totally off the scale for was Dennis at Newcastle. The best goal ever. It wasn’t a belter just a goal I have never seen before or since.

  62. Zoran

    El Tel

    Look, half of the english Revolution you mentioned, is not even partly playing. If those names circling in the news also join us they will soon be deadwood.
    And those lads need playing time, and right now.

    Regarding the fat pigey, I don’t like him either, but I have to admit that he is a world class player, earning at Old Toilet 250k a week, which is the main reason he wont join us. Maybe if Alisher gets the majority of the stakes.
    But, you can put him taking majority of the stakes of Arsenal under Option Nr. 4, unfortunately!

  63. Mayank

    Didn’t Bale break a 50 year record for goals from outside the area? Surely that’s his best asset. An asset he can use in any league or team.

    People were trying to deny him space all season yet somehow he manages to make yard and have a shot.

    He’ll be a massive player and an asset to any team but I don’t see him becoming the main man at a top club.

    He’s wroth £50M for the top 5 clubs in the world and about £35M to the rest.

  64. Mayank

    “It is sacrilegious to compare Walnut to Bale.”

    Not really. Bale has carved a niche for himself in world football and Walcott hasn’t. I imagine their career stats won’t be too far apart when thy both retire.

    And don’t pretend Bale is some amazing all round footballer. He’s not, he’s got a specific set of skills which he’s perfected to be the best in the world in them.

  65. GEREMI

    if the story about arsenal being unable to pay FELAINI 100k is true . then that board at arsenal is a cramp of looser. they will waste their cash buying players at 22m and loosing them to teams which can pay well. they wont win as they seem to think. if many players even in the reserve team have left, where is the money.

  66. kiblib

    I don’t see why £100k would be a problem. But knowing Wenger he wouldn’t want to alienate all the other midfielders.

    I don’t see Rooney coming to us either, just doesn’t feel right.

  67. Zoran


    If Bale is worth about £35M to us, as we are definetely not under top 5 Clubs, why the hell we do not go for him?
    We are indeed only in top 5 by annual revenue, we have the richest man in England as our big fan, ready to spend if the Board asks him, and still we are after some 2nd class Players from Ligue 2, rubbish from Ivory Cost league or Kenia.

  68. leon

    Sorry but wenger and the board talked it up they are the ones who ran there mouths about how they are going to spend big talking about rooney.if the can afford rooney they can afford 100k.its real simple if you cant back your words keep your mouth shut

  69. sam

    excure me! Are we really Gareth Bale?/

    OR boredom getting you guys to praise the cunt

    or you just a bunch of spuds


  70. vicky


    Why has Bale been able to carve out a niche for himself and Walnut hasn’t ???

    Because Walnut is no match for Bale.

    And we will see where they end up when they retire. I do not know astrology but If what I see on the field is anything to go by, Bale will be end up being miles ahead of Walnut. But let us wait on that.

    All round player ????

    Is Xavi an all round player – No. He has a specific set of skills and yet he is one of the best.

    What Bale does is good enough for many to hail him as a great football player.

  71. Mayank

    Zoran, I think you misunderstood my post, I wasn’t very clear tbh. Bale would represent about £35m worth of value to us. Since he wouldn’t magically transform us into an all-conquering team. For a team like Madrid he could possibly make a difference between a title. So he’s be worth more to them.

  72. Mayank


    I mentioned the all-round player thing because that’s a stick people use to beat Walcott with.

    In the PL Bale has 25 G+A Theo has 24 G+A. Neither contribute extensively to the build up play. The difference is Bale has perfected shots from outside the area and caught everyone’s eye. He makes the difference between winning and losing Theo often doesn’t.

    As for the astrology thing. You don’t need to be able to see the future to speculate about a players career path.

  73. sam

    Walcott plays for the biggest team in london
    bale plays for the tiny totts
    walcott has better career so far than that wanker.
    walcott will enjoy euros and walcup, that fucking diver is possibly banned from major tournament. a fucking disgrace.

    you lots are fucking disgrace and time you fuck off to white hart lane to have you lilly white shirts autographed by bale the diving whale,
    i mean welsh

  74. MadeToLoveMagic

    Haha diddly haha, I’m sure there is only one reason that the post could be soo early. Watch out, Colombian flu can be nasty the next day!!

    Anyway, funny post. The media are an absolute joke. Why does it all seem so amplified this year?? It’s like we know we should ignore every single transfer rumour, because we know unequivocally that they are pumped out for clicks , no other reason. Yet without them. We would have nothing to go on. Wht is better, complete ignorance, or knowledge based on complete bullshit.? The choice is ours. I know what we’ll choose though, the bullshit…….. Every time. It’s more fun.

    Although Wouldn’t it be refreshing if clubs were honest? And the rules stipulated they had to be. Imagine if every club had to admit when any contact betweene two clubs OR AGENTS was made. (An agent imo should be considered as much as a representative of the club as anyone else. They represent the player, who represents the club, it stands to reason). Wages , contracts and all would be transparent, for the world to see, as a matter of course. The only info out there would be from the clubs.

    If this law was enforced there would be no more bullshit. What the clubs say would be the fact, no more speculation, no more click driven re hashes. No more disappointment. Every club would be on a level playing field.

    This will never happen, as the clubs need the media frenzies as much as the media does and in a way as much as we do.

    We have to ask ourselves, without this crap we digest on a daily basis what would be left?? The truth?? How boring would that be? Even more boring than what we got I say.

  75. Zoran

    El Tel

    That Denis Goal at Newcastle, you are right, we wont see something similiar any time soon (more).
    The likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani, Falcao Benzema or however they are called today, they can Play and score as much as they like, nobody can ever match that Denis Goal. It is for the eternity.

  76. the_real_andy

    I think what mayank tries to say is

    while walnut tries to do something he doesn´t have talent to like getting past a player with technique or scoring from free kicks bale is intelligent enough to understand where his strengths are and how to use them. you rarely see bale trying to get past a player by technique – he knows he´s fast so he just plays the ball 5 or 6 yards and runs – that´s what walnut should do too but he thinks he can win 1on1 in a 2×2 yard field which he simply isn´t able to

    there are not many all-around-players who are really world class. many of them have strengths but weaknesses at the same time. what is important is to understand your own strengths and try to maximize them while trying to minimize your weaknesses. and that´s what bale did. and many others like iniesta and xavi too. iniesta is quite slow for a winger but he uses his technique in an impressive way. xavi doesn´t work THAT much, he´s not the best tackler, he´s not good in aerial duels BUT he is a phenomenal passer and he concentrates on that

    others like walnut want to be better than they are or think they are better than they are. and that´s the reason walnut will never ever be anywhere near bale´s level.

    whether this is down to bad management or his personality – I can´t tell you. just remember how often walnut runs on a player and you think “just pass the ball some yards and run away from him” and he tries to do a trick or something like?

  77. sam

    please say he’s still immature we will agree. if you say he doesn’t have any skill you are really talking out of you arse-nal.

    first, you need skill to score a goal

  78. Gregg

    News from Italy; Italian Police have conducted seizures on 40 Italian clubs, 18 in Serie A. Charges will include Fraud, Tax Evasion & Money Laundering. You cannot imagine that dear old Juve will not be implicated.

  79. Nasri's Mouth

    @samir masri

    It’s always possible, but pretty unlikely, Higuain wants to leave, he’s not impressed with RM at all.

    From the sound of things, we’ve done everything our side, we just have to wait for RM to pull their finger out.

  80. sam


    Don’t worry about juve
    Higuain deal is already dead we are now after benzema and ozil
    el galacticos are now our feeder club,
    we wouldn’t mind if they add casillas for few quids

  81. Emiratesstroller

    Dealing specifically with four points raised by Pedro.

    1. Sanogo is a raw young talent who will be included in the first team squad, but just like Coquelin unlikely to play many games apart from
    those in Carling and perhaps FA Cups. At best a bench player.

    2. Fellaini. I think that the story about wages being too high is rubbish.
    If Arsenal are willing to pay £20 million + transfer fee then a £100,000+
    wage is not going to be a major problem. The only concern is whether
    Wenger is dithering as usual about this player as he appears to have done too often in past.

    3. Higuain. The story is getting boring. Arsenal need to conclude as
    quickly as possible. The longer there is delay the greater the risk of a
    last minute intervention and that is unlikely to be Juventus. We should be able to beat that club every time, because we can offer up
    front payment and our revenues are much larger.

    4, It will be interesting to see whether Ozil stays at RM following arrival of Isco. Frankly he is one of the most talented midfielders/playmakers
    in Europe. This would certainly be a player that Arsenal should be interested in if he came into market, but I suspect that Man Utd or Man
    City would be at front of queue as their midfields need replenishment.

  82. Josip Skoblar

    That news made my day! Things will never change in Serie A. And if there is tax evasion/money laundering/fraud/match fixing, yes, Juve must be involved! 🙂

  83. Yavor

    Whats this fuss about Bale, guys?
    I prefer to discuss about our own players… I watched France U20 games against Ghana and USA. Sanogo looks promising, but very raw and definately not ready for our first team. For me Joel Campbell is miles ahead fo him in terms of maturity and confidence. If we get rid of Gervinho, Campbell can be really useful as left/right winger,
    As for Higuain, I`ll believe it when I see it published on arsenal.com, but I`m sure the club is working hard to bring a few quality players. I`m expecting some big news in July.

  84. Paddy got up

    Wenger would run across a mine field, swim in shark infested waters or wrestle a lion if it meant he signed the Botswana under 12 captain
    Show him a proper player, the finished thing and he will find a way of not buying him.
    He knows he isn’t up to the job, a real top player would voice his concerns( ala RVP) so were stuck with this endless cycle.
    Wengers ego is the danger.

  85. LeMassiveCoq







    Even IF we make these signings….Can you see this team competing with the nouveau riche?

    Sorry, I just don’t.

  86. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I will spew if Higuain & Fellaini go elsewhere. They both want to come & we Gooners are desperate for them. I’ve got a horrible feeling that we’ll get pipped by some other club. Don’t say it won’t happen, look at Mata, Hazard etc. Just get a bloody move on and sign them up NOW.

  87. Aussie Gooner Dave


    Reckon we’ve got to sign Higuain, Fellaini, Begovic & TV5 in form is a better option than Per. Just let Bouldy coach the defense. This side would be able to compete with any team.

    ____________Fellaini(?)_______JACK _________

  88. WengersSweeties

    Jeff said it all @ 8:07am.

    Higuain. Nope

    Rooney. Lol!! Not a chance!

    Fellani. Hahahahaha!!

    French African from league 2? You bet your arse.

  89. nepGunner

    BTW guys, snub the Confed Cup at your own peril as it is turning out to be a REAL deal serving real excitement (even when Tahiti is playing!) during this football dry period – the Italy Vs Japan game being the best till now. Don’t panic! The semis (Brazil Vs Uruguay & Spain Vs Italy) and the grand finale are still due.

  90. vicky


    If we get all 3 of them i.e; Higuain,Rooney and Fellaini, then we certainly can.

    But If we get only Higuain and Fellaini,then we will fall short.

    Isco is going to Real………so that is a huge sigh of relief.

    I think he would have made a huge difference to their side.

    A lot depends on

  91. Kempster

    I think the Chavs should be the biggest danger this year, ESP if the Cavani stories are true.

    I agree regarding the Beegkamp Newcastle goal. My favourite also. Still remember the stunned silence it was greeted with in the pub while people tried to work out what the fuck he’d actually done. Legend.

    The Bale stuff earlier was just to make sure we don’t delude ourselves thinking that the likes of Walcott or Poldi are just as good. He’s a game changer, a match winner or saver. We need at least one like that, pref two – which is why these long drawn out transfer sagas are so painful.

  92. gambon

    Bale is 8x the player Walcott is, no question at all.

    Also the Rooney rumours are silly. We wont be signing him, as theres no way we’ll play Rooney, Higuain & Walcott together.

  93. DUIFG

    If cavani goes to Chelsea and we dont get hig we will be in a world of pain next year. Of the top teams next year the front men list would go RVP, Cavani, Bale, Aguero…..Giroud. That is an awful match up, scary thing is weng probably thinks he can compete without the hig, it would be a bonus if he got him, deluded cunt.

  94. SpanishDave

    Wenger is in last chance saloon. He will make 2 or 3 big signings and he will be rewarded ! with a 4 year extension. He will eventually go to PSG if he wins something for us.
    We are not the big club we used to be so players will only come if we pay over the odds or nobody else is interested in them.
    Its the big wages that Wenger cannot stomach.

  95. DUIFG

    I agree the walcott bale comparison is a non starter, one is world class pedigree multiple pfa player of the year, the other is a bit time one trick ponny who nobody else wanted to buy despite him only having 6 months on his deal left.

  96. michael

    Ssn saying blanc in at psg n ancelotti to madrid

    Id expect higuain on the plane over the weekend n deal done monday

    Which as we all know leaves the guts of a week for other clubs to nab him


  97. Zoran

    So, now it is official, Ancelotti is Real Madrid’s Manager.

    Hope this Higuain Saga will finish soon, or we will see another Mata and M’Vila case.

  98. Ash79

    Said it few days ago, Wenger won’t change the formation so unless Rooney is going to play left wing, it’s all bollocks.

  99. S Asoa

    In these boring days it is nice that Wenger / Gazidas spin doctors come up with stories of Higuain , Rooney , bender , Fellaini , and their daily sequels to lull us to sleep , as they did for last 8 years . Fair enough all Gooners will wake to nail biting chase of 4th place . Wake up Call !

  100. lamia

    How long will we continue with this myth that wenger did an incredible job in qualifying for the CL for eight continuous seasons. Discounting ManU, Chelsea, and latterly the emergence of City, in reality our only competitors for the magnificent 4th spot, has been Spurs and Liverpool. Given our wage bill, the stature of the club, wenger’s “achievements” is just par for the course. Furthermore, it is not true to say that wenger did not have funds for new players. He either chose not to spend or he spent it on dross.

  101. Ash79

    Nasri.. I just can’t see it. He loves the width and bringing in players off the flanks. He can’t 442 it and play that. Og and Hig can only play upfront and Rooney has recently made it clear he wants to play up front not deep.

    Rooney simply will not happen.