Fellaini salary demands are a disgraceful surprise | Sanogo banging them in | Err, The Hig close?

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The deal is nearing completion. What? No I didn’t say that yesterday. Oh, I did. And the day before? Oh right. I did.

Well today, things are different because Jeremy Wilson is saying it and he’s added a few interesting reasons as to why. The deal Madrid have struck for Isco means they won’t bid for Bale… Which means they’ll want to recoup some cash and sell us The Hig. It also throws out the interesting prospect of Ozil being surplus to requirements. A player I like a lot…

Anyway, stories about both Juve and Arsenal agreeing terms with The Hig went around the web yesterday. I can’t understand how you can agree to join both teams? Surely you have a preference and you push for whatever that is? Surely his agents haven’t got him the same deal with both clubs? Just another bluster comment I feel…

On the kids front, Sanogo fired in a penalty against the US to take his tournament tally in the U20s to two. Mega eh? He’s playing in the same side as Paul Pogba, which really was surprising. If he were English we’d have him in our first team. Back to Sanogo, he looks like Adebayor and plays in a similar way. He’s a bit clumsy on the ball, powerful, fast and a hard worker. He has the raw ingredients there to be a nuisance. But please… don’t hail him yet. Plenty of Arsenal fans made that mistake after a preseason goal from Gervinho. This guy is a kid… He comes with a reputation largely inflated by people who pretend they watched him multiple times when he was playing his handful of games for Auxerre.

Please… no one watches Ligue Two football. They don’t even have TV cameras.

Think Wellington, Sunu, Barazite and Miyachi… that’s right, let the excitement deflate. Give him a chance. Let time take its course and keep them crossed he makes something of himself.

The Mail are saying Arsenal are scared of Fellaini’s wage demands. He wants £100k a week. Would that come as a surprise? Would you have to ask his agents what he wanted? I could have told Dick Law that. So again, it feels like a story made for clicks. The same paper 3 days ago reported we were happy to pay Wayne Rooney £225k a week… and that we wanted to sign Lars Bender, Gundogan and The Hig. Now they’re saying we’re scared of a £100k a week salary?

Do me a god damn favour will you? Yah, literally. I’m serious.

I can’t find much else on the web to talk about. I’m in Croatia this week on an invite from Davor Suker… I’ll let you know what he wants. Until tomorrow!

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  1. salparadisenyc

    Dick Law is stuck in the fucking Moscow transit terminal with that renegade spy Snowden. Both nervously looking at one another but not sure where to place the familiarity. Seems Snowden is working for City as well as the North Koreans. Evildoers the both of em.

  2. sam

    Dialsquirrel’s logic

    Higuain= world class
    Henry= local class

    everyone that don’t play for arsenal is world class
    everyone we have at arsenal is second class
    Hugo lloris is better than czsezny? brad friedel yes not that lloris
    If wilshere and cazorla weren’t arsenal players = world class wenger please sign them up. As soon as a player signs for arsenal is crap.
    Lets sign Higuain and I will see you here next summer, I am sure he won’t be world class anymore.

  3. tom

    who cares if we get hig or not we have the world class jack wilshere back next season he picks the team up and drives them forward oh gosh cant to see hes special skills

  4. BacaryisGod

    You guys are insane worrying about Man City snatching Higuain. He clearly wants to be the man and not play second fiddle. This is why we are so appealing to him. Right now, he would not automatically start ahead of Aguero in Man City’s pecking order and they are similar types of players. There’s a good possibility that Cavani is on the way there too. With us, he knows Giroud will be the back-up and they might even dovetail nicely together.

    He is locked up. He’s ours. Fret not restless fans.

  5. tom

    jack wilshere is the best player at arsenal he picks the team up dnt no how but he does and drives them foward to fuck all.lol

  6. Dan Ahern

    BacaryisGod — While I don’t disagree with your reasoning, history would indicate we have every reason to be worried.

  7. dialsquare

    northern gooner

    I know the North are well known for their sense of humour and it’s good to see you keeping up the tradition.
    Henry World Class
    Comedy Gold

  8. TitsMcgee

    Even I would be totally shocked if City beat us for Higuain.

    HIGUAIN isn’t going to leave one club that under appreciated him to go to another club where he’ll fight for playing time scraps.

    He’s quality but would not be a guaranteed starter at City whilst here he’d be the best striker the second he arrives.

    If we get beat for him by City Wenger just needs to give it up.

    I refuse to believe that Wenger is being a stickler over Fellaini’s wages. Even he must realize that the man is at least a 100k player.

    I’d be shocked if we don’t announce Higuain in next few days and I have less faith in Wenger than anyone.

  9. arsenal-flavour

    thierry henry was world class for the simple fact he was the top premier league scorer for 4 seasons in a row, in that sense his world class but it wasn’t so much the number of his goals but the nature of them he scored insane goals.

    we had a very good team when theirry was playing of course everyone knows that but the important thing is he didn’t score simple easy tap ins or crowd the box and poach goals like mario gomez does, he scored fantastic individual goals, sometimes beating 3 players with ease and then scoring from those incredibly tight angels, he scored volleys crazy curling shots, finesse shots, chips lobs and backheeled shots he was the most skillful diverse striker of the time of course eto was brilliant but henry had such an absurd range of different skills and different ways to score goals, he was simply magic and when our team didn’t turn up he could single highhandedly win us games, he also had pace skill vision timing even strength could take freekicks

    yes many theirry henry haters will mention the champions league finale… and yes he did fuck up, he had many chances and he squadered them all… doesn’t make him non world class you can name various top top top players who have fucked up at the top in most crucial matches, case point robert baggigo penalty… more recent examples would be arjen robben world cup vs spain and champions league final against chelsea…. no player is perfect messi has poor games does not make him non world class

  10. arsenal-flavour


    thierry henry 4time golden boot winner

    no one else in the premier league has won it that much

    so are you saying the best striker the premier league has seen is not world class…that means your saying every striker who has ever played in the premier league not one of them has been world class

    you have no logic or reason

  11. Brum Gooner

    Dial square

    Ashley Cole was world class
    Henry was World Class
    Pirez was world class
    Viera was world class

    6 th is tippy tappy

    I agree our play with the likes of Hleb and Rosiky On the flanks there was nothing devastating about our play. Ade was constantly offside, Hleb wouldn’t shoot, Gallas lost his head. Eduardo got crippled At the business end RvP and Cesc could never stay fit. And have Bendtner and a 21 Theo Walcott as the backup
    For years Wenger bemoaned injures ruining our season. People said the players were overplayed., bullshit! Mata, Oscar and Hazard have played about 70 games each and are still going. The problem was depth. Not the style of play. In this Barren period We still beat the likes of Milan Madrid , Barcelona more recently Dortmund, to repeat that next season compete with the latter 3 would exciting but previously the reliance of youngsters and inability to keep a fit squad Hence why we always fell off towards the end, February we would be in 4 competitions by march we were in one! Same old, same old!

    Over the years as the team lost big players the true belief and mentality slowly left with Cole, Henry, Campbell, Viera, etc.

    Our old team were tippy tappy but not explosive with Asharvin, Nasri Cesc etc passed teams to death! ade scored 30 but missed 400. With the inability to see over the line in the 2 league cups finals and not pushing on the belief chipped away along with team so in the Last few years we haven’t dominated games with An assured swagger, no really consistently. Even sometimes recently when we have won by 2 or 3, always slightly nervy and unconvincing.

    Barca and Spain are tip tappy all day long didnt do them any harm, but they just have better players.

    We have a new squad now, new team, new team ethic, fresher mentality, I honestly think with the right 3/4 additions we will be in a very strong position to challenge.

    Plus I would have Cesc back in a heartbeat

  12. dialsquare


    I thought the Title World Class was given to a small select few.
    So what should you call Maradona, Pele and Cruyff: Super World Class?

  13. WengerEagle

    dialsquare June 25, 2013 20:33:52

    I tell you what you go and trawl through the hundreds of examples and report back to me with your conclusions

    Wow, does your idiocy know no bounds? Why would I waste my time searching for these ‘examples’ when you’re the moron that claimed to have a hundred on the tip of your tongue?

    Your IQ must be lower than Hugh Hefners sperm count ffs.


  14. WengerEagle

    And to say TH14 was not world class is a fucking joke. What would that make someone like Rooney for example? Average?

    You must be a troll as I would hope no one is that stone fucking stupid

  15. WengerEagle

    You’re just not going to back up your ridiculous statement are you? It’s like arguing with a brick wall

    Stop pussyfooting around the fact you have no idea what you’re talking about and know next to nothing about football

  16. salparadisenyc

    World class on both ends.


  17. Didi

    Why the hell is everybody defending if Henry is world class please…. Who started up such an insane argument??? Please talk about more relevant things

  18. Evan

    I hope Cardiff sign Wagamama I feel we’re dodging a bullet with that one. Every club is busy, Wenger will leave everything late and embarrassing interviews will follow

  19. Evan

    If Ivan is truly forcing Arsene to spend money then why are they messing around? Ivan and Sran are just as bad. The russian would have had these players signed sealed and friggin delivered

  20. Globalgunner

    He will soon be found out there too. The French obviously haven’t cottoned on ntothe fact that Wenger is basically a scam artist pretending to be a top football manager

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    “Why does Wenger rely on his players to play well rather than setting up his Team to play well.” 😉

    I know , I know its the poxy weather that does it too you!

  22. Guns of the brixton

    Looserpool are ripping up the transfer market. . . 4 signings already and there not finished. . . and it takes us 40 days to chase down 1 striker. juve took tevez pretty quickly, so they would have taken higuian by now, meaning we are pussyfooting around. . .

  23. Evan

    Arsene and Ivan are having a meeting today to discuss what colour ink they should use for the signing contracts, once decided they will discuss, who’s pen to use

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    Real Madrid have been saying for ages that they’d not sell Higuain until their new manager was in place.

  25. Evan

    NM: Which would explain why Juventus haven’t signed him, but you know dam well Arsene leaves everything until the end of the transfer window

  26. pistolpete

    When the hell is MrWenger going to say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Evan

    Excuses are already there, just waiting to be said
    *We want to qualify for the champions league 1st
    *You will not see much movement until the final days, clubs are keeping their business quiet
    *Waiting on player to return from holiday
    *If we can find quality additions, we will try to make something happen
    *Arsene phone is busy

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the reason Juventus haven’t signed him is different. Possibly they were never really after him.
    Sometimes Wenger leaves things to the end of the window, sometimes not.

  29. Paddy got up

    Give up on all the Wilshere hating shit it’s annoying.
    Go back to knocking one out in front of your big Wenger poster!!