Rooney in the hole? | Two £10m centre backs linked | Adams not right for Chairman

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Good morning people, there are some pretty desperate stories online this morning. You can really tell the sites trying to cash in on the summer web click frenzy. Which makes it hard to dig out genuine stories…

Tony Adams was miffed that he was overlooked for the chairman role at the club.

‘Look, I would make the tea for Arsenal Football Club, but I thought I ticked all the right boxes for the board. I don’t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club.’

‘I read an interview with Peter saying they wanted younger blood on the board but it was not easy finding people willing to take on second jobs who were not money-orientated. I thought I ticked boxes, so I wrote to Peter and said ‘I’ve got a statue outside and I know a bit about the club’s principles and values’.

‘I didn’t hear anything back, which was unusual for Peter, but I know he has been ill. But if they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me.’

Now, I love Tony Adams, but I’m not sure I’d have him down as Chairman material. He might have a degree in sport science, but having listened to him on numerous occasion, I’m not sure that really counts for much. He thinks Keswick is unimaginative and I agree… doesn’t mean he was the right choice.

Loved the man as a player, but being the voice of the club? Going on some of the strange interviews we’ve heard over the years, I don’t think it’d be long before we started to have Peter Hill-wood facepalm moments. He’s not savvy enough and I think 46 is a touch on the young side for a job like Chairman.

The Higuain story seems to be coming to a close. Most publishing houses seem to be reporting on a done deal. If it didn’t happen now, I’d be quite surprised. At £22m, I think we’re getting a bargain. 106 goals in 186 games is pretty good going. He should slot into our side with ease. Wenger still kept it French as well… the Argentine boasting dual nationality though he doesn’t speak the language.

The Daily Mail are still running with the Rooney story… they seem to think Arsenal want him as well as Higuain. Wenger sees Rooney as an attacking midfielder apparently, so he could work him in with a striker who can score freely. Interesting idea. Rooney is a very creative player and he certainly helped get the best out of Ronaldo back in the day. I’m just struggling to believe Wenger spanking out £350k a week in wages across 2 players… this is a time when I’d be happy to be very wrong.

Final Story of the day has us chasing down Greek defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos. The Schalke centre back is 21 years old and has attracted admiring glances from Madrid and Chelsea. I don’t know much about him, but one thing is for sure, Arsenal are looking for a new centre back. Ashley Williams is still a top target and there are reports he’s going to push for a move as he’s nearly 29. I’d welcome any quality addition. If Vermaelen really is on his way out, the thought of Miquel being our third choice is a bit scary. Still not sure why people moan about spending £10m on a third choice centre back… Rio cost £30m ten years ago. It’s really not a huge sum especially when you consider our susceptibility to long term injuries.

That’s pretty much all there is today. Have a good one, catch you in the comments.

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  1. Relieable sauce

    Thought i’d indulge myself.

    Fellaini, Thiago & Honda
    Higuain & Reus

    £100 mil, job done!

    Sell any or all of these – Pod, Gerv, Arteta, Rosicky, Fabianski, Mannone to make up any shortfall.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Wanyama going to Southampton or possibly Cardiff now tells me two things

    1) He’s not good enough for us


    2) Scottish football is in a fucking dire state if players are leaving their top side for sides such as Southampton or Cardiff.

  3. andy1886

    NM – Spot on on both accounts.

    Scottish football is Championship level at best. Wanyama is no where near Arsenal standard. Ramsey is better.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    @Mental Strength

    By the letter of the law he’s a criminal, but it ‘seems’ as though he did it for altruistic reasons. Certainly his potential personal reward was very minimal versus his punishment

  5. TitsMcgee

    Our deal was 5 years right? At 170 million?

    OUrs worth more PA but 300 million guaranteed is still 300 million.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Dunno yet whether Chelsea’s deal is a good one. We’ll know in 5 years time when we sign a new one, and they’re still on £30m/yr for another 5 years

  7. Brum Gooner

    Dial square

    Contrary to what some believe in French football Gervinho is a big player. I’m sure if Marseille or Galatasaray come in he would be seen as a top signing. We take for granted how we are seen as a club and players in world football. We are massive!

    Remy was only bought for 8m and has a buy out clause of 6m . Even so I would do a straight swap in terms of financial outlay.

  8. mahessar

    RE: My last post, its the same radio station that broke the news of Navas to City, so it’s a pretty reliable source and a lot of other people are reporting the same so I think we might have gotten our man.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Are they reporting because they know it’s happened, or are they simply quoting what they’ve heard from other sources? A lot of the Spanish reports so far have

    “…as reported in the Daily Mail” (or similar) as part of their stories about Hig

  10. michael

    Hope the higuain news is true as hes a massive player n should get 15 ti 20 goals next season

    As for adams as a figure head theres no one better or more committed to the cause

    Imo and its only my opinion the likes of adams , wright, seaman should have always been brought back in some capacity as weve seen with bould he will ruffle wengers feathers but the defensive improvements speak for themselves

  11. Reiss

    The only thing Wanyama can improve us on is physicality I’d rather we developed Frimpong he could become a better player then Wanyama if he could cut out some antics.

  12. eboue

    higuain 15-20 goals!?!!? what planet are you on i guarantee if higuain starts at least 50 games next year he will get at least 30 goals.

  13. Brum Gooner

    I would have Adams back at the club any day of he week. However saying Higuain is a cast off from Madrid and we should be aiming higher is a little confusing.

    In a perfect world We should get back Adams on the board Overmars and the iceman in the youth set up and Henry to join Freddie as ambassador.

  14. eboue

    however if gervinho is on the team and supplying higuain with his goals then yeah your right michael he will only get 15-20 goals.

  15. Johnty79

    Dream team

    Nani. Higuain. Walcott

    Thiago Felaini cazorla

    Gibbs mert koz Sagna


    But. Let’s see how good the defence is when playing two games aweek next season…with pressure on.

    I doo hope we don’t sign Reina who I think is past it.

  16. eboue

    i hope to god we sign a new established first choice keeper that polish twat is too immature to be our keeper.

  17. Johnty79

    Sagna can’t be as bad as he was last season lthough. Think he has always been poor. The only attacking full back ho contributes nothing…. Junk was building up a head of steam last year…improving pace and power. He may of been our own bale down the right flank if wenger hadn’t of bottled it.

    Sagna most def should not be given a new contract. At least he will be hungry showing potential buyers how good he can be.let him leave on a free.

  18. Johnty79

    Mvilla ???

    I hope he can be good again..potentially better than arteta in the midfield role.

    Carzola. Felaini

    Now that’s. Strong midfield!

  19. Samir

    Le10Sport: Toulouse and AS Monaco are close to an agreement for the sale of Etienne Capoue. €15 million being mentioned

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: Think he has always been poor

    amazingly all those professional footballers who voted for him (twice!) in their Premier league Team of the year disagree with you there.

    Who’d have thought it?

  21. Reiss

    I don’t want to sound like Wenger but no point in buying a player like Wanyama if he won’t improve the team. Much better options out there and having one good game against Barcelona doesn’t suddenly make you world class.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    No to Wanyama…would be totally underwhelmed by that.

    I always think it’s telling around these ‘potential world class players’ that a team like Southampton can get in there virtually unopposed…means there’s little interest elsewhere.

    Just get in and get Fellaini done, I’d still sign a Capoue/Bender type player for £10-15 Million as well as the Belgian…maybe even that young Spanish lad with the massive name Immabburla or whatever.

    Get Higuain done ffs!

    Papadop from Schalke, ugly as shit but looks a decent defender.

    Keeper like Begovic as well.

    Sagna, Papdop, Kozz, Gibbs
    Fellaini, Wilshere
    Walcott, Cazorla, Poldy

    I fancy the German winger this season. Direct and can score from distance, with the addition of quality players the pressure will be off him as well a bit.

  23. Brum Gooner

    So many people love to compare players for daft reasons like Wanyama is a Song mark or if We buy Hig Giroud is another Chamakh! Looool why because he’s a DM young African and Giroud is French. Ok if thats the case, if they were with Chelsea He could be the next Essien then? or Giroud can be the next Drogba. Footballer are individuals character, Football has changed even from 2 years ago. Carrick replaced Roy Keane completely different but equally effective for the team.

    I guarantee if Wanyama comes to the prem and starts smashing it up the same people will criticise the club for not buying him.

  24. Johnty79

    Nasri, Sagnas stats are appalling. He was good in 2007-8
    I’ll give you that but over the last few years the amount of time he got skinned or wingers got crosses in.. Last season he was arguably the worst right back in te league.

  25. Relieable sauce

    Arsene goes for the cheap option again & Fellaini goes to the chavs or mancs i guess.
    Isco,Thiago, Mignolet, Fellaini…….not of the sufficient super, duper qualidee i suppose.
    ….or could it be OGL who does not possess it…???

  26. Johnty79

    You must all agree benteke for 22m would have been a better del than higuain for the same. Higuain oesnt really hold the ball up at Madrid. Just a finisher. Benteke is a finisher, battering ram who also holds the ball up as well. Looks like he’s going to spurs.. Whos team will look like this..

    Bale. Benteke. Lennon
    Paulinho holtby
    Rose caulker Dawson. Walker

    That’s a strong team!

  27. Nasri's Mouth


    As you clearly know bugger all about football, whenever your view opposes mine I realise I’ve got something right.

  28. Relieable sauce

    Thanks MS
    I might just take a look at him.

    A bit strange there’s no Germany, did Gnabry or Eisfeld play at the u21 Euros?

  29. Cesc Appeal


    Sandro is proper crocked so it’s more likely a Dembele-Paulinho-Holtby middle.

    Benteke is a risk to buy (one season wonder) and a risk to go to a rival (could be world class)…I’d prefer Hig, we just need a world class finisher.

  30. Johnty79

    Are Barcelona stupid why don’t they give xavi away and give thiago a regular starting place to lose him is a crime to football.

    @ nasri…..zing!!!

  31. Mental Strength

    “A bit strange there’s no Germany, did Gnabry or Eisfeld play at the u21 Euros?”

    Gnabry is 17, so wasn’t really looked at for the U-21s.

    Eisfeld has never played for any German youth team.

  32. Johnty79

    Did wanyama not null the barca midfield at park head.
    The same barca midfield that gave the most dominant one sided half of foot ball at the emirates when the dominated us in the 2:2 draw?

  33. Brum Gooner

    I have a good source within a EPL club and know some players ask for the most ridiculous things. That’s why sometimes terms cannot be agreed its not just money. Housing, schools, Chauffeurs etc can make up a contract. If not just a simple as ok mate here is 100 pw and hand over 22m to the club there are lots of things that go into a transfer especially when you are talking 50 m over 4 years. Massive investment for any business. What other clubs in the world can do that? Maybe 10?

    Arsenal always try and incentivise contracts whether its on resale or performances based i.e. simpson, Pennant, Bentley, Upson, to name but a few all made Arsenal about 10m after the initial fee was agreed. So why wouldn’t clubs do it to us? Transfers are complicated

    Buying youth and selling them on is profitable back up.

    Saying that relax Higuian is a Gooner believe me! and number will be ( 20 )

  34. kwik fit

    Shit and everything was going so well!

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 30m
    Reports from various Spanish and Argentinian press that Higuain is in London for a medical tomorrow.

  35. mahessar

    Higuain would be a success at Arsenal, no two ways about that. His stats will have around 25 goals and 10 assists in all competititons if he plays more than 40 games.

    Giroud and Cazorla would work well with him too, Giroud holds up play well, can lay down the ball and pass in the box for another man, Higuain is vital there, can link up well with Theo as well on the counter attacks due to his pace.

    He has all the attributes we needed desperately from our leading man.

  36. mahessar


    Oh damn, Ben Fairthorne strikes again to jinx our deals.

    He has jinxed M’Vila, Villa and Jovetic previously for us by saying they are dead certains to sign for us. Oh god please save us from his strike.

  37. Brum Gooner


    Benteke over Higuian?? WTF? Is Benteke that much better than Giroud? I don’t think so. Or at least it debatable when ou break down their overall attributes. Buying Benteke is still buying potential. Higuain is a world class player. Does Benteke even start for Belgium? I’m not so sure.

  38. mahessar

    I don’t rate Wanyama, not much of a fan of Fellaini as well actually, personally I’d take a middle of Arteta-Gundagon. Arteta-Bender or Arteta-Strootman.

    Technically solid, lesser fouls, more possession in key areas and would work well with Cazorla in front of them.

  39. mahessar


    Give it a break now sir. Benteke is no match to Higuain. And I’d rather Spurs keep hold of Bale rather than getting sick money for him
    They would easily get more than 60 or 70m and knowing Levy they would sign some nice players providing them with quality depth

    They are struggling for funds to sign a striker so let them stay that way. Bale can’t get them top 4 alone, 4 quality signings from his money can.

  40. Johnty79

    Once again not saying benteke is better than higuain but benteke is the drogba type we need up front.

    The last out and out striker/ poacher we bought was Jeffers and that was a disaster….Eduardo was a poacher but towards the end wenger started playing him out wide

    Higuain is a good player but up front on his own I just don’t think. Knowing wenger hell probably play him left side of three unless we go 442.

    I think higuain and giroud would be a good pairing.

  41. Brum Gooner

    Song went to Barcelona, the best in La liga! For 17 m. Not on loan to West Ham. Can someone explain how if was so shit why would they outlay that money? Why didn’t they get Wanyama for less? Song had alot of ability and we missed him last season in some parts, where he went wrong is he had an attitude like ade, he believed his own hype. thought he made it. Alex song with Arteta’s attitude would be top drawer. That could be Wanyama in a couple of years.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    If time is running out and we need a goal, having Higuain on the pitch and bringing on Giroud to provide knockdowns might be another possible plan ‘b’ but I can’t imagine the 2 of them starting

  43. Brum Gooner

    When we are struggling for a goal Fellani would be great to chuck upfront for the last 10 mins. You would want Giroud, Fellani, Higuain attacking the Penalty area. Fellani could do for us what Lamps does for chelsea. ( in terms of arriving late into the box.) he could get us 10 pl goals from Midfield next season.

  44. sam

    Just by reading these posts I can tell Wanyama is not signing for us so its time to slag him off. I wonder what would happen if hot boy world class higuain does us a park chu young and sign for juve.

    good afternoon grovers.

  45. Marc


    I’m not so sure about the Spud’s spending big time even if they sell Bale. They’re in the same position we were 7-8 seasons ago, having to finance the ground work of a new stadium without any extra income.

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    @Brum Gooner

    Wenger used to regularly play 424 late on in games when we needed a goal, so we could have Cazorla and Arteta as the holding midfielders and Fellaini, Higuain, Walcott and Giroud as the strikers 😀

  47. sam

    can we just agree that Wanyama as a 21 years old we were going to polish his game so we can turn him into a new kolo toure or something.
    to say ramsey the super DM is better, you guys are talking out of your backsides.
    maybe wenger has someone else in mind or he’s counting on frimpong.

    or 12 millions is too much for a scottish based player, trop cher mon frere. trop cher!

  48. Brum Gooner

    Who’s to say Sonogo will not be our Benteke? We would of being crying into our cereal if we replaced RvP with Benteke last summer. Now it would take 30m to get Villa considering letting him go. Who was Paddy when we took him from Milan?

  49. Toli83

    Wanyama definitely isn’t good enough.

    Song wasn’t either really. Good with the Hollywood assist once every five games, however ask him to lay a square five yard pass off and he will give it away.

    An arrogant twat if you want my opinion who we were good to get shot off. We didn’t miss him last year, what we miss is having a manager who is capable of stifling teams who carry a big goal threat and are physically bigger than us.

  50. michael

    For a lad in his first season in a physical league id take 15 -20 goals add that to last seasons tally plus a better defensive showing aswell as a couple more goid signings dont have to b for colossal fees n thats a good season waiting to happen

  51. dave


    Can’t we agree its time to stop buying 21 year old “prospects” to try to polish them up. If they become good we sell them, it they don’t then we can’t get rid, lose lose. How about buying proven top top players for a change

  52. Brum Gooner

    Nasri’s mouth

    I actually agree with you there! Although I would have Ramsey over Arteta in that situation. But that four would put fear in any defence in Europe. Pace, Power, clinical finishers

  53. salparadisenyc

    The Hig will be the best striker we’ve had since Henry if we bag him, different class to Benteke, Remy and our dear friend Giroud.
    If Rooney turns out to be smoke, lets get Villa next, still classy if he’s not run into ground.

  54. sam

    If Wanyama was available for 2 millions wenger would have snapped him for sure.
    its the pricetag that scared him off,
    Hey this is the same club that just forced ( injury prone) yaya sanogo not to quit football to become a postman. Welcome to arsenal yaya we have more beds than nhs, no need to become a postie.
    Wanyama is not good enough, you are all brainwashed and love dancing to wenger’s tune.
    a 17 years croatian defender is better than wanyama? nope he’s just cheaper thats all.

  55. gunner818

    If some kind of miracle happens and get Higuain and Rooney, we will be doing some major damage in the EPL next year…This being said we still need a strong defender who can perform consistently every week!

  56. Brum Gooner

    Frimpong is out the door! Coq struggles to get in the team and is better.

    My point on song though is if he is so Shit why did Barca buy him? Because for that kind of money there wasn’t many with better ability…. That’s why!

    If Mvilla, Capoue, etc were better options wouldn’t they of bought them?

  57. sam


    My point is
    wenger will never change, he’s going for cheap option as usual.
    not that I care about wanyama and I hope we were not after him.

  58. mahessar


    I said the same thing two days ago, Villa would be a good addition for us, he will play till Euros 2016, clinical finisher, could also play on left, with Higuain, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud, Gervinho (forgive me lord) being able to play in his position, we won’t have to run him into the groud as well, keep rotating well, hes an experienced pro who has won it all and could be a brilliant signing for the dressing room
    Don’t forget he is one of the most famous footballers around the world so we will generate plenty from shirt sales too.
    Class on and off the pitch, we already have a small contingent in Arteta, Cazorla, Monreal to help us lure him if we want to

    22m for Higuain and 10m for Villa would have our attack well sorted, spend rest on the DM and defence.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    The type of player we should be signing are ones that improve our starting 11. If Wanyama isn’t signing for a top 4 club, Liverpool, or Spurs, he simply isn’t good enough to improve our starting 11 and we should stop moaning about not signing him.

    No doubt some people on here think he’s the dogs bollocks, but if the top clubs aren’t interested then those people are wrong and should move on.

    Christ, next we’ll have people saying we should bring Bartley back

  60. sam

    mental strength,

    Leroy fer’s agent

    unfortunately arsene wenger cannot sign my client, he’s scared of his loud mouth.
    wenger loves soft boys like diaby, ramsey, arteta, coquelin.

  61. Marc

    Sam – Wenger hasn’t got an issue with spending £10 million on a player, what we need him to do is be willing to spend £20 – £30 million (on the right players). If anything Wanyama would be a typical Wenger signing, personally I’m pleased that he seems to be setting his sights a little higher than a guy who plays the equivalent of pub teams for 90% of his season.

  62. Brum Gooner

    Villa is a ok as a replacement for Gervinho. 10-12 m plus wages =25m over 2yrs is not great. Saying that I would still hope we could sign Jovetic for double that 25m fee + wages =45m over 4 yrs. He is class! He is 23 and more versatile than Villa with the added extra of resale value. To replace Gervinho 1. Jovetic 2. Nani 3. Villa 4. Remy 5. Agbonlahor

  63. sam

    Brum goober,

    Padi was a footballer when we took him from milan
    sanogo is a postman thats the difference.

    meaning, he’s just giving it a go if it doesn’t work out he will go back.
    or collect his salary while being injured.
    he said grimandi and arsene convinced him and told him not to worry about the injuries.

  64. Johnty79

    If wanyama plays half a decent season you can see the top four coming in for him…

    All those singing the praises of higuain…

    Higuain is good in a team that dominates 38 out of 40 games he plays each season.. All those thinking he will get 30 goals plus are in for a shock.. Benteke has proven in a poor team he can get goals. I wouldn’t be surprised if benteke had the highest conversion to goal rate in europe last season. Villa created very little last season.

    Benteke is the better fit. Only requires 80k aweek . Doesn’t anyone see this?

  65. Rohan

    jeez, Adams is getting a bit embarrassing. Like one of those cringeworthy uncles who always seem to come around a couple times in a year

    Now he’s saying he’s not sure Rooney can handle London and that Higuain is a Madrid cast-off.

    Who the fuck would you propose we buy, eh Tony?

  66. Marc

    Spanish supporters were polled for their worst signings of last summer. Song and Modric topped the poll.

    Song has talent but his ego was a problem. The best players are arrogant (you need to be to be the best in any chosen field) but know their limitations and are willing to continue learning and improving.

  67. Johnty79

    Sam I would laugh if higuain turns us down. You can tell by the delays he wants juventus over us…

    Remember people vieria took a pay cut to join juventus, so dd cesc at barca…

  68. Marko

    Agbonlahor? Christ. People not happy with us being linked to Higuain, Fellaini and Rooney they want us to go for Wanyama, Remy and Agbonlahor. I dunno I might just go for a nap

  69. Radio Raheem

    PHW used to come up with some rubbish. With the mindless crap Tony Adams is coming up with he is only proving he has the credentials to replace PHW. He’ll be perfect, might need to work on his accent though. I don’t know how easy to it is to learn Etonian at his age. Then more importantly convince the whole world he isn’t putting it on.

  70. Marko

    People Tony Adams and Paul Merson were great for the club and it shouldn’t be forgotten but they’re half wits now

  71. Marc


    Higuain only good in a team that dominates against clubs in a 2 team division! You clown. The guy is a regular for Argentina, I mean they only have Messi, Aguero and Tevez to chose from.

    I reckon if we bought Messi you’d say we should spend the money on someone else.

  72. Brum Gooner


    Paddy was a no one in the Milan reserve set up.

    Sonogo is a gamble like all youngsters but I’m sure he is currently scoring goals in the U20s WC? How many other players in our youth set up can currently say that?

    All he said was he was considering giving up football whist injured. A lot of players doubt their ability to perform in that scenario let alone a 18/19 yr old. Boy. However he has come back and been a menace in ligue2.

    There is no one better for identifying talent than Wenger. Especially in French football. If Wenger has been tracking him for years, he is quality whether he can do it for Arsenal remains to be seen.

  73. Johnty79

    Marc, what I’m saying is higuain only has two tough league games a season…

    I hope he does well I just think benteke is a better investment for the money. If spurs sign him well see who’s right next season.

    I think well do well next season but I can only see forth place.

  74. mahessar


    Not only those three, they also have Milito during the past 4 years who had been superb for Inter. Argentina have one of the best attacks in the world and Higuain has started pretty much every match during the past two to three years for them when fit

    The guy is class, if someone doesn’t get it, just give up on them.

  75. Brum Gooner


    You cant have a squad Galcticos, Agbonlahor over Gervinho any day of any week. He might be a bit raw at times but he is strong, lightning Fast, decent touch, eye for goal and can cross a ball plus he is 26. He plays for a nothing team but he is big game player for Villa. I’m sure I’ve seen him score a few down the Emirates, OT, Stamford Bridge, Anfield, etihad etc. I recon he will score 10-15 goals this season
    With Lambert guidance it would surprise me if he was on the plane to Rio in June.

  76. sam

    hmmm, why is higuain a world class again?

    is mourinho also dying to sign this world class ex striker of his.
    or just arsenal desperate to see so called big name.
    to be honest benteke is safer option.
    a premiership proven and arsenal will be his dream move.

  77. Rohan

    If Arsene wants Higuain AND Rooney, I’m sure he has a plan re: how we’re going to line up next season.

    I really hope we can get all our signings in before mid July so we can get a proper preseason with the majority of our squad.

  78. sam

    we don’t want agbonlahor.
    whoever is running this rumour is stupid.
    we have wingers that cannot get in the first team. we don’t need to buy replacement for Gervinho.

    Chamberlain, Gnabry, Miyaichi, one of them will grab the chance and shine. we don’t need agbonlahor we need benteke.

  79. sam


    i know higuain sounds more posh and world class

    but if you perform risk assessment benteke will win

  80. Marc


    I’m so excited by the idea of signing Higuain. The last time we bought a striker with a big reputation was Bergkamp and he didn’t turn out to bad.

    If we can add a bit of steel in midfield (Fellani would be great) and tweak the squad in a couple of other places we’ll be in great shape.

    We finished 16 points behind ManU. Was Fergie worth 8 odd points? With the above signings we could make up at least the other 8 points. Not sure we’d win the league this coming season but we’d challenge and then have cash again to strengthen next summer as well.

  81. Guns of the brixton

    benteke reminds me nik anelka, he could be a 1 season wonder though i doubt it. anyhow, assuming we buy him, he would probably jump ship at the 1st sign of barca or real. higuain is more of a proven and experinced, world class striker. and its highly doubtful he’ll leave us, unless for a retirement team, so higuain is more in it for the long run than benteke and is more experinced, and is therefore a better investment.

  82. tom

    i hope jack wilshere gives hes no.10 shirt to Higuain. jack can go back to bolton and have the no.9 shirt

  83. Rohan

    I don’t really care about value for money at this point.

    If Higuain’s the better player, we should take him regardless of whether he costs less, 5million more or 10 million more. We are in no position to make that sort of calls when we can afford the better player.

    Winning the league next season is priceless.

  84. BacaryisGod

    The situation with Higuain just demonstrates how some supposed fans will never be satisfied. We’re in the running for a player who is almost universally seen as one of the Top 10 strikers in the world and you’ve got people saying he’s overrated and will be a flop. If he’s a success, these same people will say that we still aren’t doing enough to strengthen the team and so on and so on….

    Finally, the club has both the means and the will to step up and compete for players like Higuain. Let’s enjoy this change in our approach because we’re quite possibly at the dawn of a new era.

    As for Higuain and Giroud not complementing each other. Well, they are not supposed to. It’s called rotation. There might be occasions where both play at the same time but more often than not, Higuain will be the big-game striker and Giroud will be our second choice in case of injury or keeping Higuain fresh.

  85. Kjafc

    You have proved time and again you don’t know what you are talking about. Higuain is pure class. I posted his record over the last five years earlier. At RM, his average is one goal in 1.6 games. You keep slagging him, one minute he is bad for Giroud the next Remy is better value. Now all of a sudden it is Benteke.

    Higuain has done it at RM in La Liga. Last 5 seasons, even without starting all teh games, he has 1 goal in less than two games. Benteke one season at Villa, Remy one season at QPR, Higuan 5 seasona at RM.

    Are you being serious or are you just trolling.

    Arsenal fans, some of you have been moaning about us not signing top quality and spending big, looks like we have done it with Higuain and yet still teh moaning. What on earth is going on?

  86. Kjafc

    Spot on mate. I am fed up with Arsenal fans moaning and whining all the time. Not sure all of these can be real Gooners as it makes no sense. If anyone thinks Higuain is not quality they have either not seen him play or do not know football.

  87. Johnty79

    Sam we r in the minority… looks like higuain wins..

    If higuain up top on his own doesn’t work we r in trouble…giroud to get the knock downs for higuain is a better option.. I can’t believe people think higuain is. Better option than benteke…even if benteke scores less he brings more to the team. If listening to every one else our front three is poldolski, walcott and higuain. There is no ball retention there.

    Surely anyone who knows about football can say pol,hig,wal works. I see that team flopping next year. No work rate. Might work against poor teams but against good we will be over run.

    You’ve been warned people. I remember when graham played merson,wright,smith,limpar against Coventry in 1993. Disaster and a 3.0 hammering.

    The proposed front 3 is a disaster waiting to happen and know one on hear can propose anything better.

  88. Marko

    So risk assessment Benteke’s one good season with Villa, no champions league experience and handful of caps for Belgium make him a better choice than Higuain’s 100+ goals in 180 odd games for Madrid, plenty champions league experience and his however many caps for Argentina. Yea Sam you got smarts alright

  89. Kjafc

    “Marc, what I’m saying is higuain only has two tough league games a season…”

    What on earth are you talking about? Are you being sponsored to post badly informed drivel mate. Or are you just deliberately trying to wing people up?

    He also has one goal in less than two games for Argentina.

    Have you seen if Benteke can do it in Champions League?

    One season wonder and all of a sudden he is good enough for Arsenal. Sorry we are a massive club and we need big players not Villa, Southampton or QPR players. I give up.

  90. mahessar


    I completely agree, people need to go and see a list of top strikers in terms of goals scored in the past 4 years, he is almost on every single list, conversion rates, assists, shots on targets, etc.

  91. Johnty79

    Bacary is god, I think giroud and higuain would be magnificent together. A workhorse and a finisher. But that means playing 442. Which I would next season if we sign higuain.

  92. Marko

    Yeah Johnty you Sam and Tom are in the minority. Trolls who know nothing and spout rubbish almost constantly

  93. Kjafc

    Higuains goal average in the last 5 years for Real Madrid is 1 goal in every 1.6 games. His shots to goal ratio is second only to Messi

    2008–09 season Goals 22 in 34 Av: 1 goal every 1.5 games
    2009–10 season Goals 27 in 32 Av: 1 goal every 1.1 game
    2010–11 season Goals 10 in 17 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games
    2011–12 season Goals 22 in 35 Av: 1 goal every 1.6 games
    2012–13 season Goals 16 in 28 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games

    And 2009-2013 (Argentina) Goals 20 in 32 Av: 1 goal in 1.6 game

    Check these:

    Benteke in the Belgium pro league had a worse goal scoring record. Yes, the Belgium League. And what idiot said La Liga only has two tough games.

  94. Rohan

    It’s clear, if you feed Higuain he’ll invariable put the ball in the back of the net.

    He’s a proper old school striker. Would require a tweak to our current style of play, but I’m sure Arsene has a plan.

  95. Kjafc

    Johnty79 and Dialsquare
    I am sorry Arsenal are signing Higuain, it is clearly upsetting you. It seems some people are never happy. Are you what you claim to be because I wonder. To complain and whinge about Higuain and yet claim Benteke and Remy are better speaks volumes.

    I guess once he signs and the season is under way, we will see.

    But some people are only happy if they have something to moan about. We finally spend some money and sign a top quality striker and it is more moaning.

  96. Johnty79

    Marko I am no troll….I have 5 toes and 6 fingers on each hand so I can’t be for all those who have seen lord of the rings!

    I hate spurs but respect what they do. My happiest moment as an arsenal fan was tony adams smashing the volley in against spurs in 1996.@ the reason…..

    B4 the game Gerry Francis kept spouting how ed never lost to arsenal…in the game Howells did a atrocious two footedl challenge on vieira and should have gave the ball back b4 they equalised from a throw in, then he kept laughing. I punched through a door that day. I put myself as a more dedicated arsenal fan than most of u on this site as when arsenal lose it hurts. I want the best for the club but see wenger makes massive mistakes and I could do better.

  97. Marko

    Keep in mind up until recently Madrid were poor in the Champions League constantly getting knock out right after the group stage. Hence going through so many managers. But no you’re right Johnty he’s shite his 8 in 48 in the Champions League isn’t a patch on Benteke’s 0 in 0.