Rooney in the hole? | Two £10m centre backs linked | Adams not right for Chairman

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Good morning people, there are some pretty desperate stories online this morning. You can really tell the sites trying to cash in on the summer web click frenzy. Which makes it hard to dig out genuine stories…

Tony Adams was miffed that he was overlooked for the chairman role at the club.

‘Look, I would make the tea for Arsenal Football Club, but I thought I ticked all the right boxes for the board. I don’t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club.’

‘I read an interview with Peter saying they wanted younger blood on the board but it was not easy finding people willing to take on second jobs who were not money-orientated. I thought I ticked boxes, so I wrote to Peter and said ‘I’ve got a statue outside and I know a bit about the club’s principles and values’.

‘I didn’t hear anything back, which was unusual for Peter, but I know he has been ill. But if they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me.’

Now, I love Tony Adams, but I’m not sure I’d have him down as Chairman material. He might have a degree in sport science, but having listened to him on numerous occasion, I’m not sure that really counts for much. He thinks Keswick is unimaginative and I agree… doesn’t mean he was the right choice.

Loved the man as a player, but being the voice of the club? Going on some of the strange interviews we’ve heard over the years, I don’t think it’d be long before we started to have Peter Hill-wood facepalm moments. He’s not savvy enough and I think 46 is a touch on the young side for a job like Chairman.

The Higuain story seems to be coming to a close. Most publishing houses seem to be reporting on a done deal. If it didn’t happen now, I’d be quite surprised. At £22m, I think we’re getting a bargain. 106 goals in 186 games is pretty good going. He should slot into our side with ease. Wenger still kept it French as well… the Argentine boasting dual nationality though he doesn’t speak the language.

The Daily Mail are still running with the Rooney story… they seem to think Arsenal want him as well as Higuain. Wenger sees Rooney as an attacking midfielder apparently, so he could work him in with a striker who can score freely. Interesting idea. Rooney is a very creative player and he certainly helped get the best out of Ronaldo back in the day. I’m just struggling to believe Wenger spanking out £350k a week in wages across 2 players… this is a time when I’d be happy to be very wrong.

Final Story of the day has us chasing down Greek defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos. The Schalke centre back is 21 years old and has attracted admiring glances from Madrid and Chelsea. I don’t know much about him, but one thing is for sure, Arsenal are looking for a new centre back. Ashley Williams is still a top target and there are reports he’s going to push for a move as he’s nearly 29. I’d welcome any quality addition. If Vermaelen really is on his way out, the thought of Miquel being our third choice is a bit scary. Still not sure why people moan about spending £10m on a third choice centre back… Rio cost £30m ten years ago. It’s really not a huge sum especially when you consider our susceptibility to long term injuries.

That’s pretty much all there is today. Have a good one, catch you in the comments.

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  1. Dale de Ruig

    Rooney in the the hole would be amazing. I think Utd won’t be too heartbroken considering they have Kagawa there and Van P up top.

    For his wages and the squad they have, they could sort of afford to lose him.

    I think he will be a very late signing if it does happen. Utd will want to disrupt, as much as possible, whoever signs him ( if it is in the premier league ).

  2. Marc

    I really can’t see us signing Rooney, personally I don’t like him and I think he would be a problem. Also playing him in the hole, where do we see Jack’s position in future? I’d love to get Fellani then with him and Arteta or Ramsey with Jack in the hole we’d have a really string midfield unit.

  3. andy1886

    Pedro, £10m on a third choice C/B is hardly a priority is it? That’s the difference between a decent or a great buy in another area where we need it more. As far as I know JD is still on the books and there’s no sign that TV is leaving anyway. I’d rather spend £70m on a striker and top midfielder like Fellaini (don’t forget AFC’s transfer budget usually includes wages).

  4. dano328

    Curious if the LeGrove commenters reflect the AST point about only 5% being Wenger Out at this point. If we get three of our five prospects there will be silverware in a year & Le Boss rides off to PSG.

  5. Johnty79

    Incase any one missed my excellent post…

    Southampton have signed

    Croation defender 9m
    Wanyama 10m
    Bid 17 m for osvaldo of Roma.

    They have 10 times the ambition of arsenal despite being a much smaller club.

    We could have got wanyama and paulinho for the same price as Felaini..we still do not have a dm for next season. Wenger you r a fool.

    Papodopolos is very similar to senderos with abit of skertal thrown in..prone to lapses…12m no chance.

    Chris samba for 4m. I would have rather had remy for 6m then higuain for 22m.

  6. vicky

    Why would anyone want to play in his not so preferred position at Arsenal when he can play the same role at United who are champions ???

    That too on a lower wage.

    Does not make sense.

    Only way will Rooney come to us If he is given the assurance that he is gonna be the main man……..the focal point.

    Also SAF is gone. I do not think Moyes can ever muster the courage to sit him on the bench like SAF used to do. SO that is nt a prob for Rooney anymore.

    He would rather wait for Chelsea,RM to make any offer where he can earn the same wages.

  7. Raif

    I’m not so sure Tony Adams would have been a good choice as Chairman, in agreement to what his come out with in interviews in the past.

    Higuain. I really hope this deal happens his stats are very impressive, I just hope no one tyres to high jack our deal at the last minute like the Matta deal.

    As for Rooney he would be good for us but I question the amount of wages + transfer need to pull this deal off not to mention if Ferguson struggled to control him then Wenger will have a Nightmare.

    Sell Gervinho please and bring in someone better, and a Centre back

  8. Raif

    My Mate who’s a Celtic fan thinks Wanyama would be beast for us. I haven’t seen him play but I heard his a animal

  9. Gooby

    since when wanyama is the world beater we need?

    been told he’s on song’s level for hollywood passing and being a cunt when it comes to discipline

  10. Al

    So some guy would rather have remy then higuain.

    Who do you think the defenders of the premier league will fear most…an arsenal team with higuain upfront or an arsenal team with remy upfront

  11. Hitman

    Buying the Hig and Rooney ( yeh right!) £for 50m doesn’t make much sense if your midfield and defence are 2nd rate.

    So I would prefer a real quality 1st choice centre back rather than rely on the Koz/Mert.

    Having said the Greek kid from Schalke is ace. Definite worldy in the making. Also can play in midfield. Miles better value at £13m than Ashley Williams.

  12. Bergkamp63

    I have seen a bit of Wanyama and he is average at best.

    Rooney will never happen, Wenger doesn’t like trouble makers and would be way too expensive a gamble for that reason alone. I do like him as a creator, a midfielder who doesn’t mind sticking his foot in and who would get forward and score goals like Lampard but not as an out and out striker even though that’s where he’s been until now.

  13. Al

    Anyone remember Barry Ferguson and the way Scottish fans used to go on about him. Or even van bronkhurst who was amazing in Scotland playing in the middle. Comes to arsenal……then not good enough to play in the middle

  14. dano328

    They money we are spending on The Hig is being used to keep Isco away from City & the rest of the prem. Two birds / one stone.

  15. Kjafc

    So you think Arsenal lack ambition because we did not sign some Croat nobody else except Southampton wanted? And who exactly wanted Wanyama?

    We don’t want players at Southampton level mate, so not sure what your point is, other than to just find something negative to say.

  16. Bade


    I agree with you that we need a calssic DM. Rambo & Arteta should be 2nd choice. Fellainii & new DM as our holding MF

    If Rooney’s coming as n.10 then that means Santi will flank the left side, which isn’t great prospect for me. I’d much rather see Rooney on the flank & Santi behind Higs

  17. Al


    Great comment. The idea that we are also keeping isco away from city is the icing on the cake. That kid is playing at a ridiculous level and is a game changer type of player . People go nuts over neymar but this kid is better

  18. westsussex gooner

    What do people think about inler swiss defensive mid hes a beast. Also kouyate for defense.

  19. Bade

    As for Adams,

    I think he can be a good chairman for the club. Unlike others, I don’t undermine his experience or flair. He might not be the most rhetorical bloke out there, but he’s not unqualified for the job. It’s just that he’s too young for me.

  20. Kjafc

    Pedro, I agree totally with your Tony Adams sentiments. I wish these guys would stay away from the mischief making press. I loved Tony Adams but not sure he would be the sort of person you would want around the free flowing wine in the boardroom.

    Higuain is going to be the signing we have all wanted. Not like the banjo wielding players we have been used to. His shots to goal ratio is second only to Messi:

    2008–09 season Goals 22 in 34 Av: 1 goal every 1.5 games
    2009–10 season Goals 27 in 32 Av: 1 goal every 1.1 game
    2010–11 season Goals 10 in 17 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games
    2011–12 season Goals 22 in 35 Av: 1 goal every 1.6 games
    2012–13 season Goals 16 in 28 Av: 1 goal every 1.7 games
    2009-2013 (Argentina) Goals 20 in 32 Av: 1 goal in 1.6 game

    Pretty impressive, this is La Liga not French League 2.

  21. Kamal Zharif


    A quick question, would buying Rooney affect our intentions of buying Fellaini?

    If that’s the truth, then I would rather secure Fellaini first. Rooney is great, but its a gamble on two fronts:
    1) He’s not playing striker
    2) We’re still short of a defensive midfielder

    I’m not sure how much money do we exactly have, some say 70 mill, some say 100 mill. Higuaian transfer reduces it to 48 or 78 mill, depending how much we started with. If it is true that we only start with 70 mill, then the remaining 48 mill will only be enough for both Rooney and Fellaini. And we are still missing a CB and a GK.

    However, if it is true that we started with 100 mill, then we have enough money to go around. In fact, even after buying Rooney and Fellaini, we would still leave with 28 million.

  22. kiblib

    Papadopoulos is a very good defender. Williams would be a good back up but would he want to go from captain and a starter to a bench role?

  23. Kjafc

    How do you know Arsenal would pay Rooney lower wages? I don’t get all this nonsense being circulated about wages. The Fellaini thing was a made up story, it is all a nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want us to sign Rooney, I would be happy with Higuain and Fellaini. Just please stop believing everything written in the press or broadcast on TalkSport. These people have to find something to say, they have creative licence.

    Things have changed, we are in a different place now. The wages are not going to be an issue anymore.

  24. the mighty karim

    him 3 years ago. I still think he has everything in him but he constantly makes big mistakes , I mean very big ones, + he seems to love being booked all the time.

  25. BrightonGooner

    We need Rooney, Higuain, AND Fellaini.. With them, Williams and a world-class keeper (ie. not Cesar) I think we can actually challenge for the title for the 1st time in half a dozen years.

    Please Wenger do it, then you can leave next year, like most of us want you to, on a high.

  26. Crono


    Good comment, precisely why I think Rooney would be a good buy. The thought of having him and Caz delivering balls to Higuain for fun while at the same time weaken Utd is something I have to say Yes to.

    Not even gonna touch the “remy over higuain comment”. Some supporters will never be happy.

  27. Hitman49

    BAD NEWS……….

    I have it on good good contact who told me,
    WENGER has already signed a 4 yr extension !

    We are done for !

    Don’t expect to many big names same ol same ol

  28. Zoran

    Tony, I was very excited about your football achievemenrts. Let it stay like this.

    Live the experts lead our Arsenal in financial issues. And I think and hope Chips is one of them.

    But I think, if you apply to make tea at Arsenal Board meatings, they wont reject you, specially if you would do it for free, what I doubt.

  29. the mighty karim

    Jorge Higuain ( Daddy + Agent ) said nothing was done but he’s aware Arsenal (1st quoted) and Juve (2nd) have made big offers for his son

    Laurent Blanc has just been appointed at PSG, Carlo Ancelotti should follow anytime soon at REAL , so we will know about the HIG in a few days.

    Let’s just hope it will be a “all is well that ends well” end of a saga…

  30. TH

    I am also gutted we missed out on ‘Croation defender 9m’. Even if that was Lovren and he’s shit.

    Wanking on about shite like Southampton so odd. One poor team go after a couple of players that, not only were Arsenal not bidding for, nobody else even in the top half of the Prem seems to be interested in, and you burst into tears about how they are more ambitious than Arsenal?

    Grow up a bit eh?

  31. Kjafc

    There is money for transfer fees and income available for wages. The money for wages is paid out of what the club earn, it’s income.

    Transfer fees is interesting. Most transfer fees are delivered on a payment plan, often over three years or so. Thats hiw Barca are oaying us for Cesc and Alex. So it’s a debt that comes out of what the club is earning. We however can pay up front for players, there are some rumours that this attracted Perez at RM, as Juve are currently skint. It is a big advantage.

    Wages are different. This come out of what we earn and this is substantially more than it was in the past, the new sponsorship deals jettison us into the super league, hence why wages should no longer be an issue. We have also lost some big earners from the wage bill. Crudely speaking, Just £30 million sponsorship per year provides an additional £600,000 per week to spend on wages.

    If Arsenal don’t break the wage structure then increasing what you earn is a pointless exercise. Therefore, I expect the wage structure to be smashed, starting with Higuain. I just hope we tear up the socialist wage policy, that makes no sense to me.

  32. kwik fit

    Big Tone was only saying how bad he thinks Sir Chips will be as a chairman by saying he’d do a better job. Tony knows his limitations so we shouldn’t give him grief. He’s an Arsenal Legend after all.

  33. Damilarey

    Higuian is the only 5% sure signing by Arsene, I can never immagine Wenger will go for Rooney. But even D Hig story is getting borund as I can’t comprehend why there yet to be any real news from the club. I think all is a FUSE

  34. Kjafc

    Very well put. As you can see, I was also stunned that one minute fans moan we need quality players and the next they want us to sign Southampton targets.

    I am very excited about the prospect of Higuain signing, most of our players can’t hit a cows backside with a banjo. We certainly create enough.

  35. Johnty79

    I am only talking in money terms..

    Remy 6 m transfer fee 80k aweek

    Higuain 22m. 135k aweek

    Both four year contracts. Means over four years higuain will cost around 25m more to keep. Is he worth it as I still don’t see us winning te league.

  36. Kjafc

    Mate, clubs do not do transfers via the media. I don’t understand why some fans think as soon as you bid for a player it should be announced. What would that achieve, other than tip off every other club of what you are doing. Negotiations are done confidentially not via the media. Buying a player is complicated, negotiations, contracts, agreements with managers, presidents, agents, the player. It all takes time. You aren’t buying a game forthe Xbox, you don’t walk in, select the player and pay the cashier or scan him through the quick tills.

    I am not sure what some fans think happens?

  37. dano328

    The Hig’s big brother plays for MLS side Columbus Crew. They brought him over mid last summer from the Argentine league at 28. He has been hailed as one of the best athletes in Ohio. He guy is a good player who could do much better than MLS. He is smaller guy, but his dead balls are every bit as good as Beck’s. I don’t know why I mentioning all this other than to say the best player in MLS is The Hig’s big brother, and maybe we should take a loan spell w/him to make his brother more comfy in London.

  38. Paulinho

    Wanyama is miles better than Song. He’s actually got the athleticism and ability to justify being careless at times. Song didn’t.

  39. Johnty79

    Tony Adams can’t be trusted running a fruit & veg stall let alone arsenal.. But he does have a very valued point. Arsenal arent planning for life after wenger…

    Wenger will love the next manager to fail who ever comes in. You can bet wenger will sign diaby to a six year deal before he leaves…or maybe hell take the walking injury to psg. Hopefully.

  40. nepGunner

    Seems like we are not the only club looking at quality prospect kids.

    Luis Alberto to Liverpool – done & dusted (from Sevila on loan with Barca B – not sure how he’s like)

    Isco to Real almost done ( 2nd best player of U21 Euros – I feel for people who point out that the delay behind the Hig deal is because they have no manager. Do you actually think Real Madrid will consent with their manager(s) when they really want to buy or sell a player? You must be confused with Arsenal)

    Alacantara to Manure picking up traction (Player of the U21 Euros)

    Wilfred Zaha to Manure – Done deal (won promotion with Crystal Palace)

    Sonogo to Arsenal – Done deal (injury plighted 20 year old quality from ligue 2 advised by Diaby & gang to snub Lille for us – haven’t got a clue how “quality” is he)

    Admittedly, the verdict is still out on Sonogo, but I somehow feel this deal has Diaby Mark II written all over it. I know some AKBs will be quick to point out that Sonogo is for free and conveniently forget the fact that we will be paying his wages (even if he spends most of his time at the Colney treatment center), investing time & effort on him and will be used as an excuse for the next 6 years as “like a new signing’ whenever fit. I’ve nothing against Sonogo – all the best to the lad, but when he eventually flops out or gets crocked (admittedly we’ve yet to see him play); most fans will just boo him off the ground and in internet and forget he was actually tracked for years by our chief scout & manager and was brought in knowing his injury blighted career till then.

    Now, if Wenger had closed on all the deals we needed this summer (we all agree on it for most part), then I would be least bothered about Wenger’s kid collecting hobby. But, neither are we closing on in any required deals (not the kids!) nor has Sonogo lit the world ablaze with excitement and expectation. I feel for those gooners who genuinely prepare a list of players they deem fit for their club (complete with the team sheet & formation) and post it on forums like Le-Grove. Only if they knew the pattern, the trend that is Arsene Wenger!

    And there are people still waiting for July 1st ffs!

  41. Kjafc

    Only talking in money terms? What are you in about mate. Is your dad Victor Meldrew because all you do is moan.

    Now you aren’t happy with Higuain, preferring QPR player Remy. Sorry mate but if you have ambition you don’t sign QPR or Southampton players do you. All we hear from some fans are constant complaints that Arsenal don’t spend money or sign world class players and when it looks like we are, you find something else to moan about. Whatever floats your boat.

  42. Johnty79

    Does any disagree that paulinho + wanyama is better than Felaini on his on own.

    If we sign Felaini I can’t see n immediate future for wilshere. So he might as well be sold. Ox can step in as cover in the midfield 3.

    Cazorla Felaini wilshere just won’t work and no one on here seems to know or accept this..arteta looks like his legs have gone.

  43. Dannyboy

    KjAFC, just ignore Johnty, he has a severe mental illness. It’s quite cruel really how badly he has been blighted by it, but it causes him to say some extremely strange things.

  44. Johnty79

    To stop confusion I would take higuain over remy but in money times I would have taken remy. A new dm and gk is needed more than a striker. Signing higuain will kill giroud who didn’t have a bad first season. If he doesn’t start next year hell be the new chamack.

  45. Kjafc

    Lot of negativity on here again. Why can’t the genuine Arsenal fans on LG get behind this great club we are so fortunate to support, instead of just posting the same regurgitated stuff. I couldn’t give a fig what other clubs are doing. As long as we sign the quality players we need, I can see us being competitive again.

    The Higuain deal looks fairly close and that’s a massive signing for us. Fellaini looks like it may happen too, no denials and he is mates with MA and TV. Rooney I don’t think will happen however no denials so could be something in it. And just because I support the club and manager does not mean I fit neatly into a box labelled AKB, that is as big an insult as me suggesting some of you are imposters who are really Spurs, Chelsea and Manc fans.

    Come on, get behind this great club if these signings happen we are going to be very close to the big trophies.

  46. Crono


    Higuain might not be enough to give us the title, but it will certainly be more of a possibility than with Remy so why on earth would we settle for average when we have the financial possibility of so much more? To save 25 mill during a four-year period? Maybe you want to sell Cazorla and replace him with Taarabt while you’re at it?

    Got to have some sort of ambition.

  47. dave


    Signing Higuain would kill Giroud, signing Fellaini would kill Wilshere. Have you not learnt anything over the past years. We need WC players now not any more future projects

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Kryiakos is an ugly spud but certainly would be an ambitious choice for a CB…one of the most sought after young defenders in Europe.

    I will from here fourth refer to him as Dopa, for his full name causes me great strain.

  49. Kjafc

    Comparing Giroud to Higuain is like comparing Southampton to Arsenal. Giroud is not the player Higuain is and I couldn’t care less how much money we spend, as long as we buy the quality we need.

    Fellaini does not mean an end to Wilshire, not sure of your thought processes. Giroud the next Chamakh?

    To compete on all fronts you need a strong squad. You get injuries and suspensions and there are lots of games. That has been a massive failing for us. You need to look at your bench and not worry.

  50. kwik fit

    Good News from Swansea chairman saying that no offers have been made for Williams. For a 4th choice CB we need young with potential not an average ageing player who’s come through the league’s and has had one decent season in the premiership.
    Like the look of the St Etienne CB Kurt somebody. Seems to have all the attributes including pace.

  51. dano328

    Needs to be a way to get Giroud on he field, or all that self esteem the away fans gave him last year with the constant singing will vanish. I hope a 442 is at least under consideration. Don’t sit him, loan him, but he must play. He works his but off for the shirt, and his knock downs and flicks could have provided much to a partner. I know he lacks finishing skills. We either keep his esteem high or let him be Chamack 2.0

  52. Marc


    I’m confused. You don’t want us to sign good players because we won’t win anything with them? Also why wouldn’t a midfield of Fellani, Jack & Cazorla work as a midfield? Personally I’d play Jack in the hole with Fellani holding and another body in midfield – Ramsey / Arteta maybe even the Ox.

  53. Kjafc

    Dave, great point you really do need quality especially in key positions. The hardest thing in football to do is score a goal so you have to be clinical. How many chances do we miss, it is embarrassing. Fellaini would give us a threat at corners, something we don’t have, as well as that strength we have missed since PV04. And proven in Premier League? These two signings alone would make a massive improvement in what is already a very good side. I would like a keeper too, then I would say we will win something big.

  54. Telarse

    I wish we’d sign a left sided midfielder. Santi is wasted there and if we actually sign a decent striker Santi should be behind feeding him. In the meantime Gibbs is head and shoulders above anyone else we have for left mid. Gives more in attack and cover than anyone else. Santi central, slipping in Higuain, Walcott or Gibbs with Fellaini and Coq covering behind would be a hell of a lot stronger than we’ve had for years but, obviously, we’ll win FA as City and Chelsea battle for 1st and we fight Utd and Spurs for 3rd at best.

  55. Kjafc

    Kwik fit
    I couldn’t agree more. Williams is not good enough for us and I don’t see him as adding anything.

    That sounds good. The point is, that when you have quality players you have genuine choice and important back up. We have not had that for a long time.

  56. TT

    “A new dm and gk is needed more than a striker. Signing higuain will kill giroud who didn’t have a bad first season. If he doesn’t start next year hell be the new chamack.”

    Wrong in my opinion. There was little wrong with our defensive side of the team from February onwards. It was the conversion of chances that were killing us all year though. Thats were a striker like Higuain will improve the team exponesionaly.

  57. dave


    Why are you worried about Girouds self esteem. He isn’t good enough. Strong managers admit their mistakes. Bring a top top striker. Keep Giroud as a back up. That will show us if he has any balls. He will either fight for his place and improve or sulk. If he sulks sell him on, if he improves great. Win win . Lets stop pissing our pants about players feelings.

  58. Kjafc

    Fighting for third? You are having a laugh mate. With Higuain and Fellaini amongst what we already has that is a massive improvement. We were only a couple of points off the chavs, with a team without a real goalscorer and after a shocking start. If all we are aiming for is third place, that really is ridiculous.

    It depends on the signings. If we sign Higuain and Fellaini and one or two others, buckle in could be one hell of a ride.

  59. Kjafc

    Dave 13:05
    Exactly. There will be times when both play. Giroud is not a sulker, he came late into top class football and therefore, I suspect he is unlike most of the egotistical parasites that surround our game.

  60. kwik fit

    Totally agree regarding Caz. He is wasted on the wing. He should be played in the middle and be the main fulcrum of our offensive play. The guy is sheer quality. Two centre mids would be great. Fellani and Bender. Agreed that a wide player is needed to replace the Gerv. A striker however is our first priority. In summary we need 2 cm’s one striker and one wide player.

  61. dano328

    Dave I get you. I just like the guy’s work ethic and you could tell he was a confidence player. I won’t moan about him not playing. But when we sit the The Hig in the 75th after his hat trick, I’d like to see the French Pretty boy get cheered.

  62. BobbyDigital

    Excited about Hig coming in (as well as Sanogo, to be honest). I caught him against Ghana and that kid has a lot of tools–think of Adebayor, only more athletic, a harder worker, and not a soggy cunt. I’ll be watching him take on the U-20 star-spangled-speedo squadron tomorrow. Yeah, he could get hurt, but so could everyone else. Literally. Simply because a player is tall and black doesn’t render them the next Diaby. That’s daft.
    Come on, Fellaini!!! If we get Hig and Fellaini, we challenge next season. Though I’m sure we’ll sign another CB (I’m starting to suspect a younger one–Umtiti would be nice if that were the case ), and I’m still pretty sure Cesar is headed our way too. I’d like to see another AM unless Wenger feels Eisfield is ready to challenge.

  63. nepGunner

    To say Remy is more appropriate than the Hig is a shortsightedness on Jhonty’s part, but what he pointed is absolutely OK and normal. IF the so called “lesser” clubs like Southhampton (some geniuses here do not even want Arsenal to be associated with their transfer targets! – that’s how low they are in their eyes) can go on neatly with their summer business, why can’t a bigger better club like Arsenal struggle to even get going? Bigger targets? Manager less clubs? Money? Nonsense. The rotten smell of penny haggling (despite the IG PR spin of us having “enough” to afford deals worth 25M & wages worth 250k and more!) has everyone grabbing for some fresh air bar those fiercely under the spell of Wizard Wenger.

    All top clubs of the PL finishing in CL spots barring Arsenal (Manure, $hitty & Chelsea) have all gone about their business quietly without the fanfare/PR spin that the Arsenal hierarchy so loves to indulge every year. THAT is called intent and ambition. Those pointing out the negativeness on the cautiousness of fellow gooners who have burnt their hands on numerous previous sagas are in fact the REAL AKBs or have no clue how business has been conducted at their own club for good part of a decade.

  64. Goongoonergone

    Arsenal transfers-Yawn, yawn, yawn…
    The way Adam is being treated, it’s enough to make him flee back to the rehab.

  65. mahessar

    Sky Sports News reporting Arsenal have people in Spain to tie up the deal for Higuain with Madrid, personal terms already agreed at 100K a week.

    Big, big season coming up



    I said the same thing,bring in quality players ,and bench some of our regulars,at least our bench strenghtened.


    Providing we even buy anyone of worth,remember we’ve lost a few fish over the years pulling them in the boat it’s been that close.

  67. Guns of the brixton

    If fellani comes over to emirates, i would be confused, all those interviews he done expressing intrest in chelsea. . . well i guess he saw the light. top quality player you cant argue that.

  68. Marc

    For years we lacked a plan B in attack, Giroud fits this perfectly. Problem was we lost the plan A, if we sign Higuain we have quality and options.

  69. Relieable sauce

    Unfortunately AFC legend Tony Adams was never in the running for chairman, it would have killed Wenger.
    I mean who wants an unquestionably loyal ex player who was a proven winner & a WC CB, a man that eats & breathes AFC & wants to see them run as a football club rather than a bizarre social/financial experiment performed by a mad professor.
    …When you can have sir chips, 72 yo ex banker instead.
    “Symbolic figurehead for the club” i think it was described previously by others…LOL…What better symbol is there for AFC when its being run like an unscrupulous bank that lies to & fleeces its shareholders.

    Next it will be a lovely new contract for Wonga & the appointment of Joel(?) the spawn of rug head to the board.

  70. Mark Åslin

    Really dont see Adams as chairman-material but still a, if not THE legend and should be better in house rather than outside talking about the club.
    Wasn’t that Papadopolus-guy linked with us a few years ago? Remember thinking he was quite good but not good enough. Perhaps he is now?

  71. leon

    I dont think the deal for this striker has been done yet they still in advanced talks sky sports would have confirmed it but arsenal have realy got to puch and get this player looks yo be the real deal.however going for rooney is not good business in my opinion his wages are far to much and arsenal would still have pay out a pretty huge tranfer fee
    This team still needs a keeper defender and midfielder

  72. Johnty79

    A diamond of These players may work in midfield however it looks abit weak in te wing positions. Defensively away from home it will struggle..

    Cazorla. Walcott

  73. mahessar


    4-2-3-1 is better with Higuain Cazorla and Jack


    Sagna – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Monreal

    Arteta – Fellaini

    Theo – Jack Wilshere – Cazorla


  74. Rutu

    SSN: Arsenal delegation in Spain to complete Gonzalo Higuaín transfer. £100k a week wages. £22m fee.

    SSN: Arsenal also privately confident of completing Marouane Fellaini deal.

  75. mahessar

    Personally though I’d prefer either to have a better Left winger to slot Cazorla in place of Jack or another creative midfielder for Jack.

    Hamsik would do well for us but I think Napoli are only selling Cavani this summer, we could try Thiago but he is set for United.. running out of options there.
    Probably a cheeky bid for Gaston Ramirez from Southampton would be great.

  76. leon

    Goroud is an ok players but no were ti being as good as drogba him i would pay 250 k what a beast but rooney who is good but not that good

  77. Bergkamp63

    Johnty79June 23, 2013 12:26:01
    I am only talking in money terms..

    Remy 6 m transfer fee 80k aweek

    Higuain 22m. 135k aweek

    Both four year contracts. Means over four years higuain will cost around 25m more to keep. Is he worth it as I still don’t see us winning te league.

    That says maybe but Higuain will practically guarantee CL football and Remy most certainly would not. CL is worth at least £40m a year so 4x£40m = £160m – £25m additional cost ! Do the maths !

    As for JW, he is basically a holding midfield player who breaks up play and creates, once he gets to the final 1/3rd he is lost. Horses for courses. He would work well with Fellaini.

  78. sylvain

    This does not seem a problem for MU fans to have a f*cking traitor – RVP to not name him… – in their squad, well good for them.
    But I am a Gooner, and I DON’T WANT TO SEE GROONEY WITH AN ARSENAL SHIRT, period.

  79. sylvain

    This does not seem to be a problem for MU fans to have a f*cking traitor – RVP to not name him… – in their squad, well good for them.
    But I am a Gooner, and I DON’T WANT TO SEE GROONEY WITH AN ARSENAL SHIRT, period.

  80. Hitman

    Why is anyone even comparing Remy/ Higuain?

    Possible criminal charges. Don’t touch, bargepole.
    Remy is a no go. Waste of a post.

  81. Marko

    People gotta realise Johnty, tom and dialsquare are trolling they’re taking the piss always. Can’t be taken seriously.

  82. mahessar


    Cheers, apparently some legal paperwork is left for the deal to be done which is to be sorted tomorrow and hopefully he will fly in for a medical soon after.

  83. Alex James

    Bobby Charlton was also a poor manager but went on to become a trusted member of Utd’s board. Tony as chairman is nonsense of course but having one of our greatest and most trusted players on the board would add presence, where there is currently none.

  84. Brum Gooner

    Some people on here are so negative! Who at the club has said we were after Wanyama? I think he is a few seasons away from a top club hence why he will spend a couple years at a mid table team. We do not need experiments! Fellani, Jack and Santi would be the best midfield in the prem.

    I would happily replace Remy for Gervinho. But he will not be a regular starter therefore I doubt Wenger sanctioning 80,000 pw for a sub. But selling Gervinfor 10-12m would could make the difference if we can get him for 6m

    We Minolet going Liverpool I would happily take Reina to fight it out with Cheezer for Number 1 spot.

    Williams is hugely understated player, if he was english he would be in the squad, not doubt. I don’t care if we spend 10 on a 4th choice CB. Being a centre back you need an organiser, leader of men, battler! Williams is quick, Strong, good range of passing, strong in the Air and most importantly the qualities listed before. The big German is Number 1 because he is a organiser. Intelligent with positioning etc. Kos and Tv5 lack leadership qualities in defence. An example of this is Carrager, JT, Vidic, Keown who are not the most gifted players but are leaders, Put their body on the line types. Even though he plays as a left CB I think Williams would be backup for Mert not Kos. That will be TV5

    Apart from the Hig I would prefer purchases from within the prem. how many times do do we use the excuse about players taking time to adjust to a new culture, language, league etc add Cesar/ Reina ,Willians, Fellani, Hig. To replaceFlappy, Squillaci, Diaby and Chamakh Would be ideal.

    As an extra If possible Sell Gervinho and replace Remy.

    Promote Gnabry and Eistfeild

    Pace, power, speed (of thought), PL experience . That was the fundamental qualities of Wenger best teams.

    Some of you may not remember but when we had the likes of Pires we had a Parlour. Good attitude, good in the dressing room, come in solid and does a job. If you ever played decent level football you would understand team spirit and mentality can take you a lot futher than quality.

    Is Manure playing staff head and shoulders above City? NO, but they have more leaders throughout the squad. Ask yourself why u hate Evra? I hate him because he talks to much and calls my team kids and he is a leader!

    I couldn’t care less if Arsenal spent 150 m. Who cares? As long as we have a competitive playing staff.

    Get positive ppl WE ARE THE ARSENAL!

  85. dialsquare

    Higuain needs to up his game in the Champions League, his 8 goals in 48 appearances is Sunday League level.
    Wouldn’t touch Wanyama he’s Song mark 2

  86. Alex James

    We have been through all this transfer done deals before. There is still time for Wenger to outflank Gazidis and find a reason to save the money. Keeping the faith went out of the window for me when Mata was allowed tomslip throughnourvfingers.

  87. Tigerz67

    I don’t think Arsenal and Rooney are interested in one another. Man U could be spreading rumours to make Rooney leave, so that they can fund the return of Ronaldo.

  88. dialsquare

    Don’t just seem to remember, go and find out and report back.

    According to Brum, Remy valued £6m is twice as bad as Gervinho valued £12m

  89. Marc

    I wouldn’t put it past Fergie to put out a lie about Rooney. He’s shown before he’ll put his own interest before the clubs. Rooney embarrassed him when he threatened to leave before and low and behold as he retires he decides to get his own back.

  90. Reiss

    Wanyama seems a little average Capoue/Felliani for me. If possible we should swap Gervinho with Ayew and even if it means handing over a bit if cash.