Rooney in the hole? | Two £10m centre backs linked | Adams not right for Chairman

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Good morning people, there are some pretty desperate stories online this morning. You can really tell the sites trying to cash in on the summer web click frenzy. Which makes it hard to dig out genuine stories…

Tony Adams was miffed that he was overlooked for the chairman role at the club.

‘Look, I would make the tea for Arsenal Football Club, but I thought I ticked all the right boxes for the board. I don’t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club.’

‘I read an interview with Peter saying they wanted younger blood on the board but it was not easy finding people willing to take on second jobs who were not money-orientated. I thought I ticked boxes, so I wrote to Peter and said ‘I’ve got a statue outside and I know a bit about the club’s principles and values’.

‘I didn’t hear anything back, which was unusual for Peter, but I know he has been ill. But if they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me.’

Now, I love Tony Adams, but I’m not sure I’d have him down as Chairman material. He might have a degree in sport science, but having listened to him on numerous occasion, I’m not sure that really counts for much. He thinks Keswick is unimaginative and I agree… doesn’t mean he was the right choice.

Loved the man as a player, but being the voice of the club? Going on some of the strange interviews we’ve heard over the years, I don’t think it’d be long before we started to have Peter Hill-wood facepalm moments. He’s not savvy enough and I think 46 is a touch on the young side for a job like Chairman.

The Higuain story seems to be coming to a close. Most publishing houses seem to be reporting on a done deal. If it didn’t happen now, I’d be quite surprised. At £22m, I think we’re getting a bargain. 106 goals in 186 games is pretty good going. He should slot into our side with ease. Wenger still kept it French as well… the Argentine boasting dual nationality though he doesn’t speak the language.

The Daily Mail are still running with the Rooney story… they seem to think Arsenal want him as well as Higuain. Wenger sees Rooney as an attacking midfielder apparently, so he could work him in with a striker who can score freely. Interesting idea. Rooney is a very creative player and he certainly helped get the best out of Ronaldo back in the day. I’m just struggling to believe Wenger spanking out £350k a week in wages across 2 players… this is a time when I’d be happy to be very wrong.

Final Story of the day has us chasing down Greek defender Kyriakos Papadopoulos. The Schalke centre back is 21 years old and has attracted admiring glances from Madrid and Chelsea. I don’t know much about him, but one thing is for sure, Arsenal are looking for a new centre back. Ashley Williams is still a top target and there are reports he’s going to push for a move as he’s nearly 29. I’d welcome any quality addition. If Vermaelen really is on his way out, the thought of Miquel being our third choice is a bit scary. Still not sure why people moan about spending £10m on a third choice centre back… Rio cost £30m ten years ago. It’s really not a huge sum especially when you consider our susceptibility to long term injuries.

That’s pretty much all there is today. Have a good one, catch you in the comments.

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  1. Kjafc

    I wanted Higuain last reason. That boy is a goal scorer, look at the quality if the goals he scores. Most importantly, his goal to shots ratio is outstanding. Wehave missed this ability, the chances we miss are embarrassing. no longer a problem with this lad in our team. This is a huge signing. I

  2. Kjafc

    You say you could do better than Wenger…..!

    Mate, with the nonsense you spout and your claims that Southampton are signing players we should, you couldn’t manage a kids team.

    You have to know something about football to be a football manager, so stick to FiFA on your playStation

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, Higuain’s record in the UCL ain’t great….SOOOOO let’s buy a player who had once decent year in a relegation battling side and has never played in the top flight….genius

  4. BacaryisGod

    Higuain and Fellaini might be the main plot points this summer but I’m also interested in seeing what happens in all the various subplots. Here’s my top 10:

    1. What will we do with our Vela buy-back option (est. 3-4 million). He’s worth much more than that. Will we buyback to sell him on for a profit, see if he fits better now or just extract more o a bounty from Real Sociedad in order for them to keep him? (I vote for the last option)

    2. Djourou-surely he’ll be out on loan or sold this summer. He could be a serviceable #4 CB, but I think his time has run its course.

    3. Bendtner-I would give him away to get his 52k a week off the books, but if we can squeeze 2-3 million for him, congratulations to management.

    4. Goalkeeper: Never rated Mannone, so hopefully we can offload him. Fabianski was very impressive in his short spell but he’s injury prone and not particularly happy here. I’m not a big fan of Cesar so hopefully there will be another choice to compete with Sczcesny. Martinez probably in at #3 but he’s not ready yet based on his Reading performance. In the best of all worlds we bring in an experienced keeper to compete with both Fabianski and Sczcesny, but that might be a little too hopeful.

    5. Podolski and Gervinho: Not a big fan of Podolski but more for his unwillingness to do the hard running up and down on the left flank. Gervinho will do that work but his final ball and finishing are still woeful. Combined these two would be one hell of a player but individually they have serious flaws. I think Gervinho is on his way out though. This is our last chance to sell him for a decent sum.

    6. Ryo and Joel Campbell: Both young and talented, Ryo will probably be out on loan again and Joel might go too. However, if Gervinho goes, we could see Campbell fit in nicely on the left flank. Whether his workrate and discipline is there for Arsene yet remains to be seen. The smart money is on both of them back on loan assuming Ryo is fit enough to leave.

    7. Frimpong. Is he definitely gone? It’s a shame injuries and insanity have cut short his Arsenal career. He had something about him.

    8. Bacary: I think we all know deep down that Carl isn’t ready as first-choice right back so I would love to see Bacary stay. He’s a warrior and we still need him. He wasn’t as poor as many fans made him out to be. He got skinned a couple of times and the Man U game was a disaster for him, but he was a key part of our miserly defence at the end of the season.

    9. Who will be our #4 CB? I can’t see Vermaelen leaving when we’re trying to build a deeper squad. We have 3 top CBs and the latest rumours about Papadopoulos and Jedvaj would seem to make more sense than another established Premier League CB like Williams. The younger CBs would be able to adapt without the immediate pressure of starting right away in the event of an injury to Koscielny or Mertesacker.

    10. The captaincy; Ideally Vermaelen would voluntarily relinquish the captaincy for Arteta in order to focus on his form. Arteta will almost certainly start for us next season (hopefully alongside Fellaini) and is widely respected. He also did the job last season for us too. Regardless, it might be one of Arsene’s toughest decisions this window.

  5. Guns of the brixton

    mertesacker for captain, jacks still young, 4th CB defo those u mentioned if not beniata, and frimpong is on hes last life b4 game over occurs, no matter hes potential would hate to see a talent of hes potential calibre wasted. . .

  6. Johnty79

    Kjafc…I don’t have a play station…just a master system….and one game flicky.It’s terrible but I just can’t complete it. When I do I’ll buy a mega drive or a snes.

  7. Guns of the brixton

    o yeah, and i believe poldolski can really shine, did u see what he did to ecuador?!
    i think this was an adjustment season for polds, did well for us esp in the CL. i say be patient with him. he still wants to prove something at a top club ever since bayern sold him on. hes got a german passion.

  8. Cowleygooner

    Twitter seems to believe Higuain signing is imminent. I cant help but be a bit cynical where Wenger is concerned.
    These were the same sources that stated Nuri Sahin had signed last year!!
    If it transpire’s that we do get our man I only only hope it produces a domino affect leading to more WC signings as we are in desperate need to improve the current bunch of mediocre wankers currently embarrassing our team.

  9. sam

    Hmmmm, frimpong will stay as long as he doesn’t confront le boss he will be fine.
    if he’s sent to another loan he takes order without complaining he will be fine.,
    Hello! he’s only a year older than yaya sanogo

  10. sam


    please make your mind up, you want vela back at the same time you want frimpong, coquelin, miyaichi and campbell out.
    are you gonna set buy back option for all of them?

  11. BacaryisGod

    Sam-when will you learn to read? I didn’t say anything close to what you think I said. Please read it again. I didn’t even mention Coquelin, said Vela would probably stay at Real Sociedad and that both Campbell and Ryo would probably go back on loan.

    You should be writing for the Daily Star.

  12. sam

    Personally I believe keeping all our best kids will be beneficial.
    they are all under 21, keeping them will give us a strong youth team and a solid cup campaign. meaning a good day off for the first team. loan don’t benefit them at all.
    holoway can fuck off, he influenced zaha to sign for man u now he wants joel campbell.

  13. sam


    when would you learn?

    Ryo already had 3 stupid loans,he doesn’t need another one. he should stay here.
    barca don’t loan their players, imagine alcantara playing longball boring football at bolton.
    even ajax don’t do that shit, wenger does it for money and it destroys our kids.
    keep promising youngsters in the B team you will see the difference.

  14. LeMassiveCoq

    *We should use the Vela’s clause as a lien on Real sociedad to get their Spanish U21 midfielder.*

    assume you mean Illaramendi? Yes, most def.

  15. mahessar

    Congratulations to all the Indian grovers though, well deserved Champions Trophy win, Jadeja is a quite a handy player you guys have found and England, get a grip man, what is this, 5th final loss in an ICC event?

  16. luke

    sam June 23, 2013 20:23:54


    when would you learn?

    Ryo already had 3 stupid loans,he doesn’t need another one. he should stay here.
    barca don’t loan their players, imagine alcantara playing longball boring football at bolton.
    even ajax don’t do that shit, wenger does it for money and it destroys our kids.
    keep promising youngsters in the B team you will see the difference.

    Really? Ryo’s loans have been ineffective because of injuries. After half a season at Bolton, Wilshere had an absolutely immense season with his performance against barca highlighting it. What other kids have we destroyed by loaning besides the ones that were never going to make it anyway?

  17. BacaryisGod


    By all accounts, loaning players has worked out pretty well for us for the most part. If a player can’t thrive on loan at a weaker club, he’s unlikely to succeed at Arsenal. Ashley Cole, Wilshere and Song benefited from loan spells so I really think you’re barking up the wrong tree. Ryo barely played due to injury so another crack wouldn’t hurt him and he’s very young. Vela’s performance on loan allowed us to sell him on with a buyback and that’s worked out well also.

    Work on your reading and your facts please Sam!

  18. luke

    Oh and Ryo had a very successful first loan to the Netherlands, where he was called ryodinho I believe…

  19. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    How are liverpool signing up all these bloody players

    Arsene pull your finger out and stop f*king talking to players.

  20. dave

    Higuain, Fellaini, winger, Sagna staying and creative midfielder and I am looking forward to going to the Emirates for the 1st time in a few years.

  21. sam


    you guys don’t believe that loaning players hindered our chance our winning
    If we keep them here as they all under 21 they can play in the nextgen and first stage of fa cup and carling while first team concentrate on the league and CL.
    plus, loaning players is the reason we had a crap youth team last season.

  22. sam


    you cannot compare his arrival to dennis bergkamp.
    our legend was dutch and not homesick in london.
    this tevez cousin can get homesick and we will have a problem
    I hope not

  23. dave

    Sam, it’s the impact / message it sends out that signing a WC gives, not a direct comparison between the 2 players…. Jeez

  24. sam


    It could be costly if he fails to perform
    At least there is a possitive sign that the french fox is starting to spend.
    It shouldn’t be just one big signing, we should sign at least 2 more.

  25. sam

    Honestly I don’t care who we sign as long as they are here to improve us
    and we don’t start the season with a lame team like last season we stay in the top 3 all the way to christmas.
    Yes I believe we can win the league as long as we don’t lose many points, no fucking around with stupid experiments. pick the right team.

  26. kwik fit

    Yeah Mental , Poyet was a good manager. Beggars believe how they could be cruel bastards and sack him on live TV , even if he was a former Spud.

  27. Thierry Henry

    if we really need a creative midfielder,we should take look on mateo kovacic

    he can dribble,he can pass,and yes he still young (wenger fave)

  28. dano328

    Does it ever happen in situations like this, where the less talented guy loses his spot to a WC player (yes I think the Hig is as good as RVP) and raises his game. Say the The Hig gets a two week knock and Giroud slams in 3 of four games. I hope so.

  29. TOLI83

    dano328June 24, 2013 02:46:34
    Does it ever happen in situations like this, where the less talented guy loses his spot to a WC player (yes I think the Hig is as good as RVP) and raises his game. Say the The Hig gets a two week knock and Giroud slams in 3 of four games. I hope so.


    Great point.

    I’ve been saying this for a while, our squad lacks strength and depth. Giroud didn’t do as badly as people think last year and he will genuinely get better. However knowing he will have to up his game because someone better is in-front of him is only a good thing!

  30. mahessar

    Lot of reports saying Juventus and Arsenal are both in the running to sign Hig. Juventus have a new hope after they were almost out of the race last week.

  31. EAMS

    First and foremost Adams is an Arsenal legend. A first-on-the-team-sheet player we’ll never forget.

    But a member of the board? The Chairman of the board. The one man at Arsenal to sort the club out?

    He’s not doing himself any favours by coming out with this stuff.

  32. Rhys Jaggar

    If they won’t pay Fellaini £100k a week, they won’t get him.

    Why would he take less than Theo or Podolski? He’s as good as either of them. He’s got added living expenses in London so £100k a week is probably hardly much of pay rise when you look at the cost of housing down here as compared to the NW.

    If he were asking for £200k, you’d walk. But £100k?

    This is either made up or Arsenal briefing the Press to drive negotiations down.

    If the latter, Arsenal are being fools.

    I suspect it’s the former………..