Higauin £130k a week personal terms agreed | Williams deal near collapse?

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Howdy everyone, apologies for the late post, work  celebrations got totally out of hand last night. I ended up in a club that give you a sparkler if you buy a bottle of vodka. There’s something quite sad about that. You slave away at work in the hope that one day, you’ll be taken to a place that sells £200 bottles of vodka, you finally make it, and your reward? A f*cking 50p sparkler.

Anyway… football. That’s what we’re talking about. That’s why you’re here… so let’s crack on.

Ashley Williams move to Arsenal is under threat over £2m. They want £10m, we want to pay £8m. This could scupper the move. I really hope that isn’t the issue. I sometimes wonder whether papers like The Sun write stuff like that because they know Arsenal fans go absolutely crazy and share the article over and over again. £10m for a clubs 28 year old captain really isn’t that much in the grand scheme of a bank account that boasts £100m. Sometimes you have to pay £1.70 to use a cash machine, you don’t like it, but what’s choice? No cab and chicken cottage? Suck it up Arsenal, we blow £2m on Abou Diaby over the course of 8 injury laden months. If he’s good enough for Arsenal at £8m, why is he not good enough at £10m?

… he would be. Which is why I’m not sure I’m buying into this.

On the Higuain story, basically, it’s still going on and on and on… We’ve apparently agreed to pay him £130k a week. We’re going to get him for £22m. He’s going to be a king for us. Hopefully anyway. He’d be a major boost for us. Having a world class finisher that can convert half chances is something we missed dearly last season. If we can keep him fit and keep our back four strong… then we’re really moving in the right direction.

The ‘do shut up’ award todaygoes to The Daily Star for suggesting Arsenal tried to hijack the Andy Carroll deal. Please. We still can’t get rid of our other donkey, the last think we’d be doing is chasing down a £100k a week version of him.

How about a meme from the competition the other day? Ok… I liked this one by @Willie_nganga

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  1. Rohan

    RohanJune 20, 2013 21:07:15
    Can’t believe Carlos Vela is chairman of Arsenal’s board.


    can’t believe that this hasn’t gotten a response. Straight out of Pedro’s jokebook

  2. Radio Raheem

    I hate to break it to you guys but agreeing to personal terms is not even close to a done deal.

    Yeah but you won’t be agreeing personal terms with a player you are not almost sure of signing.

  3. Dan Ahern

    Deal’s not done until you’re getting an ice pack out of the freezer while AW lays in your bed smoking a cig.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Pedro woulda followed up with. “Get it? Classic Vela chips… Sir Chips… C’mon people it’s 2pm Thursday and I’ve a raging hangover.”

  5. Phallusaurus

    Gentlemen, I was in Spain when we apparently had Mata in the bag. Everyone one was saying it was as good as done, even further down the line than this Higuain chat. All the newspapers, all the TV channels and every cunt with an “inside track” was saying he was ours. Even stray dogs seem to be giving a wise wink of approval as they went by.

    Over here it was much the same when I got back.

    Yet 1 week later our cunts upstairs still went and fucked it up! Remember?

    Never underestimate the Chaplinesque fuckwittery of our Americans, never!

  6. Phallusaurus

    Don’t think Wenger would be allowed to expose the board in such away this season, they know our patience is all but run out………then again!

  7. Marko

    Gas the 2 women are clearly only interested in Nasri. Maybe Chamakh was a fruit. They’re both bell ends anyway

  8. Rohan

    If we do buy Rooney AND Hig, Imagine we’d see a change in formation. We might go back to a 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 hybrid like the old days.

    Rooney Higuain Cazorla Theo all starting has some serious firepower. Stick two of Fellaini Arteta Jack and Aaron in midfield and we’ll be going places. C’mon Arsene.

  9. Phallusaurus

    Sad to say that Chamack is certainly no mug, the fucker is earning 80-90 thousand fucking pounds a week sitting on his arse! Think about that for a second… £80-90k each and every week for doing absolutely sod all.

    The mug is Wenger surely!

  10. Rohan

    If Rooney is to come, I doubt he’ll come before we return from the Asia tour in late July.

    Imagine letting him loose in the various red-light districts in Saigon, Jakarta and Tokyo

  11. kwik fit

    Yeah Rohan , imagine Cazorla, Higuain, Arteta, Fellani, Fat boy slim ……….sex on a green blaze. And Wenger has the power to make it happen!

  12. Marko

    I’ve gotta say if or when Higuain does sign he will represent THE most significant striker we’ve made since Bergkamp. There’s no if’s or maybe’s like we had with Henry (a winger when bought), Adebayor or Eduardo or no waiting for potential like with Van Persie or Reyes. Higuain will come in straight away at the top of his game and will be expected to make an impact from the get go much like Cazorla except his impact are goals. Also brilliant that there’s links to Rui Patricio he’s much better than Cesar

  13. Rohan

    Higuain would be the biggest player in terms of name and impact since big Sulzeer Campbell crossed the divide to win the double double!

  14. dialsquare

    Arteta-Lacks pace and a killer pass, can’t dictate the tempo of a game and is impotent in front of goal.
    Wilshere-A one trick pony and tends to go to ground to easy..
    Ramsey-A no trick donkey with no end product
    Walcott- Lightweight.
    Gibbs-Poor crosser and can’t defend which is a shame seeing he’s a defender
    The Ox-Looks ordinary
    Jenkinson-Pay peanuts you get monkey’s
    Monreal- ?
    Gervinho-No composure
    Podolski-The Bayern flop is flopping
    Diaby-Straw man
    Giroud-Looks distinctly average
    Rosicky-Passed his best
    Cazorla-Best player in the Team
    Sagna-Needs to be replaced becoming a liability
    Mertesacker-Panic buy, i’ve seen milk turn quicker
    Koscielny-Error prone
    Vermaelen-Regressed under Wenger

  15. Insomnia

    lukeJune 20, 2013 21:02:19
    I’m truly amazed at some of the comments here. Seems le-grove has been taken over by 13 year old fifa fanatics.

    Luke – I”ll give you a chance cos you obviously did not read my post – I was mimicking the style of certain posters on here. However I did it so well you did a point by point by point refutation.

    ***Irony Indicator*** Well done.

    Let me in future put this ***Irony Indicator*** in my posts for those who might not get it.

    ***Irony Indicator*** Chamakh, potentially great player spoiled by Wenger.
    ***Irony Indicator*** Arshavin, hard working and very fit ,great player spoiled by Wenger.
    ***Irony Indicator*** Robin van Persie, I dont know about anybody else but I feel sorry for him now, supremely fit player with no mental issues great player spoiled by Wenger.

  16. Marko

    I know you just come on here to troll and by responding to you it’s giving attention to your attention seeking. But you dialsquare are a fool who literally never says anything productive

  17. Insomnia

    ***Irony Indicator*** That Dialsquare guy, seems to know his stuff – totally unlike the old blokes who used to stand in Highbury going: “Brady? Chippy myar#e, he’s a f##king lazy c##t – Bergkamp? He’s no f##king Smudger is he.”

  18. Al

    dialsquare ,

    you reckon bale will stay with you guys or will he leave your club.
    also, do you guys think you’ll finish ahead of arsenal or not.

  19. N5

    “you reckon bale will stay with you guys or will he leave your club.
    also, do you guys think you’ll finish ahead of arsenal or not.”

    Ha ha nice one 😀

  20. Thorough

    Mikel was an accomplished playmaker until Mou changed his destiny. All age grades, even in the Olympics he owned all including the Argentine midfield, Lynn Oslo Norwat had him as that, even Ferguson wanted him to playmake, sadly he met the ‘Stupid one’ and got his stars dimmed.

  21. Aussie Aaron

    haha maybe cause im biased, but schwarzer on the free would be unreal and would bring in a lot of experience

  22. sam

    Spuds are already saying that our fat russian is muscling in to buy us the league.
    who da fuck cares?

    how much do they want for gareth bale? or shall we start banging our tribal drums and claiming his gooner Dna. name your price motherfucker!

  23. Trickeygooner

    I must admit Danny boy I’ve sung those words myself whilst in the pub and ripping them a new one. It don’t arf get em at it. !!

  24. Keyser

    Is there any Sport not sullied, degraded, disagraced, by greed, self importance and selfish pursuit of selfish desire, LeBron James a festering pustule. the face of the NBA, what a joke.

    What a complete and utter Cunt.

  25. ikon

    I hope we get a classy central midfielder along with Higuain. Buying Rooney might do us a world of good, but he is too costly… and we should be aiming at having a more complete squad.

  26. David Bolo

    Pedro this Higauin you talk of seems a decent footballer but his stats are so uncanilly like those of a certain Higuain. I will be pleased whichever of the two we get.