Opening Premiership fixtures tough, run in good | Higuain 3.5% closer to a move

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Morning Grovers, not much to report on this morning unless yet more stories about how close Arsenal are to signing Higuain are floating your boat? They’re not for me. I just want to wake up when is done. It’d be nice to start the ball rolling on the next two month transfer saga.

Sanogo is back in the press boring the whole world again when speaking about how much effort Wenger went to to snap him up. If it weren’t for his intervention… Lille would have stolen a march on us. I’m so glad the manager reassured him on his injury issues… This guy might be the next George Weah. Or he could be the next Bischoff. Either way he doesn’t merit all the press he’s been getting. Come in, of a job, then tell us how amazing Arsene was at luring you over.

It would be nice if Arsene went to those sort of efforts to sign senior players… hopefully that’s what he’s doing now… rather than lining up the next Jamal Raage.

At least we know who Jamal will be lining up against for the first game of the season… Aston Villa at home on the 17th of August. That’s followed by Fulham, Spurs, Sunderland then Stoke. You have to say, a pretty tough opening sequence of games. Things ease off after that, until November when we have United and Liverpool. It’s tough getting into fixtures and drawing conclusions, but if we get through to April in a good position… our run in is pretty damn easy. That’s a big if of course!

Not much else thrashing about on the news feeds today… so have a good one!

Sat 17 H Aston Villa
Sat 24 A Fulham
Sat 31 H Tottenham Hotspur

Sat 14 A Sunderland
Sat 21 H Stoke City
Sat 28 A Swansea City

Sat 5 A West Bromwich Albion
Sat 19 H Norwich City
Sat 26 A Crystal Palace

Sat 2 H Liverpool
Sat 9 A Manchester United
Sat 23 H Southampton
Sat 30 A Cardiff City

Tue 3 H Hull City
Sat 7 H Everton
Sat 14 A Manchester City
Sat 21 H Chelsea
Thu 26 A West Ham United
Sat 28 A Newcastle United

Wed 1 H Cardiff City
Sat 11 A Aston Villa
Sat 18 H Fulham
Tue 28 A Southampton

Sat 1 H Crystal Palace
Sat 8 A Liverpool
Tue 11 H Manchester United
Sat 22 H Sunderland

Sat 1 A Stoke City
Sat 8 H Swansea City (or FA Cup Q/F)
Sat 15 A Tottenham Hotspur
Sat 22 A Chelsea
Sat 29 H Manchester City

Sat 5 A Everton
Sat 12 H West Ham United (or FA Cup S/F)
Sat 19 A Hull City
Sat 26 H Newcastle United

Sat 3 H West Bromwich Albion
Sun 11 A Norwich City

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  1. Johnny5

    That’s not that hard an opening. Should be 9 points from the first three no worries. Especially once wengers done all that strengthening :).

  2. Arsene nose best

    The battle for 4th ends at norwich away, cl second 2nd leg and spurs, at the end of august, should be interesting, signing sanogo will surely help us through that tho

  3. El Gooner

    Can we for once and for all forget about Cesc, Higuain etc and sign Thiago now? Tell him we will build the team around him for the next 5 years. We missed Isco at Christmas when there was less fuss and Malaga were desperate (and still are) get soldado up front, Begovic between the sticks. even negredo would be better than higuain. (not disputing argentine’s class – just whether he will fit into rougher premier league) – all this with Fellani and we are rocking!

  4. SurferX

    Opening fixtures tough? I thought it was looking good.

    Aug should be 9 points- couple of harder away games in Sep- but still ones we should be winning. Oct has more away games- but easier. We should be unbeaten heading into Nov- with hopefully no more than a couple of draws.

    Nov & Dec will make / break the season.

  5. Pete

    Gentle start and finish – but v ery tough winter months – when we tend to struggle anyway. Also see that those nice folk at the PL have given us 5 away fixtures following CL group games (assuming we qualify). Hmm.

  6. Romford Pele

    To be honest, I agree with the general consensus – fixture list could’ve been a lot harsher to us. Last season for example was a harder start. Bar Spurs, it’s pretty nice. It’s imperative we’re in a good position by the time we play the big guns. That’s why the transfers need to be sorted out sooner rather than later.

  7. kiblib

    Not a bad run to start. March will be hard though. Any one else see the mirror’s dig at sp*ds? Brought a smile to my face

  8. vicky

    The month of March will be a rocking month.

    Probably the “decisive” month of our campaign.

    Tottenham on the transfer deadline day !!!!!

    Panic signings on the cards?????

  9. PK

    Wenger in sep 1:

    Press to wenger:
    P – why did you not buy anyone this yeard either…?
    A – have you seen our stats, we are miles ahead of utd and we run a club here that focus on longterm succes rather than shortterm. (All time points in PL: looserpool 5231 p, 5173 p, everton 5063 p and utd 4984).
    P – Ok, but the fans wants titels now Wenger!
    A – Yes we know, thays why we always deliver the “4:th place trophie”, emirates cup trophie and last but not the leas the “money leuge trophie” to them!
    P – erhm Wenger thats all trophyie’s that you just made up!
    A – Désolé mais je ne parle pas l’anglais… and then he walks out of the room followed by his new captian Diaby and vice captian bendtner.


  10. Savage

    Are there any easy games in the Prem? At least we have some games for the new players to gel before we face the top 3, but the same can be said in reverse for them.

    Let’s hope for no injuries in Feb and March.

  11. Romford Pele

    “A fair few aways after CL games, including both Manchester clubseeek.”

    Can’t complain NM – football is football. Just win the game. We had a lot of home games after CL games this season which we contrived to mess up.

  12. Aussie Gooner Dave

    El Gooner, you’d make a top scout. Any of the names listed would do me.
    However, there’s no excuse for not buying Fellaini or Higuain. They both want to come & we can afford them. Love Begovic too. Wenger get off your arse & start cracking!

  13. Savage


    Swansea V Man Utd
    Man Utd V Chelsea
    Liverpool V Man Utd
    Man Utd V Crystal Palace
    Man City V Man Utd


  14. Goonerboy

    Higuain really would bea great deal.
    We buy a top player who we need.
    Real Madrid buy Bale with the cash.
    What could be better?

  15. azed

    There’s no easy fixture when it comes to Arsene and his babies.
    For the first three games, I see someone leaving the handbrake on.

  16. samsenal

    Spurs just before deadline day….will Gareth Bale be in the squad? Will he be out with an “injury” as he tried to engineer a move to Madrid?

    It’s a good opening set of fixtures; we should have a good points haul by November.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m not really complaining, (I’m not a conspiracy theorist) but would have preferred home games.

    I’m never that bothered by the fixture list to be honest, still have to play ’em all twice

  18. samsenal

    March to 1st week of April is absolutely f*cking horrific.

    Big game players needed for that sequence….better buy some because we don’t have many!

  19. DM

    Do we really not have any Sunday matches (barring the last) or is it just that they decide on Sunday games at a later date?? Anyone..?

  20. Leedsgunner

    The opening fixtures will only be tough if the squad become complacent and allow teams to out muscle them. The truth is for a few years now, teams don’t fear us anymore. Because Arsene refuses to strengthen and build depth in the squad as well as and tactically adapt to the opposition, even minnows have figured us out (eg. Bradford) and they kick us off the park.

  21. Jamal

    Sat 8 A Liverpool
    Tue 11 H Manchester United
    Sat 22 H Sunderland
    Sat 1 A Stoke City
    Sat 8 H Swansea City (or FA Cup Q/F)
    Sat 15 A Tottenham Hotspur
    Sat 22 A Chelsea
    Sat 29 H Manchester City

    Fucking hell !

  22. Josip Skoblar

    Fabio Capello to PSG (almost a done deal) which means Ancelotti to Real and… Higuain to Arsenal?

  23. samsenal

    JUST the acquisition of a clinical striker – with the same squad as last year – would make us a much better side.

    If we buy the right players we could be in a wonderful position before we hit that horrible bit around march.

  24. bnsb

    JUST the acquisition of a clinical striker – with the same squad as last year – would make us a much better side.

    Amen to that.

  25. arsenal tom

    a few top class editions and we’ll have the squad to deal with these fixtures.

    Fellaini and Higuian and our teams is looking hugely improved, bring in a top AM or wide play maker along with 4th CB (if Djourou leaves) and we’ve got a proper squad.

  26. Admir

    We actually won first nine fixtures from 2013-14 in 2012-13 (if we swap Crystal Palace with any of the relegated teams, that is).

  27. wenker-wanger

    the transfer speculationis food for a football-starved summer and we all at some time get “sucked-in” to its obvious imaginative pleasure. However not to dampen things too harshly i think that a few facts need to be aired and that is 1) just because wenger has 100million to spend does not mean he will spend it. The man is a habitual bargain-hunter and will scour europe for quality rejects like higuain ..(.who for me is another giroud).Or worse still a french league player that will struggle in the prem.
    More poignant is the speculation surrounding koscienly….another player that has the same attitude of RVP and nasri in that he appears to want to win something. Quite right too and not yet another absurdly labelled “judas” by fans that cannot see beyond wenger’s profit making banque de arsenal.
    Weve said all this for the last few years….it seems logical to assume wenger wont change his penny-pinching-pound foolish ways, so that cut-price players will come this summer. i hope for all the optimistic decent fans out there that these bargains prove to be trophy challengers and not hopeless french-league duds like we are used to.

  28. Paddy got up

    What an interesting set of fixtures. It looks like we have to play everyone home and away…
    Fancy wasting time analysing it?

  29. mystic

    ‘The month of March will be a rocking month. Probably the “decisive” month of our campaign.’
    Wow that is what I call optimism. If you are talking about the title I think Arsenal’s tilt it will be over before then, if it is qualification for Europe then on recent form it is more likely to be as late as May.

    Of course when Wenger goes and splashes multi millions in the summer I stand to be corrected.

  30. Paddy got up

    So boring again lets have a Wenger joke.

    Wenger rings up Wayne Rooney and explains he is interested in taking him to Arsenal. Wenger states that all his players have great mental strength and that Rooney would need to answer a question correctly

    “Fire away Wenger lad” says Rooney
    ” I am not my brother but I am my fathers son, who am I” asks Wenger
    Rooney panicked that his move is falling through comes up with a plan
    ” can I call you back in 5 mins lad, da baby Casius is crying”
    Wenger agrees and hangs the phone up.
    Rooney rings Rio Ferdinand ” Rio lad had that Wenger fella on da phone and he asked me to answer a question before I can go to Arsenal. It’s really tough like”
    Rio asks him what the question was
    ” I am not my brother but I am my fathers son who am I”
    ” you are so thick says Rio, the answer is ME of course”
    Rooney rings Wenger straight back” I’ve got your answer lad, now to play for you I want £250k a week and a new car every 2 months”
    Wenger asks the answer to the question” I am not your brother but I am your fathers son who am I Wayne?”

    “That’s easy “says Rooney ” it’s Rio Ferdinand” !!

  31. N5

    What an interesting set of fixtures. It looks like we have to play everyone home and away…


    Ha ha 😀

  32. Josip Skoblar

    Good point. Actually 1) We don’t know if Ancelotti will want to keep Higuain or not; 2) we don’t know if the Real Board will let him decide on that (your point); 3) well, we don’t know… 🙂

  33. arsenal tom

    I think the Higuain deal is pretty much done from a real madrid point of view… im pretty sure both parties have said he’ll be leaving and if we’re offering the 25m in one lump as is being reported then thats far too good to turn down.

    just got to hope the reports of him wanting to join are correct.

  34. vicky


    Wow that is what I call optimism. If you are talking about the title I think Arsenal’s tilt it will be over before then, if it is qualification for Europe then on recent form it is more likely to be as late as May.

    Month of March will decide our contention for the 4th place trophy. That month could really derail our campaign in case its on track before that.

  35. gazzap

    Order of fixtures is unimportant. but the fact that 5 out of 6 CL have away games immediately after is significant. Look at the stats over the years – Chelsea, United and Arsenal have all had consistently worse results away from home after playing in europe.
    The PL do nothing to assist their own teams as they do in Spain and Germany with moving fixtures to a Friday before and/or Sunday after.

  36. Romford Pele

    “The PL do nothing to assist their own teams as they do in Spain and Germany with moving fixtures to a Friday before and/or Sunday after.”


  37. gazzap

    All 6 is it?! shit that is terrible from the PL. Our CE should complain about this for next season. It should be 3 home and 3 away for each team.

  38. Pires_legend

    The Fixture list is pretty similar to last year, the main problem we have as a club is that we will be playing champions league fixtures in between those games.

    This will determine the signings (lack of marquee signing) we intend to purchase.

    So as Wenger always does he plans game by game and not for the next five fixtures, i.e rotating the squad for home fixtures, playing a more attacking line up at home and defensive line up away from home.

    Luckily the only top five team we have to play comes at home to Spurs and hopefully again by then the transfer window will be closing so they will be distracted.

  39. Pires_legend

    The away fixture after the champions league games are party our fault and reflective of where we finish in the league previously, we only have ourselves to blame, but i do agree that 6 away fixtures after midweek European games is a disaster for us, and as i said earlier Wenger doesn’t like to rotate.

    I’d like to see him rotate tactically to match up the opposition teams to stop them from playing first and allowing us to play our game. unfortnately I can hear the excuses against Fulham, Man U and Man city already!

  40. Romford Pele

    “The away fixture after the champions league games are party our fault and reflective of where we finish in the league previously”

    Have you just made that up? I’ve never seen that written anywhere before.

  41. the mighty karim

    IMO, that’s pretty great news, I mean a dozen ” winnable ” games for the lads to get used to each other, then we can start serious business Vs our usual bullies… COOL

    I ‘d rather our 6 away games after UCL than the damn United fixture list !

    How ’bout you guys ?

    Totally different issue : C’me on you Spurs ! (I mean the ones playing in black ) , still cannot believe they screw a 10 points lead last night )

  42. arsenal-flavour

    wenger wanker

    i agree with alot of what you say but saying higuain would be a typical wenger buy is well wide of the mark buying a player for 25 mill is nothing like wenger…

    also comparing higuain to giroud just LOL higuain is a 25 year old player with far far far more skill technique, great fast touch pretty good dribbler very powerful accurate shot andddd his not slow not the fastest his no all out spinter but has good acceleration also his intelligence movement ect are great, his got a very very impressive scoring record far better than giroud’s… his actually a massive step on giroud… so i doubt we will get him

  43. Moanalisa

    NBA finals game 6.
    Whaat a game.
    Whaat a fooking game.

    I mean duncan isn’t human, he has no business hitting 30 at this stage in his career, and in a final for that matter.

    Game 7 – all or nothing.

    Let’s go heat.

  44. Rhys Jaggar

    My take on the fixture list was: ‘easy start’, danger of being the office girl secretary at the Christmas Parties, danger of being Jesus Christ in the run up to Easter. Only bit I agreed with you on was ‘easy run in’.

    If Arsenal want to be serious next year, they should aim for 28 pts from the first ten. There’s no reason they can’t do that if they are really professional, highly focussed, up for it and mentally tough.

    The purity of the Pope and the 72 Virgins should ensure that you don’t get fuckdd at office parties though. No end to the press persecution if those prissy leaders turn out to be breaking their vows.

    As for the Easter run up, well, we’ve been there before in 2008 and rolled over and died.

    It’s noticeable that Arsenal and Spurs both have runs of 4 top teams in 6 matches, whereas Chelsea and Man City don’t.

    I’m sure it’s just the computer’s mischief, the question is whether the computer is biddable.

    No point in moaning about it now, the fixtures won’t change.

    9 month lead-in to learn how to optimise squad composition and usage to cope with four cup finals in six matches.

  45. nepGunner

    In other fixture news – Finally, the FA Cup Final has been slotted one week after PL ends. Good for the oldest domestic cup competition to have its own moment of glory.

    It is criminal of the FA to take this long to figure out it was ruining its own showpiece event! FA cup is still one of those journeys in world football that somehow conjures moments for the general public to rejoice. Now hopefully they can look at helping PL teams playing in Europe like some grover mentioned earlier by shifting games to preferable time tables (like Bundesliga) instead of simply kneeling in front of Sky & other media giants. It can only benefit the PL quality and eventually the English football.

  46. TheBayingMob

    DM June 19, 2013 09:51:56

    Do we really not have any Sunday matches (barring the last) or is it just that they decide on Sunday games at a later date?? Anyone..?

    The TV companies will carve the fixture list up at a later date. Sky do this in phases, they have first pick of a number of games, it’s carved up through several packages but they tend to do this at different times so only the TV schedule until just before the Xmas period of games is set first. When this is done I don’t know.

  47. mystic

    How to make myself look like a right chump – which is easily done! – preseason prediction. Unless decent transfers happen I think Arsenal will end up only 3 points better off next season.

    Aston Villa H
    Tottenham Hotspur H
    Stoke City H
    Norwich City H
    Crystal Palace A
    Southampton H
    Cardiff City A
    Hull City H
    Everton H
    Chelsea H
    Cardiff City H
    Aston Villa A
    Fulham H
    Southampton A
    Crystal Palace H
    Sunderland H
    Swansea City H
    West Ham United H
    Hull City A
    Newcastle United H
    West Bromwich Albion H
    Norwich City A

    Fulham A
    Swansea City A
    West Bromwich Albion A
    Liverpool H
    Manchester City A
    Liverpool A
    Manchester United H
    Tottenham Hotspur A
    Chelsea A
    Manchester City H

    Sunderland A
    Manchester United A
    West Ham United A
    Newcastle United A
    Stoke City A
    Everton A

    22 wins, 10 draws, 6 loses = 76pts

    Bet there are many out there that totally disagree with the above – frankly with Wenger in charge it wouldn’t totally gob-smack me if it was complete crap.


  48. graham clarke

    Few points either way makes big dif chel look good for prem any cup for arsenal seems to be fans want not 20 mil top /4 arsenal will be up there anyway frankly without Wenger in charge no one knows where arsenal will be but last 16 top 4

  49. BobbyDigital

    Nov, Dec., and a few matches in March should spin our tale this season. I’m still holding out on purchasing my tickets until we sign something other than Ligue 2 players. (I’m determined this season to make a statement to Wenger and the Board…I’m sure it will deafen them)

  50. BobbyDigital

    Not one win over a Manchester side? United are all going to be on pension by the time the season starts, mate. Give us at least those twats. Ha

  51. bnsb

    As a development huge news has emerged this lunchtime from AS who have reported that Arsenal have agreed a suggested £22.5m deal for the Argentinian and have offered him a club high salary of £115,000 a week.

    Sigh! how long do we have to endure this?

  52. goonerjay

    bnsb… ignore that mate… if you actually read the AS article it’s just quoting the Daily Mail… nothing to see here

  53. wenker-wanger

    @arsenal flavour..i agree mate higuain is better than giroud….i was exaggerating a little….yes he is a good player, but there are sharper strikers around and for me higuain is the big guy in the box type player so what will become of giroud? (wenger surely wont dispense with one of his compatriots)
    wenger was being discused on talksport saying that the psg job is open now and in a years time when wengers contract is up. They were of the opinion that wenger wont leave this season because he wants to end on a high note with a trophy. Will the emirates cup be that trophy?
    Instructions on how to win the emirates cup: invite 3 teams from switzerland,moldova and san marino and just to be sure dont play the swiss team.

  54. mystic


    It was once said you can’t win anything with kids, Utd probably can with pensioners!

    Worryingly even with their Zimmer frames I suspect Arsenal would have a hard time.

  55. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I can confirm this…as my sisters, husbands best mates younger brother, heard from the landlord of the Dog & Duck that the Indian guy from the 24-7 spoke to a man who is friends with a woman (called Linda) who knows some chap who cleans the toilets outside the Emirates. He was clearly told by a cafe worker, from inside the Emirates, that two Security Guards had heard from a PR guy who’d been speaking to a Media Rep, who knows Jack Wilshere that Higuain might possibly be thinking about maybe signing.

    see this on sky sports earlier funny

  56. N1Goon

    Futbol_Mercado say we have bid 27m euros for Fellaini.

    No idea what Futbol_Mercado is but they have 250k followers. It doesn’t seem to be a Spanish tabloid, just a neutral Transfer reporter…

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    PSG are running out of managers. I saw someone suggesting Mancini.

    Ancelotti is probably sitting in his hotel suite with his packed suitcase, looking at his watch, tapping his foot and saying, come on, come on, COME ON FFS!!!

  58. zeus

    Screw football, The NBA Finals has thrown up more drama that football has in years. Gutted the Spurs didn’t clinch it last night. Top game of basketball though.

  59. Mask of Zorro

    the fixtures for next season is out, and the team is exactly like it was at the end of last season! good thinking, Arsene, good thinking!

  60. TitsMcgee

    “Arsenal have both the most expensive season ticket in the Premier league and the highest ‘lowest priced’ season ticket, making them the most expensive team to watch in the UK.”

  61. kwik fit

    No sure Mental. Its an airport and Higuian alright but don’t know when it was taken 😉 Anyway’s I think this one is going to happen sooner or later. 1 down 5 to go!

  62. zeus

    How dare I? How dare football for allowing Spain to have dominion over all?

    Screw football.

    C’mon u spurs. (That’s San Antonio u mugs)

  63. Leedsgunner

    Thiago Alacantra is apparently available for £15M — played an absolute blinder the other night — another Cesc in the making if you ask me… forget the mickey mouse potential buys like Sanogo and Imbue — this guy is the REAL deal — as good as Isco if not better. We need to get rid of this feeder club mentality and buy ready made stars now — we have got the money, the stadium all we need is the ambition.

  64. Rohan

    To be fair, the average amount of time that the ball had been in play in Premier League matches in 2010/11 was 62min 39sec.

    Always found that statistic particularly surprising.

  65. Bade

    Up the Arsenal

    Reports coming from Argentina suggest we’ve already signed Higuain on a 4 years deal

    Exciting news, though questionable

  66. kwik fit

    Up The Arsenal indeed Bade!

    Pace, Power and Precision thats what were going to get with Higgy boy. Come on Arsene sign 4/5 more of the same quality and then were laughing.

  67. Rohan

    Honestly though, if Arsene gets his act together it’d be criminal not to be top of the table at the end of October. As always, November will be defining. Get to New Year on top, and hopefully through March within touching distance, our run in is good enough for us to mount a serious challenge.

    We got 73 points last season with a dreadful start (although understandable because of Cunt van Pussy) . No reason why we shouldn’t do a lot better especially with the core of the squad being familiar with each other, Jack having a pre-season….
    We just need to start performing in the big games. We need to give as good as we get. That will change I hope with a top class clinical striker. I’m not Higuain’s biggest fan, but he’s still young and Arsene must see somehting in him. I really hope we can get Fellaini and a top AM. It’d go a long way to removing that inferiority complex we seem to have against the big teams.

  68. Rohan

    25/27 points in the first 9 games, has to be the target. Very doable. Spurs game crucial to let them know that we are no longer their direct competitors. Think Liverpool will come back better next season and might actually challenge for 4th.

    Don’t worry guys, I doubt anything’s going on before the first week of July. Reckon we’ll only see 1 signing, 2 if we’re lucky before Arsene jets off to Asia.

  69. kwik fit

    Daily Star reckons we wanted to buy Andy Capp but Hammers outbid us. What a load of bullshit that paper prints. As I’ve said before , don’t believe a word until its in the Sunday Sport!

  70. Rohan

    Fuck me though, people really should stop moaning about Theo being paid 100k.

    Andy fucking Carroll is being paid that much.Fucking ridiculous.

    Bendtner must be kicking himself haha. Could’ve been him

  71. Rohan

    To be fair to Bendtner, I’m pretty sure he would’ve scored more goals than OG12 this season. If only he wasn’t such a massive knob

  72. Toli83

    If we did get Higuain it would certainly create a buzz we haven’t had in years. The boy is class, that’s for sure.

    Still need a box to box midfielder, powerful leader / ball winner. Capoue will always be mentioned, Fellaini we will never pay the money for. Strootman would have been my number 1, looks like UTD have got him though.

  73. Johnty79

    Why r Barcelona so stupid. Xavi is 32 and past it. Thiago is arguably the best midfielder in Europe now…get shot of xavi….well take him on a free!

  74. Jamal

    “Thiago is arguably the best midfielder in Europe now”

    LOL Johnty, you come out with some corkers.

    Is Samba the best defender in Europe aswell?

  75. luke

    Xavi, the focal point of the Spain team who have just won 2 Euro cups and a World cup consecutively, and the focal point of Barcelona at their peak – 2 champions league wins in 3 years.

    Yeah, Thiago is better…

  76. TitsMcgee

    Higuain is class. Give him Giroud’s chances in front of goal this year and he scores at least 10 move.

    He has much better movement as well.

    Add a defensive mid /attacking mid , CB and Gk.

  77. N1Goon

    If Utd get Thiago I reckon we’re in with a good shout at Fellaini. Not sure whether Mourinho would want to add to his Belgian contingent or not, Fellaini doesn’t strike me as a Mou player.

  78. Dannyboy

    N1, don’t agree with that, Mourinho loves a big strong player, they are usually the focal point of his teams. He has always relied on these sorts of players, as opposed to smaller tricky players, that’s why alot of rumours are suggesting Mata isn’t in his plans.

  79. Dannyboy

    Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome if Barca decided Fabregas was surplus so they sold him back to us so they could fund a move for Juan Mata?

    We get Spains best player

    Chelsea lose Spains 2nd best player!


  80. TheBayingMob

    Rohan June 19, 2013 22:00:30

    “To be fair to Bendtner, I’m pretty sure he would’ve scored more goals than OG12 this season. If only he wasn’t such a massive knob”

    PMSL! Quality comment, has there ever been a more obvious player who was completely held back by being such a complete tool??