Arsenal moments captured through the smartphone…

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So the Carphone Warehouse got in touch with me about… errr… phones and stuff. They’ve knocked together a video of a guy who uses his mobile phone to run around the countryside… blind. Pretty amazing stuff really. I can’t work my way around London fully sighted with a Google map. Anyway, they wanted to know how the smartphone has impacted what I do and they also asked if I had managed to capture anything amazing over the years because of it.

Well, I thought that was quite an interesting question because for me, the smartphone has taken an addiction for many people and amplified it to disgraceful levels. 10 years ago you could take an extremely grainy picture on a mobile phone and send it to a pal and it’d take three weeks and cost you £42. Nowadays you can run an entire community from your pocket.

I’d say 90% of what I do with Le Grove is now conducted on a smartphone. The morning post is penned on the apple notes on the bus. I transfer it onto to my WordPress app and boom… we’re good to go.

I think the true value comes in the community you can build around the best passion in the world, Arsenal. Twitter from the phone gives me access to opinons from all around the world, Instagram lets me connect fans with the matchday experience…  and I can record grainy podcasts when I find someone willing to partake.

The camera is king though. I’ve captured so many amazing moments on my phone. Some of my favourites sit below.

I caught the first ever goal on Vine.

I caught the Andrey Arshavin winner against Barcelona

Megan Fox Drinking a Peroni from Pedro Le Grove on Vimeo.

… and I caught the glorious scoreboard moment… twice.

So all in all, the smartphone has been a pretty incredible tool for connecting football fans globally and helping the spread the good name of Arsenal… and Le Grove 😉

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Here’s the video as well…

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  1. Biggles

    And after Man City, we have a final run-in of 6 reasonably easy games (hardest being Everton) so we’ll be able to come from behind and seize 4th from Spurs again.

  2. BillikenGooner

    Saturday 15th March – Tottenham Hotspur AWAY
    Saturday 22nd March – Chelsea AWAY
    Saturday 29th March – Manchester City HOME
    Saturday 5th April – Everton AWAY

    Should prove a telling part of the season.

  3. zeus

    Screw football, The NBA Finals has thrown up more drama that football has in years. Gutted the Spurs didn’t clinch it last night.

    Top game of basketball though.

  4. rupi

    hi every one, i have been a gooner for my whole life, the past eight year have been furstrating, this summers transfers are going to determine the next five years and our ambition for the future, if it goes as usual, then it is going to be another eight years of …………..i dont one think about it , come on arsene show some ambitions.

  5. sam

    Clement Grenier is about to extend his contract.
    Its a move to stop Wenger from getting him on the cheap.
    Selling clubs know we have money to spend and the boy is Lyon through n through, he might agree to let his club gets better cash than silly money from wenger.

  6. Nasri's Mouth



    Grenier wanted a better deal from his club and some interest from Arsenal helped him get it.

    Quite possibly the interest was never actually real.

  7. mystic

    Err some of you need to try and read posts earlier in the day, that way you would realise that this is Pedro 2nd contribution of the day.

  8. Evan

    Get the feck in

    Gervinho said: “Marseille are one of the biggest clubs in France. If I want to leave Arsenal, there won’t be a shortage of interest.”

  9. Matt Bowden

    Wow. First goal on Vine. That’s pretty cool.

    Great post today – Was wondering how you’d write something about AFC when there is pretty much ZERO news.