Koscielny to Bayern or Barca? Under no circumstances can that happen | Nani rumours persists…

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Morning everyone. Nothing quite like a summer without a world cup. So unless something serious starts happening, the posts are going to  be thin on the ground. This morning is just more regurgitation of what went on yesterday. The Metro reckon Arsenal are ‘increasingly confident’ of landing Nani for a small fee of £8m. He’d want £120k a week for the move. A salary both Monaco and Juve would also be able to cover. I’m not sure if this story has any basis to it, but as I said yesterday, if Gervinho is leaving us, it makes logical sense that we sign a winger who can striker a ball and run in a straight line without losing balance.

Marca are keeping the Higuain stories going, claiming Arsenal have tabled a £25m bid for the stars services. Apparently Madrid want to spark some sort of bidding war, so they’re biding their time over making  a decision. We’ve been here before when trying to sell players, so we can’t moan. We need to get the ball rolling somewhere this summer… we can’t let deals hangover us then lose out at the last minute. If Fellaini has a buyout clause, there really shouldn’t be any reason that deal is held up…

On the exit front, there are rumours that Barca are eyeing up Koscielny for a whopping £12.7m. I’d say that fee is ridiculously low… but Barca always seem to get players at really low prices. So I wouldn’t rule it out. Amusing that we’re struggling to keep hold of players like Laurent now. I did wonder if the way he was bombed out of the squad early last season would come back to bite us in the back side. He was pushed out of the side because we made our third best defender captain. It all worked out in the end, but I wonder if like with Flamini, he might hold a bit of a grudge?

Regardless of hurt feelings, there’s no way we should be entertaining a bid. He’s under contract. We need to see some of his best years. We’re not a feeder club to Barcelona & co.

Right, that’s it from me. Have a good one!

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  1. Gunner2301

    I see Djourou is returning just in time for his testimonial. I wonder
    how that will be handled by the PR team? Has United and Silvestre written all over it.

  2. Dannyboy

    haha just kidding with you 2301, GeoffArsenal is like the anti-Le Grove Geoff, complete AKB but seems to have good info so he’s worth a follow.

  3. Gunner2301


    It might also point to the tactical ill discipline at Arsenal Wengers mantra of “just go out and play your game” “We don’t worry about what the opposition will do we play our game” changes on 67 minutes add to that Fanregas statement at the World Cup that whilst with Spain it was the first time he’d viewed video of the opposition. Songs erratic desertion of his position time and time again, that’d before we even get to the defence zonal or not zonal confusion.

    Basically Arsene is tactically inept. I’m glad Mourinhio is back to really shine a spotlight on “Arsenes achievements”

  4. Gunner2301


    You had me there is heard of GeoffArsenal and was wondering if it was our Geoff. Not that we don’t love and appreciate your work Pedders especially in the current media wilderness, but the 5 loaves and 3 fish is tasting a bit sameish. When do we get a guest post? There must be plenty with something to say? Just a thought to ease the burden a bit.

  5. Dan Ahern

    2301 — That’s a fair point too*, but even so, letting Cesc be free is tactically smart. He has fantastic vision. He benefits the whole team when he can prowl around.

    *I do remember old Cesc quotes where he said Wenger worked on his all-around game, making sure he honed some defensive skills too. So you gotta give AW some credit. It wasn’t anarchy. Over time it became clear Cesc was a purely offensive creator though and he had less responsibility in his own half.

  6. Gunner2301


    I take your point in the case of Fabregas. Certain players do need a free role I.e Messi.


    Yes I would welcome a Gambon guest post I’ve been waiting for it since it was floated last season.

  7. Rohan

    There’s no one I trust more with the development of young players than Arsene. There I said it.

    Denilsongiaby aren’t good counter-arguments to that. They weren’t that good enough in the first place imo.

    IF you are good enough, no one better to nurture your talent and take you to the next level than Arsene imo.

  8. Jeff

    It’s not in Wenger’s MO to pay any newcomer 120k+ per week whatever the transfer fee is. That is why it is virtually impossible for him to acquire talent from other top clubs in the Premier League (or any other league for that matter). So, he is forced to go in search of a reasonable transfer fee (in his mind around the £10m) and a player who’s currently earning something like 50k per week or less. We can certainly improve on those figures a little bit but not too much so as not to upset the rest of the team. This policy has seen an influx of so many average or below average players grace the Emirates over the years and has been the single most damaging contributor to our barren years.

    What some people on here just don’t seem to understand is that Arsene will not do anything to upset his existing players by bringing in someone who’s immediately going to earn far more than they do. So you can see that all this crazy talk of Rooney, Higuain or Nani is just pie in the sky and any article or tweet implying otherwise is just fake eye catching material designed to elicit a response from the target audience more than anything else. It’s not news and it’s not worth anything.

    It is not logical to assume that Wenger is going to relinquish an idea he’s cherished and upheld perhaps all his life. That is why when FFP was first mooted it must have seemed to him like music from Heaven because it indirectly seconds his hate of prima donnas in the side. He’d sooner sell them than deal with them. This has been the pattern at least for the last decade now. We have over the years lost so many talented players to that particular ideology and it’s not about to change. Please understand that we simply CANNOT and WILL NOT buy anyone that’s going to demand a wage of 120k plus for the reasons given above.

    Perhaps it’s a neurosis or some other illness Wenger suffers from but it most certainly isn’t about to change no matter what anyone says and that includes Gazidis and the owner.

    Conclusion: our standing will not and cannot improve until a new manager is installed.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    @ JeffJune 18, 2013 05:17:18

    What you wrote saddens us. But, it relieves us too of carrying high hopes. We are behind the wrong team. Wenger has to be eliminated. And, soon. Else, his legacy will be too much for even an Abrahamovich to shake out.

    Great piece of comment buddy.

  10. Moray

    @ Rohan “There’s no one I trust more with the development of young players than Arsene. There I said it.”

    Come on! Wenger’s commitment to the short-term careers and development of his young players is not in question. What is the biggest threat is the damage this does to the team in the meantime, but over-relying on them to the detriment of the team as a whole, and to their medium to long-term careers when he pushes them up too early, overplays them and either breaks or discards them.

    No way, for instance, would Ramsey be a first-teamer (on 50k per week) in any other side in the top half of the Prem. He will most probably end up in exile like Denilson.

  11. N5

    Rohan, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but can you tell me which young players you feel Wenger has nurtured and matured to the next level, because I think (and again this isn’t saying you are wrong) I feel that for every one you can name I can name you three he has failed on.

    For example, successes I can think of in the current team are Wilshire, Ramsay (getting there), Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Szczesny, So I can think of 6 out of the 100s that pass through our Youth, Reserves and First team.

    To be fair that may be a successful amount of players at any club level but it seems very low to me,

  12. Moray

    @ N5. You are being too generous:

    Wilshire is a near permanent cripple due to being overplayed in previous seasons (Wenger trying to save money by running a thin squad).

    Gibbs and Jenko are still green.

    Chesney has regressed under Wenger.

  13. N5

    Totally agree Moray, I just didn’t want to sound too negative and seem like I was just arguing so tried to find some examples and those were the best I could think of.

  14. N5

    I neglected to mention that Ramsay and Walnutt are SHIT too!

    Lol, I think that suits Walnut perfectly, he is capitilised SHIT. 😀