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Morning people, this will have to be a short post as I’m on a race against a phone battery. 9% on the button…

So, it’s quiet, as ever, the same dull stories populating the newsfeeds, combined with very little in the Sunday papers.

The one story of note is about United’s Nani. Galatasaray have pulled out of a move for him citing £8m as too high a fee. Quite staggering a player of that quality could have such low value. He’s regularly ripped us a new one, and he’s fairly young. He’d certainly be more fun to watch than Gervinho… who is still courting flirtatious comments from marseille. Someone needs to tell them to cut out the foreplay. Just take him and be done with it…

Outside that story, rumours continue around Wayne Rooney, fuelled mostly by Twitter. It sounds like the club have a few plans going on this year rather than the usual one. It also sounds like other clubs aren’t that interested in Rooney and his excess baggage. As much as I rate Rooney, he does feel like and expensive statement. £250k a week isn’t just smashing you wage ceiling, it’s exploding a rocket underneath it… is he the man you’d do that for based on some of his behaviour?

A big question… hopefully this week will see some movement. A summer that saw Williams, Cesar, Fellaini and Rooney would work for me though! I’d take that lot in a heart beat and it’d certainly make us challengers…

Right, that’s me done… see you in the comments.

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  1. kwik fit


    I’ve translated it personally for you but my spanish is not what it used to be so apolgises in advance. Stay Dry 😉

    BARCELONA – In the indecision of Manchester City, whose sporting director Txiki Begiristain not want ‘overpopulate’ template, the doubts of a Real Madrid do not want to deal with the termination clause, and the silence of a Barcelona that being the destination preferred by Isco has not stepped forward to claim their incorporation, the renewed Arsenal have emerged as a new suitor of the young player of Malaga, which could reach the Emirates as great addition in the draft Arsene Wenger.
    The shift in the Arsenal has become evident in the last two months. If in May seemed a joke rumor pointing to his interest in Rooney, taking into account the high financial cost of the operation, recent events suggest that there is no joke.

    Shipments have begun to move in north London and it is assumed that the club is ready to enter the transfer market with nothing to envy of their rivals.

    Last week was published in England that Arsenal have closed new deals getting advertising and television revenues that could be invested in strengthening the squad.

    Several sources referred to a budget of 350 million euros to be used in the next two seasons signings. And the end to all this has been the change in the direction of the club, personalized Chips (pinch of salt) Keswick.

  2. Dannyboy

    N1/Kwik, Like most Gooners I imagine, I would prefer Cesc back, however I would still beat myself into impotency if we signed Isco!

  3. Dannyboy

    kwik, your translation is second to none! I doubt even google translate could have bettered that… 😉

  4. kwik fit

    Perhaps we have some sort of an agreement in place with Malaga.
    First Caz , then Nacho and Isco? Wenger please please pull out that big thing we all know you have and just do it!

  5. Dannyboy

    strange how people are saying we are closing in on Nani… Skybet don’t even have a fucking market open for him to join Arsenal!

    haha Kwik, think your slight pinch of salt edit was succinctly put in there without many noticing! 😉

  6. Dannyboy

    haha kwik mate they honestly are, I remember going into an Aussie equivalent of KFC a couple of years ago, for a second I thought I’d inadvertently walked into a hooters or something, 4 absolute beauties working behind the tills! Over here, you’d get 3 illegals and a big fat white jobsworth! 😉

  7. Kleinfeld

    JOhnty79 – are you still going on about Chris Samba? He’s fucking slow, useless and utter shit.

  8. Dannyboy

    Heh kwik, nah I got this wrap thing, but it had some horrible avocado shit inside it… weird Aussie bastards!!!

    They do however have this place where you can go and get a roast dinner takeaway… why the hell they don’t have it in England is beyond me! Genius idea!!!

  9. Dan Ahern

    Nani is one of those who just needs a change of scenery. He’s a talented player. Just been injured and seems to have fallen out with management. Give the guy a new lease on life and you’ll see his confidence and form return.

  10. sam

    Kwik fit,

    you are such a joker.
    don’t show wenger that pic coz we might end up with a shorter and cheaper version of fellaini.

  11. sam

    Fuck nani, we don’t need him
    we don’t even need replacement for gervinho coz chamberlain will take his place.
    and miyaichi or gnabry taking ox’s place on the bench.
    what we really need is a prolific striker, not a fucking ronaldo wannabe man u reject.

  12. Dan Ahern

    I’m with Vicky: hope Ornstein’s tweet is good info b/c it confirms we at least know what positions to strengthen.
    Top CF, AM, DM would put us in a good position to challenge.
    3 big signings is a minimum, I think.

  13. Kleinfeld

    Johnty79 June 16, 2013 17:54:49

    Kleinfeildi. If samba is that shit why did first his last club pay him90k aweek and his new club 100k aweek???


    If he’s so good, then why did Anzhi let him go?

    Harry Redknapp doesn’t have a fucking clue – Samba was absolutely wretched for them. Some of the worst defending I’ve seen this year.
    Sure Samba is big, tall and strong. However it’s not enough. He’s a lumbering oaf who has no tactical awareness.

    He’s worse than any CB we have at the club – assuming Djourou and Squillaci leave.

  14. Matthias Lehmann

    I’m not as good a football expert as others, perhaps, but I believe Rooney is too big a gamble, and not just for the wage ceiling. I very much doubt that he can change his attitude, even if he wanted to, and therefore, I don’t think he’d be good for Arsenal.

  15. sam


    It seems like you don’t rate Chamberlain
    I am sure you must be one of those grovers who also believes wilshere is not good enough for arsenal.

  16. S Asoa

    there was a possibility that wenger had a psychological problem of an inferiority complex ( Yeah bullying and such perverse reactions to display power eg 6 year nail biting 3-4th place finishes so as to put down the fans ) . But against the overwhelming hostility and insults he has been receiving the past year , it appears that there is a more impersonal motivation to his perversity in dismantling AFC . The way rubbish is bought at overpriced levels and players like Cesc were sold at below market price or any return bargain player clearly points that filthy commerce is at the bottom of Wenger’s various deals . The coterie of old fogeys and a slick pimp all appear to be having their hands in the till . Do not know about British Laws . But can such acts of corruption and cheating go without a spell in the bin? It is ridiculous . Even Banana Republics like Pak would send such crooks behind bars . Unbelievable!

  17. sam


    Rooney won’t take a paycut to play for us
    and Arsene wenger won’t sign him.
    Just take it like the usual summer fantasy and move on.
    Even the Higuain thing is just BS, we wont buy any striker unless we sell Podolski and we all know Giroud is going nowhere and most likely to be our main striker next season.
    When we talk about new signings we are just hoping but we know well that we are dealing with arsene wenger.

  18. sam

    If Wenger wanted a new striker he would have wrapped up benteke by now as he’s dying to join us.
    Higuain rumours are just PR exercise as usual and nothing will happen.
    BTW, joel campbell is getting work permit this july, just like a new signing huh

  19. Cesc Appeal

    I would take Nani, but in conjunction with other bigger signings.

    At £8 Million it’s worth the gamble because he has the potential to be incredible…far more so than Gervinho, Podolski etc

    Attitude stinks a lot of the time but maybe in a team where his only competition is Walcott, Ox and Podolski as opposed to United where he played second fiddle to Ronaldo when he came in hot we might see a difference.

    If you got in Fellaini, Higuain, Rami, Cesar and Nani I’d be more than happy with that.

  20. Mask of Zorro

    “Kleinfeildi. If samba is
    that shit why did first
    his last club pay him90k
    aweek and his new club
    100k aweek???”

    maybe that wanted to prove they could out do Wenger in dross to much money.

  21. Goner Joe

    Your post is the worst rubbish I’ve every seen on this sit and let me tell you that’s going something it was stupid and foolish. No one at Arsenal is trying to destroy Arsenal football club unlike you if you had your way.

  22. Marko

    That’s the thing about that Ornstein tweet he says we’re looking for a CF, AM and DM but we’re also looking for a keeper. Cesar we’ve been linked to sure but we’ve also had a bid for Rui Patricio knocked back too so you’d imagine a goalie will arrive too

  23. Meditation

    Haha. love the fact you got a peroni advert. I see that peroni drinkers have a certain stylistic approach. Surely you could have been one of the models. .

  24. andy1886

    Cesc, I repeat again, Cesar is garbage!! Why waste £80k p/w on someone who will be on the bench after a month because he keeps screwing up?? I can only assume you haven’t been watching him recently…

  25. sam


    Wenger won’t pay 80k to a keeper
    if the rumours are true then maybe he’s willing to take a paycut to stay in the premiership.We only need someone to babysit czsezny for few years.
    QPR were stupid to pay him that much, unless his agent finds him another club with sugar daddy. not other team will offer big money to a veteran keeper.

  26. Herkules

    86 is right… Cesar was horrible last year… Thats the rumor that makes me the saddest because its probably the one closest to the truth

  27. Meditation

    Thing is with ceasar though is that he may be a good back up keeper. Also he will fight to be number 1.Its a world cup year. Its going to be in his country. It could work.

  28. andy1886

    Sam, Cesar is not a veteran at 33 (not for a keeper). Anyway, regardless of the wages I just don’t think that he’s as good as Chezzer, so why bother?

  29. sam

    How are we going to progress If we keep going after man u rejects.
    we got bitten in the a$$ the last time we bought one ( silverstre).
    Nani and Rooney can fuck off even for free we don’t need them

  30. Dannyboy

    Rohan don’t man, shit like that well gets me going. I’d fucking love it if the Cesc saga pans out like some crazy WWE storyline, the entire room goes pitch black during Wengers pre-season press conference, then some weird theme music starts playing, lights just come back on and Cesc is sat next to him and Wenger is sat there grinning, doing his ‘I told you all’ face like Vince McMahon. That would sell PPV’s!!! 😉

  31. Rohan

    I’m going for Cesc jumping from a helicopter and landing on the center circle at the Emirates Cup and then unveling a shirt saying “RvP is a cunt”

  32. kwik fit

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 4m
    Going to be reports tomorrow that Arsenal and Madrid have agreed fee and Higuain keen on move. Watch this space.

    FFS I had my heart set on Higuain as well!!!

  33. Dannyboy

    hahaahahah kwik, I’d love it if he tweeted ‘Fabregas deal in place for move to Man United, deal agreed, just awaiting medical’

    You’d come on here and have a wankathon at the thought of Fabregas staying at barca 😉

  34. kwik fit

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 2m
    Expect it to be a big one for the Ronaldo United Saga. Mendes will be tipping off the press, expect it to be back pages most days.

    Looks like Ronaldo’s signing a new deal with Madrid in the morning then.

  35. sam

    Well that little cunt will be forgiven maybe shagging an old bag put some sense into him.
    Cesc coming back will stop us being tortured for 90 minutes by Aaron Ramsey.

  36. Dan Ahern

    sam — No, I do rate Oxlade-Chamberlain. But I don’t think he’s ready. Declaring him a starter would be a terrible move.
    Nani is better than him, sorry.

  37. PK

    Ohh now i am going to dream about that heli with cesc in it for weeks and the porn sites will drop in revenue…

    Wanking time!

  38. arsenal-flavour

    nani is shite his whole time at united has been a massive fail! with very occasionally good matches

    he sums up consistency consistently shit!

    honestly people saying his only 8 million whaats the problem!? the problem is with wenger and our spending policies or lack of them if we bought him it would mean one less purchase for another player, its not oh 8 mill on him and get someone else in its 8 mill on him and we are ready, would rather just spend some money on top CONSISTENT TALENT! not fucking projects or potential…potential unknowns

  39. Dannyboy

    rc, Xavi, Iniesta and Suarez also playing, wanna name anymore players that we have no chance of signing??? 😉

  40. PK

    Pls stop tapping up playersfrom brazil!

    1. Most of them are just not cut out to play in the PL (note: not saying all off them).
    2. As soon as they get a big contract they spend it all on food…
    3. Makes me think of denilson and santos and that is never a good thing.
    4. Makes me think of denilson!

  41. reality check

    Suarez playing on the right. Said in an interview spain leave gaps on the wings.


    Sorry suarez my teams managed by arsene wenger.
    I don’t know what tactics mean.

  42. PK

    When i think about it, buying a samsung tablet is very wenger like. Wants the goody goody ipad that the other managers has, but goes for the samsung bcos its a little cheaper…

  43. reality check

    Oh shit PK!

    Are you for real. I was looking to get the samsung tablet this week. Thought it was a lil special, but just wasn’t as famous as the ipad. .

    And cheaper!

    Dam.. I think I got wengeritis..

  44. Dannyboy

    Fabregas is jumping out of tackles, cos he doesn’t wanna risk getting injured and missing out on his dream move back to Arsenal…

    Right pass from little Cescio.

  45. arsenal-flavour

    why would barca sell fab?

    his spains best player…

    well him and inesta..

    his better than xavi now

    xavi is on the wane 2 bad seasons

    his not making the passes he used to

  46. reality check


    Cavani hasn’t had a sniff. Poor lad. His team can’t get/hold the ball for sh*t.

  47. sam

    Nani only played well against gael clitty when he was at arsenal.
    Grovers get hard all over any Joker that perform well against us.
    the list is very long, I can name a few. jagielka, sessegnion, samba, Junior hoylett, yakubu,Nani, nzobia, agbonlahor, etc……..
    No they didn’t play well against us, we were just plain shit when we played their teams. see the difference?
    Thank God, wenger doesn’t read grovers comments. if he went after all these on top of the crap we already have we would be relegated by now.

  48. Mental Strength

    How scary is it know that Spain’s U-21s would probably be doing the same to Uruguay right now.

    That might be pushing it, maybe they’d have 10% less possession which would still be 68%.

  49. Wengerites be damned !

    Someone mentioned Santos…
    All Brazilians knew Santos was shit before he left the country. They couldn’t understand why someone like him was allowed to play for the Brasilian national team so many times. Really embarrassing.
    When Wenger bought Santos I was fed up with him. It was clearly because of Santos cheap price tag. Then I had to listen to the AKBs spouting that Santos was a good signing because he was a ‘Brazilian international’.
    When he played in the PL, the ESPN Brasil couldn’t stop taking the piss out of Santos terrible defending and Wenger was ridiculed for buying him.

  50. sam

    We should settle with alcantara, I don’t think Barca will let Cesc go.
    Cesc fee will cover both alcantara and grenier and we hope one of them or both will start firing early.

  51. sam

    Why is gareth bale not on our shopping list?
    Is wenger too scared to upset spurs? we can twist their arms and force them to sell ala barca. he has gooner Dna remember?
    Send Ox and Theo on holiday with bale and start Bring back our gareth campaign.
    £60 millions? you have having a laugh

  52. Enough

    Something a bit interesting. The author of the article that was published in Marca about us bidding 30m€ and Higuain being keen is called Ulises Sánchez-Flor and was also Higuain’s biographer. Pretty good source.

  53. Dominicano

    A summer with Higuain, Isco, a strong DM and Nani as a 4th complementary signing…..Arsenal will be competing for more than 3rd/4th place. Remember Arsenal will have to play the CL playoffs so they better get going.

  54. Kiyoshi Ito

    Some real nutters on here…!!

    Bloggers having spasms,thinking Cesc will come..

    Living in the past..

    My gosh,the club,has certainly got you lot by the short & curly’s..

    Brainwashing the masses & has you living in the past..

    You pay,for our past glory years,suckers!!

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    It’s not even funny anymore…

    It’s quite tragic…

    The club,only has utter contempt,for it’s fans..

  56. Josip Skoblar

    There are no reasons to sell Kozzer. If he does leave, then Wenger is surely doomed, isn’t he?