Chips is short for Chippendale. That’s funny.

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Morning Grovers, a quick post this fine morning as I’m flying back to the UK today. Most of the news that you can pin a reality stick to hangs on the appointment of Sir Chips Keswick to the role of Chairman. The man knows a bank, having run Hasbros back in the day as well as represent the Bank of England. Now, at 72 or 3… he’s taken on the role of Chairman.

I can’t say it’s not deserved. He’s done the hard work at the club, now maybe it’s time for a more chilled out role. However, I am slightly disappointed. It feels like a ‘job for the boys’ appointment. There was an opportunity to shape how the club looked at the top level and we’ve dodged it by making a safe appointment of yet another old man. We could have gone the player route with Bob Wilson. We could have gone with a fan favourite in David
Dein. We could have gone curve ball with Chris Wreh. We went super safe instead.

The role of chairman is largely superficial, but that still won’t hide my disappointment.

Still, there’s a gap on the board of directors. That’s good news. That means a fresh injection of youth somewhere along to line. Hopefully someone from the AST is going to give me a blog on the movements.

I’m struggling with time and energy right now, so I’m going to leave you with a short post today. Hey, maybe we can touch base tomorrow and shoot the breeze around some idle Gooner chit chat?

Sound good? Of course it does.

Have a safe flight… of course I will

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  1. Babakrdaemi

    Does anyone know if the arsenal – arsene contract talks taking place now are true? If so timing is irresponsible considering the competitiveness of transfer market.

  2. Nabby

    Confederations Cup starts today. I’m sure this will slow down transfers temporarily in case players get badly crocked, etc.

  3. Hitman

    Season ticket renewals are officially over. False rumors have died down.

    Our rivals are signing players. Reality bites.

    No change in ethos of the club

  4. monty

    Out sagna,fabianski,gerv, and deadwood in: alcantara,feallaini,Cesar,higuian,nani,Richards can also play cb.

  5. Hants Gooner

    >> hitman by “our rivals” do u mean Chelski an Man City where the bottomless money pots of those teams means they dont need to negotiate transfers or personal terms they just pay whats asked for…. we cant do that so dont compere what those clubs do to what we do

  6. Herkules

    Pedro… I think its time you removed Most Popular Posts. It’s actually sad to remember the Hazard rumors.

    Throw some of those memes there!!

  7. N1Goon

    I’m really not sure who i’d pick between Rooney or Higuain. I guess Rooney’s Premiership experience and international partnership with Jack/Ox/Theo tips it for me. He is a gnarly bastard and he will give us a bit of grit, refs have been bending over for him for years now.

    Rooney, Fellaini and a Forehead replacement please.

  8. Bade

    Sir Chips just doesn’t feel the right appointment, if you’re thinking of challenging your dominant manager

    I have nothing against him but we should be seeking for ex footballers there

  9. kwik fit

    I think we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and hold our head in shame. Rooney wants to sign for us and we have been slating him here on LG. Absolutely taking the proverbial about how he looks and behaves. Shame on us!

    Wayne if your are listening mate, can I say………………Get to fuck of your fat Arse you granny shagging fucker and sign for us pronto!!!

  10. Paulo

    I’d have to question the move for Rooney, he’s not exactly set the world alight recently, his work rate has been sub par, he’s partial to a fag, beer and granny not necessarily in that order and throws his toys out the pram every now and then, if Fergies hair dryer didn’t keep him in check, what will we be doing with him. I don’t remember any of our English core speaking highly of him when they were on international duty. Honestly 20m could be better spent elsewhere in my opinion.

  11. eboue

    well its a good thing your not in charge of arsenal transfers then paulo, 20-25 million for rooney one of the top 4-5 biggest name strikers on the planet!! i’d say thats a pretty big deal for a good price at his age.

  12. kev

    I think rooney will be a disaster if he signs for us. he looks to be declining slightly and id say in the next couple of years hell go a lot further downhill.

    higuain would suit us much better and I think would be a safer bet.

    hopefully the rooney rumours don’t turn out to be true though.

  13. eboue

    seriously dont understand why people dont want us to sign rooney, these same people slate arsenal for not showing ambition then when we are trying to sign the biggest names within our budget were being told that they are not worth it *facepalm*

  14. Paulo

    Eboue, I hope you’re right, but his absence this year in the Man U squad says it all really, I think his best years are behind him, not in front. If he really were one of the 4-5 biggest names in his position, why would Man U let him go so cheap?

  15. Alex James

    As many of us have been saying for years, believe nothing until it appears on the official club site. The board plus Wenger equals stagnation. £25M players!

  16. Paulo

    Just because a player wants to go doesn’t mean they name their own price. If he is in the top 4-5 and selling to a rival Rooney should be over 24m easily. I’m sorry I just don’t see it myself. I would rather Higuain.

  17. kev

    the last time united were willing to give us a player it was Silvestre. and in case anybody forgot he turned out to be shit.

    were seem to be the only top side that are willing to make a rival stronger and I can tell you that if united have no problem letting us have rooney then its because they know something we don’t.

  18. Al

    The fact is United fans LOVED Rooney…I mean they really LOVED him and if you talk to any United fan the Loath and Hate him because of the things he pulled last time and now.

    Do not get fooled guys United fans are really hurt and i just would absolutely Love it if he came to us as it would be a stab to there hearts and they deserve it after the RVP nonsense we have had to put up with.

  19. SUGA3

    give me Higuain over Rooney any day of the week, if the latter represented a bit of an attitude related problem to SAF in the last season, what chances of managing him does Wenger have?

    as for the refs bending over to him, do you think they will do the same once the fact cunt is no longer a Fergie’s player?

    HIguain is also 2 years younger and nearly 4 inches taller…

  20. dialsquare

    Either Wenger takes a principled stand and offers his resignation to the board for not being given the tools to succeed or he should be ousted for being complicit in the decline and running down of the Football Club.

  21. Marko

    kwik fitJune 15, 2013    15:44:24
    If Pat Rice was still at Arsenal him and Sir Chips could have shared their duties half and half.
    Half Chips Half Rice.


  22. tom

    Exclusive: Arsenal Bids for £46m Pair Accepted, Now Negotiating Personal Terms? for Fellaini and Higuain story on CaughtOffside anyone to back this story up?

  23. arsenal flavour


    mark my words he will be the best player in the world, next season he will be as good as fabregras the season after better!

    WE SHOULD GO ALL IN FOR HIM! this is our only chance, later on he will be to desirable

  24. Marko

    Either he signs a couple significant signings by mid-late July or someone else should be brought in that will.

  25. andy1886

    Rooney for £20m is a joke.

    1. ManU wouldn’t sell him to us.
    2. They’ll be looking for double that (£40m).
    3. We will not pay him £250k – £300k a week (sorry Ivan, don’t believe you).

    Felliani and Hig maybe, Rooney no chance.

  26. kwik fit

    If we get either Higiaun or Rooney I’d run around the Emirates only in my boxers.
    If we get both I’d run around the emirates in my birthday suit supporting a Dickie bow.

  27. dialsquare

    Why bid on Rooney unless you’re boss eyed, his technique is poor he shinned his overhead kick against City and he recently scored a wickedly deflected stunning goal against Brazil.

  28. sixx pac

    If Rooney was at Madrid last season, he wouldn’t be a bench player. Higuain is good, admittedly better than I thought he was but I’ll have Rooney over him every day of the week.

  29. Marko

    Would not touch Valbuena. The only Marseilles players worth a go are Andre Ayew, N’Koulou or Mandanda. That’s it

  30. kwik fit


    Valbuena is a good player but would rather have N’Koulou. Ayew is hit and miss but I suppose that’s better than Gervinho as he’s miss and miss.

  31. Marko

    Nah man Ayew’s the real deal. A winger who generally scores 10-15 goals from the wing. He badly needs to get out of Marseilles cause they play poor ball and he’ll regress soon if he’s not careful.

  32. arsenal-flavour

    rooney is a good player bet than higuain? not a chance? rooney is a very good player has been constantly overhyped and overrated by british media, higuain is an even better player who has been completely underrated by spanish media

  33. arsenal-flavour

    isco we should go for, could play him as cam winger and even CF! yes he would make a great striker, fast, skillful,great finish/shot and strong not short either!


  34. arsenal-flavour

    short players can be good! any one heard of messi or maradona or no there average coz their short??

    aguero tevez?? also short players can be strong there not all weak midgets lol! tevez would be good a example stronger than most strikers even messi his deceptively strong never gets knocked of the ball

  35. kwik fit

    I agree that short is not what we need ATM . Plus he’s a little too like Caz, only not as good.
    Having said that he’s light years better than the Gerv.

  36. Cartoon Gooner

    azedJune 15, 2013    16:25:42
    “Last year junior toilet was the black messi”

    Dumbest thing I’ve read online.

  37. arsenal-flavour

    fact is there’s this bizarre idea in football in britain of we need a big tall lad to knock the ball upto hence why we always get our arses served to us by better and often shorter players… spain ring a bell? an ideal team would be a mixture of short and tall to get the advantages of both, the tall players to win aerial balls and the short players who usually have better agility dexterity and acceleration, also we need strong players who are short or small, giiroud is big but his not that strong or at least he never uses his strength to keep the ball and he wins aerial duels but his headers always go to the other team so its pretty pointless!


  38. Marko

    I’m not saying he’s shit cause he’s short. I’m saying he shorter than Arshavin and shit. Grenier is better than Valbuena imo

  39. Hitman

    Valbuena isn’t just short -he’s a midget.

    No thanks. To make it worse he’s French. We’ve got enough bottlers.

  40. arsenal-flavour


    we aren’t in for him… its pretty obvious we are in for felliani rooney and if we can;t get rooney higuain these are our main targets… not alll this other dross! do i think we will get these players though? it all depends if wenger doesn;t throw hissy fits on paying there actual market vaule not wengers market value

  41. arsenal-flavour

    someone else posted this on another site… this is what will happen this summer

    On another note I am very very impressed by our splurge into the transfer market thus far. I know Wenger’s strategy – wait until Man City, Chelsea et al buy all of the good players then right on the last day of the tranfer market put in hugely inflated bids for the players no one else wanted and tie them onto huge, lucrative contracts so when they fall on their arses and prove themselves to be utterly useless a la Santos we won’t be able to offload them because no one will want them – the Wenger way !

  42. sam

    Samir Masri,

    its politician talk, read my lips.
    when they say they have money to spend it means they will have money after you renew your season ticket.
    then they will say they tried to best and couldn’t find anyone suitable to spend on so money is better off in the bank for next year.

  43. sam

    You have to be an idiot to believe Rooney will play for arsenal.
    even if he was available at cut price this tighta$$ won’t sign him.
    it’s just summer propaganda, there is no rooney deal, no highuain, no fellaini.
    we’ll sign players but unknown as usual

  44. PK

    Mental s.

    ” If Rooney is shit, everyone on our team but Cazorla must be regurgitated shit”

    Agree everyone on our team besides caz (and jw) is shit….But that said i would still take rooney any day of the week.

    1. He is better than OG.
    2. He is a c**t, and great football teams needs them badly (real: CR7, barca: busquets, shitty: nasri, tevez and basicly the holesquad, manu: rooney, chelski: JT, psg: ibra and so on and on….
    3. We need to reedem ourself after they bought our last c**t.
    4. Would love to see him beating up theo for not pretending to defend.
    5. Would also loveto see him knock out wenger after ze 65min sub (and lets face it that could acctually happen:-))))

  45. reality check

    Samir masri
    June 15, 2013    17:49:06

    How stupid is this club? They say we have money to spend. And somehow they can’t bid up the signature of maroune fellaini? Idiots

    .. and just like we are seeing this pathetic attempt by wenger to roll with the
    ‘big dawgs’ So is everybody else.

    24M for fellani!!

    He Can’t even wrap up the easy and obvious ones anymore. Let’s wait till chelsea offer 26M then say we tried.. Whimper whimper pfff pfff

  46. Rohan

    don’t know what people want from walcott. He had 21 goals and 16 assists last season. You have to give him credit for consistent improvement. I didn’t think he had it in him.

    He’s one of the best players in the premier league.

  47. Ofebs

    Arsenal appoints a banker as chairman, tells u where the club is going. The purse strings are not about to be loosened anytime soon…

  48. reality check

    We will try [to buy] but let’s not forget that we have brought players in.
    I have Carl Jenkinson, we have bought Gervinho in, we have bought Joel Campbell in, we have brought Ryo Miyaichi in and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. You do not know them very well yet but they are all quality players – Arsene Wenger 2011

    In all honesty how has this worked out?
    For me The Ox is the only one
    I got time for.

  49. michael

    It goes to show how far we are behind in the superstar stakes when were haggling over 20 mill pound players when utd, city, chelsea, munich, barca, real aswell as italian , russian n now french teams have no fear of paying those sort of prices

  50. Bacaryisgod

    If we signed Rooney, it would be a jaw-dropping moment and set off a tsunami in the football world. Even if we don’t get him, it’s been great to have us on the buying side of the gossip for a change and with Man U on the defensive. Love to think RVP would go from having Rooney and Red Nose for one season to neither the next.

  51. sam


    the minutes Gervinho spent on the pitch last season should have been given to oxlade chamberlain.
    Wenger gives chance to his favourites no matter how shit they play. If Ox was given that same amount of time he will be a different player by now

  52. sam

    Grovers believe Ox is a shit player, only an Idiot like wenger will pick gervinho and ramsey then keep Ox on the bench. and he’s done it all season.

  53. reality check

    If the Ox swapped shirts with Gervinho would you really favour the Ox over Gervinho

    I don’t get it? They wear the same shirt. Do you mean starting place for the bench? If you do. Yes my friend. I’d start the Ox over gerv everyday of the week. He has a much higher ceiling

  54. reality check

    Wenger’s favourites wasn’t my argument. So you can discuss that with the other poster.

    As for me, the ox is a better player than gervinho. If you don’t think he now, well he will be much better when he reaches gervinhos age. So I would persist with him. The ox is a project youth buy. Gervinho was our marquee, take us to another level, don’t need eden hazard signing.

  55. dialsquare

    Forget that the Ox is English and supposedly young and up and coming, lets judge on face value. Gervinho is a better dribbler, more technical and has better goal stats.
    Gervinho played 18 League games with 6 being as sub and scoring 5 goals.
    The Ox played 25 League games with 14 being as sub and scoring 1 goal.

  56. Dan Ahern

    I’ve been driving the Isco bandwagon for a year now. Let’s get him already!



    In practice it looks like this:


  57. Cesc Appeal


    Gervinho played as a striker a lot though. Ox is a middle player.

    And Gervinho could have had double that if his composure wasn’t so appallingly bad…he has no bottle and no intelligence, will never be top rate.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    No can’t agree with that.

    In Ox I can see the potential for a great player.

    I think he’s at the wrong club…or rather has the wrong manager.

    He could be something really special, but everything that makes him special Wenger reins in.

    That impulse to drive forward, to take people on.

    Is it not interesting that all that we grew to love about him last year, games like United and Blackburn at home where he tore defences apart and ran at people have now gone?

    He was still fresh to the Arsenal scene then and Wenger wasn’t able to get his claws in.

    When was the last time you could describe an Arsenal player as a marauder? Like Bale. Or Rooney, or Ronaldo? Or Drogba? Or Robben? Or Ribery? Or Reus? Blah blah

    Or even the lesser players who still charge at defences? Young guys like Shaqiri or Griezzman or Lamela?

    It’s because Wenger HATES those types of players. He would rather you turn away from the defender, and tap it to a nearby player.

  59. sam

    Gervinho is a dribbler!

    Joke of the day

    He run past players his dribbles fail all the time.
    there is no one in the team that frustated Podolski more than Gervinho.
    he tries to dribble when he supposed to pass, pass when he supposed to shoot.

  60. unhappy gunner

    @Dialsquare, sorry but I’d rather have ox’s scrotum in place of gervinho. Gervinho is so shit he makes chris kiwomya look like messi. As for comparing stats, as someone pointed out to you, the forehead is a forward, ox is a midfielder.

  61. sam

    young players at arsenal don’t progress.
    you should wonder why pogba and zaha turned us down.
    Imagine Pogba being sent on loan to a dodgy team for money while we are stuck with DM of the year Ramsey. He gets injured for 6 months as soon as he’s fit another loan is waiting.

  62. Pires_legend

    Absolutely hate the fact that our club is practically run by bankers, absolute disgrace that our new chairman isn’t even connected with football he’s a finance man!!

    Feel as disconnected with the club as ever. The board seem to be driving the hardcore fans out in favour of 1 off ticket purchasers who visit the club from abroad!

    We have no structure. As a club I want the core of our structure to be former players and staff like bayern!!

    Absolutely disagree with chips appointment

  63. Dan Ahern

    Problem with Ox is that he needs to be employed through the middle of the field I think. CA is right, he’s a marauder. But he’s limited on the wing and it doesn’t suit him very well. So we got a marauder that needs to be in midfield. Just not much space for that right now, not until he develops the rest of his game better.

    And yes, Gervinho is a great dribbler. Unfortunately that’s all he’s great at.

  64. vicky

    Haha ,, those people who are taking a dig at Rooney’s footballing ability must be living in utmost denial.

    Bar Cazorla we do not have a single player even half as good as Rooney.

    Not that there is any chance of signing him but still we got to accept he is one of the best in the PL.

  65. vicky


    Spot on. He just takes the ball away from defenders and because of his pace ends up somewhere in or around the box only to end up making a silly pass. Hardly gets inside which sort of makes him very very predictable.

  66. Mayank


    I don’t think the pace of the PL is suited to dribblers. Their main job is supposed to be to attract players but in doing so they slow down the momentum of play.

  67. Dannyboy

    Mayank, I’m sure sam knows that deep down… he obviously just has a deep hatred for Arsenal Football Club, so makes up a load of bollocks about players turning us down.

  68. sam

    I am sure Gervinho will do well back in france but he certainly failed at arsenal I hope arsener wenger sees sense and accepts the offer from marseille.
    Another player we don’t need is Ramsey, team like fulham will suit him.

  69. reality check


    Fine there both shit. On face value, Gerv is shitter. You can’t use stats of a 1st teamer against a bench player.
    For instance. How many games was gerv the CF. Better oppotunity to get goals no? How many games was the ox the CF.
    Its like all you think is goals means
    ‘so and so’ is better. If you score, your good. If you don’t. Your shit.
    Like school kids do.

    Ok I think ox is better. You don’t.

    Fine, but I wonder.. Who do you actually like that plays for Arsenal Football Club as of june 15th 2013?

  70. sam

    Gervinho is not a dribber, well thats what we thought when we bought him.
    Ox can play better than him on the wing as he’s a better crosser.

  71. Mayank

    “Another player we don’t need is Ramsey”

    Typically arrogant comment from an Arsenal fan. We don’t need grafters in our team. We don’t need squad player. Everyone should have super skilz.

    Fletcher was such a n average player but was so important to Utd especially in big matches.

    Ramsey actually has more skill than Fletcher and as much graft.

  72. Dannyboy

    Mayank, players like Ramsey are next to useless on FIFA 13. That’s where bellends like sam get all their ‘knowledge’ of football from..

  73. unhappy gunner

    I think gervinho is wengers crack dealer. I mean wenger looks gaunt and distant these days and some of his tactics and purchases over last few years are the work of a crack head. That can be my only explanation for gervinho actually getting anywhere near the team. No wonder he wont spend the 70 million ‘war chest’…. he’s saving it for crack

  74. Mayank

    ” players like Ramsey are next to useless on FIFA 13. That’s where bellends like sam get all their ‘knowledge’ of football from..”


    To be fair apparently all our youth signings have huge potential on FIFA 13. Looks like our scouts are doing the same thing.

  75. Mayank


    Neymar is a great player but he’s over-rated at the same time. Just because someone good doesn’t mean they can’t be over-rated.

  76. sam


    Fletcher played for a better manager than wenger. against us he was given the role of harrassing our midfielders and did the job well.
    You have to worry that we have not beaten any big team last seasonm something has to change.
    for a big club like arsenal, a squad player should be a game changer someone to lift them when we are struggling. Ramsey doesn’t make any difference even as a sub in fact he makes things worse.
    I can see now arsenal fans are accepting mediocrity. I see Walcott as a good super sub I also liked how Thomas eisfeld played against reading.