Chips is short for Chippendale. That’s funny.

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Morning Grovers, a quick post this fine morning as I’m flying back to the UK today. Most of the news that you can pin a reality stick to hangs on the appointment of Sir Chips Keswick to the role of Chairman. The man knows a bank, having run Hasbros back in the day as well as represent the Bank of England. Now, at 72 or 3… he’s taken on the role of Chairman.

I can’t say it’s not deserved. He’s done the hard work at the club, now maybe it’s time for a more chilled out role. However, I am slightly disappointed. It feels like a ‘job for the boys’ appointment. There was an opportunity to shape how the club looked at the top level and we’ve dodged it by making a safe appointment of yet another old man. We could have gone the player route with Bob Wilson. We could have gone with a fan favourite in David
Dein. We could have gone curve ball with Chris Wreh. We went super safe instead.

The role of chairman is largely superficial, but that still won’t hide my disappointment.

Still, there’s a gap on the board of directors. That’s good news. That means a fresh injection of youth somewhere along to line. Hopefully someone from the AST is going to give me a blog on the movements.

I’m struggling with time and energy right now, so I’m going to leave you with a short post today. Hey, maybe we can touch base tomorrow and shoot the breeze around some idle Gooner chit chat?

Sound good? Of course it does.

Have a safe flight… of course I will

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Mayank — I think that’s much too much of a blanket statement, but I generally agree that dribblers can slow the game down sometimes. But it’s not just because they dribble. It’s when you dribble without purpose.

    Remember Cristiano Ronaldo when he first joined ManU? What a selfish cunt he could be. All the tricks in the book, but the ball is no good if it’s on the wing all game. Then after a while he began picking his head up. He’d use his insane dribbling skills still, but he’d use them to the whole team’s benefit. He’d beat a man, or dash into space, and then make the best move possible–often playing in a teammate.

    Dribbling is valuable, but if your mind can’t keep up with your feet it tends to get pointless.

  2. unhappy gunner

    Agree about Neymar. He is over rated, a robinho mark 2, Great against average teams I.e Scotland, japan etc but pretty ok’ish against world class defenders. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have him as opposed to the forehead or a few others, but when you consider how messi smashed teams on his own at that age against far superior teams to as opposed to the qaulity of oppenents Neymar faces in brazilian league.

  3. Mayank


    “for a big club like arsenal, a squad player should be a game changer someone to lift them when we are struggling. Ramsey doesn’t make any difference even as a sub in fact he makes things worse.”

    Not at all. Not all squad players are supposed to be impact subs. Squad players should add something unique to the team despite not being first choice. Ramsey adds stamina and tackling. Both aspects we don’t have in abundance.


    I see your point but I tend to think of players who dribble as different to players who beat a man by dropping their shoulder and using their pace. The drop shoulder thing adds pace to the game and dribbling generally removes it.

  4. sam

    When Wilshere is out everyone can see that he’s being missed.
    would you say the same thing about Ramsey? Nope
    I don’t like Mourinho but the guy is a winner. he cannot stand mediocre players.
    But wenger loves them and arrogantly insists on keep them in the first team

  5. Mayank

    “I don’t like Mourinho but the guy is a winner. he cannot stand mediocre players.”

    Lol that’s easy to do when you have an unlimited budget. Also Khedira is a mediocre player.

    I make sure my FIFA teams don’t have anyone below 85 as well.

  6. sam

    Mourinho even axed Iker cassillas,
    Did he even care? it cost him the job so what he got another one.
    Unlike sentimental wenger, Mourinho has the balls

  7. Radio Raheem

    Given a choice between Neymar and Pedro I’ll pick Pedro. Maybe I’m just not a fan. The difference between Neymar and Tello isn’t more than £10m in money terms (maybe I am being generous here), the rest is hype.

    Japan got to the quarters last world cup didn’t they? They aren’t such a bad side.

    Neymar scored a good goal. Great. I remember Manuel Figueroa scoring, perhaps, the most outlandish goal in the PL from 50 yards out. Manuel Figueroa just signed a 2 year contract with the recently promoted Hull.

  8. stuart1979

    Rooney has always been over rated and has also been on the decline since he done his metatarsal before the 2006 world cup. He is also a disgusting mess and an embarrassment, my club has too much class for a fat c*nt like him.

  9. unhappy gunner

    @Dialsquare, I’m new to this site, but you seem a nice guy. But if you honestly believe messi is overrated then all I can say is thank fuck your not our chief scout:)

  10. Rohan

    Rooney scored 34 goals 2 seasons ago in 11/12. Play him up front and I guarantee he’ll score 30 goals. It’s as simple as that.

    Don’t know why people are complaining. We have fucking Olivier Giroud up front right now. He’s never going to score 30 goals.

  11. sam


    If mourinho is overrated what about Wenger?
    at least he fights to win.
    have you noticed things about to get worse?
    the club is now managed by an economist and chaired by a banker.
    Lets see how much we will spend this summer. £0.00000000

  12. unhappy gunner

    @Dial square, sorry to go on at you again….but mourinho over rated????? Look at his record over last 10 years and you will see he is not too shabby. Plus he won CL with an average team like porto. If mourinho had the sqaud that wenger had from 2001-2005 he would of won CL at twice. Sorry but in my opinion the most over rated manager is wenger. The lot of us, myself included, bought into the hype that he was some sort of genius but the reality is anyone with a squad that consisted of viera, henry, pires, freddie, Sir Dennis etc should of won more. Especially the CL.

  13. Marko

    Martins Indi a player we’ve been linked with would be a good shout for a signing. I remeber a few weeks back Gio Van Bronckhorst (who cares it’s an awful name) who is a coach or something at Fayenoord said we were interested in him. Great potential, can play centre and left back and has quite a presence

  14. Cesc Appeal


    It depends what kind of set up it’s in.

    Whether it’s in one lump on a safe flat rate 4% for example.

    Or distributed about.

    4% PA on 70 000 000 is 2 800 000 PA interest that’s £53 000 a week. Basically Aaron Ramsey’s wages.

    STILL, it wouldn’t shock me to find out that they’d prefer that to spending it.

    Plus I think the cash surplus is actually £150 Million so double that and add some.

    Also you can get 6% interest, 7.5% etc

    I’m not really a money guy but i believe that’s right…Gambon is the guy who’d tell you

  15. Rohan

    Main reason I want Rooney is the following.

    We did ok against teams below us last season. That got us to 73 points. We had an absolutely shocking record against teams in and around us. Chelsea did the double and only managed to get 1/6 against City and Utd. That 2/18 against the teams above us.
    Given we’re not ripping the heart of our squad this summer and should have a better start, that’ll give us 5-10 points hopefully. That will put us in a better position to challenge , but as it stands I don’t think we can do much better against the big teams. I put that primarily down to an inferiority complex. I don’t think we’re necessarily incapable of winning a one-off on pure footballing terms. We just lack the know-how and the confidence basically.

    Bring Rooney in, and I think that will all change. He’s a winner, no one knows the premier league better than him. He could be the man to change that and put us on an even footing psychologically atleast with Utd and Chelsea. Higuain won’t have that same sort of impact. Rooney also has the ability to take the game by the scruff of it’s neck and force a result through sheer will. Higuain with all due respect is a different kind of player. While it’d be nice to get both, I don’t think it’s realistic at this time.

    Best of all if he comes to us he’ll have something to prove to Utd. and to everyone else. We can give him the platform to become England’s hero again. Think he’ll relish playing with Jack, Theo and the Ox in addition. If he’s available and we can sell our future to him, think it would be a win-win for both parties. I have no doubt the interest is real. It comes down to Rooney. He’d be a great step to getting the aura back in the tunnel.

  16. dialsquare

    Their is no tackling allowed in the modern game, the offside rule is a joke, the modern day pitches are like bowling greens, Barcelona are hailed as one of the greatest footballing sides of all time who have a minimum of 70% possession every game, all these factors weigh heavily in Messi’s favour when comparing him to the true greats of football.
    I could go on and talk about Messi’s steroid and growth hormone ‘treatment’ which inadvertently gives Messi an advantage over his fellow professionals, but i won’t.

  17. Radio Raheem

    Hulk is more fat than strong imo. He has lovehandles

    Hahahaha. Nah he is a specimen alright to cover 7+ miles a match and still maintain such physique. Incredible!

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Speaking of specimens.

    Anyone seen Man of Steel yet?

    Henry Cavill??

    I bat for the home side…but JESUS!!! MAN CRUSH!!!

  19. Kidd

    I dont know if they have already squared off but i would salivate for a Gambon- kiyoshi Ito showdown on legrove….who do u think will come tops?

  20. unhappy gunner

    @Dialsquare, just to clarify are you saying wenger is better than ‘maureen’? …. also the steriods thing, how has that benefited messi? From what I see he’s not exactly buff…

  21. Rohan

    C’mon dan, don’t ruin the fun.

    Although now that he’s moved to Barca for 50m, no more excuses. He has to deliver from the get go.
    Speaking of which has there been anyone else who’s moved for so much money for such a young age?

  22. Dan Ahern

    Rohan — I don’t think you end up with the nickname “Hulk” from having love handles. Probably just his body shape. Look at Andre Santos: people say he’s a fatty but he’s actually ripped.

  23. unhappy gunner

    @Dan…. your probably right. I’m not slating him as I think he is a good player. But I don’t think he is anywhere near messi’s brilliance or ever will be. But thats only my opinion and I’m only a fat bastard and jealous:) though I do have a better haircut than him.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Good question, I dunno. Ronaldo moved for almost double that when he was 24. Not quite the same though.

    Juve paid a fortune for Buffon when he was like 23. Arguably a bigger deal because he’s a a goalkeeper?

  25. dialsquare

    Steroids and especially Growth Hormone helps strengthen ligaments, increases lean muscle mass, stimulates the immune system, aides recovery from injury and fatigue, gives you vitality and their are many other health benefits associated with taking Growth Hormone.

  26. Rohan

    You should take some growth hormones dialsquare. Maybe you’d stop acting like a 5 year old on here!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll get my coat on the way out

  27. Dan Ahern

    Okay maybe a bit of fat. He’s still very muscular.

    Monreal can’t take off his shirt because it causes hospitals to get overloaded with priapism sufferers.

  28. unhappy gunner

    If steroids and growth hormones does all that dialsquare then maybe we should start injecting diaby. Maybe thats whats been wrong all these years and all will be fixed with some injections. On the plus side it would mean diaby being “just like a new signing”:)

  29. unhappy gunner

    I for one think maureen is a better manager than wonga. Doesn’t mean I like him, but wouldn’t be overly distraught if he was our manager. And im a gooner for life since age of 5, and I’m now an old fart of 39.

  30. Dannyboy

    Tiger just can’t play alongside that curly haired Irish wanker can he… ffs everyone is playing shit, and Tiger is +5… Even he played half as well as he can he would be pissing this tournament!

  31. sam


    It’s in fact the opposite, Sugar daddies want trophies so they call Mourinho for help.
    Please tell that to Stan Donkey

  32. Just Curious

    dialsquare Growth Hormone doesn’t do all that especially after your epiphyses have fused…what you get is Acromegaly.

  33. sam

    Wenger is good in terms of managing company’s assets i will give him credit for that.
    He can still do well elsewhere as a club but you have to strip him the right to buy and sell players. He will abuse it and frustrate everyone including fans and selling clubs.
    Club presidents in france hate him for his stinginess

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I always thought Wenger would do well at a QPR type club.

    A club where there’s enough money that they let him indulge in his Gervinho type buys but where he’d be hailed as a genius for top of the table finishes.

    He’s wasting Arsenal’s potential totally. I really wish he’d leave.

    Acts like he’s doing us all a favour in running the club.

  35. reality check


    Until Mourinho stops flirting with Sugar Daddies we won’t be able to give a true evaluation of Mourinho as a Manager.

    Now I know your just provoking reaction but.. Its cool ill bite..

    What about Porto?

    (You still haven’t given any praise to anyone from AFC yet?)

  36. reality check

    Let me show you how easy it is

    I believe santi cazorla is the best player at arsenal. I’m glad we signed him and I hope improves further along with jack wilshere, the ox and podolski.


  37. Cesc Appeal


    If you’re Isco sat in your hotel having a beer right now do you think:

    Man City, big wages, big players, trophies galore.


    Arsenal, smaller wages, shit players, delusional egotistic manager who thinks fourth is a trophy and that he has to be the biggest star at the club.

  38. dialsquare

    I wouldn’t big Mourinho up to much,
    Porto have won their Domestic League 20 out of the last 28 years or if you like 9 out of the last 10 years.
    Their have been numerous winners of the Champions League namely Di Matteo so i wouldn’t put to much stock in the achievement.
    The Translator has been living of this feat for years that’s why he got the Chelsea gig.

  39. AA23

    “Man of Steel” is shit
    Only openly gay men like Ces Appeal would like that truly awful pile of cunt.
    However… “The last of us” is fucking brilliant

  40. Paulo

    Dan that’s a spot on comment and in a way Theo was guilty of that for the last few years, now he’s picking out very decent crosses and is becoming very clinical in front of goal. Ramsey is coming good and if anyone doubts the graft and effort he puts in a match needs to look at the last 3 matches of this season, sure it wasn’t pretty but him and arteta really worked their asses off and that makes me proud to support the team, grinding out a result when huge amount of pressure was on takes balls and these guys did it. Granted we should not have been there in the first place but well done.its not all bad guys! We need a little more creativity in MF, I’d say another striker and at least another CB, not too sure about GK at the moment, will the poles battle it out and we end up having 2 good ones and pick the best or will neither improve enought to be a top 4 keeper? Not sure!

  41. sam

    So Paulo don’t know arsenal were shit in their last 3 matches.
    Sorry dude, we beat tottenham to 4th because we had weaker oppositions and still struggled to make it
    I am not knocking down arteta, I believe he shouldn’t be used as DM and should be kept in the team.
    and he shouldn’t play every game, this is another reason top players won’t join us. injury management at arsenal is sooooo crap as long as you are walking you will play.
    Age is against arteta i am sure he wouldn’t mind being benched next season to gain some adequate rest.

  42. Rohan

    Higuain story gathering legs rapidly.

    Apparently Ancelotti is to be announced Monday. If it is to go through, I think we can expect something by the end of the week.

  43. sam

    Why do you think they celebrated 4th place?
    because they were so crap they couldn’t believe they made it.
    Why do you think we have no one to sell this summer?
    Do you think If we had a top player this summer with all the money going around wenger will resist to cash in? ha ha ha
    Good he can’t sell anyone this summer, the whole team is not up to it.
    Maybe thats why Vermaelen was crap this season as he knows what wenger does to his captain every summer. Being a crap captain spoiled arsenal’s summer sale. ha ha ha ha!!

  44. sam


    Please wake me up when Gonzalo Higuain is holding the red and white shirt.
    arsene wonga finally splashed out 25millions wonga on a player.

    Sir Chips the banker and Le cheap the economist decided to part with that kinda money just for one player.

    Nite nite!

  45. N1Goon

    Sam, believe me I have followed Arsenal’s transfers windows for the last few years thinking “SURELY, he must spend, SURELY” but this time, he must break that fucking pathetic transfer record. I don’t think Puma would take it, they have given us a bumper sponsorship with the promise (i’m sure) of Arsenal having some top names attached to Arsenal.

    Guardian, Marca AND A.S reporting this now, there just has to be something to this.

  46. reality check

    Higuian? Good if it happens. Would be delighted. But.. Its not going to solve our issues. Rvp was top goalscorer player of the season.. And we still only got 3rd.

    Midfield is where arsene will show the world, if he’s found his mojo.. Or not.

  47. Rohan

    Imagine if we really splash 70m on 3 20m players. This place will go bonkers.

    “Arsene Wenger’s Magic, he wears a magic hat, and when he saw the double, he said I’m having that”

    Cmon Arsene, you know you want to!

  48. Dan Ahern

    Paulo — Thanks. I agree about Walcott. I’m always talking shit about him, but I try to give credit where it’s due. He really has improved. I still think he’s woefully inconsistent but he is getting better.

  49. Dan Ahern

    Not sure I believe the Higuaín news. Marca’s position today (Sat) was that nothing’s going to happen until a manager signs on.

  50. Dan Ahern

    They also mentioned Zidane loves Isco. So that’s City and RM possibly interested. If there were any two to say “fuck it” and pay the release clause…

  51. Rohan

    Hope Madrid get Bale instead of Isco.

    Also, how underwhelming a signing is Iago Aspas. 12 goals for Celta Vigo in La Liga. jeez.

    Makes Giroud look like Falcao.
    Thank god we didn’t fuck up as much as Liverpool. They really are in the shit.

  52. N1Goon

    The signing I would like along with Fellaini and Higuain (they’re coming to take me away haha hehe hehe) is Rui Patricio.

    We had a £10m bid turned down apparently, but he is regarded as the best keeper in the Portugese league and is only 25. I think they are after £14-15m

  53. Rohan

    Think he can do both. Looks pretty underwhelming as far as youtube goes. I do hope Suarez is on his way out and this is his replacement.

    Don’t really rate Rodgers as highly as some do. Even with the squad he has, should be doing better imo. Tactically flawed imo and not very flexible. also, a bit annoying

  54. Goonerboy

    . The club is the most cautiously run set up in the western world. That is why the club attracts such a high proportion of total wankers in our fanbase who continue to legitimize the utterly incoherent leadership of this club.

  55. reality check

    Van Persie (Man Utd) 25.4%

    Gerrard (L’pool) 8.2%

    Rooney (Man Utd) 6%

    Kagawa (Man Utd) 5.8%

    Suarez (L’pool) 3.6%

    Hazard (Chelsea) 3.1%

    Scholes (Man Utd) 2.7%

    Torres (Chelsea) 2.5%

    Aguero (Man City) 2.2%

    Podolski (Arsenal) 2.1%

    This is why blamming RVP for just wanting 200k pw makes no sence.
    He would’ve made it up via commercial deals for himself anyway.
    He didn’t need arsenal to give
    him 150k or 200k p/w.
    He needed WC players champions,

    He didn’t get it.

  56. sam

    Reality check,

    It’s wenger that needs reality check
    Lets just assume he’s replacing benayoun. Mourinho wants to win straightaway and he worked with sneijder before.
    mature players win you trophies

  57. sam

    I also think he wants spanish players out i could be wrong
    If i was wenger I will follow the situation to see if mata is available.

  58. reality check


    I agree. Mata could get caught in the cross fire on this one. Maureen and his grudge against spanish players. That casillaes shit was soooo un-necessary.. But he dropped him anyway! Ha!

    When I say he’s taking the piss. I mean like, he’s coming to win this league and he don’t give a dam what the ppl say.

    Media – “Maureen you spend to much!”

    Maureen – “go f**k yourself!..
    Roman! Get the chopper were going turkey to meet an old friend”

  59. Jeff


    As there’s hardly anything else to talk about, I saw your comment regarding “Man of Steel” and I think I tend to agree with you having gone to see it yesterday. The action sequences, the technical direction and the realism of everything blowing up were of a very high standard as you would expect from a film with that sort of budget.

    However, there were long stretches of nothing in the film that probably needn’t have been there and they took the humour out of it as well. It read like a book from which entire chapters could be taken out without losing anything it had in the first place.

    The original first film with Christopher Reeve (even with the dodgy technology trying to simulate flight) actually had a better story line and was on the whole more entertaining (as I remember it). But compared to the large number of absolute garbage that comes out of Hollywood these days, it wasn’t bad and certainly worth going to see.

    Oh and one more thing, Lois Lane could have been a lot better looking than the actress they chose to play her.

    Now to Arsenal – well no news is bad news I’m afraid but not entirely unexpected. It is looking increasingly like any other summer where Wenger disappears from the face of the earth until July and then pops up half way around the world somewhere overseeing us get beat by teams we’ve never even heard of. We’ve got “Indonesia All Stars”, “Vietnam”, “Nagoya Grampus Eight” and “Urawa Red Diamonds” coming up starting 14th July.

    I venture we shall again enter the fray with pretty much the same level of talent as we left it in May after having been jerked around by Wenger’s “make it up as you go along” drivel. When will enough be enough? Evidently, not yet!

    There are huge swathes of Arsenal fans (a large majority in fact) for whom Wenger is irreplaceable and still impeccable in all that he does. They take pride in exactly the same things Wenger does – such as finishing fourth with handicaps of his own making. For that he deserves credit but it is very much like a doctor that knowingly inflicts his patient with smallpox and then delivers the antidote on the brink of death.

    I long for the day when Arsenal is lifted out of the dark ages and enters the modern era with Wenger and his granddad cohorts all but gone and are nothing no more than a blot on our beautiful landscape. Soon my friends, soon – just hold on for a few more years – our sentence is in its final quarter.

  60. Jay2oh

    Does anyone get fed up with our players talking to press saying things like…
    “I must improve”
    “I should score more”

    Oxlade in the press now, saw Giroud last week banging on about getting better, nearly having a championship winning team!!
    We all know you need to improve- now fucking do it.

  61. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Isn’t it quite an extraordinary coincidence that now that the ST renewals deadlines have passed we have ZERO articles now linking us to big transfer targets?

    Either we have swooped on our targets in a super decisive way, or – and just throwing it out there for balance – we have been once again taken for enormous penises, sold a total and complete and utter serious of EGREGIOUS lies and wenger is being Wenger and being a total and complete cunt.

    I know where my money is…

  62. David

    Well, multiple articles this morning on how we just blew Juves bid on Higua out of the water with an 8 million euro increase and payable up front.

    Dunno how you define big transfers but that’s a top tier transfer in my book.

  63. gregg

    @ David

    Certainly is. The boys goalscoring record for club and country is nearly as good as Batistuta’s was & there wasn’t many better than him. Higuain will only get better and could well surpass ‘batigoal’ figures. Even more impressive when you consider Batistuta played as a direct CF, whereas Higuain has had to be more flexible to accomodate Messi at International level particularly.

  64. andy1886

    Links to the distinctly average Grenier surfacing again too. I can break my thougts down to a quite simple formula. If we sign Grenier and fail to sign either Fellaini or Higuain (preferrably both) then Wenger can pack his bag right now as far as I’m concerned. Wenger may like Grenier, but as I’ve pointed out before his stats are considerably worse than Gervinho’s were before we signed him and we know how well that worked out.

  65. SUGA3

    I would really appreciate if we just stopped signing players from shit French league, apart from Koscielny all the most recent signings from there are gash…

  66. SUGA3

    as for Higuain, I would be really hapy if we signed him, this would show that we mean business…

    add some physical presence in the midfield in the shape of Fellaini and we are talking…

  67. Cesc Appeal

    City and United fighting for Lewandowski at £22 Million.

    So would we prefer him or Higuain? Same sort of price.

    Totally academic question as we know we’ll get stuck with Olivier ‘Donkey’ Giroud and then some Ligue 1 cheapo buy…or worse Sanogo.

    But still…better than remembering Arsene Wenger is your manager, Ivan your CEO and Stan your owner…

  68. SUGA3


    I think Higuain is much more complete player when compared to Lewandowski, the latter had the whole Dortmund team playing for him and I think he will struggle at a club where this is no longer the case…

    case in point, Polish NT, where he is simply frustrating when not given a pinpoint service, etc.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I happen to agree.

    Sometimes he’s fantastic, sometimes he’s flat.

    Higuain has more potential to be world class consistently I think.

    But as i say, moot point, we’ll get neither.

    Was feeling positive about the summer when we got 4th, but then the Chips appointment, the recycled garbage that Ivan spouts, and Wenger dithering AGAIN…I’ve lost any hope of anything out of the ordinary.

  70. Daddio125

    Very pleased that Arsenal have appointed Chips Keswick as chairman & so continued their tradition of always having an Old Etonian chairman!!!