Arsenal land Raage | El Shawaary crazy £37m talk

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Morning Grovers and Grovettes alike. Today, like yesterday is a no news day. Literally nothing. Denilson has left, so he’s not talking to JD is still waiting in the press zone in Germany to talk about his teams failure to get out of second gear… the lad doesn’t know he season is over. Jeez, can’t even get an overseas comment from Eboue!

Basically, we’re talking down time in caps. So I thought, what can we do to pass the time? Well, we all like joke Friday… memes are totally hot right now, so I thought, why not jump on popular web culture and get people creating Arsenal memes in their spare time. The best will get hosted on here, the second best go on the Tumblr… the worst, you know, the ones that say…

‘Jesus once told Mary he had jealousy issues because Wenger was the favoured son of god’

… will go in the cyber bin.

I’d show you an example, but they’re all so terrible, which is why you have to help restore the faith that Arsenal fans are funny.

So how does this game work?

Type your favourite Arsenal player or moment into Google images.

Save it to your desk top.

Upload it into this link.

Add your mega LOLZ captionz. Then tweet it to me on the hashtag #LGmemes.

Hey, this could be a crap idea no one plays along with, but for Andre Santos’s sake… if there’s nothing entertaining going on, let’s make our own!

Onto the news of which there is none…

How about El Shawaary. Put up for sale by Milan. Flagged by me, then a day later Arsenal have lodged a £37m bid for him. Something reeks of 1+1=mad hits from Arsenal fans. We’re a desperate bunch aren’t we? We’ll click anything. Like a fat man in a box of Ferrero Roche chocolates… who, err, clicks at the chocolates. Then eats them to save a very poor analogy.

In news that is both true and real, we have continued our assault on the youth market snapping up Jamal Raage. He’s a Swedish left footed striker with an awkward Twitter photo. How do I know that? Because people are already making him famous online. There’s something not quite right about grown men following young boys on Twitter, boosting their egos with praise and casting friendships that last until they’re not longer useful. Whatever floats people’s boats I guess.

Now, my immediate reaction to this is to react badly. We behave like this 70% of summers. However, my hope is that most of these deals were done months ago. Remember back in February I said Dick Law was in France doing a deal? That was Sanogo.

My worry is that if these deals weren’t done before, is Dick Law running around Europe swooning for kids that have a 0.1% chance of making it? We’ve been here before. Remember Joel Campbell? The saviour of the youth scouting network? We chased him around South America for a month. Still doing absolutely nothing with his career. Remember the fury when I questioned the Chamberlain signing? Still nothing to show on that front.

We shifted on 18 kids this summer. Great news that we’re playing it ruthless, but more of a worry if you ask me. We’re quite a long way into this youth thing. We pick off ready made under 18s and we’re still not seeing the fruits of our labour? Isn’t that a concern? Maybe it was Brady’s issue. Now he’s gone we’ll see some progress. I know there’s some pretty horrendous politics behind the scenes when it comes to scouting local talent versus buying in the kids. I’m just amazed that in a catchment area as densely populated as London, the best we can produce is Ashley Cole and Jack Wilshere.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Raage getting sent off for violent conduct… Raage Rage. Haha. That’s brilliant.

So, bar great headlines, the important item is delivering on the key area of concern. That’s not a lack of an under 18 squad… that’s the 20+ points we were off United. Other clubs have made moves and we’re still twiddling our thumbs.

How about this quote as a great way to end a post… The Marseille coach on his requirements this summer.

“This is a profile that interests us, yes. We want flank players, with dribbling, passing and scoring and Gervinho has this profile”

Yes. Yes. Yes.!

Have a day and remember to submit a meme… they’re all the Raage. #LGmeme

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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    All the news papers improve their TRP’s by just printing shit about Arsenal news. We are the most desperate bunch and they make money out of it.

    Hmmm. on the other hand. atleast somebody is happy with Arsenal transfer news.

    I am incresingly getting a feeling that we wont sign any new players. All the staff from Arsenal are enjoying their holidays. By the time they come back in July. all the players would have got sold and we will be left with second string kids. which is what Wenger likes to buy.

    If Chelsea, Man city, Liverpool can make moves, why the fuck not Arsenal. What are we enjoying our holidays for. Its not like we won the league. If we have to stay up in the competetion we have to work now. Sadly Staff at AFC are too busy to understand this.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Priced out of Fellani apparently. I don’t get it… so we pay 10m for a decent defender like Kos but we are penny pinching over a dynamic midfielder like Fellani? I’m not saying he’s the best in the world but he’s a player that we need. I mean didn’t we get £12m for Song from Barca (or do they still owe us money?) we should put it on this deal. If anything this protracted debacle puts in clear focus the difference between Wenger and Ferguson — Ferguson went out and addressed the weaknesses in the playing squad first and asked about prices later. Wenger looks at prices and then thinks about the playing squad as an afterthought. How this man is allowed to continue as our manager is beyond me.

    Man City and Chelsea don’t seem to have problems signing players, why do we? Why do we dither every transfer window? It’s a waster of energy time and money for the club.

    For once I don’t want to hear Wenger talking about who he could have or would have got, get on the phone and get this done. We have the money, what we don’t have is the ambition… no matter what Gazidas says!

  3. Mario

    I truly believe Wenger has no choice but to buy big this summer. Can you honestly seeing the majority of fans having another repeat season?

  4. Ashwin Gunner


    As i said i dont think Wenger is going to sign anybody this time. He has built a reputation of buying kids and making them into world class players. but this thing is coming back and biting back in our ass.

    After RVP, he has not invested in any one good kid whom he has turned into a world class player.

  5. Arse&Nose©

    Way down deep in the middle of the Congo,
    A hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango.
    He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango.
    The rhino said, “I know, we’ll call it Um Bongo”
    Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.
    The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin.
    The parrot painted packets, that the whole caboodle landed in.
    So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle,
    They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!

  6. Charlie Boy

    I am reliably informed that we’ve just signed Chu Sum Gum from Ganjan Province 4th division street football team, for £5m on a 10 year deal. When asked about the deal, Chu Sum Gum said “汉字/漢字”, when translated means “Fook Yeh!”

  7. AndyT

    Talk Sport didn’t report Rooney at the Emirates. I caller called in and said he had just driven past the Emirates and saw Rooney pull up in a motor there.
    Do you honestly believe that?! The caller was probably hammered!
    Whilst we sold RVP to Man U, I really don’t think they would sell Rooney to us.
    Shame, with his fighting attitude and Fellaini I see us as a force.

  8. Gilo

    If we’ve got 70m to spend we can afford Fellaini it’s as simple as that. Whether we have the balls or the competence to push through the deal is another matter

  9. Dennis

    Hey guys what’s that old saying …… Don t believe all you in the papers or on line. It will give a fucked view of the thing you love COYG

  10. Skinnywill

    All the talk yesterday from a few sources near the club was that we were ready to spend but Wenger is dithering.

    My faith in Wenger has rapidly diminished over the past two seasons but I never thought he was a fool. The club and fans are urging him to spend big if he goes a couple of extra million and buys Higuain and Fellani plus one or two others he will clearly get a new contract therefore if he can’t make it work he will walk away with a decent retirement fund on being sacked.

    If he doesn’t spend I cannot see either the board or the fans supporting a new contract so surely he is in a worst position.

    His experience and relative success at Arsenal (even though winning nothing for 8 years) will be attractive to a new employer which I am sure will not be reduced by buying some expensive signings that don’t work out therefore I cannot see why he isn’t more decisive to get the deals done as it appears heavily in his interest to do so.

  11. MadeToLoveMagic

    Everyone is just experiencing major come down from the week of media outsplurge about us spending big. Its still very early. He signs are better than ever. There will be accountability this time if we don’t atleast make a stab of a challenge to the title. Change is in the air, that’s what we all wanted, chill out everyone.

    Did anyone hear Glenn hod file saying he wouldn’t take the England u21 job if he couldn’t pick his best players!!!! Hahah the cheek!!

    Here a reminder of one of the most talented English players of all time, if not in some ways THE most talented English player of all time, that hoddle

  12. wardy

    What i don’t understand is why we seem to b fixed on a handful of targets when there is plenty out there. Personally I would like to see us throw in a couple of bids for lamela and Eriksson. Then concentrate on a holding midfielder. A Diaby without the glass legs would be nice.

  13. nepGunner

    Dont worry gooners, transfer window opens only on July 1st…ONLY for Arsenal and this year only.

    Last year we got Poldi before July 1st…but that was last year

    Chelski has concluded the deal for Andre Schurrle – not our fault, Jose is there now and he rang Jorge Mendes.

    Shitty have signed Fernandinho & Navas – They got special permission for the FA using their oil money

    Manure have signed Zaha & Guillermo Varela – They always do what they want, even FA cannot stop them. So unfair.

    Fulham signed Stekelenburg + 3 players – We passed on Stekelenburg so he doesn’t count! About the rest 3, we should report them to FA for breaking the rule.

    Norwich signed Ricky van Wolfswinkel from Sporting Lisbon for £8.6m! & Javier Garrido from Lazio (undisclosed) – Did they? huh? That’s surprising because they are not supposed to do that before July 31st. hmmmm

    Don’t worry gooners, we will take our time and really do a good business this summer. My dog is very optimistic. How do I know? Lately he’s wagging his tail in a different way which I’ve never seen before. SIGNS.

  14. nepGunner


    Currently we are only looking at players at clubs without a manager to ensure we get our deals done as soon as possible without any complications. Now that’s a gem of an idea. So, Please Stop Worrying for god’s sake!

  15. sammies

    if this man reallyneeds children why doesnt he go
    to the

    wenger……………oh wenger….

  16. Oh Theo Theo!

    Personally I think the delay’s caused by the fact wenger likes looking at the bank statement that shows a credit balance of £70,000,000.00

    Suspect it would have to be laminated to avoid it getting too sticky…

  17. MadeToLoveMagic

    Nep, All I’m saying is that, accountability will be there on wenger if he fails to deliver this time. That’s all anyone on lE grove has ever really wanted for years now.
    Gazidis has said things to the press to pressure wenger for the first time. IF he doesn’t make atleast a couple of signings of real intent, and we struggle again next season, that will be it I’m sure for arsene. Its all down to him now, for the first time there is nowhere for him to hide. Its all out there, we have got the money, we can compete on high wages, Gazidis said were good for two hundred grand a week, maybe more.
    It Does have a different feel to it this year, atleast if there is no change, things will change. The pressure is on nd wenger has to start signing big players again, not huge amounts but names that will change the feeling and culture around the dressing room that has bred from consistent losing, there is still An excellent culture at arsenal of course, it just needs some star power to give it some boomting back. People for the younger ones to aspire to. Like jack did to Henry when he was a yout player.

    I don’t care that we havent signed anyone yet. Neither should you.

  18. Tomtom

    70 million to spend is nothing. Even if Wenger did bring in a few quality signings we are still well off the pace of the best teams in Europe. Add to that wengers lack of tactical knowledge and it leaves us in a pretty mediocre position

  19. nepGunner


    Chill out. I KNOW what will happen, so I’m just trying to enjoy these testing times & make like minded ppl laugh a little. On the contrary, I’m telling ppl to stop worrying because we have so many reasons for not signing yet. In fact, with our expertise/experience on making excuses other clubs / mangers have started picking up lines from us for excuses. We are THAT good.

    Oh and while trying to re-teach my dog to wag his tail the way he used to, I suddenly remembered one more thing – (its a rumor so take it with as much pinch of salt as you can fellow gooners) – the BIGGEST reason why we have not signed any players yet is because the management have sent all medical staff on holiday until June 30 (I guess). How can we sign players without them? SO, Please Do NOT Worry.

  20. Bennydevito

    I think we will sign Rooney & Fellaini. Call me stupid, call me a Wengerist (I’m not) but I’ve just got this feeling in my bones ….

    Pedro, I’ll give that photo thing a go later when I get to a computer and tweet you later bud and don’t forget to get back me with an affirmative July LG piss up. 🙂

  21. sammies

    if joining QPR is
    a crime i would prefer to
    go to jail
    than to keep being
    a fan of arsene not arsenal


  22. Oh Theo Theo!

    nep – you can still make and annouce deals, Subject to Medical (STM) – so that is another time wasting excuse…

  23. nepGunner


    We have just free up £247k per week on wages after letting go of some deadwood on the first team. It does not include the wages of the 18 “Wenger’s Witherings (C)” that we let go of. That could easily be £300k a week of wages freed up.

    As for culture – players turning up like they are about to take a stroll on the park is something we do not want AFC to be associated with. I think most would agree.

  24. AussieGooner

    I can see Koscielny put in a transfer request in the next transfer window Wenger reminds me off my Croatian in laws nice people but f#@&ing pesents.

  25. Gregg

    Guys we’re gonna have to face facts here. I don’t doubt that we are after bigger name signings but in order to land them we will need to wait for the clubs to do their business. If we’re after Higuain then we need to wait for madrid to recruit his replacement first, if we’re after Ozil or Modric, then we need to see whether they can get in their targets, thus freeing up who we may want. The Ozil link is nice though don’t you think ? Rumour is Madrid want to start recruiting more Spanish nationals and are hot on Isco.

  26. unhappy gunner

    Seems to me we got rid of 18 young players who wont make it, to sign another load of young players who more than likely won’t make it…especially if you look at wengers so called record of young players becoming world class….the mans a genius.

  27. Mask of Zorro

    @Skinny obviously you missed news where Gazidis said Wenger would be offered new long term contact. And you seriously think Wenger would go work at another club after Arsenal, where they would expect him to be responsible for his actions? i don’t.

  28. Gregg

    Some spanish dude was talking about it on 5 live a week or so back. I wouldn’t get overly excited just yet. But jeez, could we imagine that ?

  29. AussieGooner

    I honestly think that unless the club is sold to Usmanov we will never truly compete for top trophies while wenger is in change of the cheque book. Look at what Chelsea Mancity and United will spend this transfer window I think even the spuds may spend more than us.

  30. jwl

    Fake transfer speculation is boob bait for bubbas. We can’t exactly view porn at office, transfer gossip is second best option apparently. It is weird, every summer since internet created, millions of people refresh websites 50 times a day to see if we signed anyone yet.

    Don’t remember where I read but I heard that Wenger doesn’t sign players until july because he doesn’t want to pay players salaries during their holidays. Wonder if that is true – are Arsenal delaying getting new players because we want to save money?

    Good article in Football365 today about Wenger’s buying history – Wiltord and Arshavin are most expensive players at 13 million. There must be enormous pressure on Wenger to buy marque player or two to excite fans and Wenger probably wants to buy many £7million undiscovered gems. It will be interesting summer to see what happens.

  31. dialsquare

    “If Arsene Wenger came to us saying: ‘ I want this guy and he’s £30million, can i buy him? ‘, the answer would be yes. Absolutely yes.”

    Who said this Ivan Gazidis?. Wrong it was Danny Fizsman, in 2008.

  32. Damilarey

    Let’s just continue supporting the club BLINDLY & LOVINGLY as we are doing.
    There would never be any breath taken or major signing in the club with Wenger in-charge. Just the kids as he used to.

  33. Damilarey

    @ Sammies. There is nothing wrong with Wenger, but I. Gazidis & others. He didn’t put himself there, some people did, but refused to take control of the situation.

  34. N5

    No thanks to either Michael, to keep up with the top teams we don’t want the players they don’t deem good enough to be squad players.

  35. Marko

    Mental StrengthJune 14, 2013 13:01:22
    Capoue-£12mAnd we’d catch up quite a bit.

    Yesterday you had Griezmann instead of Isco who would probably cost closer to 30 million and is likely to go to City or Madrid. Besides there’s a lot out there similar to Isco like Maher, Gaitan or Grenier so no big deal if we miss him. But Munain or Griezmann for between 15-20 million yes please. Both absolute quality.

  36. Johnty79

    What it boils down is wenger knows that if he spends 70m Chelsea,city, man utd will spend 100-200m each. The result of this is we still finish 4th. The media will say wenger has flopped and misspent the money. If wenger spends nothing we will probable still get forth and wenger in the media and his own mind will feel like a winner again or certainly like he has tried his best on limited resources.


  37. Adam Bucci

    joel campbell looked really good the other night against mexico. he found ways to be open and all that stopped him from scoring were the goalpost and the goalie.

  38. Goongoonergone

    I hear it’s about Rooney now.
    Please give me a break. Man Utd won’t even sell us a burnt hair from a hairdryer unless it was some over- the- hill Frenchman masquerading as a footballer.
    I tell you – Wenger made a huge mistake on Mata. He’s going to make another huge one on Fellaini if he continues his skint ways.. Both Mata and Fellaini, in my opinion, are game breakers.
    But don’t worry. Some of you will still kneel at the feet of this tin god called Wenger and proclaim that the scriptures declare that thy shall love thy Wenger with all thy heart and soul and that Arsene knows best.
    And Wenger is so predictable. The young ones are getting signed on.

  39. Johnty79

    All those Championing munian he s five foot nothing and has terrible stats. Where does he generate a fee so big??? I don’t see real or barca going after him???

  40. the_real_andy


    I do understand your point but considering barca and real did not show any ambition to sign cazorla they may be wrong again with munian – although I´m not the greatest fan of him. he´s a good player, no doubt about that but I wouldn´t sign him for 20 million. it´s risky. better isco for 25 or 30

  41. Al

    Marko June 14, 2013 14:35:11

    Mental StrengthJune 14, 2013 13:01:22
    Capoue-£12mAnd we’d catch up quite a bit.

    Yesterday you had Griezmann instead of Isco who would probably cost closer to 30 million and is likely to go to City or Madrid. Besides there’s a lot out there similar to Isco like Maher, Gaitan or Grenier so no big deal if we miss him. But Munain or Griezmann for between 15-20 million yes please. Both absolute quality.
    isco is light years better than maher, gaitan and grenier. getting them instead of isco is choosing the cheaper and poorer player option

  42. sam

    We should report marseille for tapping up our player.
    they are saying they want to sign gervinho in public without our permission
    they are unsettling our player

  43. Al

    Johnty79 June 14, 2013 14:42:50

    All those Championing munian he s five foot nothing and has terrible stats. Where does he generate a fee so big??? I don’t see real or barca going after him???
    They have been linked with him especailly the season before last. He is small but has good strength , fast and low center of gravity like santi so thats not a problem really.
    He is a purchase that is not really a risk i think. Think about it he is 20 and has 3 season underneath him in la liga as a starter. Evidently he hasn’t scored as much goal as he should but then again he has only played on the wings for them and he struggled last year mainly because Biesla lost the plot last year.
    Fantastic little player who has got everything would love him at the club

  44. Inter YourGran

    sam – Tell Marseille i’ll drop Gervinho off at the Stad Veloodrome for them if they’re serious. I’m a representitive of arsenal in some capacity i suppose 🙂

  45. Inter YourGran

    Munain is decent, but deffo not what we need. He’s worth no more than 8-10m in all honesty. People saying he’s worth over 15m are nuts!

  46. N5

    We should report marseille for tapping up our player.
    they are saying they want to sign gervinho in public without our permission
    they are unsettling our player


    They should be given a medal, they’re fucking welcome to him.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger won’t sell Gervinho.

    Not a chance…he has exceptional qualideeeee

    And because the fans have taken a set against him it makes Wenger want to play him all the more.

    Did the same with Aaron Ramsey…he has to be a genius and see what no one else does. That’s why he won’t spend serious money or buy obvious common sense buys…it’s too easy and below his great genius.

    He’ll have to go and purchase a load of no ones so he can look like the creator of everything good at the club…but hell have no fury if in the same breath you dare to criticize him for the abundance of wrong at the club!

  48. Goona4life

    After every Wenger signing I ask myself ‘ would barca or bayern take this player?’ the answer is never yes…OMFG! The Belgians seem to be the new Germany… Benteke and Fellaini would make The summer signings a success and would also get a resounding yes to the above question… but not Wenger, look for some more players from div 2 in the french league!

  49. sam

    It’s only sarcasm, wenger will resist selling gervinho coz he’s egomaniac. he doesn’t admit failure.
    Marseille say they want him wenger should quickly get rid of him, unfortunately it won’t happen.

  50. El Tel

    The deadwood who we have booted out are still being paid until the 1st July and Nikki big bollocks will add another 50,000 per week to the kitty.

    I think the Looney and Cesc rumours are serious. Why pay them when they ate on holiday. In two weeks time we will have freed up the 300,000 per week which we could use on them.

    Be patient for two more weeks. If nothing happens then. Well cardy on bitching.

  51. N5

    El Tel, the Cesc one is 100% not happening, he said in a interview anyone saying he wants to move hasn’t spoke to him as he wants to go nowhere, so unless Barca are arranging it without his say so which would be bizzare then that will not happen.

    Rooney on the other hand was apparently seen up at N5 today by a talkSPORT reporter.

  52. MadeToLoveMagic

    , johnty69 I don’t know, you could have something, difference is it doesn’t matter what the other teams spend and this season in particular, 70mil would be enough to compete, regardless. . Man u will struggle to adapt as will city. Chavs,,,,, well anything could happen. I’m sure all this talk of new players is unsettling their squad a bit already.

    This year we will see the real wenger, whatever that may be. His contract is nearly over. If we repeat the same cycle with no decent player investment next year, some fans will protest against him signing a new one for sure. He would leave. He knows he wont compete with no proper signings, so what will he do? ., he has to do something, he is a flop whether he spends or not.

  53. Post Rocky Dave

    See also: Caballero, Aliadiere, Quincy, Sunu, Bischoff, Wellington, Gallindo, Sanogo.


    How does this help Arsenal FC except to boost the ego of its highest paid extortionist?

  54. Post Rocky Dave

    Rooney & Cesc = pipe dreams.

    We’re managed by Wenger, not some proactive, ambitious manager who wants success.

  55. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Sky Sports sources understand former Arsenal midfielder Denilson has signed a permanent deal at Sao Paulo after being released by the Gunners

    Music to my ears

  56. Goongoonergone

    El Tel
    “Be patient for two more weeks. If nothing happens then. Well cardy on bitching.”
    Respectfully, we have already given Wenger eight years. After eight barren years, do you seriously expect Wenger to do his business in two weeks. The man is serial rapist of time.
    Remember, after the 8-2 pasting from Utd two seasons ago, he suddenly realised he had made no signing, when the season had already began.
    Mate, two weeks, you having a laugh!

  57. Dev_Gooner

    Loving the memes on #LGMemes today.. some amazing ones! can’t wait to see the best ones on here tomorrow, Hope I make the cut. Is it strictly one entry per person or bundle as many as you want! I got tons of them!!!

    who cares about transfers, we know we know we know……

    that nothing is gonna happen!

  58. N5

    I’m sure he’ll appreciate your comments Graham and if you post the link to your blog we’ll all come and critique yours.

  59. nepGunner


    Amen. I’ll chip in for the taxi fare…he’s a decent player but just inconsistent, erratically no less. I’ll wish him luck though. A good character…just not what we need to step up.

  60. N5

    Amen. I’ll chip in for the taxi fare…he’s a decent player but just inconsistent, erratically no less. I’ll wish him luck though. A good character…just not what we need to step up.


    You are too nice a guy nep, I don’t normally have any dislike for any Gooner, good or bad, if they try hard and there in an Arsenal shirt I’ll support them, but Santos (for obvious reasons) and Gerv I really don’t like! I may be a headist, because his immense cranium is one of my main reasons.

  61. N5

    Goonerjay I went with: Thanks for nothing you ignorant fucker, Arsenal will be better with you no longer there, you are offensive about the supporters and a dinosaur with your opinions. Good riddance you useless prick.

  62. Biggus

    Hello everyone. First ever post here after many years of just being an observer. Great posts Pedro and thanks for always giving us an avenue to express our frustratations at these trying times.

    On other matters, are the folks in clueless or brave for actually prompting fans to give tributes to PHW?

    I can only imagine it will be screened like the AGM questions….meaning only ‘positive’ comments will be published

  63. Bennydevito

    Pedro, I’m not going to be able to do one of those memes now as my gf has been having contractions all day and it looks like my 3rd child is on the way! I’m going to be off the radar for the weekend so hopefully come father’s day I’ll be a new dad again and hopefully we’ll have agreed a deal for Rooney and fellaini!

    Back in a couple of days grovers and don’t forget this is the blog of love people.


    P.s. even though this is my 3rd I’m bricking it!!!

  64. SUGA3

    no need to be up in arms about appointing another oldtimer as chairman, given how his function is purely ceremonial, like it is the case with presidents in countries where the PM (CEO) is effectively the head honcho…

    still, you really have to laugh 😆

    on a lighter note:

  65. Dannyboy

    Congrats Benny mate! 3 kids with the lady now though, surely it’s time to pop the question?! Make it an Arsenal themed proposal and she simply can not say no! 😉

  66. Mayank

    Enough talk about transfers or lack thereof.

    Anyone looking forward to any music being released over the summer? Kanye’s dropped album as we speak.

  67. Pires_legend

    So the fact thatwe strived to get into the champions league so we can attract the best players is absolute bollocks!!

    No doubt if the Spuds were in the CL they would’ve probably bought Higuain, Jovetic etc.

    We are a shambles of a club where the fans are by no means connected with the staff, team etc. We are effectively trying to keep on being profitable on the basis that Wenger has to perform miracles.

    Clearly as a club we need to overthrow the board and get Usmanov in. At least he has shown passion for the club!!

  68. Thomas

    I wonder when the pictures of Wenger doing the water slide will come up. Ok so far we’ve been linked with Cesar, Rooney, Fellaini and Higuain. Expect us to end up with Grenier and some other nobody from Ligue 1.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    So Ivan Gazidis saying at the Q&A he’s aware of the need to refresh the board and the age of it etc was total bullshit then!!

    Typical Arsenal.

    Makes you wonder what else was bullshit.

    This one move has literally dented all hope I had for the summer, another money man in a seat of power at the club, so Kroenke (obsessed with money and club collecting) Gazidis (glorified bean counter) and Keswick (Bank Governor) are now holding the seats of power…we…are…fucked.

  70. Goongoonergone

    Anyone wetting their pants over transfers. I got news for you.
    The only transfer excitement news you are going to get is about the ones who are on the verge of leaving our club.
    The FOOL is dithering again because somewhere in that empty head of his, there’s the mysterious, delusional evaluation HE has of each player that prevents him from paying over the odds.
    And to think so many of you are spitting venom against one another on this site over who you want.
    You DON’T DECIDE who you want.
    Only the EMPTY-HEADED one does!

  71. Cesc Appeal


    I just think the club will trouser the extra £20-30 Million they save a year in wages and add it to this target of making £300 Million a year the same as Bayern do by 2014.

    They’ll parade that around on an open top bus and expect us to all get excited.

    Though listening to some Arsenal fans they probably will dance to their tune, the sycophantic following of Wenger is horrible to behold…to some people he literally can do no wrong. He needs to be put out to pasture and fast.

    But with Sir Chips this club has just shown how insular and totally incapable of change it is. Wouldn’t hire a footballing man from outside, promote from within, even to the detriment of the club – that is the Arsenal ethos.

  72. SUGA3


    of course it was all bullshit, Gazidis did not say anything which was not said a year before, which is all slick style and zero substance, he basically did not say a damn thing, he’d make a great politician, but the money in this line of work is significantly better, I suppose…

    the only impression you get is that he is actively trying to deflect the focus on AW, dropping the little snippets about how it is not his decision on wages, etc.

    you would think it is all little politics to try and wrestle some power out of OGL’s grasp, but then again, why the talk of a new contract?

    it’s all very Arsenal, reward before results, no?

  73. Cesc Appeal



    They bluster about big signings, offer big-ish amount (£20 Million for Higuain) but below the asking value so they’re safe in the knowledge those bids will NEVER be accepted.

    Then they can say ‘we tried.’

    I’d love to win the Euro Millions or something and just say to Real, accept the bid I’ll give you the extra £5 Million…literally just to see the look on Arsene and Ivan’s face when the e-mail comes through:

    ‘£20 Million offer accepted.’

    A collective ‘SHIT!’ would ring round the Arsenal boardroom.

  74. Bade

    The appointment of Sir Chips Kewswick means the club isn’t ready yet to challenge Arsene’s dominance with a significant chairman figure