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Morning everyone, it’s got to that point in the summer when things start to get painful. We’ve had the money chat, we’ve had the ambition chat and we’ve been told the manager is on board with being a bit more ambitious. So this morning when you hit the papers to read that we’re interested in taking Fellaini to Arsenal… the player would quite like a move… but the club don’t fancy the release clause of £24m… you facepalm, thinking back to the last release clause debacle that was Juan Mata 2 years ago.

The spin on the story is that no one else is interested so we’re going to play hard ball. This has ‘late move from Chelsea’ written all over it. We should just try and get a deal done as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. Release clauses are there for that exact purpose. So you don’t have to negotiate. Fellaini is a £24m player. Simple as that. He’s young, has residual value, a huge amount of experience and just about every missing ingredient our midfield needs.

If Arsenal genuinely have an interest, Dick Law should just make it happen. No one is going to pat him on the back for saving £3m on a deal. Everyone will go crazy if we’re outbid in three weeks.

‘We can’t compete’ won’t cut it this year.

Hey, that’s to say we’re even interested. Though the smoke is there. Marcotti said we’ve registered an interest. Simple market truths would suggest that a player who cost £15m when you bought them who then succeeds over 5 odd seasons, probably appreciates in value by £8m.

Nik B has agreed to talk to 5 clubs about a move away, he’s lowered his expectations and he’s stated what I’d hoped he would… that playing is important.

“Arsenal have agreed with five clubs so now it is up to me to make a choice.

“I will make that choice within the next 14 days. They are all good clubs. It is a hugely important choice I’m faced with.

“I must go where I am wanted. As a footballer, there is only one thing that can make you happy: playing time.”

Good for you Nik, my faith is restored in your world class talent. The good news is that’s another £52k off the wage bill.

Denilson £45k
Squillaci £60k
Andrey £90k
Bendtner £52k

£247k a week there people… not to mention the savings we’ll make in performance related bonuses. No wait? Players we need to shift now are Fabianski, Gervinho, Chamakh and JD. Then we’re pretty much done.

In European news, Lio Messi has been caught up in a tax fraud case. The prosecutors reckon he owes £4m to them. The player has denied any wrong doing, as he would. The alleged crime could mean jail sentence. He should move over here, he could do a Vodafone deal… the government would just write it off.

Yeah, I went there people.

I’ve also scoured the web for updates on Theo’s sandwich, as far as I can tell, he ate it, but left the side portion of ready salted crisps. A weak showing…

Finally, the story you’ve all been waiting for… we’re tracking Guingamp midfielder Gilbert Imbula. Oh yes. The standard ‘we’ve been tracking him for months’ intro into his introduction… mixed in with good prospect. The price? £8m! Now, I’m no expert in valuation, but that seems like a pretty big fee for a ‘who’ player. Funny that we’re so focused on recruiting for the u21s when it’s the big boys that need bolstering. There you go, the Arsenal way…

Arsene needs to stop messing around and Ivan needs to take charge and just buy the players he wants, rather than allowing him to define the value.

Right, I’m done.

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  1. Paddy got up

    Imbula…. An anagram of La Bum Mi….
    Is Wenger telling us something?
    Is there a footballer that’s an anagram of go you French Twat?

  2. mahessar

    I don’t believe the Fellaini deal at all.

    He’s not worth what Everton seem to be asking for, as someone has already mentioned above, we could sign Strootman/Bender for that money who are far better technically and would suit our playing style seamlessly. Heck, we can even sign Gundagon for 24m pounds. It’s not our fault Everton paid 17m for him.

    Higuain, yes I think we are genuinely interested and I think we would pay what is required to land him.

  3. Bush Gooner

    Sorry to be all doomy and gloomy guys but I honestly cannot see Steptoe (Wenger) and Son (Gazidis) going in for Fellani. We will just get a cheap equvilent or give Diaby another chance and blah blah blah.


  4. w sussex gooner

    Wenger out groundhog summer. Akb yeah ok . Lets get laudrup. From swansea fresh ideas fresh everything. But arsenal need to do something ,

  5. 2pistolz2cannonz

    Capoue at 12-mill is an absolute bargin. just asking, but with the funds available shouldn’t Fellaini and Cavanni be within our reach ?

  6. Bush Gooner

    “Capoue at 12-mill is an absolute bargin. just asking, but with the funds available shouldn’t Fellaini and Cavanni be within our reach ?”


    Same old crappy pep talk from Gazidis about funds available. Its all good having the funds but he didnt say how much will be available to this maniac.


  7. Keyser

    “Cazorla’s more effective through the middle, we need a proper winger like Isco to replace Podolski”

    Isco’s less of a winger than Cazorla. Cazorla’s effective pretty much anywhere, we don’t really need someone to run the line and throw in cross upon cross.

  8. lord snotty

    I am so sick of Wenger,- the highest paid manager in the league, and he doesn’t even work in the best interests of his employer, Arsenal Football Club.
    If he fails to make some serious marquee signings this summer – I mean the likes of Fellaini, Higuain, even Rooney (plus a goal keeper) then we must have a message for him “Fuck off back to France you loser”. We must make it abundantly clear that a new contract cannot be tolerated if he won’t start to act in a rational way and in the club’s best interests.!

  9. TOLI83

    We can clearly afford these players, however we will wait and wait and try and get someone for cheap as chips just before deadline.

    What a way to run one Europe’s top clubs. Haggling over a few quid here and there, we can sign players now that can get us a minimum of another 10-15 points next season. Isco (£14mill), Fellaini (£22mill), Higuian (£20mill) would impact us next season, maybe add a player like Micah Richards/ Lescott/Williams at the back for £8mill and Cesar as a number 2 for free then we are talking.

    All of these are available now and we can afford them, and they would all improve our starting XI / Squad. Yet we will wait and wait and wait, and see whats left on the shelf that hasn’t been snapped up already, while other clubs go ahead and put their money where there mouth is. e.g. Mata.

    Wenger and Gazides could end up looking like a right pair of cunts again come August.

  10. mahessar

    Isco’s worth is in the mid 20’s.

    He’s the last prized asset at Malaga so they would try to squeeze as much as they can, but considering our relationship with them and having Cazorla here could work for us if we wanted him.

    No competition if City want him though, he looks up to Pellegrini like his father.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    Is there any doubt as to what are Arsenal’s requirements for next season?
    1. Striker [1st choice]
    2.Defensive Midfield [1st choice]
    3.Goalkeeper [1st/2nd choice]
    4.Centre Back [4th choice]

    Furthermore I assume that Arsenal know by now which players are going to be offloaded. We finished last season with 24 registered players. The club
    has announced already that 2 are leaving and I assume that at least one goalkeeper will leave as well.

    You need also to factor in that Diaby is also unavailable until at least January
    so that our squad is down to 20 players with 5 vacancies.

    Personally I cannot see any other players being offloaded from first team squad unless Sagna does not sign extension and we find a moderately priced

    It is highly unlikely that Wenger will buy more than 4 experienced players
    and any other recruits to first team squad will come either from reserves or
    players like Sanogo who will cost peanuts.

  12. AussieGooner

    Well I asked the question before and know one answered back. If AW doesn’t buy some decent players than stop buying season tickets simple.

  13. Jamal

    ” we don’t really need someone to run the line and throw in cross upon cross.”

    Why not when you have an aerial monster like Giroud leading the line lol

  14. SpanishDave

    Chelsea have signed someone today . Wenger will not listen to anyone totally arogant to the extreme. Sign a decent player now would put a message out but it wont happen Wenger is shot.

  15. Gregg

    Chelsea are going to need to start selling some quality players if they intend signing anymore foriegners. Quite simply as it stands & not including the likes of malouda etc, they have too many non british players to register as it is.

  16. nepGunner

    TitsMcgeeJune 13, 2013 13:39:11
    Schurlle to Chelsea official.

    mahessarJune 13, 2013 13:40:22
    Chelsea have signed Schurrle, if they land Cavani, they will have the best front 5 in the league.

    AND, there are people out here who think we can sign players ONLY AFTER July 1st. RESPECT.

  17. goonerboy

    Great post- you make the most out of a little.
    No not the Arsenal way- not the way of Alan Ball, Malcolm Macdonald,Ian Ure, Joe Baker, Frank McLintock, Ian Wright, Tony Woodcock, Viv Anderson, Kenny Sansom, Dennis Bergkamp,-the days when Arsenal competed in the market to bring top players to the club- this is the Arsene Wenger way-cheap risky French -some make it -most don’t. Whats clear is that Arsene Wenger is a charlatan.
    He is no more committed to buying top football talent than I am. He is trusted by the Board alright-trusted not to compete for top players, trusted not to spend their money.. Thats the only reason this straight laced old fashioned English Board have in common with this eccentric French manager.

    This bollocks has gone on too long-If Arsene believes so much in French lower league talent he should go over there and manage -where he belongs. Most of those guys will never adapt to EPL conditions and culture.

  18. Relieable sauce


    Arsenals summer transfer dealings have started slowly as Wenger is personally trying to tie up the purchase he deems most crucial for the team. It has now been universally accepted that replacements are needed urgently, especially considering the early signs this summer.
    Wenger will however still look to get value for money & will look at other options if needed.
    Wenger said “There is a difference in our valuations at the moment. I do not consider the asking price value for money, even with the 10% staff discount”. “If they are not willing to be more realistic i will have to consider other options”. “All i have to do is replace the zip & it will be like a new coat!”

  19. mahessar

    Chelsea’s midfield and front.

    Kevin De Bruyne
    Victor Moses
    Fernando Torres
    Demba Ba
    Josh McEcharan
    Oriel Romeu
    Thorgan Hazard

  20. mahessar

    Compare that to what we have

    Oxlade Chamberlain
    Theo Walcott
    Ramsey – 50/50
    Rosicky – Only turns up February to April
    Diaby – Forget it
    Francis Coquelin

  21. Gregg


    Impressive, until you factor in the prem rules about 8 british players req for squad of 25. You can take McEchran out of that list, clear he will never kick a ball for them or they have to retain him to meet the quota. In which case, as I said previously, they have to let a few of these players go, if they can get players to take on the wages. Add any more foriegn players to the list and they really will have a problem.

  22. andy1886

    Not convinced by the Capoue love-in today.

    Better than Fellaini? How? Giroud was top scorer in France, even Gevinho looked good in France. Peforming well there means very little when it comes to the PL. Fellaini is proven in the PL, that makes him worth the extra money – the risk is minimal. Anyone stating that Capoue would be cheaper is using the same justification that Wenger would. Anyone want to be a Wenger clone?

  23. 2pistolz2cannonz

    sh*t Wenger’s on B.O.D money pffffff. Anyway someone said Nasri 22mill Adebayor 25mill that equals Cavani with CHANGE , Kolo 15mill Cesc 25miil equals Fellaini x2 almost, then the R.V.P moneys ,endless possibilities. strange things going on.

  24. Peanuts

    Goonerboy you don’t remember ” Joe Joe Joe Baker ” probably not ?, those were the days winning nothing, but enjoying every saturday.

  25. Arsene's Nurse

    9.00 AM – Wenger walks into a little corner shop.

    AW: (Pulling out a £50 note) Je voudrais une Caramello de “limited edition” s’il vout plait.
    Shopkeeper: Certainly, that’ll be £1 please.
    AW: (Clutching the fifty) A pound, zut alors! zis iz too much, I give you 60p.
    Shopkeeper: Sorry sir, but the price is £1, it’s a limited edition Caramello, only available for 1 month.
    AW: I will zink about eet. (Wenger leaves)

    12PM – Wenger on the phone.

    AW: ‘Ave you still got ze Caramello?
    Shopkeeper: Yep, a whole box, but they are selling fast.
    AW: I will pay 80p. Zis is a fair price.
    Shopkeeper: Look mate, the price is a quid. It’s a pound in every shop.
    AW: I come back later.

    9.59PM – Wenger is seen running down the street. The little shop’s shutters are closing.

    Shopkeeper: You again?
    AW: (Breathless) ‘Ave you got ze Caramello left?
    Shopkeeper: Dunno I think they are all sold.
    AW: Pleaze, I just need one.
    Shopkeeper: Well the last one is my own personal Caramello.
    AW: OK, I pay 95p.

    (Shopkeeper takes out the choccy bar from his pocket opens it and takes a big bite)

    Shopkeeper: Listen mate you’ve been fucking me about all day and it’s now past closing time and you still won’t pay the full price for the last limited edition Caramello in London. Do one.
    AW: ‘ow much is ze finger of ze fudge?
    Shopkeeper: 20p.
    AW: I will take eet.

    AW to the press and fans: Ze finger of ze fudge is a qualidee chocolate.

  26. Goongoonergone

    Fellaini is absolutely worth 23 million pounds. 20 million pounds for his ability and 3 million pounds for his hair.
    Now Wenger you fool, at least you will be able to wield a hairdryer for the first time in your life rather than kicking innocent waterbottles, you mug.

  27. mahessar


    I think they would struggle with that too, but thing is they are probably shipping off Ivanovic, Moses, Ba and Marin this summer.
    Essentially, Schurrle replaces Moses, Cavani replaces Ba, KDB replaces Marin and a defensive signing to replace Ivanovic? Don’t forget they have moved on Yossi Benayoun already too

  28. N5

    I agree with most of the dross people are talking about, barr Gnabry and Coquelin (however its spelt) both of those are good squad players.

  29. N5

    With Chelsea having this new striker, plus a bid for Cavani and Maureen saying he will only play 1 up front then what will happen with Ba? I read that Napoli have put or will put a big in for Torres but Ba will be shifted on also wouldn’t he?

  30. N5

    Well thats what I thought mental, but Maureen said he would be no threat to Hazard or Oscar and he would play him forward, it may be paper rubbish.

  31. goonerbone

    you got to make sure he takes his shots and pills! If you can’t, make sure to call the doc to sign him up for the asylum. AW would lick the fingers of the shop keeper for five pence and still call it quality

  32. Gregg

    I don’t see that Ba or Torres have much future there anymore, though I guess it’s not always easy to shift players on if no-one wants to match the wages. It could be, if they keep buying, that they will have a few ‘malouda’s’ who while still being paid, will not be registered in the squad. Dodgy ground with FFP supposedly coming in , not to mention squad morale. Still thats their problem

  33. sam

    This imbula is not good enough.
    I think I have said it before, the best DM available is Leroy Fer.
    Fellaini is a liability, playing like that in arsenal shirt means more red cards but i wouldn’t mind if we buy him.
    wanyama is ok but i don’t think wenger rates scottish football that much.
    in term of value Fellaini = Fer + Wanyama. I don’t think we can buy 3 of them which will be direct replacement of ramsey, diaby and rosicky. both fer and wanyama can also play in defence. With these 3 giants we have strong squad overnight. or just 2 of them.

  34. N5

    Your not kidding mental, if he isn’t a threat to Hazard or Oscar and they apparently are trying to get Cavani, then his only option is Mata’s position, so I think your right, that’s an 18 million pound squad player, but to have option like that on your bench a!

  35. Al

    We could really do with isco at arsenal. Already performing at a ridiculous level at the age of 20. Abilty to play on the left,right or the middle.
    Extremely creative added with pace and tricks. We will kick ourselves constantly if we miss out on the lad. I would have him with higuain but I sense wenger will play it safe and take the cheaper option ofb buying an striker that has the ability to play on wings

  36. N5

    Who’s Leroy Fer?

    He’s some Div that bought his girlfriend a £22,000 pound horse and she lives in a block of flats! doh!

  37. Mental Strength

    What’s frightening is that Chelsea’s team isn’t just good, they’re young too.

    But Jose and young players don’t really go well together, so maybe I’m worried for no reason.

  38. 2pistolz2cannonz

    Leroy fer ? Capoue MOP’S the floor with him all day ? and it’s all about who’s the better DM. Fellaini’s a very good player but he’s definitely not a DM, Arteta would continue in tht role allowing Fellaini to push further up ? so I thought ?

  39. Dan Ahern

    Hey now, I know it’s frustrating to be linked with a bunch of second- and third-tier players, but let’s not revolt yet. Wenger is always going to buy these development projects. He knows damn well none of them are going to help us this year. It’s just something he relishes, so you have to expect it.
    The positive news is we’re starting to clear some players from the wage bill. We accepted EVERY bid for Bendtner, which shows we’re at least more realistic than seasons past about the squad.
    So, everything going pretty normal so far really, if we’re honest with ourselves. Future-project players are always going to happen. We just need AW to be serious about the big targets as well this time.

  40. Dan Ahern

    Anyway, now for a critical post.

    Know how AW always insists the transfer market is not like being in Tesco where you can just pluck what you want from the shelf?

    Well release clauses are exactly like a supermarket. Pick up a Fellaini on the way home, please.

  41. gilo

    Chelsea also have a Brazilian midfield youngster called Lucas Piazon. He’s looked very good against very average opposition in the cups but not really seen him against anyone decent

  42. Mental Strength

    Interested in hearing how you would spend a £70m budget, where we need at least 4 signings, one being a top CF, when you are looking at blowing 24 of it on a player that doesn’t even suit us in Fellaini.

  43. Moray

    Schurrle is a long-standing target for Chelski, which means an Abramovich baby. Also I don’t believe they need him unless the release Mata or Oscar…

    Pedro, have you accepted now that we won’t be signing the super-quality that you claimed we were “chasing”?

    This has to be the last year anyone falls for the spin…

  44. gilo

    Mental – If you blow 24 on Fellaini and, say 26 on a striker we would be looking at Cesar as a free transfer and williams around 8m which leaves 12m for one of Wenger’s super qualidee buys from Ligue 1

  45. dialsquare

    I’d take Fellaini over Arteta and Ramsey all day long but that would only be an incremental change, lets forget about Fellaini and bomb out the deadwood, Sczcesny, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Arteta, Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Chamberlain, Sagna, Jenkinson, Gervinho, Gibbs, Giroud and Podolski all of them are underperforming jokes. Let’s spend the £140m which will be the amount required to transform Arsenal once again into a global super power wisely on super world class quality players.

  46. N5

    Pedro, have you accepted now that we won’t be signing the super-quality that you claimed we were “chasing”?


    He’s only reporting what his sources tell him, that claim isn’t his.

  47. Oh Theo Theo!

    Don’t get locked into £70m as a hard limit – they COULD spend more if they wanted to, would need to do something else to balance the books….

    So you COULD have all the players that you want for say £80m, rebalancing the P&L throughout the rest of the year.

    Don’t be limited by club PR – we could probably spend £100m this year if we wanted to…

  48. Oh Theo Theo!

    N5 – The oft bandied figure in the national dailies is £70m in the press, so clearly come from the club PR…

    But yes they could spend £100m no worries. They’re just trying to manage our expectations when they only spend £50m..

  49. Mental Strength

    dialsquare it doesn’t work like that. Remember a squad wins titles not the first 11.

    Podolski(not on his current wages however)

    Those can all be valuable squad players.

    And have a little patience with Gibbs, Jenko and the OX.

    The rest can leave.

  50. Boozy

    Fellaini, giroud, mert, kos/verm attacking the same corner kick, is just pure nightmare for any defence.

  51. Moray

    @N5: He’s only reporting what his sources tell him, that claim isn’t his.


    my wife tells me I have the biggest cock she ever saw. Should I believe her and trumpet it as fact?

  52. bayo

    Arsenal has a poor man’s mentality that cannot be changed by having a truck full of cash….It can only be changed by bringing in people with the right mentality…..Any transfer above 20 million is too much but we can waste money on Gervinho (8mill) Santos (5mill) Squillaci (5mill) Park (5mill) = Total wasted amount is 23 million pounds not to talk of the salary….If we had spent thesame amount on Mata, things will be a bit better but we keep deceiving ourselves under financial prudence when its actually wasting the funds of the club

  53. N5

    Bayo your right mate, I get really raged when I think that not only did we pay for that fat mug Santos but we pay him a salary too, maybe he spends it all on romantic gestures towards RVP, cunt that he is.

  54. Henry's Silver Haired Cat

    Alright all,

    Been reading for a while and wanted to ask who people think our NUMBER ONE top target should be? Seems up for debate right now, no?

    Hit me back people

  55. Moanalisa

    Moray except we get cesc, theo’s corner kicks have improved lately( even if he just started taking them last season).

  56. Wengerites be damned!

    And some people actually felt this season would be different…
    Stagnation. Wenger still lives in 1998.
    Is there any hope this next season will be the last of Wenger?

  57. Johnty79

    The last time we had 70m to spend was about 3 years ago . When questioned why we didn’t spend it I remember some one from arsenal saying we did spend 70m, 20m,on transfers 30m on wages for these new players and 20m on renegotiating existing salaries. I think the club will come out and do the same again. I was someone could find the quote it was the summer b4 the 2010-11 season when we signed kosieny,squillaci
    Déjà vu.

  58. mahessar

    Say we have 75m as our budget

    Offload Nicklas for 3m, Mannone for 1m, Gervinho for 12m, Chamakh for free, makes a total of 90m to spend

    Higuain – 25m
    Isco – 22m
    Williams – 8m
    Lars Bender – 15m
    Remy – 10m

    Total spend – 80m

    Wojciech – Cesar
    Sagna, Jenkinson, Williams, Vermalaen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Miquel, Gibbs, Monreal
    Bender, Cazorla, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Isco, Rosicky, Coquelin
    Podolski, Theo Walcott, Oxlade, Giroud, Higuain, Remy

  59. petrovic

    i really dont think arsenal will buy any big name players,it will be the same old story im afraid.i think wenger actually beleives he has a good squad that is improving,a belief that was strengthened by the end of season run of form to grab the 4th place trophy.the man is a deluded,arrogant fool and we are stuck with him.

  60. Oh Theo Theo!

    Exploding the myth: Wenger is a great manager

    AS Nancy (French L1)
    1984 – 12th
    1985 – 18th (Relegation playoff)
    1986 – 19th (Relegated)
    AS Monaco (French L1)
    1987 – 1st
    1988 – 3rd & Lost French Cup
    1989 – 3rd & Won French Cup
    1990 – 2nd & Won French Cup
    19991 – 2nd & European Cup Winners Cup Losers
    1992 – 3rd
    1993 – 9th
    1994 – 17th & Sacked
    Grampus 8 Japan
    1995 – 1996 (18th month tenure) – Emporer’s Cup Winner & 2nd in league in only full season..

    And we know the story so far in Arsenal.

    So not chock full of success.

  61. Rob

    Give them whatever the going rate is for Higuain & Fellaini so we can this season up & running,anything else can be done with via selling the shit hanging around the club.I wouldn’t mind signing that Marco Van Ginkel as a young future star on top,that boys gonna be quality

  62. Jeff

    It would be so interesting if someone was brought into the Arsenal frey and was made to supervise or oversee all transfers. Within a month he brings in 5 world class players without even asking Wenger. What would Wenger do? Would he pack it in then do you think? Would he explode? It’s an interesting question but unfortunately a scenario that will never be tested.

    What I wouldn’t give to see a BBC headline like this.


  63. Harry Redknapp

    i think i speak for 99% of us when i say it would be more suprising if we spent big than if we didnt spend big. we should all have a nice cold glass of refreshing water and forget about it.

  64. Pedro

    Moray, you know the window hasn’t opened yet…

    I’ve not accepted our summer is over yet, of course not.

    Oh Theo Theo… you missed the part about assembling Arsenal’s greatest ever side, winning three leagues, a load of cups, getting to a champions league final with a kids team and going a season unbeaten.

    Wenger hasn’t been great lately, but pretending he’s never been a good manager is very weak.

  65. Crusaderrabbit

    Whatever you feel about Wengerout I’d love to know what everyone on this site – Pedro included – plans to do if he really doesn’t invest properly in the squad. Last year I gave up my season ticket because I was sick of the way we were being treated as fans – I’d never assume to tell others to do the same but would genuinely like to know what else people are considering doing – and I know there’s still time but its looking likely – we’ll have another disastrous summer.

    On another note – much as I do admire his achievements – can anyone think of a current manager who has any more disdain for his clubs fan base as Wenger. I can’t

  66. Cesc Appeal

    If Fabregas is off the menu, Isco is likely City bound (to ruin his career) I still feel on top of a Fellaini like buy we need another creative spark.

    So if Cazorla is moved into the middle of the park where he does his best work then we’ll need to sign someone to play LM/LW in his stead.

    Can’t rely on Podolski staying fit/in form.

    Hearing a lot of noise around Arsenal looking at Gaitan, who’d be just the buy for that role. But I’ve read his release clause is 40 Million Euros which is a bit steep I think! If we can get him for a £20-25 Million mark then that’d be a decent buy.

    If not I still think we should have a crack at Shaqiri from Bayern, with all the changes in the squad how does the younger winger think he’ll fit into Pep’s new Bayern side?

    We can offer him regular football, first team football, UCL etc

    He’s a little guy but absolutely stacked! Very, very quick, skillful, excellent crosses, good shot on him, trouble for defences.

    If Wenger’s going to go with Cazorla-Fellaini-Wilshere as a middle then I’d go with a Walcott-Higuain-Gaitan/Shaqiri up top.

    Fellaini and Higuain are around the same value, I really don’t have a clue with Gaitan and Shaqiri I think would be around the £15-18 Million mark.

    Add Rami to that and a GK and I’d be happy with that summer. We wouldn’t win the title as Chelsea and City stock up, but we’ll be in the race and have a great chance of winning SOMETHING!

    Having said that I fully expect the usual BS this year. ‘Over inflated market’. ‘Couldn’t make moves’. ‘The quality wasn’t there’. ‘The value wasn’t there’. ‘Unrealistic prices’. Blah blah blah

  67. Rohan

    Can’t believe the negativity around Fellaini. I agree with Gambon for once.
    No he’s isn’t static. He’s very mobile, covers more ground than most, and has amazing stamina. Not to mention that aerial power and sheer strength he brings in midfield is exactly what we need. He’d allow Jack to play his natural game supporting a midfielder who’s further ahead.

    He’d probably play alongside Arteta but I think he’ll probably replace him in a year. Jack and Ramsey would flourish alongside him. His versatility is also a big tick. I think he’ll be a top top signing. It’s the same people who moan about us not signing any big players moan about 22 mill for Fellaini. He has been one of the top players in the premier league for a while now. I’d take him over most defensive minded midfielders out there

    Don’t think we’ll buy Lars Bender either. He’d kill Ramsey. have any of you seen him play for Leverkusen this season. He played with a far more creative role than you’d expect. He wasn’t a sole DM.

  68. Rohan

    I personally think we’ll make our signings in the first week of July.

    “In England, the transfer window formally opens on 1 July, transfers between clubs in the same association can take place as soon as the last competitive fixtures for the season have been played. However, many transfers will not be completed until 1 July because many players’ contracts expire on 30 June.”

    I’d only reall start worrying if we jet off on our Asia tour without making any notable signings.

  69. Rohan

    I see Lars as a Petit-style player. Class,but I think that’s the sort of role Ramsey will be expected to grow into over the next few years. We need some strength, height, physicality and just sheer force in midfield. Fellaini could be our enforcer. His premiership experience is the most important factor imo. He’d fit in seamlessly.

    I actually don’t think his style is that different from Vieira even, except Vieira was perhaps more fluid and Fellaini is superior aerially. They both are capable of winning the ball deep and breaking forward quickly.

  70. Relieable sauce

    Someone should tell Villa & $ity that the transfer window is closed, they’ve each signed 2 players already this June & we’re not halfway through.

    The list of players released by AFC are on the 5 or 6th of June if anyone didn’t know who they are yet.
    AFC signings……Well theres always tomorrow : /

  71. Sam

    A winning manager will make major change in midfield , free up 3 places n bring in 3 better players. For me diaby, rosicky and Ramsey should be replaced. Some will say that Ramsey n rosicky are good squad players. Nope, they are crap. A good squad player is the one who can come in to make a difference. Arsenal so called squad players don’t even change the game .

  72. Kiyoshi Ito

    We’ve had the money chat, we’ve had the ambition chat and we’ve been told the manager is on board with being a bit more ambitious. So this morning when you hit the papers to read that we’re interested in taking Fellaini to Arsenal… the player would quite like a move… but the club don’t fancy the release clause of £24m… you facepalm..

    Sorry Pedro,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a sterling job you have done over the years,with your daily blogging..

    It’s a job in itself…

    That aside,I will cite you over 2 seasons at the bare minimum,where you have mentioned big signings were imminent..

    Today,you talk about a face palm moment with Fellaini?

    Words really escape me..

    In short,I don’t think you are any more knowledgeable than the tea lady,or the floor sweeper at AFC..

    You have managed to create a blog,though fantastic in style & full of dynamic bloggers..

    Lacking one key ingredient-factual substance!!

    It lacks ,the finger on the pulse from yours truly..

    Either you have become a machination for AFC& IG’S propaganda,or you are on a mission to propel yourself into the media stratosphere..

    The Pedro X Factor…

    Good luck in your endeavours..

    But remember,it take years to build your base & seconds to lose them..

    Call a spade,a spade!!

    Your meeting with IG was about what really?
    Stroking your ego?
    Being butt fucked by IG?
    Or both?

  73. Keyser

    “Sorry Pedro, Your meeting with IG was about what really?
    Stroking your ego?
    Being butt fucked by IG?
    Or both?”


  74. kwik fit

    Apparently Wayne Rooney’s dog has let it slip,while getting shagged doggy style, that his owner is seriously interested in signing for Arsenal. I didn’t see that coming!

  75. arsenal-flavour

    with bloggers journalists and media types… its all about acting like your in the know, that you have the contacts and the inside sources others don’t. I don’t blame pedro his just being a typical Journalist its how he earns his bread, just take everything you hear with a pinch of salt. This is a great blog but Pedro and other bloggers know as much as we do, just like myles palmer or john cross or anyone else.

  76. Nick Drago

    The window isn’t even open yet, everyone knows we don’t do deals in public. We don’t do all our talking in the open.

  77. Rob

    I was thinking,realistically there’s 21 first team players that ain’t going anywhere-szczesny,fabianski,sagna,mertesacker,vermaelen,koscielny,monreal,jenkinson,Gibbs,rosicky,arteta,wilshere,oxlade-chamberlain,Ramsey,Diaby,cazorla,coquelin,podolski,giroud,Walcott & gervinho.8 of them count as home grown.2 of them wilshere & oxlade-chamberlain who don’t need to be registered yet but wenger will count them anyway to avoid problems in the future I’m sure so that leaves 4 spaces for signings at max given the 25 man squad rule.Obviously he could buy young as usual & avoid that.Then again there’s still that nightmare list of players that could stay ‘like new signings’ & take these positions-mannone,djourou,frimpong & bendtner who all count as homegrown too which gives them more leverage for the arsehole in charge to keep.Then you’ve got santos,chamakh & park.Also you have to take into account players like miyachi & Joel Campbell who wenger will see as new signings when they finally turn up.So basically what I’m saying is if we buy 2 players this window over 21 ill be fucking surprised!

  78. dialsquare

    Wenger was sacked at both Nancy and Monaco.
    Wengers record at Monaco:
    League winners: 1988
    French Cup winners: 1991

    Grampus Eight
    Emperor’s Cup: 1995
    Japanese Super Cup: 1996

    Those above are the accurate stats.

  79. Rob

    Find another pastime?On the same day I was born I was put in an arsenal baby grow,I’ve been a lifelong fan & go every week no matter what.Im only expressing an opinion & in my opinion we’re mismanaged.Im on here as we’re all arsenal fans that are frustrated & just want others who feel the same way to interact with.If you have a problem with that then keep your mouth shut & don’t talk with me you smart arse,go watch the fucking J league.

  80. kwik fit

    With every passing day it’s becoming more and more obvious that Wenger hasn’t got the ball’s to pay the asking price for anyone. It’s a disorder that he’s got and we are all suffering as a result.

  81. kwik fit


    True but Wenger make’s derisory/insulting offers that no club could accept. In Addition the club are saying we have a massive cash pool for spending, thereby ensuring that the vendors increase their price. It’s a gap than no bridge can breech , especially not Arsene.

  82. Marko

    Fellaini is a bit of a liability he does lose the head a bit but he would be a good signing. My only fear is Everton using him high up the pitch for so long might of fucked him up a bit. In saying that maybe Capoue or Lars Bender might be better suited. Good shout Mental. Higuain, Rami and Griezmann would be outstanding

  83. Mayank


    I’ll hit my level 3 panic button mid-July if we’re playing in Asia with no new players.

    Level 4 is when we’re playing our qualifier with no new players.

    Level 5 is 30th August.

  84. zeus

    Excuses excuses. The window isn’t open yet. So what?

    You can still make purchases. The buy wont be approved until after the window opens obviously.

    I believe I read a pearler from Gazidis on here from his AST outing. Some crap about not doing business early since we are targeting players from managerless clubs. hahahaha.

    Unctuous prick. Just make things up as you go along.

  85. Mark

    Great post ..again. Starting to believe this money we have in the bank is a myth. I expect we will hear oh they is no one available that we want that could help the squad, and we got a tax bill for £60m we forgot about and thought it prudent to pay that first. Our playing season come August better be quicker off the blocks than our transfer season. I see all the old excuses coming back. Same target of top 4. I just dont see that we’re going to compete with the shite that are the blues and may be even the whites (God forbid) If we make top four next year I’ll be suprised. It may be AW knows it’s his last season and is saving all the ££’s for the next manager, who knows but again another days goes by, another story, another near miss, another season of drought, another pundit telling us the futures bright but really it’s just the same ol’ same ol’. Very depressing and still no sunshine.