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Morning everyone, it’s got to that point in the summer when things start to get painful. We’ve had the money chat, we’ve had the ambition chat and we’ve been told the manager is on board with being a bit more ambitious. So this morning when you hit the papers to read that we’re interested in taking Fellaini to Arsenal… the player would quite like a move… but the club don’t fancy the release clause of £24m… you facepalm, thinking back to the last release clause debacle that was Juan Mata 2 years ago.

The spin on the story is that no one else is interested so we’re going to play hard ball. This has ‘late move from Chelsea’ written all over it. We should just try and get a deal done as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. Release clauses are there for that exact purpose. So you don’t have to negotiate. Fellaini is a £24m player. Simple as that. He’s young, has residual value, a huge amount of experience and just about every missing ingredient our midfield needs.

If Arsenal genuinely have an interest, Dick Law should just make it happen. No one is going to pat him on the back for saving £3m on a deal. Everyone will go crazy if we’re outbid in three weeks.

‘We can’t compete’ won’t cut it this year.

Hey, that’s to say we’re even interested. Though the smoke is there. Marcotti said we’ve registered an interest. Simple market truths would suggest that a player who cost £15m when you bought them who then succeeds over 5 odd seasons, probably appreciates in value by £8m.

Nik B has agreed to talk to 5 clubs about a move away, he’s lowered his expectations and he’s stated what I’d hoped he would… that playing is important.

“Arsenal have agreed with five clubs so now it is up to me to make a choice.

“I will make that choice within the next 14 days. They are all good clubs. It is a hugely important choice I’m faced with.

“I must go where I am wanted. As a footballer, there is only one thing that can make you happy: playing time.”

Good for you Nik, my faith is restored in your world class talent. The good news is that’s another £52k off the wage bill.

Denilson £45k
Squillaci £60k
Andrey £90k
Bendtner £52k

£247k a week there people… not to mention the savings we’ll make in performance related bonuses. No wait? Players we need to shift now are Fabianski, Gervinho, Chamakh and JD. Then we’re pretty much done.

In European news, Lio Messi has been caught up in a tax fraud case. The prosecutors reckon he owes £4m to them. The player has denied any wrong doing, as he would. The alleged crime could mean jail sentence. He should move over here, he could do a Vodafone deal… the government would just write it off.

Yeah, I went there people.

I’ve also scoured the web for updates on Theo’s sandwich, as far as I can tell, he ate it, but left the side portion of ready salted crisps. A weak showing…

Finally, the story you’ve all been waiting for… we’re tracking Guingamp midfielder Gilbert Imbula. Oh yes. The standard ‘we’ve been tracking him for months’ intro into his introduction… mixed in with good prospect. The price? £8m! Now, I’m no expert in valuation, but that seems like a pretty big fee for a ‘who’ player. Funny that we’re so focused on recruiting for the u21s when it’s the big boys that need bolstering. There you go, the Arsenal way…

Arsene needs to stop messing around and Ivan needs to take charge and just buy the players he wants, rather than allowing him to define the value.

Right, I’m done.

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  1. B

    You start to wonder where this is going. We are approaching mid June. No need to panic clearly, but the longer we wait, the more likely it will be that players start signing elsewhere, leaving us with less options.

    Does AW really have it in him to change, there’s no real evidence to suggest things will change this summer…

  2. the mighty karim

    Pedro, what do you make of the story about Arsenal medical staff on holidays until the end of June ?

    Please tell me we’re not being ridiculous again…

  3. B

    Btw, I would take a top striker (Higuain, Lewandowski or even Rooney), Fellaini and Cesc as a top top summer, but even two of those would be great.

    I would be GUTTED if Cesc would go to the Mancs, that would be treason to the highest degree.

  4. Klauspoppe

    As long as we get a Gonalons/Strootman/Scneiderlin Imbula, would be good buy. Might take him 2 years to develop but his potential is unreal. His big, good technique and has positional sense. Don’t mind if one for the future.

  5. the mighty karim

    Myles Palmer this very morning :
    ” One of my best sources was told by Darren Dein that Fabregas is going nowhere this summer” .
    What an embarassment !

  6. azed

    A leopard can’t change its spots so I don’t expect Wenger to change. If he does, 4th ceases to be a trophy and I don’t Wenger can stomach that.

  7. Charlie Boy

    I am reliably informed by sources close to the Arsenal camp that we have put in a £8m bid for Whotha Fookar U from the Japanese 3rd division 5-a-side team.

  8. Midlandgunner

    I’m trying to remain positive this summer but its getting extremely difficult,everything just stinks of a same old arsenal summer and I know it’s only 13th June but I’ve never been a fan of leaving deals until late,they should be tied up before pre season and tours start to get them ready for the new season,if we get a couple of bargain buys this summer and don’t spend Wenger needs to go,why do I get the feeling we will win a few on the bounce with this squad he will say it has great qualitys and mental strength and quietly sign a new 4-5 year deal….please for fucks sake just give the fans and current players something to look forward to I would settle for higuain,felliani and get rid of the deadwood and then he can make as many of his shitty younger bargain buys as he likes but please just add some quality to the squad.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    This is unfortunately the same old story. Arsenal keep on talking up the money we can spend in transfer market and on wages, but when it comes to concluding a deal it is all rhetoric and no substance.

    So long as Wenger remains at helm nothing will change in same old policy. Buy bargains and add value. The trouble is that he is no longer very good in finding such acquisitions. Arsenal have been saddled with a lot of dross in recent years and it would seem that is not only confined to first team squad, but also our youth policy as well.

    There is for me only one question to ask and have answered. Why would the
    club renew Wenger’s contract after such a barren period without a trophy?
    Do we believe seriously that he is going to change in the next few years?

    Frankly the club needs to start showing some ambition. This is my last year
    investing in season tickets at the club unless there is a material change in the
    way the club operates.

    Perhaps the only message that the Board and Major Shareholder will understand is if they are hit in the pocket.

  10. B

    With you Azed, big signings will bring bigger pressure!

    Cesc to Arsenal is a strange one, he clearly wanted to go back to Barcelona, so why would he now want to leave them again? Seems to be dead in the water, that one.

    Fellaini and Higuain would both be up for moving, so if we want them, we just need to get in there fast. I would still like a creative midfielder to come as well, someone who can come in for Cazorla from time to time, Gundogan maybe?

    We also need some defensive/gk reinforcements but apart from Ashley Williams, I’m not sure we’ve been linked to much…

  11. N5

    Wenger reminds me of those guys that thinks if you treat a woman meanly she’ll like you more.

    Every time we flirt with a player and say we like you but no way are you worth that…..and then what? do we hope they will say OK I’m worth 4 million less than my market valuation, please take me Arsene! no what they do is go to a team that values them with 2013 prices and will pay them 2013 wages!

    It really is time for Arsenal to grow up when it comes to buying, we need to pull our socks up now and start acting like big boys, none of this undervaluation nonsense.

  12. TOLI83

    As I said, expect a ligue 1 signing to be our main buy with 2 or 3 cheaps on the way as well.

    We dont have as long as everyone thinks to get transfers sorted – pre-season starts in 4 weeks.

  13. andy1886

    Most of the our previous bids have been for players outside the PL. Fellaini is proven and represents as near to zero risk as you could get. So an extra £2-3m really is neither here nor there. It suggests this failed tactic is Arsenal Policy and will not change. Repeating the same old mistake over and over…

  14. Nemesis.

    Team for next season



  15. N5

    I am reliably informed by sources close to the Arsenal camp that we have put in a £8m bid for Whotha Fookar U from the Japanese 3rd division 5-a-side team.

    HA HA 😀

  16. Hitman49


    Not funny when you have…


    See 5 a side !

    Sooooooo muchhhhhhh drossssssss!


  17. vicky

    If Fellaini is not worth 24m then I do not know who is ??

    A player who was bought for 17m pounds 5 years ago must be valued around 24-25m given that his performance has been very good over the years.

    If Fellaini was in our team,Wenger would have sold him for 40m.

    What a c*nt Wenger is.

  18. bc

    You omitted mannone diaby santos and park in your clearout.

    In my mind the positions that need filling the most are GK (to replace fabianski) CM (to replace diaby) CF (to replace gervinho) CB (to replace Djourou) Those signings should cost £70m. I would go £50m on fellaini and rooney or higuain. Then 20m on a keeper and a cb Vorm and Williams? Or Krul and Taylor Or Cesar and Rami. This would leave our 1st and 2nd choice line ups looking like this

    New GK
    Sagna mertesacker koscielny gibbs
    Arteta Fellaini
    Walcott Wilshire Cazorla
    Rooney or Higuain

    Jenkinson new cb vermaelen monreal
    Coquelin ramsey
    Chamberlain rosicky podolski

    Players like arshavin squillaci denilson mannone santos park chamakh and bendtner, have either already been replaced or can be replaced by minor signings from the extra funds raised from sales and releases or academy products. We would have upto 6 spaces available to add squad players as only 19 of the 22 shown above would be classed as homegrown or non-homegrown. Players like ahmedov the benfica left back and mark schwarzer would make excellent squad players as would the.likes of martinez bellerin miquel yennaris frimpong aneke eisfeld gnabry campbell afobe sanogo ryo. Obviously we could still choose to upgrade on afew of that 2nd x1. Jenkinson Coquelin Chamberlain and rosicky are all either young so need nurturing to prevent burn out or as in rosickys case (the oldest player now at the club) wrapping in cotton wool to prevent physical.damage.

  19. Paddy got up

    Good morning Mr Wenger I was just wondering if you had a minute
    Hurry up I have a table booked at 12.30
    So sorry to trouble you, but I have told the fans you are going to buy big and established players, you will do it won’t you? They are turning away from the club in droves! Please Mr Wenger you must help me.
    Mon a mee get a grip you South African kitchen salesman. Now get out of my office and buy Gilbert Imbula from France as i told you!!

  20. AussieGooner

    FFS Wenger spend some money Fellaini is exactly what we need the man’s a beast. Our Midfield is full of midgets. OHHH but Diaby is 1 month away from being able to run again and I just love he’s qualideeeeeee’ssss

  21. Johnty79

    Speculate to accumulate…..has wenger not learned from this example……

    Wenger thought he had ronaldo for 3.7m…gave a signed shirt and parents toured the training facility I believe. Man utd played against sporting in a friendly and ronaldo was motm…they signed him for 12m after the Manu u players berated fergi to sign him.. He wasn’t even on man utd radar back then.. 6 years later man utd make the greatest ever profit on a single player. 68m. This passess what wenger did with Anelka, overmars, viera, and Henry in profit terms…

    Sign Felaini wenger if he has a disaster sell him straight away for 16m if he’s good you can still get the same money in three years time.

  22. Johnty79

    Saying that though I don’t think Felaini fits in our team if he intends to play giroud up front on his own…

    If we play Felaini, wilshere,cazorla he will be wasted as a defensive midfielder.

  23. Bennydevito

    ” Does AW really have it in him to change, there’s no real evidence to suggest things will change this summer… ”

    I disagree. For the first time this summer we are seeing changes. 15 or so kids let go and 250k freed up in wages from deadwood. Things are definitely changing and that is indisputable. I’m genuinely convinced that we will sign some high calibre players as long as like Pedro said, Gazidas deals with the value of the players and not Wenger.

  24. Midlandgunner

    Ivan has said if a top quality player is available arsene will pay the money,Wenger has gone on record in the past praising higuain,felliani,Rooney,and all 3 are potentially available if the money is paid,the club is run by money grabbing bullshitters,I would be more than happy to come on here and eat my words if any of the above sign,I cancelled my membership 2 years ago and have not been to the emirates in that time neither as I will not put my money towards a club who show no ambition whatsoever and am also willing to change my stance on that as well if the club change there ways,it’s not the lack of trophys that pisses me off(although would be nice to win one)its not being competitive with the top 3 and this 4th place mentality that the club hold so dear,to still be in title race with a couple of weeks of the season left and end up finishing 3rd would be a dramatic improvement from the last few years

  25. Tomtom

    So we are getting rid of some of our shit players and replacing them with younger shit players? Same old Wenger. Sick of this club

  26. MarsBar

    All been taken for a spin again.

    I’m hoping the links for these lesser unknown types are smoke screens for the real buys.

    But history has told us otherwise.. We’re in for the same old summer. And that’s not me being pessimistic just facing facts.

    We all want to be told and proved wrong, with we get at the helm we won’t amount to fuck all.

    Ivan needs to fuck him off or show his worth. In one way Wenger not acting is a good sign maybe by season starting and no REAL additions to our team then perhaps Wengers contract will be run down. Least it’s in e open all signings are down to Wenger he can’t hide from it now.

    Wenger out.

  27. Gooby

    The fellaini story has got paper rubbish all over it, and it’s working.

    Arshavin £90k/w ??? Fucking hell i thought it was much less

  28. Midlandgunner

    If we had signed felliani when Everton did and were looking to offload him this summer would Wenger not want 23m plus I think so,but because we are supposedly interested he’s not worth the money

  29. vicky


    Fellaini suits us perfectly.

    He is good at tackling. At times,he does go overboard but that is gonna happen If you have been playing for Everton and the manager there asks you to just disrupt the game using physical power.

    How many goals we score off corners ?? Not many, I guess. We desperately need one potent attacker of the aerial ball in the box. Giroud has been very average as far as scoring of aerial balls is concerned.

    He can switch from defensive mode to attacking mode. This season we have seen how we do not have enough players in the box to receive crosses and passes. Fellaini in full flow is a beast even from the attacking point of view.

    Passing ??? That can get better.Not a big worry.

    He is at a good age. Young but experienced.

    No reason why should we dither on Fellaini.

  30. bazza

    Is £23m too much to pay for Fellaini?

    If we can waste £10m on buying Squillaci & Santos, then £23m seems a steal for a 25 year old with proven prem. experience.

    Come on Arsene take a deep breath and get the cheque book out.

  31. Danish Gooner

    The cuntfederations cup is starting and as long it goes on noone will be signed,the next fortnight expect nothing at all to happen.

  32. AussieGooner

    Guys what are your thoughts on Verm, as a DM and taking club captain of him to relieve some of the pressure. If he got he’s confidence back I’m sure he would chime in with a few goals as well.

  33. Arsenalone

    We have been needing a defensive midfielder for years,fellaini could fill the Patrick Viera mould for us.

    If true once again we are dragging our heals over a great signing in fellaini.

    We should be very careful what we Are doing as fellaini looks a mourinho type player big tall strong commanding midfielder and they will need a replacement for fat frank.

    Get the fucking deal done and sorted before the chaves do

  34. Afc53

    Fellaini would be a massive signing for us with jack and cazorla what a 3 man midfield that is.

    As well as bringing in higuain and a quality RB & CB and we are contenders next year if not get ready for 5-6 position

  35. Rolans C Rozario

    FELLON…ni for £24 no way. No way he is worth that value! There are cheaper and much better purchasesout there for the picking! Wenger n the Board need to act ASAP!

  36. Emiratesstroller

    The first transfer of this season is to release Wenger from his contract and allow him to go to Paris St Germain who will pay us compensation for privilege.

    Arsenal can then find a manager who will demonstrate some ambition and will
    hopefully be attractive once again to major players coming on the market.

  37. Gregg

    I wouldn’t take a lot of notice of a half-arsed story in the Sun. Lazy reporting, just piecing Kenwrights comment that they may lose him alongside our ‘we have money’ to spend. If we are after him & there’s a hold up, then it probably comes down to the player, who wont put in a transfer request as he would miss out on a Loyalty payment from Everton. Now if the sun posted that tommorow, like they have today then everyone would believe it.

  38. tomb

    Felliani would be a perfect fit – with regards to the value, this is of no real consequence to a leeser extent . If he is the right person for the squad and we pay market value than all the criteria is met.
    Remember value is purely subjective and the market dictates this.

  39. Kamal Zharif

    Let’s ponder this for a minute. Could it be a smoke screen to disguise or at least to discreet the value of the player? Wenger love to do that, really we’ve seen recent years that he would disagree and all, and in the end accept the valuation.

    Ox, Arshavin, Walcott, these are players that Wenger seemed to match their valuation. The end result is another matter, plus, every single transfer, has always been “undisclosed.”

  40. chris

    Did anyone else think yesterdays report on zaha being offered to arsenal as interesting, particularly that they went thru David dein

  41. AussieGooner

    Apparently the Chav’s have activated Cavani’s $53 million release clause and AW is worried about spending $23 million on Fellaini FFS

  42. gambon

    “Players we need to shift now are Fabianski, Gervinho, Chamakh and JD. Then we’re pretty much done.”





    Then we’re talking.

  43. Shubham

    I am optimistic this time and think, Wenger will sign Fellaini, Higuain, Williams and Caesar. This will create a good spine for the team and provide depth. This season offers a great opportunity to gain ground on the Manchester teams an Chelsea. If Arsenal dither then there will be strong opposition from the fans.

  44. TOLI83

    Good to have you back Gambon, you have a feeling this summer is going to mirror all the others?

    Wenger lying and us disappointed come August.

  45. Zoran

    Look what that rusian guy is doing in Monaco.
    This is peanuts compared what would Alisher do at Arsenal.

    Usmanov & Dein IN, Kroenke & Gazidis OUT!

  46. gambon

    Fellaini, in the B2B (Ramsey, Diaby) role could be a revelation.

    He can play alongside akll of our CMs, and would add huge physical presence, pressing and workrate, as well as an attacking option that we just dont have.

    He can be almost impossible to play against when hes dominating in the air.

    If you look at the players we have (Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla) they are techical, small players, Fellaini would rebalance that completely and be the vieira like enforcer.

    Ive seen people saying hes too static and not an athlete, but thats complete bollocks, when hes playing in a deeper CM role he covers more ground than any of our CMs bar Ramsey.

  47. Arse&Nose©

    The beauty of Fellaini is that he can drop in and play CB or go forward and be makeshift target man.

    Wenger loves players who can play in different positions.

  48. gambon


    Im not sure. We clearly can afford 4 or 5 top players. But we know Wenger is a loony.

    I have no doubt we are talking to Fellainis agent, Higuains agent etc

    But I think they will all end up going to clubs that dont fuck about.

  49. Arse&Nose©

    Does anyone think we are really in for Ashley Williams?

    Swansea have cut ties with his agent for trying to get him to move so things may start moving quickly.

    Interestingly Williams has the highest interception stats for a CB in the top European leagues.

  50. AussieGooner

    Yeah Fellaini is a must. My son got sponsored to train at the Tim Cahill training academy in Sydney in 2011. And actually had a good chat with Tim and asked him who he thought was the toughest person he comes against in the Prem, He laughed he said Fellaini and he was clad it was just in training said he was a pain in the arse.

  51. gooner87

    Fellaini adds alot of versatility and options

    He can either sit and defend or as gambon says play box 2 box.

    Personally I’d have him and jack both playing b2b one stays one goes, just like vieira and petit did back in the day

  52. gooner87

    A&N think i read somewhere that williams blocking stats were close to the entire arsenal defence combined in the prem

  53. Casanova

    Aaaaaahhh, stop all Stories, they are Driving me Crazy! All i wish, is just to go in early and aggressive, buy them Players, Leave and relax. No Brainfucks anymore!!

  54. arsenal tom

    A&N… Theres been allot of serious speculation about it… he was 1/3 to join us a week or two ago.

    Also read that someone had bet £30,000 on him joining us but cant find anything on it now not sure if that makes much difference though.

    It’s quietened down lately but that could have something to do with Vermaelen saying he wants to stay

  55. gambon

    Fellaini & Jack for me would be ideal, but they could play together.

    Both have tendencies to get caught upfield, and Fellaini is more of a high presser than a deep DM.

    For me he would be a Diaby replacement. Ideally playing alongside Arteta, and in the future Artetas replacement.

    In all honesty, thinking about it, I dont think we are interested in him. He just isnt a Wenger player at all.

  56. TitsMcgee

    Regardless of whether it’s the Sun or not. Who would really be shocked to hear we under-bid for such a fantastic player?

    If true AGAIN then there is no doubt that

    A) Wenger is just too cheap


    B) AFC are experts at this PR game

    Or both.


  57. arsenal tom

    To be fair to Wenger he hasn’t spoken that much about players its been all Gazidis.

    Weather we sign people will be down to Wenger though and come August 31st we’ll know exactly what his ambitions are.

  58. Arse&Nose©

    Williams’ stats look good but I can’t say I’ve watched him or noticed him much.
    If he does come will he be on the subs bench with Vermaelen? or are we about to see a CB leave??

  59. Ebube

    lets believe that this season will be a different one for all arsenal fans. believe also in our great manager he is the only for us.

  60. Arsene nose best

    It’s funny how wanker wenger isn’t so indecisive when it comes down to signing these shit young players, that man has been the problem all along, if he can’t do the job properly, bring in someone elsE who can, that fucker is holding us back. WENGER OUT!

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to focus now on those positions in 1st X1, which need to be improved and not delay as they habitually do.

    The priority positions are a Striker and defensive midfielder/box to box player.
    Top calibre players in these positions do not grow on trees and Arsenal need to be ahead of game as most ambitious clubs tend to do.

    The other positions, where we are likely to need replacements are not such a priority namely experienced goalkeeper and fourth string centre back.

    What concerns me as usual is that Wenger has probably made a list of players
    that he would be interested in buying if available but as usual is indecisive as
    to who he will actually go out and buy. More likely than not his assessment will be based on value for money rather than who would be the best player for
    the club.

  62. vicky

    We got to keep Mert,Kos and TV5 and then add a 4th choice CB.

    If we sell TV5 and then get Williams,then that would not be an improvement over the last season.

  63. Pedro

    Gambol, a guy I know shared a table with Arsene at an awards night… He said Wenger was raving about Fellaini… this was last year. So there’s something in it…

  64. Josip Skoblar

    I’d love to have Fellaini at the club. It’s true that he seems to move around pretty slowly on the pitch. He’s tall and bulky. But this is quite deceptive. In fact, his positioning is absolutely phenomenal. He’s strong and brave on the pitch; a good reader of the game.

  65. vicky


    A feeling of Deja Vu…………….You were not hopeful about Cazorla signing.

    Now again a similar response about Fellaini………..I hope you are wrong again 🙂

  66. vicky


    The only problem is he ends up just raving about great players instead of signing them.

    Zlatan,Hazard,Goetze,Gundogan,Ozil,Neymar………..the list is quite long.

  67. nepGunner

    Wenger sold Nasri (22M) and Adebayor (25M) for obscene money as compared to their relative consistency in terms of performance over the years. He buys 8-12M unknowns looking at their potential and most of them have bombed or are erratically inconsistent. Why the fcuk can’t he just pay the market value for a PL proven young player who has shown consistency over the last 2-3 years and still has the potential to improve further?

    And please stop this nonsense that we only can/have to carry our transfer business when the window OFFICIALLY opens on July 1st. Please. Its only the official date to register players, negotiations can be & have been done & concluded before this. Its all about intent and desire from our side (read that Wenger’s).

  68. Arsene nose best

    A person that is so indecisive should not be in the business of being a football manager, just go wenger, you’re holding the club back now, let someone come in, who have the bollocks to make better decisions, because clearly wenger isn’t making them.

  69. Dev_Gooner

    @Charlie Boy 9:52

    I am reliably informed by sources close to the Arsenal camp that we have put in a £8m bid for Whotha Fookar U from the Japanese 3rd division 5-a-side team.

    HAHA 😀 I’m gonna steal this, hope you dont mind! 😉

  70. goonerbone

    nice to see someone who can keep hopeful and happy. I’m not. I’m ready to go berserk! And I am at the moment in the UK, so watch out Ivan! Watch out monsieur sleeping bague! Or sign the fucking deal!

  71. Arsene nose best

    If that fucker wenger doesn’t sign us some top players, he should be hounded out of the club, enough of this shit now, people pay alot of money, it’s time to pay us back.

  72. Ramsey's backpass


    the same Afobe that bolton sent away?
    what does he have to offer arsenal?nothing

    and the others,i dont think wenger trusts them

  73. Damilarey

    Real & true Arsenal transfer news are hard to find these days, even if a rumour is true, No one can take it seriously unless the deal is signed & the player is finally & officially unveiled. We all know that Arsene is too reluctant to sign any player above £15m despite the enough cash available. “LET’S STOP DREAMING ABOUT BIG NAME PLAYERS”

  74. Emiratesstroller

    nep Gunner

    Stop being an apologist for Wenger.

    The registration transfers system may open on 1st July, but clubs are able to finalise transfers before that date. Bayern,Barcelona,Monaco and Man City have already spent serious money.

    We have not. By the time Wenger and Gazidis move most of the top players will be committed elsewhere.

  75. vicky

    City have signed Navas and Fernandinho.

    If Dzeko or Tevez departs,one can be rest assured that a top top striker will be bought as replacement,possibly Cavani,El Shraweey.

    So City will have taken a giant leap forward by the time this transfer window closes.

    Chelsea under Mourinho ……….Well, huge money will be spent on buying players. There is not an iota of doubt about that. They will definitely mount a title challenge this year.

    Man U are always a title contender.

    So it is of utmost importance that we massively improve our squad to be even close to them,let alone leapfrogging them.

    Average players will get us nothing more than the 4th place trophy.

  76. Keyser

    “he covers more ground than any of our CMs bar Ramsey.”

    Lol.. How is this a good thing ?

    We buy Fellaini he’s just another, this time mahoosive, square peg for our midfield, we’d still need a defensive player quicker and more agile. He’s had umpteen of this little mobile urchins working around him at Everton and even then they can’t afford to play an expansive attacking game.

    We’ve got soo many of these midfielders already. I can’t see how he’d fit.

  77. Gooner S

    I understand the frustration and I would have liked Mata but as as a buyer you try to get the best deal for you that you can. You would all do that if it was your own money. Also you wouldn’t pay over the odds (i.e you’re valuation) either…again if it were your own money. We don’t even know if we’re in for Fellani. So let’s all stop the panic talk and the moaning. When and if Fellani signs for somebody we’ll see who it is! I would think United would be in for him!

    Last year people were bitching and moaning because Arsenal weren’t stupid enough to pay $10m for the loan of Sahin. Sahin sunk without a trace at Liverpool and went back to Germany to sit on the bench. Who was right and who was wrong?

  78. nepGunner

    EmiratesstrollerJune 13, 2013 12:07:57
    nep Gunner Stop being an apologist for Wenger.

    I think you need to re-read my post mate, and I mean really “read” it and not just browse through ‘cuz I think its very clear what I meant.

  79. Al

    @DarrenArsenal1 who talks alot of sense and has contacts within the club was saying how he heard the club doesnt buy new players before the start of July as they do not want to be paying wages for 6 weeks whilst the player is on holiday.

    Knowing the prudent way Arsenal work that actually makes alot of sense because say you bought 2 players on £200k a week (£400k)so the club could save around £2.4 million in wages by just buy the players on july 1st

  80. Jamal


    We dont have a proper DM at the club, Fellaini has said he prefers playing as a DM so i dont see where the problem is. He’d easily fit in !

  81. gambon


    Thats a load of complete bollocks seeing as all contracts run July 1 to June 30th.

    The transfer window doesnt even open til July 1st so its impossible to pay a player before then.

  82. Keyser

    Jerwayne – Because we lack someone who’s athletic eough to track runners back 30-40 yards as quickly as teams can attack us, someone who can get across and cover the defence on his own, at least one side, Fellaini never has to do that at Everton, they sit deep enough not to leave him exposed and he’s got more mobile players around him.

  83. Al

    gambon June 13, 2013 12:29:22


    Thats a load of complete bollocks seeing as all contracts run July 1 to June 30th.

    The transfer window doesnt even open til July 1st so its impossible to pay a player before then.
    Isn’t july first just about player registration for the league.
    and what if a player is bought in January surely his contract cant run from July 1st to June 30th?

    Anyway i am not sure just relaying something interesting i saw

  84. Bulc

    As much as we all love the idea of Fellaini coming to AFC, who is to say that this rumour is even true and if AFC are even interested in him. This story was started by some media saying that we had activated his release clause last week, now it is saying we to scared of the amount it is. All this is, is media pushing out stories because they have nothing else worth talking about to help them sell their shit.

  85. Damilarey

    In the revious seasons, Arsens used to say “We have money but there is NO Quality player available, NO team that is ready to part ways with their bast players (except Arsenal). But now, There is money & some quality players available, but I’m too stingy to pay their values”
    Wenger wake-up

  86. NoMoreCesc

    Maybe it’s time for supporters to use the same Arsene logic with regard to season tickets.

    “Ivan, I believe your season ticket prices are over-valued based on the qualidee of the entertainment provided and we are going to play hardball and hold out for a much lower price since no one else seems to be interested.”

  87. Keyser

    Moyes sat him deeper against, or he moves him further forward, he rarely asks him to do both, maybe from high up it’s all down to his hair, it looks like this little black furred hedgehog ambling around the field.

  88. Jamal

    “he rarely asks him to do both”

    We wouldnt need him to do both because after a few months Diaby will be like a new signing and then we can push Fellaini further up.

  89. Mental Strength

    “And why not get Capoue if he is available for 10-15m? We spent 12m on fucking Gervinho and another 12m on a kid (Ox).”

    Instead we are wasting time with Fellaini at £24m when we can solve our DM problems with Capoue £12m.

    Capoue- £12m
    Higuain/Jovetic- £26m
    Isco- £29m
    Rami- £11m

    Only £8m over our rumoured £70m budget…about what we’ll get for Bendy.

  90. AussieGooner

    @ NoMoreCesc spot on. But Ivan knows as does Wenger that the fans will keep buying the ticket’s.

  91. TitsMcgee

    Arsenal are thought to be keen to lure Fabregas back to the Emirates, while he has also been linked with a big-money move to Manchester United.

    But the 26-year-old dismissed talk of his departure by reiterating his desire to stay at the Camp Nou.

    “I’ve always said that I’m happy at Barca. Whoever says that I’m leaving doesn’t know me and has never spoken with me,” he said.

    “Nor with my agent, because he knows that I don’t want him to talk with other people about me. I’m very private and I don’t even talk about these things with my family.

    “If someone says anything that isn’t that I want to play at Barca, it’s completely absurd.”

  92. Keyser

    Jerwayne – That’s the thing, I’m not opposed to Fellaini especially, but if we buy him we’d still need another player, and then would either both be good enough to justify a starting role.

    Push Fellaini further forward, and who misses out ? Giroud ? Wilshere ? Podolski ? Cazorla ? Theo ? Arteta’s the one we should be looking to replace, and then add another versatile midfielder.

  93. Al


    (two transfer windows in each Barclays Premier League season.

    The first commences at midnight on the last day of the season and ends on 31 August if a working day – or, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.)

    I guess it is true and that face gives credence claim by @darrenarsenal that the club dont sign early when the players are on holiday as they dont want to pay dead wages and make a saving

  94. Leedsgunner

    Here’s an idea — forego the Imbula deal and plump the money on Fellani. In fact why don’t we throw in players whilst we’re at it. What about Ryo, Wellington and Joel Campbell? It’s not like they’ve played for us anyway?!?

  95. salparadisenyc

    Really setting our marker for intent by dithering on this Fellaini release clause.
    If we ever had an interest in Rooney, this type of press does not bode well for landing him as theirs history. A pattern we’ve now set with not being decisive off the pitch in our dealings and one can’t help but think it carries over into our play with Wenger not taking decisive action.

  96. PhilF

    Just some of the ‘bargains’ Wenger has purchased : Chamack, Santos, Squillachi, Gervinho….. Oh yes, I am brimming with confidence, as this summer it will be different….

  97. Keyser

    Jamster – Swap Wilshere for Cazorla on the first and second,have Cazorla wide,still need Fellaini to step up and improve on what he offers Everton, that’d be similar to what they have though.

  98. AussieGooner

    Can I ask all the season ticket holders on this blog. If AW does not buy the required qualideee that the fans are desperate for and the team requires to mount a true title challenge will you still purchase your season tickets

  99. Ashwin Gunner

    Wenger. You made even Pedro to lose his patience. 🙂

    If Wenger doesn;t buy players this time, i will be very happy that he will leave come next season.

    He is playing cheap. What will he get buy saving 2m on Fellani. He might sign for chelsea. Who already have good depth in their squad and who already are title contenders. We need a strong player like him. As it is clear that Cesc is not coming home we should snap Fellani.

    Common Wenger. sign players.