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Arsenal news is looking bleak this morning. Here’s my view on news. If your site has never contributed a genuine piece of original news to the World Wide Web, you shouldn’t be considered for the news section of Google. I don’t want to name names, but search it today and tell me what percentage of news sources you’d class as proper outlets?

I had to go to The Daily Mail to get my stories today. You know what I found? Theo Walcott doing his wife and saintly reputation proud by being a good boy in Vegas. For gods sake Theo, when are you going to man up and get amongst it. Vegas is about debauchery… as is earning £100k a week.

‘Theo eats a sandwich as he watches friends have fun’

Put the sandwich down Theo, put it down and have a serious word with yourself. George Best is rolling in his grave…

So, as you can see… I’m struggling today.

We could talk about Wanyama for a bit. The boy played a good ninety minutes against Barca, so he’s obviously off. Playing in Scotland minus a Rangers must be horrendous, so i don’t blame him at all. I’m just not convinced by his game. He’s not very disciplined and he’s only 21. Not the sort of signing I’d bundle in the progress bucket.

I wonder what was in Theo’s sandwich?

News around Europe is also pretty dry. Dortmund pulled the plug on Lewandowski’s dream to move to Bayern Munich. According to Raphael Honigstein, he’ll likely stay at Dortmund and go there on a free next summer as he has a deal with them. It’d be nice to think we could make him see the light and join us… but at the moment, seeing past the allure of Bayern must be tough….

Did he butter one side of the bread?

AC Milan have thrown the door open for Napoli to buy El Shaarawy. The young Milan striker has been impressive this season, though it has to be said, he did go on the record to turn down Manchester City a day ago. Still, it’s worth putting his name on a list… just because it’s a dull day.

There’s a story in The Times about Wayne Rooney and the fear he has around the United fans backlash next season. He’s also worried about where he figures in their plans. A positive story from an Arsenal perspevtive. For me, he’s killed it withy the United fanbase… just like Adebayor did the second time he started mouthing off. I just can’t understand how a player of 27 can make so many badly judged decisions. You’d seriously consider sacking your management team if you found yourself in the current mess he’s in.

Was the sandwich debauchee… two different kinds of meat perhaps?

Cesc has come out and poured cold water on the dreams of many Arsenal fans… he did however leave the door cracked.

“If Barcelona said that they didn’t want me, that would be another thing. But what I truly want is to triumph at Barcelona. That’s been my dream since I was a kid.”

This story is more complex than the one being laid on the table. There’s definitely a desire our side to make him an Arsenal player and there have been some flippant remarks Barca’s side about Cesc being allowed to go if he wants to. The deal is simple, if Cesc wants Arsenal he has to tell the world he only wants us. In exactly the same way he did to us. Whether that will happen is a different question altogether. Depends how desperate they are for cash…

If he’s not available, we should be tabling an £18m bid for Alcantara. The Spain Under 21 captain has a buyout clause we could activate. He’s a talent. If he really wants to move, we should put our names in the mixer.

That was a painful post to put together… I’m off for a Theo Club Sandwich buttered one side complimented by a plate of man up… catch you tomorrow.

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  1. SpanishDave

    Its much worse in Spain than the papers say. Offer what you want for players they have to listen. Inthe past 4 months over 3000 bank premises have been closed. This country is finished believe me I live here.

  2. Dan Ahern

    azed — Work against us? Yeah right. Believe it or not it’s pretty attractive to know the team is always in the CL.

  3. leon

    so far its just all talk i have yet to see any real signings nothing has realy changed this summer from the summer of the 6-7 years they talked good game people renewed season tickets that was the end of it.

  4. Bennydevito

    It’s quiet on here today so let’s do what we do best and speculate. Who are the teams that are currently managerless and what players from said clubs could we be after?

    Real Madrid – Higuain, Benzema?

    Man City – Tevez, Dzeko, Richards?

    Wigan – ?

    Bayern Munich (pep not yet in place) – Robben?

    Who else? Is ‘arry leaving Qpr? Ceaser, Remy?

    And what about clubs with recent appointments?

    Man utd – Rooney, Nani

    Chelsea – Torres? Mata? Luiz?

    Any of these really likely?

  5. salparadisenyc

    arsenal tomJune 12, 2013 17:05:15

    Spain vs Ireland in New York.
    Dan ponied up and went, I should of but the thought of seeing Cesc and Mata would of triggered something negative, coupled with bitchy lady in my life.

    Anger fucking management needed!

  6. Bennydevito

    Apparently also Ba maybe surplus to requirements and we’re apparently looking at him for around 9mil. If so – why didn’t we get him for 7mil in January?

  7. Rohan

    Giroud is probably better than Ba. Doesn’t say too much though.
    i think Giroud represents a decent second choice striker. I like that he’s willing to fight it out. He’s a useful guy to have around.

  8. Jeff

    Here is the Arsenal squad – all 67 of them plus any on loan. Apart from maybe half a dozen, the rest are just freeloading nobodies with no talent and no prospect of improving to anything like we need. It’s just a huge waste of resources getting us nowhere.

    37.Henderson C

  9. Rohan

    hahahaha “all 67 of them”

    All the shirt numbers aren’t used lol.
    I thought our squad is around 40?

    The following players were released:
    Arshavin, Andrey
    Bihmoutine, Samir
    Charles-Cook, Reice Jordan
    Denilson, Pereka Neves
    Eastmond, Craig Leon
    Hajrovic, Sead
    Henderson, Conor Alan
    Meade, Jernade Ronnel
    Oldfield Spence-Neita, Nigel Paul
    Rees, Joshua David
    Roberts, Philip James
    Shea, James
    Squillaci, Sebastien
    Watt, Herschel Oulio Sanchez

    That’s around 15. So not allowing for those who will be promoted, we have a core of 25 or so.

  10. Rohan

    What do you want a 15-man squad? We’ve gotten rid of a lot of the dead wood. Bendtner looks set to join Arshavin, Squid and Denilson. JD20 looks to complete a permanent signing as well.

    The remaining 5-10 youngsters are promising talents like Gnabry Akpom and Eisfeld. We’ve freed up a lot of space on our wage bill to pay top money to big players. It’s a huge step in the right direction imo.

    Our squad is a lot leaner. We need to supplement it with 4 or so first team players as everyone’s been talking about. (a striker, 2 midfielders, and a GK/CB or both) .That should give us reasonable depth. Assuming players like Ramsey progress further we should have competition for places in most positions. We need to look for quality now.

  11. Jeff


    I don’t take much comfort from that because to be happy about finishing above Spurs is really a very low standard of achievement (for me). Where are our PL titles and FA cups? Where are our CL finals? Where are our invincibles and doubles? We are lost in a sea of perpetual mediocrity borne of Wenger & Co’s insistence that fourth is enough. I still can’t get over those pictures of him running around St James’ Park like a headless chicken celebrating his arse off pretending we’d actually won something; so, so pathetic and embarrassing.

    But I do admire your ability to take comfort from even the tiniest of positives that came out of last season and also your insatiable optimism. It’s a good trait to have.

  12. bazza


    Your comment re Fabregas “Why would he return if his heart wasnt in it?”

    I really think you don’t get it. Why would he return? I’ll tell you:

    1. Cesc is having a crap time at Barca – no regular first team place and some of the fans have turned on him.
    2. We would pay him more than he earns at Barca.
    3. He has positive history in London.

    But none of this means that he would die for the cause if he re-joins us, especially as he has made clear that his first choice is to stay at Barca.

    Your logic is that if he re-joins us, then by definition he would be 100% committed is naive.

  13. Jeff

    Thanks Kwik.

    You know every day the first news page I go to is the Arsenal page on BBC. If there is something on that, you can be nearly 99% certain that it’s true. All the rest of the news outlets are just stirring the proverbial trying to score cheap clicks.

    If you ask me I can honestly tell you that I have absolutely zero confidence we’ll get this season the sort of players that we need to mount a challenge. Sure he might buy one or two but they won’t be what you and I would consider top class and they certainly won’t be any of those linked to us for days and weeks. It’s usually someone that feels like a bolt out of the blue and we will all desperately try our best to believe we have bought game changes or title challengers

  14. Doublegooner

    At 5.55 tonight the Arsenal Box office called me to ask if I was renewing my 2 season tickets.

    Not the best time to have called as my accountant was here breaking some negative news.

    I told them I needed extra time to pay & they accepted it.

    I told them I was going to Spain to sign to big players cos Wenger & Gazidas hadn’t got a clue. The girl on the phone laughed.

    Our mugs think we’re cash rich. I’m bloody sure they’ll spend all summer dithering around praying a couple of big players will join & no one will.

    We’ll end up with a couple of usual Wenger nobodies.

  15. Doublegooner


    Maybe things aren’t going as he would have hoped. But coming back to us may not be an option as it would be a backward step playing for Wenger, yet Utd may not want to pay the reported amount with all the add ons.

    He might as well stay there and fight for his place.

  16. sam

    This place is full of fantasists,
    Wenger won’t take fabregas back, he has grudge of a crocodile.
    there are also many reasons why Cesc will not come back to arsenal, we are more crap than when he left us. not playing everyweek doesn’t mean he’s unhappy.
    he’s playing for a bigger club now and doesn’t get injured much like he used to.
    why would he come back to play 50+ games a season ?

  17. Doublegooner


    We’ll still be saddled with plenty of expensive deadwood come August. You reckon Hannover are gonna buy Djourou then continue paying him £60k a week. Thats just one example.

    What bright spark recommended he had another contract 18 months back !

  18. bazza

    I don’t know why so many are desperate for Fabregas to re-join. Yes he has obvious skill but he is slow and always reverts to his comfort zone, which is to play far too deep. Neither holding MF and not quick enough to play in the hole. For me Corzola is the better player.

  19. Goongoonergone

    Those of you who were wetting your pants about a Cesc Fabregas return to us. These are his words: “If Barcelona said that they didn’t want me, that would be another thing. But what I truly want is to triumph at Barcelona. That’s been my dream since I was a kid.”
    I been saying all this time. Why are you so desperate for him to come to us when he is desperate to stay at his DNA club?
    He ain’t got Arsenal blood in him even if he played for us and like I said, if he is as good as he thinks he is, let him prove himself amidst all the competition there.
    I certainly don’t want him at Arsenal.

  20. Boozy

    Every player needs an excuse to leave his beloved club ala suarez.

    Messi may have just found the perfect excuse to leave barca next season, when all this tax crap settles down.

    The boy has won everything winnable with them, and should be looking for another challenge – in the best league in the world.

    So this – our entire next 2 years transfer money on one player.

    £150mil, 350kpw.

    Messi No. 7 arsenal legend.

  21. Boozy


    Clear as day – not a drop in my system(ok maybe just little).

    But Just watch that space, it may sound incredulous now, but I see messi moving on next season.

  22. Jeff


    So I understand (or at the very least I’m willing to take your word for it) but unless we have serious class coming in (regardless of who goes out), we will struggle to get into top four like we’ve been doing all these years. It also begs the question as to why we hoarded so much useless junk in the first place and more to the point are we going to replace it with other junk or class? What does your insight tell you? I know what mine is saying.

  23. Bennydevito


    I don’t doubt that Messi could move as a result of his tax avoidance but to us? Can’t see it. It’ll be to Monaco or Man City or Man utd. Never us.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    My insight tells me that “Apart from maybe HALF A DOZEN, the rest are just freeloading nobodies with no talent and no prospect of improving to anything like we need. ” is incorrect 😉

  25. Jeff


    You find the best pictures. My favourite one was that of Wenger in the centre and all the other managers around him pointing at him with the caption: “who hasn’t won the Champions League”. That one was just hilarious.

  26. TitsMcgee

    Offloading the dross is a step in the right direction for the club.

    Who we replace them with will be the important step though.

    Go and replace them with more “potential” and it’ll be pointless because we’d basically just reset the whole issue of being tied-up with a hefty wage-bill on crap players.

  27. Jeff


    That is absolutely right. What people forget is that over the last decade there has been a steady exodus but also an influx of players who haven’t quite lived up to expectation. Our problem is that there has been much more of the latter than the former and that is because of two reasons:

    1. We don’t buy class
    2. Whatever class we do have, we sell

    Do you really see any evidence that this is all about to take a 180 degree turn? Of course not; it’s just wishful thinking.

  28. Jeff


    Yes, I saw that one as well. These Photoshop people are very skilled aren’t they? I love the way they gave Wenger a serious face staring at Rooney while he stuffs his one with chips.

  29. Keyser

    Nothing wrong with potential, it’s being able to see the players fulfill it that’s problematic.

    People go on about the wagebill or the dross, it doesn’t really matter, we could be as efficient as we like, if others teams do similar we’ll still fall short.

    We’re in a pretty precarious position now, we might have money but replacing dross isn’t the problem it’s finding players that will match what Fabregas or Van Persie gave us. Which is why Gazidis’s comments are irrelevant, all that counts are his, Wenger’s and the clubs actions.

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Because the overall quality of the team and the style of play wasn’t good enough to get any higher over the course of the season. That doesn’t equate to your statement though. I’m sure we have some freeloaders, Chamakh jumps very quickly to mind, but the ones that aren’t good enough are often just honest pros.

  31. TitsMcgee

    “Do you really see any evidence that this is all about to take a 180 degree turn? Of course not; it’s just wishful thinking.”

    Would like to be proven wrong and hope to be but still cynical.

  32. TitsMcgee

    If we get rid of the nothing players and only replace them with other “project/non-established” players it gets us nowhere.

    We can’t afford to wait another 5-6 years for players to “come good”.

    Especially since Wenger has been missing quite frequently these days.

  33. Jeff

    Keyser, yes, I agree with all of that. But where you say “finding players that will match what Fabregas or Van Persie gave us” implies we have to spend serious money on world class players.

    We cannot hope to find them on the cheap. Perhaps we’ll get lucky with one every now and again (like Cazorla for example) but that only happens very infrequently. We have to spend big on big players – I can’t see any other way round it. Unfortunately it’s not in our MO to sign world class players and pay world class prices.

  34. Jeff


    The definition of a freeloader is someone who doesn’t earn their keep. A tiny collection of players keep the club going and the rest are only there for the ride. They add nothing and are happy for the most part to keep going like that for as long as possible. Chamakh is but an extreme example of a huge set of players that belong in that category.

    We came fourth because of the small set of players that managed to pull it off. If the squad was infused with more talent and therefore we could call on stronger replacements when required and rotate with more confidence, of course we could challenge but our options are very limited – as you know.

  35. TitsMcgee


    The only reason we got Cazorla as cheaply as we did is because Malaga were in financial dire straits. He was hardly unknown outside of England. He featured for Spain frequently and was often first choice before Mata off the bench.

    Pelligrini was aghast that they let him go to us so cheaply.

    I agree with you as well though.

    The days of striking gold with cheap signings is just about over. It’ll happen way too infrequently for it to be worth the time and money it’ll take to wait 5-6 years for them to “realize” their potential.

    Again Wenger has been missing on these cheap players rather frequently these days as well.

  36. Keyser

    “5-6 years to come good” – “We cannot hope to find them on the cheap”

    That’s the position we’re in, whether you want to accept it or not, we either buy potential that we hope rises to a Fabregas level of efficiency or find someone like Cazorla who is relatively expensive but is worth every last penny.

    Our competitors don’t care about dross or paying over the odds, they spend more money on transfers and wages, and waste more to, we have to find a way to bridge the gap.

    Like Cazorla, or Wilshere/Ox

    Higuain for example his past five years his best goals to games ratio was in 2009-10 he scored 29 goals from 40 appearances, last season he got 19 goals in 44 apearances, the more money we spend on him the closer he has to be to performing at his standard from 2-3 years ago.

  37. Keyser

    “The days of striking gold with cheap signings is just about over.”

    Well, then unless we get pretty jammy, we’re screwed.

    Wenger’s missing out on them because they’re just far harder to find, and we’ve needed more and more to compete. It really is that simple.

  38. Jeff


    That is why the whole outlook is so depressing. If we keep to the same policy of steadily weeding out the dross only to be replace with more “potential”, there’s no telling how long it’s going to take before we challenge for anything serious. Indeed we might actually never reach that point if we keep to this way of doing things.

    We need the board and manager to quit talking and start doing. It’s no good Gazidis talking in parables (i.e. giving hints and sharing our disappointment) if once he goes back to his office it’s business as usual (which is what I suspect). They need to take a serious look at the way the last eight years have gone and address all the issues that scupper our season before it has even begun.

    Titles are won and lost during the summer window and as usual we are probably playing the gazing game and pretending we’re actually busy bidding for players. How many more times are they going to try and trick us with this nonsense?

  39. dialsquare

    Wenger has made over 100 transfer signings at Arsenal since 1996 and only 20 have been quality signings and out of those 20 only 6 or 7 players have proven their worth to the Club.

  40. TitsMcgee

    This club needs to go out and pay for what they want/need and NOT try to find a diamond in the rough. That’s the point.

    No need to fill the entire squad with guys that are/were cheap and HOPE that they turn into star players. Need to go out and GET SOME STARS and pay market value for them.

    That doesn’t mean go out and spend 25 million for every position but the other extreme is what Wenger has been doing himself.

    Guys like Giroud and Podolski have roles to play at the club but would best serve the club as squad players.

    IF we are truly interested in Higuain go get him and pay Madrid what they want(within reason of course you don’t go spend 50 million on him). If they want 25 million pay 25 million. Don’t come in with 21 million with Djorou and tell them they are lucky to get that offer.

    In 2013 your transfer fee record is 15 million? You are going to be exactly where we find ourselves. Fighting for 4th on the last day of the year.

  41. Keyser

    “within reason of course”

    Mate, your two values there are 25 million and 50 million. I don’t see what’s wrong with 21 million.

    We’ve bought Gervinho, Ox, Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla, Monreal in the past few windows. All decent prices, all below the fee Chelsea will end up paying for Lukaku or United for Zaha before being loaned back.

    We’re going to get nowhere simply paying what clubs want outright, we have to be smart, this isn’t hard, the teams above us couldn’t care less, I wouldn’t mind a young Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie running around with what we have now.

  42. Harry Redknapp

    if we offloaded all the dross we would have to join a 5 a side league. i dont think we would have 11. have we signed anyone yet? no il be back in a week then.

  43. Harry Redknapp

    i wouldnt call edu a flop. he was a man of his word, arsenal run his contract down, he made an agreement elsewhere. it was them being tight. both him and reyes achieved in their time. the flop part was them moving on?

  44. sam

    If I have to pick between Cesc and fellaini,
    fantasists forgot that we stopped winning when we cut down the size of our midfield.
    even with Cesc we used to struggle with crap players like fletcher bullying us.
    It will be emotional signing but he’s not really what we need

  45. sam

    I get confused everytime I log in here.
    It makes me feel like the transfer window is already opened and we haven’t signed anyone.
    I am sure we will sign some players, you guys have to be patient.
    Diaby cannot be counted as new signing for the third time, surely wenger is not that stupid. all the crap players are leaving i read that bendtner found a club and hope its true. now chamakh and djourou, I am sure that they won’t be traveling to asia to occupy plane seat for nothing.
    with all of them gone this summer wenger won’t use them to say we ave ze big squad he will have to bring at least 5 new faces.

  46. Crusaderrabbit

    Hands up who genuinely believes Wenger is going to change his ways and sign at least the three top class players (£20m +) the club needs to start seriously challenging for the title (and just as importantly players the fans deserve). Anyone on here still think that and willing to put their name to it………

  47. sam

    I also heard that gervinho is wanted in france. we should let him go and replace him with a better player.
    Hopefully we will start the reason with new look squad. 5 new first teamers (I hope they are not typical wenger’s signings).
    promote 3 kids possibly gnabry,eisfeld and miyaichi.

  48. Harry Redknapp

    wenger aint gonna sign no one. he only buys from selected agnets, he is all about his cut ,twice as bad as george graham. same reason the same cunts get payrises year in year out and spend 90% of their days on the treatment table.

  49. Crusaderrabbit

    …..or who thinks he might sign one player for more than £15m (maybe Higuain) and maybe a couple of lower priced options (Grenier, Caesar) just enough to keep the club treading water and to say he has spent some funds…..anyone?

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Giroud gobbing off

    I really hope Wenger hasn’t given him some promise about next year and that we’re all going to end up fucked with the same frontline come August!

  51. Crusaderrabbit

    ….or who thinks he’ll do what he always does which is completely ignore what everyone’s knows he should do and carry on refusing to spend a penny more than he seems fit, focussing on youth players, bargains and dross no-one else wants, like the last God knows how many summers… anyone for that option?

  52. sam


    20 millions on one player, I doubt it.
    I am sure he’s shopping list is full of players out of contract or one year left on their contract. or player with buyout clause, cheap french players.
    I don’t think he will spend in the open market. If you are smart you should rule out Higuain because wenger is not going to pay what real madrid want. trop cher mon ami, trop trop cher!!

  53. Crusaderrabbit

    Pretty much agree although part of me thinks he will break his spend record on a player just to show he can. But it will do eff all to take the club to another level

  54. sam


    Zaha is a gooner but top young players these day know that arsenal is not a place to go. starting with paul pogba.
    wenger still keeps the reputation of grooming youg players in the media. the reality is the opposite. he’s ruining young players.
    Chamberlain is a full england internation and hardly get a place on the bench WTF would Zaha join us? only to warm the bench for Gervinho and ramsey.

  55. sam

    Perhaps you have to blame the management:
    young players we sign don’t turn good
    mature players we sign turn into shit ( arshavin, squillaci, chamakh, gervinho etc…)
    you just have to wonder if gareth bale was going to make any difference.
    one side of me saying it doesn’t really matter who we sign we still gonna be crap.

  56. malaga gooner



  57. Dan Ahern

    Give Higuain some time. Unless Juve rush in there with a £26m cheque, Madrid will wait until they can bring in another striker like Suarez. Then Higuain will be free to go and the haggling can begin.

    If David Dein were still around he’d probably call up Señor Perez and say, “Don’t sell to Juventus. I’ll match whatever they offer,” to comfortably stall the move for all parties. As it is now, we need to pray the meeting between Higuain Sr. and AW really took place so we’re still at the table.

  58. leon

    I have noticed a lot of the big talk have come around just when the season ticket holders are due for renewal but I am not convinced not all I smell a opinion has not changed not one bit if this team are going to have any success then major chances are needed starting from the will be very interesting to see if they actually put some action behind these words for once

  59. mahessar


    The club don’t need to do anything to attract ST renewals, you’d be surprised at how many people are waiting in line to jump on opportunity of getting their hands on a ST.

    Many bloggers believe this summer is the time of change so I think we might do something but would it be enough to match United City or Chelsea? I don’t think so.

  60. Rohan

    lol not enough stamina? That’s the single worst reason to not rate Fellaini. You could have said passing, tackling,vision, absolutely anything, even his backlift!

    Gathered from around the web:

    Fellaini’s first love was track, with the 10,000 metres being his preferred event.[5] As a child he would run to school while his classmates used to make their daily journey by bus or car.

    Fellaini’s stats last season were just ridiculous, from distance covered to passes to tackles. The 190 occasions he won possession in midfield compared with 164 by Alex Song, No 2 in the chart.

    Everton player covered more distance than the 130 miles Fellaini devoured last season, completed more passes (821) or made more tackles (87).

    Fellaini’s unquestionable talent is in terms of his physical stature and aggression to win the ball back from opponents. As shown below, he makes a tackle every 30minutes which is the most of any midfielder at the club. Fellaini is very much the club’s number one presser; the curly haired general is ranked 6th highest central midfielder for tackles in the league (63), and makes more fouls per game (2.4 ) in the top flight. He is also joint top with Blackburn’s N’Zonzi in the top flight for aerial duels won by a central midfielder. Due to his physique he offers great protection when he wins the ball and is capable of shielding it securely so if you don’t get to the ball first opponents are best served by standing off him and narrowing the angle for the pass.

    Fellaini’s athleticism is there for all to see; he is in the top 1% of midfielders in terms of energy and distance covered during matches. He has the 4th highest average distance run per game in the top flight, clocking up a whopping 6.65 miles per match. His notable marathon matches this season include 7.5 miles in the derby defeat and 7mile+ outings in the away games at Man City and Fulham.

    I think he’s an amazing presser and his weaknesses will be masked and his strengths amplified in a team like ours where he’ll have a lot of possession.

  61. Rohan

    If anything I’d be worried about his passing. He’s probably good value for 10 goals from midfield as well. Useful on corners also

  62. Rohan

    Bit of a Song-esque penchant of giving away a lot of fouls in midfield though. Also I imagine refs will be a bit harsh on him because of his size and awkwardness.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    We want someone on the cheap….never!!!

    That is Gazidis/Wenger’s get out jail card. If you listen to Ivan’s language.

    ‘We’re prepared to spend big….BUT…we won’t pay over the odds for a player, Wenger decides transfer values.’

    SO, we bid £20 Million for Higuain, (big-ish bid) but we know Real want £25 Million and we have no intention of going that high ergo we know that we will NEVER have to spend that money.

    That is what this summer will be.

    ‘We tried to make big moves but in the end were priced out by an over-inflated market due to teams with unrealistic transfer budgets and limitless spend.’

    That exactly, or to the tune of that is what we will hear come our first humiliation in August/Early September either to a minnow at home, or a big boy away or Spurs home/away….I promise you now.

    Be like me going into a Lambo dealership, offering £100 000 for a £200 000 car and the guy not budging and me then trying to act like a big shot to my mates saying ‘well, I tried to give the guy a 100 G’s but he wouldn’t take it’…totally safe in the knowledge he would never accept that £100 000 and I would NEVER have to pay it…Arsenal FC encapsulated.

  64. dialsquare


    You don’t have to bombard us with stats to prove a point, we know he’s a good player, i just think Wenger hasn’t the wherewithal to buy him.

  65. Keyser

    Rohan – Don’t make him your new pet project, watch the video for the Shakhtar goals, people were raving about how much ground Arteta covered last year, or how many tackles we’d made as a team to begin this year.

    It’s not stamina per se, he’s 6ft 3,4,5 ? and large, it’s mobility, agility, and pace, his passing’s ok nothing special, but for me we lack those 3 ingredients in our midfield, bar Diaby no-one rampages forward with any real purpose, and including Diaby no-ones quick enough to get back if we lose the ball and make it count.

    You leave Fellaini isolated he becomes a bit like Mertesacker, we need a midfield version of Koscielny, Vermaelen, and no I don’t think either would convert well.

    On top of that Wilshere, Rosicky, Cazorla, only really work in a midfield 3, not one is dominant enough to hold his own against all comers.

  66. Keyser

    CA – Cazorla was value for 16 million, they were willing to pay that, or 10 for Podolski, 12 or Giroud, 13 for the Ox, 8 for Monreal.

    Higuain’s over-rated all players are, it’s completely pointless for us to pay over the odds unless we think there’s enough long term gain, at what point would you stop bidding ? Because there has to be a cut-off point.

  67. Rohan

    Disagree keyser. He is no per. He is as quick as say Ramsey and definitely quicker than Arteta. He is just ungainly.
    He is definitely mobile enough. Ofcourse he is not essien reincarnated but then again I think we aren’t looking to play a lire FM. The other two midfielders will naturally have to share defensive responsibility. He presses the ball fantastically well and is

  68. Rohan

    His upper body strength compensates for his agility to an extent. I’d be worried about his passing range. Think he is positionally aware as well.

    I meant play with 1 dm earlier.

  69. Dan Ahern

    Imagine this:





    Ok back to depression.

  70. dialsquare

    Fellaini is better player than:
    Gilberto Silva

  71. Klauspoppe

    Willians Domingos Fernandes

    Both Brazilian and like for like replacement of Diaby except their legs aren’t made of straw.

  72. reality check

    F**k it I’ve changed my mind. Back to what I originally thought.

    Bun him. F dat shit. New information. Change of stance. Revert to type.

    F**k daaaat!!

    Cesc AppealJune 12, 2013    22:06:52

    Giroud gobbing offI really hope Wenger hasn’t given him some promise about next year and that we’re all going to end up fucked with the same frontline come August!


    I salute you sir.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t stop bidding for the sake of £5 Million.

    For example if we want Jovetic and we think he’s worth £20 Million, they want £35 Million then that is understandable…that’s a bit of a jump.

    But an extra £5 Million, or an extra £2 Million for Fellaini, an extra £2 Million for Mata blah blah

  74. Johnty79

    The dream team…

    Nasri/nani benteke/baa. Walcott

    Wilshere /coupoute strootman/Felaini. Cazorla

    Gibbs/Montreal mert/sakho. Verm/koz. Sagna/jenks


    Title winners I have no doubt.

  75. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    I have a signed away shirt from the ‘Invincibles’ team, including the manager. Bergy, Titi, Freddie, PV4, Big Sol and all the rest. Seems like ages ago now, but cool, eh?

    When will we ever have an Arsenal team like that again? With such strength and power mixed with technical brilliance few could match.

    Imma try selling the shirt for £20k. Lets see if some middle eastern fanatic will bye >___< If not, it will hang on the wall in its frame forever. Well, until I die.

    If we could just effin buy Gundogan, Isco, Handanovic & Jovetic/ Higuain we'd be sorted for a long effin time with the talent already on the books.

    Grow a pair will ya BoD, christ.