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Transfer stories are the same as yesterday, bar a story from a certain publication trying to fob off a photoshopped image of Fellaini in an Arsenal shirt as real. I know a click isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but when your sole objective is driving revenue from dishonest reporting rather than delivering something of interest to fans… well, it hacks me off. The same site declared later that day we were in advanced talks for Ba…

Anyway, I watched some under 21 games yesterday. I caught the highlights of Italy smashing Israel. Plenty of bad keeping in that game. Plenty of classy looking Italian players as well.

Then I jumped on board Spain vs Germany in the evening. So much talent in the Spanish squad. Alcantara impressive player, Isco looks and absolute superstar and the striker from Benfica whose name alludes me looked handy as well (Rodrigo?). Ginter, of Frieberg started the game at the back. He looked pretty handy playing at centre back, keeping Spain at bay… Kind of. Only a late goal by Madrid’s super sub Morata split the sides (after Ginter moved into midfield)… yet more bad keeping at fault.

What I found I interesting was the depth these sides had. Most players were first team for their clubs. Most were sublimely talented and they all worked really hard for the cause. For me, Chamberlain should have been out there. We’ve a fairly snobby approach to this tournament which is pretty weak considering how bad we are as a nation when it comes to international football.

I can understand dropping a player like Jack when he’s dropped 50 senior games… but not Chamberlain… He’d have benefitted hugely from being the star. Just my opinion of course… I might even have thrown in Gibbs if I was safe in the knowledge he wouldn’t explode into a puff of dust through his mammoth 29 game season.

This evening there’s a Q&A with Ivan Gazidis at the club which I’m hoping to get to. I’m not sure how this one is going to pan out. The questions are prevetted, which gives room for slick answers. The reason the club give is that when the questions are thrown open to the floor, things get pushed in one direction… which is true. You let a group of fans ask questions they haven’t thought about and you’d be amazed at the level of question thrown out. Gazidis does normally take a few unscripted questions, so let’s hope it’s a productive evening… and it’s important to remember that I think only Everton have supporters meetings with the CEO (which, after the fans leaked off the record details, the club cancelled).

I’m sure most of the focus will be around players and who we’re bringing in. I’d imagine he’ll tell us the same things he’s been telling the press… we’ll go big if the right player agrees to join. I did read somewhere that Higuain’s girlfriend works for the BBC in London… which might be a sway over Juventus. We’ll see though… like I’ve said all summer, we’re not selling a finished product, we’re selling a dream. A dream that will come with a lot of cash. But a dream all the same.

Right, not a lot else to report on. Enjoy the day and tune into my Twitter feed this evening for some serious live tweeting. Click follow below to join the party.

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  1. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I’m afraid Kiyoshi is right

    same ol BS

    To be fair Tom you actually started on Kiyoshi’s Dad for no reason.

  2. dialsquare

    If Man Utd and Arsenal were on a par financially in wages how many World class players would choose Utd over Arsenal ?
    Answer : Not one single quality player would go to United.

  3. northern gooner

    Good night pal and thanks I will enjoy my summer.

    Thanks for the heads up I will watch my back.

  4. AA23

    Kyoshi Ito is SDE ,the most boring poster on here.
    Why does he keep saying Gazidis said all that yesterday?
    Thick cunt

  5. Paddy got up

    “We can’t imagine Arsenal without Wenger. And we already view him as a champion”
    What more can anyone say. The bloke is saying the truth. What he’s really saying is ” we want Wenger here for ever, as he’s a champion of making us more money !

  6. Keyser

    Yeah, but I got the key quote in.

    This is going to send shockwaves across the blogosphere. They’ve given the nod, ffs, THE nod.

  7. afturburn

    I imagine its quite a difficult line that Ivan has to toe, seeing how the Wenger issue has been so polarizing. He’s doing a good job of putting pressure on the manager without putting on a #WengerOut shirt. Wenger may be as useful as a chamber pot, but for some reason a great majority of Arsenal fans still support him. I suppose the club don’t want to upset all those folks, understandably so.

  8. Keyser

    Selling Robin was one of the most difficult decisions that we as a club have had to make,” he continued.

    “I respect the views of those who say we should have held him to his contract and let it play out. I understand that and we thought very hard about doing that.

    “The important thing to understand about this, whether you agree with it or not – and I accept it is difficult to agree with – is that the motivation was never about trying to pocket £24m.

    “The motivation was thinking responsibly about how we could develop the team and move forward, while understanding the reality of the choices we had with Robin – none of which were good, all of them were bad.

    “So the decision was made with the best interests of the club at its heart.

    “Clearly, seeing the way the season has panned out it hurts – it hurts me as it hurts all of you to see Robin scoring goals in a Manchester United shirt. I don’t feel good about that.”

  9. Dannyboy

    haha Keyser, there wasn’t even a quote in the whole fucking article that’s the point. Shameless bullshitting bastards just make up a load of bollocks and don’t have anything to back it up

  10. luke

    I wish we would just cough up 35 million for Suarez and 35 (17.5=song) 0 for Cesc. Maybe grab a CDM while were at it. It’s not like were that short on numbers, we just need a few world class players.

  11. mystic

    Jesus Untold Arsenal has really lost the plot – thought Untold and ANR were equally crap, but even Myles Palmer is beginning to give the pretence of being more sane than Walter Broeckx.

  12. sam

    Whats the obsession with Cesc fabregas?
    Hello! he left arsenal for lack of ambition and you think he will come back again when he can see we are only signing kids.
    Plus, if he’s available Barca would want at least 30 millions for him. I don’t see le crocodile breaking our transfer record for someone who stabbed him in the back.
    If we are bidding for Cesc could only to raise his fee so wenger and gadizis can enjoy another payday. even better if PSG or Monaco pay like 50 millions.
    please stop fantasising, wenger is not signing Cesc and the feeling is mutual he’s not coming to celebrate 4th place trophy.

  13. Jeff


    Thanks for putting that link up. It simply confirms what most of us knew anyway with the Q&A excerpts. Basically, next season will be more of the same. No superstars will be coming to help us. Wenger has full control and will be given another extension to his contract so that we can have another four years of fourth. Razors and wrists at the ready!

  14. Jeff

    “I am happy that Wenger is there,” said Mourinho at his unveiling at Stamford Bridge.

    Of course! We are even more innocuous than ever before. Why shouldn’t you like him?

    While I’m on the subject of Mourinho I will stick my neck out this season and say he’s not going to make the kind of impact he did during his first stint at Chelsea. I say this by applying simple logic. Last season, he had one of the best teams in the world; peppered with superstars all over the pitch and won nothing. What makes anyone think he’s going to walk all over PL just because he’s managing Chelsea for a second time nine years hence?

    Chelsea are beginning to exhibit the same symptoms as us; i.e. showing signs of trying to turn the clock back with a manager that has past it.

  15. Abdulla


    Mourinho is past it? I highly doubt that. I used to really hate him, but I came to like his passion and honesty. It’s a shame that people actually believe the spanish media and players, when it’s obvious how biased and dumb they are. I’ve lost any respect I still had for Real Madrid after what they did to Mourinho.

    While I would really love Arsenal to win something, I’m pretty sure Mourinho will rule England once again next season.

  16. Jeff


    Whatever Real Madrid did or didn’t do to him, none of it explains why he won nothing with them last season. He’s obviously going to do his best to rekindle whatever he had in his first tenure but I highly doubt he will be able to repeat it. His cockiness has gone and he looked somewhat broken in that interview. Maybe you’re right but you know what they say: lightening never strikes twice in the same place.

  17. reality check


    Dialsquare isn’t new

    After the 8-2 even keyser was ready to protest

    Doublegooner was/is a serious guy

    Why isn’t ian wright involved with the youth set up
    He’s a certified mentor.

    Literally, and I mean literally everything the board/wenger have said recently, they have said previously.

    The only difference is the fact that the money which has always been there, has now been confirmed and reaffirmed by gazidis.

    **Oli is our main CF**

    I’ve read some old posts and comments from the days I wasn’t involved. 2011 aug 28th.
    Do some of you realize you have gone through this all before exactly as you are now?
    Of course you do, so what happen to the protest and or voicing your opinions?

    Wenger denied an approach for arteta.
    Do you remember that shit?!?

    Nobody wrote “what about poldi, per or santi” but that’s who we got.

    Oh yeah **szchcney is our main GK**

  18. Paddy got up

    Morning all.
    Have we bought anyone yet?
    Has Wenger gone yet?
    Has Gazides been sacked yet?
    Has the Syrip sold out yet?

    Thought not. Going to have a shave and a wank then go to work then!!’

  19. MarsBar

    On the Arteta comment. In a bar in Melbourne I met a scouser, after abusing Wenger for as many minutes such and such.

    Anyway after a discussion he pointed out that Wenger did want the Arteta deal, he pushed it through right to the death it was the board that didn’t want to pay the money for him due to his injury record. I said it was bullshit. Argued for hours.

    But he was adamant it was true apparently his ex girlfriend was good mates with Arteta even he himself saw him for years down the line (he’s Liverpool) said was proper cool guy. His ex misses was even round the house leading up to the transfer. And he was told how Arteta was getting wound up if leaving or staying.

    All with a pinch of salt but in a hazy night do remember the fella showing me a picture at his house or something. With that my temper and attitude shutting right up. Who knows who knows.

    For now gazidos and Wenger are still cunts…..