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Good morning everyone… it feels like groundhog morning. Every day I wake up, look at the newsfeed and it’s the same stories clogging up the same places. So really, there’s not a whole lot I can bring to this post.

Silly story of the day goes to The Mail who have plucked a load of desirable players out of thin air to make up a sensational back page story. They’ve run with Arsenal spending £64m on Bender, Higuain and Gundogan. I really can’t see us pulling anyone away from Dortmund, they can’t sell their whole squad. I don’t really have a view on Bender. The Hig part of the story feels like the only part that might have a hint of reality.

Outside that story… Jovetic has gone on record about wanting Juve. Good for him. He needs to move on sharpish so I can stop writing about him. Juve are going crazy this summer. They already have Llorente, they’re pushing for Tevez… they gots cash.

Demba Ba is rumoured to be on his way out of Chelsea… they’re looking at Mario Gomez as his replacement… another good player who has been overlooked this summer by everyone.

Rumours are flying around the web that Barca need to sell Cesc to purchase new players. Apparently Thiago is preferred to our favourite Spaniard. There are strong rumours that United want him for £40m… but that would still leave Barca £10m out of pocket due to the 50% sell on clause we have in place. Imagine that, making £20m without having to sell a player? Amusing. But sad at the same time because United would have another of our captains!

Nik Bendtner has been telling the press 5-6 clubs are interested in him… yeah, of course they are… Like last season eh? He’s another player that shocks me. He genuinely believed he was on track to be the greatest striker on the planet. Now he’s pissing around trying to save his £52k a week deal. Where’s the ambition?

That’s me out… have a good day!

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  1. Kushagra

    Don’t agree with you on Reus, he is world class whereas Theo is on the cusp . Better dribbler, reader, touch, finisher . If he becomes available he’ll attract the top clubs from Europe whereas for Theo only the English will come I’m afraid.. Most importantly he will start for Germany not sure about Theo & England..

  2. Mayank

    “I assume both are kept in the team to do “similar” things but similarity ends there and then.”

    That’s the point. Reus despite have much better control and touch does not make any more dribbles or significantly more passes. There are player in Dortmund who can do that. He is in the team to provide something different. Which is my point about Walcott v/s Chelsea’s MF in the first place.

  3. Kushagra

    IMO Sturridge has a higher ceiling than Theo, much more skillful. Not against Theo he does an okay job for us & will only improve, most importantly scores in big games.

  4. Marko

    Look Walcott had a great season and is seemingly a 15-20ish goal a season wideman which most elite would love to have. That can’t be debated. United would love him over say Valencia or even Young cause of that fact. Spurs would take him over Lennon, Liverpool would over Downing, Chelsea would over Moses and Marin. He is good not amazing and if he kicks on from last season it’ll be amazing. But in no way is he close to Marco Reus. Theo’s faster sure, they both are pretty good finishers but Reus is more skillfull and got the better touch.

  5. Relieable sauce

    Just seeing Reus in the RM game was enough to see he has more intelligence & a better tactical awareness. 24 though older than i thought.
    I loved the way he was up for challenging Ramos after the treatment he gave Lewandowski.

  6. Mayank

    So Hazard and Oscar could’ve chosen to play like Walcott and score and assist more than they did but decided not to.

    You don’t score 14 and assist 10 in the PL from a wide position by having no skills.

  7. Mayank


    Sturridge might be the best prospect for England right now but his attitude is nowhere near the best.

    Delightful player to watch when on fire though.

  8. Kidd

    You dont need 11 W.C players on the pitch to win Epl.Manure is a good testmony to that they won the epl with players like cleverly and valencia as regulars in their team.theo is is not wc but is good enough to start for afc provied he is surronded more quality players to complement.perhaps pple expect too much from theo .he is not the talisman most pple expect him to be and he will never be

  9. vicky


    I meant that both Walcott and Reus are fast and very direct players.

    And that is why they are kept in the team : to provide pace on the flanks with a direct style of play. But my argument is without having silky skills or at least a decent level of control on the ball,there is only so much a player can do.

    The stat that you are using of Walcott is his ceiling to be honest. I do not think he can go much beyond that. And not to say,many of those goals were meaningless in the context of the match.

    And for Reus sky is the limit.

    I am sure we will see enough of Navas in the next season to clarify the point I want to make. Navas ,Robben and Reus are true wingers. They have it all.

    P.S : I do not believe in stats much. I say it as I see it.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Gotta love Odds

    From SkyBet

    Strikers joining Juventus

    Tevez 4/11
    Jovetic 5/4
    Higuian 2/9

    to join Llorente

    Something doesn’t quite add up there

  11. Marko

    Reus and Walcott not close in terms of ability but I do think Theo deserves some credit for the season he’s just had. If he went up for sale tomorrow a lot of the big boys would be interested in him. And it’s funny some people on here complain about the likes of say Ramsey or Denilson passing side to side and not being direct like say Cesc, well the reason Theo is better than quite a number of widemen out there is because he’s more direct. In saying all that I’d take 25 million for him and just tell Ayew or Arda Turan to be more direct. Or let Chamberlain take off cause he’s got all the stuff Theo’s got and potentially a lot more

  12. Mayank


    I’ve never compared any two players yet, just tried to emphasise the importance of a direct wide player.

    Reus has the skills to play almost any role in MF. He’s deployed as a direct wide player because that’s what the team needs.

    Regardless I’m sure people here will continue to ignore that and keep listing players that are better than Walcott.

    Anyway it’s very late an I have to get up early. Night.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Walcott isn’t a winger, he plays a bastardised striker winger role.

    Wenger likes his wide men to come inside diagonally allowing his full backs up overlap. With Walcott it’s a little different.
    Sometimes he stays wide like a traditional winger, allowing him to put crosses in. This is an area where he’s improved a fair bit over the last 12 months. He’d be getting a fair few more assists if we had people running into the box. (Unfortunately with both Ramsey and Arteta playing relatively deep we don’t have men getting on the end of them)
    Sometimes he plays like a traditional centre forward, playing through the middle and up top. He’s been less effective in this role so far, though he’s starting to improve his movement.
    Depending on who we sign I’d expect him to continue like this next season. I can see him doing better next season than this if he gets the games.

  14. charlesbronson

    I’m trying not to get overly excited. We have been let down in the past.
    However, players, and big established names have to be signed. IG has made the right noises, but all we can do is wait.

  15. dialsquare

    Here are some stats for Mayank in Arsenal’s last 14 Premier League games Walcott scored a paltry 3 goals and a solitary goal in 8 Champions League fixtures.
    Walcott never managed to score more than one Premier League goal in any given fixture all season except on one occasion at home to Newcastle.
    Hardly what i call a World beater.

  16. Marko

    And people who take betting odds as a transfer story are bonkers. They mean jack. You get a handful of people to make bets on some kid from Yeovil joining Arsenal and the odds fluctuate

  17. Ramsey's backpass

    Reus and walcott shouldnt be compared together in any damn aspect well except they both kick a ball.

    We made walcott look like the main man,an average player at best.

  18. Toli83

    We haven’t moved for anyone yet. All business in my opinion will be done deadline day, so we can get best price as possible despite it benefitting us squad wise if they joined earlier.

  19. Marko

    When you consider the money Barca paid for him it makes you wonder why the fuck didn’t they just use it on a bunch of defenders and like Munain. 50-60 million in full it apparently cost them. Reminiscent of them swapping Eto’o and 30 million or whatever it was for Ibrahimovic when they didn’t need to

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Barca are like that file you have on fifa, where your team is amazing and you’ve won most everything and you then go and spend massive on some player who doesn’t really fit your squad and you don’t want to push anyone out so you end thinking…why did I spend that much on this guy?

    That is the Neymar deal.

    They would’ve been better off taking that money and bidding for Bale and buying a CB in my opinion.

  21. Kleinfeld

    dialsquare – you’re one miserable fuck. in every single one of your posts you’re moaning like a bitch. Lighten up will you.

  22. arsenal-flavour


    you are a pathetic bitter man! all you do is rumble on about arsenal players are shit, you even had the audacity to say Tony adams was shit!

    your a clueless idiot who would be better served suporting real madrid or man city! your idea of football is fantasy football!

    I’d like to see you play football! your proabley a fat prick who spends all his time on the internet bitching about arsenal players

  23. Marko

    With the Neymar money they could of signed Hummels, Isco to replace Xavi and still had money for someone like Munain

  24. Kleinfeld

    Neymar is over rated. Lucas Moura is a far better player than him.

    And lay off Walcott…he was our top scorer and people are slagging him off. So what if he can’t dribble the ball like Reus..not many can.
    If you take into account that we play 6 more games in the English league, they scored a similar amount of goals last season. Walcott might be infuriating sometimes, but he’s not average.

  25. Roaaary

    Can’t believe people are slagging off theo. he may not offer as much link up as others but he is starting to deliver now. We complain about giroud not scoring enough, but theo scores more than most wide forwards. If you utilise Theo’s strengths in the right way he can be very dangerous. Marco Reus is a top class player and probably better but lets be realistic, he is unavailable and we have other areas of the team to improve before theo

  26. Mental Strength


    Kinda like when Man U bought Berbatov for £30m after winning the Double…that ended up forcing Tevez out the club.

    Teams become dumb when they are successful i guess.

  27. goonerbone

    No signings today either. Another night of violent dreams involving S(a)tan, Ivan and AW… The club’s pathetic, I’m pathetic… Sign some big names so that we can dream of competing again and get our miserable lives back! Good night

  28. arsenal-flavour

    fact is Walcott is not world class! Fact is he is above average as the stats prove

    Fact is your whole squad doesn’t need to be world class

    Fact is Reus is better! BUT Fact is he plays for another team though!

    Fact is we have some good players but if people are going to say well walcotts not as good reus

    I will say are keeper is not as good as buffon or neur or deigo lopez

    sagna is not as good as Philip Lahm

    Ramsey is not as good as Vidal, pogba Martinez Bastian ect

    Arteta is not as good as xavi, pirlo or alonso ect

    are center backs are not as good as thiago silva hummels subotic kompany ect

    giroud is not as good as messi ronaldo ibramovich balotteli rvp wayne rooney cavani or falcao

    podolski is not as good as ribery or david silva our inesta ect

    I GET the critizism of walcott but people are so biased and predjudiced against him, his far from our worst player! and to say his not world class well none of our squad is jack isn’t his just potential right now, cazorla might be thats ONE PLAYER!

  29. Thierry Henry

    theo is ok,we just have to find another player on that position as a sub if theo’s playing style didnt work out. i can say everytime theo is on the starting eleven,our opposition will have a specific tactic to cut his run off asap or even prevent him to make a run,theo’s pace is something special,his run give any manager in the world fear to play againts.

    so just find another player who prefer to cut inside,or buy a rb who great at crossing,so he can provides our striker from the deep line,no need to get forward.

    poor old wenger,it’s all about tactic not player

  30. Wengerites be damned !

    Neymar is only behind Messi and Ronaldo in terms of marketing. Well at least according to the Spanish media. Marca has written a lot about how Barcelona will get a good return for Neymar.
    He would earn more if he had chosen Madrid but he always wanted to be a Barcelona player and that’s why the Catalan club didn’t have to spend more money on his signing.
    Let’s see how the Brazilian player performs on the big stage. He’s only 21 and still has time to adapt his game. I hope he doesn’t become another Robinho in La Liga.
    Personally, I think he made the right choice going to Spain. The Spanish football style suits him more than the Italian, English or German ones.

  31. Toli83

    I don’t get having a pop at Walcott. I think he had decent season to be fair.

    The first 3rd of the year he hardy played either . Hope for more of the same this year, plus some steps further in his development.

  32. Mental Strength

    My problem with Walcott is he’s good for 3 games, OK for 1 and shit for 6. But he’ll have 3 goals 2 assists and people will overlook the fact he was bad for the majority.

  33. Kleinfeld

    arsenal-flavour June 9, 2013 22:24:06


    hahah mate I didnt even so your post! but i agree with you wholeheartedly

    He’s doing my head in, and he talks shit too. He doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground.

  34. dialsquare

    I’ve never slagged Tony Adams off, he contributed to the Team winning the Double in 98, not by his defending, but through geeing up the star players when they may have gotten complacent.

  35. goonerkitt

    ‘I’ve never slagged Tony Adams off, he contributed to the Team winning the Double in 98, not by his defending, but through geeing up the star players when they may have gotten complacent.’

    Are you for real?
    Your comment sums up all that is wrong with the keyboard warrior fans.
    What next?

    ‘Ian Wright contributed to the 98 double team, not by his goals, but with his cheeky grin’
    ‘Denis Bergkamp and Marc Overmars didn’t do much’

    Tony Adams was an excellent defender and a brilliant captain and his defending and the marshalling of the rest of the defence was the reason we were so consistently hard to beat.

  36. Santos

    Richards….. Hummels Mertesacker…… Gibbs

    Fellaini. Capoué
    Cazorla. Lewandowsk….. Higuain

    And then I woke up

  37. sam

    wilshere, walcott and chamberlain not in the starting line-up
    but the backstabbing barca girl is in.
    Cesc fabregas will never play for arsenal under arsene wenger.
    wow some people needs stop fantasising, arsene wenger is more bitter than a crocodile. remember how he begged him with his algerian midget sister not to leave.

  38. Max85

    Dutch U21’s look immense btw, put 5 past Russia last night. Will be a big test for them tomorrow vs Spain (featuring Alcantara, Isco, Tello, Muniain etc), should be a decent one to watch.