Ivan: Time to deliver a Cesc, Fellaini, Higuain or Rooney

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Afternoon everyone. Sorry for the late post. My brain has just about exploded from all of the crazy speculation that’s going on.

Myles Palmer reckons a deal for Cesc has been done.

Higauin’s father says a deal for him is done.

Wayne Rooney is set to decide his future

Fellaini rumblings continue on.

It’s just too much for a transfer starved blogger to deal with I’m afraid.

I’ve been over the above players enough times over the past 6 months for you to know that I’d take pretty much any variation of any of them. The important thing to note is that we’re never linked with names as big as these guys. People say Fellaini isn’t a big name… I beg to differ. The guys is a superstar in the making. He’d be a huge deal for us and he’d signal the end of holding onto Diaby.

If we land two of the above names this summer, we’re well on our way to having a decent squad to choose from. We’re gearing ourselves up to compete. We’re making an statement of intent.

It could all be nonsense though… Ivan could be pulling a fast one. I’ve been the first to point out the PR spin we’ve worked over the years. But ask yourself this… why? He hates the fact the fans think he’s an idiot. He has absolutely no need to go on the record with facts or figures. The only reason he’d do it is if he was confident he could deliver. Lying to press, the bloggers and the fans is a spectacular way to make your life miserable… because like it or lump it, if we don’t spend this summer… the person taking the bulk of the blame will be Ivan.

A short post this morning. Have a good one… pray for signings and sharpish.

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  1. Dannyboy

    Another fine moment Rohan. Just imagine if we got him back now, he’d have another 10 years potentially with us! My word it would be amazing!

  2. Dannyboy

    don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this fact, but we are 2/1 favourites to sign Jonjo fucking Shelvey with skybet… Fuck me I think I’d slit my wrists if we got that cunt.

  3. WengerEagle

    Have to say out of all the big-name departures over the last decade, Cescs hurt the most. He was and in my opinion still is the best CAM in the world when on top of his game and he still has so many years left in him

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Shit the bed, it’s only a rumor from a golfing Journo but I’ve still got wood!!!

    God I love that little Spaniard.

  5. Dannyboy

    WengerEagle, that video epitomises Wenger at the time… ‘YES!!! Cesc has scored, zis is ze qualidee I was talkeeeeng about! Oh shit, he is injured…’

  6. Rohan

    Cesc could probably play at a world class level till 36. His game doesn’t really depend on physical aspects that much. Pure talent and intelligence. He’s that good

  7. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, like Pirlo.

    He’ll be mid 30’s and still threading those killer through balls to the strikers and setting the pace of the team.

    What I’d be most excited about with Fabregas’s return is what else we must have lined up as well…for him to come back Wenger will have to sell him the dream.

    If he phones and tells him he’s got Higuain and Fellaini almost done deals as well I think we might just get our little maestro back.

  8. Rohan

    Cesc is not going to Utd. Why the fuck would he want to go play for that old clogger Moyes.

    Moyes needs to prove himself at Utd first before players like Cesc are going to go play for him.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I swear the DM just makes it up as it goes along.

    They’re obsessed with us doing a triple raid.

    First it was Pizczek, Gotze and Bender.

    Now it’s Higuain, Bender and Gundogan.

  10. Dan Ahern

    How to be a paper:

    1. Scan twitter for fan speculation

    2. Write piece claiming team is linked with all players speculated about

    3. Get thousands of hits from said fans, who realise it’s garbage two sentences in but couldn’t help themselves from checking

    4. Profit

  11. reality check

    WengerEagle June 8, 2013    22:23:01

    Ah mate. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. That video just reminded me why I think wenger is finished. In that clip alone we see


    Now in any other team or under any other top manager. Those 5 would be a solid base to build a top squad. Seeing wenger joyful because cesc saved his ass makes me sad. How long did wenger expect those players to care about and fight for… 4th.?

    I mean seriously with a talent like cesc and rvp backstage. You just have to match their ambitions.

    I’m certain and ian wright even said this, if we were winning titles or at least competing till the end of the season. He would have stayed.

    Ramsey came on for cesc at the end. Guess what. Ramseys still here. Now, I like ramsey as much as the next guy but ffs he aint no cesc!

    Its like a dream, was he really playing for us??
    And then, we sold him??

    I can’t fu*king believe it Wenger out! Now!

  12. Dan Ahern

    Another interesting bit from Marca:
    David Villa’s contract says he’s due €11m next season, making him the most expensive bench player since Diaby.
    They very clearly want to offload him, but he’s not going to make anywhere near that anywhere else. Interesting.

  13. sam


    If juventus sign him they wouldn’t pay that much believe me.
    30 millions euro is a special fee for english clubs. Now Wenger is hoping the deal goes down till the last day so he can pay less. I am not worried about Higuain coz I know we wouldn’t sign him. he’s just this summer’s boggyman just like m’villa and sahin last year. Samba the summer before etc…..
    the rumours work well for wenger to fool the gullible supporters that we are about to sign big names, the reality is we will sign cheap players as usual.

  14. Rohan

    Dunno. I’m just a sucker for transfer gossip.

    I remember when everyone on here went into a meltdown because some guy who claimed to be working at the FA said Arsenal had filed paperwork for Daniele De Rossi.

  15. Jeff

    From one insomniac to all:

    “Arsenal ready to spend big” says the BBC site with Wenger’s ugly mug on the cover clapping himself for coming fourth. That’s all the BBC has for us I’m afraid. No “Arsenal agree a deal with Rooney, Higuain, Fabregas or Fellaini” or any of the other dozen or so high profile links we’ve seen and know it’s all high calibre bullshit.

    The fan-base is a like a child bullied at school for some gross impediment with all this teasing and taunting by the press. The nightmare on Ashburton Grove continues…

  16. sam

    myth 1: Rooney
    wenger wouldnt pay 200k to only one player
    myth 2: Higuain
    20 millions for madrid benchwarmer, if its true then he’s probably offering half
    myth3 : Cesc
    Bitter arsene wouldn’t take ex player back especially after he stabbed him in the back. As much as we would like Cesc to come back wenger wouldn’t pay barca the money they would want for him. If we want to buy from barca it will be another player, no cesc.

  17. Max85

    Doesn’t seem like Tevez to Juve is the finished article yet, looks like they’re still choosing between him and Higuain. Which no doubt will mean we’re going to lose out on the Hig.

    Anyone seen the DM headline about our £65 million triple swoop for Hig, Bender and Gundogan? Hilarious! Those lot really are shameless.

  18. The BearMan

    I have heard the cry, it’s a wolf, it’s a wolf for several seasons now. We rush out only to discover a Squallai and Wenger trying to explain his intentions to turn him into a battling ram. We all know the end result, he only managed to create lamb soup on the pitch.

    The Bear will remain in his den and enjoy his honey, even if word got round, Cavani sign for us. Where is the evidence???

  19. goonerbone

    Unless Ivan wants to look like the biggest twat ever, there has to be big deals in the pipeline, Pedro et al wants us to believe. But then, why would Ivan want to change….?

  20. reggie57

    It’s all bollocks about Rooney,Cesc,Higuain,etc,etc, afc are taking you for mug,s big deal’s in the pipeline don’t believe the hype .

    Wenger will never change he would rather top himself ,cant wait to see the whole lot fuck off


  21. Alan

    Too many loser mug fans falling for yet another pre season ticket renewal PR swiz. I think most arsenal fans deserve he lack of success we ve had. Look at telegraph last Thursday which shows negative net spend over last 5 years. Loser fans should F off and leave the proper ones, even if we end up with a smaller club. Get rid of all the losers, fom wenger, gazidis, kroenke and all the mugs who believe everything they say

  22. Jeff


    Ivan already does look like a twat and he doesn’t mind because the majority of the fans still back this regime and the reason for that is simple. Fourth is enough. Finishing above Tottenham is enough. They’re happy and so is he. Those at the helm know this and it suits Wenger to the ground because given our circumstances, fourth is very much achievable but that’s about it.

    It’s only fans like us who come on this blog day in day out pleading with whoever reads it to perhaps not be so accepting of fourth and to aim higher, much higher, that really burn with desire to actually win titles and trophies and who would like to see the back of this leadership because it’s taking us nowhere fast. The winning ethos, a champion’s paradigm has long since past from our midst and it isn’t coming back any time soon under this set of imbeciles leading the club. It’s very, very sad and only the minority can see it – unfortunately.

  23. Max85

    Alan, AKBs are bad enough but ‘fans’ who hoped we missed out on top 4, cream themselves over Spurs, and are happy when we lose don’t deserve to watch the Arsenal and need to fuck right off. I hope you’re not one of them.

  24. andy1886

    Ivan doesn’t care because he knows he will trouser another huge bonus next time around. All the BS is just part of the job. If we do make signings he can claim to have forced Wenger’s hand, if not it’s Wenger being stubborn. Either way Gazidis gets his wad.

  25. reggie57

    When 70% of arsene fan’s want him to get a new deal you know Ivan’s job is done !


  26. Rob

    Pedro has been ruining my mornings this week with his seriously late posts,I think he’s becoming complacent & believes he’s irreplaceable,he knows we’ll keep coming back for more even though we’re being offered sub standard.Seems like a common theme with this club now!

  27. unhappy gunner

    Doesn’t matter how much wenger has too spend I just don’t think he has it in him anymore. I think he’s tactically niave to the point where he is getting out thought by lesser teams on a regular basis now. I mean to come out with a comment like the one where he claimed he had his substitutions planned in advance is just madness. What other supposedly “world class” manager makes his subs decisions 3 days before a game….the mans nuts.

  28. sam

    I don’t want a player called Bender at arsenal

    good we are linked with him so tottenham can have him

  29. Crimson

    Higuain and Fellaini would be great addition’s. Hopefully a couple of versatile defenders and perhaps a goal keeper and we should be able to at least close the gap next season.