Arsenal tell the world they’re going big | Fellaini bid imminent | Cesc dot to dot… why not!

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Morning Gooners! So the big news in the press this morning is two fold.

Firstly, Ivan Gazidis is talking about a new long term deal for Arsene Wenger, which to be quite frank, seems far too premature.

The second bit of news is that Ivan has gone on the record stating Arsenal could spend £200k a week on a single player. He’s been telling the world that we have more firepower than ever before… but he’s insisting it’s down to Arsene to decide if he wants to use it.

So what does this mean?

Well, for me it says that we’re about to do something major. You don’t talk about a new deal for a manager who has no intention of taking advantage of the cash that’s been made available. Well, not when you’re the CEO of a club like Arsenal. If Ivan announces a deal for Wenger now and there’s nothing to show for the summer, it’ll be a huge PR gaff. He must have something up his sleeve…

Now, trying to join the dots… if there were a player in the world we could do a fast deal for… it could only be Cesc Fabregas. Here’s how I’m loosely connecting it all.

1. The only way Barca can recoup what they spent on the Spaniard is by selling him for £60m. That’s not going to happen. We’re the only club that can give them £30m.
2. David Dein came out and said it was possible. Why would he say that if he didn’t have an insight.
3. Cesc’s agent is Darren Dein. He’s kind of related to David.
4. Arsene has been in dialogue with Cesc
5. Barca need to free up some funds… and they owe us for Alex Song.

So that’s my theory if there is a deal that Arsenal want to announce sharpish. I have no lead on anything like that. I’m just struggling to work out how Arsenal can even be contemplating a new deal for a manager who has stagnated to the point where you wonder whether he can ever kick on from a top 4 battler. For me, he needs to prove he can build a team. I appreciate when the rest of the league is going through turmoil, stability is king… but come on, let’s see something from Arsene before we start dishing out new deals. If for anything, to avoid complacency.

The other delicious rumour doing the rounds this morning is the one that centres around a move for Everton monster Fellaini. Apparently we’re interested in activating his release clause or £24m… and we’re ahead of Chelsea and United for his signature. He’s a big name, a needed requirement and he’d get everyone excited. Prem experienced in his prime. What a move that would be…

So, there we have it. Ball is back in Wenger’s court. Ivan has come out and told the world we’re the real deal, the question is, does the manager have it in him to make the jump into the big leagues? Can he handle major budgets? Can he resist budget buys? Can he make Arsenal a force again…

I’m hearing we’re still trying to go big… and I’m praying Ivan wouldn’t be so brash if he didn’t believe that as well.

… watch this space people.

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  1. Santos

    Arsenal flavour just said it too. Ronaldo stifled the development of Benzema and Higuain to great extents

  2. Evan

    Chelsea are after Hulk who I think will be quality in the prem I remember him brushing off Micah Richards with his power and scoring

    I wonder if Mourinho rates Higuain good enough to play for chelsea or maybe they fell out at Madrid?
    Wouldnt suprise me if Wenger misses out

  3. Max85

    Would rather Chels get Hulk than Cavani!

    Never really follow Myles Palmer’s pieces – does he often make outlandish and fabricated claims, or is he fairly credible? He seems pretty certain that Cesc is on his way…

  4. Mayank

    Myles Palmer gets a lot of shit completely wrong but he’s get some shit right too.

    He’s been on point with some arrivals and departures and he ‘broke’ the RvP story.

    He writes incendiary articles for hits and he makes shit up as well.

    However it does seem he has some insider info. However given that Cesc to Arsenal is the biggest hit magne right now I wouldn’t believe him.

  5. Bennydevito

    The opening line says he’s been moaned at for not writing anything positive then says so here’s something positive: Cesc is coming back. I think he’s completely made it up. No quotes, no links, nothing. Complete bollocks if you ask me.

    Where’s Pedro?

  6. Michael

    I get the impression that Gazidis is pressuring Wenger to spend the money, and the new deal is partly an incentive to change his relatively spendthrift ways…

  7. Mayank

    Yeah Kush I know. Part of the reason I’m not completely writing him off is because he has some contacts.

    bnsb – does Cesc coming back suit his agenda? If it’s hits, yes it does.

  8. Mayank

    Just for you Kush.

    Matt Law @Matt_Law_SM
    My Arsenal striker info hasn’t held for tomorrow’s paper so may as well share. They are far more confident on Higuain than any other target

  9. leon

    sorry but not convinced its just rumour city and chelsea have already started doing far its all just talk have the season ticket holders already renewed because i just get the feeling that whats this all about once again

  10. useroz

    Pedro have morning tea with the tea lady Pam for his scoop??

    Best if Chelsea takes Hulk…screw them up for a season another Torres

    Cesc + hig + Felli…would do. Could live with the back 4 and GK…or may be a freebie goalie in Ceaser

  11. Dannyboy

    Chelsea have apparently agreed a deal for Cavani… fuck this world if that’s true guys, the man is ridiculously good. Like a bigger younger white Drogba, but with pace and a more clinical finish.

  12. the_real_andy

    what a window that would be … hig, cesc, fell … I would instantly book 19 flights to/from london to watch every single home game with those 3 in our line up. I hope it doesn´t happen because I can´t afford it to be honest 😛 selling my house would be a possibility though … 😛

  13. TitsMcgee

    Cavani has a ridiculous buy out clause.

    He was never an option for us.

    Great player though.

    He’ll be terrorizing us for years.

  14. the_real_andy

    rspc in this case I disagree. do you remember when he threw away a mancs shirt after we lost at OT? he just threw it on the pitch and walked into the tunnel. he would – and I´m 99 % sure about that – never ever join them, even if we are not in for him. but now we are in for him so the chances he join them is between 0.0000000000000000000001 % and 0.00000000000000000000002 %.

  15. Jeff


    It’s all an illusion. There is no point in being upset should Cavani go to Chelsea because even if he doesn’t he would go somewhere else and never to us – not in a million years – we don’t do ready made world class players with pedigree. So it’s not worth getting upset over.


    I know it’s so utterly annoying. Everyone else is talking about what we should be doing to compete in the coming season and Wenger is talking about Japan. It’s all deflection and an attempt to change the subject. Wenger hates talking about potential buys when the window is open because even his conscience must be flagging with all the lies he’s been telling us over the last decade.

  16. TitsMcgee

    Higuain is a very good striker with good movement and skillful finishing. We’d be lucky to get him.

  17. kwik fit

    Morning Grovers and Grovettes!

    Been to bed. Had Shit ,shave, shower and still hanging for the Pedro Post. Pedro if I offended you last eve ,can I say …….. 😉

  18. Dannyboy

    Tits/Jeff, Cavani has a roughly £45-50 million buy out clause. He is the best striker in the world (bar messi) in my opinion, so shouldn’t be out of our grasp if we are really ambitious like Gazidis claims…

    Kwikky, I swear you must be some sort of bionic man, the amount of self abuse you dish out on a daily basis to your internal organs… Kudos mate, don’t know how you manage to wake up each day after each bender! 😉

  19. dialsquare

    Unless we strenghen our badly weak midfield signing Higuain won’t make a blind bit of difference.
    I don’t care how many assists and goals Walcott scored he’s poor along with Arteta and Ramsey who are all mainstays in a Team that finished 2nd bottom of the top 7 Mini Premier League.

  20. Nemesis.


    Prem winning team ?

  21. Jeff


    It’s not because we can’t afford him. We pobably can but Wenger will not spend that kind of money on a single player. He just won’t come hell or high water.

  22. Dannyboy

    After Palmer made up that rumour about Cesc today, we are now 3/1 favourites for him with Skybet… people are so dumb to actually believe shit like that!

  23. kwik fit

    Ben Fairthorne ‏@BFairthorne 3h
    Most of the morning papers reporting Arsenal/Higuain. No idea about the deal, suppose its just a watch this space.

    Get to fuck in! Finally a transfer thats going to happen! I mean if Fairthorne knows nothing about it then its a dead cert. Right?

  24. Dannyboy

    I hope Pedro is either knee deep in clunge, or on the blower finding out some juicy gossip for us all… come on Mr Hill Wood.

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the Cavani buyout clause is £53million according to reports.

    By the time you add his salary to that it wouldn’t leave us much to spend elsewhere, even if he wanted to come to us.

    As for Myles Palmer, he does have some connections, but I’d have thought the world would be going a little madder if it was actually true…

  26. Dannyboy

    NM, good to see you still alive pal! Thought Kiyoshi would have tracked you down by now.

    I thought the clause was around 50-60 million euros?

    I personally wouldn’t give a shit if signing him meant we only had room for 1 more decent player. Cavani into last seasons team is an extra 10 points at least!

  27. andy1886

    Kwik – AFC NEVER do anything the easy way, I wouldn’t get excited about Higuain just yet. As for Cesc, lol will never happen in a million years.

  28. Dannyboy

    kwikky, I don’t think we would ever see or hear from Pedders again if he had kopped off with J-Lo. He would permanently be house bound! 😉

  29. andy1886

    MS, I’d rather he went to Citeh (if that’s the choice). Bit of a circus up they and I suspect Jose will sort Chelski out. If they dump Torres and buy a proper c/f they probably would be favourites in my book.

  30. TitsMcgee


    RIdiculous buy out clause then his wages.

    Even if Wenger is going to splash some cash he certainly isn’t going to drop all that coin on one player.

    No matter how good he is.

  31. kwik fit

    Someone just tweeted;

    I don’t get Wengers logic. We sold Song for £17m then wanna but Fellaini for £24m? Song is way better, so where’s the logic?

    Fuck there’s one born every minute!

  32. Relieable sauce


    Maybe not to a smaller club in his eyes but i’m sure he would have to take a pay cut.

  33. Relieable sauce


    Slim chance before, absolutely no chance now the mo’s back.
    Lukaku will be back up to Cavani i reckon.
    No Wonder AW is scared, they will be a force next season.