Facepalm: Matthias Ginter on the radar | Rooney wants lone striker role | £210,000 p/w freed up

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United fans celebrate on our patch (which they no doubt live on too)

Welcome to Thursday. The best day for drinking in the world of London office work.

So what have we today? Not much really. Arsenal officially binned of Squillaci, Andrey and Denilson yesterday. That’s freed up around £210,000 a week in deadwood salary. Right there my friends is near enough your one superstar striker. Throw in all the kids we let go. The intention to sell off Vermaelen, Gervinho and possibly a Lukas… well, you’ve got yourself a pot of money you’ve created on top of the additional pot of money we were already getting.

We just have to hope Arsene isn’t looking to spend the surplus cash on topping up Aaron Ramsey’s contract… or bringing in hopeful 18 year olds from all around Europe. To be honest, I don’t mind players like Sanogo and Mitrovic. They’ve both shown some flair for first teams, regardless of the quality.., there’s something there. Plus, they’re too young for first team contention.

What is concerning is that there aren’t 200 negotiators at Arsenal. So time spent on 18 year olds is time wasted on older talent. Still, I guess that’s what a blackberry with a keyboard is all about. Deals on the bus… on the beach… wherever.

Rooney sparked the most tenuous of ‘HE’S LEAVING’ stories. He spoke to Four Four Two and stated he’d like to play central striker on his own.

‘In the years to come, that might be somewhere I could play, but, right now, I’m definitely a centre forward. I’m after more goals.’ Rooney told FourFourTwo magazine.

‘I’ve played up front on my own a few times for Manchester United and it’s a role I’m very comfortable with and have no problems playing.

‘When you play as a target man, you have to stay up front and help the team out by holding the ball up and waiting for support. That all comes with experience.

For a man lacking in height, he certainly knows how to own that role. I think one of the appeals for Wenger will probably centre around his ability to play in near enough every position. He’s a street footballer first and foremost. I guess very simplistically, if you put Rooney in our team with the second half of the season defence… you’re a keeper away from at least contending. 10 more points.

Build out the squad with top quality from the third tier (Cazorla types: quality but cheap. Like Uniqlo jeans), and you could be looking at making up some serious ground on the top 2.

Someone who sounds like they’re straight off the sale rail in Primark is German Matthias Ginter. The 19 year old from Freiberg is apparently on our wanted list after playing a whopping 15 games for his less than super team this year. We’ve seen time and time again that bringing in teenagers to go into the first team doesn’t work unless they’re super quality. My guess is that if Bayern haven’t snapped him up, he’s not super super quality. Still, we haven’t bought him yet… so there’s not point in giving myself sweat patches until it’s confirmed… and we haven’t signed anyone else. I’m sure the everyone will tell me you can’t judge a player if you haven’t seen him. Well, our scouting network is shoddy at best these days… so if I haven’t seen him, I can tell you that 90% of other clubs networks will have. Anyway, I remember being told Park Chu Young was top talent, along with Bischoff and the countless other total punts we’ve had when trying to defeat the laws of value.

I do hope this summer isn’t about how smart Arsene can be with £20m. Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind us signing cheap players if they represent value over a punt. Arteta and Mertesacker were value. Cazorla was value. He may have cost £12m, but his salary was a big boy salary. We need to be finding players for the first team that are bargains, but experienced bargains. There’s plenty of them floating around Europe at the moment. No one has cash reserves like Arsenal. Why sign £5m Ginsters when you could have £10m Capoue? I mean, I know neither have been ruled out… but Arsene, regardless of how much cash he has, rarely seems to make the signing he should. I hope this is the first summer Arsenal actually compete for players rather than try and sign the only players in the world of international football no one else is competing for… because generally, if no one else is interested, there’s a reason (Gervinho – about the only player for Lille at that time no one wanted).

One striker that has been talked about a lot in the press of late is Benteke who has a £25m transfer tag. That’s a lot of money, but that’s the going rate for a goal scorer. I’d be all over that if he’d had two seasons of Premiership goal scoring prowess under his belt. I guess that’s why you have scouts. Is he technically sound, could he replicate last season? My guess is yes. But we’ve seen plenty who have had great seasons never to replicate again.

Anyway, I’m done for today. Have a good one and I’ll catch you in the comments later.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    Fellaini could go to another CL club so he’ll be looking for an increase where-ever he goes.

  2. Dan Ahern

    I’d like to call for a minute of silence (no posts for 1 min) to commemorate the release of the only Stoke player I’ve ever liked. The one and only, the man with the hands, Rory Delap.

  3. sam

    Sixx pac,

    please don’t laugh, It doesn’t matter how good he is but the signs are still the same.
    Yaya Sanogo is our most senior signing so far. meaning we are only signing squad players or maybe for our reserves team like thomas eisfel, amauri bischoff, park chu young etc………..

  4. Jeff

    We are looking for that gem. That treasure trove of a player that’s we’re going to buy for a song, set the league on fire, help us get fourth, earn Wenger heaps of credit and then sell to the highest bidder because “we had no choice”. I am laughing hysterically as I write.

  5. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The next statue outside the Grove should be of Faye White, have a word with Ivan next time you see him Pedro.
    She deserves to be recognised by the club, she is an Arsenal legend.

  6. g0tch34ted

    Fellaini is only on £70k. We could easily give him more.


    Fucking teases. Faith would be restored for sure.

    If only it was true ………

  7. g0tch34ted

    kwik fitJune 6, 2013 21:52:49
    ‘Huge Arsenal news’ coming up on Goal.com. Keep your eyes peel!

    Wenger – 5 year £10m extension.

  8. Mask of Zorro

    ” 16.5 Years, 3 premier
    league titles, 3 FA Cups, 3
    Community Shield
    Trophies, one season
    unbeaten, 49 games
    unbeaten, 17 years in a
    row in the champions
    league, Emirates
    Stadium, Thierry Henry,
    and all on a net spend of
    approx. £1 million. One
    Arsene Wenger.”

    this is the type of things a Keyser would post!

  9. g0tch34ted

    Wanted him 3 seasons ago but still … better late than never.

    That said. Doesnt meet the clause. Everton don’t need to sell and someone else will bid higher.

  10. Jeff


    On a scale of 1 to 10 and in your heart of hearts, how likely do you think Fellaini is? The price is all wrong. I cannot see us spending £22m. That’s at least 7m over the ceiling. To Wenger it would be sacrilege.

  11. Keyser

    Kwikfit –

    “Get in! and I got him a 16′s. He’s now 3′s”

    He’s only at 3’s because of you taking all the action.

  12. afturburn

    A cynic might say that this bid, even if real, is just a way to say “hey we’re trying to make moves!” without actually spending any money. cause obviously another team like United or Chelsea will offer a higher fee and wages, and Arsenal will again end up with nothing.

  13. kwik fit

    Jeff I think he’s more likely than both Rooney and cesc. However , we’ve all been here before so i’m still pretty cool on all these crazy rumours. It seems like every day brings a new name.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    If we have bid £22 Million and activated the release clause just to show we’re making moves and then offer some derisory package to Fellaini it’d be stupid.

    He’ll be all in the press saying ‘Arsenal wanted me to take a pay cut to come.’

    Especially when Arsenal fans know we’ve just saved £220 000 a week by cutting some dross!

  15. goonerbone

    And our big signing this summer is… Arsene Wenger!!!
    citeh just signed fernandinho for 32m. We will get le sleeping bague and a ligue2 punt. It’s so pathetic to be a fan of this team! It’s like being a masochist who has forgotten the stop code…

  16. afturburn


    I don’t mean we’d ask him to take a paycut. if he is really on £70k, i can’t see arsenal offering any more than the £110k or so that Theo is on. Fellaini could probably get £150k from United or Chelsea, with a better chance at trophies. We fucked up the Mata transfer for less money.

  17. Rohan

    jeez, does anyone on here actually rate Fernandinho? Or are people just going off his pricetag?

    30 million for a brazilian 28 y/o with hardly any caps playing in a shit league isn’t ambitious. It’s bordering on ridiculous.

  18. Gunner2301


    I’ve been supporting for 32 years and have seen some shit in my time but I’ve never been at a point where I don’t understand what the club stands for anymore. I’ve scaled back to not going to matches not buying merchandise and lately not even watching games on TV. The man has killed my love of the club and football like you said for his own selfish ends. I think a contract extension might be it for me. Ill come back when he’s gone.

    It’s not about winning. Like you said I’d rather be a proper club out of Europe if we could get our club back. We’ll see what happens, but things have already gone too far.


  19. goonerbone

    I wouldn’t touch fernandinho with a pair of R/c pliers, but citeh shows they can spend, which we don’t

  20. kwik fit

    Fernandinho played a stormer at Stamford earlier in the season. However, a 28 year Brazilian who hasn’t really ‘done it” at international level seems a bit strange to me.

  21. Keyser

    If you’d put a tenner on the signing would’ve been on confirmed on Sky’s yellow ticker by now.

  22. Rohan

    Arsène Wenger has again cancelled his French TV commentating role for Brazil-France on Sunday due to “transfer duties”

  23. mahessar

    All this we can spend by Gazidis sounds like bullshit and spin to me.

    Cesar, Pizcek, Strootman/Bender, Grenier and Rooney would be a good window.
    2-3m, 10m, 18m, 8m and 30m = Total spend 68/69m.

    I don’t want us to sign Fellaini, very inconsistent and very sloppy in the midfield too, gives the ball away and concedes too many fouls too.

  24. Rohan

    Arteta’s probably miles better.

    Take Javi Garcia for example .People on here were moaning saying he’s perfect. What a load of shit he was.

  25. mahessar


    That game at Bridge is the sole reason they have spent that much money on Fernandinho and I saw a tweet by someone who’s from Ukraine and follows Shakhtar saying that was his best 90 minutes in Shakhtar shirt. I hope he turns out to be a flop.

  26. mahessar


    I couldn’t agree more and he isn’t young either, 28 years old, hasn’t gotten into Brazil team regularly when the talent hasn’t been very high either. P.S: I hope this discussion doesn’t come back to bite us.

  27. AA23

    Got message on Tuesday assuring me of big things re arsenal transfers
    I thought nothing of it

    She’s a fan of another club, does not make things up and is quite well connected in media (though not sports related)
    We will see

  28. Keyser

    Lol I think a lot of people are going by the Chelsea game, if I am right and he’s mobile like Remieres, than Citeh could do with a player like that regardless, hadn’t looked at Navas’s stats either, not too impressive, but decent for Sevilla.

    Interesting to know how much control Pelligrini has at Citeh, or has had at other clubs.

  29. Sam

    Fellaini’s elbow in an arsenal shirt will bring us alot of trouble. If the referee doesn’t see it skysports will replay it n the sun will print for days

  30. Radio Raheem

    Bolton FC dropped a sponsor after fans signed a petition against this sponsor, QuickQuid.

    Maybe a protest is too big or too complicated to organise. How about a petition?

    Even Bolton fans are more proactive. The feeling of dissatisfaction so often expressed here must be in the minority, the minutest of minorities. Otherwise, how can anyone explain the continued passivity?

  31. Radio Raheem

    Paulinho would cost less than half what City paid for this guy and is more of a regular for Brazil. Maybe there is something about Fenandinho City scouts know that the rest of us don’t.

  32. Rohan

    Howard Nurse ‏@howardnurse 7m
    Reports #AFC Arsenal have triggered release clause for Fellaini appear premature. My colleague @bbcsport_david keeping tabs on this one.

    If even the BBC are talking about it, there must be some truth to it. Usually they stay clear.

  33. Marko

    They over spend like a mother do City. 40 million for Fernandinho he’s worth like 18 tops and 24 million for Navas who while I rate him doesn’t nearly get enough goals or assists and is 50/50 to fail cause of his cronic home sickness thing is a gamble.

  34. Rohan

    Don’t know what’s happened to City. Aguero seems to have become a shadow of his former self and it’s even more true for David Silva.

  35. Radio Raheem

    ‘…escalation in our financial firepower’ is the the kind of phrase Donald Rumsfeld will dance to. Roll out the gun ships, lock your weapons, paint your faces General Gazidis is leading us to warrrrrr!!!!

  36. Rohan

    Yep Dan. Best thing I’ve read in a long time. Chilling

    Classic Arsene tho if it’s true. Release clause is 24mill. We bid 22.

  37. Thomas


    lol Aguero had problems with injuries last seasons. Hardly a shadow of his self. Same with David Silva.

  38. Marko

    Rohan Pellegrini will get the best out of them he’s a top coach whereas Mancini I think flattered to deceive. They push on with a more balanced starting 11 as in proper formation, set starting 11. They get someone on the left (isco) and they’ll have some balance. Nasri on the left or Silva on the right had terrible balance.

  39. Rohan

    Q: “Is Wenger averse to spending £25m on a single player?”
    Gazidis: “I suspect that he would pay £25m for Lionel Messi.”

    hahahahahaha. Gazza

  40. Thomas

    lol I like how all these stories are popping up now that we can make big signings and bla bla bla just in time for season ticket renewals. Same shit different seaosn. Lies lies lies… and like Cesc Appeal said the club died after 8-2 and Wanker didn’t resign. Any man with some fucking dignity would have resigned after that debacle.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Rohan — You ever read Run of Play / Brian Phillips? (He’s on Grantland too.) I haven’t spent the time I’d like to on his stuff but I will vouch for him already, really great writer.

  42. Keyser

    Rohan – I second Dan’s comment.

    Also I think that sums up their entire approach.

    They’ll pay the money for the right deal. Not sure Fellaini’s it though.

  43. Kidd

    Fellaini is anything but arsenal type…too slow,zero pace,commits to many fauls.he is just a song with a marginally less crap hair style.him and girioud in the same team is a recipe for disaster and ramysey to that u have a tsunami.we need a quick,technical,strong and mobile guy in midfied and fellaini is definately not that guy imo

  44. g0tch34ted

    Well, for example, £25million and £200,000 a week?

    IG: “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that.”

    Stop playing with our fucking emotions!!!!!!

  45. zeus

    Some of us wouldn’t have Muller in our team.

    Not because we are Arsenal , that doesn’t mean all the good ones we get have to be silky smooth players.

  46. Toli83

    Isn’t Navas the guy who said he could never imagine leaving Spain as he would be homesick and want to come home straight away.

    Reyes mark II.

  47. AA23

    Just read the full Gazidis interview
    He’s come out swinging and I have to say he came across really well.
    Something feels different.
    When did sky and the BBC jump on “speculation” like they are right now?
    Have we finally turned the corner?

    Have we fuck!

  48. Cesc Appeal


    People on here, for the first time it looks like we’re about to do something concrete and sign a player other big teams want and there are people saying ‘I don’t want him, he’s not good enough.’

    So you’d play Arteta? Or Ramsey? Ahead of Fellaini?

    He’s like Diaby basically but more aggressive and not made of wet cardboard!

  49. Dannyboy

    I go down to grab a cup of tea, come back up and we are 11/10 to sign Fellaini… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!

  50. Rohan

    Fellaini is ugly and inelegant but effective.

    Deceptively quick as well. He has stated that he prefers playing defensive midfield as well and we’d most definitely give him that.

  51. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal fans sitting behind their comps wondering what all this means. What purpose Gazidis’ latest interview is meant to serve? Accepting his words prima facie leaves too large a room for future disappointed and self-ridicule. That’s bad for one’s ego.

    It shouldn’t be this way.

  52. zeus

    Has Rohan turned into Queen of Surburbia?

    ” He’s ugly…………………..” Okay. We should do a qos and sign honda, to balance things out.

  53. AA23

    Cesc Appeal
    Sucked in
    We won’t sign Fellaini, Rooney, Higuain, Villa or anyone else close to that level.
    Years and years of this shit and you still fell for it
    Want to swap your car for these magic beans?

  54. AA23

    They are calling him
    “Earths fattest git”
    Not sure that’s fair. He’s carrying some timber, no doubt, but he’s pretty mobile and his reading of the game is excellent .
    I’d take him

  55. Dannyboy

    make no mistake, Fellaini would be a massive signing!! I haven’t mentioned him once all season as I just assumed he would be following Moyes to United. But if we can pull this off it would be one hell of a signing!!

    All that being said, i would still prefer Cesc 😉

  56. Rohan

    A Jack, Fellaini, Cesc midfield could be absolutely fearsome.

    Santi, Rooney and Theo ahead of them and we’re talking about a team of orgasmic proportions.

  57. sixx pac

    With Fellaini we would have very good midfield options. Jack, Ramsey, Ox, Arteta Santi, Rosicky, Diaby and Fellaini. Its finding the right three to play together that’s gonna be an issue. Jack, Santi and Fellaini looks good on paper though

  58. Dannyboy

    Rohan. I would definitely have a wank over the pictures of them parading the shirts on Arsenal.com if we signed Rooney,Cesc and Fellaini… And I guarantee you I would not be the only one!

  59. sam

    I am not against signing fellaini I am just saying he needs to cut down on his fouls.
    in arsenal shirt he wouldn’t get away with it
    I will pick him ahead of Cesc because of his presence on the field. I am sure you all know why barca couldn’t handle bayern munich, size

  60. Rohan

    I remember reading that Fellaini has amazing stamina and covers more distance than most in the league.

  61. sam

    History also tells us that we stopped winning when we cut down our midfield.
    we replaced vieira with Cesc and gilberto with denilson/ wilshere, henri with walcott. even stoke now know how to beat us
    fellaini can make a difference.

  62. Rohan

    Fellaini’s athleticism is there for all to see; he is in the top 1% of midfielders in terms of energy and distance covered during matches. He has the 4th highest average distance run per game in the top flight, clocking up a whopping 6.65 miles per match. His notable marathon matches this season include 7.5 miles in the derby defeat and 7mile+ outings in the away games at Man City and Fulham.


    After so many seasons ,how in the hell can you all even start to believe Wenger will sign multiple 20+mil players.Wake the fuck up and stop getting a hard on about the extra money.Idiots that money is for the owners not the fuckin team ,how many times must you get your hearts broken.Stop acting like fuckin school girl crushes.


    We have rid ourselves of 3 players freed up all this wage, but will sign players we can’t use because they are not reeeealy 1st team ready.We will pay these players money enough to keep them around for a few years ,play them in the 1st team in bullshit games every now and then.We finally admit they don’t have the right stuff after 4 0r 5 seasons ,and then wait till there contracts run out.With all this happening we still haven’t won a fuckin thing,but a few fans commiting suicide.
    shit sound familiar

  65. BacaryisGod

    As usual, it doesn’t matter what the club does, the miserable fans will stay miserable. I don’t know if we have a realistic shot at Fellaini, but I do quite like the thought of Santi Caz at the corner flag delivering a perfect corner to one of Fellaini, Mertesacker, Giroud or Koscielny. That’s enough to scare the daylights out of anyone.

  66. BacaryisGod

    I’ll take a more realistic view. We’re clearly in for him. We’re serious. We’ll probably run headlong into a better salary offer from Man U or Chelsea. At best, we’re still a 25% shot to get him but at least it shows our intent this summer.

  67. w sussex gooner

    First time writing on here but theres some negative people about way i see it its still early in the window . So peeps have some patience this is not football manager or fifa 13 jesus……..

  68. sam

    the dumbest comment I read tonight on the other forum: where is fellaini going to play our midfield is packed with arteta, ramsey, cazorla, rosicky and wilshere. is he going to accept to sit on the bench?


  69. The Poldi Prince

    Fellaini is exactly what we need. Physical presence that owns the high ball. Attacking and defending set pieces with him and mert will be delightful…if it happens.

    Absolutely walks into our midfield. As good or better than the other mentioned defensive mids.

    Definitely not any slower than our central mids. Massive engine too.

    I’m going to cautiously raise my hopes to an low level of excitement.

  70. The Poldi Prince

    Just read the gazza interview..I have a large erection now.

    One issue was this though That’s why I’m excited,” Gazidis said, “because our capability to spend is going up and our efficiency of spend has always been good.”

    Erm..no it hasn’t.

    Still, 70mil to spend EVERY year from now on is massive…albeit probably bullshit.

    Now he has said it..if nothing major happens, riots are warranted.

    Fellaini, rooney, jovetic…cream…

  71. Bade

    If the story about Fellaini is true, this will be one of the most important signings Arsenal have had since Bergkamp

    He’s so massive it’s unbelievable

    We will have the better Marouane

  72. Bade

    Fellaini will be as successful as Santi, if not more

    He’s value for money & he’s a top top dollar player

    Maybe the best player we could have landed for the CM role

  73. scott

    Typical bollocks and people get on the net and react with bullshit.
    We haven’t bid nor activated Fellani’s transfer release clause it’s just reported we could do ffs!!!

    No where does it say we have bid for him nor Rooney typical shit from the board.
    I could pull a super model but don’t mean I’m gonna nor be successful.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    When the BBC pick it up, and they’ve tweeted their reporter is watching it you know there’s something there…the BBC don’t get involved unless there’s at least SOME substance.

    I remember when we played Everton away Wenger saying he was a perfect player, a complete middle man and that he’d like to have him in his team.

    He did say that about Neymar as well but that was more, ‘if you could sign anyone who would it be.’…weird choice, Neymar though? Don’t rate him…anyway I’m going off topic.

    We’ll have to see, we certainly need to spend our full whack this summer.

    I can’t see Cesc coming now, I do think Wenger will get that Grenier, that’s a Wenger signing, Fellaini in our middle adds some strength and skill, work rate as well but with actual footballing ability unlike Ramsey who has the work ethic but not the skill to match.

    If we get a summer of: Cesar, Pizczcek (God I hate his name), Richards/Rami/Williams, Fellaini, Grenier, Pogba/Capoue, Rooney/Higuain then I’d be ecstatic.

    I would like a wide man, my choice would be Shaqiri if Pep overlooks him in his plans for Bayern…but you can’t have everything.

  75. Johnty79

    Before you all get excited Felaini looks like a good player on paper…but.

    Chamack thrived on crosses b4 signing….flopped.

    Giroud got most of his goals From crosses….was average…

    Felaini…..needs crosses what we don’t do unless wenger will play him as df midfielder.

    Coupoute,strootman , thiago would be better options but I won’t say no.

  76. Johnty79

    Rooney giroud
    Cazorla wilshere Felaini Walcott
    Gibbs koz mert Sagna

    Result. Still not good enough to win the league but fa or league cup maybe..

  77. TOLI83

    Agree with Bade, I couldn’t think of a better fit for our midfield.

    At this seasons game at the Emirates he ran the show, from start to finish.

  78. Ali

    It’s all bollocks, we ain’t going for no big boys. Ligue 1 is our shopping centre we get extra bonus points for shopping there!

  79. Johnty79

    Poldolski giroud. Walcott
    Wilshere. Cazorla
    Gibbs. Mert koz. Sagna


    With giroud and poli to have better seasons well improve but still not quite good enough.

  80. MadeToLoveMagic

    “We have a certain amount of money which we have held in reserve,” Gazidis said.
    “We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you, but what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you.
    “This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time – the escalation in our financial firepower.
    “That is going to happen partly into next season, it is part way available now in the summer, but the following season as well.
    “It is a progression over the next two seasons and is quite significant for the club.”

    So we might not see it all ths season then. Super mega facepalm

  81. MadeToLoveMagic

    Thomas , it’s not the Same shit this year, the club have basically told us to expect something different. That has never happened.. They know if they don’t deliver there will be crazy backlash.

    Although gazidis is getting his excuses in early, “what excites arsene might not be what excites you” , Japanese pigmy porn ?

  82. Al

    Thomas June 7, 2013 09:24:31

    Same shit every years and the fans are gullible as usual. Never learns lol
    Found ourselves a Negative Nancy here

  83. Moray

    I’m with Thomas, I’m afraid. too many disappointments over the summer over the last decade…

    However, who doesn’t like Jap pigmy porn? Especially when they’re sisters….