Facepalm: Matthias Ginter on the radar | Rooney wants lone striker role | £210,000 p/w freed up

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United fans celebrate on our patch (which they no doubt live on too)

Welcome to Thursday. The best day for drinking in the world of London office work.

So what have we today? Not much really. Arsenal officially binned of Squillaci, Andrey and Denilson yesterday. That’s freed up around £210,000 a week in deadwood salary. Right there my friends is near enough your one superstar striker. Throw in all the kids we let go. The intention to sell off Vermaelen, Gervinho and possibly a Lukas… well, you’ve got yourself a pot of money you’ve created on top of the additional pot of money we were already getting.

We just have to hope Arsene isn’t looking to spend the surplus cash on topping up Aaron Ramsey’s contract… or bringing in hopeful 18 year olds from all around Europe. To be honest, I don’t mind players like Sanogo and Mitrovic. They’ve both shown some flair for first teams, regardless of the quality.., there’s something there. Plus, they’re too young for first team contention.

What is concerning is that there aren’t 200 negotiators at Arsenal. So time spent on 18 year olds is time wasted on older talent. Still, I guess that’s what a blackberry with a keyboard is all about. Deals on the bus… on the beach… wherever.

Rooney sparked the most tenuous of ‘HE’S LEAVING’ stories. He spoke to Four Four Two and stated he’d like to play central striker on his own.

‘In the years to come, that might be somewhere I could play, but, right now, I’m definitely a centre forward. I’m after more goals.’ Rooney told FourFourTwo magazine.

‘I’ve played up front on my own a few times for Manchester United and it’s a role I’m very comfortable with and have no problems playing.

‘When you play as a target man, you have to stay up front and help the team out by holding the ball up and waiting for support. That all comes with experience.

For a man lacking in height, he certainly knows how to own that role. I think one of the appeals for Wenger will probably centre around his ability to play in near enough every position. He’s a street footballer first and foremost. I guess very simplistically, if you put Rooney in our team with the second half of the season defence… you’re a keeper away from at least contending. 10 more points.

Build out the squad with top quality from the third tier (Cazorla types: quality but cheap. Like Uniqlo jeans), and you could be looking at making up some serious ground on the top 2.

Someone who sounds like they’re straight off the sale rail in Primark is German Matthias Ginter. The 19 year old from Freiberg is apparently on our wanted list after playing a whopping 15 games for his less than super team this year. We’ve seen time and time again that bringing in teenagers to go into the first team doesn’t work unless they’re super quality. My guess is that if Bayern haven’t snapped him up, he’s not super super quality. Still, we haven’t bought him yet… so there’s not point in giving myself sweat patches until it’s confirmed… and we haven’t signed anyone else. I’m sure the everyone will tell me you can’t judge a player if you haven’t seen him. Well, our scouting network is shoddy at best these days… so if I haven’t seen him, I can tell you that 90% of other clubs networks will have. Anyway, I remember being told Park Chu Young was top talent, along with Bischoff and the countless other total punts we’ve had when trying to defeat the laws of value.

I do hope this summer isn’t about how smart Arsene can be with £20m. Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind us signing cheap players if they represent value over a punt. Arteta and Mertesacker were value. Cazorla was value. He may have cost £12m, but his salary was a big boy salary. We need to be finding players for the first team that are bargains, but experienced bargains. There’s plenty of them floating around Europe at the moment. No one has cash reserves like Arsenal. Why sign £5m Ginsters when you could have £10m Capoue? I mean, I know neither have been ruled out… but Arsene, regardless of how much cash he has, rarely seems to make the signing he should. I hope this is the first summer Arsenal actually compete for players rather than try and sign the only players in the world of international football no one else is competing for… because generally, if no one else is interested, there’s a reason (Gervinho – about the only player for Lille at that time no one wanted).

One striker that has been talked about a lot in the press of late is Benteke who has a £25m transfer tag. That’s a lot of money, but that’s the going rate for a goal scorer. I’d be all over that if he’d had two seasons of Premiership goal scoring prowess under his belt. I guess that’s why you have scouts. Is he technically sound, could he replicate last season? My guess is yes. But we’ve seen plenty who have had great seasons never to replicate again.

Anyway, I’m done for today. Have a good one and I’ll catch you in the comments later.

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  1. TitsMcgee

    “TitsMcGee – Lol, while you’re sitting there telling us how good Spurs squad is”

    That burnt you up didn’t it?

    I can tell. You bring it up every day.

    Don’t hate me for speaking the truth. Hate your leader that you act like a sycophant for every day on here.

  2. eboue

    dont worry fellow arsenal fans i will be all over twitter keeping up with all the arsenal news ready to update you wonderful people.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    So much for Pedro’s ‘Gazidis’ is backing him into a corner.’

    What by lavishing unconditional praise on him and essentially offering him a free pass to do whatever he wants at the club on one of the most lucrative deals in Europe!!

    Yeah that’ll learn him, that’ll learn him good!!

  4. andy1886

    N5 – 17 years 1953-1970 (Fairs Cup). Yeah we’ve played worse football, but I really haven’t felt this fed up since I first went to Highbury in 1970. It’s all the lies and weasel words coming out of the club, the promises, the contradictions, the highest costs in the world and no hope of winning jack.

    The fact that Ivan can stand there and spout this crap when he must know how divided the fan base is just goes to show how much of a toss they actually give. So Wenger is working hard behind the scenes to make signings is he? How does anyone know that? All we know are the facts, that for eight years we’ve had a deteriorating team, increasing wage bill, promises of jam tomorrow, only to be sold a stale crust.

    Gazidis, Wenger and Kronke are a disease, a poison that’s killing our club.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    72% of people on a TalkSport poll believe Wenger DESERVES a new contract.

    Jesus, as a group of fans we’re so gullible.

    He’s done it again, limp to fourth and luckily for him the team we robbed of the spot was Spurs, there’d be less euphoria if it were Newcastle for example.

    We’re on a road to nowhere now.

    I said I could stomach one more year of this boob, but the thought of another 4-5 is too much to handle.

    I’m going to go into ‘February mode’ now I think, that point of the season where we’re 7th, the French twat signed no one and is relying on Diaby and Rosicky for the billionth time and you just stop caring.

  6. Keyser

    Tits – Brew, burn’t me up ? They’re doning exactly what we are on a different scale.

    It’s just weird how you don’t notice.

  7. Goongoonergone

    If Arsene Wenger gets another contract at ASrsenal, After 43 yrs of supporting my beloved Gooner team, I’m done. No more Arsenal for me and I won ‘t give a rat’s arse for them anymore.
    Just can’t take the idiot who manages them anymore.
    What do you expect from a non-football CEO and the Silent Death they call Kroenke?

  8. eboue

    DEAL DONE: Manchester City have confirmed the signing of Fernandinho on a 4-year deal for around £30m

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA these city fans cant catch a break!!

  9. Wengerites be damned !

    ‘Miserable or hysterical.” .Maybe they are just boring like you, Keyser. ‘Calling damnation on a fellow fan’ LOL. Just get over it and don’t be oversensitive. Especially when you label someone ‘hysterical’.
    I’m used to reading AKBs comments wishing death on someone who dares to criticise their leader. Not even fans with over 50 years of support are spared of their vitriol.

  10. Gunner2301


    I might be inclined to agree. I’ve been hanging on in the hope that next season would be his last if e gets extended that will tip me over the edge I think. I’ve grown tired of the man even a trophy under him wouldn’t make a difference to me because of a the other aspects of the club that are wrong.

    Pedro – Maybe we need a poll. Who believes Wenger should get an extension..


  11. Keyser

    “I’m used to reading AKBs comments wishing death”

    Brew you serving on the frontline ? Taking all shots, maybe I was too hasty and I should feel gratitude that you’re fighting for our right to something or other.

  12. andy1886

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I realised that every time an employee (an underachieving employee in this case) gets a new contract guess what that means? Yup, A BLOODY PAY RISE!!!!

    This is a piss take.

  13. Wengerites be damned !

    Though I don’t have all these years of support, I understand your feelings. I know some life-long Arsenal supporters who think they can’t take it anymore under Wenger.

  14. sixx pac

    28 year old defensive midfielder playing in some obscure European league for eight years, never attracting interest from any big team. Now they’ve gone and spent $34 mil on him. More money than sense

  15. Rohan

    Ginter is Germany’s U19 captain. You don’t become Germany’s U19 captain if you’re not good. He’s one of the most highly rated youngsters in Germany from what I’m hearing. Freiburg are no mugs either (finished 5th I believe) and he did well for them. He was injured for 3 months so that limited his appearances, but he’s pretty much a first team player for them now.

  16. andy1886

    Wasn’t Denilson Brazil’s u21 captain or something?

    Sorry, but we don’t need more ‘potential’.

  17. Goongoonergone

    Mate, for years I have tasted the staleness and sterility of Wenger’s football. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth. The fact that I can’t remember when last I have whooped in utter joy at us winning a match tells you that this is my last season if Wenger continues.
    For me, he is devoid of any feelings towards how passionately we want Arsenal to be a force again.
    He is a selfish dictator who lives in a bubble and think that we fans owe him.
    I simply can’t take him and his pathetic lies anymore.
    I don’t mind a new manager who comes in and who misses out on Euro qualification as long as I know that that manager has a winning mentality.
    I rather we win an FA Cup than this useless fourth-place trophy which is sadly the summit of Wenger’s aspirations.
    Pedro said that he had a meeting with Gazidis and that Gazidis intimated that there would be changes, that Wenger wouldn’t have it all his own way anymore. Yeah, right!
    Well that theory has been firmly flung out of the window with Gazidis’ latest love-in with Wenger.
    Mate, Arsenal is merely a business enterprise now; for me it has lost all semblance of why it’s a football club. And Wenger is totally complicit in all the business side of it instead of concentrating totally on football matters.
    What infuriates me is that while the top teams go after their targets, he is always busy commentating for French television.
    With many of his rubbish French imports signed for our team, I would rather Wenger enter Arsenal FC for the World Cup. Perhaps Arsenal have a better chance of winning a trophy.

  18. arsenal-flavour

    next years table

    Man City
    Man United

    if spurs keep bale and the man city coach has trouble adjusting

    Man City
    Man United

    No trophies No Silverware… Im Arsenal till I die It’s like family unconditional love!

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    If we had a poll on whether people are happy for Wenger to re-sign, then rather than just

    a) yes


    b) no

    I’d like a

    c) yes if he spends some money on serious players and it includes performance related bonuses

  20. arsenal-flavour

    Fact is we will sign quite a few players as arshavin denilison sq ect have gone…

    We will be one pretty decent player and 2 very average nothing good enough for a Pl title

  21. Keyser

    “The fact that I can’t remember when last I have whooped in utter joy at us winning a match”

    Not even when John Terry fell over and Van Persie rounded him ?

  22. reggie57

    Cant believe that Man is gonna be given a new dea?l why is it only Arsenal reward utter failure’s with bucketload’s of cash……

  23. Rohan

    I honestly don’t think buying young players has any bearing on our first-team purchases.

    I think it’s a good move. There’s hardly any youth players in the squad who really excite me, and who I look forward to playing in the Carling cup, like the likes of Jack,Aaron and Cesc before him. All the clubs make signings like these. Even nutters like Frimpong were exciting to an extent

    We’ve let half the youth team go, we need to replenish with some fresh talent.

    Speaking of which, Frimpong really has his last chance next season. Hopefully he can stay injury free. He’s turned out to be a major crock. He’s a limited player but I do think there is a niche for him in our squad if he’s willing to fight it out. Players like him who feed off the crowd are rare. In the big games, he just might be able to give us a lift. I still remember that first half against Liverpool where he absolutely battered them. Pity he got sent off really.

  24. arsenal-flavour

    Nasri Mouth

    Wenger is obviously taking on to much for one man, hence why him and Dein were a success the fact is he could be a brilliant manager if he was put in his place and was made to focus but his got wayyyy to much say over transfers and wages.. and his even admitted the wage structure is his doing..

    In modern football you can’t have one man doing it all its impossible you need a network of brilliant teams who can specialize… I think this is why we keep fucking up over deals with players like Mata ect

  25. arsenal-flavour

    Wenger should be given next year he either excels or he is his own hangman!

    I have a feeling that in the end the judge jury and executioner for Wenger will be the man himself! this is my prophecy

  26. salparadisenyc

    “Not even when John Terry fell over and Van Persie rounded him ?”

    Might be my top moment since we’ve last won a trophy… on many levels. Coupled with beating Barca at Emirates and AC Milan at the San Siro.

    Now if your a United fan you can choose from.

    European Champions
    2007-8 When JT took that lovely penalty to seal victory… and fell.

    Premier League Champions

    League Cup

  27. goona


    Totally agree with what you said….we desperately need a change of manager.

    Wenger just breeds apathy in the squad, he coaches the flair out of players. the apathy that surrounds Wenger has even got to a large proportion of the fan base. When was the last time any of us looked at the teamsheet before a match and was confident of a good win, playing attacking direct football? Not the tippy tappy shit we watch week in week out?

    At the end of the season we are fed the bullshit about being in the market, strengthening etc….where the fuck is it then? Ever other fucking team is snapping up QUALITY players early (as usual) Wenger is doing fuck all (as usual)….

  28. sixx pac

    To be fair ( no pun intended) FFP always sounded like nonsense to be and Im glad its not working out. Hated the idea of wanting other teams to be weakened in order for us to compete.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    City sign Navas and Fernandinho.

    Chelsea sign Schurrle and have bid £35 Million for Hulk.

    We are looking at Taylor from Newcastle and Gourcuff.

    I fucking hate being an Arsenal fan.

    And i reiterate…FFP my arsehole!!!

  30. Keyser


    Don’t think it works quite like that, at some point Nottingham Forest had won back-to-back European Cups, Liverpool have 5, or if you’re a Barcelona or Munich fan.

  31. eboue

    right lads had enough of this arsenal transfer talk/ wenger the cunt, time to get down to business if you could bend one over who would it be hayley mcqueen or natalie sawyer?? am torn over this decision but i think natalie sawyer just edges it, theres just something about her that gets eboues blood pumping.

  32. kwik fit


    Please tell me that those to links are made up bullshit. Do we not need Taylor and do we certainly not need Gourcuff. If Wenger had sense he would buy and buy big before announcing any signing on deal cos if he doesn’t ,things could get very nasty indeed.

  33. Rohan

    Are we really looking at Gourcuff? That ship has passed I feel.

    Probably Grenier.
    Honestly Fernandinho and Navas don’t really excite me. Arteta’s probably better than Fernandinho, and Navas’ homesickness has been well documented. Moving from Sevilla to the south of France would be ok. Sevilla to the fucking Eastlands must be grim. 82 shots and 0 goals last season also tell a story.

    As for Hulk, lol. One of the most overrated players. He’s more fat than strong. Feo’s probably better. Schurrle’s faded away pretty badly for Germany. Bit like Marin really, don’t know what Chelsea are playing at. They have much more urgent needs in their squad than more wingers.

  34. Keyser

    sixxpac – It’s not about being weakened, or the likes of Martin Samuel’s opinion, it’s more don’t take the biscuit.

    When we had the Invinicbles, Chelsea spent 150m and doubled what we spent on wages, United could always outspend us anyway, but we tried to compete, there’s no margin left now.

    ..and since 2008 the Premiership has been the worse off for it, it’s actually had a negative effect.

  35. Thomas


    We’re in deep deep shit. The fan base is so gullible and stupid it’s laughable. 8 years of nothing but lies and shit football and still over 70% wants to see the cunts contract extended.

    R.I.P Arsenal Football Club

  36. TitsMcgee

    Tits – Brew, burn’t me up ? They’re doning exactly what we are on a different scale.It’s just weird how you don’t notice.

    Deflecting again.

    They are Spurs. They have never won a league title. They should be aspiring to finish in 4th so their club can grow.

    Not us. We should be aspiring to win the league not be content with being a footballing academy and the tallest midget outside of the top 4.

    To deny that they have players that could start for us is disingenuous and quite frankly just childish.

  37. Rohan

    I’m really excited by the potential Paul Pogba rumours. The true heir to Patrick Vieiera. Bit of a knob, but he’s pure class.

    Energy, technical ability, athleticism, pace, tackling. A proper DM who can sit in the hole or play box-to-box.

    I don’t know why he would leave Juventus, but apparently he wants out because of the racism in the league.

  38. Gooby

    The journos go on and on and link us with move.

    it generally starts like that:

    1- kakapo linked with arsenal (false story)
    2- Reactions from arsenal fans: another french african cunt or yes he’s top class we should go for him
    3- We don’t sign him: we over react while we probably never tried to sign the man in the first place

    and it goes on and on

    signings will come

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    IF he was smart he’d sign a Higuain/Rooney/Jovetic then a guy like Grenier (seems most likely for the CAM), a CB (Rami or Richards for me) and a CDM (Capoue, Pogba or Gonalons) as well as either Mignolet or Cesar.

    THEN announce a signing on deal.

    Get it straight I don’t want him at all, but in terms of PR that’s the way to do it…this makes no sense at all. It’s almost as if the club are TRYING to see how pissed off they can make everyone!!

  40. Keyser


    You’re taking a specific period in a club with a history of over a 100 years.

    Liverpool held the record for most top division titles they haven’t won any for 2 decades now, while they’ve got 5 European Cups, and have won one more than us in that same period, more than we’ve managed to achieve in our entire history.

    I couldn’t careless about United fans really.

  41. Rohan

    Unless we make a big signing in the next 48 hours, making everyone forget about Arsene’s new contract.

  42. andy1886

    The difference is clubs like Chelski, Citeh and ManU buy players that other clubs don’t really want to sell (except RvP, Nasri etc of course). Arsenal on the other hand struggle to agree a deal even when the other club actually do want to sell. So, if Juve do’t want to sell Pogba then we certainly wont be getting him.

  43. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – They have won a league title.

    Did you read the bit about ‘scale’. They do exactly what we’re doing.

    They sold their best players, buy low, sell high, to help fund a stadium, we did exactly the same except we’re coming to the end of a period where we were hampered by it.

    How many times do I have to say that ?

  44. kwik fit

    Arsenal to announce massive signing in the next 48 hours.. Season ticket renewal period ends in 24 hours.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the big signing was one Arsene Wenger!

    Anarchy at the Emirates!

  45. Hitman

    There goes Pedro’s theory that Wenger has to get this summer right to win a new contract in Nov.

    Never believed that.

    As soon as 4th was secured Gazidis couldnt bend over soon enough to give Wenger his super qualidee new contract. That’s where the deadwood money saved is going.

  46. andy1886

    Pedro, a quick question if you’re around.

    When you met Ivan did he mention a new deal for Wenger?

  47. Keyser

    Darren Dein’s probably making sure he doesn’t come back to us and would Cesc consider a move to Tottenham.

  48. Goongoonergone

    You are right mate, I did not whoop when Van Persie rounded John Terry. John Terry’s got more winning mentality in his thumbnail than the entire current Arsenal squad which includes our “world-class” manager. One can laugh at Terry, one can call them Chavs but they know how to win, ugly or beautiful. Me, I am tired of the refrain that many of our Gooners make – they buy their trophies. Real Madrid buy the best, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, United too. They have the money, they go for it. Good luck to teams who want to buy and make their own luck thereafter.
    Our manager has the money, he sits on it. When he does eventually decide to buy, he often makes atrocious decisions and I can assure you, Gooners like me don’t even get excited with many of his turd signings anymore.
    Wenger is a busted flush. Many of us caught up with him years ago. We have geriatrics sitting on the board. While the football world has been passing by, they have been drinking socialist champagne with Wenger.
    As for Kroenke, he probably knows more about branding his steers on his ranch than what Arsenal FC is all about.
    Wenger’s famous words: “If I had a hundred million pounds I would give it back.”
    He claims Madrid wanted him. Wenger is a chicken. He wouldn’t have lasted there two months. The fans, the president, the players wouldn’t have taken Wenger’s crap one bit. He would have been out on his arse before you can say AKB. Wenger knows he is untouchable at Arsenal; he is answerable to nobody but his ego.
    Wenger is so skint that he would sell our dust-laden trophy cabinet for one pound to Ashley Cole to put all his trophies and medals he has won at Chelsea.

  49. salparadisenyc


    You’d argue with a dead horse.

    Never was intended to be a historical retrospective but a barometer for our current direction. I’m interested in the future and wondering if that should involve more of the past 8 seasons, can AW move us forward?

  50. Rohan

    Does Holland have a lot of talent coming through the ranks? Feel the pool has dried up since the rvp,sneijder,robben,vdv generation

  51. Crusaderrabbit

    Here’s the thing – regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, how long there’s left in the transfer window etc, you would think, given the utterly dreadful campaign we’ve just witnessed, the club would realize they need to make some sort of amends as soon as possible and bring in at least one or two names that might get back some love towards the club. The fact they’re not just shows the huge disconnect between the club and its supporters. Once again they’re either guilty of utter contempt for us, or utter incompetence.

    Even if, and it’s a big if, they genuinely were lining up some names, surely someone at the club would have the nous to hold off on the signings of minor youths, or worse still, a contract renewal for the grand architect of this casserole of nonsense we call a club, before they were secured. But no – again I give it to you they’re either useless or in utter contempt of the fanbase.

  52. Keyser


    Don’t get all childish, how are you going to predict our future without considering our past.

    It’s got litte to do with Wenger really, everything the club has done is to limit risk while waiting for a time as to when they can re-negotiate those sponsorship deals. How are you supposed to judge where we’ll go from here ? If you’ve got no point of reference to begin with ? Isn’t that the point.

    People can stamp their feet, post hundreds, thousands of posts online, on blogs like these, all I can see is that with the added revenue they might free themselves up a bit, but they’re not going to buy Falcao style players, there’s only a few about anyway, and anyone they do buy they’ll apply the same measure of value against risk to.

  53. Kushagra

    Ajax have still got them .
    Willem Gonggrijp @BergkampFlick
    I can see half of this Dutch u21 side starting for Oranje at the World Cup in Brazil.

  54. Keyser

    That means we’re not going to spend 10 million over the odds or some thinly veiled illustion of intent, stop disappointing yourselves.

    ..and on the other hand, the better the player the longer they’re going to spend listening to agents and working themselves the best possible deal, that’s why youth gets signed up quicker.

  55. afturburn

    I do not expect anything meaningful to come out of this twitter rumour regarding a big announcement in the next 48 hours, but if this is actually the announcement of wenger getting his contract extended, i swear i will chew through all the wiring in my house in hopes i get electrocuted and die.

    occam’s razor says that there’s no way the club would troll an anxious fanbase like that, but i dont think anyone would put it past the arsenal PR folk.

    i wish the club would stop fucking around with their fans.

  56. TitsMcgee

    “How many times do I have to say that ?”

    How many times have I said that because they do it doesn’t make it okay for us to do it.

    You are absolutely obsessed with Spurs and what they do.

    Okay they won two titles(10 years apart) the last of which was over 50- years ago. Great. Now tell me what does what Spurs do have anything to do with what we do.

    Because they do it(because they have to) doesn’t mean we should.

  57. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – You nutter, because it was you obsessing over Spurs and how well they’re doing, YOU said they deserve credit.

    When all we’ve done is the same, it’s a lapse in YOUR judgement I’m trying to point out, we get credit, Spurs get credit, or neither do.

    But you still can’t seem to work that out.

    Now if you want to move on having understood this you can bring up any of the teams above us and we can discuss where you think we ought to be.

  58. TitsMcgee

    “One can laugh at Terry, one can call them Chavs but they know how to win, ugly or beautiful.”

    It doesn’t count because they spent about 1 billion pounds assembling their squad.

    …or so Keyser would have you think.

  59. Cesc Appeal

    If this big announcement thing is true…we all know it’s going to be Wenger signs a new deal!

    And the blind majority of the fan base will wank themselves silly into their little keyboards about how we’re the only team with stability…problem is that stable course is leading us into the depths of mediocrity and total ambitionless drivel.

  60. afturburn

    surely it can’t be a wenger contract announcement. surely it can’t.

    the pulse around the fanbase has largely hinted at dissatisfaction of late, i really can’t see them touting this as a big announcement. those polls on talksport are bullshit, people that don’t know shit about the situation are probably voting yes simply because they recognize his name.

  61. Keyser

    “It doesn’t count because they spent about 1 billion pounds assembling their squad”

    There you go again, you’re wondering why we can’t be like Chelsea, when they’ve been backed financially by a billionaire, if one of OUR billionaire owners were to do similar then you could have a more accurate comparison.

    But no, LALALALALA, why can’t we be like Chelsea, Tottenham are only a point behind they’re awesome, Barcelona can produce youth why aren’t we like them, Real Madrid can spend money, woah forgot about Bayern.

  62. Goongoonergone

    All I know is that the likes of Bradford City and Blackburn left Arsene on his arse.
    Now, if that is not the butt-end of humiliation for our so-called esteemed manager and his grovelling disciples, then nothing is.

  63. jeff


    them having spent 1 billion DOES matter.

    its equivalent to lance Armstrong winning 7 tours de france. theres no difference.

    what I cant understand is people like you who value a shiny FA cup or the mickey mouse cup over playing year in year out in the champions league.

    its league title, champions league title, champions league qualification, fa cup and mickey mouse cup…. in that order.

    Chelsea won the Europa league…. only because they did so poorly in the champions league, they were relegated to that league. that’s not an achievement..

    put it this way, if we won the FA cup but failed to qualify for the champions league, any potential money from sponsors wouldn’t matter as we would have missed out on 30 mil and the allure that champions league means in signing quality players.

    if you think gervinho is bad, imagine who we would sign without having champions league. you can all but forget about signing a player of cazrolas quality….

  64. jeff


    Bradford did the same to united a year earlier.

    again, I wouldn’t even have our first team play in the carling cup. I would keep bleeding the youth and keep the 2nd string happy. that cup means nothing. league titles and champions league. that’s all I care about.

  65. TitsMcgee

    “But no, LALALALALA, why can’t we be like Chelsea”

    More childish anger and more trying to change the topic.

    Who said we “want” to be like Chelsea or “should” be like them?

    We don’t have their cash but you are a FOOL if you think that because they spent a few hundred million on their squad that it diminishes their accomplishments.

    History will always say they won 8 trophies in the 8 years we won NOTHING.

  66. Goongoonergone

    Hi Cesc Appeal
    The key word is HUMILIATION. Mate, I don’t think such a word is in Wenger’s dictionary. He is wedded to his 7.5 million Queen’s faces a year and to think he would give a hundred million pounds back.
    If that man gets another contract, which now seems certain, can you imagine the number of water bottles pissing in their sleep and quaking at the thought of their asses getting roundly kicked by our “esteemed” manager who gets another hissy fit as another third or fourth tier group of cloggers send him and his ‘best team ever’ with their cowardly tails between their legs?

  67. arsenal-flavour

    read the article on sky sports about ivan gadizis wanting to extend wengers contract! hahahhahaha

    whats even more funny than that is the amount of deluded comments from other Arsenal fans saying wengers the only man for the job in wenger we trust!

    The average Arsenal fan LOVES WENGER the vast majority do unfortunately… you go on blogs like this and think no arsenal fans are clued up they realise what a disaster he is but oh noooo there are so many foolish fools out there who think his jesus christ 2.0

  68. TitsMcgee

    “The club as we knew it died the day we were humiliated 8-2 and Wenger didn’t walk.”

    It was on life support then. I think this new contract, if signed, will finish us off for another 4-5 years( 4 years for his tenure and 1 year for whoever takes over after him).

    It would be another 4-5 years of all our rivals adding to their trophy cabinet and further distancing themselves from us. By that time AFC’s glory days will well and truly be way in the past as it would be well over a decade since we were relevant.

  69. Bade

    Indeed Keyser

    Admittedly, Freddie’s one was two classes above.

    What a cracker, followed by the after match legendary interview with the “It’s fucking excellent”

  70. Leedsgunner

    Is it just me or is other people royally narked about the fact that:

    even WITHOUT a manager in place, Man City is making big signings in the transfer window?!? No undue deliberation, flapping or hand-wringing is there? Then again, they have FOOTBALL MEN at that club controlling the board so no wonder they can move so quickly and decisively. I hate to say it but I envy their control, their clarity of vision and their willingness to address the weakness in their first team squad with proven talents. Even with the transfer window not officially open their squad is looking like title contenders.

    We scrounge around like hobos in the bins of Ligue 1, La Liga and the Bundesliga — even then we can’t make a quick decisions to plug the gaps in our first team squad.

    Oh while other clubs ruthless fire underperforming managers our board happily give our manager an extension… no results or trophies needed.

    The contrast is stark isn’t? Man City football men in charge who strengthen squad to get results on the field

    Arsenal: Gutless businessmen in charge who care two hoots about football. All they care about is fattening their pockets… two fingers to the fans, to the history and traditions of this great club.

    The Rot has to end! The Lot OUT!

  71. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – Diminish ? Lol, no but it provides a reference point for comparison, they were on the verge of bankruptcy, were saved by Abramovich, who ON TOP of the revenue they’ve earned spent probably close to a billion pounds worth of his own money.

    Do you not see the relevance of this, it’s not changing the subject either, it’s comparative Lol,

  72. Jeff

    Wenger can’t emulate Ferguson’s trophies but he can emulate his years. He wants to go on and on. The gentleman is not for turning.

  73. Sam

    Who da fuck is ginter?
    This is getting scary now, I am sure this kid is not even better than coquelin. It’s clear now that wenger has not intention of upsetting his super squad so he wouldnt bring any first team ready player. All our signings have been insignificant. None of them will be ready for first team in august maybe never like Thomas eisfel.

  74. azed

    Goal.com (full of bullshit) is reporting Tevez for 7 million. If true then i don’t know why we haven’t gotten him

  75. TitsMcgee

    “even WITHOUT a manager in place, Man City is making big signings in the transfer window?!? No undue deliberation, flapping or hand-wringing is there?”

    We do things the right way though.

    That counts I guess right?..

  76. TitsMcgee

    Yes Keyser but :

    a) what do they have to do with us?
    b)who said we should spend money like them?
    c)at the end of the day, they ARE NOT BANKRUPT and nobody will give 2 shits that they spent a million billion dollars to buy players.

    You think City give a shiite?

    Not wanting to spend a Billion dollars and not wanting to spend over 15m for a player(when you could easily) is the issue.

    But make excuses it’s obvious you will say anything.

  77. Sam

    Fans want Rooney, higuain or benteke he brought sanogo . Fans want capoue/ wanyama/ strootman he’s getting a ginster. What are we getting for Cesc? I can’t wait, maybe a hamster

  78. kwik fit

    Arsenal leading the race to sign Marouane Fellaini,& the midfielder is now seriously considering the north London move.

  79. Mental Strength

    Something i saw someone post on an article about Wenger’s possible extension.

    ” 16.5 Years, 3 premier league titles, 3 FA Cups, 3 Community Shield Trophies, one season unbeaten, 49 games unbeaten, 17 years in a row in the champions league, Emirates Stadium, Thierry Henry, and all on a net spend of approx. £1 million. One Arsene Wenger.”

    Wenger fans…

  80. Sam

    Ha ha kwik fit!

    That’s gazidis usual summer propaganda
    We know what we are getting, a ginster.
    Fellaini will cost 5 times more so don’t fall for that crap . Maybe he’s moving to west London to replace his twin sister David Luiz .

  81. Keyser

    TitsMcGee –

    “Yes Keyser but :
    a) what do they have to do with us?
    b)who said we should spend money like them?”

    Are you serious ? That’s who we’re up against, so when you’ve got your knickers in a twist trying to understand why we’re not spending money freely, whatever amount we’ve got, or you can’t understand why we don’t buy X and X player, or you come up with your Academy comments or that Tottenham’s wage bill is only 94 million to be a point behind..

    Wouldn’t it just be important to take heed ? To actually put some thought it into and come up with a balanced, rational opinion ?

    Instead of the hysterical diatribe as per norm.

  82. Dannyboy

    kwik fit, I’m starting to think that Skybet leak these fake transfer stories to tempt dumb Gooners into betting on Fellaini/Fabregas/Rooney to Arsenal, as they know there is no chance of it happening so it’s like taking candy from a baby.

    Crafty bastards!!!

  83. Sam


    I always say it here but most grovers don’t like to hear. Leroy fer is the best but i sometime pick wanyama because fer is too crazy. We can have them both n move one in defense .

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Salparadisenyc: Name one player on our team 2012-13 who wouldn’t take the dive?

    Walcott? He’s gone down under a challenge and got up and carried on. He’s such a nice boy he even apologised when he did dive that time, I can’t see him doing it again.
    Would Ramsey dive?

  85. Sam

    Kwik fit!

    Ask gazidis again in august he will tell you he tried his best unfortunately the transfer didn’t go through . Same old tactics n it works every summer.
    We wont sign Rooney for 2 reasons:
    There is no way he will take a paycut to join us n wenger wouldn’t handle his attitude. Just read the gossips n ignore it coz it’s never gonna happen

  86. sixx pac

    Sam June 6, 2013 21:03:23

    Who da fuck is ginter?
    This is getting scary now, I am sure this kid is not even better than coquelin.

    How can you possibly know that if you dont even know who Ginter is? lol

  87. Rohan

    Twitter’s exploded.

    I’m not that excited by Fellaini to be honest. Don’t know if he suits our style. Amazing player to have in the squad though.

    He would be value just for the number of people around north london wearing huge afro wigs.

  88. Dannyboy

    I wonder if we did sign Fellaini, would we make him take a pay cut to join us like we did with Arteta?

    Kwik, you must be mental if you did that mate! Although I did the same with Cabaye last summer lol. Skybet had us as 1/5 odds on to sign Tiote so I didn’t see the value there… They offered 5/1 against however to sign Cabaye so I of course took that option… But of course we had Wenger as manager,, so we signed neither!

  89. Rob

    We’re in negotiations to sign Dennis praet a 19 year old from Anderlecht.Honestly it’s time for Wenger to be put in a home.

  90. kwik fit


    Your right, Rooney will never take a pay cut just like he’ll never have a hair cut! IG is a first rate bullshitter and If he thinks we are going to believe the garbage that comes out of his mouth?……………………Wayne Rooney Get In!!!

  91. Nasri's Mouth

    Whether or not I believe him, I’m impressed with Gazidis work today

    He’s come out and told everyone that the club has both stability and cash to spend. He’s made us look as an attractive proposition as possible considering we finished 4th. He’s setting it all up for Wenger to do his work this summer.

    The ball is absolutely and firmly in AW’s court now.

  92. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah i tend not to believe Fellaini.

    Wenger won’t go above £20 Million for Jovetic, a guy he’s had scouted for TWO years…but he will for a midfield man?

    Highly doubt it.

    Nope, today has been a bleak day for Arsenal fans.

    I can’t wait to see what Pedro writes tomorrow, so much for the big deals, Gazidis applying pressure on Wenger and the summer of big change.