Facepalm: Matthias Ginter on the radar | Rooney wants lone striker role | £210,000 p/w freed up

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United fans celebrate on our patch (which they no doubt live on too)

Welcome to Thursday. The best day for drinking in the world of London office work.

So what have we today? Not much really. Arsenal officially binned of Squillaci, Andrey and Denilson yesterday. That’s freed up around £210,000 a week in deadwood salary. Right there my friends is near enough your one superstar striker. Throw in all the kids we let go. The intention to sell off Vermaelen, Gervinho and possibly a Lukas… well, you’ve got yourself a pot of money you’ve created on top of the additional pot of money we were already getting.

We just have to hope Arsene isn’t looking to spend the surplus cash on topping up Aaron Ramsey’s contract… or bringing in hopeful 18 year olds from all around Europe. To be honest, I don’t mind players like Sanogo and Mitrovic. They’ve both shown some flair for first teams, regardless of the quality.., there’s something there. Plus, they’re too young for first team contention.

What is concerning is that there aren’t 200 negotiators at Arsenal. So time spent on 18 year olds is time wasted on older talent. Still, I guess that’s what a blackberry with a keyboard is all about. Deals on the bus… on the beach… wherever.

Rooney sparked the most tenuous of ‘HE’S LEAVING’ stories. He spoke to Four Four Two and stated he’d like to play central striker on his own.

‘In the years to come, that might be somewhere I could play, but, right now, I’m definitely a centre forward. I’m after more goals.’ Rooney told FourFourTwo magazine.

‘I’ve played up front on my own a few times for Manchester United and it’s a role I’m very comfortable with and have no problems playing.

‘When you play as a target man, you have to stay up front and help the team out by holding the ball up and waiting for support. That all comes with experience.

For a man lacking in height, he certainly knows how to own that role. I think one of the appeals for Wenger will probably centre around his ability to play in near enough every position. He’s a street footballer first and foremost. I guess very simplistically, if you put Rooney in our team with the second half of the season defence… you’re a keeper away from at least contending. 10 more points.

Build out the squad with top quality from the third tier (Cazorla types: quality but cheap. Like Uniqlo jeans), and you could be looking at making up some serious ground on the top 2.

Someone who sounds like they’re straight off the sale rail in Primark is German Matthias Ginter. The 19 year old from Freiberg is apparently on our wanted list after playing a whopping 15 games for his less than super team this year. We’ve seen time and time again that bringing in teenagers to go into the first team doesn’t work unless they’re super quality. My guess is that if Bayern haven’t snapped him up, he’s not super super quality. Still, we haven’t bought him yet… so there’s not point in giving myself sweat patches until it’s confirmed… and we haven’t signed anyone else. I’m sure the everyone will tell me you can’t judge a player if you haven’t seen him. Well, our scouting network is shoddy at best these days… so if I haven’t seen him, I can tell you that 90% of other clubs networks will have. Anyway, I remember being told Park Chu Young was top talent, along with Bischoff and the countless other total punts we’ve had when trying to defeat the laws of value.

I do hope this summer isn’t about how smart Arsene can be with £20m. Like I’ve said before, I don’t mind us signing cheap players if they represent value over a punt. Arteta and Mertesacker were value. Cazorla was value. He may have cost £12m, but his salary was a big boy salary. We need to be finding players for the first team that are bargains, but experienced bargains. There’s plenty of them floating around Europe at the moment. No one has cash reserves like Arsenal. Why sign £5m Ginsters when you could have £10m Capoue? I mean, I know neither have been ruled out… but Arsene, regardless of how much cash he has, rarely seems to make the signing he should. I hope this is the first summer Arsenal actually compete for players rather than try and sign the only players in the world of international football no one else is competing for… because generally, if no one else is interested, there’s a reason (Gervinho – about the only player for Lille at that time no one wanted).

One striker that has been talked about a lot in the press of late is Benteke who has a £25m transfer tag. That’s a lot of money, but that’s the going rate for a goal scorer. I’d be all over that if he’d had two seasons of Premiership goal scoring prowess under his belt. I guess that’s why you have scouts. Is he technically sound, could he replicate last season? My guess is yes. But we’ve seen plenty who have had great seasons never to replicate again.

Anyway, I’m done for today. Have a good one and I’ll catch you in the comments later.

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  1. Tim

    We have a long, long time left in this transfer window.

    Let’s not panic that we haven’t bought the entire German national team. The big lads will come through.

    Rooney + Cesc and the rest I will not give a shit about.

  2. ikon

    Benteke will not make the cut quality wise… he has not been tested much frm technique point of view.

    Higuain should be at the top of wanted list…. and so should be Cesc Fabregas.

  3. Evan

    SIGN: CESAR, KHEDIRA, BENTEKE, ISCO and then he can sign as many kids as he wants, I don’t care

    Firm words with Gervinho and Tommy V in relation to form required

  4. Potter

    Rooney + Cesc and the rest I will not give a shit about.

    Is that Piebury corner’s latest recipe sold from their new stall 1000 feet up ?

  5. arsenal4ever

    hahah Le-Grove already back tracking. Can remember he tweeted like “Folks this will be a super summer for the fans. Be surprised”. Thx god the french bastard is gone next year.

  6. Kemp1886

    Rivals now starting to make their moves so no excuses now.Do we have a manager who has the bottle to spend anything over £15m,let alone £25m/£30m?

  7. andy1886

    What happened to the really exciting transfers that Pedro mentioned awhile back? Get me excited? Are you kidding??

    Same old Arsenal, always backtracking….

  8. unhappy gunner

    Reality is why would any top top kwalitee player want to come and play for le senile? He might of fooled majority of Arsenal fans, but those who actually know anything about football, know that le senile is past it. He’s always linked with other teams supposedly, then why doesn’t he go? Because more than likely he knows he will get found out in the tactically superior spanish and italian leagues. The mans a has been.

  9. Arsenalone

    Please stop this Rooney talk,he’s a harrods player , we do our shopping in
    Morrisons,and Sunday car boot markets.thats were we found mr Chamakh and mr Santos

    It’s just normal hype and bullshit from the club.

    Sorry to be doom and gloom chaps


    arrggh! missed the top 4 race by a whisker……i guess this is how it feels down in spudshitville….got to say…id have benteke in a heart beat….u dont score 19 goals by luck,especially since few of his were tap ins ..but rather clinical finishing…would take him over the g-spot..dont really get y yu would want us to sell verminator(im actually quite perplexed…)he had a bad season..that kind of thing happens..rememba in the first part of the season guyz were slatind kos 4 hez perfomance..then he up n didi it

  11. Bennydevito

    Good post Pedders,

    I’m feeling positive after reading that especially with the youth clearout and now the deadwood wages being available…. that’s Rooney’s wages right there and I’ve got this feeling we’re going to sign him. Probably wrong but I think it’d be a massive statement and a massive boost.

  12. andy1886

    Maybe it’s Wenger, maybe it’s the board, but someone is holding the purse strings tighter than a ducks arse. The annoying thing is the dishonesty (we can compete with anyone!- b*ll*cks!!), why can’t they be straight with the people who spend their hard earned cash year in year out? Oh yeah, season ticket renewal…

    One thing Pedro is right about, why are we dicking around signing youngsters and maybe’s rather than getting the big deals done and worrying about the small fry afterwards. Only Arsenal.

  13. Oh Theo Theo!

    Interesting to see that we have other clubs pinning down signings, ManC$ty have two confirmed, chavs one with strong, strong links to top players.

    And we get youth players… This is surely an elaborate wind-up by Arsene??

    Or as is starting to dawn on even the AKBs – this is panning out exactly the same as the last 3-4 years:

    1. Preheat fans to fever pitch of anticipation around season ticket renewal time.
    2. Preheat the fans some more with spurrious claims of “ambitition” & “statements”
    3. Let the fans marinate and send in their renewals.
    4. Dick about signing some pointless youth players.
    5. Raid the vastly overrated French league, it’s not the best vintage any more but perfectly fine for the less refined palate of the arsenal first team.
    6. Sign a couple of “might-be”, “in-the-future” players.
    7. Create confusion and derision – tell everyone that premier quality ingredients “are hard to find” or “not available”, even though you work in the largest pool of premiership ready platyers in the world.
    8. Serve up the same turgid, tepid crap as the last time, but tell your guests that this is the “best meal they will ever eat”
    9. Best to leave this time though as the guests may well see through this the 8th time the trick’s been pulled
    10. Trouser 7.5m!!

    There you go – in the words of Chubby Oliver – bish bosh, lovely jubbly…

    Rinse – repeat…

  14. arsenal4ever

    Romford Pele you are clearly such an Wenger arse licker its unreal. Hope “fans” like you fucking off with him.

  15. Romford Pele

    Arsenal4ever – how am I a Wenger “arselicker”. Please, you know nothing about me so stop chucking about false claims.

  16. mystic

    ‘…. that’s Rooney’s wages right there and I’ve got this feeling we’re going to sign him.’
    Oh dear, I like your optimism but, oh dear. 🙂

  17. SammyPeeps

    Season ticket renewal deadline tomorrow – we might see some transfer action after that, when the club have a better idea of ticket revenue for next season

  18. Romford Pele

    I criticse Wenger just as much as the next person – Just because I don’t come on here saying “WENGER OUT” everyday doesn’t make me an AKB lol. That comment is laughable.

  19. Romford Pele

    BNSB – Alaba is awesome, but I struggle to see why the 1st choice Bayern LB would come to Arsenal, especially to play in a position which arguably has the strongest depth in the squad.

  20. andy1886

    On the plus side only Bentner, JD, Santos, Diaby, Park and Gervinho to go. That’s another £200k – £250k a week we could use to pay off AW’s contract!

  21. the mighty karim

    gervinho,” the only Lille player no one wanted” ARE YOU JOKING ?

    Anyway , Capoue showed yesterday why he would be good for us , get him Arsene !

  22. Romford Pele

    Juve are now chasing Tevez who has a year left on his contract. Apparently they’re growing tired of the Jovetic chase, while the Higuain move seems to be stalling. Be interesting to see what happens.

  23. MadeToLoveMagic

    Very nice post.

    We absolutely must NOT sell verm, or pod. Gervhino I’m not fussed. But we need quality cb competition. Pool ski is a big player to have. Him fight for a regular place will keep the rest on their toes.

    If we sell verm and have Williams as backup, guaranteed we will get an injury and boom, we have a merte Williams cb line up. We neeeeeed the core three there next season. It’s the first Time we have had 3 good ones in ages.

    IMO fab won’t happen, not this season. I think Rooney is gonna happen!! just have this feeling. Fergie leaving changed everything. To be honest , if we sold nobody good, and signed Rooney I think we will compete with the best next season. Wilsher cazorla Rooney, tasty. I like Ramsey and arteta sitting in front of the defence. I think we will see that again next season. I think personally we need an attacking mid more than a dm. Isco please. Jacks position is naturally deeper, as is Ramsey and arteta. We have lE coq also.

  24. Romford Pele

    “I think personally we need an attacking mid more than a dm”

    Couldn’t agree more MadeToLove.

  25. mystic

    ‘……….Bentner, JD, Santos, Diaby, Park and Gervinho to go.’
    Problem is;
    Bendtner and Diaby are both injured – the latter perennially, so probably have no value, difficult to see who would want them long term;
    Santos, Park (admit I was taken in by him before he arrived) and Gervinho – range between absolute crap and pretty poor, again difficult to see who would want them long term;
    JD seems to be the only sale-able one.

    Do I assume that as you have not included Chamakh, Fabianski or Mannone that you don’t want to dump them?

    Regrettably I can’t see Wenger swallowing his pride/ego and allowing all of the above (bar JD – who I think is sale-able) to simply have their contracts cancelled.

  26. Doc

    We’ve gone from ‘expect big signings’ to hoping for experienced bargains. Geoff_Arsenal on twitter was hinting that we’ll be breaking our transfer record multiple times over (Ray Parlour said something similar prior to the 2011 window….we ended up selling Cesc and Nasri) and now it’s ‘maybe one marquee signing.’

    Managing expectations or have doubts started to creep into the twitter crew…?

  27. Raz

    Kind of amusing and/or worrying how the tone of Le Grove changes like british weather. 5 weeks ago or so, you were saying we are DEFINITELY trying to sign Jovetic.

    These days you say things like ‘so and so are trying to hijack a deal we have no intention of making for Jovetic’ etc etc.

    You’ve gone from ‘WENGER WILL SPEND BIG, THIS SUMMER IS DIFFERENT’ to ‘I hope this isn’t another bargain hunt summer’.

    Wonder when it’s time to accept that you’re just another Arsenal fan without a clue what is going on at the club?

    I love the blog but just like the people who who no longer have faith about an exciting summer, I no longer trust people who try and sound as though they know what’s going on. Why? Because, like them each summer, I’ve been burned.

    Nobody on twitter gets things right.
    Wenger lies to the fans.
    Gazidis lies to the fans.
    If it means a few more season tickets renewed then they don’t care.

    I listened to you when you went on TalkSHITE to talk about Arsenal…and l heard you talk about Chelsea for about 1m then leave the show.

    Like I say, love the blog, will always read and comment, but do I think you have any idea of what’s going on at the club? Nope! Do I think you have much hope we’re going to sign the players we need and can afford? Nope!

    I have heard from some dark corners that Aston Villa have put £40m on Benteke, not £25m.

    I guess they can look forward to a season of him sulking if he stays!

  28. Oh Theo Theo!

    Raz – seriously, fuck off if you don’t like it! All you do is bitch about Pedders.

    Can somebody ban this banal little prick?

  29. karaul

    to evan:

    CESAR, KHEDIRA, BENTEKE, ISCO – that almost ideal!

    sczesny (cesar)
    sagna (jenks) – koscielny (verm.) – per (miquel or someone) – gibbs (nacho)
    khedira (ramsey) – wilshere (arteta) – isco (rosicky)
    walcott (ox) – benteke (giroud) – cazorla (podolski)

    now thats a squad

  30. mystic

    Pedro within a few posts you seem to have gone from hyper positive above the transfer window, to more pragmatic.

    Do you think Gazidis has been stringing you along, or simply feeling more realistic?

  31. Marc

    Maarten Stekelenburg to Fulham for 4mil.. thats your quality squad player at bargain price. Huge improvement on Fabianski.

  32. Oh Theo Theo!

    Raz – because you will spend all day posting on here about what you think and disagreeing with anybody who disagrees with you.. It’s boring.

    If you’re so very clever, give you 5 predictions (or your inside knowledge??) about who we’ll sign. And then Pedders can ban you.

    You can say I told you so if you’re right.

    Fuck off

  33. Zoran

    Good remark: For a man lacking in height, he certainly knows how to own that role.

    So, I am asking myself: What does Theo think of himself as CS? He has no high, headers are for him a tabu, he has no technic to overpass on one on one, but still thinks he is the choosen one for this role. So I would suggest him to stay in the wide role, Ronaldo has no problem there and he is making wonders there. Theo should not forget that there is a certain Ox who is knocking on Arsenes door, a lad who is for most of the football experts ways better than Theo, in every point except maybe in pace. Though they are there somewhere.

    About one opinion that we have a long, long time left in this transfer window
    All these daily transfer stories right now are only for us to renew the season tickets. Did we all forgot that the transfer period for Arsene starts on 30th and end on 31st August?

    Well seems Rooney made up his mind and will stay at Old Toilet. Never mind. Excellent striker, but as english surelly overpaid. Excelent striker is Higuain too, so let’s concentrate on him. He will be not even a half of the Rooneys wagebill but, imo even better than Rooney. And younger. So, come on Arsene, snap him before the big sharks come.

  34. Savage

    If you read Jeorge Bird’s youth blog, you’ll know that we are now short of strikers in our U18 and U21 teams. That’s why we’re being linked with 18/19yo strikers. I get Pedro’s point about using up the negotiating team, but we have to sign these kids at some point for our academy setup.

    Rooney was due to meet with Moyes – when is that happening? It’s like Wenger said two seasons ago – one piece falls into place and then there’s a domino effect.

  35. Raz


    1) All I do is bitch about Pedders? Er……ok! Hahaha! Think you might be mixing me up with someone else. FYI, as I am sure Pedders will agree, when you post a blog, it’s jaded to expect nothing but candyfloss feedback. You will get people who agree with what you say and people who will disagree. It’s called HAVING AN OPINION you fucking moron.

    2) Who pissed in your porridge you disgusting, abusive rat. I couldn’t give a flying fuck if you agree or disagree with my opinion, but I’m not the only one around here who has noticed a change in direction in Pedro’s posts.

    3) It’s not for you to decide who gets banned.

    If Pedro wants to come on here and explain he will ban me because I said ‘Pedro I get the feeling you don’t have a clue what’s going on at a the club’ then I will wait for him to do that. I am sure Pedro is big enough to take a passing comment that’s not even a criticism, just a view point, on the chin.

  36. Raz

    P.s Theo Oh Theo you abusive little cunt – it’s not the first time you’ve pounced on a chance to lay into me. Go fuck yourself.

    All day? Yesterday I left 2 comments. The day before, about the same.

    Theo Oh Theo NICE ONE

  37. Ashwin Indian Gunner

    If we have money. we should snap Rooney. He is a beast in front of the goal. We dont have many players who can shoot from 30 yards. by shoot i mean on to the goal.

    I don;t mind siginig youngsters, but we have to sign big names. PL has become all the more tougher with Mourinho coming back. This season is the best chance to build up our squad and compete for trophies..

  38. Raz

    THeo Oh Theo – why are you not launching abuse at MYSTIC for saying EXACTLY what I’ve said? You scumbag. The internet doesn’t need posters like you.

  39. Raz

    Theo before I ignore you piss weak excuse of a poster, I will ask you to prove how I bitch about Pedders.

    The floor is yours you little school boy.

  40. Oh Theo Theo!

    Raz – you continually dig-out Pedders about the quality of his posts, the content, the length. Usuall a dig a day.

    You have this air of superiority that is really not merited and a prissy holier than thou attitude.

    This a blog about football. There’s banter, there’s bad language.

    You have your opinion, my opinion is that you are a smug, full of shit, wanker who enters pedro’s house, eats his food, takes his hospitality and then tries to fuck his wife.

    Rude. But, just my opinio, so valid right?

  41. andy1886

    Mystic – lol, we have so much junk that I forgot about the others. If I had to keep typing in all the names of the dross I would get repetitive strain injury.

    I would pay them off (Chamakh, Bentner). I would let the keepers run down their contracts, that’s not where the big money is and we need back up for Chezza (not impressed by Cesar and AW wont spend decent money on a real quality keeper).

    Anyone else would have been held to account for such a crazy wage structure, but not Wenger.

  42. mahessar

    So we are going to miss out on Jovetic because we are waiting on Rooney? Hahahahahahahah fucking typical isn’t it? Wenger will say we tried for both but Rooney’s wages were out of our budget

    Well, fucking surprise Arsene, it’s obvious we can’t sign Rooney, so why not tie up the deal for someone we can actually sing? i.e: Jovetic/Higuain

  43. Bennydevito


    Oh dear indeed! I’m trying to be positive because I keep getting confused with the contradictory tones of the posts over the last few weeks but for the first time I see things happening differently at the club with the clearout going on and freeing up of wages…l plus Wenger’s contract running out soon.

    Times must be changing surely?


  44. Ashwin Indian Gunner


    exactly. We actually do not need a DM. Arteta and Ramsey did a good job last season. and we have Coq in our ranks. we definitely need a AM. some one who plays there when Wilshere is injured. who can play with Cazrola. With Rooney up front, It will be a deadly combination.

  45. Raz

    Theo Theo Theo, you have sadly mistaken me for someone else, you stupid stupid tosser.

    I dug Pedro for the length of ONE post about 3 weeks ago and I didn’t come on here like some saying ‘Late post’ and all that shit.

    Pedro said there was absolutely no news. I simply asked how he could say that when for the last day people had been discussing things he hadn’t touched upon. There were transfer rumours and some spec about our players leaving that had loads of people talking, on his own blog, and it doesn’t get a mention.

    That’s all I said. Again, passing observation that PEDRO didn’t find offensive because PEDRO isn’t a total loser.

    “You have your opinion, my opinion is that you are a smug, full of shit, wanker who enters pedro’s house, eats his food, takes his hospitality and then tries to fuck his wife.”

    Well, that’s just embarrassing for you.

    You don’t know what you’re on about, and you have nothing to back up what you’re saying.

    If I upset you that much go read a different blog.

    You have the cheek to call me a ‘smug, full of shit wanker’ when posters like Romford politely tell everyone they don’t know what they’re on about, Gambon knows ‘more than everyone’ about EVERYTHING and will call you a cunt if you disagree, Kiyoto comes on here just to have a tantrum at NASRI’S MOUTH who literally sits on here all day waiting to start a fight with someone, and KEYSER who is the same.

    Still, it’s great that you felt the need to take offence on Pedro’s behalf when no offence needed taking.

    This blog site is full of absolute wankers and you’re one of them. I’ve told Pedro before that the dickheads on here who start fights for no reason, don’t allow others to have an opinion etc, just ruin it for the others. I’ve already told you I came on here over a year ago and was shocked at how rude 2 or 3 ‘main’ posters were – yet Pedro does fuck all about banning them and THAT is my only criticism of Pedro.

    All I have said was that it doesn’t sound like Pedro has a clue what’s going on – if that is a fact, then why is it offensive? And the tone has changed from ‘we will do this’ to ‘I hope we do this’ – and I’m not the only one that thinks so.

    Pedro, if you want to ban me for that then feel free.

  46. Max85

    Agree with Romford, seriously some of you lot need to chill out. You reckon United fans are chucking their toys out of the pram because they haven’t signed anyone a week into the transfer window? Are they fuck.

    There is a time for moaning, but this ain’t it, especially if its the same boring drivel every day.

  47. Gee

    Raz what are you on about ? Another one ? Scum bag ? For stating I think gazadis is full of shit. History speaks for itself and that’s what i’m basing my opinion on. Firing insults for no good reason from behind a computer. Good for you big man !

  48. Pires_legend

    @oh theo Theo, that’s bang on mate, the top clubs are getting their business done as early as possible, Bayern, Barcelona, Man City have all made a clear statement about next season.

    We on the other hand will hold our cards close to our chest (and not necessarily because we have the best hand) in the hope that none of the big guns will have put an offer for some obscure player that Gilles Grimandi has been watching in the French league for 4 years and the kids only 16.

    Make a bloody offer to Man U, put Moyes under pressure straight away, show you mean business.

    We need to wrap up our first choices early and compete with the other clubs on players not just let them cherry pick the best and we get the rest.

    So imho
    1st choice players to strengthen the squad;
    Rooney, Higuain, Cesc, Jovetic, Adler (a right back that is quality) and a Holding midfielder (maybe Capoue or Wanyama)

    2nd choice
    Eriksen, Grenier, Benteke, McMacarthy, McManamen, Weimann, Pogba, Williams

    3rd Choice
    French 2nd Division striker with just 5 apprearances, well over rated unknown English 15 year old, bring back golden oldies (jungberg, Lehmann, Henry)

  49. Raz

    Man, fuck Le Grove.

    I have better things to do with my time than come on here and chat to a load of psychos I will never meet and wouldn’t want to, to find out exactly NOTHING about the club.

    I’ll stick to chatting with my mates about football, and otherwise living my life.

    Enjoy being led in circles for the next 2 months folks!

  50. Pedro

    Guys, my confidence hasn’t been knocked…

    I’m confident we’ll sign big names… but i have to write what’s going ok everyday.

    If I just wrote…

    ‘We’re breaking records’

    Everyday, it’d get boring. I react to what I read.

    We’ll see though… we’ll make big moves this summer.

  51. Pedro

    Arsenal flyer or whatever your name is… you’re a jolly come lately fan who resides in Germany pledging allegiance to two teams on twitter.

    You’re hardly in a position to talk a out ‘real’ fans.

    What do you contribute to the club bar 89,000 tweets a day?

  52. vicky

    I never expected this transfer window to be a mega one in terms of big signings. So I am not at all disappointed with Pedder’s changing tone.

    What is welcome is that we are serious about moving out fringe players. We have offloaded 15 kids and 3 first team players.

    If we can get rid of Chamakh,Park,Bendtner,Santos,Mannone,Djohorou, I will consider this transfer window to be a satisfactory one irrespective of who we sign as replacements.

    Of course,we are in a better position than ever to make some big moves but that will not happen under Wenger.

  53. mystic

    ‘ You reckon United fans are chucking their toys out of the pram because they haven’t signed anyone a week into the transfer window? Are they fuck.’
    Agree with you that it is early and that maybe some of us (myself included) are panicking too quick –

    United fans probably are ‘t too worried because they know their club has a habit of spending, can you honestly say Arsenal fans can feel relaxed in that way?

  54. Ashwin Indian Gunner

    Hey Pedro

    Nice post man. Atleast you are optimistic about signings. After i read your post atleast I am happy that something might happen. No body knows what’s going behind the scenes. Why not be optimistic and hope for the best.

    Good one man.

  55. Max85

    Mystic, agree with that, feel jittery every time I think of coming to the end of August with no serious reinforcements.

    However while I mention united, its also true of pretty much every prem team bar City and West Ham – some of whose need to strengthen is greater than ours.

    I’ll be shouting louder than anyone come end of August if we haven’t done the job, but reckon for now some perspective is needed.

  56. Danish Gooner

    Listen, save yourself a lot of heartache and disappointment there wont be a 25 or 30 mil signed player,Rooney will not join just because wenger speaks highly about him,neither Benteke,Fabregas or anyone else.Wenger will first and foremost try to balance the books it involves cheap purchases,risky cheap purchases and crap purchases.No marquee signing,no superstar,no worldbeater wenger despices them.Van Persie left for a reason that reason was Arsenal and Wenger refusing to buy big and throw in some ambition too.I cant understand why you all suddenly think he is gonna spend crazy amounts of money just because Arsenal have signed a decent deal with Puma,it changes nothing Wenger despices Mourinho and his spending and is loathe to do the same.

  57. Bennydevito

    Ha ha Pedro, some serious oestrogen indeed! I have faith in your info and optimism though and signs at the club are looking good so I’m not going to get my rag on until the transfer window shuts if we haven’t purchased the super qualidee we need.

  58. Pires_legend


    Keep doing these articles, it’s where real arsenal fans can converse on a intellectual level, you’re doing a cracking job mate!!

    @ Danish gooner.

    We all live in hope it’s what drives us forward as human beings, if we remain downbeat and with low expectations then that’s where we’ll end up. Just think about spurs they would love to trade places with us, new stadium, amazing sponsorship deals, great manager, recent relative success in comparison to them, I bet they wish everyday that abramovic invested inthem rather than chelsea!

    And if we don’t make the marquee signings so beit, but we won’t lose another one of so called world class players this year that’s for sure. I’m not too worried if we lose Sagna either as I believe thats a position we can fill easily.

    Where we lack is goals, and true front runner that can get us 20-30 goals a season. We never thought Anelka, Henry, Walcott could do it but Wenger has proved us all wrong.

    Keep the faith in the team. My only gripe is that we show our teeth a bit more in the transfer market!!

  59. mystic

    Max I do largely agree, but with their history Arsenal should be aiming towards bigger guys than many in the premiership:

    Barcelona – signed Neymar;
    Bayern Munich – signed Gotze (have Gaurdiola on board so spending unlikely to stop there);
    Real Madrid – no one signed yet, but have a habit of spending big;
    Man Utd – no one signed yet but have a habit of spending;

    If you want to go to a comparison to the new rich clubs:
    Man City – signed Navas (have developed a habit of spending);
    Chelsea – signed no one yet, but have a habit of spending (Mourinho now on-board);
    PSG – have signed no one, but are developing a habit of spending;
    Monaco – signed Falcao, looking to add other big name.

    Arsenal need to show a measure of intent right up front, but under Kroenke / Wenger it seems more than likely that we will be scrambling at the last moment for what ever bit are still around (in January we signed Monreal – good player – but even that was so late confirmation wasn’t made until after the window had officially closed).

    What ever Arsenal have become, their history says they are a big club, yet unfortunately there seems few signs to suggest that. Lets hope I am way off the mark.

  60. N5

    Mind your vagina on the way out…


    Mwahahahahahaahhaahahah that made me laugh so much, thanks Pedro.

    In response to the mood change of Le Grove that people are mentioning, this kind of thing happens all over, you act on information you are given, this can then change day to day as people write/talk about what they hear, but Wenger can change his opinion like I change my pants, monthly! so people have to relax, if Pedro said things will change, he was told things will change, only Wenger knows if that was PR or truth, we will see. In fact if you go through the older posts I’m pretty certain Pedro didn’t say anything was concrete!

    Keep up the good work Pedro and Raz if you’ve not been banned calm down man, you called Theo Theo foul and then went on to post about 30 abusive comments making your argument void, we don’t need to call each other c***s every 5 minutes, we’re all Gooners!

  61. Roberto Brady

    The Pedro bashing seems harsh. I hardly ever post but religiously read Pedro every day. If he gets invited to Arsenal a while back and the top bods tell him in so many words that things are gonna change, I’ll be seriously pissed off if he didn’t tell me this info. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  62. N5

    it’s where real arsenal fans can converse on a intellectual level,

    Ha ha , not always! sometimes the kids, mentals and aliens get on here!

    PS It’s lovely down here in Inbred Hastings! shame you Northern Gooners are under the cloud, but to be honest it prooved a myth wrong for me as I didn’t know you even got light up north let alone sun, ahahaahahahahah.

  63. Gregg

    Don’t have an issue with signing a few 18/19 year olds, given that we’ve released a few. I know I probably bored everyone a few days back but the prem rules of having 8 homegrown players in your squad of 25 is a must. It’s clear that none of the U-21’s were ready to make a step up so thats why we’re getting new ones in at that age group. If they are here for 3 years then they qualify for being classed as homegrown. So I get why we’re doing this and these are the easy deals to conclude. We don’t seem to be linked daily in the papers with anyone so that brings about the pessimism aswell. In answer to someone elses point about ‘Rooney launching Utd’s new kit’; That really doesn’t mean anything other than he is the most marketable assett at Utd, rather than RVP. I wouldn’t read anything into that at all

  64. DM


    GK – Begovic £12M
    RB – Aurier/similar £10M
    CB – Williams £11M
    DM – Capoue £12M
    ST – Higuain £21M
    ST – Remy £6M

    TOTAL £72M


    Park £1M
    Bendtner £3M
    Santos £2M
    Arshavin FREE
    Squillaci FREE
    Gervinho £7M
    Djourou £2M
    Chamakh £2M
    Denilson FREE
    Sagna £7M
    Mannone £2M

    TOTAL £26M

    NET SPEND £46M





    Simples! if only..
    what you reckon?

  65. DM


    GK – Begovic £12M
    RB – Aurier/similar £10M
    CB – Williams £11M
    DM – Capoue £12M
    ST – Higuain £21M
    ST – Remy £6M

    TOTAL £72M


    Park £1M
    Bendtner £3M
    Santos £2M
    Arshavin FREE
    Squillaci FREE
    Gervinho £7M
    Djourou £2M
    Chamakh £2M
    Denilson FREE
    Sagna £7M
    Mannone £2M

    TOTAL £26M

    NET SPEND £46M





    Simples! if only..
    what you reckon?

  66. mystic

    Hope you are not suggesting that Peterborough is in the North – christ I couldn’t live with myself if that were true!! 🙂

  67. mahessar

    Signing 18/19 y/o kids is okay when you are signing first team players that you actually need, we would roughly be spending around 10m to sign Sanogo, Mitrovic and this new DM kid and chances are they will turn out to be just another Denilson, Bendtner and Afobe

    We could have had Williams and Mignolet/Cesar with that money and they would have had instant impact on our squad too.

  68. Oh Theo Theo!

    I think most arsenal fans are suffering congnitive dissonance what is sometimes called “buyers remorse”… Which is why that every day that we don’t tie down signings (and don’t give me the window’s not open crap – other teams are announcing done deals) the angst escalates and the mood darkens.

    As that old phrase kind of applies to wenger and aresnal at the moment:-

    “Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.”

    Or as wenger does it “Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me 8 times – mwahahahahaha… suckers!”

  69. N5

    Sorry Mystic, anything above Luton is North to me I’m a little stupid, sorry your not having the lovely sun we are mate.

  70. nepGunner

    @Mad to Love @Aswin

    On the other hand, I believe we need an winger / striker who can play on the left side of the attacking trio with a lot of PACE (like Bale / Ronaldo etc – I wish!), since we already have Santi, Wilshere and Rosicky who can play the AM role, all with varieties of skill sets for different games / rotation.

    Santi was most prolific playing in the AM but his impact gradually reduced when playing out left because even if he has the skills to cut inside and make a telling pass or shoot, he doesn’t seem to have the pace to beat his man and hug the byline and cross to a central striker. Yes, the fullbacks can support with an overlap but I haven’t seen Gibbs or Monreal making a telling impact in our offensive plays in a regular basis to counter this lack of pace – in fact their contribution is so minimal I wonder at times why they run so hard to pass the ball backwards or sideways to another attacker which leaves us so vulnerable on counter attacks should the move fail. In fact, Podolski did that with more effect creating chances for Giroud before his niggling injury took him over. I thought Gervinho was the one to do that initially, but we all know how that ended.

    Once the opponents finds out this one way track, players can be found out and their impact can be negated by tight marking, especially when we are playing with 3 upfront. We need players who confuse opponents with what they’ll do next on our wings which commits one or two defenders freeing up other attackers. But again, that’s how I see it.

  71. N5

    suffering congnitive dissonance what is sometimes called “buyers remorse”

    I get that after plesuring myself, or sometimes its called Wankers Guilt, its a real thing, google it! AW gives me Wanker Guilt, spend your money Wenger or I’ll send SDE, Guns of Hackney and Raz round!

  72. Ashwin Indian Gunner


    You are correct. but in my opinion Poldi still has a chance to show his best on the left wing. And Gibbs has enough pace to retreat on counter attacks.

    If Poldi is able to show his worth on the left wing, then we can have Caz playing behind the striker. He will be a beast at that position. If we can get a quality striker up front then we are sure to bang atleast 2 -3 goals every match 🙂

  73. N5

    Getting rid of Poldi now would be a mistake, he needs more then one season to imbed, it unless he was totally out of his depth in our team then one season isn’t enough. I like him, I think he can be a lazy sod but I really like him and I want to see him in an Arsenal shirt next year.

  74. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon all,

    Christ, it’s a bit grandma’s knitting circle in here today. June 6th and people are going bat shit crazy. Come July the 1st and if we’ve signed no one of note, i’m coming on here with barocca, maxi pads, a box of mini twisters & the bible in preparation for the potential mass suicide.

    I think we really are looking at bringing in a couple of young quality strikers to the club as we are currently very light in that department. Bendtner, Park & Chamackh will go in some capacity (Bendtner might be a worse case scenario loan), Campbell will stay out on loan & that really only leaves Akpom & Ansah if we let Afobe go, also.

    I wouldn’t panic just yet. The fact that there is still a bit of international football to be played in the coming weeks means certain processes will take longer in regards to actually ‘completing’ transfers.

    Everything’s just bubbling nicely to the boil for me. City don’t have a manager & bought, Monaco have made moves early as they re-establish themselves and the other financial powerhouses (psg, chelsea, real, barca, united, bayern) are just setting themselves up to go for their targets hard & fast. There’ll be some huge moves this summer and it’ll probably be the biggest & most expensive window in history. I hope we’ll be involved to a degree, we’ve got to be if we want to still be seen with the clubs mentioned above. We can’t afford to be left behind as it’s too competitive at the top level now, particularly in europe.

    I think, again, we’re going to have to be patient. The signs are good with the outgoings and we’re also linked to good names at the moment, but links don’t lead to deals. We’ve become a very impatient fan base and with how the close season transfer dealings have gone with other major clubs, we’ve kind of been forced to play our hand a little bit.

    It really is the “get your willy out and show us” moment for Arsene & Arsenal now.

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Dunno why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist. The best thing you can do is expect no transfers in apart from a couple of French teenagers. That way there is nothing to get disappointed about. Don’t believe the hype and don’t believe a word coming out of the club.

    Lower your expectations as much as possible so any signing of note is a massive positive. Otherwise it’s going to be a long, long summer.

    Wenger will be gone next year and a new manager will come in and spend the £100m piled up in the bank.

  76. LeMassiveCoq

    What we really need is one or even two, big strong, pacey, skillful attacking midfielders ala Yaya, Fellaini. What are the options? (please dont mention the D word…)

  77. nepGunner


    You are right, Santi will absolutely be a beast in the AM role and he’ll def improve our attacking stats. But I still have my reservations if Poldi prince can show his charm out wide the entire season even ignoring his defensive drawbacks and considering our fullbacks will cover that for him. (We all have seen how Robben & Ribery track back for Bayern and what it does for the entire team – but that’s a different discussion altogether).

    Poldi needs a (healthy) competition there in order to raise & maintain his standards. I don’t think the forehead is an option enough. As you said, Santi is best on the AM position, so I do believe we still need to sign a WC player in that position 🙂

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    I wonder if Bendtner could do with a quick pay off. Sounds like he’s got a slight cash flow problem at the moment.


  79. salparadisenyc

    The good ole transfer market is yet to heat up. Only clubs doing anyone sort of business seem to be City and Monaco with with deals that must of been in place for some time, both seem to throw a piles of money at fire to see if its real.

    Sea, Sex and Sun for the world of football. Apparently Arsene was too busy with transfer’s to commentate on the France vs Uruguay friendly. Does that mean were cueing up the flames? Lets hope.

  80. mystic

    Harry Redknapp
    ‘210k a week freed up? diaby rubbing his hands together, nice room to negotiate.’
    Oh only wish you were joking! 🙂

  81. Kushagra

    “At times the American defence were unsure how to deal with two such potent target men but, most significantly, Benteke, in particular, showed that he is much more than a fulcrum and can also function as a canny pivot. He frequently dropped deep to contribute inventively to moves, showing an artful touch and astute brain. He displayed those qualities for Aston Villa last season but his brawn and goalscoring tended to grab most of the attention.”

  82. Doublegooner

    You can be sure Wenger will spend all summer scratching his arse thinking he can get Rooney but get no one & lo & behold we’ll end up with 3 ordinary bits of crap.

    City already signed two players & it won’t be long before the Chave start throwing their ‘Fair Play’ millions about.

  83. Gooner S

    @ Arsenal4ever

    “Thx god the french bastard is gone next year”

    I’m sure anybody from the club reading your comments will take them onboard, think them well considered and thought through, realising the error of their ways and change direction immediately.

  84. Dev_Gooner

    Nice post pedro.

    However, I do get the feeling that there is a degree of pessimism in all ST holders. If I had just chucked out a best part of £2000 based on promises that were worth the renewal but them start to see familiar transfer patterns and player quotes of yester year then I would start to worry. Now I dont own a ST so safe to say I wouldn’t understand the sentimental value it presents but I certainly feel cheated. All other Big clubs are finalising their transfer targets. We ought to do the same. Why waste time indeed on 18yo kids when they are not our primary targets. Get your targets wrapped up before 30th june so the join the club on the 1st and start training with the rest of the squad when pre season starts. After all that is what pre season is for, to get up to speed.

    This does have a similar feel to last year and the year before where nothing is in the pipeline, the likes of sagna and kos will realise nothing will change and demand move away from the club, We as being very kind and generous let them leave for pastures new, get a few bargains by 31st august and suffer the same fate maybe even worse. I for one not holding my hopes up with Rooney/Cesc/Higuain/Jovetic or even Benteke for that matter! Wenger seems to be already running away from the supposed £25m price tag and now that Aston Villa have upped their asking price to supposed £40m, wenger wont be seen any where near Midlands area!

    Doesn’t look good to me at all, sorry!

  85. nepGunner

    If even Sam Allardyce can already sign a GK (so much for transfer window is not open yet) and offer 100K on wages & 15.5M as transfer fee for Andy Candy, why can’t Arsenal at least show some level of intents? Sorry, 18 year old prospects don’t count as intents and at least I’m convinced that they’ll never have a first team career anyways in Arsenal with a long list of failures on that front. (Where is Miyachi, Gnarbi et all?) So what’s the point of signing them ahead of our more pressing requirements?

    I do understand that there is a long way to go in this transfer market, but knowing how Arsenal and esp Wenger has operated in the recent windows, I don’t blame those gooners being rather uncomfortable even at this stage because there is every chance that it will be the SAME,,.AGAIN.

  86. Kushagra

    Amazing spine: Mignolet/Courtois, Kompany, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Dembele, Witsel, Hazard, Defour, Fellaini, Mirallas, Lukaku, Benteke.

  87. Pedro

    Cheers for the support guys.

    My info comes from someone I’ve been speaking to for 4 years who is at the club.

    If they say they’re confident, then I’m confident.

    But hey… who knows what Wenger is thinking. I can only report on what I’m told.

  88. TitsMcgee

    “Agree with Romford, seriously some of you lot need to chill out. You reckon United fans are chucking their toys out of the pram because they haven’t signed anyone a week into the transfer window? ”

    If we won the league 3 weeks ago, OR ANYTHING THE PAST 8 YEARS, I’m sure the fans would give them the benefit of the doubt.

  89. SUGA3


    the thing is that there is just one person calling all the shots and that’s Wenger who is fucking cuckoo…

    I would imagine that your contact might have told you that there is alot of posturing around the club and that this time around Wenger’s hand would be forced into signing players with pubic or even facial hair, but that’s just more of the same…

  90. Gregg


    Thats why they’re my tip for the next Euro’s.

    Funny really, the immense talent thats come out of Belgium over the last 8 or so years and is still coming, is immense. Yet we, who had a deal at Beveren were unable to identify any of this talent. All we got was Eboue

  91. Crono


    “Is it everybody’s time of the month?”

    Haha, well said mate!

    Pedro should have nothing but credit towards the work he does. If anyone have any better insight on whats going on with the mystery that is AFC. Please start a blog and I will gladly be a daily subscriber.

  92. Nasri's Mouth


    He’ll sign officially on the 1st July when his existing contract finishes. You’ll probably find we’ll officially sign Sanogo at the same time. Similar situation.

  93. Max85


    As I went on to say, same is true of the other 18 clubs, bar City and West Ham. Chill your beans. Lets see where we are at the end of June at least.

  94. gambon


    I love the whole “UTD havent signed anyone” argument

    What UTD that absolutely murdered us last season?

    Oh thats a relief.

  95. Harry Redknapp

    man i got my letter from arsenal about my season ticket renewal on the 5th and it has to be paid by the 7th, today. anyone else got it like this?

  96. Trikky

    I just love this blog! I love the readers comments. I love the humour from the lovers (oh theo theo & Raz)………LMAO!!!!

  97. Nasri's Mouth


    I thought my point is obvious, Sanogo is probably in exactly the same situation. You’re saying we can’t we do the same thing, and yet we have.