Arsenal close to landing striker | Two French stars hint at exit | The Hig versus Rooney… who would you take?

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Run Kozzer, run...

A French exodus is on the cards people… they all want out… they’ve seen the lack of ambition and they want to say goodbye. Next seasons plans… all big scuppered. Pack your bags people it’s over…

Just kidding, there have been negative mutterings in the press from Sagna and Koscielny. Both players have come out and said very similar things…


“To see others win and lift trophies, honestly, that hurts.

“It’s six years I’ve been at Arsenal now and I will remain focused on my club, but I don’t know [about my future].


“Psychologically, it is hard. We are always under pressure – a season without the Champions League for Arsenal is catastrophic.

“I have the desire to add to my list of honours. I hope the club will give me the means.

“If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere.”

They’d like to win something.

No way? Players of a high calibre would like to have a title to show for their careers? I think that’s perfectly fair. When you’re a sportsman, it’s not about money. No one will congratulate you on a fantastic last contact. They’ll ask you about your trophies.  Explayers have nothing else to talk about. You don’t get on the after dinner circuits if you don’t have stories… if you don’t have trophies to your name, you don’t have stories in football.

Arsene Wenger demands loyalty and vision from his players… buy into my project and you’ll be rewarded. Now, the shame of it is, the general trend is you buy into Wenger’s project and you’re rewarded in someone else’s. players are picking up on that earlier now. Koscielny is barely into his Arsenal career and he’s already looking at the next move as he’s bored of challenging for financial security.

This sort of news is great news for fans. Ivan has put pressure on Wenger. Bloggers have put pressure on him. The fans have pressured him in the stadium. Now the players are rounding on him. They want to compete and they can all see there are no barriers to stopping him.

Wenger can’t afford to go into contract negotiations with yet more players demanding moves because of a soured project, your staff have to believe in you. If they don’t in football, they won’t play for you.

Wenger, you’d best start making some moves…

Oh, what, he has started making them?

We’re chasing down an 18 year old Serbian who goes by the name of Mitrovic. Dear oh dear… he’s a kid, he’s a striker and he managed to score 10 goals in 25 games last year. Now, I’m not going to lose the plot over this because I quite like Serbian players. There’s always something a little dark about them… like… if you took the mick out of them in a match report, they’d be knocking on your door 2 hours later. It seems we’re really ramping up the the second string this summer. Sanogo, Dan Crowley from Villa now this chap. It’s probably a neccessity, we really don’t have much of a Carling Cup side these days. Well, compared to the one we had a few years ago. As long as the first team squad gets the same treatment, I’m not against it.

… also, as long as he’s good.

However, if this is the shape of our ambitious summer… well, I won’t be pleased.

I’m still on team ‘we will spend’ though. I’m convinced we’ll go out and make a statement this year. We have to. Chelsea have landed Mourinho, who is apparently going to spite Wenger by signing a player as far as I’m told, we haven’t bid on. Yeah, the J word. The most boring transfer since we attempted to sign Juan Mata a few years ago. Let them have Jovetic I say… we have Sanogo and Mitrovic.

Peter Beardsley is still a style icon in the Jovetic family

It will be interesting to see what Chelsea do this summer. I’ve been reading up on FFP (Cheers Swiss Ramble) and I’m still not exactly sure what the deal is. But from what I gather, last season and this season, you’re supposed to have demonstrated that you’re at least trying to make a consious effort to get your finances in order. Well, Chelsea scrapped into doing ok last year… making a marginal loss by their standards… so this summer, unless they could justify a deviation, they won’t be able to spend £100m. They’ll have added £10m in wages with Mourinho. They’ll have to absorb last seasons spending. Plus they’ll still have a huge wage bill. Their commercials haven’t really moved. No one was interested in buying up their stadium naming rights and they can’t put any more pressure on the fans with ticket prices.

So, I won’t be shocked if they spit in the face of FFP… but I’ll be interested to see what UEFA do if that’s the case.

News slipped out of the Rooney camp that he’d be happy to move to London if we matched his wages. Again, of course he’d be happy. He’d be the main man and he’d have every single vice on his door step, bigger and better than Manchester by a muliplier of ten. Honestly, I’ll take him out if that gets him down here. I know places Wayne… I know dark places.

Anyway, it comes down to whether Arsenal feel that he’s the statement they want to make. I’d love him here. His stats are fantastic. Over 4 seasons…

Played: 184 games

Scored: 116 goals

Assisted: 43

Those are major numbers. The key one is that he’s very rarely injured. Such an important asset in a player. He’s like Ronaldo and Messi… pretty much invincible. Now, that either means he’s due a massive problem. Or he’s just one of those players. I think it’s also important to note that United are world class at keeping players fit. They’re further ahead than Arsenal on things like recovery etc… they also rotate their squad better, mainly because they actually have a squad to rotate.

Final piece of news is that Higauin said he’d suit Arsenal. Which is great news, if it’s not an old comment about Juventus they’ve repurposed to say ‘Arsenal’.

His stats are also impressive over 4 seasons.

Played: 146

Scored: 107

Assisted: 32

You have a younger player of 25 who has a less baggage, but he doesn’t have Premiership experience. Nor is he a global brand in the same way Wayne Rooney is.

Rooney is the bigger statement. Higauin is the safer money.

Who would you choose?

Toulouse want more than £10m for Capoue.

Finally, before you go, Sam Duckworth (ex Get Cape, Wear Cape) penned a song about the January transfer window. A great track. You can follow him on Twitter @ForgetCape.

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  1. Zoran

    Santos June 5, 2013 12:52:05

    To remind you, it was the mistake of Koszielny we didn’t get the Carling Cup couple of years ago. Now that he scored and saved us to qualify for the CL what should we do: kiss his ass???

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    Giving Rooney exactly what he wanted (£250k/wk) is hardly a masterclass in handling big egos.

    As for buying RvP to get one over Rooney, he bought him to win the league. Absolutely no way Fergie is going to play stupid games like that.

  3. dialsquare

    I’ll tell you why Wenger didn’t change the ageing defense, it’s because he hasn’t a clue about defending he would rather hedge his bets than risk making a worse mess

  4. El Tel


    Podolski, Walcott, Giroud.

    Come on Pal, we were amongst the Leagues top scorers. Anyone would think we were toothless.

    Yes we can have better but they cost tons more moneybthan our forwards yet they didnt score that many more goals.

    Without the defensive cock ups we would have been better placed last year.

  5. lord snotty

    I keep being told that Rooney’s wages would be a “stumbling block”. Really! Well I have done some sums and if Arsenal were to offload some of the dross – eg. Arsehavin, Bendtner and Chamakh alone would save £200 grand a week in wages. Enough to pay for Rooney. So where’s the stumbling block? No, it’s just an excuse.
    Show some ambition for once Wenger, FFS!

  6. Zoran

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    Might be, but he is fucking good paid for what he knows to do the best, and this is playing Football. Transfer politics and related Club activities he should leave to the People qualified and paid for that.
    I never ever heared something critical from Wengers mouth, about how was or is he playing. Not about him not about any Team Player.
    I might overreact, but I have the a strange feeling we are going to have another van Pussy Story.

  7. El Tel

    Lord snooty

    The stumbling block will be the other players knocking at the door asking for an icrease.

    This happened at Chavski when that militant cunt Terry banged on the door asking for parity of pay with mega stars.

    There is a fine line to all of this. jack for sure would be asking for more than he is worth in my opinion.

    Arsenal could get Looney like they did Campbell. Pay him the money up front then put him on 150k per week. It isnt that difficutl and maybe just maybe could happen.

    I am a dreamer but imagine them tossers leading Looney out with a guard of honour next year.

    Also would love to see Moyes buy a Cavani or Ronaldo to rub that shit cunt traitors nose in the dirt.

  8. El Tel


    False impression?

    All the other teams played against those 6 teams and didnt score the amount of goals we did.

    I agree we need WC strikers but to say we have none as someone did earleir is bullshit.

    Podolski is WC and Giroud did OK for his first season. Theo also did better. Do the maths for the other high scoring teams and find their false impressions.

    Torres FFS was average alst year although I agree he scores in big matches.

    We were let down last year and the years before by our dithering defence and most of all a shit Goal keeper.

  9. lord snotty

    El Tel – If we ship out more of the dross we can afford to give some of the others pay rises too. By the way the name’s Lord Snotty not Snooty (He was some guy in the Beano I think or it may have been the Dandy).

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m a muppet because you think we should have sold the back four that won us the double ? Riiiiiiight.

    Someone’s living in la-la land and here’s a hint. It’s not me

  11. nepGunner


    Alex Ferguson has schooled the likes of Jaap Stam & Beckham – He is a master in that front. He knew exactly what he was doing with Rooney and put him to his place after signing RvP & Kagawa to effectively make him a squad player. He has always preached no player is bigger than the club and he wouldn’t bow out without proving that…and winning of course.

    If Wenger was as good as the red nose, why couldn’t he keep hold of Na$ri, Casley, Clichy etc? And don’t bother with your another masterclass of a response. We all know how how engaging they are.

  12. Herkules

    I wouldn’t want us to pay 240 for anyone who’s name isnt Messi or Ronaldo – let alone for someone the best mgr in British history essentially dropped.

    I’d love Higuain or Jovetic.. I’d love Capoue… I’d be thrilled with Mignolet. That would be a marvelous Summer.

  13. dialsquare

    I don’t care about other Teams all i know is we scored a glut of goals against teams flirting with relegation and against a ten man Spurs side.

  14. El Tel


    Bitching Women and spoilt Cheldren is nearer the mark.

    I ahve hope I have faith until they are taken away from me.

    I dont want Looney at our Club yet see the impact he would have to all dear ol Engerland supporters if he came.

    He would lift the Club through reputation alone. He will never be another Arshavin as he has a fighters instinct.

    He is definetely on the move and his options seem limited as he doent look like the type who would play abroad.

    The Chavs might want him but will the Manc scum want him to go there?

    Citeh is a no go for him as I belive he respects his Club enough not to shit on them, unlike a certain Dutch wank residue.


    Liverpool. Not even he would be that stupid. Would He?

  15. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Rooney coming to us will never happen. You have a player who has played for one of the most demanding managers of all time and who is used to picking up silverware on a regular basis.
    The culture shock will be too much for him, leaving a win at all costs mentality for one of mediocrity will destroy any hope of him fitting in and gelling with his team mates.
    The same goes for Higuain and any other top player we would like to see play for us, we are not attractive to them and offer no real chance of success.

    We are the Audley Harrison of football, we have the bling, the fast cars and the trash talk, but when we step in the ring against the big boy’s to do our business we are found wanting and counted out after a couple of rounds.

  16. El Tel


    All those players you have suggested are great but they will want out again soon as they would see us as a stepping stone.

    Looney would see us as a place to make a mark and prove himself again.

    The Pisshead taking high praise indeed. Al, those people he supposedly fucked off went on to better things.

    Even today many teams want Beckham, yet the pisshead taught him a lesson.

    I see.

  17. dialsquare

    Nasri’s Mouth

    You are deluded if you think the back four won us the Double, l would give that accolade to Bergkamp, Anelka, Petit, Vieira and Overmars.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t doubt Ferguson can deal with big egos, but your first examples were just wrong. And give up on this idea of Fergie signing RvP to show who is boss. Fergie wanted to win in his last season. He wasn’t going to risk that by some personal vendetta. When you’re as driven as someone like Fergie is to succeed you don’t mess about with petty childish issues like that.

  19. El Tel

    By the way,

    Wenger as stated many times that he never wanted any of those players to leave.

    You cant buy a Ferrari if you only have the money for a BMW.

  20. Wonderboy

    Gonzalo Higuain: “I have offers many outside Spain, but I decided to accept the offer of Arsenal, but that does not mean that I have finished all the procedures move to Arsenal, but there are still negotiations between me and them”

    “I decided to go there because I’m still young and I see that the way the team played for me too and you’ll get used to there quickly”

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    The team won the double, and the defence were part of that team. They were a great defence, and your idea that Wenger should have sold them as soon as he signed for us is just idiotic.
    Keeping them when others thought they might be past it was very successful.
    You really need to just drop this idea, because it’s making you look really stupid

  22. charlesbronson

    Arsenal 1886-2006June 5, 2013 13:48:24
    Rooney coming to us will never happen. You have a player who has played for one of the most demanding managers of all time and who is used to picking up silverware on a regular basis.
    The culture shock will be too much for him, leaving a win at all costs mentality for one of mediocrity will destroy any hope of him fitting in and gelling with his team mates.
    The same goes for Higuain and any other top player we would like to see play for us, we are not attractive to them and offer no real chance of success.We are the Audley Harrison of football, we have the bling, the fast cars and the trash talk, but when we step in the ring against the big boy’s to do our business we are found wanting and counted out after a couple of rounds.


    no i won’t have that

    although audley is a gooner

  23. El Tel


    So there is no hope for us in the future then is there?

    Come on Mate, do you believe what you have just written.

    How about Looney seeing himself as a leader who will pull this under achieving Club up to where it belongs and in doing so making him a true Arsenal and Man Utd legend?

    Cesc would want to come back again yet he won a few trinkets with Barca and older players like TH14 returned too.

    Arsenal are a great great Club. Listen to the legends hear their pain. We are a super Club.

    Stop doing us down because some demented media Journo or Soud friend are slagging us off.

    I also think Looney would love to play under Wenger as Wenger will enhance his personal game too rather than jus the team. Wenger has shown nothing but belief to Mr Granny Shagger all along.

  24. goonerjay

    Wonderboy… is that a quote lifted from somewhere, or is it your interpretation of how poorly Higuain can string a sentence together?

  25. Alex James

    Remember Lord Snooty. A Beano man in my young days. Mel Charles, when fit, or Len Julians led our attack. Us kids played footy until late at night quite safely, unless the game was hijacked by chaps in khaki with big boots.

  26. Herkules

    El Tel… As of 2013 we ARE a stepping stone club (if you’re good) or a dream club (if you’re not very good).

    It’s just a fact.

    The hope is that we’ll do better so that we will regain our status as a destination club. But we can’t get there by being afraid our current reality. We have to go for it.

  27. El Tel

    If Higuain does come we could still be in for Looney or Jovetic.

    All of a sudden things would look rosier in the grumbling Arsenal family.

    Or would it?

    There will still be those unhappy FM playing souls who want to nag about our lack of ambition.

  28. nepGunner


    Give up on that idea? Yo clown, don’t try to tell me what I need to pursue or give up. If you don’t agree to something doesn’t mean it has to be like you said as if SAF personally told you that he’s not like that. And most importantly, mind you own god damned business.

    Why don’t you answer me why Wenger couldn’t keep hold of Nasri, Cashley, Adebayor, Flamini etc if he was as good as handling egos like SAF? And then maybe we can continue this discussion. Don’t pick up a random conversation somewhere in the middle and give your worthless two piece without knowing what exactly the conversation was for.

  29. Zoran


    Just to remind you of one old Football rule: Strikers win games, defence wins Championships.
    So if you want it like this: our back four won us the double, of course helped with the entire Team you mentioned:Bergkamp, Anelka, Petit and Overmars.Sorry, but Vieira was a defensive Midfielder, Comes to the defence departement. what we desesperatelly need right now.

  30. El Tel


    I think we have been a stepping stone Club for the past few years due to lack of funds.

    If we are not being lied to again then we should be past that time.

    The good rumours are that none of pur players want to leave, even Kosser.

    We are looking like getting rid of the hangers on and maybe we could pick up a big player or two.

    I am not a wenger fan yet see the reality a bit more. Wenger works for a Company, it is a job. He is given a budget. He sticks to it. Wenger cant keep players who are tapped up and going for the bucks.

    Even Nasri said he was sorry to go. Come on Guys apart from that mercenary RVP and Cesc wanting to play with his heroes we have had to sell to survive.

    I see nobody slagging the Spuds for doing this the past 20 years.

    Take the Ruski from the Chavs and they seriously could have been extcinct. Citeh came from nowhere.

    They are not big Clubs as they never built their reputaion in the same way as Liverpool,Arsenal,Man,Everton and other more famous Clubs.

    They literally came from nowhere.

    I am not saying all those famous big Clubs did this on the cheap but they did it within a cerain remit until the Billionaires came and chucked untold cash at a project.

    Be honest Leyton Orient could have become Giants within three years with the amount Abramovich has given to the Chavs.

    Good luck to their shitty fan base and good luck to whoever else gets a sugar daddy in the future. It just isnt for me thanks very much.

    I come from the days of reading Lord Snooty in the Beano and it was all a bit more even back then and Citeh and the Chavs were at best middle tier Clubs going nowhere. In other words a Wigan or Charlton.

  31. Arsenal 1886-2006

    El Tel.

    The Audley bit was a bit tongue in cheek, but the rest is how i see us at the moment.

    Rooney is going to be looking at winning more silverware if, and that is a big if , he leaves Utd.
    You would also have a problem with him and Wally, he doesn’t get on with Walcott on a personal level and that will cause grief in the dressing room.

  32. El Tel


    You rather appropiately left out Podolski, Walcott and Gervinhio.

    Funny that isnt it. Have they all left then?

    Pisshead didnt keep al, hos players did he. Ronaldo and Tevez went. Did he want them to go? Of course. Ot.

    If you want to have a dig at Wenger then fine, who am I to stop you. Please be a bit more honest in what you write.

    Pisshead lost Beckham and Stam plus many more big players in the early years when he couldnt handle their ego’s . He also lost out on Ronaldo and Tevez due to money and them wanting a bigger Club ( Ronaldo).

    Defence wins leagues and big trophies. Apart from Barcelona who by the way had the great Puyol in defence it is defenders and keepers who win things.

    Great strikers make the difference of course but those tight games when the striker is having an off day is where the defence play the bigger role.

    Newcastle away 4-4 was a bad day for the Club.

    Our strikers did the business only to see their Mates at the back fuck it up. It has been Arsenal’s achilles heel for many years since the glory days of Adams and Co.

  33. El Tel


    I see your point.

    The fact is Rooney has asked to go.

    Rooney and Moyes detest each other more than Rooney disliking Theo.

    Maybe Theo will have to grow some balls and get on with Rooney if it happened.

    Theo is also a player who can possibly be replaced by the Ox who Rooney seems to love playing with plus Jack is a mate too apparently.

    There are lots of different rumours and cou ter rumours yet Rokney is sticking at the moment.

    Later Guys.

    Play fair.

  34. Zoran

    those same defenders couldn’t win a Championship between 1991-1998. Right, but they didn’t had Wenger but Graham

  35. dialsquare

    If anything that back four was an hindrance, did you see how easily they were exposed in Europe where tactical nous is a prerequisite if you want to achieve success in Europe.

  36. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Lol you make that point all the time, and then I tell you that’s how football is today, you agree ? and then you repeat it.

    Rooney held United to ransom a year or two ago and got what he wanted, that was all after him fucking around on Colleen, slating the England fans for booing him and so on, but he got a new contract.

    What did he do this year ? Comes back unfit, overweight and coughing up plegm from his 40 a day habit, United had to send him to the Glaziers personal fat farm.

    That’s what we’re working with.

  37. Keyser

    dialsquare – Not for us really, England had just gone through an imposed European ban, we made two Cup Winners Cup finals and then were balancing Europe while trying to compete against United in the league.

    Not sure what your point is, unless you wanted us to ship in the World’s best defenders.

  38. Zoran

    Graham won a European Trophy.
    He is the best and greatest Manager we had.
    Won us the most of the trophies of any Manager we had.
    Congratulations Graham!

  39. salparadisenyc

    Our biggest signing to date is AA 23 at ₤15m.

    I think we’d all agree we’ll go beyond that this summer, times have changed. Even Dein said yesterday that it took “Wenger’s magic wand” to get this seasons squad into 4th as they were not AW strongest and it would take reinvestment to repeat the task. It’s the last year on Wenger contract I don’t see him sputtering over the line in 5th en-route to his final year in charge or what could very possibly be a new deal.

    That said it seems pretty unrealistic to think we’d shatter our wage structure to bring Rooney in with fatty taking a hefty cut unless they compensated him with significant signing on bonus to fill hole with less wage.
    I see him staying at United as options are limited to Arsenal / Chelsea and receiving death threats from United’s faithful, PSG and a massive french tax or Monaco and pure money with zero tax.

  40. Keyser

    Wish pedro would leave off with this project bullshit, we had a project, Wenger built a young team with bags of potential, why the fuck would Gazdis pressurise Wenger now, after he, the board, employees of a club with a turnover of 250m allowed that team to be disassembled within a year or two.

    Van Persie mentioned Gazidis sat down with him and Wenger, for what ? and now he’s putting pressure on ? Bollocks, the cunt should be feeling the pressure himself, go out and get the players we need.

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    NepGunner: Why don’t you answer me why Wenger couldn’t keep hold of Nasri, Cashley, Adebayor, Flamini etc if he was as good as handling egos like SAF?

    As I said at 13.50.52: “I don’t doubt Ferguson can deal with big egos, but your first examples were just wrong”

    I’ll repeat it, I’m not arguing that Ferguson can’t deal with big egos, but Rooney (and no doubt his advisors) did ManU over nicely. They picked exactly the right time to go public with their statement and the only thing ManU could do was bend over and give him the money.
    No doubt there are better examples, you should have used those to back up your argument.

    As for the Arsenal players you mentioned, I think you’re getting a little confused. None of them left because of ego issues, they left because they thought they’d get more money / success elsewhere. Dealing with egos is much much easier if you pay them what they want and give them medals.

  42. Pedro

    Keyser… because Gazidis has sponsors to satisfy and a crowd of season ticket holders who aren’t enjoying the football.

    Wenger is in charge of players… he’s in charge of the squad… he needs to make a positive play this summer.

    He certainly fucked it up last year with money to burn.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Dialsquare: If anything that back four was an hindrance

    The gift that just keeps on giving…

  44. Keyser

    Pedro – Money to burn ? Fuck me, we’ve built 2 different teams that put this team to shame, teams with real potential that had a fair bit to go before being fulfilled.

    The board, the club, Gazidis, whoever allowed them to be disassembled, there is no project just the grave acceptance that there isn’t much left except to take our chances spending the money we’ve accumulated selling stars with that greater potential.

    There’s no way that there should be any disconnect between the club and Wenger. They should all be pulling in the same direction.

  45. arsenal tom

    The carling cup mistake was all SZCZ. he clearly told Kos to leave the ball.

    its irrelevant anyway, read Arseblog today and you’ll see how anyone getting worked up is just being taken for a mug

  46. BT

    I won’t b happy if we sign Rooney at all, he’s no where near the player he used to be! And for us to b paying all that 250k a week to him is a complete joke! No where near worth it, let him go PSG or chavski

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Keyser: They should all be pulling in the same direction.

    Of course, so how would you persuade Wenger to change direction then?

  48. mayor

    Me Comment Here is
    sagna/Jekin, meter/Ver, Kosi/miqu, mon/gibb.
    Capo/Ram/dai, Wils/artet/ox.
    Waco/ox/grev, Cazo/rosic/esfis/ox, podo/cazo/ryo/gerv.

  49. salparadisenyc

    ZoranJune 5, 2013 15:03:10

    Think Reyes came in at a ₤13m transfer fee.

    I’d take Rooney over the Hig but I see it going the other way.
    Higuain could realistically happen soon and would be a nice step in right direction. Get Villa as another option and were good on the strike front.

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    A counter argument ? I think I already did. The back four that won the double were a great defensive unit collectively and individually. They were an integral part of the team that won us our first double under Wenger, and by keeping them and extending their careers, Wenger proved a fair few people wrong.

    Saying that Wenger made a mistake by not selling them when he first arrived and that they were in fact ‘a hindrance’ is just really really dumb.

    It’s desperation taken to the nth degree trying to find something else to bash Wenger with.

  51. dialsquare

    I’m glad Wenger didn’t change the back four he would have made a right cock up, still doesn’t detract from what i said earlier, that they were not fit for purpose.

  52. Ugo

    wouldnt pay rooney 200k a week, firstly because he doesnt deserve it, only players imo that deserve that kind of pay are Messi and CR7, secondly, we can buy two players of a solid and equal caliber for the price and wages rooney would command (Higuain) and bare in mind when you start having players in your club on that kind of wages what happens is the theos and santo cazorla’s in your club say wait a minute Im just as important and do just as much for this club as he does and I want to paid as much or close to what he is getting paid, so it actually costs us more than just the 200k rooney is getting paid

  53. bayo

    Arsenal is rich but with a Poor man’s mentality…that’s the problem. A transfer of 25million pounds feels like drowning to the board and Wenger .A classical example is Mata’s transfer to Chelsea

  54. Gooby


    Henry not egomaniac? please…

    I am just point out the ridiculous stuff we can read on the net from time to time like Wenger can’t handle big egos or he’s afraid of buying big players, he likes kids, he doesn’t like spending like it’s his own money. fucking hell it’s pure fantasy stuff.

    He should buy talent to improve the team but trying to justify it with ridiculous “facts” is ridiculous. Every manager wants the best players.

  55. arsenal-flavour


    why do you hate on adams keon ect, they are arsenal ledgends who have done more in that double winning season then you will do in your life! To say they held us back when we won a double doesn’t make any sense!

    ok you might not like them individually as sportsmen but from the fact that we won so many trophies it shows they worked!

    Next your going to say Seaman was average?

  56. Boozy

    Rooney to arsenal is more political, than sporting.

    Which is why he is been OFFERED to arsenal, rather than chelsea and city who would pay his transfer fee and wages in a second.

    He is been OFFERED to only arsenal.

    If wenger agrees his wages, then its a done deal.

  57. Ugo

    in terms of Wenger handling egos, let me start off by saying I am still on team Wenger and support Wenger’s reign.However, I have never thought Wenger was good at handling egos in the sense that he gives those egos room to grow. Giving players guaranteed first team places when they are performing poorly, or when they are blabbing disloyal nonsense to the media. Allowing these players to believe they are bigger and more important than the club. This is something that SAF never allowed to happen at Man U which I think is one of the reasons he was such a successful manager.
    This season Wenger did make a shift in philosophy, benching walcott in the first half of the season, benching szcezny and vermealen for poor performance and I think that actually brought out stronger performances from the team. I hope he continues to do that in the future

  58. TitsMcgee

    Fernandinho and Navas to City?

    ….but…but “the season just ended and the transfer window isn’t even open yet”

    How can this be?

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    Not content with pushing QPR’s already impressive wage bill higher and taking the club down a division, Redknapp is now threatening to leave the club if he’s not allowed to bring in more players.

    Jesus, why does anyone employ that bloke?

  60. the_real_andy

    dutch c unt: “It normally depends on the player and the two teams, but in my case, there were two other teams involved as well.

    “One was [Manchester] City and the other one was Juventus. So it was a bit hectic but I always wanted this transfer from day one.”

    for all of you who said we forced him to join another team … he forced it, he wanted it. I hate this guy

    rooney: I think he´s a good player. he´s world class. he has 6 good games, 2 normal ones and 2 bad games in 10 which is good for me. building a team around him? seems OK to me. it would show real ambition which is maybe even more worthy than himself playing for us. it would maybe have an interesting influence on cesc´s decision to join us too – knowing we buy world class players now, paying good wages, having a real plan not just a “hope-it-will-become-good” project.

    I would take him. not for 250k a week. offer him 180k and look whether he really wants to go and if he shows some interest you can still offer him 200k. 220k would be my last word and if he really wants to quit utd and join us he should be ok to get a little bit less than during his spell at mancs.

    if we really buy him AW will probably even change our system to a 442 as rooney is a very good player but his best position is second striker. I´m a little bit afraid we would be off balance at the beginning of next season if we really change our system though … may be a risk too

  61. TitsMcgee

    That’s great news if their spots are taken up by actual contributors, nay, good players and NOT the dross Wenger has a habit of signing.

    Get rid of one of Mannone and Fabianski now as well as Bendtner,Djourou etc.

  62. salparadisenyc

    Realistically something like this:

    D Villa

    Arshavin – Done
    Conquelin – Loan
    Squillaci – Done

    Ideally we’d get Lewandowski instead of the Hig as big signing along with Cesc back, but I don’t see either happening. Adler instead of Caesar and many options seem better than Williams – Chico Flores is interesting.

  63. Johnty79

    Johnty79, back online……

    When kosieny startslaying two games aweek next year and still keeps up his performance level then he can talk about other clubs. I’d sell him for 15 m. Chris samba 4m or lescott 5m I’d take.. Diakite will play one good season at Sunderland then be a target for Chelsea and city…

    Can anyone please explain why bentner still has a year on his contract???? In the last four seasons at arsenal he has 8yes 8 league goals?? Now it appears after having a fantastic season in which he scored 6 league goals in the 2009-10 season he was giving a new new 50k aweek wage.Staggering. Arsenal reward mideocrety more than another club..

    I can’t spell…

  64. Dev_Gooner

    Who here agrees if we were in for a keeper, we should’ve signed Steklenberg. I think he wouldve been the better option than Cesear who i thought was rather clumsy.

  65. Johnty79

    When we signed Reyes from Seville there chairman was quoted as saying the deal was bigger than beckams?? Arsenal have never revealed the exact fee..funny how when arsenal get a bargain they don’t mind admitting the figure when they get done I.e Reyes and arshavin they are very quiet or cagey about the exact figure.

  66. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – You were taking about Rooney and a culture shock, the culture shock will be because he’s asked to justify his price tag and wages if he demands similar regardless of what you think of our situation.

    You say he played for a more demanding manager, well for the past couple of years he’s demanded more than he can justify, he’s been disruptive, unfit, unprofressional, and still got a payrise.

    Higuain’s not quite the same, but he’s played at one of the world’s biggest club’s, struggled to hold down a regular place and been deemed surplus to requirements.

  67. paul mc daid

    Dev,should of signed Stek three years ago,just like we should of signed Given six years ago,but we dont make the signings we should.

  68. TitsMcgee

    “Who here agrees if we were in for a keeper, we should’ve signed Steklenberg”

    Stek would be a much better option than Cesar. He’s just as good and younger. Even if you want to say Stek had a so-so year so did Cesar. He’s taller and younger as well.

  69. luke

    Wow! Hot day on the transfer front! Higuain, we almost got Pjanic, Rooney, Jovetic (yawn), Capoue, WIlliams, Cesar, Kozzer!, Sagna, Wanyama, Michu!! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!?

  70. Crusaderrabbit

    Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson announced as gone. Which just means hes actually going to try and sell or worse still keep Gervinho, Chamakh, Santos, Park, Fabianski and Djourou. Brilliant

  71. Keyser

    Nasri’s Mouth – Change direction ? I don’t really think there was a difference of opinion to begin with.

    All that’s changed is the size and scale we work with ?

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    You don’t think that there are people high up at Arsenal who want Wenger to spend on new first team players?

  73. Dev_Gooner

    Agreed Tits and Paul.

    our transfer department is ridiculously short sighted i feel. The obvious targets are never acquired. Oh well we still have Flappy and Manonne and Rene Adler is still available.

    Obvious keepers shouldve been Chezzer/Steklenberg (or Adler) and Martinez as third choice. But nooooooo we dont want to upset Don Vito other wise he will have someone chop someones head and leave it on your bed!

  74. Pires_legend

    With arshavin, Denilson and Squillaci off the payroll that frees up at least £150k per week in wages thats £7.2m per year!!!

    Mental stuff. Maybe just maybe we are serious about the players coming as we’re reducing our overheads on a grand scale.

    Next up sales for the rest of the guys who under performed as listed by salparadisenyc

  75. Keyser

    NM – I think if they were really bothered they’d go out and get the players we’d identified not put pressure on him through the media, there shouldn’t be any conflict at all.

    We’ve had far better teams, and far better oppurtunities for them to put pressure on him.

    Why would there be a change of direction now ? Because there’s X amount more money ? Well there’s also a bigger disparity in what the team needs.

  76. Nasri's Mouth


    You think the BoD would buy players on Wenger’s behalf ?

    ANd yes, absolutely because we have more cash

  77. Leedsgunner

    3 reasons to be a cheerful Gooner today

    Andrey Arshavin (released), Denilson (released) and Sebastien Squillaci (released)

    ps: THe mere fact that one of those released is our record transfer signing tells you all you need to know about the hilarity shallowness, emptiness of the so-called self sustaining business model.

  78. Keyser

    NM – What is this change of direction to you ?

    You think Wenger’s been buying and selling players of his own free-will over the years, without outside pressure ?

  79. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t know how much pressure Wenger has been under to sell players, but that’s the past. Now I’m asking you whether you really think the BoD should buy players on Wenger’s behalf

    So do you think that?

  80. kwik fit

    Mathieu Valbeuna has hinted at a move: “I hope to play in an ambitious and competitive team, and I trust my officials to build that.”

    Pity that cos i’d sort of fancied him playing for us.

  81. Kleinfeld

    Johnty79 – Have you actually ever watched Samba? He’s a useless big lumbering fucking oaf who can’t defend. Looks like he should be a good, but is actually fucking gash.

  82. luke

    Man I’m Jealous. I’m working full time in Berkeley. Trying to stay off legrove, but the transfer rumors have me checking every half hour…

  83. Rohan

    Imagine we had gotten Christopher Samba and the legend that is Carlton Cole like some wanted us to.

    Sam Allardyce playing Samba up front for blackburn really were the glory days of the premier league.

  84. Keyser

    NM – I don’t think there was a disconnect to begin with, Gazidis and Wenger sat down with Van Persie, discussions must’ve taken place with the board and even Kroenke.

    Why would there be a change of direction ? All that’s supposedly changed is the money available.

    Wenger no longer has to look at as much potential in players, but he doesn’t have as much to work with anyway.

  85. kwik fit

    Fact of the day;

    Since Spurs last finished above Arsenal, Dot Cotton has smoked roughly 6,999,721 cigarettes (based on an average of 388,873 per year)

    Two weeks , Three days, One hour , 22 minutes and on the third stroke 15 seconds and still buzzing!

  86. luke

    I work at a Recording studio in West Berkeley and am going to attend UC Berkeley in either the Fall or Spring hopefully. What about you man?

  87. Nasri's Mouth


    So you’re saying that Wenger, Gazidis and the board were in agreement to sell RvP, but also in agreement to keep the warchest (whether it be £60m, £70m or £100m) intact, and not spend it last summer?

  88. luke

    Hah! No kidding! I would be a senior in the fall but I used to go to UC Santa Cruz (2 hours south of here) and dropped out last year to work for a bit. You ever watch games with Bay Area Gooners? They show them in a bar in North Beach in SF.

  89. Rohan

    Ah i see. Cool.

    I haven’t had the chance, no. 8am Saturday is a bit too early for me to get out of bed and make the trek to SF. Champs League would be fun though. Hopefully this year.

  90. luke

    Yeah it’s definitely a bit brutal. I try to make it out a few times a season for the big games. Saw us beat West Brom to qualify for UCL and it was great. Wish I was celebrating something other than 4th though.

  91. Keyser

    NM – The warchest is balanced against the sale of Van Persie, of Nasri, of Fabregas, one increases/decreases the other.

    They either work in equiilibrium or not at all, why would the board, Gazidis go to outside influences to put pressure on Wenger now ?, it’d make no sense unless they were going to use him as some sort of scapegoat.

    If the sponsorship deals offer more money now, then they could only have hamstrung the club to begin with.

  92. Nasri's Mouth


    Of course the value of the warchest is modified by sales, but do you think everyone was in agreement that it shouldn’t be used to buy more players last season?

    Yes / no

  93. Cesc Appeal

    Fernandinho and Navas already!!…£45 Million…City sticking two fingers up to FFP.

    LOL! Who actually thought that FFP would work…what kind of idiot would tell the whole fan base that FFP was the key to our successful future…oh wait

  94. Keyser

    NM – I don’t think there was some blanket refusal to not use it There must have been a mutual decision, you sell Van Persie knowing that’s it’s going to be very hard to replace him just like that, especially for the money we got for him.

    So how do you then criticise the decision to not spend the money, likewise the year before, the money only mitigates the loss of worth of the player from the team. I don’t even think we came out on top of any of those deals really in the present market.

    Do you not see the give and take ? How would anyone break from that ?

  95. Nabby

    Oh look, Johnty79 has his tongue in Chri Samba’s arsehole again…FFS give it rest! Everyone reckons he’s toilet, he’s not coming to us, get over it!!!

  96. Rohan

    Is Fernandinho even that good. He sounds like one of those players people on Bleacher Report rave about.

  97. fan

    We wont get Rooney. Even if Manure would sell him to us, we wont pay him 250k a week. No way, no how.

    But I would love Higuain. We could manage to pay him around 80-100k a week and he’s a beast, would score for fun for us. For me Higuain is more exciting than Rooney (I cant like him after his Manure years).

    But what about a solid right back and good goalie?

  98. Kleinfeld

    Nabby June 5, 2013 19:14:38

    Oh look, Johnty79 has his tongue in Chri Samba’s arsehole again…FFS give it rest! Everyone reckons he’s toilet, he’s not coming to us, get over it!!!


    Correct. Samba is a fucking goat.

  99. Keyser

    Whether it’s Pelligrini or whoever sanctions these signings I think they’ve done well, Citeh are too rigid in midield, not as agile as other teams while powerful they seem quite mechanical.

    Fernandinho and Navas seem like excellant signings for them, especially under Pelligrini who likes fluid attacking teams.

  100. Gunner2301


    Why when the facts have been placed in front of you on numerous occasions do you still persist in talking as if Wengers hands have been tied?

    Wenger himself said he was in charge of players in and out wages and contracts. Gazidis also stated this at the Q & A. Who else exactly are you waiting for to confirm this before you’ll believe it? The bank balance itself?